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Auto Claim Specialists Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Auto Claim Specialists
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-736-6816
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 99 %
Auto Claim Specialist was very transparent with their process and service. I has multiple contacts within the organization during the claim process and could easily reach their staff. I am grateful that my autobody shop educated me and recommended Auto Claims Specialist to help with my diminished value claim of $3,000.
Wow Auto Claim Specialist did a tremendous job on our estimate got several $ over what our insurance company offered. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Juan V
James was very polite and helpful to me in the process of getting the diminished value on my truck. He even called one night from home after receiving an email from me with many questions. I commend him for being very patient with me as I got very impatient towards the end of the road. High five James, we finally got through it!
Remarkable Results!! I currently work in Auto Sales. In the past years I have witness customers involved in a total loss claim receive less than the fair value of their automobile. Our customers were constantly being taken advantage of by their insurance company. We recently heard about Vehicle Value Experts. A team of trained experts to determine the true value of ones total loss vehicle. With the help of Robert Mcdorman and his team they have managed to increase the value by 30% or more every time. They work diligently on every task that is given to them. Robert is so great about keeping you updated on all new information provided. Robert and his team will definitely continue to receive our business and I will highly recommend him to every one of my customers.
Robert did a great job in getting our claim for us. There were a lot of delays due to the hurricane coming through the area but he never let it go. He got us a very fair amount of money and did a great job negotiating with the insurance company. I would highly recommend his services to anybody who is in need of Help on filing a claim.
These guys are GREAT!! They really understand diminished value, and will get you the most money for your claim. I have used them twice and have NOTHING but praise for them.
Robert at Auto Claim Specialist was very helpful in getting the most money for my vehicle. Would recommend him to anyone who thinks that their settlement from their insurance company is too low.
I knew when USAA offered me such a low settlement on my 2009 Mercedes CLK 350, I had to do something. My car had less than 100k miles and was in immaculate condition. The USAA appraiser listed my car with no extras like power heated seats, navigation, entertainment etc. Robert at Auto Claim Specialist stepped right up to the plate and knew how to play hardball He kept me updated constantly. I have never worked with a more professional and competent company. Thank you so much!
Great service. Thanks very much. Despite the problems and issues caused by Allstate, the staff at Auto Claims specialists were truly outstanding.
Robert was simply put... OUTSTANDING. He delivered one of the most amazing customer experiences one could receive. Holding my hand through tough times dealing with insurance not just legally but emotionally. It is with absolute confidence that I recommend putting your trust in his hands. There is no one that will care more about your best interest than Robert outside of your loved ones and no one that can do more for your financial needs at a time when you need someone with in depth legal knowledge on your side. In the end, he managed to get me $3k more than what the insurance company was going to settle me at within a matter of days. WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY.
You exceeded my expectations on all levels. We have referred another client to you . Referrals don't come easy. You are A-1. All the best, Larry
After a very successful outcome thanks to Robert McDorman and Vehicle Value Experts / Auto Claim Specialists, I wanted to read all of these testimonials before I wrote mine. So of course I learned more ways that this company can help you when dealing with auto insurance company issues. The first positive moment after tears of frustration and shock and then being pointed to Robert was hearing these words on the phone, "Don't worry. I can help you." So what's my story. I'm older and so is my car. I want to keep it as long as the maintenance costs continue to be low and keep collision coverage for as long as possible. From the Market Valuation Report that Robert told me to ask for, I learned that the insurance company intended to total the car with two of the three comps having a shocking 77,000 and 41,000 more miles than my car had! Also the dealership body shop that I trust and knows best how to repair this make of car has a long-standing policy of not repairing totaled vehicles. The settlement was increased by $2,700 thanks to Robert's very fast coordination and resolution with the appraisal umpire. That critical increase means that my car is not totaled legally under Texas law. Also thanks to Robert's presenting the dealership with these stats, it has agreed to repair my car, . To continue having collision coverage, I will have to change insurance companies, which I will do gladly. At the same time, I'm waiting for responsibility to be assigned to the other responsible party in the accident and for recovery of my deductible. That's a little tricky, but well worth it. For all of us I'm guessing, what hurts almost as much as seeing hard, cold cash slipping through our fingers is our naivete about an insurance system set up to deceive us basically. We think that insurance company scamming can't happen to us, and thanks to Robert and his company, it didn't. - Kay McManus
Could not have been easier! They prepared all the paperwork and the day after I signed it, they received approval and a check is in the mail. The only upside to my accident.
