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BOLT Insurance Agency Online Reviews

Company Name: BOLT Insurance Agency
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-216-4171
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
Nothing to say it was a a great expearance
called got a quote and insurance same day perfect service Thank you.
I had some helpful assistance and everything went smoothly. I even had to make some changes after the initial policy was initiated and they were able to make them effortlessly.
Made getting insurance for my business so easy.
An excellent service, I'm very pleased with the good attention. The few occasions that I have needed contact with questions these have been answered quickly and appropriate
I spent about two weeks trying to work with local insurance agents to get price quotes. Two never called back, one declined to quote, and the last was way too expensive. I was able to get an affordable policy through Bolt within just a few days.
Thankfully Bolt Insurance came right to our rescue after a pipe broke and much flooding and damage was the result in our Food Pantry. We were quite devastated, but the people from Bolt and CNA were with us every step of the way. Thank you for everything!
This was a very wonderful experience. Did not take a lot of time to do. I appreciate the ease of the process.
Terrible process in trying to get policies bound. Extremely dissatisfied that my clients payment didn't get through and the way he found out that he and I both found out was that he received a letter in the mail that said he never got coverage due to money not being able to be pulled from his bank. Double work on my end, and the client had to drive in twice to see me and refill out the same application forms after his banking information didn't go through. Possitive experience when I connect with the underwriters or customer service on the phone. Additionally, very difficult to understand payment schedules and options.
I recommendbolt insurance,they are very helpful.
BOLT on-line application was easy & Agent support professional, knowledgeable and friendly.
This company have very trained and experienced agents. They answer all your questions and make you feel like they really appreciate your business.
I am Very Happy with the Customer Service, everything happened on phone, got the notifications and receipts in email. Thanks Functor Systems Inc.
thanks for your services
With my strong French accent, I did not have to repeat myself. Thank you customer services
Very happy with the price difference compared to other providers. I just wish they handled workers comp for my capret cleaning business. Will recommend to anyone I know.
I recently helped my husband acquire insurance through your company. I could not find anyone who wanted to risk giving us insurance for the small business we are starting. It was an hour before Bolt would close, and your representative helped me obtain insurance at a great price and when no one else would. I was so thankful that I told him he had a new secret admirer. I appreciate your business and the help that I received from it. Thanks.
Dog training is an intresting market, we hope dogs won't ever bit us but the perception out in the insurance market is that we walk around with wolfs causing chaos left and right. The reality is we train peoples dogs in their homes, if anyone gets bit it's the person working the dog, that's us, not a little grandma from Poughkeepsie shopping or getting her news paper Very few agencies would even consider working with us, Bolt Insurance Agency found the right policy, at the right price, to make our business a reality and cheaper than our car insurance!
The Bolt experience was great for me. The representative that assisted me went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the right account that supplied my needs!
I got insurance for my business and I needed immediately for my rental agreement, the representative was very cooperative and sent me the required documents immediately so I can go on with my rental agreement.
I would like th o thank Kevin for hanging in there with me thru a bit of difficulty. He did an excellent job in my opinion and even when hecwent on vacation he was sure to hand my account over to another sales rep to ensure we closed the contract. It takes good people to to make good company's, Keven was excellent. Joe mosca
People were friendly and easy to work with.
With my dance studio, I've gotten the run around when it came to my liablity insurance. But BOLT took care of me and I have been with them for 2 years now. I hope to continue a longer business relationship with them!
Bo my agent took care of things so fast. He got my info. sent me a packet via email with all of the rules and regulations. I read it filled it out and sent it back via email. Just like that I had coverage. Thank you BOLT
I would recommend Bolt to anyone needing business insurance.
I have my business insurance threw bolt. I have called in SEVERAL times. Looking to add workman's compensation. And each time I was told I would be called back.. Still waiting
The person who helped me set up my insurance was very helpful and answered all my questions. I was set up with insurance for my business right away.
It's been almost a year now that we have been using your services and all of us here appreciate the way your courteous reps handle any request we send with ample notice or short minute demand for COI's. A special thanks to the Underwriters Dept, Kewanna Carlton, Kristina Donihee and Grace Iorio. We truly thank you all for your outstanding continuous efforts and contributing to a growing success to Mexi-Flip Taco Truck. Sincerely, Mexi-Flip Taco Truck
I was looking for a special type of insurance and they found it for me fast at a great price.
