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Bristol West Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Bristol West Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I was rear ended at high speed by a driver insured by Bristol West. This driver who was driving on an expired learners permit was texting and driving and failed to see my signal as I was turning. Another sad detail is the other person in the car, the drivers sister had her license suspended. The driver received two citations. The owner (the parents of these girls) has Bristol West Insurance.Our State Farm agent helped us to file the claim with Bristol West. Soon after we get calls stating they are deducting the estimate total to reflect non original Toyota parts. This is not acceptable. The repair shop only uses original equipment parts because the substandard parts available by other manufactures other than Toyota do not fit properly, and require a great deal more labor.Bristol West refuses to pay the claim as written because myself and my repair shop want original equipment. This accident was not my fault. You get nothing but a runaround with these people. You cannot talk to supervisors, or estimators. No one seems to have any authority and they are very difficult to deal with. They leave me no recourse but to file under my own policy with a 500 dollar deductible or file a civil suit against the auto owners and their irresponsible kids for the remainder of the unpaid claim. Under these circumstances, my lawyer advised me we can sue for much more than the claim due to the circumstances. Is this what Bristol West does? Throw their policyholders under the bus? I would hope no one would purchase insurance with these people. Worse yet I hope no one ever gets into an accident with a Bristol West policyholder. If you do, get an attorney, QUICK!
Today 7/19/2015 my car got towed. I am subscribed to paperless billing which means I can and should have access to my stuff online that's why its called paperless. So approximately 12:15 I came to print out proof of insurance and come to find out that the system is down for maintenance. I checked my email and no proof of insurance in there neither. I called and they said that they cant email me nothing because they just cant. I politely told the lady that I find it to be useless to go paperless if there is no insurance card emailed and mailed. It is pointless to go with this company. The lady said that the system will be back up on Monday. For me to wait or check every hour in case system goes back up. Meanwhile towing fees are still going up due to their crappy system. She said I will get reimbursed but by the reviews I don't trust that I will at all. If you say that it's paperless and my 6month contract is over at least my insurance card should have been emailed to me. Its common sense, because the 6months are over and that card expired..... Switching back to my old insurance. Worst company I have ever dealt with.
I was transferred to Bristol West from 21st Century. Very bad communication with policy and documents. Resulting in cancellation after two months. Then one month after cancelling I receive another bill for a charge for not getting my documents signed and returned in time. After they were sent way late. When I cancelled I was told my last payment paid my remaining balance up until my cancellation date at the end of the month. Then a month later I get the surprise. Read the REVIEWS for BRISTOL WEST INS. Then switch to a reputable ins, company. I switched to GEICO. Wow So much better and Cheaper.
I was charged $309.00 by this company and never authorized this charge. I assume this company has a very aggressive commission structure and credit card scammers might be using them to process stolen credit cards.
My father requested insurance from this company and called to CANCEL IT THE SAME DAY because I obtained insurance on my policy for him at a much better rate. He did not drive ONE SINGLE BLOCK without insurance on his car. He is 71 with a bad heart and Tawny ** was the agent in Bloomington, IN. She harassed him and told him he owed over $197 dollars up to 3 months later even after he provided her with POI repeatedly! This is the kind of thing that should put an insurance agent OUT OF BUSINESS! I ended up contacting the main office for this company myself and hopefully the issue is solved now. He should be getting a refund because they made him pay upfront 2 months and he did not keep the insurance for even ONE DAY! I won't be holding my breath.
This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in USA. They try their best to twist around and find any reason to justify for not taking care of their responsibility. For the first time in my life, I had 3 consecutive claims with them; in one claim, they made the value of repair less than deductible in order not to pay any penny (although the injury was a lot more significant). In another claim, they totaled the car but significantly underestimated its value and in a third claim, they do not want to fix it at all. So ridiculous, I would never go or advise to go to this suboptimal company. There is a reason that some insurance companies are more popular, but this company sucks.
Bristol West is owned by Farmers. The crappy Bristol Service, starting with their looped answering service, is a reflection of Farmers. I was with Farmers over 30 years, then due to an agent oversight, who forgot to include my auto insurance in the joint homeowner package, my insurance lapsed over 45 days, without my knowledge. Farmers kicked me to their sub company Bristol, and now charge me so much money, even the Farmers local agent can’t explain it. Guess who won’t fool me again? Or who is legally robbing me? FARMERS INSURANCE. Bristol is just a retail office in Florida who takes orders from FARMERS INSURANCE.
We called and filed a claim 3 days ago, we are without transportation. The assigned adjuster Justin ** initiated taking information to complete the claim but did not finish due to a meeting he had to attend, he stated that he would give us a callback and as of right now we have yet to hear back from anyone at this company. My daughter and I have called several times to receive an update and no one has reach out to us. Insurance companies are suppose to lighten the load of what you're experiencing not add to the situation. This company is HORRIBLE. They are making it possible for us not to spend the holidays with each other.
I recently bought a new 2017 Jeep and Farmers Insurance turned the policy over to Bristol West. I was in a car accident 4 weeks later, when another car hit me while backing out of a parking lot space. I got an estimate for my damage of $2433 and Bristol West filed a mini tort with Amerisure Insurance, who paid my deductible, but Bristol West made me upload pictures of damage to a third party site and made the determination that the estimate was only $1933. I have NEVER had an insurance company not honor a body shop’s estimate. Or try not to pay the full claim amount when I have full coverage on my leased vehicle. I will cancel my insurance and NEVER recommend them to anyone. I would not even give them 1 star, but I am forced to! Plus their customer service agent was rude and never returned phone calls.
Essentially it's been over three months of this Bristol West Insurance Company conducting an investigation against an accident. They have not provided any sort of rental car for the last three months ever since we had full coverage. A quick look at Bristol West Insurance Company reviews will certainly inform you that they are a complete scam generating only 1 star from over 62 clients that placed a comment on there. I'm about to get my car repossessed because we can't afford the mechanical payments and pay the monthly payment. They sent a private investigator to come to my house and essentially treated me like a criminal. This gentlemen even asked to search through my phone and wanted phone records without any sort of warrant. I have been taking taxis and buses to get to my destination because I decided to partner with such a scam of a insurance company.They obviously have no issue taking your monthly payments but if anything happened like it did they prolong the process to where you either have to forfeit the car because they are not willing to pay the amount or just pay the repair yourself. One would wonder if I have to fix my own car after an accident why would I need insurance in the first place. Believe me when I tell you look into this a bit further. I'm not the only one and we will take what happened here to every source necessary and lawyers for damages that came about because of this. Now the mechanic is upset charging a storage fee of $25/day, the bank wants to repossess the car and I'm stuck with absolutely nothing. And anytime we contact we get the same response, it's still being investigated. Why was I paying $300/M if I had to fix my car on my own anyways?
I seriously wish I hadn't signed with Bristol WEST. I also thought I was signing up with Farmers Insurance, NOT! I just made my second payment on policy before the due date. The male individual took my information, assured me that my account wouldn't be debited because I paid ahead of time. The next following week, before my payday, Bristol West debited my account when there was no money in there. To top it off, I had to pay a fee to the BANK. I am on week three and the branch office in Arizona said it's been processed. How long does it take? Geez! Now the next payment is due, and I still haven't receive my reimbursement. The icing on the cake, I never knew there is charge for EFT for each payment? Looking to find different insurance carrier.