I was happy to have Auto Claim Specialist work on my Inherent diminished claim.
Auto Claims Specialist did such a great job of defending us and us receiving money. I would recommend them highly.
They were wonderful to work with from beginning to end and were able to secure a larger settlement than I expected. I would highly recommend their services. My car accident was a terrible experience but Auto Claim Specialists helped alleviate the stress.
Robert and his team were great to work with. They are knowledgeable, informed and honest, guiding me through the entire process.
I had my 2017 vehicle for 4 1/2 months when I was rear ended. I never had heard of seeking diminished value until MY insurance office suggested that I do that. I was put in touch with Auto Claim Specialists and I was VERY pleased with the results. James did a great job and I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Diane
Awesome, Incredible..No words to describe how great Robert and Auto Claim Specialists are. I was at my last leg with an insurance company that I knew was completely undervaluing my vehicle totaled in Hurricane Harvey. Thank goodness right before I had to take the insurance companies final offer, a neighbor told me of Auto Claim Specialists. I took the leap and called and BEST decision ever! No joke, secured thousands more than the final offer from my insurance company. Fair, Honest, Incredible! 100% recommended.
Absolutely would recommend to friends and family. Professinal and swift.
Auto Claim Specialists did an amazing job analyzing my claim and was able to get me he best deal possible. Robert McDorman is a champ!
Great people to work with and the process was very simple. They fought for the highest amount and got it. So glad we called them!
My truck flooded in hurricane Harvey so needless to say it added insult to injury when my insurance company short-changed me on the estimate and I was left owing a little more than $4500. I knew it was worth more so I contacted Vehicle Value Experts and spoke to Robert McDorman. Long story short, he came through in a huge way and got me an extra $4500 and this eliminated my negative equity. If you need someone on your side to fight an unfair settlement, you have to give this guy a call.
Second to none!.....thanks again Auto Claim Specialists . This will be the 5th customer that Mr. McDorman has helped for us that had a total loss. It has helped my customers get that replacement vehicle that they deserve with more money in there pocket. I highly recommend Robert McDorman of Auto Claim Specialists.
I have had a very positive experience with Auto Claim Specialist! They were extremely polite and and gave such personalized care. The persons that I delt with couldn’t have been more helpful. Robert and James were very knowledgeable in their fields of expertise as well as kind and sincere. My experience with this company left me knowing that all was done with my best interest in mind. I highly recommend doing business with Auto Claim Specialist. You have nothing to loose and all to gain! You can trust the people behind this company. Go ahead...give them a call.
When I came to Robert at Auto Claim Specialists I was stuck with my auto insurer. They had offered me an unfair settlement for my Tundra and wouldn't budge even after I had submitted several assessments showing they were lowballing me. They gave me the "take it or leave it" line and I was done. After calling Robert, who worked through the weekend on my claim, the insurance company has now settled for 29% higher than their original offer. Big thanks to Auto Claim Specialists for putting thousands of dollars of money back in my pocket!
Greatest , fast and friendly, got the job done . And got us 3,000 more than original price
As a military veteran, I've learned that HONOR is one of the highest valued in personal traits. Mr. McDormand embodies this trait. Typically I don't ask for help. When Geico offered me a ridiculously low amount to compensate me for THEIR driver hitting my car, it was like David and Goliath without a slingshot. Then, my mechanic told me about Mr. McDormand who levels the playing field when dealing with Insurance Companies. I'd say they fear him as he is HONORABLE and doesn't tolerate their games. He also is a true American and is dedicated to helping Veterans and Law Enforcement. In the end, he stood up for me and Geico relented to do the right thing. I'm proud to know Mr. McDormand. He is a honorable man.
I would like to public thank Robert for his help and caring about my total loss valuation. When I first spoke with Robert I was depressed and stressed my accident left me confused and upset. Robert told me to calm down and said he was here to help me and to take away some of the pressure and he kept his word. I will recommend Robert to my friends and family members.
