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Assurant Renters Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Assurant Renters Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I had a renters insurance through Assurant for over two years. Never had a claim. In August I moved to another apartment so I changed the address in my policy. After two months I discovered that Assurant never changed my address for a technical mistake they did, so I was still paying my old apartment policy and not being covered in the new apartment. They "said" they will refund me, they "said" they issued a check a month ago - but surprise surprise I never received any refund and any check. They now say they sent the refund to a MasterCard - but looking at the card number it comes out that's not my credit card! I have no idea how they got that credit card number! I never owned that card. After endless phone calls (for over a month), after hearing the most shameful lies from Assurant and being treated like an idiot, I have now decided to cancel my policy.But wait, this is not over - because one day after I called to cancel my policy I received an email stating that I have purchase a NEW POLICY! So I have now two policies for the same apartment, the old policy (Which I canceled but apparently they did not canceled) and a new policy (that I never even purchased!). And surprise, they pushed the start day back of two months so now my balance is higher and they are now justified to not pay me any refund for their technical mistake. Assurant is a huge huge fraud. I will never buy a policy with Assurant again and I strongly recommend you to stay away from this company. I now have purchased a much better policy with another company and I am saving ~30% money!
I got renters' insurance and had a robbery of my property. It has been 2 months and I still have not received settlement for my claim. I have been calling almost every single day for the past 1 1/2 months and am always sent straight to voicemail or told that the adjuster Robyn ** is busy. And sometimes when she does find the time to respond it is via email (even though I always specify to CALL me back!!). And the few times I have talked to her on the phone she has been rude and condescending. She has now turned over my claim to a George **, who I'm now having the same issues with.The people at Assurant are unprofessional, untimely, and just plain rude. I feel as though I am paying for insurance for nothing! I got a lot of valuable property stolen and they are making me jump through hoops in order to be compensated. Filed on January 2, 2017 and as of today February 27, 2017 I still have not been compensated in any way yet I've still been paying for coverage.
Very disappointed that I was recently declined for renters insurance coverage due to having 2 no-fault claims within the past 2 years with this company. Agent Kyle ** was particularly rude on the phone with me when I started to inquire as to why this was the case and what the implications would be for future coverage. Was not helpful when trying to figure out solutions for coverage either and treated me like it was my fault and that I was a bad person for getting denied coverage. Never have I been denied coverage or treated by a company in this way and would not recommend doing business with this company at all.
The people above me were out of town and their water heater broke. I was also away for a couple days for work so I wound up coming home to a collapsed ceiling and water pouring down throughout my entire apartment. I was recommended this renter's insurance by my apartment complex. (I am sure they receive some sort of kickback for any one who signs up for it). I submitted my claim and they did not sent an adjuster out for three days to survey the damage. (By then, things had been starting to dry up). The adjuster was extremely rude and showed no empathy towards my situation. My brand new Mac, Ipad and TV were soaking wet. Along with my brand new couch, almost all of my clothing and shoes and other things in my apartment. They said that the electronics will not be able to be considered losses if they turned on. But what electronics are able to get wet and still function properly? Because my Ipad turned on, it is not considered a loss so I will not receive any compensation for it. But who knows what the water damage will do to my stuff in 6 months. Very frustrating!!!!! After the adjuster took a look at everything, he could not let me know when I would hear back from anyone about my claim. He just seemed to toss it into another person's lap who will not return any of my calls either. You would think they would reach out to me first but all of my contact has been me calling them because I have been left in the dark not knowing what is going on. After reviewing my policy, I realized my coverage was way lower than what I actually needed. (I understand this was my fault for not researching my coverage but after price shopping other insurance companies, I could get four times the coverage for less than what I paid for the crappy coverage I have). The customer service is unbearable. I work in a customer-focused industry and if I treated any of my clients the way this company treats theirs, I would be out of a job. I am still in the midst of working out the final claim but every one I talk to does not seem to know what is going on and just blames it on someone else. I have learned a great deal from this experience and this has taught me to do your research about the company you will be relying on when you need help the most. I would not recommend Assurant renter's insurance to anyone. I have voiced my opinion to them on how I feel I have been treated but no one cares or seems to want to make it right. They are seriously the worst company I have ever dealt with. Sorry to rant people but this company has seriously made me angry!!!! Good luck if you are stuck with this company and I hope you have a better experience than I do!!!
Assurant insurance through Geico is the absolute worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. Terrible customer service... will give you the run around if you ever need them. Had to deal with everything that comes with a flood/hurricane, and they made it 100x worse. Boo! :(
The apartment where I rented in Seattle required renter's insurance and had Assurant as their preferred provider. Since it was a weekend and I couldn't get a hold of my own insurance people I said fine. I moved out 7 months later. The staff at the apartment group said: "Oh your insurance will automatically be canceled as of your move-out date." Now that I look back, I should have just called and canceled myself, but I was moving across the country and had enough on my plate. It's now 4 months later and I received a random email from them about accessing my policy online. I wrote back saying "No. There should be no policy. I was done 4 months ago. Cancel this."So here is my problem with Assurant. In order to reimburse the erroneous charges, they requested that I provide the following information (and this word for word from their email): (1) Your move out statement showing your move-out date for the address listed on your renter’s Insurance policy; (2) A notarized letter from your landlord confirming your move-out date for the address listed on your Renters Insurance policy; (3) Your new insurance policy covering the address listed on your Renters Insurance policy; and (4) A receipt from a moving company that shows the address listed on your Renters Insurance policy and the date you moved.I'm sure they are quite confident that no one would ever go to that kind of trouble for $12/month. A former landlord who is going to trot down the street and get something notarized to prove I moved out? Right. And let me get this straight - they would take the word of a moving company that I moved over my OWN word? And what if I packed up my own truck and drove it across country? There was no moving company! What a racket.
