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Blue Cross of New York Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Blue Cross of New York
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I am a member of empire blue cross and up til Dec 2014 I had coverage for my dental and then without notice they canceled it on me. I called, the dental customer service was put on hold and talked to twenty different people who gave so many different answers I do not know what to believe.
Blue Cross of New York is not a good health insurance. It do not cover much and the cost to families and when you call to get help with anything not very helpful. I wish my company would find another Health Insurance because this keeps going up and less services and poor customer service.
This is the worst health insurance. Everytime I call, the wait is usually 1 to 2 hours - yes, 1 to 2 hours. Why don't they hire more people to work and answer the phones. I mean, they charge $$$ for coverage that really doesn't even pay for your dr. visits. Also, if they know they are going to be extra busy in January - then prepare and hire more people to work the phones. We need socialized medicine in this country big time. Putting healthcare into the hands of corporations is just wrong. Healthcare is a basic right for all Americans - not just the rich.
Signed up via NY State of Health through The Affordable Care Act on the recommendation of my doctor. I have been trying for two days to get a human voice to change my primary care physician. I was assigned one without my consent by Blue Cross! On hold for an hour one day, sent a message via the website that was never answered two days ago and am now on hold 75 minutes and counting right now. I have never been on hold for anything this long in my 62 years of living. Can't wait for Medicare and will never choose this company again.
Expect nothing from Empire's 24/7 Nurseline. After my child drank fetid water in the backyard, I called my pediatrician to ask if there was anything I should do. Because they were closed, I then called my insurer's 24/7 Nurseline to ask the same question. I was connected to a nurse who asked me about 30 questions in order to confirm that I was a paying customer entitled to the service, and to cover themselves legally in case my child was harmed. Once I asked all their questions, I was told to call Poison Control. I asked why all the questions, and I was told it was policy. I asked why there was no advice, and I was told that they don't provide that advice. When I said that the 10 minutes answering all the questions could have exacerbated my child's problems, and I was told that I was being argumentative and was hung up on. Service was a total waste of time.
Am unable to reach any of numbers listed on card. When finally able to get rep they passed me from dept to dept and disconnected. Now for 5 days I am trying to cancel. I had to stop payment as I prepaid 2 months. I had to pay bank to stop payment as no one could help with this either. Now I have no med ins as I need proof of cancellation.
If I could give this company 0 stars, I would. They denied my ER claim because they deemed my massive internal infection in which I was hooked up to IVs for 7 days not a “medical necessity.” Finally, the ER doctor called them and said I would’ve died without treatment. I got a letter afterward from them afterward saying, although they don’t agree with the doctor, they will pay my claim, but it’s a one time thing. What???
I purchased a traditional plus health insurance plan from this company approx. 8-9 months ago. I am unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits, but felt it was in my best interest to at least have emergency medical insurance. Sure enough I went to the emergency room about 7 months ago, thinking I have coverage. After months have passed, I receive a bill from the doctor who apparently wrote up my chart, (who I never saw) for $1762.00 and Empire says they do not cover this fee, Only facility fees. I am unemployed and was paying out of pocket for what?? Now i have to come up with $1762.00 and both the doctor and insurance company were no help. I am very upset about this issue, and wish someone would of contacting me earlier and told me they were not covering these fees!!!
Today I was denied a much needed preventive procedure because of dysfunction and incompetence of customer service. All I needed was for Empire Blue Cross to grant a one-time referral for the procedure. This should have taken 15 minutes maximum including hold time. Instead myself and multiple office assistants at the clinic and at the physician's office spent five non-stop hours on the phone on separate lines getting the wrong information, constantly transferred to the wrong department, confused by a terrible automated system, and hung up on repeatedly and simply unable to get an answer from Blue Cross. We finally gave up exasperated. I lost two days of work in preparation for the procedure, fasted, bought over the counter drugs, traveled for hours, and left untreated, sick to my stomach literally and emotionally. This is unconscionable and has no place in the world of medical care.I had secured referrals from all parties, but Empire Blue decides the referral I got from my general physician in 2013 was invalid since he is no longer in the network of the new plan for 2014. Why doesn't Empire Blue have the decency to honor the referrals and procedure established by THEIR in network physicians despite THEIR change in my plans? To make matters worse, I lose coverage for a good general physician of 20 years.So in the end, Empire Blue Cross has taken my money, not provided basic customer service to enable critical medical procedures, potentially seriously compromising my health, and lowering quality of access to health care in 2014. They are quick to blame the Affordable Health Care for their burdened customer service but to be clear they had terrible customer service long before 2014. They stand to benefit from AHC and with their billions of dollars certainly can make customer service at least functional. The overnight doubling of my deductible is another atrocity that this company does with impunity or accountability. There is simply no place for the profit motive when it comes to getting equal access to health care.