Professional, Knowledgeable, Reliable!!! Before speaking with them did not know variables affecting car appraisals (especially when car is a total loss). Thx to folks at Gold Coast for referring me to Auto Claim Specialists. The new appraisal was not only fair value of the car but more aligned to figure I had in mind. You should definitely check out their website for more info and how they can help you. I am glad gave them a call, you will too...
Our vehicle was totaled, we were provided a settlement from our carrier. It appeared to be a little under what a vehicle that make and model could be purchased for. We contacted Auto Claim Specialists and forwarded the information that our carrier provided with their settlement claim. We were advised not to accept the initial settlement and were provided information about Auto Claim Specialists, their fee base and what needed to be done to get the process going from there. We invoked our Right of Appraisal for settlement. Auto Claim Specialist went right to work on the settlement. They followed up on the progress of communications from the insurance carrier and their 3rd party independent adjuster to see if it was being done and once that 3rd party adjuster was assigned, settlement was basically the next day. I will say that Auto Claim Specialists, work for you to get what monies are truly owed by your insurance carrier. Even though you can get an idea as what value you might be owed, they will look to get the best possible settlement. My advice, don't go it alone.
The staff at this organization is the best I personally have seen. The job they have done for me with handling my claim was top shelf!!! As a business man that works in the automobile industry I know what it takes to not only help my customers with claims but to assure their needs and safety concerns with their vehicle. I assure anyone with questions to give Robert and his staff a call. I can assure you they have your best interest at heart.
The insurance company was offering a low ball settlement offer. My job requires me to have to have exceptional negotiation skills. The problem was I didn't have the data to back up counter offers. The insurance company had databases of cars sold close to my zip code in the last 3 years and tried to lean on that data as support for their offer. Auto Claims Specialists has tremendous data to counter the insurance company's and the ability to drive negotiations to a quick conclusions. At first I was skeptical as I was pulling many valuations available on the internet but that wasn't good enough. The team at ACS know the system and how it works. They were able to drive to a much higher valuation as a settlement. I didn't have the time, the fortitude, or the backup data to pursue the much higher settlement ACS was able to achieve.
Overall the experience was excellent!
James, with Auto Claims Specialists, handled my claim start to finish. He communicated effectively what I could expect and the timeline for the process. I am very happy with the results and would recommend ACS without reservation to anyone who is in my situation.
Very helpful, very professional, very prompt.....these people know what they are doing!!!
Couldn't have asked for a more professional experience. The ACS Team was truly amazing. Exemplary customer experience from start to finish. HIGHLY Recommend:) Results, Results Results Thank you ACS!!
Very professional, efficient and effective. Netted me another $1400 on the settlement value of my vehicle after their fees! I highly recommend this firm if you are dealing with a total loss of your vehicle!
Auto claim Specialists helped me obtain the depreciated value from the defendant’s insurance company. Their customer service and communication were excellent. I highly recommend this company.
This company has been awesome to work with. They have always been available anytime I needed to speak with them concerning our diminished value claim. They were straightforward and honest with us about the process. Very pleased and would work with them again in the future. Highly recommend!
Best help around if you don't understand how insurance works let them handle it for you. You won't be disappointed.
I have to say my experience with Auto Claim Specialist was excellent. I had a unique situation that needed an expert’s assistance and Robert delivered in a way that saved me a lot of stress and money. While stationed in Germany I was involved in a bad crash that totaled my vehicle. My insurance company offered me a low cash value for my vehicle and after several requests on my behalf was unwilling to give me what I found through research to be a fair market value. I found Robert at Auto Claim Specialists online and found a few good reviews on them. After giving him the information he handled everything. I was very greatful for his level of perfesionalism and effort especially since I was out of country and very limited or what could do myself. I really didn’t have to worry about much. He got me a excellent and fair value for my car and charged a more than fair rate based on the increase from my last offer from my insurance company. If you have a similar issue you would be in good hands with Robert and Auto Claim Specialists.
