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Automobile Club of Southern California Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Automobile Club of Southern California
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
Only use AAA, Southern California if you want to waste your time, money and energy. For both Auto and Home insurance. They lie. They offer a bait and switch approach. Fraudulent practices. You sign for one price - they change it to another. For Home insurance they offer a low price then come to your home, take pictures and change the price. Run away. -Everything is blamed on the one underwriter that is "assigned to your case". They charge a high finance charge but they can't call it "finance charge" because they are a "non-profit". Three months of torture. "Managers" check into what chaos is going on, pretends to look into, comes back with more requests pictures, certifications for supposed discounts and then state they will charge even a higher rate. Threatens to cancel policy if do not pay the higher rate. Even though you signed a document with the lower rate.
On 5/1/17, I received a Renewal Notice from the Automobile Club of Southern California at my Nevada address. Having recently moved from California to Nevada, I thought I'd call and have my membership transferred from California to Nevada as a part of the renewal process. I thought it a bit odd that I should receive a Membership Renewal for Southern California at my Nevada address since I had not notified them of an address change. Then, I concluded that AAA must have automatically changed my address based on a Life Insurance Policy I have with them (on which I did submit an address change).I called the 800 number for membership services. After navigating through the non-live person phone tree, I was finally connected to a live individual. After asking for my membership number, etc., this person said they were in the Northern California AAA office and could not help me, but would transfer me to the Southern California office. Instead, I was put back into the automated phone tree, put on hold awaiting a live person. When the call was finally answered, it was the Insurance Division of AAA. I explained to them what I was trying to do (simple renewal and transfer) after giving them all my information for the SECOND TIME. Again, I was told by this individual that they would transfer me to someone in the Southern California AAA Membership Office that could help me. 5 seconds later, I was back into the original automated phone tree where I originally started.We are now at the 15 minute mark of being on the phone, navigating the phone tree, being on hold, or being transferred to the wrong location for a simple membership renewal and transfer. Back through the phone tree and on hold, finally getting in touch with a live person in the Southern California AAA Membership Office. They said they would be glad to help me with the membership renewal and transfer, although they said that the Nevada is a separate business entity, but under the nationwide AAA umbrella. They said they would call Nevada AAA and give them my information if I would hold... 5 seconds later, I was back in the original automated phone tree. In the phone tree this time, I punched "0" and waited for someone to come online while holding.When I finally got a live person, it was the Membership Division (a different person this time). They asked for my membership number which I provided (for the 4th time) and asked how they could help me. I stated that I wanted to renew my Membership and transfer it from the Southern California AAA to the Nevada AAA. I was told by this person (I assume working in the same office as the previous person) that she could not help me with that--that I would have to contact Nevada AAA and join them as a new member (been 14 years with the AAA Southern California). I told this person that the previous person I spoke with said this COULD be done in their office and was in the process of helping me do it when I was disconnected and placed back into the automated phone tree. The current person insisted that she could not help me with the membership issue.We are now at the 30 minute mark of time spent on the phone: dialing, going through phone trees, being mis-transferred, talking to at least 4 different people, and losing ALL PATIENCE. So, I told the person that I was speaking to that I will not be rejoining such an inefficient, time-wasting, ridiculous organization as a member. I gave her my membership number and told her to CANCEL my membership immediately... and in the process, was put back into the original automated phone tree!!!If you are thinking of joining the AAA in California, Nevada, or anywhere else, you will probably be time and money ahead by simply paying for services (towing, etc.) as you need them, rather than subsidizing an organization so disconnected from each other and its membership base as the AAA is. As of 24 hours later, I have received no follow-up telephone calls from anyone at the AAA about this issue. I'm assuming the last person I spoke with did not even inform a supervisor of a membership problem that needed to be looked into. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!The reason I am providing this review is to let others know that the AAA is apparently unable to provide simple membership services via telephone--and to alert others to the high level of inefficiency in this organization. At one time, the AAA was the epitome of automobile services organizations. IMO, this is no longer true.
AAA charged another person's membership to my credit card. They know who the person is, they know my credit card number and know they charged my credit card for that person's membership but they refused to do anything until I prove they charged my credit card. Huh? I had to fax my credit card statement to them and it was done 4 different times. I have not heard back nor have I received my money.