It was very easy and the process was really fast. The agent was really friendly and helpful.
i bought a liability policy 6 weeks ago and do not have a policy yet. Do i get a hard copy policy and when thanks steve brown
I Recently need a certificate with an additional insured. I had 2 dates that i was doing and Bolt charge me 125.00 each day. for the 2 days + 250.00 or that what they said. one of the days canceled so i let them know if i was going to get refund on one. Then they said no, it was for extra wording on the description part. Before I gave them my credit card they had explain to me that the 250.00 was for the 2 days not extra wording on the policy. I felt that Bolt did not explain it clearly to me when we first spoke
everything went very well didn't have any problems Chris was very professional knew all the answers & got me the right,he was great & a pleasure to business with that I paid for my policy on full for the year...
The price of my business insurance was well below competitors (at $457 compared to $600) and the staff was friendly and helpful with getting the proof of insurance faxed to my county office, although the first document they sent did not have complete information, eg the dates of coverage, we got it worked out OK. I've never had a claim with your company or any other, fortunately, so I have no idea as to how you are on the other end, and I hope I never have to find out. But I can say my experience so far has been good.
Knowledgable and expedient service.
Excellent and easy experience getting liability coverage for my business. Bo was great and couldn't ask for a better person to deal with over the phone. He was polite and informative and I would recommend Bolt Insurance to anyone.
never received my policy or a return call from my agent about its whereabouts. very disappointed
Great rep made it very simple for me to find the insurance I needed/was looking for. She was very knowledgeable, kind and quick to provide the best service. In less than 30mn, I received the best coverage and clear explanations. The rates were also very reasonable. 5 stars insurance broker!
The agent helped me find an affordable automobile insurance plan. She researched several options and provided me with the lowest monthly price. She was kind and courteous and I appreciate the high quality of service.
They were so helpful and on top of it. Great customer service and help! Glad I found them and use them for my business insurance and bond!!
It was a great experience getting insured by Bolts.
Please make provisions for paying the monthly bills with a credit card, so a customer does not have to send a check in the mail.
Bolt Insurance handled my request with extreme professionalism and knowledge.
Bolt Insurance is providing me, a musician, excellent coverage, for an affordable price. I am very pleased with what they offer, and very pleased, indeed, with the agent who assisted me, Mr. Kevin Rodgrigues;
Ever since I've been with bolt, I've had a great experience. Thanks for everything and continue with quality insurance. I've recommended multiple friends and will continue to do so.
Great customer service and quick turn around
I worked with Tony from start to finish. He was excellant to work with and a true professional.
I got liability insurance from them then i needed certificate i called and with no problem s got it
Bolt didn't take me threw a bunch of red tape. Built the quote. Got it done. Great.
we needed fast quotes. Bolt was able to meet that requirement. we were able to have great phone contact throughout the whole shop process. the quotes were adjusted quickly as correct & updated information came in. the prices we fair across the board and competitive. we received a professional explanation for the insurance and was advised on how to save money for the company. it was a good experience buying insurance. now we have to deal with our former insurance company who over charged us & never looked out for our best interests. Bolt has delivered honestly! with integrity.
This was a very pleasant experience dealing with BOLT Insurance. I was able to get the insurance that I needed at a great price. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for coverage.
very helpful staff, the cost of my business insurance is very affordable, very quick in responding to my request for additional insured emails.
I would recommend everyone to purchase their general liability insurance here.No run a round , didn't have to jump through hoops to get quality insurance coverage for my business.
Really good experience and very professional assistance.
I waited months for other insurance companies to even get me a quote! Bolt got a quote overnight and got me signed up in less than 24 hours
They were very prompt and got the job done right away. I had my policy by the end of the day which was impressive because I didn't start on it until they were almost closed that day. Good job!
Aaron was the best! Quickly Found me a new carrier for both my auto and umbrella policies which saved me over $500 a year as compared to my current carrier. Would recommend this agency to anyone who wants to save $$$ !!
I am very pleased with Bolt Insurance. They gave me the best price and I looked around trust me! Thank you!