Geico was great when our car was totaled due to a flash flood. The claim process was easy and they sent me a check very quickly. HOWEVER - dealing with their renter's insurance claims is utterly disappointing! They use the third party Assurant Insurance Company for renter's insurance and I have had the worst experience with them - VASTLY different than my car insurance claim. Had I known they were so terrible, I would've gone elsewhere for my renter's insurance.Hey GEICO! - Assurant is giving you guys a bad name! Their claim process sucks. They are hard to reach and noncommunicative at best. Several phone calls and emails go unresponded. We waited over 3 weeks to even have an inspector come and check out our water damaged apartment due to a spontaneous sprinkler pipe burst - which lead to mold growing in our home. They randomly misvalue items and then depreciate them on top of that. After sending them receipts to items they've misvalued - again no response - which leads to more hounding. Dealing with this claim has become a fulltime job. Find another company to insure your home. Gieco/Assurant will surely disappoint you for renter's insurance!
My apartment was burglarized. It happened less than an hour after I left home. 2 HDTV, cameras, jewelry, Apple laptop, Apple iPad, Apple desktop, my grandson's game system and games, movies, foam sneakers, 2 drones, high end designer bags, Louis Vuittons, Michael Kors, Brahmin. A few more ideas. But anyway I got a police report and pictures together and mailed them to the adjuster. I had about $23,000.00 loss but only received a check for $8,000.00. She told me that I have 6 months to purchase the item that was stolen and they will pay me the rest when I send in receipts proving that I replaced the item stolen. I purchased 2 television and uploaded the receipt and sent it. Two weeks had passed still no check. When I had called the new adjuster. He had told me that the store that I purchased the TV from said that I had returned them. I was wondering why he had asked me do I still have the TV in my possession and I told him yes. He said that he can't pay me anything until he talk to the store where I had purchased them from. I produced my receipts and now he's saying something else. What can I do?
I been with this insurance company over 8 years. Never made a claim. We went thru storm Harvey, my back fence pickets flew away, my AC was under water. My steps flip over and got damage. My roof is only 5 years old. I had leaks coming thru walls, my sheetrock are soft and mold is coming thru my ceilings. I just received a email that my claim was denied. I will contact a lawyer.
I had them as a Renter Insurance policy for a few years. Had a Back up in Cellar and my kids, mine and grandkids stuff got ruined. Well to make this short after 2 YES 2 long months I finally got a hold of someone. Was told in 1 day "oh he writing estimate up" and then the next day they said NOTHING, YES NOTHING is covered - not even mine. They said cause none of the stuff was mine "BS" and under the policy flood I am not cover. I said "This is not a flood... this was due to back up..." and what bothers me is they all knew of this cause when I explained it to the adjuster and the claims rep millions times when I called in a claim and explained what happen and when he was here taking pictures wasting my time... THEY KNEW of this - WHY THE HELL MAKE me go through all this label this and that and the amounts and etc, etc to tell me after 2 months of no communication in any form whatsoever and in 1 day tell me "You don't qualify" and my claim was closed. This is a RIP off company if I ever seen and not even my stuff is covered!!! Paid faithful every year and for what??? Nothing.I'm switching and I advise all if you have ASSURANT change company fast cause you're not getting paid REGARDS!! fire, water damage, theft. They don't care - VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and the worse company I have ever dealt with. No communications nothing. No compassionate. NOTHING. All they want is your money and you better hope nothing happens cause you're not getting paid. Waste of time. All I asked for was communication and they knew my policy and when I explained to the claims lady why didn't she said "oh sorry Ma'am you're not covered" but said instead YES I was.. who is lying here?? And then said above all I wasn't being paid for nothing cause the stuff belong to my kids and they didn't live here!! What??? I explained the mailing address is here - yes they were to Dec 2015 they moved out and in Feb 2016 this happen. Where they putting all their stuff in a 1 bedroom apt... This company is label a 500 company. YEAH RIGHT. Now I know why you are taking people's HARD WORKING MONEY and putting in your pockets and we stand here alone and scratching our heads like what just happen... This isn't right and I am writing to the BBB cause this is a scam if I ever seen one... BEWARE - RUN!!!
Horrible service, still no check. Been a month and nothing. I highly recommend you go somewhere else. These people are crooks. The storm ruined everything and I'm left with a yard full of all of my treasures now garbage. I have to throw everything away. They won't help me at all. I'm still waiting. They couldn't possibly take any longer.
