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Bankers Life & Casualty Long-Term Care Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Bankers Life & Casualty Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1879
Address: 111 E Wacker Dr Suite 2100,
City: Chicago
State/Province: IL
Postal Code: 60601
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 231-9150
Overall average rating of 1.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 12 %
When my mother was 85 and my father was 88, a Bankers Life agent, John developed a friendly relationship with my small town parents. He would drop in time to time just to visit and check on them. The other times when his sales numbers were low, he would sell them annuities, home healthcare policies, life insurance. This guy was a repeat offender. He even had my 89 year old father with Alzheimer's "witness" a document. This is just to give you an idea of how shady this company is.We left a lot of the benefits in place because Mom like John and she didn't suffer from acute Alzheimer's like my father, but she did have mild dementia and when the insurance company gave her the runaround she was not equipped to stand her ground or meet their redundant requests. That's when my sisters and I took charge. It is the same story that many of you share here. Refused claims even when paperwork is in order, loopholes, rude customer service agents, endless transfers and excuses. It took us almost a year of constant battling to get their claim approved and benefits in place.My father died before he could use all his benefits, but mom exhausted her care allowance and has to pay premiums again for six months before she can make another claim. We knew this ahead of time and called to make arrangements to restart policy premiums and to start we did not want to risk losing this policy. It is all that stands between her and a nursing home. We faxed the documents. I have the fax log confirmation. I faxed it again requesting information. Nothing came in the mail, and honestly I forgot to get back with them. I thought I would be reminded by something arriving in the mail. I should have known better. I already know their tricks.Four months later we are getting close to making another claim. I'm getting ready with doctor's evaluations, statement of receipt, certified CNA's, daily care logs and proof of care. I am meticulous because I have learned what they want. I looked in her bank to count how many ACH withdrawals have been made from Bankers Life- ZERO. No evidence of any activity from Bankers Life in the checking account. I call their customer service dept to learn the policy had been cancelled due to non-payment. Wait, what?They said they never rec'd the fax. Even though I said I have the fax confirmation, the reps response was "that only proves you sent it, it does not prove we rec'd it." It is past the deadline now and the policy has been cancelled. I could submit a letter requesting reinstatement was the response I received when asked what I needed to do to fix this situation and get things back on track. This information was not freely given. I had to ask several times. So now, I am sending the fax confirmations, the ACH paperwork and a request to reinstate via fax, upload and snail mail to be sure they received the info. I am also sharing this with my Senator Bill Nelson who was key in expediting VA spousal benefits for my mother when the VA was taking a year to process her claim. I am hopeful for good results.You have to understand their goal is to make it SO difficult to submit a claim that most older people just give up. Get involved with your parents care, document every fax, phone call, email. Save everything. Record the phone calls and tell them that you are doing it. If you have done everything you're supposed to and you still feel cheated please email your senator. Involve your local politicians, that's what they are there for, to help you when situations seem hopeless or unfair. I wish I had an ending for this story, we are still engaged in a battle.
After all the horror stories about BLC in consumer reviews and in the media, I was about ready to hire an attorney before we ever filed the first claim in late December 2015 (for assisted living) for my 91-year old cognitively impaired mother who entered an assisted living facility in mid-April 2015. I sent a copy of her POA with the claim, but they contacted her for information anyway. I wrote a blunt letter in late January of 2016 telling them not to contact her again and sent another copy of the POA. I then heard nothing else until last week. It was a letter dated mid-February stating that she qualified under the terms of her coverage as of mid-April 2015 (the beginning.) The next day I got a $12,000 check in the mail for October 15 - January 16 bills. I called today to check on the other months and refund of the premiums for the retroactive months during which we had paid the $400 per month in premiums. The customer service representative said the check for mid-July - September of 2015 has been processed and mailed out and a separate one is in process for the refund of eight months of premium payments. The total of the payments for the retroactive coverage is $26,000. This miracle has occurred without any intervention on my part beyond the one letter I sent. My brother and I were hoping they would start paying as of now, but figured we would have to fight for it. We certainly had not dared to hope they would backdate her eligibility (even though the policy said they might). After this unbelievably positive experience with Bankers Life, I felt I owed it to that company to write this review.
