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Blue Cross of Florida Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Blue Cross of Florida
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
We've had Florida Blue (The Insurance Company from Hell) for 5 months now and it has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The fact that a company that is this dysfunctional and incompetent can exist just proves how insanely profitable the healthcare industry is. I have paid every premium on time, usually by driving 15 miles to their office because the amount it says I owe on their website is always wrong, and still can't make an appointment or get a prescription filled half the time. BTW, I'm paying $1,224.00 per month for medical my wife and I, so we're being ripped off to the tune of $42 per day while these clowns try to figure it out. I had to print out my payment history from THEIR OWN WEBSITE and fax it to them to along with my bank statement to prove that I've paid, and every time I call it's like starting over from the beginning as if they have no records of any of our previous interactions. As I sit waiting in their beautifully furnished office showroom awaiting my turn to meet again with my polite yet incompetent agent, I can overhear one after another irate customer expressing similar complaints to the unfortunate young guy manning the reception desk. This is insanity! I will be supporting single payer healthcare at every level in the future.
I have had major surgery. Florida Blue would not coordinate at ALL with the hospitals and doctors/surgeons to estimate what my payments should be. They were well aware of all of the procedures in advance, but insisted that WE work with the different providers to ensure that we did not overpay. (It was obvious that our out of pocket maximum was going to be met). They will not coordinate with the pharmacies either - they are constantly telling US to call Caremark if there are questions. I will NEVER use Florida Blue again if I have another choice.
Blue Cross canceled my policy in August (they said it was per my request) - it wasn't. They sent me a new policy and card and said that I had to make a binder payment. I did. The following month they said it was an error to use my old policy and card. Since September they are saying I am delinquent in my payments (they can't figure out how to put the payment from one account to the other). I have been on the phone many many times with all different responses (each time at least an hour). Some tell me "ok we will fix it" and it never is. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do.
The instances are too numerous, after only 10 months with them. There is ZERO Customer Service. Some facts: Called for assist, 6 different times... I hung up after 30 minute wait times. I learned. I stopped calling. I sent 4 e-mails to Customer Care (remember I'm a member)... and they did not return ONE. NOT One. I invested over 12 hours on the phone and e-mails trying to get assist. ZIP! Today, I needed an ENT. Nearest in-network was 1 hour 45 minutes round trip, and this is after actually reaching a FB agent to look inside their network. However, the "in-network" MD on the list they provided now refuses to take it... because the Hospital has privileges and no longer takes it if a procedure is needed. I'm SOL unless I want to fly somewhere.I allow for molasses in large bureaucracies, as long as I get assist and resolution. Blue Cross of Florida is simply a poorly run company, whose care about client service & satisfaction needs major overhaul. Speak to your current MDs about dealing with them, and they all tell the same: "there is no company more difficult for me and my staff". My gratitude here is that I will cancel on 12/31/14, and move on to a better service & network (Humana). It's my fault for choosing them in the first place.
I had Florida Blue with my job. After leaving my job was offered cobra, my deductible of 5000 was paid. After being assured if I took the cobra my plan just carriers on and deductible was paid after paying 513.24 month I got EOB telling my deductible is not paid. They went back to see how much of the 5000 was from me and put 2500 deductible on me because my wife did not stay on plan. There was no notification of this change along with being told everything stays as is. This is very deceitful. I am a veteran and kept the insurance because deductible was paid for the year. I could of went to VA free if I was not lied to. Now I have paid 513.24 a month and have to pay my doctor bills on top of it. I could understand if my plan was a $2500 per person but it was not. It was $5000 before a dollar was paid for any bills between my wife and I.
I have never had as much trouble with an insurance company before. They don't cover anything, they're impossible to get in touch with, their website hasn't been updated in years (at least) and I can't find a doctor in the nearest three states that'll accept them. What's crazy is we had Blue Cross Blue Shield before, just plain old Blue Cross Blue Shield. We had great insurance. In four years I never had to call customer service once. But in the past nine months I've gotten more medical bills than I have in the past five years combined - and we're actually going to the doctor less! If you can possibly avoid it, pick another company. If you can't avoid it, apply for Obamacare. Otherwise, expect to pay huge monthly premiums and see 80% of your medical bills kicked back.
It took 13 phone calls between the dates of December 13, 2016 and February 15th of 2017 to find a person who speaks English as their 1st language. They ran my credit card for 2x what they were supposed to, most calls took 44 minutes on hold or longer, they never corrected the error and at the end, told me to (basically) suck it up. They fired the lady who made the mistake and said she didn't understand me (she spoke Spanish) and that was their final answer, the refund check could not be processed. What a joke. Horrible business and customer service.
After numerous phone calls and hours on hold trying to figure out what forms on contraceptives I'm covered for, I finally thought, hmm... Maybe this time they got it right this time. Nope. Couldn't be farther from the truth. I was told on TWO diff accounts I was covered for an implant contraceptive. Come to find out after waiting for 2 weeks they rejected my request. After more phone calls, additional hours on hold, three "let me forward you to so and so's", I finally found out that no, I was not covered for my preferred type of contraceptive. Okay, what am I covered for? An entirely different list was given to me. I ended up getting an IUD (I was really looking for an arm implant, I was excited to hear I was covered). So now I'm trying to find out if the required ultrasound is covered by my insurance. No, they can't find the code, and no, they can't look it up any other way. Called my provider for the code. Was given the code by two different people. Florida Blue still can't find the ** code. They won't help you at all. I will NEVER refer them to ANYONE!
So this is what happened, I included myself and my 2 kids to the policy and had to wait almost a month to start using the insurance. When I called to find a dental surgeon for myself (I mentioned this when I was signing up) I was told I had a 6 month waiting period!!! And in the meantime I could use their discount program for 6 months!!! So basically they only cover cleaning, x-rays (every dentist does) and check-ups or "monitoring". LOL. So if you have a cavity or something needs to be fixed before 6 months you pay a discounted rate, and get his kids under 19 don't need a waiting period, however none of mine were included on the policy!!! This is a scam and I am cancelling!
Refused to cover my daughter's doctor visits while student out of state. Received letter stating to call person direct if questions. Called number to be informed that department did not take direct calls. All calls to them for any reason took multiple transfers had 2 instances where was on phone for over an hour. Had prescription written 5 weeks ago that I finally received rejection letter today that they will not cover at all. My insurance last year covered 100%. Fortunately I got in before the deadline and dumped them effective March 1st. If you are stuck with them I feel sorry for you. In my opinion they are the most greedy, incompetent company on the face of planet Earth and should be shut down.
My policy for over 10 years was good but they raised the rate to $1000 a month so I went to their web site and found another policy for $686. This was a Blue Select policy and I checked the site to see if my DR was included and he was. Note there is NO way to check Hospitals on the purchase site. Only after you buy does it allow to search for other providers. I had a biopsy at my usual Hospital, gave them my card and all went well until I was billed $9000 for out of network charges. Not a peep out of the hospital by the way in reference to being out of network. So now I'm checking each hospital to see who is in or out. Bad news folks, Blue Select is NOT covered by many hospitals. Looking for a new plan now on Jan 4th. I have chemo on Jan 5th so this may not end well. By the way I had called Blue to ask questions before I bought and had the worst customer service (none) I have ever had.
I live in the Orlando, Florida area where the major hospital here is "Florida Hospital", but it is not on the list of accepted hospitals for Florida Blue. Trying to have surgery is a nightmare! Today I spent 3 hours calling and waiting to speak to people on the Florida Blue customer service line. After several very long, discouraging, and fruitless phone calls, I learned that everyone you speak to is in a "call center" in the Dominican Republic. The place is loud, the people don't help you, and they deliberately put you on hold while they pretend to "check on something". I wanted to throw my phone!!! Florida Blue is the worst company ever.
I called them to ask about reducing my premiums which were over $2,500/month. During the conversation I discovered that they had put my wife in a different county than we lived in. I asked and was told that being in that different county was an $88/month difference. Once I convinced them that my wife did not live 500 miles away from me and that we had never visited the other county. They admitted their error and corrected it. I asked about a refund for the past eleven years at $88/month and was told that they were only by policy allowed to credit the past 90-day period. I told my neighbor about the incident and he (being an insurance executive) told me that was bogus and I should write the Florida Insurance folks a letter. I did and received $11,000 in checks over the next couple months. These people are thoroughly confused. I don't know whether they lie as a matter of policy or are just uninformed. Be careful with them. They couldn't care less about your health.
It appears it is taking over a month for Florida Blue to fix their computer system for payments. First we are told auto pay is being changed so you must pay your next bill, so I did. Then I get an email stating I'm past due. I spent a great deal of time holding on the phone to be told it was a computer glitch and I'm paid up to date. I still wasn't able to set up auto pay for my Oct bill. I just went into the system again today 9/21 to reset the auto pay, which they say you can, only to find that my current Oct bill is showing 2 months are being billed. On the phone again to be told I can give this rep my billing info to pay the bill and I can set up auto pay after Oct 1. I want my payment taken from my account Sept 30, but they can't do that. I'll have to call back on Sept 30 to make the payment then.I used to work in the tech industry and if it took us over a month to get something right we would have been out of business very quickly. What bothered me the most is it appears the problem I had today they don't even know about. All they say is it's due to the inconvenience of the changing website. I don't know who they hire, but I certainly hope they do a better job with claims.
Quite possibly the worst online service I have ever experienced. Try calling? My call is dropped 50% of the time, and when it isn't dropped there is no representative who can produce a positive results. One time payment with a credit card or bank routing is non-existent. Ticket numbers mean nothing.
I have had health insurance through FL Blue for the past 10 years. In the summer of 2014, my premiums almost tripled. With that, I contacted the direct sales number, which was enclosed with the increase in premium notice. The representative was very helpful. I submitted an application for a new plan (1416P) and paid for the first month premium (using VISA) on 7/28/14. The policy was to take effect 9/1/14 and my old policy was to terminate on 8/31/14. I was told my new membership cards would be arriving in a couple of weeks pending my application approval. I did receive an email notifying me of my approval but no membership cards. I made a call to the sales representative the last week in August and was told to wait a few more days. September rolled around with no membership cards. I called many times, was transferred and put on hold many times and was always told to wait "2 - 5 business days" and my membership cards would arrive. September came and went and I spent over 20 hours calling, being put on hold, and always told that I should "give it 2 - 5 business days". I called and posted my October premium auto draft from my bank account so that I would keep the coverage of which I had no proof of. The first week in October I was ordered to have some tests done by a general practitioner before an elective surgery scheduled 10/24/14 (fixing a broken nose is not covered). I was unable to get an appointment without proof of insurance. I called a few times a week, spent hours on the phone with the same result: "2 - 5 business days" blah, blah, blah. On October 12th, I received my cards followed by a premium bill due of over $3,000. Again, I called to membership & billing and was told that amount was my "new" premium (vs. the $989.51 I was quoted). I called again and again. No one could give me an answer and I was then being told "a supervisor will have to take a look and call me back." No call was ever returned. I then received a SECOND set of membership cards with a different membership number! I called many times, put on hold, etc., etc., "supervisor will call back" blah. I paid my premiums through the end of 2014, now carrying both cards to the pharmacy and continued to call about the very large balance on my account. Always the same answer "supervisor will call back..." with no resolution whatsoever. On 12/9/14, I received an email stating that my policy has been terminated. I called in on that day and spent 5 hours on the phone, transferred, on hold, speaking with operators who did not know what they were doing at all. Both of the membership numbers I had showed cancelled and it was confirmed at the pharmacy. Finally a supervisor reinstated my policy, which took over a week. Today, 12/29/14, I have yet again had a huge balance, which makes no sense at all. "Due to high call volumes please try the website" and a hang up is what I get when I call today 12/19/14. When I go to the website I get "unable to access records at this time".I HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH SUCH A LEVEL OF INCOMPETENCE AS I HAVE WITH FLORIDA BLUE. THERE IS A LACK OF SKILL, COMMUNICATION, FOLLOW THROUGH, ACCOUNTABILITY, TEAMWORK, EFFORT, AND INTEGRITY. I CAN'T IMAGINE A BUSINESS SUCCEEDING WHEN THEIR FORTE IS BRUSHING PROBLEMS UNDER THE RUG WITH THE HOPE THAT THE PROBLEM WILL DISAPPEAR. THEY GET AN F MINUS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS!!!
