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Blue Cross of Illinois Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Blue Cross of Illinois
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I called BCBS to get information as to what was covered before I went to the doctor. They said I had $2,500 coverage for what I needed done and only had to pay $20.00 for the office visit. Long story short, my doctor's office called to verify this and they were told the same thing. I had the treatment done then received a call from the doctor's office saying the insurance now says I need to pay $1K first, which is my deductible! I asked them to play back the conversation I had with them saying it was covered and they told me in order to do that, I need to get an attorney. They suck and are so out of line! Has anyone ever fought them and won?
I pay high premiums for BCBSIL Premier Plus which advertises 100% coverage in-network or out-of-network for ambulance service. I was knocked down to the street by a messenger bicyclist and transported to a local Boston hospital by ambulance. BCBSIL will only pay $523.10 of the $958.10 charge leaving me on the hook for $435.00. Fifty four percent (54%) is not 100% covered.
I have dealt with Blue Shield of Illinois on and off for over 30 years. At one time, this was a pretty good company, with decent plans. No longer. Since signing up for their Gold PPO2 plan in April of this year, it has been nothing but a nightmare. To begin with, they botched the first payment I made over the phone (for which I had the confirmation number), and I didn't even know it hadn't been processed until I received a bill almost a month later. After numerous requests, I still don't have any ID cards.The Explanation of Benefits statements don't explain anything, except for the amount of the bill and what they paid. No information as to how they are calculated. Wait times on the phone are a minimum of one hour, and I have been disconnected at least 3 times. You can forget about ever reaching a supervisor. At the very least, the Illinois Department of Insurance should look into these people. My advice, if you have another option, take it.
Their online system doesn't retain information. Log into your account and check your "My Documents" and nothing is there... Imagine that! Looking at previous billing history is non-existent and I only canceled my account 2 months ago. Then, when you talk to someone, they refer you to the Health Insurance Marketplace because they're lazy... Then they gouge you on the fees. Navigating through their pamphlets and brochures, coverage plans and plan brochures is like reading an alien language. Their billing system is completely backwards and generally not up to date.
The phone line experience is horrible!! Deceptive. It so disrespectful to keep a client waiting for 2 hrs only to get in touch with a customer agent. 3 days and no answer? Give a break. If this is the best portrait of the BCBS in Illinois, what can you expect when you are in the doctor's office? Dump Blue Cross Blue Shields in Illinois.
Back in mid-December of 2016 I canceled my individual PPO plan through Blue Cross to keep it from renewing in 2017. I honestly didn't have a problem with Blue Cross last year, I was just offered insurance through my job and had to choose that because it was significantly cheaper, what with insurance premiums in Illinois skyrocketing this year. During this phone call, the representative assured me that my plan and auto-pay had been canceled. Maybe a week later a $368 premium had been taken out of my account for the plan I had canceled.Long story short, I have since spoken to about 4 different representatives to get this money back. After being on hold for nearly two hours the first time trying to sort this out, the woman I spoke with said I needed to allow 10 business days to receive my refund. After significant time had passed and still no refund, I called and it turns out she had made a mistake which caused the refund to be denied.January 18th was the last time I called to set up the refund process once more, and now 11 business days later, still no money. I'm infuriated because it's not easy to go without that kind of money for me and I feel there should be more urgency to correct their mistake, rather than taking over a month now to refund me. I've also had problems with a claim from October that has yet to go through their system, but I'm still unsure why. I do have to say all representatives I've spoken to have been kind. It's their system and flaws that's creating this mess.
I have this insurance through my job and I have it because they are so money hungry. I am currently pregnant and I have to tell them in advance where I am delivering or else they charge me $500 in addition to the amount of my delivery that they already make me pay. Also, they only approve it for 3 days which means that if I deliver prior to the expected due date I give them or more than 3 days after the date, I have to call them within 24 hrs to tell them where I delivered or else I'll have to pay $500. Who is thinking of calling insurance when they deliver a baby and whoever knows the exact date they are delivering? Aside from that ridiculousness, if I go to the emergency room (in general), I have to pay towards my $500 deductible then they pay 90% after I reach the deductible. How is that fair? This is honestly the worst PPO insurance and I hate that this is what Dell offers their employees.
My doctor ordered a test. The hospital administered the test just as has happened for years. Not anymore! BCBS denied it stating "Member did not meet BCBS Medical Policy Criteria for Coverage". I have to ask why would I know the criteria better than the doctor or the hospital at which the group health insurance plan is through. If I was a doctor or worked for BCBS maybe I would know but that did not seem to work for my doctors. So we got hit with an $1,800+ bill for something that should have been less than $200. To make it worse they are now doing it again to one of my son's bills this time for $2,100+ and this one we had pre-authorization on. I have not seen a doctor, my back doctor this year, as I am afraid of getting stuck by BCBS. My handicap placard expires in November and he will not renew without seeing me but I cannot take the $2,000.00 BCBS challenge anymore. My whole family is hoping we make it until next year safe and sound when we switch from BCBS.
