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Blue Cross of New Jersey Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Blue Cross of New Jersey
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
My daughter is a ** addict and wanted treatment. After 10 days of inpatient rehab Horizon would not approve any more treatment. So my daughter asked me if she could arrange for the rehab to bill her and set up a payment plan. But they said she could not because Horizon will not allow this because she is a subscriber. I don't understand how this could be. The rehab said their legal team is working on this matter but it could take months of litigation. This is my daughter's, and Horizon will not allow me to pay. How can this be? Next I am writing to my Congressman. Hope someone can help us before it is too late.
Live people, telephone line closes at 5:00 pm and most people are at work. Should customer service have shifts to handle late calls.
From 7/1/2011 to 8/31/2017 Horizon has processed my claims with my PCP and Virtua incorrectly. Over the course of this time I have called both Virtua's billing office and Horizon to tell them that I should not be billed out of network or as having a deductible as that is my PCP to no avail and have been sent to Apex collections where me and my husband's credit has been ruined over Horizon and Virtua not handling their claims processing correctly. I finally took this matter to the BBB in 2/2018 and have not heard anything back yet but did receive another bill for an incorrect co-pay because that is what Horizon told Virtua to bill us retro to 8/2017.
This insurance company should be shut down for fraud. My father was enrolled in November 2017. I have paid his premium every month since November 2017. I get a bill every week stating his premiums are overdue for 5 months and that they will cancel his insurance. I have sent them proof of payment, that has not worked. I think they are stealing my father's money. The Horizon portal has my dad paid up to date but they are not linked to Horizon BC/BS. Can anyone explain that because they can't. I call every week and every week they tell me they have not received any payment on my Dad, meanwhile they keep asking for more and more money. At this point not only have I paid my dad's premiums to date I have overpaid so that they won't cancel my father's insurance. My dad is 93 years old and he is not rich. When you ask for a supervisor they say there is no supervisor. How can that be. Poorly run company. Horrendous customer service and fraudulent company. Please run run run from this horrible insurance company or they will steal your money.
Absolutely horrible. It takes an hour on the phone to get ANYTHING done. They randomly added two of my adult kids to my policy, then cancelled me when I "didn't pay" (since I didn't realize my premium changed due to the addition of my kids - who have their own insurance and haven't been on my policy for several years!!!) They had my wife's birthday wrong, when she called to fix it, then changed my birthday to match hers - which screwed up my prescription coverage and eliminated my online access. Then they told me it would take 30 days to put my birthday back to the correct date. Many other issues and problems, every one takes hours of precious time. Their overseas based call center is useless - don't waste your time, demand that your concern be "escalated" so they bring the call back to U.S.
I have been a member since 09/16. Since that time I have made my payments FAITHFULLY every month and ahead of time but I keep getting notices that my payment has not been received. Today I received a ridiculous letter telling me that my payment for 03/31/17 is past due and I am facing termination. I called customer service WHICH IS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S. and was told to ignore the letter. I have gotten two e-mails and now this letter saying that I'm past due. When I call, they tell me that I'm up-to-date. This is RIDICULOUS! Every month I go through this. I wish they would get it together and fix the problem!
NJ Direct approved my surgery (skin removal from weight loss) the first time. But I couldn't do it at that moment. I had a low blood count. Had to see an oncologist to get it fixed. I informed nj direct and they said I be fine to still get my surgery. I came back and was denied. I want my health care to explain to me why would they denied me from a surgery that was already approved! Regardless I'm going to keep fighting... meanwhile find me a new health care provider since they rather see you die than to get your health back on track.
My son reached out to get help for his drug addiction. He went into rehab only to find out that the insurance denied coverage. His coverage was denied because they stated he had a loving and supportive family environment and his blood pressure was not elevated and no signs of withdrawals. My son is addicted to heroine. Insurance would not speak to me because he was over 18 and they explained they would email his counselor the release form. They never did after countless attempts to get them to send it. He was released and did an appeal and they denied his appeal. He relapsed once again and has gotten himself in trouble with the law also. I would really like to know how a doctor or whomever sits behind a desk and has never meet my son or has no idea what my son's family has been thru with his addiction, make the decision that he does not need inpatient therapy and is capable of living at home doing meetings only. Do they not understand this addiction? I don't understand why I need insurance if nothing is going to be covered to protect and help my family. What a waste of my money.