I have been with Florida Blue for more than a year. During my first year I had found out that I would need medical care for health issues I wasn't aware of previously, including surgery. Since I had a crappy plan that covered very little I was routing from hospitals to outpatient facilities to more outpatients, to Doctor's offices looking for the Dr. services that could match coverage + facility in order to have the surgery under coverage. The result was that the year went by and already in November I decided to wait until the end of the plan so I could purchase a plan with more coverage. On December 26 I went personally to the Florida Blue's office in Hialeah and purchased an All Co-pay 1565 plan for 509.76 a month. I assumed that I finally got to resolve the surgery and medical care needed since the new plan has a larger coverage.Since my Dr. was available on January 2nd he wanted to operate that day. To start, the plan they sold me was supposed to be active on January 1st 2015, it wasn't the case. Florida Blue would be closed on the 1st and no one would be available to release an authorization on time for my surgery on the morning of the 2nd (I had to be at the hospital at 6 am), they said that the authorization department was starting to work around 9-9:30am and no authorization could be release on a previous working day because it was still December and the policy wouldn't start until January 1st. When I questioned the coverage starting the 1st, they said I would be covered if I needed emergency treatment. So I had to postpone the surgery once more until February 9th which was when my Dr. was available again.During the month of January I called several times since I found out when I received the wrong set of cards and policy paperwork at home that Florida Blue enrolled me automatically, (without my authorization) in a plan related to my old plan. After several calls and back and forth, the Marketplace told me that they had enrolled me in 3 different policies/ accounts. I asked the Marketplace to remove me from the other 2 accounts and to just leave me on my 1565 plan. The Marketplace processed the cancellation and today 2/3/2015 I got a call from the hospital stating that my insurance is inactive. I called back to Florida Blue and they said my insurance was cancelled on 1/31/2015 as per my request through the Marketplace. I called back the Marketplace and my insurance is perfectly fine on their end. The consequences are that I don't have coverage for my Doctor's appointment this afternoon and no coverage for my surgery next Monday. The Marketplace takes up to 30 days to escalate the issue and even though is Florida Blue's mistake, they are the ones who have to send the escalation to Florida Blue in order for the policy to be reinstated. I called back to Florida Blue to question them and they say it wasn't their fault, that they don't understand why the Market Place told me that the Insurance is still active. Bottom line, they can't reinstate in less than 7 days. I'm extremely dissatisfy, upset, overwhelmed, stressed out about this. I consider this is disrespectful and outrageous. And not to mention the long minutes on hold over the phone every time I call them. Can anyone do something???
My family has had medical insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO State of Florida since 2014. I have corresponded with them and the Marketplace and in 2014 alone, have spoken to 200 representatives over the phone. By speaking to representatives and supervisors, I was eventually in tears about every time I had to call. Now it is 2016, and we still need medical insurance. My son who has epilepsy since age 15, trying to get the correct medication for him has been really a chore. The insurance of 2016 is quick to approve a generic for him, but in the past, he was been on several generic medications and he has had seizures on those meds. The only medication that works for him is Lamictal XR (extended release), it stays in his system. They will approve Lamictal only (not XR) if I pay a "Penalty Charge" of $2443.08 for 1 bottle of 180 pills. No one I know of can pay this. The doctor put in an appeal, which was denied and closed because they did approve Lamictal, but at an enormous price that I cannot pay. So I filed a second appeal, and I intend filing a complaint with the State of Florida Insurance Commission. PLEASE, PLEASE, do not get this insurance company with Obamacare. The Marketplace is just as bad, and I have been on hold over the phone with the Marketplace for FOUR hours before. Good luck to you all, but when the rubber meets the road, Florida Blue representatives and supervisors have no empathy for anyone, no matter what your situation is. They are all about policy, policy, and believe me, there is always a way to work it out, just not with Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield!!!
I too am having so many problems with Blue Cross. I had Blue Cross in my younger years and they use to be a great company. Fast forward to today and it's now a nightmare. My insurance company that I had in 2016 sent me a letter stating they would no longer be operating in Florida and I needed to find another Insurance Co. The only one that is available to me is Blue Cross so I went with them. Well, I signed up for a plan and paid for the first month. The paperwork stated I had 30 days and if I didn't like it I could change plans. After looking it over I realized it wasn't my best choice so I switched right away to another one.Without making this a long story, I called Florida Blue and asked that the money I put on the first plan be applied towards the new plan. You would think one call in today's world with today's technology would be enough, but no. I had made more calls to try to straighten this out but still... nothing. So I then went to an office to speak to someone, thinking this for sure would rectify my problems. After sitting there for an hour, I was waited on. This person told me to wait for a week and everything should be straightened out. Well I checked on my computer and it did show the new plan but I was delinquent and I now owe $1300.00 dollars. It did not show that I paid the first month's payment, and were not even in Feb yet. I am a senior and never imagined that things would end up like this. Very uncertain times indeed.Updated on 02/09/2017: I have received conflicting letters from the company stating I now had coverage, then another one stating my account was closed due to nonpayment. I then made another appointment to meet in person with an agent to see what was happening. The agent called into the main office and spoke to a woman there. She said my account now shows active. The agent then told me to go ahead and make my next months payment, that I was all set. I then went home and tried to pay on-line but couldn't. I paid over the phone and waited a couple of days and then I called in to speak with a rep and asked them to see if my payment went through, she said my account was in good standing. So it looks like I am now covered. I have to say it was the most stressful experience but I believe now that the company was just overwhelmed with the volume of people trying to sign up for insurance. Going forward, I expect everything to go smoothly now and want to give Florida Blue a chance.
I received Florida Blue Feb 1st for cataract surgery. I called and verified that Tyson Eye was a verified/listed provider, that they accepted my 250 co-pay twice (2 eyes) with a zero deductible, and that this was a 'covered' service. FB explained that, sadly, the surgery center were Doc T did the cataract surgery was, unfortunately, not a listed provider, in spite of Tyson Eye owning it? Then they said, "Maybe they screwed up their Fed ID number... and, we're sorry". Meanwhile this PPO has cost me more out-of-pocket than paying cash without coverage? Loopholes, verifications, authorizations --- and even then it is a crap shoot whether they pay or play. Florida Blue is utter hubris bordering on malfeasance. I wasn't planning a documentary on HMO/PPO loophole health plans, nor any interest in becoming a benefits expert and health plan advisor --- but exposing utter incompetence lowers my blood pressure. If this is the ACA, I want to leave the USA.
I had an approved operation, went through 6 weeks of recovery, and when in for second operation, and found out that they did not cover the first!! My operation was authorized and when I went to get my second done after 6 weeks, they denied it... but they also said that the first operation was denied after it was done!!! How in the hell gives the insurance company the right to play God??? They can't... I have now been talking to a woman that has been in the billing for insurance coding for the last 31 years, and she is so pissed off that Blue Cross in doing this to us!!! This is against the law and just because Blue Cross is so ** behind, does not mean that we (the patient) have to pay. You have to call the state insurance board or the state attorney's office and complain!! The # for the insurance board is ** and file your complaint, so the more complaints we have against Blue Cross, the faster we will get this resolved. I hope that this gets out to everyone that is getting shafted by blue cross!!! The more complaints the better chance or sooner we have to get Blue Cross to pay!!! I have 4 months left before my disability runs out and I should have been done with both my operations and back to work, so please call the insurance board at the number I provided and report your case... This the only way we can. The more the more powerful we are!!! If you have any questions and would like more info please call me at ** and leave a message.. My name is ** and I will do everything I can to help you.. You just don't know how bad Blue Cross is taking advantage on people like us but I know now and I want to share this info with anybody and everybody!!! They are ** you!!!