My husband got sent to collections for not 1 dos but 2. Wrote a review a few months ago on 1st and now here I am again. This is for dos back in Feb 2016, he went to a few doctor visits trying to rule off a diagnosis and has been sick since 2015. He goes to a total of 3 doctor facilities in the beginning year 2016 due to 2 facilities not telling him any accurate diagnosis. We just needed some answers. So after a few weeks of finally finding a proper facility and answers. We start receiving bills from 1 facility. We have a yearly deductible and it was met in the beginning of the year. Now after all my research and findings he got sent to 2 separate bill collectors and is in collections today. I called these bill collectors called BCBS of IL and they stated that the 1st was a error but they are waiting on more data. No response from the bill collectors and now the 2nd claim for 2016 is our responsibility?? I am lost for words with BCBS of IL. How does any health insurance determine when a deductible is to be dropped from not 1 but 2 facilities to the 3rd health facility? So yes just because the 1st facility in whom we paid our deductible to was faulty on doctor notes BCBS of IL dropped our deductible to the 3rd health facility. This is so confusing on how billing works today. I asked BCBS of IL how and why this even can occur. Their response was "well when some facilities do not require your deductible we choose the next one in line"??? They tell me to not pay our deductible to anyone 'til we receive our EOBs. I tell BCBS that it shows on our EOBs deductible met some show patient resp when I know how to read EOBs. BCBS of IL has no true answers on how they do their billing. Some are quick on answers and some just give away their lies and errors on their behalf. I know that BCBS of IL is faulty and part of the reason why my husband is in collections today. I am a well-experienced biller/payment poster for health and feel that my family has had enough with billing errors with BCBS of IL.
BCBS of Illinois has really disappointed this time. I've had them for over 20 years and the past 15 I have suffered from chronic migraines averaging about 20 per month. I have tried every drug, acupuncture, hypnosis and nothing has helped until I found out about Botox injections a year ago. My migraines have now been reduced to about 3 to 4 a month and I feel like I finally have my life back... until now. They just sent me a letter denying my claims for the Botox because my migraines have decreased by 60% so they don't feel it's medically necessary. What?! The reason why my migraines have decreased is because of the Botox you idiot!!! Now they'll be paying my bills when I have to go to the emergency room at least 3 times a week. All these people care about is money and not the well-being of their customers. So now I will suffer and probably lose my job all because they won't pay for the treatment I need to live a normal life. Thanks BCBS, I'm glad I've been so loyal to you... I will be sure to never recommend you to anyone.
I pay $1,000/month for this garbage 'insurance'. They'll allow you to see a primary care doc, ok, but if, God forbid, you have to see a specialist? Forget it. You're screwed. That means no oncologist if you have cancer, no physical therapist if you have an injury, no dermatologist if you have so much as a wart. It's the most God awful system ever devised. Literally, I pray for you if you have this insurance, because God knows, you won't be getting the help that you need. Oh, and when you ask why the hell this is happening? They'll say, well, it's cause you're poor and have state insurance (even though you're fully aware the 'state' has NOTHING to do with it). WTF?
I was on hold for over 3 hours today, trying to talk to someone in the benefits department in IL - I have been left on hold, disconnected, been given wrong information and even transferred to some other number that had nothing to do with BCBS. I am shocked at how poor the customer service is. Last time I was given incorrect information about a provider being in Network, then actually went there to find out they were not - that was after an hour phone call!! I signed up for this plan BECAUSE hospitals close to me and my Drs. were in Network, only to find out after open enrollment that they were no longer in network. This is not fair, and not the coverage I paid for. The in network providers should not change after you buy the plan - bait and switch!! I finally, after 3.5 hours, asking for a supervisor, got a person who was knowledgeable and could answer my questions. It is not right to have to invest 4 hours of my workday being on hold and disconnected, just to find out my benefits. They should have people there to take calls for the fortune we have to pay for this. And who takes care of 100% of the bill from the provider they told me to go to that was in network, that was no longer after I went there? I would not recommend BCBS of IL to anyone!! This was Blue Choice Gold PPO.
In need of cancer treatment side effect surgery. Pain from side effects could be relieved but the Director of medicine at BCBS of Illinois Exelon said it is not medically necessary and for cosmetic only. Are you kidding me? Two University of Wisconsin doctors and a top Surgeon get a peer to peer and what does BCBS say in the peer to peer, "Sorry this is out of my realm." What a joke, how are they allowed to make decisions? All about the money and numbers, who cares about the people. Director of medicine go back to your cozy office and charity dinners and never put a name to a face, and do us all a favor and don't call yourself a doctor.