Edit: Shawna from BOLT was able to help me out with my situation explained in my previous review below. She dealt with CNA and resolved all the outstanding balance that I had, so finally, I do not owe anything to CNA and my policy with them is cancelled. So, from 1 star review to 4 stars only for Shawna. Old review: Briefly, in my experience, this is a very unprofessional company. It is not familiar with products it sells, the customer service level is zero, you never receive the promised call backs or e-mail confirmations. I lost almost twice the amount of policy because of their mistake, for which they did not even apologize (forget the compensation). I contacted BOLT because from my online review of the prices on workers comp, they had the lowest one. My state does not require me to have workers comp, but some of the outs of state companies that I work with, do require it. So I got it just for the documentation reasons, the cheapest one I could find. BOLT representative advised me that if I register an LLC, I can save almost half on premium, because, according to BOLT representative, the premium for LLCs in Florida is based of minimum payroll amount of 25,000 and for sole proprietor it is 48,000. So I registered an LLC and got the coverage through BOLT with CNA. A year later, after the audit, I receive the corrected amount of the premium which is twice as high. I call directly to CNA to inquire about the raised premium. My payroll shown on the audit was below the 25,000 minimum. However, CNA advices me that the minimum payroll amount for Florida is actually 48,000! I call BOLT and ask the same thing. They, again, tell me that minimum is 25,000. After going back and forth several times, it was clear that BOLT had outdated information. Because of their mistake I lost money on registering the LLC, which I did not really need and now owe twice more for the coverage to CNA. But this is not it. After I found out how much really the workers comp will cost me, I decided to cancel my coverage. That was in the end of October 2014. It is January 20, 2015 today and the coverage is still not cancelled. I called BOLT at least 10 times about it and every time they give me new deadlines, but when I call CNA to see if the policy was finally cancelled, they tell me it is still active and they do not see any requests from BOLT to cancel it. In conclusion, I have to mention, CNA is pretty good, as long as you are not dealing with them through their agents that have no clue what they are doing. I will also be submitting the official complaint with several organizations like BBB seeking the compensation from BOLT for my losses. I do not recommend BOLT to anyone.
I would recommend you purchase insurance from Bolts Insurance Agency. The customer service is great, they are very courteous and friendly.
Very professional and polite!
Bolt insurance agency made it easy to insure my truck
I have a business owners policy in good standing. There was a small fire ruled an accident by 3 seperate fire investigators. I filed a claim. I was sent to a third party adjuster, who sent over another third party adjuster. It's been 5 days with no decisions no contact beyond third party adjusters who take pictures, and don't answer their phones for days then, call to say there is no decision... The contents of my business are sitting outside in the rain getting more damage and I am almost $3000 out of pocket already to protect it as best I can. I cannot open my business or pay any bills. Don't sign up if you actually need coverage or want to PROTECT your business.
I had asked several vendors who they had commercial insurance with and they gave me a lot of companies. I didn't have a lot of time to be shopping around. Someone suggested I try Bolt insurance where you can get up to 5 quotes from different insurance carriers. I really like the convenience of having choices from one site . I would definitely recommend Bolt insurance to anyone needing commercial liability insurance.
Bolt, or K and K insurance had the best deal, and great coverage, with excellent customer service.
The application process was simple and easy to follow. All documents were sent in a timely manner. Excellent price for the amount if coverage.
This was just what I needed for my business..They were very helpful and got me the policy that was the beat for me.
Basically, I would speak of the same things, but in more detail. As mentioned above.
Jeff was great, very knowledgeable and helpful. Never felt rushed but all information was provided in a timely manner.
So far all is good - wanted to update our insurance and without all the hassle of waiting and waiting it took a matter of less then a few hours. So far I am very pleased with what I have seen and am getting
it's seems okay so far but time will tell.
When I began looking for insurance for my business, I thought I would just start with the internet. I had just hit the enter button when they called! They were very professional, and personal. The agent that I talked to gave me a direct line to contact him and the entire transaction was very easy.
Again Trustworthy, Reliable & Thoughtful.