MY reason for this review is that I have been suffering the terrible business of Fl Combined Life. I had FL Blue both for medical and dental last year and had almost no problems. They covered my expenses. The only real problem I had is that they did not want to pre-approve the chiro, they wanted me to go first and then see if I was approved and I simply cannot afford that on the beans I make. I never used the dental plan but paid all year. Dec. 2016 rolls around and I figure it's time to update my plan as allowed by law and the open enrollment time period. I switched my plan to a similar plan. From 1603B to 1604C. I had received a letter from Fl. Blue indicating that I could keep my same plan by doing nothing and just continue to pay my premiums, but that the premiums would be going up for that plan. My dental would be the same payment. Ok. So I go into the HCMKTPLC and switch my coverage to a similar plan w/ Fl Blue, but a lower premium and a few differences in policy. I do my research before switching. I had originally decided to switch dental companies. Jan 2017 rolls around and I want to make a payment. They had not switched my plan. I talked to a representative who simply said that he saw no change in plans and that there was nothing he could do, I needed to call the Marketplace. That night I talked to 2 different reps because they first hung up on me. Anyhow, I went into the Marketplace and canceled my plan and started all over again, as I have the right to do before Jan 31st as it is still open enrollment. I signed up again for the new plan and just opted to keep the dental with them after all. Ok, I do all that and call them back up. I have to speak to several reps just to get them to admit they see the plan change. There is so much here. I am not going to go into complete detail, trust me when I say I have a thick folder of documents and documentation. Finally after 2 months of dealing with them and the marketplace they correct my plan, subsidy amount, and premium payment. I pay my premiums all the way current for both med and dent. March 2017. I emergency go to dentist March 6th and say, "Go ahead and do a complete oral exam and work up a plan to get my teeth taken care of." The dentist submits my emergency claim, and also the pre-authorization claims for my dental work up to be taken care over the year. I scheduled my covered cleaning that I get each 6 months and have that done on the 14th. I ask the dental office if they have heard anything from my insurance and they say no. I receive a dental claim from FL blue covering my emergency visit. I think everything is fine. March 23rd, 2017 I receive a denial letter from FL Blue stating that the reason for denial is that I canceled my plan before date of coverage. WHAT! I call the Marketplace as FL blue closes by 5 pm. I describe to them my dilemma and they assure me that I show active back to Jan. I have to wait until the 26th which was earlier this week and call them up to see why they canceled my plan without notice, and asked them why they sent my a refund check for the amount of my health care dated the 14th. They tell me that the Marketplace sent them notice to cancel my plan as if it never existed. I called them out on it. I said why would I pay my premium? After much deliberation a supervisor is kind enough to help me resolve my issue. We call the Marketplace together. At this point Fl Blue is reinstating my dental insurance back to Jan of 2017, and is mandated to cover my claims from Jan until current. I have had to do a lot of phone calls. One thing I want to mention is that it is not the reps fault. Though not all reps are good to deal with. I got lucky with mine, and the Marketplace has been a gem in aiding me with my coverage and my rights. As of today I am waiting for my coverage to be reinstated, I have to repay all of my dental premiums they shouldn't have refunded which 3 months worth ended up being the same price as one month of medical, so that cleared up the confusion there. I still have more phone calls to make and still have to make sure that they cover my claims, The dates they have for canceling and termination and rejection are all screwing and smell of fishy backdating, but again I have a thick folder of documentation as I was already having issues with them since the beginning of the year. I'm not sure what the outcome will be and I have mixed feelings about the customer service. All in all I have been assured by the Marketplace the fl blue will be held accountable for their misdeeds with my insurance and my covered claims. I hope that you all out there having similar problems will find resolution. Date and time your calls, log names and reference numbers. Write summaries of your dealings with both FL blue and Marketplace, and don't give up, take them to arbitration and be aware that you have rights as long as you are paying your premiums. Nonpayment is another issue and is not compliant in both the eyes of FL blue and the Marketplace. I will try to update my review at the end of my issue. I am not looking for ConsumerAffairs to meddle in my dealings as I am taking care of it just fine on my own, I simply wanted to relate my experience.
After ins doubled, we cancelled our ins with blue care network!!! Went to doc and they said No ins, please pay cash (they checked), took prescription in, they checked, said No ins. Pay cash!!! The payment usually comes out the first week of the month!!! The second week - the ins co takes out the $372.00 of my account!!! There's no money in that acct so now I owe the payment plus a bounce fee!!! They refuse to pay back the money and say I will have ins for the rest of the month and turn in all bills for doctor and scrips!!! I say bull!! I don't want your ins. We switched to a cheaper co!!! They say nothing they can do!!! I want a lawyer to sue them!!!
I have had to call this company several times. On all 3 occasions I got transferred 5 times or more. They are too big for their own good and their agents are not empowered to solve simple and common account issues. What should take minutes takes hours or days.
I am writing this review for my husband who has been a Florida Blue policy holder for many years. This year we purchased his policy through the exchange instead of renewing the 2016 policy. On the exchange however, the policy purchase was the same exact policy that was purchased off the exchange the previous year. Premium payments were made in 2016 by electronic debit from our checking account. After purchasing and paying the first premium purchased through the exchange for coverage to start on Jan. 1, 2016, I tried to call Florida Blue to make sure that there would be no confusion with the policies since they were the same policy, just purchased through the exchange. Well good luck getting anyone to answer their phones. When they do, no one knows how to help you because they can't comprehend the issue. So, to be double sure that I would not get charged for the previous year policy as a renew in January, I removed the authorization for automatic payments on the website in my husband's account. I have written proof of doing that on 12/16/16. On Jan. 3, 2017, I was shocked to see an auto debit from our checking account for $1,780.50!!! They took the money without authorization and now will not return it!!! We have spent countless hours on the phone with "customer service" and lied to each and every time that it was being taken care of and to wait 10-12 business days for the refund. After waiting a full month we made an appointment to go to a Florida Blue Center in person. The customer service person there was very helpful and pretty much assured us it would be taken care of, but again to give it some time. Today I called that customer service person and she told me that we were DENIED the refund!!! She is now getting a supervisor to try to get it through. In the meantime, I am now reporting this to the Florida Attorney General's office (filed a complaint form online. I would suggest others do the same). Next I will file a complaint with the Dept. of Financial Services as well as the Florida Insurance Commissioner. I will not give up until we are returned this money. They committed a fraud by taking this money UNAUTHORIZED. In reading some of the other complaints about Florida Blue I am seeing that we are not alone with this happening.
Initially, experience was good. Then, at some point, billing or management arrangements within Florida Blue changed. Quarterly invoices for my individual dental plan would arrive after the due date. So, I would call and pay the premium over the phone. The January 2017 quarterly invoice never came (& I never noticed that I did not get it). Today, March 23, 2017, I received the invoice for the quarterly premium due on April 1, 2017, with the amount due as $0. Puzzled, as I did not expect a gift from Florida Blue, I phoned to ask them to send a corrected invoice. After much time on hold, the representative told me my policy was canceled for failure to pay the January 2017 premium, the invoice for which I never received. Nor did I receive a prior notice of cancellation for nonpayment of premium as required by Florida law - Section 627.6043, Fla. Stats. Figuring that Florida Blue would admit their mistake and simply reinstate the policy (with payment, of course), I stayed on the line for an hour or so while I was sent to this department and then that department, finally getting someone in the billing department for the dental policies. She seemed clueless. Her response to the failure of Florida Blue to invoice me for the January quarterly premium was that I was just supposed to pay it anyway (which, of course, I thought I had). Requests to be transferred to supervisory personnel were not acted upon.
I called Florida Blue to get a new primary care. I had talked to Watson Clinic about a primary care that was taking new patients and they gave me a name. I tried to get Florida Blue to assign me him, but they would not. Something needs to be done to them.
BCBS FL Customer service is a nightmare. This Filipino's worth just a dollar in a month. If you call to fix any issue on your denial claim they will never solve your problem because they don't know how to fix it. Just to check claims status they will take minimum 45 mins. I'm serious. Thank God they have Availity. But once your claim is denying incorrectly I bet you will cry to get it reprocess. Their process knowledge is zero, politeness zero. There is nothing I can give them a positive comments. WORSE WORSE WORSE Customer Service. They need proper training. Right now I'm calling to BCBS FL and have been holding for more than an hour. Wasting time.
Let me first inform everyone I have been with BCBS in another state since 2003 (for 13 years) with no complaints. I also work in the health care system that raved on this insurance and recommended it to my very own patients. As of August of 2016, and moving to a different state with two changes of address later, I received a letter from BCBS of Florida. They would be experiencing a "system upgrade". Since that system upgrade you can no longer view your bill online, make payments or view any past history of payments (which was nice to refer back to which in the past you could).Now if you have any questions on your bill you must go through customer service and if it's more of a pending issue you can't get past the representative to speak to a supervisor. You will play this game. They will inform you it has been flagged as "status of escalation" meaning it's out of the representatives' hand. They cannot make any decisions and it's in another department somewhere in BCBS's world. They will tell you, "You should receive a phone call in 24-48 hours." Have I ever gotten one of those calls, NO! They will never call you back so I'm in this cycle of constantly calling as of this day and I refuse to give up. My suggestion is to keep a log on the date, amount of time you've spent on the phone, disconnections, transferring rep to rep, names and or possible agent number as I'm doing now.This is a short version of my personal experience. First, I will start with something minor, I've moved and made numerous phone calls to change my address and of course every rep stated they've updated my info and every time I've logged online it still had the wrong address. Well it was finally resolved keep in mind it took about 5 calls and several hours of wasted time on the phone.Second, in August I received a letter that my current premium would increase to an amount I could no longer afford for Jan 2017. With that since I moved and was unemployed I cancelled my plan for the last 2 months of last year understanding I would not have insurance. I called and spoke with a customer service and we found a lower premium plan I agreed on to start in Jan. She sent the email contract and signed up for automatic draft. Guess what? They did NOT cancel my old premium las. It was still left active with the old premium increase even though I purchased a new plan with a lower premium. Get this, they tried to draft me double ALMOST 3,000.00 (old premium plus new premium) by automatic draft. Thankfully I caught it early enough through my bank email notification before it happened and was able to stop that transaction payment.Third, I've received 4 insurance cards since August. Fourth, still when I log into my account it has my old plan info. This should have changed from the day I switched and that was from November, they keep telling me it's pending (let me remind you it's been pending for several months). Trying to get this resolved results in being transferred to different representative and having to reexplain everything because nothing has been changed in the system for them to see it. I've spent so many hours many of times I've been disconnected when in transfer from one person to the next.Florida Blue needs to get it together. I truly hope enough complaints will change for a better company. Maybe with Trump in house and now that we will have competitive prices the behind the scenes of customer service and getting things done the right way and in a timely manner will be the push in the right direction for the business.
Experience 1/6/17 spoke to this guy - think accent. Difficult to understand. Couldn't help me. Kept talking in circles. Found out later he didn't properly code my account correctly. Experience 1/9/17 took about 30 minutes before anyone picked up. Difficult to understand this person. I even went into the location in Pinellas Park. Spoke face to face with an employee there. Cassandra, she was kind and helpful. At the end of our encounter, I mentioned I will be following up with the company since it's regarding my insurance. Issue is still the same. Nothing changed. I am extremely disappointed in Florida Blue as a company. The company should be reading these review and try on improving their company. NOT FUDGING IT UP! #1 Create a more user-friendly site. #2 Train the employees. There are more, however, these are just some to start with. In reviewing Florida Blue guidelines, "Please note that not all reviews or images are published. Our Moderation Team will evaluate your review and image to make sure it fulfills our guidelines. Remember, you are responsible for what you write and upload so please be fair and honest."
Terrible neck pain, numbness in back of head, pins and needles down to both forearms, severe headaches, can't sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I went to a neurosurgeon, he said MRI is necessary. Ok. Florida Blue covers it. Great. Next he says a nerve is pinched in neck near the top. He says an epidural shot will fix this. Everything is set up and I'm to go to the doctor's outpatient center for the procedure. The night before I get phone call from the center telling me that they can't do the procedure because Florida Blue has deemed it "non necessary medical" and won't cover the procedure. WHAT? I called doctor and they said to file a pre-surgery appeal. I did and nothing to this date has changed anything. Now, three months later, I'm still hurting, not sleeping, have all the same symptoms, and headaches are more frequent and more intense. What can I do?
Signed up through marketplace to start insurance January 1, 2017. Made payment on time but can't access any services simply because they can't find my account!?! They found it when I had to make a payment. Cannot access web portal, it says information I entered is incorrect. Have not received any mail or information from them, it is already January 18 and nothing. I called customer service at least 6 times to solve the problem and to be able to use the service I PAID FOR, and nothing. They say they're going to update something and they never do anything. Two different calls, one person said I hadn't made the payment, the other person said they see my payment!?!? They took my money, don't let me use the service and don't care about resolving the issue. Sounds like a SCAM to me. Anyone know of any government agencies that can protect us from that? Maybe the police?