I began on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Plan through my new job. On a Friday, I attempted to have a prescription filled using my Blue Cross Blue Shield card only to be told by the pharmacist that my card was flagged. After further investigation, the pharmacist stated that Blue Cross flagged my account because I had another active insurance plan. My previous plan ended Feb. 29th (I called my previous insurance provider to verify this fact) and Blue Cross stated that the insurance plan was still active according to their system as of March 5th. After several back and forth with the pharmacy, my former insurance and Blue Cross and Blue Shield, I was finally informed from Blue Cross that the flag was to be removed from my account (this was at about 12:30 p.m.) and it would take about 2 hours to correct. At about 5 pm the same day, the flag was still on my account. When I called Blue Cross and Blue Shield, they stated that now I would have to get a written letter from my former insurance provider and have it sent to them verifying that I no longer have the old insurance. I then requested to speak to a manager to explain to me why one person tells me the flag will be removed within 2 hours and another state I need a letter to take the flag off. A manager stated there was some misunderstanding and I need to have a letter verification because a Blue Cross and Blue Shield rep spoke to someone from my former insurance provider and my former insurance provider stated to them that “yes” my account was still active - even though Blue Cross did not document a name of who they spoke with or any other type of traceable information. I spoke with my former insurance provider on many occasions; Friday, Saturday and Monday. Everyone I spoke with at the former insurance provider stated that I no longer had an insurance plan with their company. I called my former insurance provider requesting they send a letter to Blue Cross Blue Shield and they are stating that they can only mail this info to me which will take about 10 to 15 business days! I needed a prescription Friday and I cannot get it filled because of this stupid flag on my account and now I have to wait another 10 to 15 day to have it sent to me! My question to Blue Cross Blue Shield is what year is this? Do you not operate with phones, computers, and faxes? You can not verify (truthfully - not just saying you did without knowing who you spoke with or having any confirmation number) with my former insurance provider through no other means than mail?! I need my medication or I will become extremely ill. You are messing with my health and it disgusts me. This was the first time I have used Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I am beyond angry with what you have provided me. Your company ought to be ashamed. If ever I have to opportunity to go with another health insurance company I will definitely go elsewhere. On the off chance that someone with Blue Cross happens across my complaint, I hope they take serious consideration into the poor service they provide and how it puts people with health issues at greater health risks when they pull this type of **.
I had a back injury, 3 herniated disk in my lower back. It took them a month and a half to let me get an MRI When I knew something was terribly wrong. I've broken bones and never had pain like this before. Now my doctor requires I have back surgery so I can go back to work (been off for almost 4 months now). He does a new procedure that has a higher success rate And doesn't do the old fashion way of taken out bone to get to the disk. Results in a better long term effect this way. After having my MRI I was informed I have arthritis in my lower back so as I get older it will get worse. So BCBS will only pay for old way of doing the surgery Resulting in a weaker lower back from time of surgery till I kick the bucket. I quad, work out and play sports. I'm too active to have a weak lower back I'm 32. If I have surgery done way they want I will have to watch what I do and how I do it until end of my days. I have appealed and again appealing. They do not want to spend a little extra money to get it done the right way. Both doctors have said if I proceed the way they want it done I will be back in surgery within a year because of my slight abnormal spine and making it more weaker Or become a couch potato. Not my lifestyle. Frustrated beyond belief for something I'm paying for and not receiving the benefit I pay for. Would be like having your car insurance fixing your car with parts that are lesser value and won't last as long as what they are supposed to. Never had BCBS before but I am not impressed by any means. I would highly recommend not having them if at all possible.
It is correct they are cheaper but they stab you in the back anytime they see that they can. I am covered only on ER. If I needed ER, I make sure I go to see a doctor first just because it will be cheaper for me if it is not emergency. So last time I went to a doctor for a boiler on my back neck and I was told to go ASAP to an ER. I did and when the bill came, they said I am not covered even though the ER doctor stated I needed ER. They deny me in a letter sent to me. I went to my agent who introduce to deal with BCBS. He wrote a letter to ILLINOIS DEPT. OF INSURANCE, all that after the collection agencies started on giving me all the **. Long story short, IL Dept. of Insurance solved the issue and made BCBS to pay. I called the idiots to see why they changed mind after 1 year of all insults I had, and why they paid and for what reason... The lady I talked to at BCBS had no answer and said she'll call me in 2 days to give me an answer and still now after 3 weeks I didn't know why they paid it. NOW, I am dealing with my attorney that said he'll be glad to hold and start the case. Hope I would screw them as they treated me. They deserve it.
I have been fighting with this issue since the beginning of 2014 when the new Obamacare plans were being implemented. A Blue Cross employee received a new enrollment from a woman with a similar name to mine, so they decided we were the same person. BCBS entered her information on my policy that I have had since 2006. I met with the Blue Cross department in Naperville, IL in 2014 and was told the situation had been rectified. But I still have confusion paying premiums, and now I received an explanation of benefits today for lab work that is not mine. I know it is this other woman's. Now my health history and her health history are combined. I do not know what to do. With all these HIPAA regulations and privacy regulations, I am appalled that BCBS would let this happen, and that they would not realize what a big deal it is to me. If this other woman has significant health issues, it can follow me the rest of my life. I do not know what else to do. I already filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Insurance last year, and they blew me off. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I had private BCBS of IL. I was livid because I had a test done for asthma and it sent them a trigger that pulled my old medical charts. There were things that were wrong in my chart. I fought the appeal and won. So I thought it would go back and pay the bills that they stopped payment on till I won. Which by the way was over $15,000. They said they would only pay them if I reinstated my insurance since they had already cancelled my policy... Ready for this I had three days to come up with $1200. There was no way. So it stayed cancelled and now I have huge medical debt. I feel ripped off that I paid these people money for months and for what? They didn't pay for anything. My friend who worked there told me they are told to deny then process. BCBS of Illinois is a joke and rob from people.