My building flooded Feb 20, 2017. American Insurance Co aka Assurant Specialty Security Ins. has committed fraud at every opportunity to not pay my claim. Stating floor coverings were 56 year old linoleum. Everything in my building was exactly 56 years old. I have no linoleum in my building. This fraud adjuster Steve ** had brought the value of everything to be valued close to zero. They never use the same adjuster twice. His phone number went dead. He's AWOL.The contractors estimate was $160k the 2nd cheapest. Brian ** says "I'm not going to pay that. Here's $47k. You should be able to fix your building for that." This fraud was committed on 5/4. I complained daily. Who is going to work for these prices? No response. Choose from one of the contractors to work with. I complained to the insurance commissioner. I sent Brian ** my photos of the interior of my building. I sought the help of 3 or 4 attorneys and I hired a public adjuster all harassed into quitting.The next adjuster left off everything in my flooded building like in bathroom #1 except a tub and a hole in the floor. No sealer coat, no paint, no vanity, no toilet, no risers, no shower doors, no floor, no floor covering, no mirror, no fixtures. My whole adjuster report was missing 85% of the interior of the building. Months passed. Complaints were filed with the insurance commissioner. I wrote letters to everyone. I complained to the insurance commissioner and the federal govt. I could not hire an attorney or my own public adjuster to protect me. Everyone I hired was harassed into quitting. Brian ** my adjuster would leave harassing voice mail messages like "It looks like your trying to remodel your entire apt building".His first estimate was $47,904.00. I had 4 contractors bids one for $150k, 160k, 180k and one 240k. He did not give me the name of a contractor who would work for 47.9k. He did not accept any of my contractors bids. These last two statements are required by California law and he violated them both. Luckily I had pictures of the interior of my building. He offered me $70k. But didn't follow through. No check. Then he just went stone cold. I would request more walkthroughs and I wouldn't get any replies. Months went by. More complaints to the insurance commissioner and none got a reply. Brian ** offered my contractor a subsequent walkthrough after the insurance commissioner cited a code out of the insurance regulation conduct book. He added $16k to my claim.Yesterday the 5th of August I decided they were not going to be anymore help so I paid the contractors $60k out of my personal account to do something. I got a contract to go with the 63k Assurant had put in my escrow account. The contractor start date is August 28th. 191 days since the flood and the contractors would begin. Assurant had this contract sitting on their desk since 5/4/2017. They weren't going to pay it. I had 280,000 in replacement cost flood insurance. My deductible is $750.I want to nominate Rickell ** his boss for best supporting fraudster. Steve ** for best fraud claim adjuster and Mark ** as lead roll as procrastinator in chief. Jorge ** as the diabolical twin of Steve **. Brian ** and the best Fraud claims adjuster. So after I pay $60k Brian ** says he going to send the contractors estimate report to an unrepentant appraiser Mr. **. He rips off the contractors by $31k.Do they come up with a contractor who will work for these prices. Never. It's just, "Here's what we want you to accept." Are the contractors going to do a good job working at a discount? No because they know my neighbors were paid $180k for their buildings damage. My neighbors buildings have been done for months. Mine still looks like the flood happened yesterday. Totally negligent. Totally evil. I've lost $35k in rental income due to their fraud and procrastination. They are an evil I will complain about for the rest of my life. The only thing they didn't do to me was kill me.Don't ever let this company anywhere near you. They will destroy you in a heartbeat. They have no compassion or concern with you or your plight. They will violate every civil right you have. They will harass and intimidate and ignore you and use every dirty trick in the book to not pay. Its been 191 days and they're still pulling dirty tricks like fake appraisals. They will brow best you and try to trick you put of your claim by invoking the appraisal clause when items that need repair would be left out. I said no appraisal at this time. It takes two willing parties to choose arbitration. If it gets any better I will update these comments. But don't use this company ever.
I have been a paying customer for almost two years and recently had to file my first claim. It was a small claim but required an inordinate amount of steps in order to receive any type of payment even though the loss was fully covered under my policy. I will be looking elsewhere for coverage and recommend that any potential or existing customers do the same.
I am a senior who obtained an extended appliance warranty on my brand new home. The policy was over $1100. When I had a claim for microwave repair after 4 years, a service person came out and then said the issue was not under warranty. I called to have the issue reviewed, and after weeks no results. I was told to send photos via email and every time I called to follow up, no one knew what was going on. THIS COMPANY IS SCAMMING ELDERLY PEOPLE. Purchase a full home warranty through a reputable company rather than this!!!
Do not trust Assurant, they took money out of my account 9 months after moving out of the apartment I was covering, and I have called twice and they tell me that I can't get a refund until after 10 days. This is just one of the many issues I have had with Assurant. Also be wary of the unemployment "benefit" they have, you have to be receiving unemployment assistance from the government to get that.
I had my 80-dollar iPhone stolen from my apartment and they would not cover it. They tell me cell phones don't apply. They are crooks so I cancelled my policy immediately. I see why they have one star. People should beware of this company.
My apartment was broken into on 8/01/13 and today it’s 11/05/13. No call from the insurance company. My claim is not being settled. I keep getting the runaround. I have sent all the required documents. It's insane they have everything they need, documents pictures, police reports. I don't have time to deal with this. I have 3 kids, two of whom have special needs. I am not rich but I make an ok living, no debt, good credit, and a good job. I followed their instructions to the letter and they will not respond, and they won't settle my claim. It's insane how long this is taking.
I went with Assurant for a renter's policy because they told me that my ring and diamond would be covered in my engagement ring. Several years later, my diamond fell out and they told me that they did not cover it and have no records of this being told to me. In addition, it took two weeks for the manager to call me back with me calling approximately every other day. Several times I was told she would call me when she got off the phone later that same day, but she did not. So I sent a complaint to another manager for her lack of responses. Finally she called me back. She did not mention anything about how long it took her to contact me and was quite rude to me on the phone. I never did get my diamond replaced. I am leaving Assurant and getting an insurance company that will cover my diamond if it falls out.