I had a very bad experience with the representative management, named Paul **, they were overcharging me saying I missed a payment when their own website and my bank statements show they took it out, he's very unhelpful probably the worst manager for anything in the world. I'm currently starting legal proceedings against them.
Their insured, Mr **, rear ended my vehicle which re ended me. This was a few weeks before I was about to go on vacation in which I need my vehicle to pull a trailer. The adjuster was originally friendly and they accepted liability. I sent in the estimate from my shop, easy repair plenty of time to get it fixed before vacation. Then one excuse after another that they were not ready to get it fixed. Finally, the week before my vacation, they are ready, but I will now need a rental car to pull my trailer. Rental car companies don't rent vehicles for towing, because of liability. I arrange for my brother in law to pull my trailer, and I'll rent a passenger van and carry all the people. After initially having the rental approved, I was then told they would only cover an SUV since that is what my vehicle is. Then they back peddled again and said, they will only cover the rental for the time of the repair, so I would need to drive back 200 miles in the middle of my vacation and drop off the rental or pay $1200 for the additional time. I talked to a supervisor who told me this was not his problem. I'll need to sue if I want anything out of this company. Seriously, You do not want anything to do with Bristol West.
Worst customer service I have experienced from a company ever. They're lazy... the adjusters don't know what they are looking at as far as to what tread a tire is supposed to have. Don't call you back. It's been almost a month with still no car.
My 19 yr old son that does not live with me used my car & wrecked. Now ins asking for proof of address for my son & I. I gave all they wanted and they been calling my family members for recorded statement on where my son lives. I don't know why it matters where he live. He was the driver at the accident. It's been 3 wks. These people playing games or it's a racial issue.
I was involved with a car accident on August 13th. The driver who hit me has Bristol West. I do not have this insurance company. The claims adjuster that I dealt with was cooperative until their insured driver continues to tell different story of events. With this being said, Bristol West denied to fix my car. During the process of dealing with their claims, the claims adjuster called and said it was Tuesday and needed to talk with me. I have been cooperative. As if I was not cooperating and was lying about facts that happened (which I was not). Also, there was a situation to where I asked by the adjuster to give an estimate and then turned around (on a another phone call) that would not be necessary. I will be reporting this to my state's insurance commission and the better business bureau. If possible, I will be requesting further legal actions.
I tried to cancel the service a month before, and they still charged my card $342.00!!! I was told a BS excuse of why they couldn't return the money to my card and was treated like a criminal. THE WORST COMPANY EVER!! I wish I would have gone to the BBB sooner to see all of the horrible reviews given about this company.
Worst company ever. Was with them for years. Never received any documents. Every call was told I'd get my ID cards. Never got them. They day I got into an accident, guess what now suspended due to no insurance. Are you kidding me. These SCAMMERS been taking my money for years, now I have no vehicle, no drivers license. Thank God I got my life to report on these scammers. They like to call you liars, put you on hold 20 mins for them to get a supervisor. When in all reality they've been rehearsing the exact thing they said to you with their family member. When you get someone with an accent you can barely understand, makes you think that maybe the 412 SCAM from Nigeria, hasn't made it in another route called scamming insurance. Don't be fooled. BTW we've had no luck locating the physical address for this insurance company. Must be why I never got insurance cards.
I started with this company through an agent just in 2018 (October). The quote was for 160$ monthly full coverage for a 2014 Chevy Cruze. I've never had a ticket, accident, or any other fines etc. Also I was supposed to have gotten a bunch of discounts. Plus I'm a female that's 39 who got her licence when I was 16. So anyway, I said yes to the 160$ quote. I've been recently looking at my bank balance because it seems I'm missing money. So I go back and this company has been taking 222.00 out of my account MONTHLY WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION OR NOTIFICATION. So I call the insurance agent and they gave him some lame story that the 160 was a quote for an older car. Well he knows it's bull and told me while I was at the bank on speaker phone as I was filling out a fraud report. So this company is not getting away with my money. They drafted the payments on different days of the month sometimes before and sometimes after the agreed upon date. The amount changed by a dollar and some cents month to month so I highly doubt that they are going to pass this fraud report. Hopefully this review helps others. If you have insurance with this company and they are screwing you, go to the bank, fill out a fraud report stating what you were told the amount would be and what they are taking. Also if the quote goes up, they have to notify you either by mail or email and get the okay from you before they can just up the amount they take out of the bank. Just stay far away from this company. It will save you many headaches. I had to open a new account because I had to put a fraud alert on the new one.
After speaking with a customer service rep about cancelling my policy before the renewal date, I was told that I had to fax, email or mail my request for cancellation. I chose to email my request that very day (the day before the renewal of the next policy started). I am now being charged a $25.00 return payment fee as Bristol took the money out of my account and my bank returned the money to me as they agreed that Bristol took it out unauthorized. The rep did NOT inform me that my written signature was needed if I chose to send an email. In fact, I never SIGNED anything saying I wanted to renew my policy after I received a renewal notification, and went ahead and purchased a new policy with a different agent so that I had continuous coverage.Since they are such sticklers for a signature, I argued about that as well. How can it apply to me but not to them? Customer service every time I have spoken with them is outsourced and is HORRIBLE. Rude, unkind and not willing to work with you. She would not budge and told me that I owe them the return EFT fee and that my conversation was recorded with the rep the day I asked it to be cancelled... I said go check the tape then, I was NOT informed. I refuse to pay this $25.00 and now they are threatening collections. Bogus company. They don't even deserve the 1 star rating I gave but since it recognizes that I am very dissatisfied with my experience, 1 star it is.
Claims experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. My car was hit by a Bristol West insured driver who was insured for the state minimum. My insurance company and I find it impossible to contact the claims adjuster or his supervisor. He does not answer the phone, numerous emails were sent and not one response. It has been two months and everything they requested has been sent in and still no response. Most unprofessional company in the world. Extremely disappointing.
I totaled my car. It’s been almost 14 days and I still have no idea what is being covered between insurance and gap. No one can give me any answers on almost any of my questions regarding my coverage. Insurance stopped paying for my rental but I still haven’t even been called by insurance to tell me I needed to return the rental or to tell me what was covered. Also found out I’ve been paying almost double with this company compared to some big insurance companies and I don’t have that great of a driving record. Will be changing insurance carriers as soon as I get this total loss resolved. Very disappointed after paying almost 300$ a month for 3 years. I will also never recommend Bristol West or Foremost. Total waste of time. Total lack of communication.
My son and I signed up for this insurance back when he had cancer. They charged us an extra $40 a month later saying we didn't sign up for paperless when we never received or were told anything about paperless. Now, 6 months later, now that my son is back at his home, they debited my card for $277 without my permission. I did not authorize Bristol West to take money out of my account and now I am about to overdraft due to this incompetent idiots. I tried calling but naturally no one is available on weekends. I will never use them again. I would like to file a complaint about this company. Is it even legal to charge cancellation fees?
This company is a fraud! They charge you to discontinue your policy. But not ever mention it when you get it. They don't let you take charge of your policy. It is ridiculous. Thank goodness I never had to file a claim with them or I would have probably lost out!