I received a call a few weeks ago from an employee named ** that is stationed out Diamond Bar, CA Auto Club. She called me on my personal cell number looking for another employee. I asked her how did you get my number and her response was she had it. I know she didn't have my number and the only way it could be found is through Auto Club system. I'm going to cancel my membership if this problem doesn't resolve soon. I didn't know that employees have right to get my personal information off your system. I now believe that I have no privacy.
Was hit by AAA member 12/21 when she ran stop sign. Called to provide statement on 12/22 was told by someone in their clerical pool that appears they were already going by their member's statement. Mind you they had not spoken to us nor seen any of the pictures taken at the scene where the member ran the stop sign. Went downhill from there, adjuster Dawn would not return phone calls nor would her manager Mark. Only when message left that they were bordering acting illegally did we get call back from Mark. On 2/5 Dawn says she was still waiting for police report when they had already been advised there was none taken because no one was injured. Also had to report them to State Of California Insurance Department. We now have to take member to small claims where she will most likely have to pay out a lot more than whatever she saved buying into this insurance coverage.
My friend and I met with a "Travel Agent" at the Rancho Palos Verdes office on April 22 to discuss a trip to New York, Rome, Amalfi Coast and Greece. On April 23 he sent us an email with an estimate of the cost. We informed him we would think about it and get back to him. We decided that, due to the cost, we would forgo the trip to Italy and just go to New York and Greece. I sent an email on May 5 with firm dates for our new trip. We met with the "Agent" on May 8 to firm up our trip details. He emailed me later in the day with the cost and stated that no space was held. We decided that the itinerary he sent was good so stopped by to see him on May 9 to firm everything up. On May 13, we met the Agent in his office and gave him two checks - one for the airfare and one for the service charges. At that time, the airline seats were picked and we were given a preliminary itinerary and the e-tickets would be sent to us. I was preparing an itinerary for the family on June 15 and realized that there were no seat assignments for our air travel on the preliminary tickets provided. I went to see the Agent to make sure I was mistaken and to also get our tickets (e-tickets or otherwise). He checked to make sure and found there were no seat assignments - even though they were paid for and chosen on May 13. He placed a phone call and was on hold for a long time. He said he would email me the seat assignments. I did not hear from him that day. I called him in the morning, but he didn't get in until 11:00 and then had a client. He called me about 1:00pm and gave me the seat assignments as follows: Length of flight, seats assigned, WHY? LAX-JFK, 5 hours 40 min, 36A/37A, not together. JFK-ATHENS, 9 hours 56 min, 39F/40F, not together. ATHENS - JFK, 10 hours 56 min, 41J/41H, 2 rows from end.Obviously, these seats were unacceptable. Since our trip began June 29, it became very clear that AAA was not doing anything to fix the situation. I contacted three "supervisors" to no avail. DON'T TRUST THEM. We paid in full May 13 and still didn't have seats on June 15. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Still no response from anyone in management at AAA.
On July 7, an individual insured by Automobile Club Insurance side-swiped me. The police officer on the scene called not only Automobile Club Insurance to ensure that his insurance was valid, but also checked mine. Both were deemed valid. The other individual was issued a citation for improper lane change so I called his insurance company that afternoon and filed a claim. Again it was determined that his insurance was valid and not only did they file the claim, but they sent out an adjuster that following Monday, July 10, to do an estimate for the damage. The adjuster told me that I should have it later that afternoon so that I could take it to the body shop and they could get the parts ordered. Didn't get it that afternoon, didn't get it Tuesday, so I called the claims person on Wednesday and asked her when I would receive the adjustment so I could take it to the body shop just for her to tell me that she had been notified that the individual's insurance with them had cancelled due to non-payment on July 5th, 2 days before the accident but that she couldn't send me anything as she had requested a copy of the letter that was sent to him with that cancellation date. So I called her on that Friday, she said she had received the letter and had submitted a denial letter that had to be sent up to her supervisor for approval and that she couldn't send it until she got it back. I had to file a claim on my insurance. I have a $1000 deductible, but if they send the denial letter, then the claim falls under uninsured motorist and my deductible is waived. My insurance rep has called multiple times and still has not received the letter. So I called them today, 7/25 and spoke with the claims rep who was extremely rude and told me that she told me she was denying the claim and that I needed to have my insurance fix my vehicle. I told her I didn't have the $1000 deductible and that all I needed was the denial letter and that deductible would be waived. She then rudely said she would send them a note saying it was denied. The whole issue is very circumspect to say the least. I would never recommend this company. If I could find where to file an official complaint so that someone officially looks into the issue of suddenly that individual's insurance was canceled 2 days prior and that he didn't get a ticket for no insurance because they said he was covered, that would be great. I think this company is probably lying.