When I bought this policy I was told by the salesperson that this was a REPLACEMENT value policy. I assumed it meant just that. When I filed my claim for theft it was insane. I sent some receipts and video of the property via email. The adjuster called and said that she could not view video because of her software. I told her that I could ascertain stills from the video and forward those to her.I ended up taking HOURS to get those images from the video and had to send them over several emails because of attachment size. A few days later we had a call to review the photos. She started asking what device I took photos with, at which time I made the disclaimer, "I took some with my iPad and some with my iPhone and I can not be sure which was from which. They all ended up in my iCloud account on my iPhone so I will say iPhone for brevity's sake. We went through all the photos without incident. The next day I receive a call from "special investigations unit" for a follow up interview. She told me there was an issue with 4 photos but would not tell me what. I wasn't particularly concerned as I knew all pics were taken by me of the original items and they had not been altered, although I did find it strange that they just would not be straightforward with their "valued" customer.Regardless, the questioning began and she asked repeatedly the following questions, "When did you take this photo, what Device did you use, was it altered and is it a picture of a picture?" Again, I told this woman that I was saying my iPhone because that is the roll where most of the pictures were consolidated and forwarded from. I answered the other questions accurately. At the end of the conversation she states, "These 3 items were photographed after the loss date". I was FLABBERGASTED and vehemently denied, telling them it must be an issue with their software. When I got off the phone, I immediately went to my photos to figure out what the hell was going on. The issue was that I had pulled stills from the video after being told they were unable to view the video and those pictures were showing a date after the loss. I immediately called back and left a message with both the special investigations lady and my adjuster, NEITHER bothered to return my call for over a week as they had absolutely no interest in resolution. I sent an email explaining in DETAIL what had happened and no response for over a week. The next week I receive a voice mail from my adjuster saying she is forwarding to her manager and director. I write her and ask at this point ALL correspondence be in writing as they had a tendency to piece meal sound bytes to deny you money.I get a settlement offer. My claim was from 4800.00. They offer 1374.00... They state that the photos were taken after the loss date, COMPLETELY DISREGARDING the fact that they were made aware that video stills would be used and DEPRECIATED everything else.. Now, I am not in insurance, but my understanding was I bought a replacement value policy. And I am not quite sure how 27% of my loss could be utilized to replace my entire loss. I wrote back, refusing the offer and telling them if they stated that I submitted photos taken after the loss date one more time, we could discuss libel with my attorney as they were accusing me of fraud. The adjuster writes back stating that I did not have a "depreciation rider" and AGAIN says that 3 items were not covered for being photographed after loss.I have now forwarded to my attorney and the insurance commissioner. Shame on these guys, trying to cheat people who are desperate after suffering losses. Reprehensible. If you have a policy with them, I would suggest canceling it. If they have tried to cheat you out of a claim, send it to the insurance commissioner! The more people that speak up, the less latitude they have to pull this shady crap. Also, NO MATTER who your policy is with, something is up if they won't send you the fine print...
Our car got broken in to and a lot was taken out, since we were loading the car for our trip. Assurant is very easy to deal with. Alissa was amazing. Submitted proof of purchases and spoke to her over the phone. We were able to get money back for our stolen things. They also reimbursed us for our citizenship certificate after we paid for a new one and send in the receipt. The whole process from filing to it being approved took about 2 Days. I was scared after reading all these bad reviews on here, that I had to go through a lot of trouble to get anything back. I never had a claim in my Life before. I can only say that Assurant, especially Alissa is the best person I could have asked for. I can’t understand all these bad comments. Assurant is definitely a great Choice, what Geico offers. Easy process and very helpful. Even though I hope I never have to file a claim again, I loved the easy process of it. Just keep all documents with major purchases and be honest with them. Thanks again Assurant!
My apartment was broken into five weeks ago while I was at work. I came home, called the police, filed a report and filed a claim with Assurant that evening for the stolen items. I received a phone call from my "insurance adjuster" a couple of days later explaining the next step of the process (submitting documentation for review). Once I was able to get a copy of the police report, I emailed that as well as receipts to show proof of ownership for the stolen items (2 items total). It's now been almost a month since emailing those documents.I have yet to receive even a phone call from Assurant giving me an update on the status of my claim. I called them today to try and get an update and was told that the "examiner" is still reviewing my documents. I asked them if it normally takes 3+ weeks to simply review two receipts and a police report, and the woman said "I don't know. It varies with each claim." I've never seen a company run so inefficiently with such blatant disregard for pleasing customers. Utterly disgusted.
I moved to a new city when I was 22 years old. A big city. NO FAMILY. NO FRIENDS. My father bought me a year of renters insurance in advance from Assurant in my name. I was excited and nervous about starting a new life. One morning I came home to my apartment being empty. All my TVs, my laptop, my computer. I lost EVERYTHING. I was distraught and scared. I sat in my empty apartment crying and waiting for the police to arrive. They had broken open the back door. I immediately called Assurant to file a claim. After 2 days Assurant told me I needed a paper copy of the police report directly from the police department. I complied. Waited in line for 2 hours. I was told my case was going to investigations. That was fine I had nothing to hide. The agent's name was Catherine. She was the worst human being I have dealt with in my life. I was told a "normal 22 year old doesn't have this much stuff." This was EVERYTHING I had to my name. EVERYTHING. I didn't have all the receipts, some of it I had for years. Most of it were gifts from family for graduation and Christmas. I spent 7 months trying to get what was mine back. One year in advance payment got me nothing except being to the point of suicide because I sat in an empty apartment alone with nothing, robbed by horrible people and liars for insurance. Finally after being brought to tears multiple times with this lady and threatened with legal action when I was being nothing but honest, I gave up. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. PLEASE. She sent me a $25.00 check for a new GoPro I got from my brother for my birthday. I sent her the $250.00 new receipt. This company isn't just a scam, they are awful people.