BW client wrong way driver totaled my son’s car. 100% at fault. We have had to fight every step of the way. Car totaled and they shoved settlement down our throats before even get all vital information. I’ve been accused of being confrontational, emotional and threatened to be hung up on. Stay strong. They don’t return emails, calls and lie about trying to contact you. Get everything in writing! Even when they don’t respond, send a follow up email with recap of phone call. Ask for supervisors. Do your research. Look at every line of every document. Good luck fellow victims!
I was 21 Century customer and very happy with them. Then Farmers buys 21st century insurance and transfers its customers to Bristol West. The first writing on the wall should’ve been when you sent me a nasty letter saying that they sent me a quote and I never responded. And of course I never received a letter from them in the first place. The second strike was when we try to take delivery of a new car and they do not work on weekends. Third strike was when they asked me for proof that I’ve got a new vehicle, otherwise I have to do photo inspection. A week later I receive a nastygram from them saying that they never got proof of new vehicle from me. Instead of proving it to them that I sent I just went ahead and did photo inspection. I also get a receipt of inspection from the inspection place guy and watch him to personally upload to Bristol West.The last strike was another nastygram two months later, reminding me that I never did the inspection and they will terminate coverage for that car in a week. Then I went shopping, and much to my surprise I got coverage from a reputable company (I dealt with them when their insured hit me a few years ago and I was happy with the experience). And guess what - no photo inspection needed. And better liability (twice), lower deductible (500 instead of 750) and most importantly: 1/3 less premium!
The entire time I've been a customer with Bristol West has just been horrible, I wish I could rate them negative stars. They also increase our rates seems like once a month without any explanation. The customer service is really bad, and unwilling to work with you. I feel like I have to repeat myself so many different ways to get my point across. It's just been a headache with this insurance since day one and I cannot wait until my policy with them is up. I would run fast as you can from this company. It's not worth your money.
I was with 21st Century (auto insurance) for over 10 yrs when they introduced Bristol West Insurance as the new provider (2 months ago). I decided to put my car up for sale and contacted Bristol West ahead of time on 02/07/2018 to see what the policy was for canceling my auto policy. I was told that on the day the sale is completed I needed to call in, cancel my policy and then fax a request to cancel my policy to Bristol West at 1-888-888-0070. On 2/15/2018 I followed those directions to the "T".On 2/21/2018 I got an email stating that I needed to pay $129 on 3/1/2018 for my policy. "What policy? I canceled it on 2/15/2018." I called and spoke to a customer service rep. who told me that even though they show I called in and canceled my policy no one at Bristol West actually canceled it. I was instructed to send an email to [email protected] stating that I requested my policy be canceled on 2/15/2018 because I sold my car and I need my policy to reflect that information.Today, 2/22/2018 I got a voicemail message stating that I needed to send a notarized Bill of Sale showing I sold my car on 02/15/2018 and a fax requesting to cancel my policy in order for my still active policy to be canceled with the date of 2/15/2018. "Is this really happening right now?" was my first thought. Called back and spoke to a rep who confirmed my policy was still active. I was told that I needed to provide a notarized bill of sale in order for the policy to be canceled showing the date of 2/15/2018, otherwise it would showed that the policy was canceled today 2/22/2018.I explained that in the state of Texas, when a vehicle is sold, a bill of sale and other related forms concerning the sale of a vehicle can be found at Form available online at I further explained that I will gladly provide a bill of sale but because it's not required by my state, it won't be notarized. THEY REFUSED TO SEE PROOF OF THE SALE TO CANCEL MY POLICY with the date of 2/15/2018.Before ending the call, I was told the policy was cancelled with the date of 2/22/2018 and I have to pay a prorated amount of $97 by 3/1/2018 or it would be reported against me on my credit report because my policy renewed on 2/15/2018 and it wasn't cancelled when I called in and requested it on 2/15/2018 and when I sent in my fax (which they say they didn't get). The will confirm all my calls and all my requests to cancel my policy on 2/15/2018 but they purposely didn't cancel my policy until 2/22/2018 so that they could bill me for the date of 2/16/2018 to 3/15/2018.
I got insurance. My first payment was supposed to be big and the following ones much less expensive. Come to find out they were the same amount. I have the Insurance Commissioner's office looking into it. They have billed outrageously and I cancelled them. I paid up to date and they are still charging me.
I first applied for farmers insurance but got sent to a company with Bristol West, which is cool since I was still paying the quote I agreed to. Liability charge for an old car I drive a few times a week started off at 50 a month, and went up to around 60ish. Since its paperless and on automatic drafting, I had no problem whatsoever with the bills even if the bill went up very little every other month. When I started a new job I called a week prior to let the woman know I would need a 2 day grace period and to put me back on the drafting for the normal date right after that said month. I paid the late fee and whatever and assumed everything was back to normal. However, I got 100ish dollars drafted out and I called to let her know there was an error, however according to her, it was purposeful due to me canceling to pay the late fee for that month. It honestly doesn't make much sense to me why I lost my discount when I called ahead regarding this matter and clarified my policy would not change due to that happening, yet according to her the policy did change. Just by wanting to pay 2 days late. Wow, I am not happy as I've paid on time for all 9 months, it feels like they, or she used this advantage to charge me more. I went with this insurance company because it was very affordable, yet if they cannot even let me know of a policy change before surprising me with extra and then claiming it was a fee they cannot fix then that's just wrong on their part. If this does not get fixed, I'm moving back to my old insurance, at least they had grace periods and no extra late fees or policy change fees.
I was rear ended two weeks ago and now Bristol west is saying that their driver's Ins policy will not cover damages done to my vehicle--it was totaled. She had no driver's license. Me and my 12 year old son sustained. How do I go after, please help me with this matter. I have bills and need to fix my vehicle.
I have been going back in forth with Bristol West in regards to my loss of discounts. A rep with Farmers Insurance signed me up with the policy with Bristol West Back in August. I was given no information as to how the auto insurance discount was applied. I was told as long as I had previous insurance my outstanding balance would be $90 a month. When October came I received a letter from Bristol stating I lost my discount due not providing proof of insurance. I then paid the higher amount for the month of November and sent in my proof of insurance. When I signed up for the policy I was not aware that you could not have laps on your insurance. Bristol West again denied me my discount because I had lapse of coverage from my insurance for about four days. I was told by one of their previous reps that it's okay as long as you had prior coverage just like what I was told when I enrolled in the policy. This misinformation caused a huge increase to my monthly premium which I was not aware of. I called Bristol West to try and shut off auto pay and cancel my policy on Nov 30. They told me I would have to pay $66 for the remaining balance from the discount. Only to find out they were wrong that it was not a shortage but rather to cover the remaining days I had insurance up until cancellation. Sales reps need to not be desperate to close a sale. Just one small error can cause a mistake such as a major increase on the premium. I finally decided to finish the remainder of my six month policy only to find out my monthly premium went up again. I bet it's because I had shut auto pay off. Bristol West does absolutely nothing to keep their paying members happy. No one goes out of their way to correct information and do what's right. Customer service is horrible. They follow off from scripts. Bristol West only cares about themselves and not their paying members. Karma will come to those that work for this company the rest of us will move on to other insurance companies. My advise to everyone is read the fine print before you sign anything. They use the documents you signed against you to make themselves look better. Read online reviews. Be careful.