I worked with Blue Cross of Florida/Florida Blue during Medicare Open Enrollment (10/15/13 - 12/07/13). I wrote 10 policies and have been paid for 3. The remaining 7 policies were submitted between 11/20/13 and 12/04/13 for a total of $1491.00 (For the 7) in commissions. All of these applications were accepted and approved. Florida Blues pay period cutoff occurs the 18th of each month and agents receive their checks near the end of the month. I was not paid for the Dec. 18th pay cycle, nor Jan. 18th, nor Feb. 18th and now I'm being told that I'll be paid on the March 18th cycle. This story is quite familiar. In the beginning of this fiasco the agency that I have been working with (Healthcare Advisors) gave me the wrong agency number and one of my applications showed a different agent. They have been very nonchalant in addressing this issue and I am at my wits end in trying to get paid. What are my options?
I spent over an hour on the phone with BCBS of Florida in an attempt to cancel my policy. I have spoken to 7 different people and have been given and sent to extensions that are not active multiple times. I am an in-network provider for them and their provider services and personal services are clearly designed to either not pay you or annoy you so much when trying to cancel that you give up trying. Their customer service is subpar and I am quite disappointed. I am glad as of today my money will no longer be lost on them.
I have a myocardial infarction on Sept. 13, 2008 and I underwent emergency coronary artery bypass surgery on Sept.15. I was readmitted for chest pain and I have a second admission for another myocardial infarction. BCBS FL pay for the services since I was under my wife’s group insurance plan. After 2 years, the doctor’s office called that BBCBS is asking for a refund and that I owe more than $25,000 and $200,000 to the hospital.
I have been using AvMed health insurance for 7 years very little problem with my medication. My wife change to Florida Blue this year 2018 and it's been a disaster to get any medication for both of us. Life THREATENING SITUATION. In fact, I might have to go to the E.R. TO SEEK HELP.
They have rejected every claim sent to them saying I am not insured then when I call they state that I am insured and they are not sure WHY it is kicking claims back. They say it will be checked into and they will call back and no one ever calls back. I have called two days in a row and their systems are down and they do not know when they will be back up. In the meantime I have doctor's appointments that they give preauthorization for and then do not pay.
I was hospitalized in May of 2017 for 7 days and was told by the hospital that my insurance (BCBS of FL) would not cover my bill because of an exclusionary waiver. After looking at my BCBS agreement, it was evident that they should cover the claim. I then hired an attorney (for several thousand dollars) and BCBS finally decided to make a one-time business decision to cover the total cost. Over the last year-and-a-half, I've been receiving bills and collections letters and when investigating they keep pushing the claim around or not covering it. Now the billing agency let me know that BCBS have changed their mind and do not want to cover the claim. I have tried calling several numbers and get nothing but automated responses with purposeful confusing and frustrating disorganization. Any person I talk to is a customer service rep with no power or answers and they often try to transfer me to someone who is not around. I have no choice but to keep my policy because it is affordable when compared to other companies. Remember, insurance companies are not around to provide healthcare...they are around to make money!
I have been calling since the first week in January to get my account straight and have been told every time that the problem would be fixed and to call back in 3 days then when I call back it is still not fixed. I spoke to a supposed supervisor on the 02/08/17 and was told she would call and have it fixed and call me back that day still no call. I have also posted on their Facebook page and was told to email them and I did. Was sent an email stating it would be taken care of and someone would let me know and still nothing am currently on hold again. The last call I was on hold for literally over an hour.
Prescription coverage - I see I'm not the only one to have problems with Florida Blue and Prime Therapeutics. I'll be short and to the point. They are giving me the runaround with nothing getting done. They never get the info that me or the doctor sends even though we can prove we sent it with a code or receipt. Short of going to the media and filing a complaint. I guess that's all I can do. What a joke they are. I have rights.
I pay 135 bucks a month. I haven't been able to find a primary care doctor. I called Florida Blue and was told I had to go online and find one. And if I needed a specialist, that I had to meet an 11000 dollar out of pocket before they would pay. I'm afraid I have something serious and can't find a doctor who takes my plan.
I have waited 34 days, and have spent hours on the phone speaking with multiple representatives to get a single prescription filled. Just to give you an idea, I've spoken to my doctor multiple times, FloridaBlue multiple times, Alliance (a mail order division of Walgreens) multiple times, Prime Therapeutics (I'm not sure who they are, but I was sent to them by FloridaBlue) multiple times, and Walgreens multiple times, yet my script has still not been filled. If you have a choice of health insurers, I would suggest you pick someone else. My coverage was provided by United Healthcare for over eight years, and I never had these types of problems. If my employer provided a choice, I would insure with someone else.
I had an issue with the marketplace, Florida Blue agents went above and beyond to help me solve the problem. They do listen to their customers. My experience was very positive. I had insurance with Florida Blue in 2017. I will be happy to do business with them again. I think overall their insurance had a good value. Thanks Florida Blue!
I tried to pay my premium on multiple occasions online and was not able to successfully log in. I called and they said their system was having problems this week. So I asked to pay by phone, which they were glad to do. I authorized a payment of $735. I checked my bank account the next day and they took more than $1,500! They just decided on their own to take next month's premium too, even though the agent SAID out LOUD I am going to debit your account for $735. I called and they said they would refund it. I should check back to see if the money is there in about a WEEK, and then call back if it isn't. They took my money in 24 hours but can't give it back for more than a week, the week of Christmas!!! Furious. This seems completely intentional. Trying to fluff numbers before year-end perhaps, at the expense of consumers who already pay a king's ransom for crappy coverage. Booo Blue Cross. You stink. Merry Christmas.
How can I complain and get help regarding the terrible service of Florida Blue (BC/BS) health insurance. Since healthcare marketplace has suggested a BCBS plan for us we are struggling. Had to change to a family doctor that we don't want (don't know). All doctors that we had in 12 years are not in network. Even if they state on their website (99% the website doesn't work due to technical error), that a doctor is in their network, when you call to make an appointment it is not true.
I got this insurance through It has been totally useless the year that I have had. Thought I was getting insurance for help with cancer treatments and now have no help and thousands in bills.
Monthly premium charged two months after cancellation. I was notified of cancellation on 2-02-17 via email at 10:32 pm. The payment for Feb. went through my bank that day. Florida Blue representative told me my policy terminated on 1-01-17. Jan. payment also was paid. Money wasn't returned. I had to call the Marketplace myself and was told a case manager will work on this and it could take up to 30 days. I have paid 2 months for insurance I don't have.
I received an overpayment for Dental surgery for my daughter. I called them numerous times to get an understanding of why it was rejected and to try and set up payments with them. I waited for a return phone call I was promised and when I called back for a status, they already sent it to a collection agency. Why should I have to pay for their mistake?
I discovered in December, on the BCBS website message center, that my policy had been canceled due to non payment. This was a complete surprise to me as I had no notification of this issue and had been on the auto debit system for almost 2 years prior. Further research revealed that BCBS claimed the email address I had on file was incorrect, it was not incorrect, it was the same address I always had. Their internal system somehow apparently lost my email address? Same issue with my telephone number, they said that they were unable to contact me by telephone. My telephone number never changed! Thirdly they screwed up a change of address I had sent in almost 1 year ago, Jan 2016. They initially had the mailing address correct because I did get flat mail from them in March 2016. But somehow they reverted all flat mail back to the old address, even though my online house address was correct since Feb 2016.So what happened and alerted me to the problem was in early December the USPS delivered about 10, back mailed to the old address, post card size notifications that my on file email address was incorrect. Then I went to their website and saw their internal messages to me. What a nightmare! I didn't even try to contact them, I signed a new policy with Molina. PS. This type of service provider related incompetence is not just limited to BCBS, it is slowly becoming a widespread problem throughout our country. We the consumers really need to stand up and cry foul before we become so far backwards that we cannot recover.
I have been struggling with FL Blue customer service support dept to settle two claims for my children's wellness visits in Oct-Nov 2016 since Jan 2017 when I was notified by my provider that claims were not settled and if I could talk to FL Blue to help with settlement. Since then I contacted them 8 times without success. While the initial reasons for denial were fixed within one call, they kept dodging settling the claims. I have written proof from customer support dept about their lies and self-contradictions about how the case is being handled. I have finally filed complaints about my claims with state of FL. Will it help? Is it worth pursuing a lawsuit as they have repeatedly lied to me about the progress of the claims. I have lost all trust in them.
We signed up with Florida Blue for Obozocare and the customer service the worst service since Comcast. We have to wait hours and hours on the phone to talked to someone. Today my wife went to her doctor for spinal injections and the nurse waited over two hours for authorization. Our address is incorrect in the system and after several phone calls it's still wrong. To date we haven't gotten a copy of our policy because of the address mess up. They owe us hundreds of dollars because we paid for meds out of pocket because can't get authorization. This company should be sued.
I was dropped by Aetna because Aetna pulled out of the Central Florida market. When I compared replacement plans, none of my providers accepted my insurance except Florida Blue PPO at $867 month plan. The coverage I now have is exactly the same coverage I had previous to OBAMACARE, which I don’t qualify for any subsidies, but my premium prior to the HORRIBLE OBAMACARE HEALTHCARE DISASTER THAT IT IS, was $267.00. I may just self insure and get a catastrophic plan.I am being discriminated against because I am a ** woman who chose to work and be self supportive and self employed. By the way, I have worked in the healthcare field for years, I am not a Dr or a nurse, but I spend my days in hospitals for my job. Often ICU and critical patients. I can GUARANTEE YOU THAT THE DOCTORS YOU GET ON THE LESSER PLANS are not equally qualified as the doctors I can only access through self pay via MD VIP practices or plans that are $867/month like I am forced to pay. I am a single mother putting two daughters through college and I can’t afford to save for retirement with ins. coverage like this, but I also can’t afford to have poor healthcare coverage because I have personal first hand knowledge of how quality medical delivery is vastly different based on each individual physician. BEFORE OBAMACARE we could at least afford healthcare and the truly needy could not legally be turned away from the hospitals, so we formerly subsidized their care with our tax dollars just as we are now being asked to do today. The difference is now those who are paying the taxes to insure those who rely on the Govt. can no longer afford to pay health insurance themselves. In addition every Doctor I know is trying to leave their practice or retire early and are definitely leaning heavily on their own children NOT to go to Med School themselves.