My wife and I are renting a house in Wilmington NC and hurricane Florence was heading our way. All the news stations and officials were saying to evacuate the area due to the predicted severity and life threatening conditions. We were lucky enough to find a place in Georgia that would allow pets so we packed some belongings and our 3 dogs and headed out of town. My wife contacted Assurant to open a claim and she was told that since the part of Wilmington that we are living in wasn't under mandatory evacuation that our expenses for leaving would not be covered. I guess the fact that everyone saying to get out and NC being declared a state of emergency still constitutes a voluntary evacuation. DO NOT USE!
My apartment was burglarized and the representatives have done nothing to make this traumatic experience any better. I call them multiple times a week and very rarely get through to anyone. They will close your case in a heartbeat. My adjuster has even hung up on me. It has now been 2.5 months and I'm still waiting for information on my claim let alone a check. I guess this is what I get for paying my premium in full. Go with another company if you can!
Website states renters protected by Windstorms and agreement has many hidden elements that really do not protect you (False advertising). A major windstorm in Chicago forced an opening in my garage on the sides of my wall. An inspector came out to inspect but didn't fully inspect correctly leaving me with loopholes we were not aware of. My policy was left in limbo for over 2 months without any resolvement and then later uncovered two very unprofessional employees with Assurant Renters Insurance that tried not to pay the claim (Mr. Angel ** and Mr. Alex ** vice president). I asked repeatedly for a re-inspection and both the inspector Mr. Don ** and Mr. ** teamed up against me denying the claim. I remained calm and requested another contact which was Mr. **, vice president of claims and he was very quick and did not want to speak too long on the phone. I tried to explain to him about what is on the website along with my claim which is Valid and requested a re-inspection. He refused as well as refused to give me his superior's name. I asked twice why wouldn't he give me his superior's name and he just refused. Also, advised him that I can prove the inspection was not correctly completed and he did not want to speak and ended the conversation. My claim was left opened for over 6 months mainly due to the company not wanting to pay any claims and used terminology I am not familiar with which was the deciding factor. I sent over screen shots of their website where they state coverage due to windstorms but they denied this even though proof was sent. I never ever experienced a company to tag team a conversation with loud and condescending remarks even though I remained calm and collected. I truly believe coverage needs to be displayed on their website since it’s really false advertising and with so many loopholes. This company is not very honest.
I used Assurant Renters for my apartment for a one year lease and I made a one-time payment out of my checking account. A couple days ago I was charged for a second year, which I did not agree to, and the company didn’t give me a full refund!!! Do NOT use them! They are a terrible company! I didn’t even agree for them to take the money out for a second year or did I agree to automatic renewal and then they don’t return the full amount??? I will NEVER use them again!
I had my apartment broken into during my vacation out of the country. I bought renters through Geico because that's what my car insurance was. I figured it was just as good as Geico once payment went through, and it stated a different company. Needless say, I get back from vacation and file a claim with Assurant and the Police, and it hasn't gone well. My complex/another proof that I was robbed reported the incident with the police because I was out of the country in the middle of the Gulf! I come back to file what was missing, and they not ONCE said I had to get a copy of the updated report by coming to the station, or filing a report online to get one. It took a MONTH for anyone to reply. Once I sent it to Assurant to process my claim, they looked it over, and asked for proof of ownership through receipts or pictures. I had pictures/boxes for EVERYTHING, but they said I would get only 50% back for "depreciation," and that if I had receipts, I'd get more back. HOWEVER, even with proof of receipts, they only give me an additional 25% total of the cost to replace it! They said I still had depreciation for it being after 5 years, but my camera equipment was immaculate as it is my livelihood! Lenses for DSLR cameras NEVER ever lose value! Especially ones that are more than $500 or more! I clearly sent them the manuals, the boxes, and receipts for ALL 4 lenses and my camera, but I only get 75% of each to replace it! Does that sound like it would easily be able to replace my equipment for my JOB? HECK NO! I have to stop my JOB to replace my equipment that I can't AFFORD to replace because they won't even give you the FULL REPLACEMENT cost to do so! How do you pay more for replacement cost, but still don't get the amount to REPLACE your items? This company is absolutely crooked! My policy, and everything I read states replacement with depreciation, but the adjuster states I have replacement cost WITH depreciation. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? They definitely lost a customer with me. They even put my policy into AUTO-RENEWAL as well, luckily I caught that before it would had went through, or I'd be fighting this some more. This company is an absolute FRAUD!
I had Ass-u-rant's terrible renter's insurance. What angered me the most is how they conned me into paying installments at a much higher rate instead of one flat fee, without any indication that these installments over 6 months are significantly more than paying one fee. If I had known, I just would have paid the one fee. Assurant then jacked up the monthly installment fees. When I emailed them asking if the price went up, they responded by saying that the *premium* was the same. In this email they purposely ignored that they had significantly increased the monthly installment fee charge and tried to make it sound like I was paying the same amount. One would have to do their own comparison looking at past rates to figure out how much the fees went up and not trust their email response. They refused to refund me. Pursuing it anymore wouldn't be worth the time. Due to their deceptiveness and shady practices, I'd recommend going elsewhere.
We get renters insurance on our mobile home and pay it for months then our mobile home gets broken into and when we file a claim they tell us after waiting a month that they aren't going to be able to cover the things that we lost because they don't cover mobile homes. What the hell kind of ** is that. Then we have to wait another month for them to put the money back into our account. I would never recommend anyone to get insurance with these people ever. They have poor customer service. They are the sorriest insurance company ever to be known.