I have struggled with Bankers Life long term care insurance for 4 months now concerning my 80 year old mother's claim. This company uses a phone bank for correspondence and you never get the same person. I mailed, faxed, and uploaded to their website all forms needed and for two months they lied and said never received correspondence. I finally got a employees email and scanned to her. So then I had proof of items sent. Took another month for approval and now they saying September is not her 30 day grace period and November is so avoiding to pay us thousands we paid the nurse.I have contacted the SC insurance commissioner and launched an investigation for Bankers purposely prolonging claims and cheating the ill elderly. This company will do anything not to pay. Worst company I have ever in my lifetime dealt with. It's a shame they don't pay what people have paid for all their life. It's stressed and upset my mom to the point she has lost too much weight so I had to tell them not to contact her. My mother is in her last stage of renal kidney disease and is on dialysis 9 hours a day to stay alive. I cannot believe we have a company like this in operation. It's a total nightmare.
My parents purchased a long-term care policy from this company years ago and automatically deducted premiums for that entire time. My mother, suffers from dementia and Parkinsons and was placed in a long-term care facility. We filed a claim with Bankers Life and I sent them a stack of documentation from the facility and her doctors, they than said they needed "more documentation" from the facility and her doctors. It took over 60 days for them to finally certify and send a check. Once we had that taken care of, we were told to send the monthly invoices we received from the facility (after they were paid, of course) to Bankers Life claims department and they would reimburse us. We did, and we have received nothing but stall tactics, headaches and frustration. This company will try ANY trick in the book to deny the monthly claim. I have begun documenting EVERY representative that I speak with and my mothers long term care facility has as well.My experience has been nothing but frustrating and full of headaches. Today the representative told me that they STILL need more information and I was happy to be calling from home and not my desk at work because I let loose and after almost 10 minutes on hold and me providing the date, time, and name of the person the nurse spoke with and the last check magically went out yesterday. I told her... "I'm in Wisconsin and you're in Indiana and if that check isn't here in 5 business days I will be calling again!"
Don't understand the "no account rep" complaints - I have had an account rep ever since I bought a policy 7 years ago. In fact, I get called by reps and managers at least once a year here in MA, and the same in CT. I have not - thankfully - needed to access it yet, so I can't additionally vouch for them. I have a high-deductible "MediGap" policy with them and I get tons of contacts from them on that.
It seemed impossible to collect from Bankers Life when my mother became ill and unable to care for herself. After months of trying to satisfy Bankers requirements, which I did, they just kept telling me I did not send this or that document and I proved to them I had. Finally, out of desperation, I told them they would not be hearing from me again. I was taking all documentation to my attorney. I told them I had an attorney because I had been appointed Legal Guardian of Mom since she was unable physically and mentally to care for herself which they were fully aware of because I had sent them a copy of the guardianship papers from the court. I then told them they could pay the attorney fees, court costs AND pay my mom. I would not be contacting them again and I did not want them to contact me unless it was to send me a check for Mom. They started sending me checks. It is a shamed that you have to threaten them to get them to do what they were paid to do. I wouldn't even give them 1 star.
Bankers Life Agents prepared two policies for my husband in our home. One for Life Insurance and the second for Long Term Care Insurance. The Life Insurance in the amount of 25K was replacing an existing policy for 10K the Long Term Care Policy a new Policy. We submitted to all medical review questions and provided the names of my husband medical doctors, tests labs etc. The policies were issued and premiums were deducted accordingly.The Long term care claims were denied because my husband attended his doctor during the week the policy was being processed. Policy denied. Now my husband has passed away and I'm told this policy is being contested as well. The policy was underwritten by professionals and we complied with every request to provide access to all medical records. Now when I need help the most I get the cold stare from the agents and the company.Minimal communications - the lady on the phone said something will be mailed to me. I submitted this policy to the funeral home in good faith. This company is a sham. I'm cancelling my existing policy because I don't want the same thing to happen to my loved ones. Consumers have no protection against these slick agents and underwriters. They have access to your medical records and doctors and can deny a policy at will.
