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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Online Reviews

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Company Name: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Year Founded: 2006
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 63 %
Very easy to be refunded online: just submit the invoice and your checking account will be credited very fast. I did also the additional insurance and I am happy to have back the money for vaccinations and 100 dollars for teeth cleaning: I suggest to add it, it is very important to do regular visit to the vet.
I know the ASPCA does not actually insure our pets but you receive money for loaning your name and reputation to an insurance company that actually underwrites the insurance. Therefore, I feel your name, your work, and your ethics are linked directly to the fraud perpetuated by the insurance company representing you, which is Hartville Group.I encourage each and everyone who owns a pet and plans to purchase insurance, to avoid signing up with ASPCA Pet Insurance. We have never missed a payment on the policy covering our dog, Hogan, during the six (6) years of his life. We have also never needed to make a claim on his behalf until November 16, 2016.It was pretty straight forward by any measure: Hogan's insurance automatically renewed onto my credit card on November 15th; he collapsed with right side paralysis and was hospitalized on November 16th. He underwent blood tests, a spinal tap, MRI, ultrasound, chest x-rays, and remained in a specialty hospital for 2 days, all of which was covered under his ASPCA Pet Insurance Policy.The hospital staff filed his insurance form and sent it in on November 18th in the amount of $5,750.00. We should have been reimbursed or notified otherwise within 30 days. His claim was denied payment based on a story that does not exist, never happened. We were told by the Hartville Group that Hogan became ill on November 9th at a dog park! LIES! Hogan has not been to a dog park in 6 months or more and was perfectly healthy on November 9th as far as we could tell. He was out running at the various places he loves to be off leash on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and he was running the fields of our local university on November 15th, off leash as usual, chasing rabbits. The 15th was the day we ran into one of the new coaches of the Rams training camp at the university!His medical records show the Neurologist never met him until the late afternoon of November 16th. There is not and never was any reason to deny this claim. It has been 2 months since the start of this investigation and the insurance underwriters for your ASPCA have still refused to resolve this. I am now paying over $100 a month interest on a charge card to pay off the veterinary bill which should have been paid by ASPCA Pet Insurance.We have donated a van in good condition to ASPCA; we have donated to all causes represented by your non-profit organization. The only reason we ever purchased pet insurance with this group was BECAUSE THE NAME ASPCA WAS ON IT! We thought it was yet another way to support your work. You have broken your good faith by not selecting a more reputable, caring, honest company to lend your name to. I will no longer support the ASPCA, as long as you link your name to an insurance company that typically screws their clients.
I’ve been exceedingly happy with coverage in general. When I did have a question, it was answered promptly and understandably. My only grief is they are a bit slow in the turn-around time for claims. If they shored up that area, I’d give them five stars.
All transactions have been very. Satisfactory. Max continues to improve. We are always very happy with our insurance plan and very appreciative of the fact that we do have the insurance. Furthermore, we have been happy with every transaction. Response to claims has always been prompt and concise.
They took care of my claims in a timely manner. I had no idea the sickness some dogs get. I am so grateful I have pet insurance. This company has showed me I can trust them with the care of my very loved Romeo.
Thank you for helping me take good care of my four-legged son! I will continue to recommend you. So far I have to almost 15 clients who I know have already joined you because of my recommendations. Without ASPCA I don't know what I would do. Thanks!
I have been very satisfied with how easy it is to submit claims and store other practices and specialty clinics in my account (just in case if I utilize them). 4 stars because there was a time in August where it took about a month to reimburse, but otherwise all other claims have been faster to process.
We do recommend you to all our animal friends. Everything you have done for us has met all expectations we had. The ease of submitting claims to the timely deposits back to our account have gone without any problems. Even Luna is smiling!
Was a pleasure working with and there were no issues regarding the claim submittal or reimbursement. Everything was done in a timely manner as well I am glad to have gotten this insurance for my pet and it was definitely not a waste of money.
I have had my puppy for almost a year and have had to take him consistently to the Dr. for sudden illnesses, vaccines and necessary prevention. The claims process for the ASPCA is easily accessible and the returns are timely and reasonable!
I signed my 9 year old dachshund Winston up with ASPCA on August 1st 2016 with no preexisting conditions. Winston was healthy until June 2018 when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma (a quick growing cancer that has a prognosis of two months). For the first time in his life he had an illness that was severe & needed treatment. I was thankful I had put so much money into ASPCA to help prolong or save Winston’s life. However, because of ASPCA’s FINE PRINT, they do not reimburse continued treatment after the renewal date (because I started my pet insurance on August 1st, they refuse to reimburse should his treatments continue beyond this date, although the yearly limit they claim they will reimburse is $3,000). This violates the agreement that I & many others might assume as they CLAIM to provide reimbursement for bills accrued due to illness, accidents, etc. Additionally, I am now paying even MORE based on the interest that has accrued on my credit card with claims taking 4+ weeks to clear (while also receiving up to $300 less on each claim submitted). This is a grave injustice that I feel I have experienced at the detriment of my pet’s lifespan.