On July 12, 2018, Geico Insurance deemed my Volvo a Total Loss and tendered a settlement of $1,710.29 after deductible to my Credit Union. The payoff at the Credit Union was $11,285.05 at the time of the accident. I had purchased GAP protection from the Credit Union at the point of purchase, so I was not concerned with the balance due to the Credit Union of $9,443.12 after the Geico Settlement of $1,710.29. At the close of the GAP claim, the benefit was $4,715.04 leaving me with a balance due of $4,720.13. My Credit Union informed me this remaining unsecured balance was due immediately. How can this be? I had GAP protection. I contacted Auto Claim Specialists for help and asked them to review the Geico settlement and the GAP benefit. Auto Claim Specialists uncovered Geico had undervalued my settlement by over 200%. Today I paid off my remaining balance due to the Credit Union and deposited an additional $4,494.27 from the revised settlements. Thank You Auto Claim Specialists for showing Geico their liability was not only the GAP shortfall of $4,720.13 but an additional $5,802.19 liability from a prior accident. I will definitely send people who need this kind of assistance your way! Robert worked day and night to get me this successful result and is "The Guy." You will not be disappointed.
Robert McDorman represented us. He was a pleasure to word with. He kept us informed informed throughout the process and was always just a phone call away to answer any questions. I was very satisfied with the settlement he negotiated for us.
Robert was exceptional. Great communication throughout. He nearly doubled the settlement amount.
Outstanding service! I would recommend Auto Claims Specialists to anyone in need of auto collision claims. The insurance company I was working with came in with what I thought was a very low number. After receiving/reviewing the report that ACS provided and knowing who I was working with, took the full value ACS stated the value should be with no questions asked. A true testimonial of the insurance companies knowing Robert and team and their accuracy in the market. Again - would recommend them to anybody needing this type of guidance.
My experience with Auto Claim Specialists was outstanding. From start to finish, James helped me with any and all questions I had, responding in a professional, timely manner. I would recommend Auto Claim Specialists to anyone needing to receive a fair settlement. They were amazing!
Robert McDorman was a great help in my time of need. He was very timely in his response from emails to texts and calls. If ever in Need again he will be the one I call.
This company provided prompt information and service. They were able to negotiate with my insurance company and get several thousand dollars more in settlement of my claim. I would highly recommend them!
Excellent people to work with and have on your team. I really appreciate all they did to help me with my claim. Very professional and easy to work with all around. Thanks so much James and the team for your help in getting my claim resolved.
I found Auto Claim Specialists to be very professional. They kept me informed every step of the way and got me more than I thought possible
My experience with Robert has been extraordinarily. He has fought with my insurance company Allstate after a total loss which they undervalued my vehicle. The body shop owner recommend I speak to Robert McDorman to help me with my insurance company. Since Allstate said they owed me nothing then what they originally quoted on their appraisal. Robert called my agent from Allstate in New Jersey numerous times to get a copy appraisal clause in my policy and was told by my agent who explained that in all of his 39 years he has never had to provide such information. I appreciate all those phone calls, emails and personal service Robert gave me from his hometown Texas which were sometimes were late hours and weekends. He worked relentlessly to get the money I deserved from my insurance company. He was always professionally and took the time to explain and answer any questions I had. I would absolutely recommend him 1,000 times over. Robert I can’t thank you enough.
Absolutely amazing and essential if you are ever dealing with an insurance company. This is exactly who you need on your side when the insurance company is trying to rip you off, bully you, and play games. The crooked insurance company wanted to settle for $3k (and were being forceful and dismissive) and because of Robert, we settled for $7k. Not only did he provide an accurate assessment of the vehicle's true worth, but he also handled communications with the insurance company when needed and knew exactly how to get them to cooperate. He doesn't take any crap from them. Hopefully won't need to deal with insurance companies again, but if I do, I will definitely be contacting Robert.
Robert and his team really took the time to listen to my concerns, after my insurance company appraised my car for a low amount, I called Robert and he assured me that my car was valued for a lot more! He worked tirelessly to get me a fair settlement and I am very pleased with the final amount.
Great result and exceptional customer experience! This experience with the Auto Claim Specialists perfectly validated my long-standing belief about hiring experienced professionals to get the job professionally done. My insurance – guided by their research and valuation tools - offered me a total-loss settlement that I believed was low. (But I’m also a reasonable person, and have made an effort to separate my emotional estimate of what this old but meticulously-maintained BMW was worth from its true market value. Even so, this initial offer still seemed low.) On a friend’s suggestion, I called the ACS to represent me with my claim. The initial call was encouraging, but I was still skeptical that they can obtain a major value increase. Well, they did! A full 80% increase over the initial offer!!! (not a typo, it’s eighty percent) Throughout this process, James was highly professional and effective: he was patient with my questions, explained the process, my options, and how the ACS’s engagement worked. He followed up with information and documentation exactly the way he said he would, at the time he committed to, and called several times to ensure I understood my options before making the decision, and later to provide updates. Moreover, he was very agreeable and easy to work with. Thank you. MM
Great organization! They were great to work with and did a great job of settling my claim for true value of replacement with insurance company. Auto Claim Specialists pointed out areas within the auto policy that allowed for the use of a third party to appraiser could be used to settle the claim. They also pointed out other areas within the policy that protected the policy holder but the insurance company was not forth coming on the options available to the policy holder.