The website would not accept my documents, the adjuster kept advising me on different ways to submit my paperwork, all the different methods were not working. I asked if I could just mail my forms but he said not to. Finally after months they "received" my paperwork via their website that was constantly having technical difficulties. They changed my claim process status to closed during this month, until I called and threatened to write a letter to the government oversight committee. Now it shows open, but shows that they are still waiting for documents, even though I just spoke with my adjuster about the final process wrapping up this week.On the last call he kept asking me about a specific item that is on a receipt I gave them. The receipt shows a few items purchased from Amazon, one of which was an item that was stolen and part of the claim. The adjuster kept trying to get me to claim one of the other items on the receipt as part of the claim but I kept repeating myself that only the flashlight on the receipt was part of the claim, and that I would need to sit at my computer and look at my paperwork to answer him more clearly.Then I see an email from Amazon indicating that someone who pretended to be me, called and gave my information to access my account to look to see if any items were returned. So basically my adjuster fraudulently access my personal Amazon account, and then tried to bait me into committing insurance fraud. You tell me if this company is not disgusting. I am beginning contact with a lawyer now as they have gone too far, the experience with the insurance company is far worse than waking up and finding my van broken into and robbed.
I DO NOT recommend getting renters insurance from the company American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida located in Miami, FL. Like many reviews I read online, I did NOT choose this company. I am a member of AAA and AAA recommended the insurance company since they did not service my city for renters insurance. This will not be a brief review:My apartment was robbed in early October 2012. I called American Bankers Insurance and filed a claim. About two weeks later I received a call from what sounded like a teenage girl hired to make pointless phone calls. She told me that they received my claim, and I said Yes, I know because I filed the claim over the phone and it was have a confirmation number. I asked what my next step was and she told me to fill out a form that I should have received in the mail. I told her that I hadn't received it and she basically argued with me that I should have it by now.I was getting frustrated and she started getting very snippy with me. I flat out asked, "What is the point of this phone call? All you are telling me is to fill out a form that I will receive in the mail that will come with a letter and directions. She said, "Do you want to know your adjuster's name or not?!" Why didn't she offer this information in the first place? Why did they hire a teenager to make calls regarding important insurance claims?We got the claim form in the mail about 2 weeks after the robbery. The directions were pretty clear that anything not in our police report would not be covered. Also, we were expected to have receipts and pictures of all the items. I understand this to a point to limit fraud, but it is impossible to find proof of purchase for a lot of things in your house. We submitted the insurance claim packet in late October. The same snippy teenage girl called me to tell me they had received our packet and the claim would be processed within two weeks. Incidentally, this was an outright lie.Weeks and weeks went by. I called the assigned adjuster Renee ** several times and she never answered her phone. I left two separate voicemail messages with her and she never called me back. I called the 800 number twice to contact her indirectly through a customer service rep. One rep told me he emailed her about my claim and that she would respond within 48 hours. The second rep put me on hold and said that he called her, spoke with her, and that she would call me by the end of the week. The adjuster NEVER called me back. Also, both customer service reps, after looking at my claim info, said "That's weird; you filed your claim a while ago."Soon after the first of the year I received a check and a letter for my claim. Repeat: IT TOOK 2 MONTHS TO RECEIVE AN INITIAL CHECK. The check was for about $1000 less than the value of the stolen items. First off, the company refused to cover software on my stolen computers. The reason listed was, "Can be transferred to a new laptop." Really??? Explain how I am supposed to contact Microsoft and get another copy when the license was for a one-time installation with a now expired access code. Even if I could get another download for free, I would like the adjuster to explain how to run older software on the new computer. I had about $350 worth of software that I will now have to repurchase.Now for the worst part of my claim I paid extra each year on my insurance premium so that my policy has replacement coverage instead of market value. The insurance company went ahead and depreciated most of the items. From what I can tell, there is absolutely no consistency with the depreciation rates. It all looks pretty arbitrary. In addition, I don't know why the form required us to value each item because the adjuster simply made up her own replacement costs based on random prices she apparently found on Walmart's website. Really? Walmart is the industry standard for insurance companies?For one TV the depreciation rate is 20%, for another it is 10%. For a Wii console there was no depreciation but the supposed replacement cost has magically dropped $30. Did the adjuster use a Christmas promotional price? The video games claimed were all given an equal depreciation rate of 50%. Apparently the adjuster has never purchased a used video game. A game made by Nintendo that retails for $50 can sell used for $40-45 years after the release date. That makes for a 10-20% depreciation rate. One laptop has a depreciation rate of 20% and another of 25%. Other electronics we claimed have 0%. Seriously, there was no rhyme or reason to the summary sheet the insurance company sent me.According to the letter, and this is incredibly vague, if I buy EXACT items I can send in the new receipts and receive another check for the depreciated deductions. But as I mentioned, the letter is not clear about this. In addition, the robbery was 3 months ago. Since I didn't expect to have to provide proof of new purchases I didn't buy an exact replica of the laptop I owned. The price of my previous laptop was about $740, and this is about what I spend on a new one. The adjuster was nice enough (sarcasm intended) to give my laptop a replacement value of $400 and then depreciate it a further 20%. Thanks, I'm sure glad I paid extra each year for replacement coverage.Now for the worst part of my insurance claim: repeat this was the WORST part. I made many calls to get ahold of the adjuster's boss. The customer service reps attempted to give me the runaround, but I was persistent and final got ahold