BC/BS has been billing me for several years for "late enrollment". In fact I enrolled 80+ days before 65th BD as allowed. Several CS Reps confirmed I was NOT late, BUT said this is a lifetime penalty. Have tried to email but their NJ site is impossible to log in. I estimate if all billing is paid, which I refuse to do, $40 million a month (minimum) is being stolen from US Public. Given some phony 3rd party to appeal. Government appeal non-existent. This is message I'm trying to get to NJ BC/BS."I am going to try to be as gentlemanly as humanly possible. I demand you stop the Medicare Fraud you are harassing me with each month. Your own CS confirms I had NO late enrollment. In actuality I took advantage of the early period and enrolled nearly 90 days before age 65. If you or a supervisor cannot or will not rectify this farce, the airline's recent bad publicity will pale in comparison to the bad PR. I know you are on par with cable because you are a virtual monopoly and don’t care. One of your Reps told me this harassment is a life sentence. Ergo I will make it my life’s work to fight this injustice.If you do not cease and desist this scam/theft billing and maintain the false claim of late enrollment, consider this demand for refund of misapplied premium. I PAID BC/BS $5657.28 between age 64 & 65. You can issue a check for the entire amount or I will accept 12 monthly payment of $471.28. I will waive the prior $30,000 with no claims paid to BC/BS since age 60. If you do not wish to reimburse me or cease this fraudulent billing, consider this a legal demand for the pertinent information (name, address & particularly State) where the initial authorization for above referenced illegal billing originated, so I can file criminal charges."
I am happy to have this insurance but everything is pay more get less... It's getting harder and harder to pay bills and live in New Jersey. The increased cost of emergency care is ridiculous. I was afraid to take my daughter to the E.R. when she was in a car accident due to the increase. It's all too much.
I called three times for getting registered online and none of those representatives were able to help me. I had to make a payment and they were saying that they don't know if I have an account or not even though I paid first two installments before. Very unprofessional and unorganized.
I wish I could rate them zero stars. I've never had a worse experience with an insurance company. They make excuse after excuse not to reimburse for psychotherapy sessions that they previously reimbursed without a problem. Every month it's a new and more absurd excuse. First they said my provider information was not on the form (um, it was on the provider's letterhead and on the paperwork), then they said it was the wrong state (I have NJ insurance although I live in CA, because my husband's corporation is based in NJ), then they said they were confused by the provider's paperwork and needed her to redo everything (before it was never a problem). It is now September and I have eight months of unreimbursed claims. Not only that, when I had cancer two years ago they contacted me to see if I needed assistance with making treatment decisions AFTER my cancer treatment was over. I'm absolutely disgusted by them. And, they doubled our rates last year - my husband gets insurance through the company where he is employed. THE WORST!!!
Paid for the medical insurance online every month in 2017 till November. By November, received the letter from Blue Cross of NJ stated we do not have insurance started Oct 2017. We told them we paid online with proof. They said they will check and at the meantime they sent us refund check for the two months we paid (Oct. and Nov.). We call them all the time in November and December try to resolve this issue. When we called again in December they told us just deposit the refund check and made it as we do not have insurance started in Oct. 2017. We agree with it and went ahead deposit the refund check and paid for the medical bill occurred during these three months. However as of now - March, 2018, they still said we owed them three months Oct, Nov, Dec in 2017. We call every few days trying to resolve this issue but no one care... The billing system is horrible and customer services even worse... Don't know what to do yet. Very sick and tired dealing with the company like this.
I was a member of a group insured by Horizon. They said the group did not qualify for coverage any longer and canceled the group. I was told that if I enrolled in an individual plan with them, that the out of pocket expenses, that I incurred would transfer over to my new coverage. After a bout with pneumonia in the emergency room, they informed me that I had to transfer those expenses, only from one group to another group. And that I would have to start a new deductible, all over again. Nowhere in the handbook, is this spoken about. I was taken advantage of by a big company, with no chance of fighting this.
I filed a complaint with BCBSNJ due to my podiatrist charging me $460 for a pneumatic boot anyone can purchase for only $40 on Amazon. I called twice, sent evidence etc. They responded by telling me that $460 is a fair price to pay. Ridiculous! Clowns like this are why part of the problem! It's not Obamacare it's doctors being allowed to overcharge for items, big insurance paying only what they want to and passing the rest via write-off (increasing our premiums) or payment due by us the already overpaying consumer! Totally disgusting! There's a special place for these kind of criminals that allow this to go on!
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