I contacted this company because I was looking for new insurance because we had previously rented moonbounces, etc. and were now only doing the food catering. I was given a policy, but then without any notice, it was cancelled. I didn't even know it until I called for an additional insured certificate. The lady on the phone didn't have the decency to tell me it was cancelled, but emailed me immediately afterward. When I tried to contact someone to find out why....I could not get ANYONE to answer their phone, emails, etc. It was like the two gentlemen I worked with disappeared from the face of the earth. I sent messages, placed phone calls, left voicemails, etc. Never once did either one of them get back to me about what the issue was. I finally reached someone by chat that said the reason it was cancelled was because we still had something about moonbounces, etc. on our website. I had removed the rental page, but forgot there was something about it in the paragraph at the beginning. I asked that if I could prove we no longer rented those items, could it be reinstated. She said she would ask the underwriter. I offered to show sales receipts of equipment, etc. I offered to post a disclaimer saying we no longer rented those items. The lady said she would get back to me in a day or two. That was on a Wednesday. We had jobs that weekend and NO insurance. On Friday, NOTHING....again...I called, emailed, etc. NOTHING!!! No return calls, no return emails, etc. Finally the following week I got a hold of someone via phone. He was a very nice gentlemen(can't remember his name). He checked into it and found out that the underwriter didn't want to reinstate it because we had rented those things in the past. At this point, I am NOT very happy.....It took them a whole week to tell me that!! Now I would like to know where my refund is because I didn't have the insurance for more than a month,b ut again I can't get anyone to answer me. I have since found another company that does return my emails, calls, etc. in a timely manner. So my opinion this company is a 1 out of 10....and the one is for the last guy I talked to on the phone!
person i dealt with on phone was very helpful. i would definitely recommend to others.
When our church needed insurance right away, this company was able to make this such an easy process for us. I called the rep and was insured the very next day. He was able to locate a carrier that would fit our insurance needs as a church. I receive the documents same day and we were on our way. I will recommend using this company to anyone looking for great and fast service.
I waited for my home/ car insurance company to quote me a price for insurance for my small business that Operate from my home and shows. They avoided me and gave me the brush off I.e "I'll call you next week,oh didn't you get it,still checking the price,etc".finally I went on line and spoke to another company and they suggested Bolt Insurance agency. Once I called them they fave me everything I needed signed me right up. I then contacted my insurance company to tell them never mind.Only to find out that they started billing me for insurance policy that they never gave me or quoted a price for. A month later they sent me a letter saying they were unable to insure me I that kiddin. I' m pleased withBolt!
Its like having a friend in the business .
Ever since I submitted the inquiry online on their website I felt I was in good hands....their advisors were quick and easy to understand.....everything was very could not have been any easier.
I have been very pleased in all my dealings with Bolt.
The company goes out of there way for all my insurance needs
I had been searching for a reasonable rate for our ministry, being a small ministry funds were minimum, however, when I found bolt all of our needs and coverage were met. Leaving me a very satisfied costumer.
My insurance went from $900 to $10,000 in one year and nothing changed about my small cleaning business. I ended up going with a different company.
I have met friendly reps. But it is so difficult to get even a response to an email.. Early on in a buisness this is so important!
I would recommend this company to anyone seakin, a dependable & quick to respond team.
I was in a bind and forgot to get the insurance I needed for the function. Just one call and within a short time I was all set for the event.
Tony was helpful, explained things well and answered my questions. I was able to purchase our business insurance promptly.
The whole Bolt experience was pleasant. They gave me a reasonable quote, contacted me fairly quickly, and made sure all the details were worked out before I got off the phone with them. I would most definitely recommend Bolt to anyone looking to purchase an insurance policy.
Easy quote, friendly service, good price
Thanks for the quick prompt service.
I have been trying to get insurance through bolt for my small business. The gentleman I was working with was not rude but has very poor communication skills. Its been over a week and still nothing. I call and says ill call you back and never does. Im going to go with a different insurance company!
