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Company Name: Autoinsurance
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
The customer service was exceptional. Siriah handled all my questions well, and got my policy started!
I had a great experience talking to the customer service people.They were helpful and answered all my questions and was very satisfied.
Josh was and is an excellent agent. On my first call to your company I was greeted by another agent. When I told her that I wished to speak to and give business to Josh, there was no hesitation, I was transfer to him. It's nice having someone there for you.
The rep that talked to me was very polite. He answered all my questions 100%. Quoted rates with same coverage that I have, but saving $100.00. Was very pleased with the rep that I talked with.
Maria was great, she answered all my questions,purchasing insurance was never so easy.
These brokers are awsome. Left my number for them to complete my request for the next day and we're very punctual in doing so. Thanks to them, I now have insurance.
My experience with customer service was very good
Great service. Very friendly.
Just signed up today....great customer service.....helpful 5 stars for todays experience.........
Got a fast quote and let the rep.know I was just pricing policies, no problem.The rep.called me back next day and I let her know her quote was the lowest so far.She asked if she could call back in a few days at 1 P.M.,of course I agreed.At 1 3 days later she called as promised.The quote she initially gave was still the lowest so she helped me purchase the policy.I appreciate her professionalism.She made the whole process totally painless,no problem.Great job!
Never have I had such a helpful and friendly insurance agent that actually listens to what I want and need; who also tries to save me as much money as possible. Frank was very informative and answered every question. If every insurance agent was like Frank, I'm sure everyone wouldn't despise shopping for insurance. Very pleased! 15355398
Steven Lewis was a great help in quoting me home n auto Insurance
i hope it stays good and with the same service
The agent I talked to was very kind n helpful. She was the type of person who I would love to deal with any day. Thank you for great agents.
You have got to call and find out how much money they will save you
They helped me save hundreds of dollars a year that my former Auto Ins. Co was costing me. They are very helpful, polite, very courteous and always willing to answer any questions you may have. Only wish I knew about them a very long time ago and saved myself a lot of time-hassles-and Money. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!
My agent that contacted me was really awesome, laid back, and tried finding me the best rates that he could. He made sure to go into great detail as to what was going on and when I didn't understand something, he explained in great detail. He ended up finding me a better deal than what I was expecting to find through this company to be honest. And honestly, I was getting ready to let the guy go because I honestly did not think that I was going to be able to find a decent deal with these guys, but I did and I'm happy that I decided to stay on the phone and finish exploring options. 15430199
Stephanie went above and beyond to help me with all of my concerns
Now that I have received your full attention I just wanna say I appreciate the help and going above and beyond to help me out and find the cheapest auto insurance even though it took almost 2 hrs to get it all sorted out and being a pleasant conversation. I am glad I was connected to the insurer Courtney ext 14623
My experience was great and courteous, low pressure sales techniques really was appreciated. I wish all my deals with the business world, were as positive and productive. I would recommend this site to my friends and family.
Matthew was very good 15081885
Dustin was so professional and helpful. He checked with all carriers and got me the best insurance with Travelers. Dustin saved me almost $1,000.00 dollars per year.
The agent was very informative and helped us with choosing an insurance company.
Confirmation #: 15508470-- Service was great! Reduced my insurance by more than half for almost the same exact coverage.
I was very happy with my final quote on my insurance.
very good serivce
you helped me in looking for the best rates and best policy that fits my finances I am very pleased and greatful for your assentance.
Experience with autoinsurance was very helpful in making the decision to change and save on auto insurance. I have been with the same company for over 18 years. I will recommend autoinsurance to my friends.
She helped me find better insurance
was not happy with the service...15001563
had a good experience that felt more like a conversation than an interrogation. We got done what needed to get done without issue.Was a good professional experience.
jesse was one of the best representatives your company could possibly have he was very conscientious to help me get a quote for my car insurance which included everything that I needed but have not had with my previous company that was given for 1 year was also the best quote of four separate company that I received I feel that the service he gave me and the help he gave me made the decision on who I was going to let me have my car insurance for the next year was that he had he was such a good and competent representative I appreciated his openness and his ability to answer all of my questions with no hesitation and he gave me his number so that I can call him back if I had any additional questions or need for my policy I feel he is your best asset my confirmation number is 1556 1809
The value that you get from speaking with this team of agents already beats your standard insurance agency. They tallied over 10 agencies to find me the best absolute rate on my car, and we came to an agreement that saved me thirty dollars per month. I'll have to admit, had i not been contacted i would still be with Geico paying 360 dollars more a year due to the time it takes to research all of the providers. EXCELLENT SERVICE- TALK TO THESE PEOPLE.
Very friendly people..they got me great rates on auto insurance.awesome experience!!!