I signed up for coverage with the Marketplace in August, for coverage to begin in September. Florida Blue was my only option. I paid my first premium, received a letter on Sept. 1 saying my application was being processed and that I owed $0.00. They finally cashed my check on Sept. 15. I still had no coverage. They told me it was because of a glitch with the new payment system. I was told I would be moved to a high priority category, and my insurance would be activated within 72 hours. It was not. In fact, the next time I called, they claimed I had never even made a payment, and that I just enrolled in the program on September 21, even though I had a letter from them dated Sept. 1 saying they had my application. That is actually what their records were showing!I was required to "prove" I had paid, so I was told to email them my bank statement and the cancelled check. And then I was assured it would be corrected within 72 hours. It has not been corrected. I have paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket in September, even though I have paid for my coverage, and have proof they have my payment. I've called Florida Blue numerous times and they continue to lie and give me different stories each time I contact them. I am never permitted to speak with a supervisor. They always say there are none available. I have also been hung up on 3 times. I don't think those were accidents. This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. If possible, please avoid this company at all costs!UPDATED ON 10/05/2016: This is the second review I have written about Florida Blue. Like the rest of you, it's been a nightmare for me. Calling their customer service reps is useless--please don't waste your time. They will hang up on you. I may have found a solution though. Yesterday I visited a Florida Blue Center in Ft. Myers. Here you can speak in person with trained, professionals who seem to want to help. And they cannot hang up on you! There are several centers throughout the state. I got my questions answered and I believe my specific issue will be resolved this time. I spoke with a service rep who literally said he was now my advocate regarding my situation. I have his direct email address, and know exactly where to find him. I learned most of the people we call at Florida Blue are new hires with little to no experience. They have no idea how to help us. I guess that's why they keep hanging up on us.I know everyone can't find the time to travel to one of the Florida Blue Centers, but if you can you should. Best to go first thing in the morning, as they get very busy. They are open Monday thru Saturday, 9am-7pm. The staff there truly seemed concerned. I also suggest contacting WFLA Channel 8 in Tampa. If enough of us write in they might be able to help. The station already did a story about BCBS incompetence earlier this year. Now that open enrollment season is approaching, I think the media should get involved. If my suggestion ends up not working, I'll provide an update. Good luck everyone!
We submitted our original claim to Florida Blue (with a return receipt, thankfully) signed for by them December 2016. This claim is still not processed and we need the disposition letter from Florida Blue in order to submit this claim to our travel insurance (CSA). Florida Blue has 1) asked us to re-submit the original packet; 2) passed the claim on to their Global World division (it was established during a FL Blue conference call that this claim is not covered by Global); 3) asked us to re-submit other materials; 4) sent us emails with attachments that we cannot read; 5) has today passed this claim on to their SIU division (special investigating unit) because the claim is more than $500.We feel royally jerked around by Florida Blue. We need the disposition or Florida Blue will prevent us from collecting the $9,000 from CSA that we have already paid for shipboard medical services. Florida Blue is well aware that we are under a time limit to submit this claim to CSA, because we have stated this every time we have contacted them and/or sent them requested materials.
BCBS of Florida HMO customer service is horrible. They are very rude, incompetent and just downright NASTY. They have hired a bunch of NON-educated baboons! I have seizures and I was showing inactive from their incompetency and couldn't retrieve my seizure medicine from the pharmacy for two weeks! I would like to get out of this contract and go back to UHC. I will seek attorney if need be. Please respond! My mother has the same insurance and she is now inactive for no reason. She needs her heart meds. Guess what? 2 weeks waiting period!
Wife broke her foot and went to the ER. According to our policy we pay a copayment and ER physicians are covered in full. In the end I had to pay a copayment of 200 and an additional 775 to the hospital that FL blue did not cover. Basically their policy is an outright lie.They paid part of the ER bill but they say the hospital can and did bill separately and that is not covered. So why does their policy claim you pay a copayment and that is all when this is clearly not the case. Their policy makes it seem like you are covered for an emergency but they paid very little of the bill. Obamacare forces us to have BS insurance that pays nearly nothing. I would have been better off to to ask for financial aid from the hospital and received a cheaper price.
Florida Blue has automatic payments deducted from my checking account. Out of the blue, they sent me a letter threatening me with cancellation for premium nonpayment unless I immediately sent them the sum of $0.01. That's right, one penny. They thoughtfully scheduled my payment to be deducted on the last day of the month. For many, this could be a real inconvenience. Who wouldn't realize that when implementing it? They owe me for two payments they took out of my account in error. After numerous complaints, instead of refunding the money, they send me a letter saying they will send it via some adjustments next year. Comes next year, they tell me my plan is no longer available. And of course, I never see the refund. They routinely billed me the wrong amount and wrong date and then sent me to the government healthcare site. The government healthcare official said the system was never designed, and never operated the way Florida Blue described and they should fully know this. Wait times are obscene. I once was told, during a weekday, my wait time was 2.5 hours. I wonder what the wait time is for non-ACA customers. They say one should never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. But, at some point, a quantitative tipping point becomes a qualitative level. Does terrible, seemingly deliberate disservice to customers, especially a targeted class of customers, rise from simply staggeringly high incidents to a conspiracy? Perhaps if enough Florida Blue customers were to make their specific complaints known here, some enterprising class action attorney might look into the issue. Since customer complaints are useless, this appears really the only recourse for Florida Blue customers.
They constantly called from their vendors, wanting me to go to seminars and other various meetings. I requested that I be taken off the vendors call list but to no avail. Worst experience I've EVER had with any medical insurance company. There were several other incidents that occurred as well.
Let me start by saying I work in the insurance industry. So generally I would like to think I know what I am doing to get my claims handled. I have had FL BCBS as my primary insurance since September of 2016. Recently in the last two months they started denying my claims on the basis that I have other insurance and they aren't my primary payer. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I thought a simple call to let them know this would fix the issue. But two months later and I am still fighting with them to pay my doctor for a preventative care visit that should be paid at 100%.Additionally they're withholding my 60% reimbursement for an out-of-network claim under the same basis of requesting "additional information/EOBs from my secondary payer." Well, FL Blue, my secondary won't process the claim unit YOU do as my PRIMARY insurance. At this point I have filed an OIR complaint because even my secondary payer said FL Blue should know they are primary and have been for over a year without issue. What's worse is I still pay them premium every month even though they're acting as if I'm not even their insured.
I waste a whole day at their office several times a year. All the same issues as the other complaints. Not the fault of the employees at the office. They really try but every time it goes to the main office the problems reoccur. Been with Blue Shield for 15+ years in Ca and now Fl. My most recent issues are price bait and switch. This has happens 2 times now in the last 2 months. Always done by their employees and always claimed as a computer glitch!Last month I was quoted a monthly payment of $512 after the $723 ACA credit. That is $1,235 a month for a bronze plan. I paid and started the new policy during open enrollment. Paid the $512 with a card. Just received my bill. The price is now $2,067. My monthly payment is now $1,344 not $512 and they charged my card as verified by the bank but put the money somewhere else as there is no credit for the money they took. It's a whole new day to waste at their office again. This will be at least the 5th time in a year. Going there now. At least they have an office 1 hour away. I honestly think we need a class action lawsuit against this company.
These customer service representatives are taught to lie to customers. Have to be in the line for hours to reach a customer representatives then they lie continuously. Each representatives has their own explanation to the cause and answer as well. I would suggest everyone get together and do a class action lawsuit against them.
Customer service is horrible. They treat you as if they don't care because they don't. You can get no help whatsoever and when you want to ask me to a manager there is nobody, only a supervisor who won't do anything but try and get you off the phone. You cannot get an appointment to see any primary doctors because all their appointments are two or three months out and they don't care to help you. I finally got an appointment with a doctor but because their website says they are no longer accepting new patients they would not make them my primary but I still have no doctor's appointment. I call them for help and they tell me to go to an emergency room. One big joke of a company. I will never ever use their services again and canceling insurance immediately.
I purchased a health insurance policy from Florida Blue Nov 2016, which I paid $913.49. On December 1, 2016 I cancelled the health insurance and requested the binder money returned to my credit card. I was told I would receive the money within 7-10 days. I have spent numerous times on the phone and in the office, and was finally told that a Blue Cross "contractor" cancelled my policy, but did not issue a refund. Again, I was told that on Friday December 9 that the refund was again approved, but as of today I have not received the refund. There were several excuses offered the contractor, their billing system, but they were quick to take my money.
My husband & I spoke with an attorney today about suing FL BCBS for nonpayment of 15k in hospital bills. We knew we were trying to have a child in 2016 so we purchased the best insurance coverage possible and were set up on autopay. In September my husband noticed a debit had not been made so he called and made payment over the phone along with paying the remaining premium for the year because the baby was due in December & we didn't want to run the risk of running into any trouble.Without our knowledge we were dropped from our policy for "nonpayment" (this is illegal before 90 days passes) & never reinstated even after they received full payment through 2017 within the appropriate time frame. Numerous phone calls & in office visits have gotten us nowhere. The marketplace blames BCBS & vice versa. Meanwhile the bill collectors are calling & threatening bad debt collections. We see this is happening to so many other people & want to fight back.
My wife got insurance with BCBS of Florida in Jan. 2012. She had no insurance since 2006, we could not afford it. She had a normal visit with her doctor at that time and had her regular mammogram every year, and they found a lump on her right breast. They did a biopsy and found it was calcium, and when she got BCBS, she went to her doctor again and had the mammogram. But, instead of having the biopsy, she wanted to have the lump removed and the doctor tested it and found that it was cancer. We have $5,000 deductible so we paid everyone. We had paid over the $5,000 deductible. Soon after, the insurance company said it was preexisting and would not pay, but some things they paid. They paid for some of the chemo treatments. Now, they refuse to pay anything, so we are stuck with all the med bills. We were paying $470 a month and then, they raised the payment to $560 a month. So we cancelled the insurance with them. We could not afford the payments and still have to pay for the med bill.I would like to see the med records they have to see how they came to that "it was preexisting." We have all of our records.
I had gone to see a neurologist about a severe back problem. The treatment recommended required me driving 45 minutes away for treatment as local facilities would not take Florida Blue. I went once and after seeing the Ct review they wanted me back ASAP. I went 3 days later. My insurance had been cancelled. The Dr offered to wait while I fixed the problem due to the severity of my problems with my spine. I was on the phone for 3 hours. Florida Blue blamed the marketplace and kept referring me back to the marketplace who in turn kept telling me I still had coverage and there was no gap and payments had all been made on their part. Florida Blue said I had made all MY payments and could not give me a reason why I had been cancelled. The doctor's office closed before I could finish the call. The dr. begged me to get this cleared up ASAP as the situation was precarious (her words). On to Day 2 because Florida Blue closed. After 3 more hours on the phone demanding supervisors of each of the Insurance company and Marketplace staff. They got on a 3 way call and Florida Blue could no longer blame it on the Marketplace but could still could not say WHY I was cancelled even though I technically had overpaid by one month. They said it would be fixed as it seemed to be a medical emergency by the end of business today. It is now 9:29 PM EST and my account is still closed as per the internet. I shall continue tomorrow but the Marketplace has called me an hour ago and said to call if it was not done by morning and they would handle it (hope so). I am so frustrated that they are so uncaring. A push of a button can cancel you but they kept saying BEFORE they figured out it was an emergency. It could take 30 days to fix it. I am 61 with a thyroid problem and high blood pressure and this spinal problem. I need RX and health care... NOW!