I wish I could give this company 0 stars. Please, do not even think about switching over to BCBSIL. I did routine bloodwork when I first got pregnant, and I received a bill from the lab for almost $4,000. Turns out, BCBS did not want to pay without having proof that I was pregnant. For months, they claimed they had been requesting my records from my doctor's office all while the doc's office was claiming they never received any requests. Months later (third trimester) I find out they had been requesting my records from the lab, which obviously does not have my records. Only my doctor would have them. My doctor finally got the records to BCBS, and they had to go through a "committee" for review which was supposed to take 30 days. At this point, I am now being harassed on a daily basis by a collections agency hired by the lab. Approximately 60 days later, I find out the committee denied the request because they did not deem my STANDARD prenatal bloodwork medically necessary. Not only have I spent my entire pregnancy dealing with this (I am about to give birth), but I am now left with a massive bill for something that should absolutely be covered by my health insurance. If this company is failing to provide what is necessary for pregnant women, there is absolutely no hope. I switched insurance companies months ago, but not everyone has that option. Shame on you, Blue Cross.
We were loyal BCBS customers for over ten years. Being self-employed, we paid our premiums for our PPO plans out of pocket. With the healthcare reform, our premiums increased significantly for our plan. To maintain the same premium payment, we had to change to a lesser (Bronze) plan with higher deductible. Fine with us, as long as our basic preventive services were covered. Our physicians have always accepted BCBS PPOs, and we were informed by BCBS that the Blue Choice PPO was comparable to our last plan. Great. We enrolled in the Bronze PPO 06 plan figuring we would pay visits out of pocket, but basic, well-child and adult physicals would be covered. I go for my physical and receive a bill one month later for $1700 from the physician indicating BCBS did not cover the physical and associated preventive tests. I called BCBS immediately to find out if the claim was submitted incorrectly as our basic preventive services should have been covered, per the policy. Per my physician website, they accepted BCBS Bronze PPO 6. The representative, whose name I have on file with the date of the call, indicated yes, my plan covers "100% of preventive care… adult and child physicals and tests". She stated she was resubmitting the claim, not to worry about the physician bill as BCBS would correct the matter. Given this, I proceeded to make my son's well-child appointment for one month later. I then received a bill for his visit ($1100) and a past due notice for my visit as they indicated BCBS did not cover my exam or tests. Immediately, I called BCBS to dispute their failure to pay. I spoke to two individuals who stated my dispute was being referred to their claims department and would be handled within ten days. While I never received a call, I did get a collection notice for the bill associated with my physical. I immediately contacted my physician group's billing department to inform them I was disputing the insurance denial. At that time, the billing rep stated other Blue Choice patients were experiencing the same difficulty and frustration that BCBS was not covering services. It was not just me. After getting a stay on my account with the physician, I again contacted BCBS as ten days passed and I did not receive a call. It was during that call that the BCBS rep informed me the preventive services were not covered as our doctors, who we have been seeing for 10+ years, we’re out of network. This was the first time I was given that information. We would never have signed up for a plan of which our physicians are out of network and I certainly would never had scheduled my son's physical if I had been informed that his well-child visit would not have been covered. I would have appealed to change plans immediately. I have sent two letters to appeal and will be submitting a complaint to the state, but this seems to be a larger issue of misinformation by the insurance company because now our physician's website explicitly states that take BCBS PPOs but NOT Blue Choice. We must not be the only people that have been misinformed. I hope this gets investigated further.
Five years ago, I signed up through Blue Cross and Blue Shield Basic Blue policy to cover large medical expenses if needed. I didn’t need smaller costs, like office visits, to be covered since I had been healthy my entire life up until January of 2012. Only through experiencing surgery for testicular cancer have I learned that outpatient diagnostic services are not a covered service unless rendered on the same day as surgery or as part of emergency care. My total medical bills to date are close to $11,000 as a result of non-payment. This amount doesn’t include further testing required to insure good health and finding a new plan will be difficult since I have a pre-existing condition.After researching online, I learned that my Basic Blue plan was discontinued in 2010. I wasn’t notified or offered the replacement product, BlueValue Advantage. The new version covers diagnostic testing, unlike Basic Blue. BlueValue Advantage offers a similar premium to the one I pay as well. I am taking action against Blue Cross for its misleading coverage and failure to notify me of the changes in products. I have notified an attorney and will consult with him during the next two weeks. It’s not ethical for uninformed consumers like me to incur large medical bills when they could have been avoided.
As I write this, I am on hold with BCBSI. Information about our plan was supposedly mailed to us on Oct. 17. It still hasn't arrived. This is my fourth call to try and get a duplicate. The advocate on the phone just now told me to wait for it to arrive in the mail. Meanwhile, the enrollment clock is ticking. We were told last Wednesday someone would email the information we needed. That has also not arrived.
I having been trying to get pre-authorization for surgery but BCBS of Illinois is very slow in replying. My surgery has been delayed by one week and still no response. I have been messaging them since last week, my messages get a reference number but still no call. What happened to this insurance company; it used to be a good company. Premiums are outrageous and customer services sucks.