My agent switched me to this deplorable company telling me that it would save me money every month. Well, it did, but when I finally needed their help, I understood why. I ran over something and got a flat tire. I called for roadside assistance. They told me that I had to PAY UP FRONT for the roadside assistance (even though I paid for it monthly on my policy) before they would send anybody to help me. Then, I would have to get a receipt and fax them the receipt to be reimbursed. What the??? Isn't the entire purpose of having roadside assistance on your policy so that you can get roadside assistance without paying??? What if I didn't have money at the time? Well, then they don't send roadside assistance. You'll be stranded. So, I try to cancel the roadside assistance by calling them. Nope. Can't do that unless I go speak to an agent and sign something in person or fax them something. ANY OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY WILL ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE ALMOST ANYTHING TO YOUR POLICY ONLINE!!! I finally was able to get a hold of my agent and cancelled the entire policy. Now, 3 days later, it is still showing that I have an active policy. I tried to cancel my direct debit, and again, you can't just click on something online, you have to fax them something. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! YOU WILL BE SORRY!!
If you are in an accident with your vehicle and insured with Bristol West Insurance do not I repeat do not send in any pictures you may have obtained from the accident. If you do say you have pictures they tell you to send it to their docs email site for review but they don't tell you they immediately start evaluating what your claim is worth. Next thing you know is they have a quick settlement quote and if your vehicle has major damage they are too quick to rush to judgment in most cases call it a loss giving you less. They put you in a catch 22 position, first they tell you don't send your vehicle to a collision center for an expert evaluation because storage fees are too expensive and will ask you to send your vehicle to their storage yard and just sit there for long delays between a settlement amount.First of all you are entitled to an expert collision evaluation. They will go as far as telling you a collision center evaluation is not credible or accurate. You would expect the insurance adjuster and the claims dept head person to be on the same page. Well they are but they don't act like it. Instead play the dumb card with you all the while purposely trying to confuse you so you'll settle for less than what you're entitled to, and if they suspect you're an intelligent person and call them on their B.S they get very mad at you.I was told they had no insurance field adjusters they could send out to my residence. You would think a large company like this they would have at least one to send out. This is their B.S story to further cement in not giving you or fixing your vehicle. In most cases they call it a total loss instead of fixing your vehicle. This has been my experience with them thus far. I will report back and let you all know the final outcome.
Wanted to cancel my insurance. I knew I was going to get charge a cancellation fee. But then they said that I was going to still own them money. I ask them why, they said because at this time I had have to pay 800 and only made 770 when I have never been late on any payment. They said because the way my payment is set on the 21 of each month it still consider late payment on the first. All I can say is they are bunch of crooks. Will never make business with them ever. I will not even recommend my enemies to them.
After having me take pictures of my car damage, as a result of Bristol West’s member hitting my car in my driveway, I was made to upload them on their app to get a repair. They would not send an adjuster, they just wanted to send a quick check to me and discard taking proper care of my claim. Prior to my repairs, I called the adjuster Sonia ** to ask for a car rental during my repairs, and I was referred to Enterprise as she told me they work with Bristol West. Turned out they never heard of them, and they didn’t reserve a car prior, like I had requested. They were out of economy cars on their lot, so I went to Avis and grabbed their last one. I had to pay up front and did not get fully reimbursed by them.What infuriated me is that I had called Sonia several times prior to make sure everything would transpire smoothly and she reassured me with false information. She assured me weekends would not count in the 5 “business days” alotted towards rental coverage. She sent me a letter with my partial reimbursement, stating she would cover the weekends as a kind gesture. She also stated I am required to pay the difference in price for my economy car rental without acknowledging any of the false information she gave to me about Enterprise. Also, calls are never returned in a reasonable amount of time if at all. Beware of the business practices of this insurance group and this adjuster.
Bristol West is the worst insurance company in the world. Warning warning I would never recommend anybody to use them as an insurance company. They are very shady. They don't give a flying **. The adjusters are very crooked. They try to manipulate and do not want to pay for my car repairs. When it was their client's fault. The adjusters are very crooked they try to manipulate and do not want to pay for my car repairs. They have had my car for over two months and I'm really pissed off with this **. The company can just go ** themselves.
If I could give zero stars I would. I am completely disgusted with how my claim was handled. We paid our deductible ($500) to have a simple front bumper repair done at the shop. The first sign of trouble was when the insurance agent told us that they weren't going to pay for the entire cost of the parts because our car was an older model BMW. My husband had to speak to the manager and explain that it was never mentioned that might be a problem when we were paying our monthly payments and now that we have a claim, they were going to slip that information in. Needless to say they ended up agreeing to pay for the parts. The repair took almost a month to complete (will be writing a review on that repair shop as well). Meanwhile, we had to use a rental because we only had the one car and our insurance covered a rental while our car was in for repair. The insurance agent assisting us was extremely hard to get a hold of and wouldn't hear from her for over a week at a time. When we returned the rental car after finally getting our car back, the rental place made us pay for the rental upfront and were told that the insurance company was to reimburse us for the rental (just shy of $1000 for a month's rental). We had to wait well over two month before we saw any money at all because of an investigation going on. Bristol West claims that the repair shop was negligent in the time it took to do the repair but the insurance agent even admitted to me that there was negligence on their end as well so they had to "figure out what they were really responsible to pay us". Basically, me and my family were caught between an "it's your fault! No it's your fault!" fight between Bristol West and the repair shop. Meanwhile that huge charge was sitting on my credit card that was acquiring interest and costing me and my credit severely. My advice to anyone considering Bristol West as their insurance, pay a little bit more monthly for a company that actually cares about their clients. This company is a joke and a money pinching waste pit.
It was a very unpleasant experience with this company. Their quote is not even much of a difference from a major insurance company. Their automatic withdrawal is will constantly claim there was no funds, yet the money is in the bank. This is with the purpose of being to charge reinstatement fee. You can speak to 5 different representatives that will give you different reasons as to why they are charging you extra. The policy will increase without any legitimate reason just because "everybody's policy increased". I have finally had it with their inconsistency and lack of knowledge. Well guess what? Half way into the month they were supposed to refund the other half and just like always, even the supervisor claims that the previous month had not been paid therefore, they used the half of May they were supposed to refund to cover the part of April that supposedly had not been paid. Out of the $180 I was supposed to receive, just got $40 because of all these surcharges to cancel! The representative was trying to give me details of all the surcharges and kept putting me on hold trying to add up to how I was only refunded $40. At $90 she couldn't come up with more and when I asked for a supervisor, she said April had not been paid fully. Only partial payment had been received from an AUTOMATIC PAYMENT method. Like seriously! What company insurance company actually reinstates your policy yet you allegedly still owe them part of the previous month. I canceled on the 11th of May, and they were still trying to charge me the entire month until they finally accepted that I had coverage with another company on the 11th so they had to grant that date as final day.Wanna know the difference? Had I canceled the 24th of May my refund would have been 37.37 dollars. Since it was back dated to the 11th I get an extra 3 dollars back for those 13 days. 3 dollars for 13 days! And the monthly payments were for 301.21. I cannot explain the relief I feel we finally left these thief and no longer associate with such dishonest company. I strongly suggest you stay away from Bristol West Insurance - Foremost. You will regret it. I wish I had not trusted these insurance specialists. Make sure to always read the reviews. I learned my lesson the hard way.
