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AssureStart Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: AssureStart
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-888-9886
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
At the beginning of starting any new business the hurdles seem endless and obtaining business insurance, I thought would be the most daunting. I didn't know exactly what to or how I should fill out the online forms, so called and spoke with an agent who walked me through, step by step everything I needed. Now I have the exact coverage I and my clients need to move forward Many Thanks
I've searched around for insurance and yours by far was the easiest and the quickest with the least amount of trouble and headache. Thank you!
very prompt. very fair quote. immediate response. has my business now and in the future.
I needed to be covered immediately on a Saturday no less and Assurestart was there. I was able to start my business one day after becoming official and received a bid to work. Thanks Assurestart.
Very convenient! The sales person was knowledgeable, willing to figure out how to accommodate my "non-traditional" business, and not patronizing or annoyed by my many questions and paranoia about getting the policy right. I like that I can speak directly to someone on the phone without holding and being transferred to multiple departments or in the case of a broker--to other outside companies for a quote. It was also very easy to chat online and I like the design/user interface of the site and customer account pages. After spending half a day on the phone, most of the time on-hold, just trying to get questions answered with other companies, including the previous company I held a policy with, I was relieved to find this company in a last ditched effort to make something happen today/before the weekend and was able to actually obtain a policy through AssureStart in under an hour. This was after being told by 2 different agents/companies that I would "have to realistically wait until Monday for anyone to help me." With hours until 12 am EST, they were able to accomodate the few inquiries I had while exploring the site and company after I made the purchase. My only concern is that I now see that my insurer, Midvale Indemnity Co, has reorganized after going through liquidation as Lumbermens according to the Texas Department of Insurance. I am not sure what that means for me...I will try not to be nervous about my decision as I normally go through arts organizations that do all the homework for me to purchase these products for my small business. I would and will recommend this Co. to others--many in the creative class are grossly under-insured.
Thumbs up for Karen, who patiently and with expert knowledge solved each of my doubts to get my first insurance as a freelance sole proprietor photographer. The live chat experience becomes more humane (and useful) if you have someone on the other side who knows what they're doing and are willing to help you get your goal. Great job!
The policy has super rates and benefits.
The online application form really couldn't be any simpler. You fill out some information about your business and get an immediate quote. You don't have to wait for a salesperson to call you, which is a real irritation about other online insurance quoting systems. If you like the quote, you hit the "buy" button and just buy it. Done. I had an issue where I realized after I purchased that I entered the wrong start date for my insurance. It was absolutely my fault, but I called the customer service line and they were able to fix it quickly and easily. It's good to know that when you call, you can get a person on the phone.
I shopped around and this is the best deal I could find. I was panicking about the $700 to $800 a year for liability only for photographers and I cannot afford that working for myself! I would rather fly by the seat of my pants for $800 a year, and I did since 2007. But my business has grown and I needed to have it for wedding venues that require it. $250 when your gambling with insurance anyway is doable. I even checked through PPA and you have to pay nearly $400 in dues and then you can buy their liability ins for an additional $300, so your right back up to yikes. I called Assure Start and got a human the first call and she answered everything. What she didn't know she called me back about. She stated my equipment is covered when lost by airlines when you go on location shoots in other countries. That is awesome. I hope I never have to use it, but I feel like it is the best deal out there. My ins. agent I know checked into them for me and said it's owned by a large reputable company so go for it. Super great deal!
The underwriters for these guys responded almost instantly, with a rate that was half of other folks. Their online account setup was super easy, and I had my proof of insurance immediately. I'm a very happy customer!
I am a former Commercial Insurance rep. This has been a great experience! Very straight forward, easy to use and to change the coverages to my preferences. The premium is so affordable. Anything under $500 a year is outstanding.
Sold us a policy then cancelled it 24 hours later. Of course, they want to keep 60 days worth of premiums. This is a scam and these folks should be investigated!!!
I was really please with this service. I was able to get a quick quote and start my insurance quickly. I also didn't have to wait a long time to talk to a representative and she was very nice helpful and efficient. There prices are also very reasonable
The service was outstanding. QUICK and effective
If you need some small business insurance or to be bonded, this is the company to call. You can get your insurance and bond the same day.
Very good quote and coverage. Knowledgeable representative regarding policy coverage.
The site was user friendly. The customer service was impressive.
Very quick and efficient. Much less than State Farm that I had for many years and kept going up and up. So far very, very satified.
I was helped step by step on my computer limitations, this company have great people working for them.
I wish AssureStart was around when I started my company. The web site was easy to use, and I got covered instantly - for A LOT less than I was paying before. It took weeks to get my old business insurance policy, and what a stack of paper. With my new business insurance, I can finally say 'goodbye, paper!'
I needed business insurance fast. I am a service provider. This quote service does it right. Minimal typing. Mainly just clicks and drop downs. You efficiently get what you need affordably.
I found an error on my policy and she fixed everything, in an efficient amount of time. She was courteous and professional. I am very happy and would definitely continue my service with Bolt and recommend to others. Thank you.
From start to finish, I got my policy quicker than I have ever gotten one before. Most other companies takes a few days but AssureStart only took about 5 minutes, and most of that was the time it took me to pull my credit card out of my wallet and enter it in.
They were easy, with awesome pricing, and no muss no fuss, and when I asked about who was covering me, they told me and I double-checked the companies, which happen to be giants with "A" ratings, so there was no question this was the best deal. I am deaf, so the chat feature was a HUGE plus! I now have the feeling I will have all my questions answered easily on chat.
We are a new customer and Karen was a great help. She answered all of our questions quickly and it was an ease to set up our policy,
as a fairly new business I had no idea how to go about getting liability insurance assure start made it very simple with a few basic questions answered I got my quote immediately and was on my way
I am very happy with your service and rates so far. You did somehow get my business name wrong and I'm hoping that's fixed quickly but in the meantime all is good!
No hassle, all online! Easy set-up!
Prior to finding AssureStart, my wife and I contacted a local insurance broker and waited for nearly three weeks before having him come back to us with "I'm still working on it -- it's hard to find a company that will insure such a new small business." We decided to take the reins and found AssureStart after a simple Google search. After reading all the great reviews and seeing how comprehensive and affordable the coverage was for general liability insurance (got a quote online in minutes), we called AssureStart, spoke to a very friendly and knowledgeable rep who went over our coverage needs and helped us save even more money on our annual premium. A few minutes later, we had our policy and could easily access our certificate of insurance and other important documents right online. Easy peasy lemon-squeezy. I highly recommend AssureStart for any small business looking for great liability insurance that won't break the bank or waste your time.
With my last encounter, the representative was very helpful and knowledgeable. I began with an online quote but when changes to the original quote needed to be made I encountered difficulty; then chatted twice and called twice to ultimately get the policy. Other reps were courteous but weren't able to resolve the errors. Overall, I am satisfied to have a policy. I would like to have more policy coverage information available within my login.
This was a great pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to many years to come.
No experience yet, just signed up Thanks
There have been a few stores broken into recently and choosing insurance use to be chore. This made it simple,and quick.
I recommend this insurance to evetyone, great price, easy to setup
I called in with questions not long after purchasing my policy and was greeted by Pauline who helped make changes and was articulate and helpful in advising me. My experience with AssureStart has been nothing but fabulous!
I had already tried to sign up online with another insurance company to buy a general liability policy for my new company. This necessitated a phone call from them to grill me like I had just committed a crime or something. It was so refreshing to sign up, pay and be done without having to speak and negotiate with an insurance agent!
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