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Broadspeed Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Broadspeed
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 33 %
I agree with the previous post. Broadspeed completely led me on, took money from me & never got back to me, have ignored my calls & messages I even drove to London to the office registered but it’s empty. Beware of this company and definitely do not do business with them!
I considered buying an Audi A3 Sportback, a Mercedes GLA and the BMW 320d Touring with the new X Drive feature. Once decided on the BMW, I visited the three nearest agents in my area. I can only say that the chances of one of them taking my order was somewhere between nil and zero. The best offer I was made after endless coffee and chitchat was £1000 off and a hopeless trade in. So I went home and logged on to Broadspeed. I got a quote £5,300 below the official RRP. So I phoned to see if they had any dealers in Hampshire and guess what - one of the dealers I visited was on the list and they quoted £5,300 off RRP (same car and options)! I got an email confirming the whole deal and once the offers were firm, I accepted the deal by email and paid £199 to be introduced to the dealer. It turned out to be a different individual at the agent, in the business department. He couldn't care I'd already visited the showroom and took my order over the phone. I paid £1000 to place the order and received an order form and receipt. All this took less than two hours from the moment |I agreed to go ahead with Broadspeed! Not only did that all go incredibly smoothly, but Broadspeed offered to sell my old car to a third party trader they had on their books if the agent offer was disappointing. So I sent some email pictures and filled in a lengthy Q&A form (scratches, MOT etc) and received a firm offer. I chose to sell it to the outside trader for £350 more than the agent had offered. He picked it up the day before the new one was due to be delivered and paid me by bank transfer. So overall, my "cost to change", as it were, was £4,650 less than the showroom I visited (but you also need to allow for a £199 fee for Broadspeed) - so I saved £4,451 net. I was and remain well chuffed with my deal. If British main agents want my business in future, they'll need to sharpen up their act and realise that online companies like Broadspeed will soon become the first port of call rather than the last! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Broadspeed and have already done so to various friends and colleagues.
Thiefs! They tried to put me into a ringed car, when it arrived, I checked the VIN number against the paperwork, nothing matched up. Suddenly, there was lots of confusion & they told me the car had been delivered to me incorrectly & it was the fault of the delivery firm. To date, they still haven't returned my deposit & I am in contact with the police.
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