I got into a car accident this August 31, 2017. Despite numerous attempts to contact Bristol West Insurance in regard to my claim, no one seemed able to answer my questions or return my calls. The only answers we were able to obtain were through a friend of the family who works for the same company. As you can imagine, the telephone-game of information often got distorted and I became increasingly confused with what I needed to do regarding my accident and my claim. Long story short, now I'm about to owe the DMV an extra $500 for the abandoned title fee that the tow company (impound?) filed for because we kept being promised, that an adjuster would be sent out and the car would be totaled any day. Well, after fighting, literally fighting, over the phone with my insurance company on and off today, on top of being called a liar and accused of "playing games" and trying to make me feel crazy when he stated that our family friend "doesn't exist", they are refusing to buck up and cover the $500 fee that has incurred due to their own negligence. DO. NOT. DO. BUSINESS. WITH. THIS. COMPANY. They will not only not be there when you actually need them but they will also talk to you like you're the scum of the earth and make you feel like you're less than for trying to figure things out for yourself.
My neighbor hit my car (BMW) while it was parked in my driveway. I have been dealing with this company and their unprofessional agent and management staff. The damages on my car is over $3500 but they send me a check for $1800 that is not even under my name. They have called me a liar saying that the title isn't under my name and after I requested my title and send them a picture they proceeded to tell me that I recently got my title under my name when that wasn't the case. I requested a lost title and that's why the date says DEC on that. I tried to call their one 800-number but they would not let me speak to their manager. They said that I needed to talk to the adjuster that is taking care of my claim when I already explain to them that I have talk to her and that she is not being helpful. This company is a scam and they are extremely rude and they lowball you and try to get out of paying the full amount of the damage on your car. They never respond to your emails or your phone calls unless you have gotten extremely angry with them. I have been dealing with them for 2 1/2 months to get my car that was parked in my driveway fixed, they also don't even have a phone number that you could directly talk to someone without having to wait on the phone for anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to get connected. Please everyone. Choose a different company and stay away from this company. Most companies take care of you within a week of the accident and you get to choose where you want to take your car to be fixed and if your car is paid off they normally send you a check for the mount of the damage on your car not half of it and not a quarter of it the full amount unlike this unprofessional company that plays games with you for over two months and doesn't give you the full amount for the damage on your car. It has been unbelievable how I have been treated by this company when I was the victim in all of this and their policy holder was the one that caused damage to my parked BMW. It has been an inconvenience for me. I have a trunk that is bent in that I can't even get into, back tail light that is broken and a back in that is bent in. When they try to take care of your claim they don't even send an adjuster out. They try to give you an estimate also of pictures that I don't do you any justice. I don't know how this company is still in business but what I do recommend to everyone is to change your insurance company if you are with Bristol West because you were never going to get taken care of.
Had a hit and run accident so reported the claim. Never cared for my claims representative as he was always short and lacked empathy. First he accused me of not having valid coverage; when he figured out I did in fact have an active policy, he never apologized - business as usual. So I take it on for estimate and as a former auto underwriter, I was pretty positive that the claim would be paid out of UI/UIM coverage but it wasn't. Then I was told in a rude manner that I had to pick a body shop within a few days or my claim would be closed.I have an unfortunate circumstance in that I travel back and forth to Oklahoma City to care for grandmother. I simply asked for the check to be cut and I would find a body shop in OKC. They went on to say that since there's a lien holder, they couldn't pay me directly. So now I'm FORCED to get the car in a shop to prevent the claim from being closed and delay in getting my grandmother!! Ugh - I will NEVER do business with Bristol West again. Currently searching for new auto/renters insurance elsewhere! Their lack of professionalism was the last straw!
I was recently rear ended sitting at a stop sign near my home. The perp had Foremost insurance through Bristol West. My insurance (Progressive), was to make the claim on my behalf and they were told that there was nobody in their system by that name. I proceeded to call Foremost myself to find out that it was actually Bristol West, and further, Farmers. I don't know why three companies under one room, but it made things really confusing. Come to find out the person that hit me, did in fact, have insurance. The person quickly took my information as well as cut me off several times, and told me they would send an email with instructions for sending the pictures and estimate. I waited until after the Thanksgiving break and call the company back to find out they took all of my information down wrong and were unable to get a hold of me as well as spelled my name incorrectly. The new rep promptly corrected the information and sent me to the adjuster that reluctantly took my phone call. She spoke with me briefly and explained the process as well told me it should be fairly quick to receive my payment. This was now 4 days ago. I call and it may ring anywhere from 2-5 times and go straight to voicemail. I have not been able to have a conversation with her, except for to tell me she could not see the emails that were sent. I again called and called and called. Each time to go directly to voicemail. So I call this morning and instead called the claims department. She was supposed to give me a [email protected] and a password to check the status of my claim. Turns out the problem with my email was that the amount of pictures requested via email was too large so I proceeded to upload them to google drive and send a link to view the photos and estimate. I called three times throughout the day yesterday to see if this worked, and she refused to take my call sending it to voicemail every time I called and not returning my phone calls. She eventually emails back and says it did not work. I proceeded to go to my gmail account and add her to view the photos and resent the link except for from my google account this time instead of a link copy and pasted. Refused to take my phone calls again. She finally emails me this morning and says it still wont work. I call several times and leave a few voice mails and receive no call back. So I add the photos as an attachment from google drive and she emails me promptly saying she cannot open them again. At this point I have started adding a request for receipt to all my emails and call her promptly to get immediately sent to voicemail. I ended up copying and pasting the pictures of the damage to a word document and copying and pasting to the email. My gut feeling is she has screened my phone calls all week, and refused to set up whatever protocol gmail has to view shared documents. So frustrated as I had to take time off of work to deal with this and she doesn't even have the decency to take my call. If they are like this with a claim, imagine how they are with their customers! I have had to repeat my claim number so many times I seriously have the 10-digit claim number memorized.
After trying for weeks I am unable to reach anyone in sales or customer service. I have verified that the phone number is correct but only get a recording. An agent for the company can only give me the same phone leading to the same recording. I tried the claims service phone no. but only received an out of the country answering service which could take accident information which they forward on to someone in the states. They also could not give me any phone numbers for Bristol West. I question whether they even exist and I'll contact the insurance commissioner for Washington state.
I was moved to this company when 21 Century left Colorado. First they were more than double the price. We're in our 40's with good credit, but the price still doubled. My husband was very sick doing chemo and radiation so I just paid for 3 months because I didn't have time to shop around. A month later my husband passed away and I called to remove him from the policy. "That can't be done unless we receive a request in writing." Neither could I remove his car without proof he doesn't drive or own it anymore. WHAT?!? Also in writing. So I said "just cancel my policy. Finding a new company." Guess what... yep, in writing. After my 3rd transfer to a supervisor (oddly, the land line keep getting disconnected. Hmmm...) I was finally told I could write the letter, take a picture of it and email that. Perfect. Got a response email the next day saying we received your request and have canceled your policy. Now remember I had already paid in full for 3 months, so 2 more to go... you'd think. I got 3 bills for the next 3 months after receiving cancellation confirmation. That was all in April. Last week I receive a refund of the unused 1 1/2 months.Today I get a nasty letter from Lamont, Hanley &Assoc., Inc. saying I owe Bristol West $20 and that Bristol West has been EXTREMELY (the whole thing is in all caps) patient and this overdue balance deserves my immediate attention. Huh?!? A collection agency? After I get my refund? I used to work for a Farmers Insurance agent years ago and am appalled that they are affiliated with these people!!!
