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Auto-Owners homeowners insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Auto-Owners homeowners insurance
Year Founded: 1916
Address: 6101 Anacapri Blvd.
City: Lansing
State/Province: MI
Postal Code: 48917
Country: United States
Phone: (517) 323-1200
Overall average rating of 3.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 38 %
Auto-owners is one of a few that covers mobile homes. I've had one claim and the customer service is superb. The adjuster came out, looked and I was issued a check within a few days.
They have a local insurance agency to handle everything and they are very efficient. No fuss, no complications whatsoever. Their prices are also reasonable.
We used Auto-Owners Insurance Company. We filed a claim for water damage on our rental vacation home relating to a severe storm in mid 2014. Auto-Owners covered and paid for rain damages to walls and ceiling. Renters of the vacation rental home started complaining about the floor coming loose shortly thereafter -- when they occupied the home for their annual snowbird season stay. We responded to the issue -- with some level of success -- by conducting Fix-a-Floor injection repairs to rescue the floor in order to preclude our having to inconvenience the renters to move out for floor replacement. The floor continued deteriorating each snowbird-rental season for two more seasons as we continued the "Fix-a-Floor" repairs with declining levels of success. Finally in mid 2017 as the floor situation continued to decline, we had the floor inspected by an expert tile specialist with a view to total tile replacement.Our tile restoration specialist stated that -- without any doubt -- this floor was gradually failing starting with the rainwater intrusion in the home in 2014. He suggested we "contact your insurance". Auto Owners written procedure for client claims is that client must contact the Auto Owners sales agent first -- the agent will in turn contact Auto Owners claims service. We carefully read this instruction and contacted the agent and explained our "need for supplemental coverage relating to the earlier 2014 rain damage claim". The Auto Owners agent, Randolph Insurance Agency, say they contacted Auto Owners with our described issue. Auto Owners responded by immediately assigning an altogether new claim number for us to complete paperwork on. We followed their instructions which resulted in our then having two claim numbers for this claim.Auto Owners then examined the situation and notified us that we were correct, that this damage actually related to the storm in 2014 claim, and then they reverted everything back to the 2014 claim number and proceeded from there. Noteworthy, this has now left us with two separate claims on the public Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report which adversely affects us in now obtaining replacement new home insurance, and will affect ability for us to sell the house in the future. AO now refuses to correct this error. Auto Owners then engaged unilaterally with an engineer to examine and write a conclusion as to the floor damage. The examination lasted only minutes -- the resulting report was weak and insufficient.We then requested of Auto Owners produce an actual forensic engineering analysis of the tile damage claim -- knowing very well ourselves that a true "forensic" process would entail a fault tree analysis, commonly known as a FMAA (Failure Mode and Affects Analysis), as a means of ruling out the rain water as a causal factor in the floor debonding. Auto Owners knew they needed to comply with the terms of our policy, IOW to cover rain water damage, or rule it out as casual factor based on a "legitimate" engineering report. Auto Owners then engaged a forensic engineering company to examine and write the report to fit their needs for denial as this claim was by then dragging on owing to the several claim number changes and other delays.The forensic report failed to rule out rain water intrusion as a causal factor. Further, they did not inspect the actual debonded underside surfaces of any of the more than 12 fully debonded tiles available for this purpose at time of the their inspection. After seeing this new insufficient report, we began to realize that Auto Owners Claims was determined to now reach a "rush-to-judgement" denial of the floor claim despite the many report deficiencies in not being the true-to-form forensic investigation that we had agreed on with Auto Owners. Worthy of note here, we had offered to participate in the cost of the forensic undertaking with Auto Owners to assure a truthful outcome, but Auto Owners rejected our offer and paid the cost fee unilaterally to obtain their "forensic" report on which they base denial.Auto Owners then denied the claim for the floor portion of our claim based on their purchased report. We are still rescuing the debonding floor with "fix-a Floor" injections until we can locate funds and other schedule resources to replace the floor. Some debonded tiles have now started to crack and exhibit sharp edges, so we will have to finally take the house out of service starting next week. We are still facing the fact of having two separate claim numbers on our CLUE report which penalizes us in two areas. 1/ We cannot find an adequate replacement Home Owners insurance policy for the house because "2" claims means "high risk", (even GEICO has refused us) and 2/ the CLUE report will factor into our ability to sell the house in the future. Arizona Department of Insurance is reviewing.
Business Liability insurance - Don't know where to start. First of all I never signed on to join Auto-Owners my insurance agent Warren ** changed me over to Auto-Owners from a previous insurance agency. This is what began the destruction of my business. I'm the owner of a small event decorating company, and after I got switched to Auto-Owners, I've had nothing but trouble. I went from paying $130 monthly to having Auto-Owners charge me over to $360 monthly and hit me with 2 audits for liability insurance in the same year. At this rate my monthly payment will average $1,000 a month and all other insurance companies quote 1-3 thousand annually based off my gross sales.Auto-Owners has caused such financial stain that I had to let go of any help and take on the job of 7 people myself. I'm a low risk company as I service wedding rentals and yet I'm paying more and more to them with my sales being down over 30%. Everyone we explain the situation to said it sounds like extortion. We contacted MIDIFS and they said it does not sound right and told us to file a complaint against the insurance agent and the agency. Further investigation we now learn through DIFS that our insurance agent Warren ** is not even licensed to sell the policy he sold to us.So that too is being investigated. Talking to another fellow business owner who sells cell phones in multiple locations when we referred Warren to him. He too signed him onto Auto-Owners and the first thing they wanted to do to him was a audit. Never having that happen either during many years in business. He obviously cancelled all policies and never paid any audits. We of course will be canceling as well and will fight this as far as we need to go. Continuing on with Auto-Owners could potentially tank my business I've work so hard for, for many years. I'm coming on my off season with little to no income coming in. Yet they expect during this time a second audit of 7 grand to be paid to them and plus a continued rate increase.I noticed their Facebook page had many many 1 star ratings and so many bad reviews. I learned I was not alone in Auto-Owners destroying my life. They have since changed their FB page to no longer allow public reviews or public comments for they do not want to stand accountable for the hardships they cause, it seems to me.We will continue to fight this audit and bring awareness to what joining Auto-Owners has done to my business and continue to work with DIFS to see to it the right people are held accountable for their unethical behavior. Legal action will be next if it must go that far. As not only will this destroy my business but in the process destroy the most important day of my clients' lives their wedding day when we can no longer service their contracted needs.
I priced around for insurance and Auto-Owners had the cheapest rate for what I needed. Though I have not been with them long, I am very pleased with them and would highly recommend them to anyone.
We have had his insurance for years and only used it twice, although had need a third time, but were told if we used it our premiums would rise and/or be denied insurance. Seems like you are punished if you need to use insurance.
I have had Auto Owners Auto and Homeowners Insurance for several years. Their prices and coverage are very good. They have a very high Best rating. I have not filed any claims.
I have had both home and auto insurance from Auto-Owners for about 10 years. Customer experience depends on the agent and insurance representative. I am fortunate to have excellent agent/reps. Claims (1 major, 1 minor) have been handled well and to my satisfaction. The Auto-Owners website is easy to use and convenient. I am very satisfied with Auto-Owners.
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