If I could give this company zero or negative stars, I would do it. Never have I been treated so poorly by any company. They are inefficient, uncaring, disorganized and downright deceptive. I can’t believe they are still in business. If someone ever tries to sell you or your loved ones one of these policies, run away and don’t look back. I can only imagine how they treat the elderly who have one of these policies and need to file a claim but doesn’t have a child or advocate to battle for them, I can only imagine how they are treated.My father took out one of their Long Term Care policies back in 1993 and set up the premiums to be paid directly out of his bank account. In August of last year he had a major stroke and would now be needing long term care at a local skilled nursing facility. Even though he had Medicare and supplemental through his work, I started the process of alerting Bankers that I would likely be filing a claim after the first two options ran out. I didn’t have in my possession the actual policy that he had taken out with them and couldn’t find it at his house. I alerted Bankers Life and they told me they would resend the policy to his residence and not mine since they didn’t have my existing POA papers. I said that was fine since I was having his mail forwarded to me anyway and that I would send the POA papers to them. I uploaded the POA forms and waited for the policy.Weeks later I realized I hadn’t received them, (my bad, but life got in the way). I called again, spoke to someone else who said they had no request on file and they had no record of my POA being uploaded. OK, stuff happens, so I re-uploaded the papers. Waited another couple of weeks, no policy. I call again. They have them. They’re being processed. Several more weeks pass and I receive a confirmation letter that my POA has been recorded in the name of my mother, who had passed 5 years previous. Another phone call to the agency that now is supposed to be servicing the policy since the original agent is now long gone. Agent tells me that they didn’t receive second page of POA. I resend everything again, including my mother's death certificate, but this time to the agent.Weeks go by, receive another letter finally stating me as the POA. Still no policy. Call again, speak with phone rep, Unique, in of all places, their call Jamaica. Still no request on file for sending me a policy. Request a policy, but they have no record of my POA. Tell her I have a letter stating me as the POA. She says it doesn’t matter, she has no record of it. I am now thoroughly pissed and not certain what to do.On Nov. 20th, my father passes away. At the beginning of Nov. the nursing home was kind enough to fill out the majority of the claim and submit the claim. This is a service they offer to all their patients' families. She had questions about the claim as well and calls Bankers numerous times and couldn’t get straight answers and could never talk to the same person twice because Bankers doesn’t assign a single person to handle your case, you have the misfortune of having to talk to whomever is Jamaica. She tells me that they keep asking for the same information from the nursing home again and again and again. It is now well into Dec. and they keep asking for the same info yet again. They are sending me letters now, telling me what they are asking for and it’s the same thing as the time before and the time before that etc. The nursing home has now sent the information 3 times.Oh, and Bankers also doesn’t deal with 21st century technology, everything is done by snail mail. One of the forms I received from them was dated 18 days prior to the date I received it. All of the information from the nursing home had to be snail mailed....again and again and again. The nursing home is now calling me to see if I can call Bankers, since they will give out no information to the nursing home, (and this is after I have told them twice to give the nursing home any and all information that they need), I am furious at the stall tactics and call Bankers yet again.Spoke with another rep in the Jamaican call center. Can’t understand a darn word she’s saying. They transfer me to another rep. Ann. She can only tell me that the claim is in process and they are waiting on the nursing home. I tell her she’s lying because I just got off the phone with the nursing home and that she has sent all the necessary information 3 times with the last time being 2 weeks ago. I again demand a copy of the policy, she refuses because, guess what? They don’t have me listed as POA??!! And now they don’t have to send me anything because POA ends at death! Oh, that’s right, Bankers didn’t even have that little tidbit of information in the file! I had told everyone I had spoken with after Nov 20th that my dad had passed. I got a condolence letter in Dec, but no one had recorded it in the file. How pathetic is that? And now I don’t have a leg to stand on to get a copy of the policy or any other information.I demand to speak to her supervisor. I