Bristol West Insurance is the biggest rip off. I was quoted a monthly price, by the first payment they raised it for no reason. The second payment, it raised another 22 dollars. The third payment, it was raised another 25 dollars. They sent a notice that they would be doing auto pay out of my account after I told the agent three times that I never do auto pay. Within 15 days the payment went from 193$ to 260$. Of course I cancelled and they said I would be getting 14$ refund, it should be a 60$ refund, but still no refund at all. I went through a Farmers insurance broker, they aren't any better. Disgraceful.
I am a very dissatisfied new customer. I started my insurance with Farmers/Bristol on 1/23/2016 and they cancelled the policy without my knowledge due to the fact that they entered a wrong account number for me. Your company refused to own up to their mistake and they also refused to reinstate my policy. Your company has awful customer service and I will never recommend anyone to your business.
We were searching insurance quotes online for our vehicles, then someone called me about my search for insurance. I gave her all my information and she came back with an ok quote, we started the process of purchasing the policy, then she came back with a little higher quote, something had changed, but still ok. After an hour we still were not finished, but we kept going. By the time it was said and done I had been on the phone almost two hours, the rate had went up yet again, and she told me our insurance was with Foremost not Bristol West. She gave me a policy number, we still have not received insurance cards and I have NO number to contact Bristol. I have googled until I am exhausted trying to find contact info for this company. I am changing insurance companies immediately.
I was hit by a driver with Bristol West Ins and all the reviews I read were bad but I had a great experience with them. I talked to the rep on Monday after accident late Friday and had rental car that same day for 11 days. The vehicle was totalled and I had a check within 2 weeks. They were all pleasant and easy to work with and called me back quickly. I was very happy with their service.
Called Bristol West 11/13/18 to cancel my car Insurance. I was told by their associate Jim that we could not cancel now by phone. It had to be 10 days before the end of the month which is Thanksgiving. Oh they are closed. But they only need 3 days to cancel the EFT withdrawal from our account. We asked to speak with a supervisor and None Were Available. All in Meetings. They were of No Help Whatsoever! So even though we will be in the middle of a move we will have to call from who knows where to cancel this policy by phone or online!! We started with Century 21 and have been moved twice to another Insurance per them!! We are not going with them Again!! Bristol West! Your customer service is Horrible and outdated. I don't want to hear someone read me a script and not be able to explain why!! You take the money and give us no service. If I could give less than 1 star I would! Thanks for Nothing!!
On October 31, 2016, I received my monthly credit card billing statement. On it was a charge from Bristol West Insurance Co., Davie Florida, in the amount of $505.00. I HAVE NEVER HAD INSURANCE thru this company. I have never spoken to an agent from this company. I have not been in Florida for about 2 years, and that was not near Davie Florida. I called my credit card company and it immediately removed this charge from my billing, without question, noting that the matter would be looked into. Anyone else out there receiving what appear to be pseudo billings?
They made me an offer and they had my mileage up at too. I had 148,000 and some odd and I told him that was not the correct mileage so I waited. I thought she was going to send somebody out to get the correct mileage. Next thing I know is I'm having to get somebody to go up there because they cut the wires on the car and I'll get somebody go out there and what together to get the correct mileage which raise my entrance at $698 and that was only done last Thursday, so now beat. This was done on the 20th of November is when this was all settled and they sent me a quote and that I still have no check. Nothing is even been discussed on when they're going to get me a check and I'm still sitting here with no car and no way to go get one because they're taking my rent car and only paying to the 10th of Nov. It was only offer to me the right amount and still isn't to my satiation. Can you tell me what to do?
My truck got stolen. I went to PD gave a report, got a report number called BW opened a claimed, they never told me that if they dont get a police report within 40 days of the claim they are going to close the claim without paying for my truck! Called the police station and they said it normally take about 1 to 2 months got a police report!!!So they use that 40 day crap to not pay for your car. They know how long it would take to get one! I pay for full coverage and have rent a car arrangement! But yet they didn't give me a rental car on top of that. They called me 20 days after the claim saying if they dont get the report they are not going to pay for the car will close the claim! It's better to pay 10 bucks more and go with a different company then going with BW. You cant get ahold of anybody. They make it very difficult to speak with someone and you cant even understand what they say. Do not go with this company!
If you want an insurance company that doesn't care about their insured, and most definitely won't stand up and fight for their insured, then this is the company for you! The adjusters must be right out of college and completely overworked. They didn't even try to fight for me during a recent collision. I was hit from behind by a driver that was speeding, distracted and hit me 100 yards after I turned! They sided with her insurance company and blamed me for the wreck when I was clearly not in the wrong. They are unprofessional and uncaring. I wouldn't recommend this or Farmers's Insurance to ANYONE EVER! I will be dropping and switching in 6 months without hesitation. Stay far far far away from this company!
I have talk to many customer representatives for Bristol West/Farmers Insurance about refund after cancellation. The difference amount for 4 days is $224. The amount per month was just over $383 per month. This makes no sense to me at all. I canceled on the 24th of May and was charge the following month $383 and some different change because they would not have been able to take out $383.40 with a stop on the amount. They change the amount so they could take money out after service disconnect. This was FRAUDULENT! The bank informed me this is how they get extra money all the time. At this time I have no refund. They can take out but take a long time to refund and the amount comes from a Disney calculator. Thank you. I hope you can help me and others with this Corporate stealing from consumers. Really did not want to give any form of a star.