Got a flat while I was at work, didn't notice until 9:30pm when I was off. I called for a tow home, they said it would be 45-1 hr. I called in an hour and they said another hour. And I kept calling every hour on the hour and finally at 2:30am I called all pissed off and tired and they finally told me they were having trouble getting one of their contractors to come out. I had to call my Brother to get my truck in San Clemente and drive over the toll road to Perris to pick me and my motorcycle up and drive me home. It was past 4am by the time I was home. I felt super bad for him. He had to work the next day so I gave him gas money for my truck and his time. I asked for someone to follow up with me and they keep calling at bad times and never answer when I've called back during business hours.
This is the first negative review I have ever had to write, and hate to do it. But this is deserved. I have been a AAA member for decades, and have a gold membership card with my daughter as co-member. My daughter, who is a college student purchased a new battery from AAA battery service because she was stranded and needed a new battery. The batteries came with a 6 year warranty, and a three year free replacement so she thought it was a good deal. Only one problem, they don't honor the free replacement.After two years the battery would not hold a charge. I jump started the battery with my car and drove it into my garage to do a brake job. I checked that the alternator was charging the battery correctly and it was putting out 14.25 volts. I had the battery on a charger all morning. It would not hold a charge for more than two hours. There was nothing drawing current from the battery but for about 50 to 70 milliamps when I checked. Totally normal. I called AAA roadside assistance and told them I had a bad battery that my daughter purchased from AAA battery service two years ago. I told them it needed to be replaced because it would not hold a charge. They said they would send someone with a replacement battery.Thirty minutes later a tow truck shows up and wants to jump start the car. They totally botched the call. The nice tow truck operator called their HQ to have a battery delivered and said they would be over in 20 minutes. Four hours later and still nobody had shown up. I called again and finally 30 minutes later someone came by and "tested" the battery. Even though the battery had been charging all day, he said I needed to charge the battery. Hmmm... You think maybe it's bad? He said to drive it for about 30 to 60 minutes to let it charge. Then to take it to an "official" free charging location to have the battery charged before they would even consider replacing it for free. Really? Ludicrous! Fine, I needed to road test the car after replacing all the brakes anyway. Drove for an hour on the highway and parked the car.Next day, dead again. I shouldn't have to jump through all these hoops to get a "free" replacement battery for a junk battery. I have never had a battery last only two years in my life. The next day I took the car to Autozone. They even tested it and the alternator and clearly stated it was a bad battery. I bought a new battery and it has been fine for two weeks. Guess what? No more battery problems! I'm cancelling my membership at the end of this year. Auto Club of Southern California.