My hip replacement surgery was denied as not medically necessary, and my surgery was cancelled, last minute. I have severe arthritis. My doctor was baffled and appealed, and the appeal was denied. I also sent an expedited appeal, and did not receive a response. My family has had the same Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield policy since 1992 through my husband’s union, Metal Trades Local 638. I believe BCBS has not followed their contract.
My mother, who is a cancer patient, has this horrible insurance. She pays sky high premiums every month, while they approve the services the doctor bills to them and then don't pay, pay different amounts of money for the same approved service (ex.: $400 one month, $1000 another month, $0 another month). They have no explanation for doing this. They also sent a letter that states all these services have been approved. It has now been over a year of phone calls and emails back and forth. They have pre-approved multiple services, just to claim later that the approval was never given. Now they are telling me the approval numbers they have sent to me are not in their records. This company is basically extorting money from clients with their premiums, and then refusing to pay for services they are supposed to cover.
I am a Medicaid patient and I always have hypercalcemia while the doctor ask me to hospitalize and have IV. I have CKD and my old primary doctor prescribed me vitamin D and ** while not realizing my high calcium level. I went to my kidney doctor and asked me to hospitalized urgently to lower my calcium level. On the next day, I received a letter from them that my hospitalization was not approved and have to file an appeal. My kidney doctor is helping me filing it. I would say good luck for those who have this insurances. They don’t work based on fact and evidence at all.
I applied for coverage through the exchanges at the end of August to begin September 1st for coverage. I paid for the first month of coverage when I applied (for September). I received my cards for insurance the first week of September. Then I started getting notices in the mail that I was overdue for payment for my September premium. When I called to inquire, they informed me my start date was August 1st. Which was an error on their part and that the first payment I made was for August. How am I supposed to use insurance for time that I didn't even apply for? Time in the past that I didn't have a card for?I called multiple times to get the date fixed, and even told them not to take money out of my automatic withdrawal for Sept until we had the issue resolved. Well, they took the money out anyway, and wouldn't let me speak to a supervisor to even talk about the problem. Just told me it was denied through the customer service rep. They even told me the way to fix it was to cancel the insurance if I wanted during the enrollment process. But yet they get to keep my money. This is just out and out fraud. THE WORST. If you are looking for insurance, I suggest you try someone else if you can.
We pay an exorbitant amount a month (which is not even including the hike as of next year), and yet I am unable to get through to the right person to discuss any simple issues. It's beyond a joke. I spent nearly an hour on the phone being passed from one person to the next. I have given up, and here I am spending more time going out of my way to complain about them. On top of this, receiving a letter saying we have to pay ridiculous amounts for my children's dentistry which are quite clearly included in the policy!! What a joke. We'll be leaving as soon as the policy is up.
Always something they not cover. Customer service helpless and I wish company will change it. It was Aetna before Obamacare started and company must gave up Cadillac plan. Switched to BCBS which is real BS.
I’m writing to you because my health insurance is giving me problems. They had cut me off in 2008 without informing me, I was still in school. In 2010, I wasn’t feeling good; I knew it was just any cold so I scheduled an appointment in March. So I attended my doctor’s office, did blood work and went home. After a few months, I started getting bills at home from the lab, which I couldn’t pay. I was attending school and not working. I called up my insurance that’s when they informed me I was taken off by my father’s union. I had called the union, that’s when they told me I’ve been kicked off, and that my insurance was suppose to notify me but no one had. My bills cost about $3,000-4,000 and I can’t afford to pay it, I’m currently unemployed. My union said that I have insurance as of July 2011 but didn’t want to add me a few months earlier when I was charged for the lab work March, 20011. Now debt collection. Please help me, I’m very much stressed. Please contact me back as soon as possible. I appreciate it. My phone number is **. Thank you.
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