I'm writing this review because it pained me greatly to read all the pain, frustration, anger, and resentment this Insurance company has created in just the last couple years for so many of my fellow Americans. My knowledge of this criminally negligent, incompetent, and evil Insurance Company dates back to 2002 and 2003. Here is my factual story:I bought insurance and asked my agent to include uninsured coverage (which is by law a required option in CA). My vehicle was old, so I didn’t have full coverage, but in CA they had a “$3,500 Uninsured Property Damage” coverage for just that situation (to fix your own car in the event of an uninsured claim). I think the problem all started with the agent not checking the right “box” for that coverage in my application to Bristol West. When I received my policy statement/declaration/contract, I noticed my coverage did not include the very important to me uninsured property damage coverage. I called my agent and told them to fix it. No results. I faxed my agent directions, visited them too, and told them to fix it by phone too. No results.I bypassed my agent since they were useless (doing a lot more than my usual due diligence), and talked with Bristol West (directly) to get instructions on how to fix the problem. To add the missing Uninsured Property Damage Coverage, I was told to send it in writing to their fax number. I faxed in writing the request for it to be added yet again, with fax confirmation receipt kept, and stated on the faxed letter they are to add it (since it was my 4th or 5th request and attempt to add it), or if they fail to do so, to delete all uninsured coverage (liability portion I was already paying for), and refund my money. Keep in mind by law they can’t deny me this coverage. They ignored this letter in early January 2003 too! I neither received the coverage I demanded, nor the refund at that time which was the only alternative offered.I kept all my paperwork and documentation as they were impossible to deal with, get a hold of (live person; don’t answer phones, don’t return emails or respond to faxes). I kept that fax confirmation for if ever the crap hit the fan, I was going to hammer them with it. Finally, in April, I got a hold of someone and out of frustration and exhaustion told them if they are not going to add the freaking property coverage (making it impossible to do so), remove the uninsured liability and stop making me pay for an add-on that isn’t exactly what I want. Sure enough, the crap hit the fan a few months later, and an uninsured claim where I wanted that $3,500 coverage came up. They denied the claim saying I didn’t have the coverage. I provided the documentation saying I had requested the coverage numerous times previously as listed above.At first they denied the receipt, claimed faxing was a bad unreliable technology (non-sensible stuff). Finally, after my complaint to the CA Dept. of Insurance, they admitted to an “Examiner Error” in January (the date of the fax, but it took months to get them to admit this). However, in April I had made good on my threat to get a refund, and had cancelled all uninsured coverage because they wrongfully denied me the $3,500 part I had always wanted (you can’t get that without the other liability portion). They used my cancellation in April, which was 100% consequentially their fault, as a reason to deny my claim in June. If they would have just done what I had asked previously, I never would have cancelled the incorrect coverage. They should have paid that claim given how negligent and incompetent I proved they were.The entire basis of their denial came down to my signature in April for the refund. Since they wouldn’t budge, and I decided I didn’t have the time or money to sue (not that much money on the line really), I then asked in a final moment of desperation that my premiums from January to April should be refunded as well, since they didn’t provide the coverage the way I had wanted it. Instead of paying the claim they should have, they refunded my premiums for that “additional, but incorrect” coverage from the date they first committed their “examiner error” which started and 100% directly caused this whole chain of events.If anything you would think the Agency would step up and use some kind of “errors and omissions or malpractice” coverage to pay my claim. They just colluded with the Insurance company and played the “We don’t know anything, we deny everything, we won’t talk to you.” card from the beginning. They quickly escalated it from a simple claim to conspiracy/collusion/denial/stonewalling. Working hand in hand with an equally corrupt insurance company that was probably telling the agents not to cooperate or communicate.
Yep, I fell victim to this trashy insurance company too. They have always been a bit shady but when my vehicle broke down and I called to cancel the policy they charged me over 50 dollars cancellation. I already can't afford to fix my vehicle, I don't owe them anything because I'm paid through the month, yet they want to stick a knife in me and twist it. That's ok though, social media here I come. I figure if I can stop at least 100 people from signing up with them it will cost Bristol 1000x what they took from me. Have a nice day Bristol trash. ;)
I got in an accident. My car was pretty well damaged and the other was not. I had Bristol West through Farmers Insurance and the only time I heard from the adjuster was the day after. I called her multiple times to discuss options and to this day I have never heard back. I just had to tell the body shop to move forward. I recommend paying the extra 10 or 20 bucks to go through a reputable company. If you receive Akisha ** as your claim adjuster be very cautious!
This is the worst company on earth to deal with. In a time of need they have done nothing but make me feel Terrible, as if I have done something wrong when in fact I am the victim in this situation. Rude, Careless, Horrible Claims Handlers who make you feel like a POS and end every single phone call in tears. So what happened was my bf who is unlicensed stole my car in the middle of the night, I did not give him permission to do so, I woke up to the Police at my door explaining that he had got into an accident after a pursuit with the police. A complete nightmare, my car totaled, him in jail and me left with no vehicle and his 2 year old daughter. When I call in my claim Saturday morning, this all happened Friday night, I am told that someone should get back to me by Tuesday. Which already was unsettling as I desperately needed a rental, which I pay extra for on my policy. Finally, late Tuesday afternoon a woman from florida calls me back, I live in NH. This woman starts off the entire process being very rude and acting as though I personally am at fault and am a liar. I am told that if I want a rental car I am to go and get one and pay for it out of pocket even though I have coverage, and I may or may not be reimbursed. Also I am told to go to the police station and figure out where my now totaled vehicle is, and if it starts, that I MUST drive the vehicle, to where I'm not sure, somewhere to release it Bristol West, even though the car is totaled, they wanted me to risk driving it to save them a few dollars on another tow. Then I am told that I must go to the tow company who towed it the night of the accident and pay the $700 tow bill out of pocket and I may or may not be reimbursed. After all of these events, finally now a week from the original accident, they just tell me that they are now going to deny everything, the entire claim because my boyfriend who STOLE my vehicle WITHOUT my permission, in the middle of the night did not have a license. Mind you all, I am pressing charges, he has been arrested and charged with taking my vehicle, there was absolutely nothing that I could do. Why have I been paying (a lot) for full coverage on a vehicle, only to be heartbroken to find out I now have nothing, and btw and going to be held liable for all of the damage he caused because I own the car. So not only do I not have a rental car, I now am not going to be getting a new car, I am going to have to pay both tow bills, and I am going to be held financially responsible for the cost of the other vehicles he hit. Thank you Bristol West for really making the nightmare a million times worse than it already is.
The current date of this review is December 12th, 2016. To start off, out of 5 stars I wouldn't even rate this insurance company a 1 out of 5. However it did not give me the option to leave a 0 out of 5 rating. Secondly I would like to state that my agent, whom I've never had the pleasure of speaking with, was Andy **, because I never received any call backs from him. Whoever worked in his office spoke with me. I am very unsatisfied with the services because I feel as I have been robbed of my money rather than insured and taken care of. My first time payment was not the same amount as discussed upon signing up. I am charged twice a month for different policies that I am lied and tricked into signing up for as a "better deal". I sign up for paperless billing and I do not receive emails or letters discussing when my payments do not process.When the insurance does not bill me one month it rolls over and bills me twice the next month without my knowledge leaving me confused and overdraft fees. This happened multiple times. I was not informed that my policy will renew on its own, as I already spoke with one of the agent's minions and mentioned that I will not renew and proceed with the insurance. However the policy renewed and stole more of my money. I then had the money returned only to find a letter in the mail for a Notice of Rescission for Non-Payment. So I am left with an amount due towards a policy I did not authorize a renewal for.I then called and spoke with customer service for a few hours. Nothing has been too helpful besides the gentleman on the phone that canceled one of the policies for me. Yet I still have to pay the amount due. I am very unsatisfied and do not recommend insuring with this company. I am not using my true identification leaving this review so please do not try to respond and harass the random email I used to post this review. But please readers of this review, understand this company is very unfaithful. Merry Christmas.
I am insured with Bristol west. Crappy customer service may I add. Recently a lady ran a stop sign, I hit her with my 4 year old in the car and I'm pregnant. She was also insured with Bristol west also. The lady told them it wasn't her fault, so I had to do everything take pictures of the scene of my car. They didn't lift a finger for me now saying it's my fault even with a witness saying how she ran the stop sign. Claims rep told me "well you had plenty of time to stop. No one goes out looking for an accident. Maybe you were not paying attention." I'm now speaking with lawyers and I'm ready take this company down.
This is the only company I know that not only charges higher rates for accident free drivers, but charges anywhere from a floating fee of $10-15 a month to send you an invoice. I would avoid them at any cost unless you like paying a premium for poor quality & service.