also now am demanding to know where the call center I am speaking to is located. She dances around the issue until she blurts out “Jamaica. We are on the island of Jamaica.” Way to go, Bankers Life. She also was not wanting to tell me her supervisor's name, since he “was out of the office at the moment.” She finally told me his name was “Willy” and that she would have him call me. Yeah, right. No call back that day, or the next.Finally frustrated to the point of tears, I call the union liaison that Navistar has appointed to help its retirees with insurance claims. He proceeds to tell me how much trouble he has had with them and that maybe the reason they don’t want me to see the policy is because some of their policies he has dealt with offer a refund of premium if no claim is made. I’m now righteously angry.I now call the agent again, in Waterloo, IA. I explain the issue to her and I’m not speaking softly. She offers to call the home office if I calm down and stop yelling. I apologize and give her a synopsis of the problem. I can tell she thinks I’m exaggerating. She calls back in about 30 mins. Lo and behold, they won’t give her any information or fax her a copy of the policy. This is the AGENT THAT IS SUPPOSE TO SERVICE THE POLICY AND THEY WON’T GIVE HER ANY INFORMATION! She is stunned. Does tell me that as soon as the higher ups return from their New Year’s retreat, (yes, by now it is 2018.) I am done waiting.I draft an email to her (although to her credit she is the only person at Bankers that actually tried to help me and showed some modicum of empathy towards me). The email stated that I wanted a copy of the policy in my hands in 2 days and that I had already contacted my attorney and was filing a bad faith lawsuit. I also stated that I had already opened a case against them in the State of Illinois with the Department of Insurance. The next call would be to my State Senator and a local Circuit Judge. I get an immediate response from the agent that she is forwarding my email to the powers that be regardless of what retreat they are on.The next day, I get a call from Rob in the home Chicago. He is stunned and amazed by how Much trouble I have had...But he still can’t send a policy directly to me!!! He assures me that he will personally oversee the rest of my claim...that it is in process and they are only waiting on the nursing home!!! He assures me that he would make sure a check is cut to the nursing home as soon as the claim is completed. He says they will overnight the policy to my father's address, in Central Illinois, 4 hours away from me. He says they will forward it after I tell him there is no one there to receive it. No problem, he says they will definitely have it forwarded. Guess what? It wasn’t forwarded! Fed Ex left it in the freaking DOOR!!! My husband drives 8 hours round trip to retrieve the policy. Finally received a check from them for the claim on February 2nd, when I had begun the claim process on Oct. 4th. Yes, that’s 5 months.My husband, who works for a major insurance company, was appalled by how badly this company runs its claims. The final icing on this wretched cake came with the check. In a small statement on the stub, the comment was written, and I quote this, “patient has not met the required waiting requirements. Your insurance does not pay for losses to the extent that they are covered by Medicare. However, as a valued policyholder, and to provide you with the best possible service, we are applying Medicare covered days towards your elimination period. You have met 20 of 20 days of your elimination period to date.” Yes, thank you Bankers Life for being so gracious as to afford me the finest possible customer service, you pathetic excuse for a company. If this is the best possible service, I would sorely hate to see their worst.
I am a Financial Planner and been in the business for over 10 years. Long-term care is a big part of my business considering the majority of my clients are seniors. My experience with Bankers Life actually comes from one of my clients. I have a client in NC who has had several health issues and was declined LTCI a few times by major LTC insurance companies. Long story short, my client was contacted by a cold call from a Bankers Life agent who insisted she could still get the insurance even after she disclosed her health issues. With that said, my client consulted with me and I said if he could get her approved then get the insurance. I gave her a list of questions to ask about the policy and some pointers about what to look for. When the agent from Bankers Life arrived, he was very pushy and actually told my client to omit some health details when filling out the application. She also tried asking him the questions I gave her about the policy and he noticeably was growing very frustrated with my client and eventually told her if she doesn't trust him then he's not doing business with her then he packed up his things and left. These business practices are very unethical and need to be looked into.