I purchased insurance 1/24/15 And never received any documentation via USP. I called and spoke with a rep and never received any. I subsequently canceled my policy a week later. On 7/6/15 I was notified by BB&T that my account was in collections. This is very bad for a small up and coming business. It would seem that communications between Bolt and Prime Rate Financing is nonexistent. To date 7/13/15 I keep getting harassing phone calls from BB&T I never received my refund from my initial deposit of over $300.00 I have spoke with many Reps. Allison, Greg, Chris. While all three have been very polite and friendly ... I needed help in resolving this and have yet to receive any. Whom ever may be reading this, please look into my CANCELED account. Owner Operator, Bastin Enterprises LLC After many phone calls. This company keeps passing the buck. BB&T, Prime Rate, and Bolt. They say they are different companies but, when pressed they say they are the same company, then, refer me to a supervisor . None of them has taken the time to contact me back or, even respond to this post. I have all the emails sent to and from different departments in this/these companies. In my opinion... I would not do business with any and or all of these companies. The total dollar amount is $366.15 and they would prefer to play games and stall in order for you to forget. Well... I am not going to. I am going to press on and prove to them ( with the inter company emails that I have and will list) , Its really not about the money but... more about shedding light on a company that cares only about their bottom line. All voice calls have been recorded, that and with the inter co. emails. I think this should be enough. BB&T, Prime Rate, Bolt.... I have made my case. let us let the media and court system see what is the truth. I am ... very angry. I paid. I got NOTHING in return.
Still waiting to hear back from the agent who put the incorrect address on my policy.
The insurance broker was knowledgeable and extremely responsive. I was pleased with the pricing offered and how quickly my needs were addressed. Would definitely recommend!
Knowledgeable, thorough and competitive. Confidence in their abilities to help.
I am a small business owner in Florida. I've had a general liability policy through Bolt for 3+ years. Never had an issue "getting" the policy (or with any other aspect of customer service) until this policy year (which began, or was supposed to begin---see below---in Aug. '18). Never filed a claim. Always paid the premium in one payment/upfront. Fast forward to Aug '18: I continue with the standard policy I've had for 3 years. Authorize payment on my credit card. Get a copy of the policy and several add'l certificates for the schools to which I provide independent contractor services. Nov. '18: I get an email that my policy has been canceled for "nonpayment." I call Bolt. I'm told, "We were so busy in August when you authorized payment that we never processed payment. When we tried to process the card yesterday, it was declined. So the policy was canceled." I give them my new card number, they process it, I verify that fact, and everything is "great" (right?) Jan. '19: I get a check (74% of the policy payment made in Nov) in the mail as refund for my canceled policy. No cover letter. Just a notation on the attached "canceled." Huh? Next day: I call Bolt. They have no idea what just happened but get an initial response from the underwriter: "Canceled for nonpayment." After I explain how ridiculous that is (Bolt had a record of my full premium payment in Nov; isn't it an oxymoron? no one gets a refund for nonpayment, do they?), Bolt contacts the underwriter again. Hours later I get the response, "The policy had already been canceled even before payment was processed in Nov. Neither the underwriter nor we (Bolt) knew this. Let's see if they'll reinstate the policy. Otherwise, you have to fill out another application and we'll look for a new policy." NO SENSE OF URGENCY though I told Bolt that I couldn't do my work without insurance. If my policy was canceled for "nonpayment," why did I only receive a 74% refund of the policy premium? Obviously, the policy was in effect for 26% of the period; why not for the rest? Regardless, how does a company cancel a policy of a longstanding customer, issue a 74% refund, say it's canceled for "nonpayment" (nonpayment but you're refunding me hundreds of dollars, but not the full premium?), not give any notice, not write a cover letter, not reach out by phone or email, not show any urgency, do practically nothing besides negligent customer service? Awful! Happy ending to story: I called The Hartford, got a replacement policy immediately, for $230 cheaper than the policy I've always had through Bolt. Follow-up: I finally received a phone call from Bolt. Very apologetic. Offered a full refund for the policy premium (the aforementioned 26% that was initially kept). I appreciate the professionalism of this particular "executive" (forget her name/title) but it's much too little much too late.
I was very satisfied with the service and price I received.
I have so many issues. At this point i would like someone to contact me immediately as I have tried to resolve my issues through both email and over the phone, I was promised on several occassions that a supervisor would contact me and that have yet to happen. Thanks Judy McLain 414-881-4094
Bolt Insurance is very helpful and courteous in meeting your business insurance needs.
i dont understand insurance lingo just like you dont understand food cost that i deal with. Therefore when i ask you something dont respond back saying u ar confused and WE DONT DO THIS. Well, i dont know you dont do this. I know nothing about insurance other than most people hate dealing with insurance companies (pain)
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