of him in February. His name is Oraefo **. He was the most manipulative and frustrating person I have ever spoke to. I explained the remaining issue with my claim that fact that it was absolutely ridiculous I was required to purchase identical items and send in the receipts in order to get another check for the depreciated values. This was an amount of about $1,000.This guy was so welled trained by his company. He was trying really hard to confuse me and make me so angry that I would simply hang up the phone. He kept saying, "Sir, what you're saying doesn't make sense" and "Sir, can you re-explain your issue you're not being clear?" and "Sir, I still don't understand why you are upset." He was like, "Look, all you need to do is repurchase identical items. You send us a receipt and we will send you a check for each item. You have 12 months since you filed the claim to purchase all your items."Two problems with this: (1) I filed the claim in October and it was currently February and (2) it was absolutely ridiculous to have someone filling out a form and sending in a receipt for each and every new item purchased. Also, WHY do I need to purchase identical item??? Answer: this company is using an unethical procedure to frustrate customers into simply giving up by letting Assurant keep money rightly owed to customers making a claim. I argued with Oraefo ** for about an hour. He abruptly stopped and said, "Okay fine, you will receive a check within the next few business days." He stated this in a tone that made it sound like he was appeasing an unreasonable customer complaint.In short, I'm going to call AAA and complain about American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida located in Miami, FL. I want it to go on record with AAA that the customer service was not only nonexistent, but that the processed claim was arbitrarily completed. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN.To summarize, I was robbed in October 2012 and made a claim. Through a lot of hassle and little contact from Assurant I received part of my claim in early January 2013. With much more hassle I finally received the remaining claim in mid-February. Filing an insurance claim should not be one of the worst experiences of someone's life.
I purchased a renters insurance policy through my GEICO account. I've had the policy through Geico for years. My bank sent me a new debit card which I promptly updated on my GEICO account. Keep in mind, I pay ALL my insurance policies through that GEICO account and they were ALL setup on automatic payment. Well apparently the partnership with GEICO does not include updating the payment information!!! So my renters policy was cancelled and lapsed due to non-payment since when Assurant went to process the payment their system did not update with the information from GEICO. Again, I purchased the policy through GEICO and setup automatic billing at GEICO also. But GEICO says because Assurant did not update their system with the new payment card. They tried processing under the old card which was declined. So my policy cancelled with NO notification. I only found out via post office mail on a Saturday that I had no insurance. You can't contact Assurant to correct because THEY ARE CLOSED ON WEEKENDS!!! Even calls to GEICO were no help since GEICO could also not reach anyone at Assurant. So my complex management company charged me $40 for a new policy they purchased for me. I did get the policy reinstated by calling them on Monday to give them the new information. This will allow me to search for a replacement policy from another company. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ASSURANT!!!
I had my car broken into and my golf clubs stolen. This happened May 22, 2015. I had immediately filed a police report and called Assurant. I was given a claim number and told I would be receiving paperwork to file a claim. About a week later Assurant emails me and says "All attempts at reaching me have been unsuccessful". Huh? You guys just emailed me! I tried multiple times to file their paperwork online but no luck. Their website said "invalid account number". Huh? I typed it in off the letter Assurant sent me. I finally get a hold of my 'agent' who keeps apologizing for inconveniences. Well, quit causing the problems. The next day I upload the forms and receipts the agent asked for and asked him to contact me to make sure everything made it through. Turns out, Assurant doesn't tell you this, your policy number? Yeah, you have to leave the last 2 digits off. Then it wouldn't let me sign in. They say wrong phone number. Huh? On June 1 I call Assurant's customer service. Four people and 25 minutes on hold later a lady reads me the wrong phone number they say I gave them. I had talked to my 'agent' the day before and he had the correct number. The customer service lady says "Sorry but the agent's can't change information in the computer system". Huh? On June 5th I emailed the receipts for my golf clubs because Assurant says I still have to prove ownership. I did this once but I do know sometimes attachments don't go through emails. I send it again and again ask my 'agent' to contact me and let me know if he received. ZERO response back. On June 15th I resend these same receipts and again ask for a response so I know if these receipts made it through. ZERO response back. I call again today June 19th and dial my 'agent's' extension and I get someone else. Huh? I demanded to talk with someone regarding this. I just want to know if my documents are there and are they processing my claim. This new person says yes, she'll mark it in my file as received and I should see this update on the website. SURPRISE! Not there. She also said a manager would call me today and update me on my claim. Guess what? It is now 5:30 pm EST and they don't pick up the phone anymore. As soon as this claim is done, I am done with this company and I plan on letting everyone know about it.
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY TO COVER YOU!!! I tried to give no stars but was forced to give one. I am not going into detail about how they screwed us over. It is too painful. My family was robbed a week after Christmas and this BS fraud company paid out $287 for thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. I beg of you to find another company.
I've never had a issue with Geico, it's the company for renters insurance they recommended. Assurant. From the beginning of my claim to the denial letter this has been the worst company to deal with ever. Please if Geico ever recommends this company to you, please decline it and go with a respectable well known company. Do your homework. Wish I had.
I paid $129 as renter's insurance in 2016 for a ** apartment and I already moved out from that apartment early 2017. I never set up any automatic payment with Assurant Inc. But in Sept 2017 and Sept 2018, I received emails saying that my automatic payments are scheduled and got charged $129 every year after I already ended my lease and moved out of the apartment. Assurant is a thief stealing money from your bank account. Never leave your bank account information to them!