I received a letter in the fall of 2013 from BCBS of IL stating that I needed to choose a new plan due to Obamacare. I chose and submitted my application for a SilverPlan in December of 2013. Before the cut off date in December, I decided to upgrade my plan to the Gold Plan and submitted the new Gold plan application on December 6, 2013. For the month of January and February of 2014, my family of 5 were placed on the Silver Plan while the Gold Plan was still pending. I paid my premium of $1456.07 for Jan. and Feb. On February 28, 2014, I went on the BCBS member's site to see if my Gold plan had gone into effect and I noticed that my amount due for the month of March was $2555.99. I placed a call to BCBS for explanation and I was told that I was being charged for the Gold Plan for March along with the difference from the Silver Plan to the Gold Plan for the months of January and February, BUT the Gold Plan was not processed as of that date, which was February 28, 2013. So they were charging me for the Gold Plan premium but I still had the Silver Plan. During that call, I spoke with a representative named Graylan, who assured me that I would get a call back by Wed. March 5, 2014. I did not receive a call. I went back online on March 11, 2014 to pay the premium so I would not lose coverage and I discovered that I now had a credit because they processed the Gold Plan but only for my husband, therefore leaving myself and my 3 children without coverage. I placed a call to BCBS of IL that same day, March 11th, 2014 and I explained my issue and I was assured I would get a call on Thursday, March 13, 2014. Not satisfied with that I called again the same day at 2:00 pm and I was on hold for 5 hours, as nobody ever picked up the phone. I called again on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 and explained my situation with a representative and he told me that he could not contact the processing department, only via email and I would have to wait to hear from them. I am frustrated, as me and my children do not have any health care coverage which is due to their error. My applications included family coverage for my husband, myself and my 3 children. Currently, my husband is the only one with coverage. I do not get any viable answers when I call and we have not had coverage for 2 weeks. I do believe that BCBS of IL had no right to drop us from the plan as I have never submitted any form to stop coverage. Whether I have a valid claim for a lawyer, I do not know, but I do not know where to turn to get help in resolving this matter.
I contacted Blue Cross in March 2015. I was told if my primary faxes a prescription for ortho massage, I would have 20 visits covered. If I went out of network, Blue Cross would only pay 90%. I have had 6-7 denial letters. Yesterday they called to inform me: My total claim's $2,300. They are only reimbursing me $324. How do these people sleep at night knowing they are denying coverage to people that are sick?
We have this coverage because it is the only company offered through my husband's employer. They are a terrible company which pays as little as possible. We are currently in month 6 of a claims appeal for a test ordered which did not require preauthorization but was denied anyway because they deemed it not medically necessary. How would we know that if they don't require pre-approval? The doctor's office thought it was necessary. Now we know to NEVER have a test done without preapproval no matter what they say. I would leave in a heartbeat if given a choice. Don't buy their product if you have any other choice.
I have a BCBSIL Gold PPO plan for which I pay an exorbitantly high monthly premium. I am pregnant and currently have to visit my OB/GYN every other week. The coverage outline clearly states that I do not need to pay any co-pay after the first prenatal visit for maternity services. Still, every time I visit my doctor, I receive a bill stating that BCBSIL did not pay the complete amount and that I need to take care of the co-pay. As per BCBSIL, the services done at the doctor's office are not necessary, and because I receive the services at my OB/GYN's office, I need to pay a co-pay every time the doctor provides any treatment to me. If BCBSIL feels that the doctors are overcharging, then why do the patients have to take care of the extra charge!! If there is so much of an issue, why doesn't BCBSIL set up their own hospitals and have their own doctors who will know exactly what treatment needs to be performed! At least the patients will be spared of spending exorbitant amounts on both, the monthly premium and the medical services. Someone, please advise if this is the case with other insurance companies too.
I am in disbelief at the length I have had to go to (unsuccessfully) receive the coverage I was under the impression I had (dearly) paid for. After talking with six different representatives (just today) I still do not have a filled prescription after one week of effort. I understand from my doctor's office that this is not unusual. Is all this effort to not fill a prescription without Herculean ‘compendiums’ and ‘proof of manufacturer recommendations’ for my benefit, or for the intention of eluding responsibility for coverage?
Right now... I've been on hold for 51 minutes and counting. This is after I waited 25 minutes for rep to call me back. It's 1/26th... and BCBS can't find my plan that I signed up for and Paid for to be active 1/01/2017. My son has severe flu and we just paid $137 for Tamiflu because BCBS hasn't confirmed our policy or sent out cards w/ a member I.d. #. Our premiums are just under $900/month. We've been w/ BCBS for years... It's always the same story when you call in for customer support. You're either on hold Forever, you can't understand the person/or they can't understand you, rep is inexperienced and gives you misinformation... or they disconnect you when they don't have an answer for you. They refuse to let anyone speak to a supervisor.
My coverage was terminated as of 09/30/2011 for nonpayment. Payment had been paid on 09/20/2011 and proof was furnished to Blue Cross at least two times.Three weeks ago BC admitted (my 6th phone call) that they had received the original payment and would correct records and pay claims. As of today, 01/23/2012, nothing has changed. I have called three more times but still no results. I am not allowed to speak to a supervisor and over twenty emails (Dec & Jan) remain unanswered. I am very concerned about my credit standing with medical people and the VA.
Medicare Advantage PPO through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois - the Medicare Insurance industry is big bucks. And confusing. I had a Medicare Advantage HMO last year 2015 and changed to a PPO this year. While I understand, Doctors, Hospitals, and Pharmacies have to be in the plan to get full coverage. It is hidden that Labs that Doctors routinely send their tests to have to be in network. When I got a EOB from Blue Cross I called and asked for explanation because an accompanying bill reflected that any extra was my responsibility. Not having been fully informed of this part of in network, I was shocked.I have spent countless hours with customer service from Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL. including their corporate offices in Chicago, the Labs, Medicare and filed several complaints. I am still waiting on results. I also filed a complaint with Medicare trying to get out of BCBSIL Medicare Advantage. Because of times to enroll, I cannot at this time get out of it. And the BBB got stonewalled because BCBS said they cannot discuss my case because of HIPAA guidelines. I need help, this is a billion dollar corporation. Please help. The date I filed my Medicare Complaint was 4/2.