I filed a claim w/ B West in Oct. 2015 after their insured hit my vehicle and fled the scene. After numerous phone calls to them, I was told today that they won't pay for the damages to my vehicle because their insured isn't cooperating. I imagine a lot of people buy their ins. because they know that if they hit someone, all they have to do is not cooperate & nothing will happen to them & BW WON'T HAVE TO PAY, SO BOTH PARTIES WIN & THE VICTIM GETS PENALIZED TWICE.
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER TRYING TO GET PROOF OF TOTAL LOSS FOR A PROSPECTIVE CLIENT. THEY HUNG UP ON ME three times while transferring or otherwise would put me on hold for 15-20 mins at a time.
This insurance company is absolutely THE WORST. First, they tried to tack on fees for not picking paperless notifications (which I did and come to find out no one actually authorized it so by it never went through), promised to give me credits for my future payments to take off fees, and then constantly said I didn't have enough money in my account for payments which I always did. Never will respond to customer service emails or calls. All they've done is tack on fees for their own negligence and expecting me to pay it. Terrible. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. They are literally the worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. I'm sick of the "fees" from THEIR screw ups.
I had got liability insurance and had got crashed into after three days of having been insured. It wasn't my fault and I went through both my insurance and his. I didn't get paid since there was no witnesses. The claim adjuster Jenny was very unprofessional. Kept cutting me off in the middle of the sentence multiple times when I was asking questions. I was told by my agent and by a manager to call them and have them out. The car was completely totaled and called and try to have her add it but she kept telling me to call my agent. Passing the buck on to someone else. Very disrespectful, not helpful, and all together do not go to this insurance provider at all and if you get Jenny just expect to lose any claim and sanity you have.
Believe everything negative you read about Bristol West. In other words, don't go through this company. I am hoping I can stop someone else from being taken advantage of. They are thieves. I established a policy with them through Farmers. Farmers reps have been great to me in helping be DEAL with Bristol West. Bristol West will find any reason to overcharge and add fees such as not enrolling in paperless billing. This fee by the way is $36.00 per month. They don't tell you this. You just notice a high increase after a month. Even when you're enrolled, they will still charge you. It's not in their policy. IN FACT, you never sign a policy with Bristol West, only Farmers. Since Farmers underwrites for Bristol West, I guess it's considered the same deal with both companies. BEWARE. They have charged my account an excess of $397 in just a few short months. $90 for non-enrollment in paperless billing (which we were enrolled). I'll explain the other $307 in charges shortly. They will even charge you if the money is there and they fail to debit the funds from your account. For 2 months, I ensured funds were available and they never collected and they cancelled our insurance. When insurance was cancelled, we had to pay $307 on top of what we originally paid to re-establish insurance with them, otherwise it would cost our insurance rate to rise elsewhere. We did this in good faith that going forward wouldn't be any issue. However they look for any way to charge their policyholders more than their policy and add extra fees. UNETHICAL BUSINESS. I will be filing a complaint with all authorities necessary and recouping all of my funds. My recommendation for anyone that currently has them and feel stuck, watch them closely and monitor your accounts. It's worth it to move to a different company, pay a little more and not have the headache. And to me, with careful shopping you can find better.
Getting into an accident is a stressing event, but nothing will prepare you if you are insured under Bristol West aka Framers. Not only they will avoid your call but they will find all type of excuse of running from their responsibility. Bristol West representative admits he undervalue my totaled vehicle and promised to resolve the differences. After many emails and phone messages, all my requests have been ignored. Recently, I rented a U-Haul truck and got into an accident, which I hitted a parked car. Bristol West told me it is not covered because U-Haul is an commercial vehicle. Well, I look it up, even U-Haul website stated their trucks are not classified as commercial vehicle. Stay away from Bristol West like plague. Do a quick search online and you will see nothing but 1 star. I'm really amaze how such company still exists will all these complains and bad reviews.
Let’s start off by saying I was a first time shopper for insurance and I didn’t quite a bit of shopping before I signed up with an insurance company. They had the cheapest cost that I could find, but if I would have read the reviews I would NOT have gone with them. I got the insurance at the end of July my monthly payment was supposed to be $148 and some change, by September it was up to $160 (without any type of notification). It had absolutely no reason to jump in price and when I asked to speak to a supervisor they “didn’t have one available but would call you back.” I went ahead to pay it online so I would have insurance but it had apparently jumped up to $185 for years again no reason. I ended up canceling with them and going to Farm Bureau. It’s now October and they’re trying to tell me I owe $125 for no reason and that they are going to send it to collections. I wouldn’t recommend this insurance company to my worst enemy. They have awful customer service, their staff is rude and inconsistent, and they never seem to know what they are talking about. If I could leave zero stars I would!
Two months ago one of their insured's T-boned me. The driver gave me their insurance card and I turned the claim over to my insurance company who contacted Bristol West. Two months later, I hear from Bristol West and they say "Gee, we can't find our insured so we are not paying". Worthless piece of crap company who obviously covers scumbags.
Back in January of this year a claim was made against my daughter by another individual that she wrecked into him. The claim was made 3 weeks after the supposed impact. There were no police and the claim was made to Bristol by the father of the kid that had the damage. The damage was to his steering with no body damage. Bristol accepted his claim putting my daughter at fault causing my insurance to skyrocket as she was 18. I called Bristol adjuster Lagrant who was completely ignorant and hung up on me. This company is the worst and I will look for new insurance. DO NOT USE THEM!!!
I have been with Bristol West Insurance for years. They have never given me a hard time about anything. I've had my old car towed and they repaid for it. I've had other incidents and they've always covered it. I'm sorry that they are leaving Michigan State. Now I'm having problems trying to find another Insurance co. that gave me the great same service.
I can't believe this. I filed a claim a day before but they switched my adjuster and made a new claim number without notifying me first. Then she gave my case back to the first guy w/o telling me again. No one responded to my calls or had any info I provided about 5 times. When the (first) adjuster finally called, he made an extremely racist comment against my ethnicity and when I called him out, he raised his voice and responded with bad, bad attitude. I couldn't be more shocked!!!!! His name is Brian **, fyi. Don't use this company. They are rude, unprofessional, and apparently has "no way to make any complaints".
I would NOT RECOMMEND this insurance. I was a member of their insurance for over 5 years. I have had my license for 13 years and have zero accidents, zero tickets, and I always paid in time with my automatic payment as their insurance price continued to go up throughout every year. Once I was tired of my policy continuing to go up while I was such a perfect customer of theirs, I decided to CANCEL and find someone else. Once I cancelled, they told me everything was fine and did not explain to me anything about extra charges. A few weeks later I got a letter telling me to pay cancellation fees and other fees before they send me to collection. BAD, BAD BUSINESS, WORST INSURANCE TO WORK WITH. EVEN THEIR WEBSITE SUCKS. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM. THERE'S BETTER INSURANCES OUT THERE!
Our car was totaled by a Bristol West customer on October 6, 2016 and the claim has not been paid and today is May 4, 2017. It is a cut and dry claim. The guy ran a red light and hit us. Krystal ** is our claims adjuster and she is a liar. As of now Krystal told the "free car lot" they shipped the car to that we are abandoning the car because we have not responded to her. I cannot get Krystal to answer her phone, emails, etc... At this point I am ready to board a flight and go talk to this ** in person because I don't know what else to do. I have been a CPA for thirty years and I have NEVER dealt with a company as bad as this. There should be an option for a zero star on this site.
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