We presently have homeowners insurance coverage through Auto Club of Southern California since approximately 1987. And we have been Auto Club members for almost 30 years. We have an uncashed claim check from Auto Club for damage to our home. The date of issuance is May 9, 2001. The reason the check was never cashed was because it was inadvertently packed away in storage, along with other home furnishings and boxes. It was when our house was being renovated. While going through the boxes in storage in August 2011, we found the uncashed check.We then called Auto Club to report the uncashed claim check, the status of it and re-issuance of the check. The Auto Club claimed the monies from the check had been sent to the State of California unclaimed property department. They said that I would have to contact the State regarding the funds. I contacted the State of California Dept. for unclaimed property. I was told they did not receive any check or funds from the Auto Club for us. Therefore, I called Auto Club back to tell them what the State said.From the outset, Auto Club never helped us. It's been very frustrating. We've been passed on to so many different people from Auto Club. We had to explain and re-explain the same situation many times over to every different person. Either the person didn't know anything, or they didn't know what we were talking about. They would give us the wrong information. They said they would call back, but they didn't. They would also say there was no information about my last contact with Auto Club regarding the matter. I'd ask them their name and phone number. They would give me the main number, instead of their extension. So, the next time I'd call back to check on the status of the uncashed check, I would be talking to another different person. I would have to repeat the matter all over again from the very beginning. This went on for 2-1/2 weeks.Auto Club now claims a new check was reissued to us, and the one we have was voided. However, they refuse to give us proof of the executed reissued check. Auto Club claims they no longer have records of the check. Yet, how does Auto Club know they reissued a check to us since they claim not to have any records? We appreciate your help in assisting us in this matter. We want to be treated equitably.Sincerely, James & Kathleen **
I began my employment with AAA in 1974. In 2005, I had reached the required number of years of service plus my age, which entitled me to retire with a benefit of $1906.00 per month. I decided not to retire at that time. In August 2005, I was a pedestrian and was hit by a car, which was insured by AAA. I was in a coma for a few months and moved to a convalescent center in October. I was so disabled that I was unable to ever work again.There were interviews and correspondence between AAA and my self with me appearing at the AAA office in which I worked and informing supervisory staff that I would not be returning to work due to my disabilities. I completed forms from the company regarding my disabilities. I then received a letter from my supervisor stating that the AAA Club was treating my disablement as a "voluntary termination." They also informed me that I should have been terminated three years previously, but it was not due to a clerical error. When I phoned to protest, I got no satisfaction.When I applied for my retirement, I was informed that my $1906.00 per month would be paid to me for one year and then would be reduced to under $500.00 per month being that I had "retired early." I protested that I had not retired early; I had been disabled. Their reply was that the "club" retirement makes no distinction between early retirement and disability. I have contacted an attorney. I happened to be at AAA for notary services and spoke to another long-time employee. This employee stated that after 40 plus years of service, when they put in for their retirement, they were immediately hit with a 5% wage reduction. This company is vicious and needs to be disciplined. I'm filing a complaint with everyone who will entertain it.
I obtained a quote over the phone and was given a premium. I was not comfortable using my credit card over the phone so I went in to a local AAA branch office and was given a second price. I asked why? The agent tried to avoid answer me but I would not take leave without an explanation. He said the "mileage" driven per year was lowered by the agent in the call center. I told the agent in the office the same mileage I told the agent in the branch. 10,000 per year estimate. I said I wanted the lower rate and the agent in the office refused to honor the rate given by the agent over the phone and said I should call him back to finalized the plan. I asked to speak with the manager and he couldn't give a reason on this situation except to say agent are compensated differently for writing the policy with correct information and incorrect information. Buyer beware!!! If the agent manipulate one of many possible details... will AAA deny a claim if one is filed. Nobody knows and Nobody will give me a direct response.
After AAA endorsed a Santa Barbara Hotel (the Mason Beach Inn) with their "diamond" rating, I made a reservation. The property kept my family waiting for over three hours at check in. On top of this, the manager, **, was discourteous, and the hotel charged over three hundred dollars for a one-night stay. When I complained to the manager, he said he would "take care" of the problem. After not hearing from him for over a month, I made over fifteen calls to the same manager. He did not return one single call. Not one. This is when I decided to get the Auto Club involved, as they had endorsed this property. As a club member for almost thirty years, with a Premier membership for the last six, I figured that they would at least try to advocate on my behalf. The "top dog" at the Auto Club that the other reviewer referred to, Regional Manager **, first listened to my complaint and said she would arrange for a "ten percent" refund, which the hotel didn't honor. I made five additional calls to the hotel manager, which again, were not returned. When I contacted her again, she actually began to advocate for the property, rather than her member, stating that I had "ultimately checked in" - as if that was the point. I escalated the complaint to Edward **, who is the last stop on the chain of command - the President is unreachable (an employee told me that his number is "unpublished"), which shows just how concerned he is with his members. Mr. ** said that he refuses to reconsider any decision made by his Regional Manager (so why was I told to escalate the complaint to him and then given his name and number?) and refused to answer the simple question I asked him: Is what happened to me and my family consistent with the standards the Auto Club expects of the hotels it endorses? Rather than simply say, "You're right. You have a good point, and we need to do something about this", he simply blew me off with a comment about how my complaint will be considered the next time the property "comes up for review." Really? You're going to continue to recommend this property to your members knowing full well that they have treated a member this way and might do it (or worse) again? Especially given that (as I found out last week), in between my making you aware of what they'd done and now, you've re-endorsed them? I repeated my question to him several times, each time asking simply if what had happened was consistent with what the Auto Club expects of the Hotels it lends its name to. Each time, he refused to answer the question, because he knows that what his Regional Manager did is wrong - and he is not ethical enough to make it right. Don't trust the Auto Club's endorsement of a hotel, or its "diamond" rating. It's meaningless, and they don't stand behind it - or their members.