Customer service is not good. I always get the same greeting "NOW HOW IS THIS MY FAULT?" The world shakes and then the "nice" agent hangs up irresponsibly. It is awful. Also has a lock in contract and has worst policy and coverage. It won't pay out what you deserve unless you get hit by a truck or something like that. A three year old would do a better job. It sucks and is the worst gibberish I saw in my life. Would not recommend.
Like others have already written, Bankers Life seems to have their techniques down very well to drag the approval process out for as long as possible. We started in January of 2017 to get my father into an assisted living facility. He'd been paying on his policy for years, and from what he'd told us, Bankers was supposed to be a good company to deal with. Well, that wasn't the case. Once we opened a claim they asked for some basic information and told us that they couldn't do anything until he was already in a facility. We found an assisted living facility that was close to our home and moved him in, in February. Since he is on a fixed income, we had to supplement the cost of the monthly charges... hoping that Bankers Life would reimburse us. Once in the facility Bankers then asked for more documents. They were sent. They then told us that the documents would be reviewed. We waited... and waited for about 6 weeks. They called and said that they needed additional information. We sent it... and then waited. After a few more weeks they sent out a nurse to evaluate him. She ran some basic tests and then we waited. They asked for more information. But while we were waiting for them to review the new documents... my father had a fall and broke 4 ribs. He was sent to the hospital where he stayed a week before being sent to a rehab facility. Because Bankers was dragging their feet for so long, and weren't helping with any costs, we had to take my father out of the assisted living facility. We figured that once he was released from the rehab facility he could move back into our home again while we waited for Bankers to finally get around to approving him. He was at the rehab facility for a month and all of the doctors and nurses told us that there should be no problem getting him approved for long-term care with his physical limitations and dementia. We moved him back home with us and we heard that Bankers Life didn't feel that he needed any assistance and denied his long-term care. We appealed, and sent in 90 pages of documentation from doctors and nurses, stating all of his physical and mental conditions, and the doctors recommending that he be in an assisted living home... but that too was denied. Well, we decided to have help in our home while we went back and forth with Bankers Life. So we called a home health company, who had helped out previously, and they sent a nurse out to evaluate him for home health. We also contacted Bankers Life, yet again, about home health while we could make arrangements to get him back into assisted living. They also sent out a nurse. Both nurses arrived the same day and at the same time. Both evaluated him and both agreed he was needing help. The local home health company worked through Medicare and started the next day. We heard from Bankers Life a few weeks later telling us that his claim was under review. Another month went by and they sent us another letter telling us that it was still under review. We finally heard back today that they will approve home health assistance, but we are moving him into a nursing home next week. Hopefully they will allow the care that he gets there as proof enough to allow us to move him into an assisted living facility again. There is zero chance of us ever referring anyone to Bankers Life. They are very skilled in the art of delaying and dragging their feet to the point that people want to just give up. Horrible, horrible service and company.
I put in a claim for my father in September 2014 and expected a claim check to start in December of 2014. We have not gotten a check for December, January and now February. I have spent many hours on the phone and each time they tell us that some other information for him all of the requirements from the beginning of this process but they did not. After many lies that the check will be sent out, we still have no payment for his care. I would never take out any insurance from this company. They take your money but do not pay their claims!
My mother-in-law took out a policy for long term care with these people 15 years ago and now wants to use the policy and it is a nightmare. I'm surprised there hasn't been a class action lawsuit against them. They are happy to take your money for years but they DO NOT want to pay any claims. They keep harassing us and calling us trying to find a reason why they don't have to pay. The agencies they use have extremely POOR workers providing care. We have had 5 different employees in a few months period because they keep quitting. They tell you you can go with whoever you want, but that is pretty much a lie too because they will look for ANY reason not to pay a claim. They keep calling to see if they can find something in your recorded conversation that will let them off the hook. If you're even considering this company - run - don't walk. I would NEVER get a policy like this and especially NOT from Bankers Life, after seeing how difficult it is to use it. It was definitely a waste!