BCBS has my records combined with someone else with the same name but in another city, born the same month and year as I. The only difference is our middle name and social security number but that still doesn't seem to correct the problem! I just got another letter from them today showing my health history along with procedures the doctors have done. Some are mine, done by my doctors but some doctors and procedure are not mine. For example: The other man they have me confused with has cancer. I don't and never have. He's had cat scan, I have not. The info shows other health problems he has.It's been over 3 years since this started. I've made numerous calls. Have been told each time that it will be fixed. They are very polite but I'm still waiting on the fix. One of my concerns is if the man with the same name as mine should die, what will happen to my records? I keep calling because I have no idea what else to do. Each time I call I go through the same thing with a different person. Does anyone have any ideas how I might get this corrected?
I signed up for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois in mid-December and paid more than $1000 for my first month's premium Dec. 22. It is Jan. 13 and I still have no ID card or even an ID/group number. I have called about a half dozen times to ask why the delay, sometimes being put on hold more than an hour. They did receive payment right away, but my ID "fell through the cracks". This is incompetence at its worst.
I had enrolled through the market place at the end of 12/2013. And after a nightmare with them, my updated completed application was finally sent to BCBS on 2/15/2014 for blue precision 2 plan and blue dental plan for me and my son for coverage to start 3/1/2014. And since then it's been sitting in the enrollment dept not active to this date. So, it's off the exchange but nobody is doing anything with it while me and my son remain without coverage. I've called them million times to ask why my application is not yet active and that I been calling the financial dept to ask why I never received an invoice and that I wished to pay my premium. But they said no invoice could be generated until my application is activated just to be told by the call center agents and escalation supervisors that my app is complete and is in the enrollment dept still been reviewed. But they never have an answer for me to what specifically they're reviewing and why is it taking 4 months now for them to activate it. Each time I called, I was told that all my requests were closed as if the issue was resolved when it never was. The financial dept supervisor told me that all they have to do is simply activate it with a single keyboard click and that it's not acceptable how they're handling this. The funny part is, I have received my member ID cards but my plan is not active. All I'm still getting in the mail is the welcome letters and I have millions of them but no coverage!!!! Last time I called was on 5/30/2014 asked to speak to a supervisor AGAIN and that was gonna be my last attempt to get my issue resolved otherwise I'd just cancel my enrollment and take my business elsewhere. The call center agent was very incompetent and uncompassionate. Told me all the supervisors were busy and could be put on hold up to 20 minutes. I remained on hold for 75 minutes without anyone picking up. Now they will cause me a serious financial hardship if God forbids something happens to me or my son and end up in the hospital because we have no insurance. I called the market place today to ask them to help but they kept telling me their system was down, couldn't pull up my application and even if they did, they couldn't do anything since it was complete and BCBS now has it. I have all my phone calls records and the names of all the people I spoke with since the start of this ordeal. It will be an even worse nightmare to go back to the exchange and request another insurance company I can never win!!!!
Our policy started Jan 1st 2015. We paid for Jan and prepaid for Feb for a total of $1,660. We called to cancel the policy on Jan 12th 2015 because we were able to get COBRA coverage that is better. We were told that a refund will be processed in 45 days. We called again the next week or so to make sure that the refund was being processed and it was for both months Jan and Feb. We were assured that it was for both months and were told to wait. We called again a couple of weeks ago to check the status of the refund and were told that it's being processed and if we don't get our refund check by Feb 20th to call again. Well I called today, Feb 19th as I didn't want to wait one extra day as I had a feeling the check didn't come so it's probably not coming. Today, Feb 19th I was told that the they never actually processed the refund because the request has never been forwarded to the financial dept of Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL. Really??? We have called 3 times and every time we called we were told that it was being processed and we were going to get our refund by Feb 20th. So today, I was told that they forwarded the message to the financial dept and it's going to take an additional 14 BUSINESS DAYS for the refund. This is crazy! Blue Cross Blue Shields of IL owes us over $1,660 and no urgency to refund our money!!! How do I know that this time they actually forwarded the message to the financial department to get our refund??? Am I going to wait another 14 business days only to find out that someone didn't get the message??? This is unbelievable! I will NEVER get health coverage with BCBS of IL!
I am on IL Medicaid; & also am required to choose a community healthcare plan. I was on Meridian Healthcare Plan; & using the local Comm. Health Clinic as my primary care provider. This was fine; but was hoping to get a 'real' private Dr. as my care provider. So when open enrollment came around this 2018; I got a letter in the mail from IL State saying they have more options to choose from for required insurance. So; I chose Blue Cross/Blue Shield, & it stated that a well-known local Dr. does take the plan. So I went into the IL Healthcare online portal, & switched from Meridian to BC/BS. Well - what a mistake! Not only does that Dr. not accept it; neither does any other Dr., hospital, or Clinic in my County take this plan! I am screwed till next year's open enrollment; even though we ARE allowed to switch back one-time during the year. After many hours on the phone with BC/BS, IL Human Services, & emails to our local State Representative - I still was unable to switch back to my old plan.