5:45 am - Called roadside assistance/selected Option #1 on voice menu "Battery Service". 6:15 am - Tech came on time (within 30 minutes)... and, was VERY irritated that I wanted him to check the battery to see if it needed replacement - which I was prepared to move forward with. It seems that he ONLY charges batteries/does not do diagnosis or replacement. THAT requires an additional service call because it is available only after 8 am. The phone menu SHOULD INFORM members of the time that particular service is available... so, that they don't have to deal with waiting and making two service calls! As a result, I was able to have the local Firestone - open at 7 am - handle it and cancelled the 2nd AAA roadside service request. I have sent this information to AAA via their website in hopes that they will INCLUDE this information on their voice menu!
Had a faucet leak from our kitchen Island which ended up making the floors soft in areas. The claims adjuster only wants to be negative and deny our claim. Why am I paying for insurance when they just want to argue about this. I'll be looking for a better company who works for the customer and not to save the company money.
My travel agent Judy ** at the Oakland Piedmont branch booked our Cruise and air travels. The cruise was for me and my two children, they're 4 & 7. 7 day cruise Sunday - Sunday but she had us flying back 3 days after we boarded the cruise boat. I had to buy full fare tickets for the 3 of us. She won't return any of my calls. I won't stop until I receive a full refund.
I purchased a car battery on Jan. 17, 2012 from AAA which they represented to be new with 3-year replacement warranty. On February 18, 2012, the battery was dead. The response team that sold the battery, Florence Motors Inc., claimed it simply needed re-charging and refused to replace. I did as suggested and charged the battery approximately 45 minutes and afterwards the battery was still dead. The response tech came again and again said the battery was in need of re-charging and refused to replace it. I spoke with the manager, a man named Baca (sic), who was rude and said for me to do whatever. I informed him I would file a complaint and seek to have his contract rescinded. I lodged a telephonic complaint, to no avail. I was told the protocol was being followed. On 2/20/12, I had the battery inspected by a Ford dealership and was told the battery had a dead cell. I was forced to buy another. I am seeking redress and would like the name and address of the vice president in charge of customer service, and I would like the name and address of the president of AAA Southern California. I have been a member of the club for 42 years. My number is **. I expect your prompt response.
June 2 had kitchen flood. DryTec came out as AAA agent. It took them 3 days to bring dryers. AAA estimator came out a week after leak. After a month of no word from AAA, we called back. Mold set in. Kitchen needs replacing. AAA expects a packing company to come in for $8.00/hour to pack, which is not even minimum wage. They also stated you can replace an kitchen and repair the damage wall in the garage for less than $16,000. This price includes lead and asbestos removal. The price will not even cover stock, smaller cabinets.
Early May 2014 went in to thousand oaks office to pay auto ins, was suggested that we "bundle" homeowners as well. Agent got our home information, went to a fax machine, pulled off info about a flood in the home in 2010. We confirmed that there was and that our homeowners insurance had covered the loss. Never did she indicate in any way that because of the 2010 loss that AAA may not be willing to insure. She proceeded with the quote & said she would be calling. Never called, finally a month later we called her. We're told that because of the flood AAA could not insure us but AAA had a "secondary" insurance company & she would have an agent call. He did call and advised us that because of the FIRE claim they could not cover us. Told him we never ever had any fire damage, only water the one time, he said he'd get back to us. Never heard a word from AAA again regarding homeowners. Giving us the quote without any caution that because of the "flood" that we could be turned down seems like a bait and switch. Early in February 2015 I took my husband off the auto policy, cancelled insurance on one of the three vehicles because he had passed away. I am still receiving mail from AAA addressed to him. I have obtained auto & homeowners insurance elsewhere, "bundled", with the same coverage as AAA but at a significant savings. Two comments: The agents don't follow through and there seems to be no communication between departments otherwise I wouldn't be receiving mail addressed (to me) and my deceased spouse.