When I set up my account they were able to answer all of my questions and accurately. I don't remember the policy options due to I was in the navy when I signed up for the policy. But it was easy to set up at the time which was about ten years ago. It is to cover my expenses when I pass away and leave it to my kids. I remember that the plan that I chose was a high amount of pay out for so little of a price that I pay monthly. The value of the plan that I chose I felt was best for me at the time of purchase of the plan. I feel that my family will be in the best interest of my family.
We have Bankers Long-Term Care for 15 years. Lived in Mo. at time. Has been nothing less than a nightmare. Started with 5 years, just got a new $1000.00 rate increase. Will now have only about 30% of what we started with. Bankers agent told us any rate increase must be approved by state insurance dept. This was not true. What a waste of money.
My parents both took great care in their early 60's to research and purchase long term care insurance. They both were issued policies from Bankers Life. My father paid on his policy for over 13 years before he became so ill we needed to make a claim. Bankers Life took way too long to set up payment, would send letters saying claims would not be paid (even though some were) and then finally, after we thought we had worked all the kinks out (which was like a part-time job) they sent a letter saying we were near our max claim (but would not tell us what that max was) and that my father would no longer have care. They had the audacity to write in the next line that they "were here to help."My father will now have to pay for care out of pocket for 6 months before they will review another claim. "Customer service rep" when asked if he would likely be covered if he had to have a foot amputated or had a stroke replied "probably not." This company just plays games with people. Your loved one may die waiting for their care. If you want to pay for years to only get a year of coverage then you might not think it's so bad. Buyer beware.
Coverage is easy to choose and select because you can choose what policy is best for you and what will cover for you or your family and their options are great. They are helpful and informative because they answer any and all questions you may have concerning your policy and coverage. The customer service is always friendly and nice and wonderful.
I signed with one of your agents Sheppy. I already had Colonial Penn but I needed home health care. I signed up. She deposited my check too early and I started the month over 100.00 in the hole. Tried to explaining it to her but she would not listen. Secondly I told her I was in immediate need of home health care. First I was told I had to wait two months. During that time I had to pay someone for the help I needed. Then I was told they needed proof I paid her which she supplied. Now they are saying if I filed a claim within two years I needed a referral from a doctor, medical records for five years, and when they received all of that it would take at least ten more days to get it approved and another 45 days to start payments. In the meantime I have spend all of my savings paying someone. At the rate this be handled I might be dead before you people do what you said. I have a policy and have read it three or four time looking for the information you said you needed. If my claim is not processed and paid by 12/10/2015, I am filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau and writing the Insurance Commission about shady business practices. Who would do a sick senior citizen like this?
My parents paid this ripoff company for 10 years and they denied every claim except a partial when my mother passed away. 10 years of premiums and Bankers Life paid $1800 after 6 months of trying to get them to pay. Conseco Life Insurance is associated with them and it is the same dealing with them. Hundreds of bad reviews. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!
If you're looking for LTC insurance DO NOT CHOOSE BANKERS LIFE. If you're in the unfortunate position of either attempting to get BL to pay on a policy or acting for someone who has a policy GET AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY. I hold my father's POA and have been representing him for 5 years and it takes monthly multiple calls to BL, monthly multiple resubmissions of documentation and frequent referrals to our attorney for BL to fulfill their policy agreements. Perhaps profitable for stockholders and CEO but appallingly poor service for policy holders.
I recently filed claims with Bankers Life & Casualty LTC on behalf of my mother. The process went very smoothly. I used their web-based document upload service. They were quick to respond and let me know what was lacking (e.g. the plan of care from the LTC facility). Once all of the requested information was submitted by all of the parties (me, Mom's physician, and the LTC facility), we were notified within a couple of weeks that the claims were approved. About 2 weeks later, we received the first reimbursement check. We received the 2nd check last week. The LTC facility faxes them the itemized bill each month. I am going to see if they provide a direct deposit option (which is how I stumbled on these bad reviews of Bankers Life and decided I need to let people know that someone has had a positive experience). But even if they don't offer direct deposit, I will still be pleased.