Mr McDorman is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. I appreciate for all his help and excellent services. I had a rear end accident. Both at-fault party and I had Liberty Mutual Insurance. It was a nightmare to deal with Liberty Mutual. My car stuck at body shop for more than 6 months because Liberty Mutual is so cheap. Luckily, I found Mr McDorman. He represented me to deal with Liberty Mutual and help me receive a fair settlement finally. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Robert was awesome. He was easy to work with, and always easily accessible. He made the process easy, and made us comfortable with the decision to use a claim specialist to help us get what was deserved and more. He proved the vehicle was not a total loss & was actually able to get more that what we thought. He is very thorough, explaining every step of the way through the process. I would HIGHLY recommend him & his company to anyone.
Auto Claim specialists are exactly that - SPECIALISTS! they know all the ins & outs and the also seem to know EVERYONE in the ins industry :) that is a BIG PLUS!!! it's a tramatic & stressful situation when you get into a wreck - let alone the difficulties you can run into (excuse the pun) with time & coordination. This group handles it all for you - start to finish.
Great personal service! You know you will get a great deal.
After having my 2008 Lexus LS 460 L totaled by an uninsured, unlicensed driver, I was VERY THANKFULLY referred to Auto Claims Specialists by the shop I had my car taken to that morning. Robert, the owner of the company, takes care of references from that specific shop, and he moved the "value" the insurance company claimed the car was worth from $13K, approximately, to almost $18K. The net increase in value helped markedly in my purchase of a 2012 LS 460 L, but with a significant upgrade in equipment and 50K fewer miles. I hope you never need to use Robert's services, but if you do, he's assembled a great team! Communication was very, very good, and he will fight tooth-and-nail for you.
I am very grateful I was referred to Auto Claim Specialists. I worked with Robert McDorman and he was outstanding. Had I not contacted them my insurance company would have unfortunately totaled a Maserati that was absolutely repairable. Robert took the time to explain to me my rights, handled the claim, and walked me through the entire process. My Maserati is currently being restored properly back to OEM pre-wreck condition. I can't thank Auto Claims Specialists enough.
Robert was very thorough and had great communication thru the process. His team was a pleasure to work with! If need be we will return and will recommend Auto Claim Specialists to anyone in need ! Thank you again, Cody P
This is a great company to work with and would recommend them to anyone who has been involved in a wreck. They handled my claim in a very timely matter and got me thousands of dollars more than my insurance company offered me initially.
Had a great experience. I had my 2015 honda civic totaled while it was parked. I tried to negotiate with allstate but they would not budge one dollar on the $11,900 vehicle value despite me presenting several similar vehicles of similar mileage and condition being sold in my area. I contacted Auto Claim who had previously helped my cousin negotiate with his insurance company over a total loss as well, he recommended them right away. They raised the value to $15,000 thats not including taxes and registration fees which came up to total of $15,700. These guys are the best, are extremely helpful and are always readily available for any questions. Wouldn't think twice about contacting them and getting their help.
Robert and Auto Claim Specialists did a fantastic job of working with my insurance company to increase the fair market value of my 07 Jaguar XK that was totaled out. Smooth, efficient and friendly, Auto Claim Specialists is your best advocate - I cannot recommend them highly enough - you will not be disappointed!
My brother recommended Auto claim Specialist after our truck was stolen/recovered and State Farm was trying to low-ball us on the value. My husband and I spoke directly to Mike McDorman about the issue. He immediately got on top of it and resolved the situation quickly. He got more than the original SF offer and now we have the money to actually fix the truck. Mike was wonderful, very nice, very knowledgeable and took care of us as if he were taking care of his own family. We greatly appreciate him!!!
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