I made a big mistake choosing this company for my 2018 health insurance, I am paying a lot and receiving nothing, specialist are no cover before the deductible, neither your primary doctor if you are sick... This company is a big scam, I do not understand how the Florida Government is allowing this, I am really disappointed!
My wife's pension system, OPERS, of Ohio, stopped paying for medical care and instead registered us with Florida Blue. After reading reviews here, we changed our coverage to Humana, who we have had for years. Their premium for Medicare Advantage was $0 and Florida Blue was to be $450 per month. When we called to cancel the Florida Blue plan, they transferred us to an 800 number for DISH network. We tried again and were able to cancel. Including reimbursement for our Part A and B, we will save nearly $10,000 a year. Nice work for an afternoon.
You can read any review below and it should be fairly similar to this one. I signed up through the marketplace and followed all steps. Through an error on Florida Blue I paid for two plans. I have received 4 different answers ranging from "you'll have coverage in 24-48 hrs all the way to Feb 1st". WOW! 7 days later I still have no coverage therefore no medications. I've run out of one that's pretty serious. They don't care. It seems I'm not the only one to experience this and in the future will find a new company even if I have to pay more to avoid this company. It's a joke and is causing serious problems because they can't do their jobs!
We registered for open enrollment in Nov 2016. And they have still not registered us in their system. We have spent countless hours with them on the phone and still no resolution. This past weekend, we went to the local retail store and we were given a letter that should have covered everything. My pharmacist called me this morning stating the Branch Manager declined our letter with her name on the signature page.
Around December 2018 BCBSFL processed my outstanding covered in network medical claim of $500 as medicare instead of my blue select of florida ppo policy. In result, claim was not paid and rejected to bill issuer and now bill is over 30 days due and will be sent to collection agency. I have called BCBSFL over a dozen times and spoken to two supervisors who assured me that the claim would be reprocessed. However as of today the claim shows that no department is handling it and is sitting stagnant. In the meantime, I am a cancer survivor and need to followup with several doctors but am reluctant to visit because I was told all claims will be sent to medicare and denied because of BCBSFL system glitch. In the meantime, I am making monthly payments for health insurance since October 2018 until present and have been been unable to use services.
Florida Blue changed billing systems in October. Thus, they stopped sending bills via mail and online. Therefore, countless customers inadvertently didn't pay their bills. Florida Blue used it as a way to cancel their insurance renewals. I spent tens of hours trying to rectify the situation. I finally passed the phone to a healthcare attorney and was able to get the issue resolved. WHAT ABOUT THE ELDERLY? THE DISABLED? THE MARGINALIZED? The person who doesn't have tens of hours to spend on the phone? How will they get justice? A class action lawsuit is in order. They are in violation of countless healthcare laws.
I have gone through my first back surgery, results or not good, my pain level is now through the roof, my second surgery was scheduled which has been denied from an insurance company I pay a premium to with a very high deductible. They want me to stay on pain management which does not work. I have a wife and children and being on pain medication does not fix me. All it does is push me farther away from the people I love. My doctor has told me this surgery will fix me and you guys have declined it, there's an ** epidemic and the United States of America and you folks, are taking my Wheel of Life Away From Me. Please reconsider. All I want is to be out of pain and be able to love my children and my wife and not be miserable. I have paid you folks and expect you folks to help me, this will probably never be read by them and all I'm doing is venting, I wish to be normal again. I have a seven-year-old that Council me and right now I can't even be a father due to you folks. Someone needs to change these policies, it's the American way to help each other and for a multi-billion-dollar company you should see that. From a loving family men I'm tired of hurting and want my life back.
Blue Select is a joke. Blue Cross just wants you to sign up that's it. The "provider lists" that their own representative give are out of date. When you call the doctors on the list many of the doctors claim they do not accept Blue Select! Months go by and the lists don't get updated even when you call to complain. What anyone other industry would call false and misleading. If the provider lists are so limited then simply say so and don't tell members the "lists" are up to date. At least consumers can make an informed decision.
Exc Step Mother in Law policy still being billed after two years. I know she doesn't pay it, but they won't cancel the policy and stop sending us bills for her account because they can still collect the $250 per month from the government that covers part of her policy. This should be illegal. I'd report them for it if I knew where. She's a drug addict and she didn't even give us a forwarding address. I've told Florida Blue countless times. I still get the bill. Every month, I throw it in the trash and they collect $250 from the government. ANNOYING.
I have read through many of the review here and our story is very similar. They refuse coverage for various reasons and every time we contact them we either can't understand them or they say they will resolve the problem within "X" amount of days and nothing ever gets resolved. The situation just keeps getting worse and worse. They take our premium payment each month but refuse to cover our expenses. We just had a baby in Dec. 2016 and ever since then, everything with FL Blue has been a mess! I am so fed up with the amount of time and stress this has placed on our family! We need to group together and do something people!!They are taking our money and giving us nothing but stress, grief and negligence in return. I swear I can hear them laughing sometimes after I call for answers before they hang up on me. I cannot fathom how the hell they have gotten away with this for so long! For those of you who have sought legal counsel, how do we get this class action lawsuit started?
It is apparent what Florida Blue is doing to cope with the federal mandate of accepting people with pre-existing conditions that they would not have accepted before. They are deliberately minimizing support to an unacceptable level then burying you in delays and paperwork when you appeal. Practically every person dealt with has been incompetent. This is why corporations need to be regulated.
Florida Blue has been denying claims with medical records and also pretends they do not receive claims. Also, if a patient has a high deductible, they will process it no problem because the patient will have to pay. If Florida Blue denies claim even with notes and the patient has a PPO plan, the patient will be responsible for the full amount as well. We try to accommodate our patients when Blue Cross denies claims. After 10 years in this field, I can see that their plan is to pay on a few claims for a patient, then they begin to deny claims hoping providers will bill the patient because the insurance company knows they will create friction between the office and patients and the patients will feel they should go elsewhere because they don't want to pay for medical costs when they pay a fortune on their insurance. I have been battling the claims department on complete nonsense denials and it is completely frustrating because we are complying with what they request and they are not doing their part. Since 2009, this company has been denying and rejecting claims more and more and they are doing anything possible to not pay.
On December the 31st, 2014 I went online as usual to make my payment. I was unable to do so since the policy that was supposed to start on 1-1-15 had a cancellation of 12-31-2014. It took more than two months to sort this issue out. Florida Blue contacted The Market Place on a conference call to find out which cancellation date The MP had and were able to confirm that in effect the cancellation date was for 12-31-2015 making it a "typo" error on FB side. From that moment forward my insurance cancels twice a month every month. I send payments. They keep being refunded back to me. I am told constantly to wait two more days and by now we are in the middle of July and still have the same issue. One employee once told me that "the Obamacare has many issues and we knew it would not work." I was appalled because I found it to be a highly political comment.I had the opportunity to meet Heather ** (or **), manager from the sales department, who kept trying to deal with the issue for two months but with no luck. On February the 15th she called me and told me that the situation I was having was due to the fact that I never filled out an application with The Market Place. I was very surprised because the first response I got from Florida Blue was that BECAUSE I got the insurance through The MP was precisely why I was struggling so much. She nonetheless insisted I had not done so and asked I filled out an application for the new term. I expressed to her my concern: I would be assigned to another insurance because the one I had originally chosen was no longer available for purchase. Her response was that she personally would resolve the situation once I filled out another application with The Market Place. After this Heather has not answered any phone calls or emails. Not one. That is very disrespectful not just to me but to the company and herself as well -- lack of professionalism. If you are to leave, leave your files for someone else to work them. Now the problem is even worse because the communication with The Market Place and Florida Blue is terrible and Florida Blue has no interest on solving the issue out with customer service. FB keeps cancelling either or, or both. You do not understand that the problem relies with your own selves on something that is being overlooked.Every single time I call I am now being told that having the delinquent account causes the cancellation. I have to tell the representative to look over the payment history and notes so he or she can more or less understand my own confusion. This is what happened with Alberto ** which I will explain further on. This should not be necessary. I should not have to tell a representative to inform herself or himself before explaining anything to me. On May I was being denied coverage for the purchase of medications. A girl told me I was past due, as well as that I had been sent three refunds that totaled more than the amount due. If I am past due, why do I keep receiving refunds? On April I spoke to a specialist whom I do not remember her name. She said that she had worked the whole issue and it was solved: "Wait for your next bill." Next bill is a credit and following months I get over 250 dollars in refunds and are cancelled again.Last week I spoke to Luis and Sylvia. Both promised a phone call but never did. I was following up today with my phone calls since my daughter was at the emergency room and spoke to Alberto **. When I cut him off after hearing the same response over and over again from him and the previous representatives he told me that I was disrespectful and to let him finish. I do not call Florida Blue to be lectured on manners. The customer at some point after 7 months of trying to deal with the insurance will become frustrated. Both Sylvia and Luis were respectful, very much so especially Sylvia and very patient too. Alberto nonetheless repeated again that I was disrespectful. I decided to be the bigger person and let him through his rant. As customer service agent when we fail we have to take the client's frustration unless that client becomes violent or verbally abusive which was not my case. I simply interrupted him to let him know that the very same 165.61 payment had already been made with a representative. I do not see him fit for this role of supervisor he says he was for it is difficult for him to deal with client that have endured what I have had to endure with your insurance.I am a 3rd and 4th degree burns patient. I never have received treatment for my wounds other than that at the emergency room. Never saw a dermatologist or a burn doctor. No follow-up treatment. As a result I dislocated a shoulder for trying to walk without the medical equipment that the insurance refused to pay for like the crutches. I had to pay out of pocket for all medical supplies to treat myself. If he can not find the empathy for the patients maybe he should be in a position in which he does not have to deal with people. Every month I am sent refunds and are cancelled. I currently feel mocked by the company. I understand that Florida Blue would have preferred to have me with a more expensive insurance with higher deductibles and co-pays like I was suggested again, to buy another one at The Market Place and get this over with. Some resolution -- have the customer pay more.
Retired now, so have a supplemental to medicare a & b. They take care of everything, pay everything, and only at the beginning of the year when I have to pay my portion for the year, do I have to pay anything. The drugs are a little different. They pay all but a small co-pay for generics, and still do give me some discount on those I must take brand. Cannot complain.
My husband and I were customers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield for over 20 years. Then I had a GoBlue card for over 5 years and was upgrading to and HSA under Florida Blue in April 2015. I mailed payment to address in phone message, but did not get service until July 2015 at payments of 249 a month. I had place in under online for automatic deduction, but was mailed statements for $249 a month, then increase to $689 a month. On my birthday in September, I received a termination letter, then a check. I rather want my insurance. Why the increase in monthly statements? The original quote for deductions was $4000, but on statements, deductions was now $6000 in network, without an explanation. Was it due to my age or fact I had a stroke?