I have been with BCBS IL for years. Since January I have been paying toward my deductible and met it in March. Due to a "glitch" in the system, they are unable to recognize this and therefore, have not been providing coverage. I have been paying out of pocket for all of my medical expenses that they should be covering. They have told me that they do not know when this will be fixed and that I should stop paying providers myself because when they fix the "glitch", I may not be reimbursed properly. What?!?! I am beyond angry and it is criminal what they are doing.
I signed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois in December 2013. My coverage started on 1/1/14. I received a card in the mail and a welcome letter. I have tried to get two prescriptions filled and both times I was told that I am not in the BCBS system. The first time this happened I called BCBS. I was put on hold for 90 minutes and no one picked up the call. My cell phone died. I eventually got a hold of a rep at BCBS the next day and she assured me that I was in the system and there was nothing wrong with my member ID #. I decided try to get another script filled and again the same thing happened. Walgreens told me that many newly insured customers are having the same problems with BCBS. I suffer from chronic daily headaches and I need to take regular medications. Since I have been insured I have had to pay $100 for medications. I will try to call BCBS yet another time. I am extremely frustrated! Why did I sign up for this insurance????
I was a member in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois for almost 2 years. I have always been so unsatisfied with their customer service(took months to change my PCP, long hold time when you contact and etc) so I decided to cancel my membership. Unfortunately I have already paid my premium fee one month in advance so I was told I would get refunded. I have never did!I called 8 times, spending hours on hold and nobody ever answered me. What makes me really upset is that every time I called I was told a different thing! Two times I was told I would get a call back and I never did! Once I was told my request is rejected and she does not know why! Two other times I was told I have been refunded by them 2 days ago and I will receive the money soon! But when I asked her which account is the money paid to? She said she does not know! And of course I have never received a cent nor a right answer why! I just feel so sorry for myself and people who has to deal with this insurance company!
Total Nightmare trying to get anyone to help me at BCBSIL over the phone. I talked to one agent with heavy foreign accent and asked him about HSA's. He didn't even know what an HSA was and was googling it while on the phone with me! Seriously! He told me he was googling it. Days later, and 2 hours on a phone with a "customer advocate" to find out why my wife's PET scan isn't medically covered, when the policy book they sent me says it is. Forget it. The phone operators reach intellectual dead ends, don't know what I am asking, do not understand anything related to health insurance in the USA, won't talk anymore if you keep asking them questions, and then hours later, with my BP through the roof, I was dumped into a disconnect dial tone. It's going to be a very, very long year with this health insurance organization which takes great pride in taking premiums, while not being willing to help us over the phone, yet claiming to be a "health" insurance company. I wonder if cardiac arresting while talking on the phone with one of their "Consumer advocates" is covered under my policy?
If I could give this zero stars I would. I recently signed up with BCBS the Blue Choice Preferred PPO... I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and just dropped from my current doctor. I have been on hold for hours with BCBS Illinois! I asked for a doctor that works with my insurance and they literally gave me a list of about 50 doctors. I spent hours calling about 17 doctors on the list and guess what? Half of those numbers that were given were either disconnected, wrong number or the office let me know that they do not take the Blue Choice Preferred plan! So I called BCBS back and the customer service rep gave me another list with the same disconnected numbers. This is unbelievable! I ask to speak with a manager and they will not let me speak to one. I asked them to actually update their list and they say “it is updated”. Well how if the numbers are disconnected? I was then told to keep calling and that they cannot call to confirm a participating doctor and hospital for me. One of the reps simply said, “Well I can give you another list” and guess what I called the 5 doctors she gave me and the doctors are no longer there and another number was to a Rec Center, not a doctor’s office! They have terrible service and not in the business of helping customers. They just try to quickly get you off the phone and could care less if you are been taken care of.
BCBS denied reimburse for my gym usage for December 2015 because they said I wasn't covered, when in fact I was. New coverage information was keyed in on December 25, 2015 for calendar year 2016. This in fact goofed up hundreds of reimbursements. After calling BCBS complaining, I was given a new ID number to use. Which in turn I give to gym just to use this one time for December 2015. Now it just so happens that this number is not useable. Did CSR just give me a line of "crap" to get me off the phone? Who knows if I'll ever receive this $20.
I purchased the BCBS Blue Choice PPO that went into effect Jan 1, 2014. One of the reasons I chose this plan was because our pediatrician accepted it. The first few office visits for our newborn were considered in network and were billed as such. In April 15, 2014, we got an email from Town & Country Pediatrics stating that BCBS was no longer allowing them to be "in network", so all of our visits from Feb through mid April were billed as "out of network". Blue Cross blames T&C, T&C blames BCBS and I get caught holding the bills.
The absolute worst. Foreign cust service. Can't understand the long wait times and frequent premium increases. Obama you really screwed up health care in this country and BCBS of Illinois is taking full advantage.