Tried to add a new engagement ring to my existing policy and was put through numerous hoops to even submit the information. Once submitted, I received an automated message back telling me it would take 3-5 business days to process. After a week, my fiance called them and they told us we'd be covered "tomorrow".... This went on for another week. Finally, I canceled my policy with them. A few hours after canceling the policy, they emailed me to tell me they wouldn't cover my ring because the picture they required wasn't dated with a newspaper or article behind it, and I'd have to start the process all over again. State Farm had me insured in a matter of hours. No photo necessary, just the dated appraisal from the jeweler.
So I filed a claim with Geico who uses Assurant for their claims on 6/23/2014. I provided the Adjuster Brain with all the documents I could. They want a receipt for every single item that was stolen. Who actually keeps up with all of that, especially for clothes and other small things? And I definitely didn't have receipts for items that were gifts. But the problem comes from the fact that it is currently 8/19/2014 and I still have not received any response on my claim. The adjuster won't return calls or emails. Called to speak to his supervisor and customer service said they would email them. Still no response. Pissed to the max.
We signed up for renters insurance through Geico. Trusting them we got our renters insurance. It's from Assurant. Worst mistake of my life! We had this policy for 4 years, on July 20th 2018 my husband and I lost our home and 95% of our belongings to a fire. Our policy was for $20,000. It took more than a week for them to send an adjuster out. By then everything was covered in mold including the walls. The insurance adjuster referred to it as a total loss. We submitted more than $25,000 worth of inventory paperwork and most receipts for nearly everything since 90% of our items have been purchased in the last 3 years. They settled our claim and closed it and deposited $5,041 into our account.They now refuse to return any phone calls or give us copies of any of the items that they claim depreciated to the point of not being able to get paid out. Including a 75-inch 4K Smart TV that hasn't even been paid for yet. Not only does their settlement not pay off the things we were still making payments on but it doesn't even come close to replacing what we lost. I have contacted three separate case managers because we had 6 total two managers and their managers without even so much as a callback or an email. If you value your belongings or your home or your money please get your insurance from someone else. If there was a way to give them negative Stars I would but I'm forced to give at least one just so that's can get read by others.
Can never get in touch with my agent. Every agent I have spoken with has been very rude, like this is their own money they're required to pay. I have never got a direct answer from anyone. I'm always told someone will call me back and "give me an answer". Days go by and nothing is resolved. My house is for sale and I am trying to get some repairs done from my last tenants in the home and getting absolutely nothing accomplished. Run with all you have, pay extra for premiums if you have to just to avoid the unnecessary bull crap you have to deal with this company to get a claim handled properly and professionally. I was actually writing this review as I was placed on hold for the third time, might I add without him telling me he was going to place me on hold. I'm talking to him and then all of a sudden I hear 'hold' music. Very frustrating company to ever deal with. As soon as this claim is resolved I will switch insurance companies. Renters Insurance - Do not deal with this company. Insurance - Do not deal with this company. Probably the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life and won't make the same mistake again. Received renters insurance from what I thought was Geico, did not know they give the renters insurance to Geico. When dealing with the Geico agent he stated that my equipment would be covered regardless. Three months into the policy, I had packages stolen from in front of my door. Response from REP, “I'm sorry we don't cover that.” A few more packages stole, REP, “We don't handle/cover that.” Someone breaks a 5000 dollar film camera - REP: “I'm sorry we don't cover that unless you can prove it was vandalism.” So I sold the equipment for parts for a few hundred dollars. Loss of 4500.00 dollars. A few months later I figure I would try again, with no luck. Agent/Rep tells me it’s a few months and the police won't fill out a police report and why didn't I do that originally. I explained to him I called months earlier and was told "We don't handle/cover that.” The only reason I got renters insurance was for the coverage of my film equipment. So far a broken camera valued at thousands and multiple packages stolen in front of my door. I was misled by the Geico agent 10 months ago. I was lead to believe that all this would be covered (Just to get my money). None of it was covered. A loss of thousands and will never deal with Assurant Insurance ever again and suggest you do the same.
Claim denied - A storm came through about a week before it tore most of the sheets of board off the walls. The boards could not be used or apply to building again. Also the wind and rain damage was everywhere. All around the building was soaked and had warped and turned black all around the building. I also had some things in it that I didn't want to get wet like my lawnmower, drills and tools that when they got wet they rusted. I had a few more items but they were ok. My main concern is the mower, tools and the building. The building needs to be replaced. I have had parts of the floors replaced too but it is not to suit me.
Lost all items in a fire. They evaded my calls, lied to me and their adjuster showed up when I wasn’t home to take pictures. He only took pictures of my mattress. Took them 2 months to send anything after threatening them with a lawyer. Please do not use. They are an absolute nightmare.
I filed a theft claim with my renter's insurance and received a lot of excuses, and reasons why my claim was still pending. Every time I called to speak to my claim handler, he was busy and never returned my calls. Each representative gave me different status updates on the claim, so I think they try their best to get you to drop claims so they don't have to pay them. The best bet is to call once in the morning and again at night - hopefully your claim won't stay in limbo as long as mine did. Will not renew policy with Assurant, as they are a waste of your time and money.
I feel uninsured. Horrible service. Did not want to replace my heavily soot damaged furniture. With a 20,000 dollar policy they offered me 3,000 to replace everything I owned that was damaged by a fire. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Customer service reps are rude. Canceling this coverage as soon as I am done with my claim, may even get a lawyer.
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