In April 2014 and May 2104 I did 16 sessions of outpatient therapy. In June I realized the insurance claim was for an inpatient for 41 sessions. Bcbs refused to change the coding and the rehab co said they have never had an issue like this before. I think part of the problem was that it was out of state. I did have preauthorization and my copay costs given to me before therapy. However, that ended up not being the case.On Aug 1, 2014, BCBS did write me a letter recognizing that I had 16 treatments and not the 41 which screwed up my accumulator for the rest of the year. BCBS as of today March 20, 2015 have still not corrected my accumulator and not paid my claims after May, 2014. They claim they are still working on it and give me dates of which it will be corrected and they NEVER follow through. I am so sick and tired of working on this. Pretty pathetic when they should be thinking of my well-being and why I needed the therapy. Instead I have had this added stress and aggravation of them not correcting what needed corrected last year. Pick other insurance. They will not pay their claims.
While living in Florida my fiance and I had a happy accident, and I became pregnant. A few months later, I decided to move back to Wisconsin to be with him and closer to my family. I needed to get connected with my OB-GYN immediately because of some possible complications with the baby. So, like everyone else, I spent a lot of time waiting on the phone to speak with someone, several times. I got the green light from two different people that the doctor I wanted to see was in my network and that I had 60 days after I moved up to WI of continued coverage. So I move and begin my doctor's visits. All of a sudden, I receive a statement in the mail saying that Florida Blue will not cover me because I'm out of state and did not receive special permission. I told the people from customer service that I needed permission and asked them if there was anything I needed to do. Their response was, " You're all set to go". To make a long story short, I now have over $3000 in medical bills I can't afford and all I can do is write an appeal. There is no one I can speak with directly who can help me with this. Not only is there a long wait to speak with anyone but their employees are not well informed about their jobs and/or trained properly. What they don't realize is how much their negligence can really influence a person's life.
I have had a Florida Blue insurance policy through the Marketplace all year for my wife and me. We only pay $17 per month. All of a sudden the company stopped taking my automatic payments three months ago without telling us anything. In December, I tried going to my doctor because I was in a lot of pain, and my insurance got denied. I called Florida Blue and they told me that my plan was in a grace period because of non-payment. When I told them to take my payment, they told me that they cannot accept my payment and would investigate why. They then told me their SYSTEM doesn't allow them to take credit cards. WHAT BULL! It's almost a whole month later and I'm still sick, and I can't see a doctor because this company purposefully has screwed my out of my benefits and has locked me out of my policy. They never canceled my policy, but won't take a measly 53 dollar payment in order to reinstate my policy. I'm definitely down for a class action lawsuit against this SCAM ARTIST of a company!!!
When I applied for a health insurance at Blue Cross Florida in March 2013 the rate was at $218. Now 2 years later Blue Cross will increase the rate to $347 in July 2015. This is an increase of 60% in two years!!! I went only one time to a doctor in this time and they had to pay only 400 Dollars for this doctor's visit in two years. The application took me 9 months because I was too healthy and I never went to a doctor the last 15 years. I had to do a pre-examination and the company they work with did it wrong. I proofed it twice that they did it wrong, but the bureaucrats weren't able to read letters.
I signed up for insurance through Healthcare Marketplace. When comparing plans, there was nobody even close. First 2 office visits at no charge. I see a Dr. monthly for a chronic issue. He is a internal medicine specialist. He is a upper-class Dr. so I wasn't surprised he was not on list for in network. I had bronchitis and he wanted to do some test in office. I was reluctant because I thought I would have to pay out of pocket. Staff told me that insurance covers it. Next visit I basically got a physical also with blood work. Dr. office told me they would submit claim and then I would owe the difference. Next month came they told me "Insurance covered everything 100%." I only have 1 negative issue. One of my medications is on a amount limit. I take 2.5 pills a day, they only allow 2. I have to pay out of pocket the 15 pills a month. I am saving a ton money, compared to before I purchased policy. We are on the 5th month of coverage and no issues.
My pediatric patient with an elbow fracture had to be seen through the ER instead of in an orthopedic clinic as no pediatric orthopedists are covered by Florida Blue Select within a 50 mile radius of Tampa Bay!! What a waste of resources (using the ER for a splint placement). I have no idea where this patient will be seen next week for placement of a permanent cast.
Applied in January for Blue Select plan. Paid my premium and got my card. When I received card immediately went on FB website and registered. Tried to pull up MDs and none of them were on plan. Went to FB office on 2/3 agent tried to call FB on hold one hr. I called Marketplace and a manager changed my insurance to Blue Options, and told me to follow up with FB. It's impossible to get a hold of anyone; being on hold becomes your career. I again went to a FB center in the middle of February and Orlando made a few calls and could not solve anything. He did tell me if I don't make a payment by the 28th I would be dropped. I've paid $1450 and are getting screwed. On 3/4 I again went to a FB center and threatened to get an attorney. I was brought into an office and a woman typed something on her computer after I showed her my Marketplace site which said I had Blue Options as of 3/1 and that I had paid for it. That afternoon a girl named Tokara ** called me from FB and said she would be working my case. Almost three weeks later I'm still in limbo. She faxed letters to my doctors. I did see one on Monday and this am they called me and told me they are sending me a bill because they don't have a number and can't bill FB. Yesterday I called my Orthopedic surgeon's office and asked to speak to an insurance person. I spoke with Penny and she told me, "We don't take any of the Obamacare insurances." What? I paid $739.00 for what? She checked in her computer and said, "Oh, yes we do. Blue Options is the only one." She transferred me to the EMG scheduler. I had one scheduled for 4/3. At 2:30 the EMG scheduler called me and told me she went in the computer and I still have Blue Select. I explained I had spoken with Penny from her insurance office. Well you can say you're out of network and pay 500 dollars. Was quite rude to me. I had a failed fusion in 2012. So that's my story.
Go online to this website and file a complaint with the state. It's not guaranteed, but it's one more step you can take. ** I decided to do this after never getting my overbilling issues taken care of by repeated calls to BCBS. So far, BCBS has not terminated me for nonpayment of bogus billing, but I can see it coming, based on what I have read here on this website. The phone agents say my account looks fine - I am paid up, and acknowledge the online billing is totally whack, and they assure me I won't be terminated for the bogus billing, but guess what, I don't feel reassured!!! I am getting the jump on this before they do. I have already received a one month overdue notice on bogus billing. I guess I have a couple more to go before they will terminate me for nonpayment of bogus bills. Wish me luck.
Once I had to actually start using my insurance, I have had nothing but problems. I had my daughter last year. I called to add her to my policy the day she was born. I should have waited. Part of the blame goes to the Marketplace, but most of the problems I have had I believe are firmly the fault of FL Blue. According to my Marketplace account she was officially on the policy, but FL Blue did not have any record of her. They don't tell you that in order to add a dependent they will be cancelling your policy and starting a new one. I tried to use my insurance for follow-up care after the delivery and kept getting it rejected. She had to be admitted to the NICU and then transferred to the NICU at the children's hospital about an hour away.The Marketplace sent FL Blue the info about adding my daughter multiple times, but when I would call FL Blue they could never find it. The issue had to be "escalated" at least 3 times and my policy was cancelled and restarted twice. I cannot tell you how stressful this was to deal with while I had my newborn in the NICU and then needing extra services once she was released from the hospital. It took 3 months to get that straightened out and her officially added to my policy.I selected my new plan and made my initial payment in Dec. The payment was credited to my old policy. I have been calling since Jan to try to get it straightened out. I keep receiving calls and letters stating that my policy is delinquent. I have called about 8 times trying to get it fixed. Sometimes I had to give up before talking to a person. It is not at all unusual for hold times for a representative to be more than an hour. If it was more than two hours I would hang up and try again later. It wasn't until about the 5th call that I was given a call reference number. I think this is supposed to be standard procedure, but it rarely happens. I got a representative last month who I actually believed would help me. She seemed much more motivated to get the problem straightened out than anyone I had talked to previously.She promised to work on it and call me back by the next Fri. I was very disappointed when I did not receive a call and was still getting delinquent notices. When I have called the past 2 times they say the issue is resolved, but I am still getting delinquent calls and letters and it does not show fixed on my online payment history. The call center reps will not tell you where they are located and will only give you a first name. Most of them are very difficult to understand and it is obvious that English is not their first language. There is no way to get the same person that you have talked to before and there is no accountability for them to follow through with what they say they will do. You ask for the Billing department, but they cannot actually help you with your billing issue. All they can do is "send a message" to whoever.I received the bill from the children's hospital last week. It is insanely high. How they can be non-participating in one of the only insurance company choices network is unconscionable, but that is another issue. I called FL Blue to find out why this bill was much much more than my out of pocket maximum (even for out of network). The first rep I talked to was completely unhelpful. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a very long hold time (I was offered a call back, but declined, I just don't believe they will actually call me). I got someone whose name I could not understand, but he claimed to be a supervisor. I asked him why my out of pocket maximum was not applied to this bill. His reply was that the hospital was nonparticipating. I said I understand that they are not in my network, they are out of network, but the out of network out of pocket maximum should apply.He said he did not understand. How are you a supervisor of customer service of an insurance company and don't know the difference between in-network and out of network! I asked if he could get someone for me who did understand my question. He said someone would call me. I called again on Fri, but the hold times were between 2 and 4 hours so I hung up. No call back yet. I will keep trying.
The FL BCBS website is undoubtedly the worst site I have ever used. On the occasions I can actually access the site, it stops and I get the message that it is unresponsive. This has been going on for a year. I have called on several occasions and am told they are aware of the problem and "working on it". I have attempted to use the site from other servers, computers, and internet providers. Nothing works. Please investigate!!!Updated on 05/14/2018: I am traveling out of the country and trying to access the Blue Cross of FL website. After MANY calls, no follow-up, MORE calls and another call, I reached someone who finally gave answers. Unfortunately, the answer is that I can't access my account while out of the country. Ridiculous! My banks, other insurance companies, and every other website you can think of all work just fine. Ironic...I am required to carry insurance even though I am out of the country or pay a penalty, BUT I can't use my insurance or even access my account because I am out of the country. President Trump, please fix this mess!!!
I cancelled my plan in December before the beginning of the new year... on January third they charged me the full premium about as if I continued with this insurance. Do upon speak with the customer service person they told me I cancelled in January... total lie 1. Then they told me that they would have to send me a check as a refund within ten days. I have now waited over two weeks and two phone calls and they say it's in process... why do I feel like they will charge me again in February and blame me... The big problem is this. It comes out of my business account and if I deposit said check it looks like income so now I have to pay tax on it again. I could go on forever about detail of care with medication for the past two years but hey I guess they don't really care.
I paid for coverage through the marketplace (which is a HUGE government scam). Trying to make a doctor appointment and they tell me I have no coverage. I call BCBSFL who states I didn't pay my invoice. I was on auto-pay but their system had a 'burp' and kicked out 250,000 Floridians without letting us know. I send them a copy of the email confirmation showing paid and call again (on hold each time over 30 minutes) and a friendly woman tells me they messed up on their end and added numbers wrong which is why I have no coverage. She tells me she fixed everything and I ask for a reference number.One week later I still have no coverage so I call again. BCBSFL farms out to a call center in another country and I am not comfortable giving out my personal info including SS# but I do it anyway because I am on hold for so long. I ask the woman what country she is located in and she tells me company policy that she is not allowed to give out that info. Over three hours on hold and still no health insurance coverage. I should run for public office so I can get off the not affordable health care.