My daughter has degenerated disks, one is bone on bone and another is more than halfway to being bone on bone. She was scheduled for surgery in Arizona where she works for State Farm Insurance. Unfortunately, State Farm headquarters is in Illinois, consequently all SF employees have BCBS Illinois. BCBS Illinois denied my daughter's surgery a week before the surgery based upon BCBS claim that my daughter's surgeon did not provide documentation on the non-surgical treatments. This is a total lie by BCBS Illinois! Even the BCBS doctor agreed with my daughter's surgeon regarding the necessity of surgery. I have spoken with other people who also have BCBS and their surgeries were also denied with this same lie as well as claiming that BCBS never received any documents at all. This is the worst insurance company on the planet. I would like to thank BCBS Illinois for coercing my daughter into becoming a drug addict as only class 4 narcotics will mask the extreme pain she is experiences 24/7. I do not live in the same state as my daughter. I made arrangements with my own company to allow me to work from another state. I am also out the cost of airfare between Michigan and Arizona. A small price to pay when considering my daughter's quality of life is diminished significantly. If I could give BCBS Illinois negative stars I would do so. If you are unfortunate enough to have insurance with BCBS Illinois, I recommend you change your insurance to a better provider.
I (like most) have had BCBS for a long time. I originally had CIGNA before switching to BCBS. I got a notice from my doctor saying that I was no longer insured and I was incredibly confused as to why. I immediately called my insurance asking about it and they said I was late on a payment in January. Obviously I questioned them about it saying things like, "I've always paid on time and am still getting billed", etc. I sent both BCBS and BCBS Marketplace/Silver my bank statements since they claimed it was a billing issue. Both statements had the same information, stating the time/date of when I made payments and showing the company that everything had been paid on time.I called and the company said they needed 2 weeks to process both statements. I understand that things like that take time so I agreed to the two week waiting period. I called after two weeks, asking BCBS what was going on since I did everything on my end. The BCBS supervisor said that it wasn't a billing issue after all. It was a lack of communication between the BCBS offices and the BCBS Marketplace/Silver.I spent 2 hours on the phone (I kid you not) on a conference call with both offices notifying them that I wasn't insured and it was on them. They told me that they needed to work out the problem between both departments saying, "I would be insured by the end of the month", and that "getting insurance was guaranteed & the process was infallible." I was hesitant of course, informing them that I needed to buy medicine (I'm Epileptic) and I didn't have enough to wait a month-month and a half. Both departments said that I would be reimbursed for my 'Out of Pocket' payment. I was pretty relieved knowing this since my pills are $700/month.After the horrific experience I had, I decided to check up with them after two weeks (even though they said it would take a month). The woman I talked to on the phone said that there was no record of the phone call and that I wouldn't be insured. When I gave her the date/time of the phone call she then asked for the names of the people I had talked to for the past 10-15 calls. Of course, I didn't have them thinking that names wouldn't be relevant. I ended up having to describe what the people sounded like over the phone... seriously. She then told me I'd have to file an appeal. She gave me the address and paperwork (through e-mail).The appeal process is about 1-3 months (keep in mind I am paying 700/month for medicine) so I knew that I would have to wait a good chunk of time. Finally, I got a phone call from the appeal office however; it wasn't good news at all. The woman at the office asked why I had sent the letter there. I told her that BCBS gave me the address and the paperwork. She notified me that BCBS gave me the wrong address and that she felt incredibly sorry for me. So right now, I have paid over 3,000 in medicine and have been thrown for a loop with my insurance. I am currently thinking about suing the company due to emotional distress & the whole scenario. I am beyond upset and am going to call them but if I hear, "I'm sorry and I understand", one more time I will freak out. - Universal Healthcare NOW!
As of today I have spoken with approximately a dozen customer service reps from BCBS and still no one has been able to help me. Blue Cross Blue Shield took my premium and money from March, 2014 to August 2014 and did not cover one penny of my medical costs causing me financial damage and emotional pain. Someone dropped the ball and REMOVED me from their system, this caused me to not be covered when I thought I was. It is too long of a story to write in here. It is just very upsetting--thanks to "Obama don't care."
I got BCBSIL in Oct for Obamacare, 5000 Ded. 100% after ded., had to go to Hospital and paid the bills till I got to $5007 ded. Now they say there's a glitch in the system so it was not paying bills after the ded. and just kept adding them to the ded., now at $10550. They say they are running the claims through 2nd time and all will be paid but I asked if I should pay the bill that are due (which will go on my credit report if not paid) and they say, "No you don't have to pay." What a bunch of B.S. If I ran my business like this we wouldn't be in business long.
If I could give a negative 10 I would. Wife has severe injuries to both feet that required an MRI as ordered by her specialist. BCBS denied the test 3 times and it took 4+ months to get the approval. They have unqualified morons that pretend to be doctors and put the patient's health in jeopardy. Finally had the MRI done after repeated arguments by her doctor with BCBS. The MRI shows that she has tears in tissue of the main tendon. She now has a cast on one foot for 4-6 weeks and if not healed, then removal of tissue of another tendon from somewhere else in her body. Then repeat the same on the other foot!!!If the morons at BCBS had allowed the MRI at the time of the injury as noted by the doctor, this could have been a simple treatment procedure of just wearing a brace at night on each foot for a couple weeks. Real idiots at this insurance company. Now not only may it potentially be a major life altering event and multiple surgeries, but a very costly event going forward with no promises of her ever having both feet work properly once again. There should be open avenues for a patient or family to sue insurance companies for incompetence and also demand that future requests for specific tests, etc. From specialists, be reviewed by real and actual specialist doctors instead of some hourly paid customer service rep. Awful - just awful.
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