The agent took care of answering any questions and was very helpful
I recommend this insurance company it saves you money.
the sales rep was quite knowledgeable about auto insurance. he took his time to go through all steps and was very respectful and calm, not rushed.
wow! went looking for cheaper insurance and came across auto insurance, they look up all my information, gave me discounts, and quoted me a great price for insurance. I would refer anyone here.. thanks auto insurance...
Ty for your help reducing car insurance. I was paying way to much that it was choking my fianaces to a struggle with life in general.
I was suprised by the ease of finding a new Insurance company. Sarah was very helpful and patient in the whole operation. Confirmation # 14831151 D P Tolman
I was very impressed with the customer service I received!
Very helpful answer my question and concern.
Agent was very helpful and recommended a few things. Took his advice. Overall very pleased!
I will admit that when I know I will be calling around for auto insurance quotes it tends to stress me out before I even begin. But, after saying that, I called Safeco Insurance Company today to get a quote and I had a very positive experience. It was just like 2 people talking to each other, not just question after question. I had a gentleman named Tre who helped me with my questions and in about 10 minutes I now had a new Insurance company and I would now be paying about $150,00 less a month. So, this company has started off great in my book and I hope it continues for a long time. Happily Surprised in Connecticut!!
I'm of the age I do not use the internet much and don't trust everything I read and hear. I was shocked by the huge savings and simple process to get a better insurance plan. thank you... fredz
It was very helpful I change my auto insurance and am now saving money thanks
The agent I worked with was David Brown. David was very patient, and attentive to me. I was given a very good auto quote. I am very happy with the service I received.15759879
My agent mike Shannon was very helpful in finding me the best coverage and price. He took his time collecting my information & matching me up with the same coverage on both auto & home policy. He is very knowledgable and courteous. He save me 50 percent on homeowners insurance.
After paying close to $2000.00 for a 6 month policy, I was in total shock at what my new policy cost for the same coverage.
Most informative and knowledgable customer service!
Hello freind all looks good.
I had the pleasure of changing my auto, home and motorcycle insurance. Yes, it was a pleasure. I saved money, the process was not painful, I was given great advice. In fact, the quote we received on the motorcycle insurance actually made my husband fall on the floor.. The total savings on the three types of policies actually pays for the auto policies. Confirmation #15629580
Stephanie Bachmann was the nicest, most helpful insurance professional with whom I have ever spoken. Thank you so much for finding the best rates for us!
The rep I spoke with was very efficient and knowledgeable providing me with some very good quotes. 12531807
clear explanation
I found a good deal, however was on hold for over 10 minutes. Confirmation # is: 14887081
Got a great quote and agent worked hard, never losing his cool.
Very nice, professional, and very informative.
They got me what I needed as quickly as possible, were very friendly and professional (unlike the previous companies I had been in contact with today for information), and I was able to find new auto insurance at a great rate very fast. Great experience.
Ruth walked us through the insurance experience and made it an easy decision to change our auto insurance to Travelers.
Well all I can say is so far so good. It was easy to set up auto insurance and the rep was very nice and very friendly. So far very happy with the results of my call.
It was great service but I am still waiting to receive my policy
Customer Service Rep was quick to assist with referencing comparison of other insurance companies, exhibited strong knowledge regarding insurance product. All questions were answered efficiently, dispelled concerns about company. Provided a contact number for quick reference.
As others are skeptical, so was I until the information and integrity was forthcoming. Honesty and encouragement kept the dialogue flowing to get optimal benefits. Highly recommend this company to assist your needs. Excellence throughout from start to finish!
A few minutes and a few questions answered and I got what I was dreading, the comparison of multiple companies' offers of auto insurance. Saving time, energy and money always feels good.
I was very pleased with the phone conversation with the insurance agent! The agent was very professional during the process of gathering information and in my purchase of auto and renter's insurance!
Working with David Brown was very he and he help save me money on my auto insurance and I was very pleased with that!
Excellent! I am very pleased!
very courteous ...this lady deserves a raise
It sounds very good now but will know more after my first claim. My confirmation #15655144
I started my process on the 22nd with Lucy and was unable to finish due to needing to wait for payday. I was afraid my quote would have changed. When I called today, I talked to Tina and my quote was still the same and I saved more than I would have with my current insurer... close to $40.
good plus saved monies
My agent was extremely understanding and helpful. I will truly recommend this company to all my friends. Thank you so much for help making my life so much easier. God Bless You All, Patricia Shearer
My agent got me great coverages at a much better rate than I was finding elsewhere. She was knowledgeable and had a firm grasp of the industry and the products, Very satisfied with the service.
Professional assistance allowed a change in our insurance saving us over $500 in premiums. Confirmation # 15535255
I am happy with my transaction . it couldn't have gone smoother.
Very helpful. I received better coverage for about $20.00 less per month. Thanks. My confirmation # 1578045
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