Ever since I got Florida Blue thru the marketplace, they've given me nothing but trouble and headaches. It seems their internal communication is nonexistent. Last year I was sent to the hospital on an appendicitis scare, and they refused to cover it because I didn't *actually* have appendicitis. So, I guess I was supposed to have just waited it out and possibly died, instead of going in to make sure.Around halfway thru last year they changed their website, deleted my automatic payment information, and NEVER contacted me to let me know about it - not an e-mail, not a letter, nothing. Then put me on a grace period due to nonpayment, and sent me a letter two months later saying they were cancelling my plan. Then refused to let me pay online or through the phone - I was forced to go to a public library to print out a page with a barcode, to then take to a CVS in order to pay my past premiums there. No apologies for the huge inconvenience and me almost losing my coverage due to their inability to communicate with their clients.This year, I was forced to renew through them because all other plans are outside of my budget. They LOST the paperwork the Health Care Marketplace sent them, and inactivated my plan. I had to call the Marketplace and request they send my enrollment paperwork again, which they did. I was on and off the phone with Florida Blue representatives, telling me I was inactive and they had no idea why. A month ago I paid two months' worth of premiums to them, and today, a month later, I am STILL inactive in their system. I missed doctor's appointments and was unable to pick up prescribed medication at my pharmacy because Florida Blue claims I am inactive.I am currently typing this while on hold on the phone trying to reach them, and have been for the past half hour. I've been trying to get an IUD covered by them since November of last year. My first doctor submitted paperwork to them to see if they'd cover it and NEVER heard back from them. At this point, they have simply taken my money and terminated my health care for NO REASON.I am so sick of Florida Blue - the moment I am able, I will drop them like it's hot and tell EVERYONE I can that they are the absolute, most disgusting, incapable, incompetent, irresponsible company I have EVER dealt with. I'm going to end up with a brain tumor solely due to the stress they've caused me - which they will most likely not cover, either.
Started in September 2016 when new child was born. We attempted to add newborn to his mothers plan and could not. For what reason I don't know and can't remember as there was so much BS being said by Florida Blue at the time such as "Our system is changing over and we can't find your account." So much time had gone by I decided to enroll in my own insurance plan through and add our kids to my plan. After completing the application and selecting plans for the whole family excluding wife (has her own plan) we totaled up a premium of $847/month. After 2 months of waiting to be 'allowed' to pay our binder payment we get a bill for $1400+. By this time 2017 enrollment period was opening up and decided to just put myself and leave kids on FL Healthy Kids. I informed Florida Blue to cancel the old plan since we did not make the binder payment anyway.So in December 2016 I enrolled in a plan for $197/m for me only to be covered in 2017. I paid the first binder payment and 5 days later get a cancellation notice for nonpayment? They have my money still to this day (4 months later). Fine now I call and they escalate the situation with Florida Blue and now I get a notice that I am on a totally different plan with a higher premium. Again I call They escalate and now I call Florida Blue who already has a payment on their books. Well they still have this made-up old plan. Call again. They escalate. Florida blue cancels again! WTF. Now they finally switched my plan. Well actually they reestablished that $1400 a month family plan we canceled back in October! They charge my card $197 and cancel again for nonpayment. I felt like I am in a third world country! Is this is a joke. I mean a company this big so backwards.
I signed up for Florida Blue though and was happy with the service. I had an affordable payment for my son and I for good health coverage. A problem when my auto payment was stopped by Florida Blue and they subsequently kicked me out of my plan. I called and they agreed to reinstate me if I paid the 2-3 months that had lapsed from auto pay. I did pay them over $500 for the past months that they did not collect my payment through auto pay to reinstate my plan. I received a letter within a week stating that I was dropped form Florida Blue due to non-payment. The problem began when Florida Blue updated their system and accidentally kicked out everyone in auto pay. When I realized they were not collecting their payment I resolved it by paying them for the months that had lapsed plus the current month of coverage. They had sent a letter about this problem, however it was to an old address of mine that I had previously corrected with a customer service representative over the phone, however the change was never made... so I did not get the notice. I still felt that it was their fault for not correcting my address and not informing me of the mistake that dropped me from auto pay. When I did correct this and paid them in full, I expected to regain my service, however that did not happen. I called back and finally spoke to a supervisor named Karen who proceeded to yell at me and tell me that I never had auto pay and I was dropped for nonpayment. I tried to explain to her that I was informed of the mistake and resolved the issue and she proceeded to yell statements like "Oh my God" and "What is your problem" to me. It was not productive and honestly, from the information I had gotten from other customer service agent prior to talking to her, knew more about the issue than she did - she just tried to bully me off the phone and lied to me that there was no problem and I was making this all up. I spoke to her supervisor, John **, who did that because a lot of companies dropped out of the affordable care act, Florida Blue had to deal with the influx of new customers and things had lapsed. He agreed that Karen should not have yelled and bullied me and said she would call me back to resolve our discussion but she never did. And unfortunately, my problem still persisted. I had paid for the months that Florida Blue had kicked me out of auto pay including the next month and still had no health coverage. This really seemed unfair and was extremely stressful as my coverage included not only me but my child. Now, even though I had paid them in full for a mistake that they made, they still denied me insurance. Karen stated that they would refund me when I tried to tell her of the mistake but this never happened either. The lack of understanding of customer problems and inability to listen to the individual problem that I had was extremely disappointing and her attacking reaction was extremely disappointing. I never thought I would call customer service to be bullied and yelled at, but Karen changed that perception that day. John had promised to look into my issue and call me back later in the week but never did. I called again and got similar promises with no calls at the end of the week. I finally talked to a Rafael that tried to resolve my problem, however I still did not get a callback - he was at least sympathetic and helpful, something that I thought did not exist at Florida Blue. I finally talked to a Christopher that patched me into a three-way call with customer service to finally resolve the issue. This was several months from the beginning of this issue where I spoke on the phone for hours a day, I think 5 was the most in one day, trying to resolve an issue that occurred with a system update error that they never corrected. I started a journal of my interactions with Florida Blue customer service because there were so many calls and conversations and no resolutions that actually came to fruition. I finally had to pay another $500+ to Chris to reinstate the plan when he resolved the issue even though I had already paid for those months before (when the issue was supposed to be resolved the first time). It was an absolute nightmare that no one should have to go through but my story does prove that if you call enough, you will finally find that one person that can make everything right... even if you had to pay double.
I have had Florida Blue through my previous employer and recently through Cobra. With a $405 premium they refused to pay for a $50 per month generic medicine. I even filed a complaint with the insurance board which was absolutely useless. They go out of their way to not pay claims, and most of the time I paid more than they did. This is by far the worst insurance company I have ever had. They just take your money and stick it to you. Last time ever I would have any Blue Cross coverage. In fact, I chose to be uninsured since they are one of the few in the "Marketplace". I hope people start reading these reviews so they don't get stuck like I did.
I spent 3.5 hours on the phone today with Florida Blue. I had Medicare D prescription coverage with them in 2016 which they cancelled on 12/31/16 as "no longer offered". I obtained new insurance through my partner's employment, also through Florida Blue, but not through Medicare. Because they failed to deactivate my old insurance plan number, I cannot log in or use my new plan number. They advised me that I had to cancel my old insurance. They told me to contact Medicare. I did. Medicare confirmed the old policy was cancelled and offered to conference in. Florida Blue refused to conference in. They initially refused to let me speak to a supervisor. When I finally got through to a supervisor after nearly 30 minutes on hold, he refused to give me his name.To make a long story short, he finally conceded that it was an IT issue and that he would have to file a report and send it over to the other department and it would take 3 to 5 business days to be processed. I told him that that was unacceptable and they needed to reset my membership number immediately so I could order medications. He said there was nothing he could do. I asked him how to file a complaint. He said only he could take the information. I did finally get a P. O. Box address where I will send a written complaint. There was no explanation of why they had no record that they had cancelled my 2016 coverage, other than "that's another department." In the meantime, I am unable to get prescriptions ordered and filled. Clearly, they have a problem processing policy maintenance and a major gap in customer service.
I would give zero stars if I could. I signed up for Florida Blue Select, a platinum plan on the marketplace based upon my prescriptions being covered my providers working within the plan and I could afford the co-pays and deductibles. At the time I signed up there were over 300 ob-gyn providers available to choose from within a 10 mile radius, when I went to use the plan after finally getting pregnant as planned the amount of doctors available to choose from within a 10 mile radius was down to 75. All 75 of those doctors work for one company which is rated one star.I called Florida Blue Select to get to the bottom of this, and was transferred too many times to count. Was told they would call me back and never did. No one knew any answers work and let me speak to someone who didn’t know the answers. Member service representative at Florida Blue Select were rude, spoke over me, did not listen to what I have to say, were not willing to seek the answers of the questions I was asking. After speaking with several managers, they were no help either. Florida Blue Select has chosen to not pay their providers enough money causing over 200 providers that were available originally to drop out of the plan.Per law there is no regulations, and doctors can drop out any time. However, this does not make it right that an insurance company can offer you a huge array of doctors, and then when it comes time to use the plan hardly any of those Dr. still except the plan. The only doctors that are left are rated one star, Florida blue told me to give them a chance. So I did, but these doctors and staff are rude, incompetent, don’t care about me or my care. Have been to the office twice now and the level of care is practically something you would see in a foreign country. It is unacceptable. Because I don’t qualify for a special enrollment period, I am now stuck with hoping these 1 star rated doctors and staff can keep me alive, and deliver my baby safely. I specifically chose the plan based on the doctors available, and the prescriptions it covered. So disappointed, but yet I have no other options. Never again Florida Blue Select, will I ever give you my business. I’m paying for a platinum plan but being provided with welfare doctors who could care less about their patients.
I have been dealing with Florida Blue and their incompetence since I had surgery in June. They have misplaced premium payments for July and August. With that same problem they were telling me that since I had received my insurance through the Affordable Care Act, that my tax credit had been cancelled and it was no longer active. I spoke with a representative at the Marketplace and I was told that my tax credit was still active and the information Florida Blue had given me was incorrect. Florida Blue has horrible customer service. Every time you call them the representative always says that the system that they use has not been updated with the system that actually processes the payment of your premiums. In June I had surgery for my Epilepsy and since then it has been downhill with getting anything accomplished with them. When last I understood from a customer service representative, the payment issue had been fixed and my account was current. Well obviously that is not correct, I just had to pay the full price for my prescriptions that are supposed to be covered by Florida Blue.At this rate I am starting to think Florida Blue is giving me trouble with my insurance because of my race and the simple fact that I received my insurance through the Affordable Care Act. I have been with Blue Cross Blue Shield since living in Maryland from 2011, when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, upon moving to Florida three years ago, Blue Cross Blue Shield has been horrible.
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