In March of this year 2013, I was on the freeway, and was hit by an 83-year-old on the freeway insured by AAA. Two others in the car, had minimal injuries. I sadly now after 6 months, am looking at possible lifelong nerve spinal damage. I have had 2 spinal epidurals, total of my out-of-pocket bills are at this point 8 thousand dollars and I suspect that they will be much more. Shame, shame on the mock, Mediator and Adjuster that have no level of integrity. I was offered first $900, and now 10 thousand dollars. This is not what I expected from AAA.
Agent Jay booked us overnight hotel rooms at Ramada Inn in San Jose on Aug. 13, 2012 .We got to the hotel at about 12:30 and on walking in through the hotel door, the carpet was filthy. In the walkway, windows were dirty, carpet was filthy. In the rooms, faucet was not working properly. We called AAA who could not resolve this issue and we had to pay for more rooms at the Hilton in San Jose. I would like a refund of the money and also to be reimbursed for the money spent at the Hilton.
Auto Club of California aka AAA Auto Club claims on door dings are covered under collision and not comprehensive. Very convenient because collision usually has $500 deductible and comprehensive carries $250. When looking for a good insurance company for your car, think twice before you pick Auto Club.
I want to caution EVERYONE who is considering using AAA as their Auto Insurance. I have been a customer for over 25 years. Last year, another AAA customer hit me while I was waiting for a stop light to change. It was 100% her fault. Because we both had AAA I was treated so poorly because obviously they were going to have to pay out. The first representative who called me right after the accident was someone representing the person who hit me - I received no contact from anyone representing me. The person who called me just said they were from AAA - didn't make it clear that they were there to protect AAA - not me. He actually had the audacity to discourage me from using a medical device my doctor had given me to use. He gave me zero advice on how to be assured I had the documentation I would need to get a fair reimbursement for my loss of income as well as medical expenses.Then the person who was working on the actual claim kept on losing documentation that was sent to her. She kept on saying she didn't receive doctors' documentations, etc when both doctors assured me they had sent my records several times. I could go on forever but this is a cautionary tale - make certain that if you know you will have to go through a claim with AAA - RUN RUN RUN to an attorney before you EVER talk to anyone at AAA. They have done everything to make this experience a living hell. They never once offered assistance or information on what they would need for me to get a fair claim. I lost over a year of employment and will not receive reimbursement for that loss of work due to the way my doctors did not document their evaluations - so be sure you have an attorney monitoring your doctors and the insurance company. And by all means do not ever believe that AAA is on your side - because they are not!!! DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! BUT GET PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT (AN ATTORNEY) BECAUSE AAA WILL NOT HELP YOU!
I went to AAA because they claimed that they will save me money on my car and home insurance policy. I met with Anthony ** from AAA who told me that he will work everything out for me and I will be good to go. I believe he was sincere at the time. However, I had an issue with having him reschedule/forgetting to follow through with going to my home to take pictures for the home insurance. I finally set up 3 weeks in advanced an appointment that he also failed to show up to. I finally sent him an email letting him know how disappointed I was and he told me that I still have home insurance (even though I received a letter from AAA stating that my home insurance coverage was going to be dropped due to lack of pictures). I called and complained and was reassured my policy was not going to cancel. Yesterday, I got a check in the mail with a refund of prorated amount from the policy and I have yet another appointment for this coming August 15th for them to take pictures!!! I guess no one knows what is going on and my home now officially is not insured. Thank you AAA!!! I am going to make sure people know my story and not to do business with AAA ever again!
I am still getting bills in the mail even though the amount I paid shows in their system. Don't join AAA. I'll be looking for a better company who works for the customer. You've turned me from a loyal, long term customer to a spokesman shouting from the rooftops against you. Sadly, if you only knew, I'm the absolute last person to post a reply, let alone a negative one with regards to a company I once esteemed highly.
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