For several years I have been paying Bankers Life monthly premiums for long term care. The day came when my wife with Alzheimer needed outside assistance. I was told our policy exempt care payments for the first 90 days of needed care. Bankers Life required a lot of paperwork which they received. More paperwork was required. I paid the two caring facilities for my wife care from June-December 2017 and have continued to pay into January 2018. I sent Bankers Life all of the weekly billing invoices with the copy of my payment check for each invoice. During late November 2017 Bankers Life called the caring Facility that caring hours and calendars daily dates for each week was needed. This was during November. I expect payment for all of my weekly paid invoices and I was surprised to learn that the caring facility had to give them calendar days for each week. Bankers Life accepted my copies of the paid weekly invoices but never mentioned to me that more information was needed. My contact at the caring facility mentioned that this was the worst insurance company she had experience. Their system for invoicing was not set up for the week's calendar dates and hours of care. She built a handwritten spreadsheet on one of their invoice form. I mailed this form to Bankers Life on December 5th. We didn't hear from them so I assumed it was trashed. Three weeks later I built a Excel spreadsheet in date sequence, showing my check number, the date, the facility, total hours and check total. I mailed this on December 27, 2017 with another set of copied invoices which included the image of my payment checks.Later I called them and told my Bankers Life contact that if I didn't receive the amount due me from my spreadsheet I was going to report them to the my state and I'm thinking of getting a lawyer to take the company to court and Bankers Life will pay for all costs. My contact told me I would have priority and reimbursement checks will be mailed within a few days and he will keep me posted, which he did. I received the checks around January 20th and another check about a week later. I would not recommend Bankers Life for long term care insurance.
We have been frustrated with Bankers Life/Transamerica for a claim we file for my 94 year old mother who needs full time care. They are good at stalling on the claim and come up with all these things they have to do before they will make a decision. My mother needed Home Health Care first and that was a nightmare also. After 6 months, they denied the claim. I turned it into the Insurance Commissions office and they got them to pay the claim. I think they are hoping people will give up and then they will not have to pay the claim. My mom pays 10,000.00 per year and this is how they treat her. Not a company I would recommend.
When submitting Whole Life policy information (application, policy, "congratulation" pay off letter) to Bankers Life & Casualty customer service 800-525-7662, they told me they have no record of existence. Just wanted to warn others that policies taken out on their newborns will most likely be "lost". Put your money in a savings account for them. Most children are not aware of (60+ years) existing policy OR paperwork will be lost on such policies. Ultimately this is what B&CL is counting on. Either way, policy will not be paid. Policy pay off letter signed by Frank ** at Bankers Life - Oct 1975.
My mother paid into a long term care plan with Bankers Life for many years. It was an automatic withdrawal of $150 @ month. Bankers Life failed to draft the monthly premium for 2 months. We contacted Bankers Life and asked why? We were told insufficient funds. THIS IS A LIE, NOT TRUE! Her balance has always been well over $5000 in her checking account. The bank confirmed the funds were NEVER requested. Bankers Life told us that my mother had to reapply as the policy she paid for all those years now lapsed? She was NOW declined due to her current health. There has never been any documentation from Bankers Life to support any insufficient funds or that the policy ever lapsed. BEWARE! My mother was contacted by phone for years after her decline by Bankers Life agents trying to sell her LTC. Even after her death they would try to set an appointment with her.I would set an appointment with the current agent and tell her horror story about what a horrible company they work for. By having the current agent from Bankers Life come to her home even after her death, was a way to keep Bankers Life products out of someone else's home at that time. I had to give up my full time job, take a $50,000 pay cut to take care of my mother for over 10 years due to Bankers Life's unethical practices. Income loss total of over $500,000. I love my mother and did what I needed to do to take care of her.I hate unethical companies like Bankers Life. BUYER BEWARE! I have since dedicated my life to helping people through the Knights of Columbus. I have become a field agent for more than 11 years now. I am an MDRT member and love helping families with an award winning Most Ethical Company. Thank you Knights of Columbus for helping me provide benefits to families that are guaranteed to be there when families need the most.
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