We are very pleased with our Zoey's pet insurance. I enjoy that they call and check up on her to make sure she’s doing well. Their turnaround time for file review is quick and if I ever have any questions, I know I can get someone on the phone fast.
My Dog Misty a 2 I/2 year old Havanese has had stomach problems for about 6 months. The vet prescribed a special diet which works. It is expensive $89 for 24 cans. The insurance has been paying $80 of it. Misty and I are very happy. Also when I call with a question the person I talk to is always friendly and helpful.
I received a call from Jeff, a supervisor at ASPCA Insurance Claims department. He mentioned that the department has re-opened the claim and found out I had the coverage and they will pay for some of the services. I have not received the check, but whatever the amount, I consider it a positive step and a resolution.
My husband and I are very pleased with our ASPCA pet insurance. We had another pet insurance prior to us getting our current insurance. The people we spoken to are very attentive and care about our pet. Our dog Bella had 22 teeth extracted back in May. We knew the cost was high, but to our amazement we received almost the total cost we paid out. We received a call from you folks asking how our Bella was doing, and asked if there was anything we needed. We are very happy with the pet insurance that we have told our friends if they are thinking about pet insurance they should consider ASPCA. Keep up your fabulous work.
We have multiple pets. Our monthly fee gets high but the benefits are worth the expense. We are totally satisfied with the service. We have found reimbursement to easy and prompt. My only suggestion would be for a larger discount for multiple pets.
Our son who has a dog just diagnosed with cancer suggested we look into pet insurance. We called our vet who recommended ASPCA. The rates were responsible for our two dogs so we signed. Our youngest dog developed a lump right after that our vet said had to go. We filed a claim and within weeks we had a check in the mail. Everything is done right on my iPhone. Easy. We recommend to all pet owners to buy this insurance. Gives a pet owner peace of mind.
Just submitted 2 claims, both of which were handled professionally and fair. Have had this insurance for a year and a half. ASPCA did not take more than a week to two weeks to process these two claims. I would easily recommend this insurance to any pet owner.
After submitting my first claim I was unsure how long it would take to process. After 3 1/2 weeks I called to inquire and was told it usually takes two weeks but they were backlogged and my claim would be processed soon. I received my money after one month and although it seemed to take a long time everyone I spoke to was very helpful.
Simply the best was with another company and very satisfied with ASPCA Pet Insurance. Have recommended them to all my pet owning friends and families. The whole process from start to finish easy and their customer service staff is helpful and knowledgeable.
I am so pleased that I decided to purchase ASPCA insurance for my new puppy. A few weeks after he entered our family he had an issue with infections in his toenails. He needed surgery to remove a few of his nails, numerous vet visits, antibiotic, etc. ASPCA was amazing with their coverage. I was a new customer, and only had made two payments. That did not matter. ASPCA covered so much, and processed my claims in a very timely manner. THANKS SO MUCH ASPCA PET INSURANCE. YOU'RE THE BEST!
I spoke with a very polite and patient customer service representative about my cat's doctor bills. The representative answered all my questions, never once making me feel rushed or hurried. I am happy with the manner in which the representative handled my call and happy with my reimbursement. Thank you ASPCA!
My vet suggested I consider pet insurance during my first visit with my lab puppy. Best thing I ever did. Several emergency visits during his puppy stage resulted in significant vet bills. The insurance was such a blessing. This company is outstanding in customer service and prompt reimbursements.
Overall, I have been happy with my ASPCA insurance. I have found them to be fair when reimbursing me for vet charges. The one thing I am not happy about is how much they have increased my premiums this year. I am not sure if I will be able to continue with this insurance due to large increases in premiums.
I didn't know anything about pet Insurance when I first started looking. My neighbor was the one who recommended ASPCA to me. I've been so very fortunate to have them in my corner! Everyone is extremely personable and helpful. It's an easy decision to stay with them because they have been truly wonderful and my cat Tez, if he could speak English, would also say thank you???
I have had the best experience with ASPCA Pet Insurance. When I first heard about pet insurance I was more than skeptical. But after talking with their representative I signed up. Best decision I made! I have submitted quite a few claims so far and each one is paid out per the agreement in a timely manner. No hidden costs or exemptions. No hassles. Their App and online services are so easy and accessible. The customer service team is fabulous!! Highly recommend this company by personal experiences.
They have been wonderful and responsive with my pet's needs. Everyone I have spoken to are seem to care about our pet's health. I like the follow up calls every now and then. They process claims quickly and everything is easily found online for claim status.
I've had my yearling gelding insured with the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for almost a year now and have had nothing but a great experience. I was skeptical of equine insurance prior to this experience but this company made it affordable and easy to use. I've recommended it to friends and neighbors.
The insurance is good and covers a decent amount of items I’d like to claim, however it takes many many weeks to get reimbursed. Would just like this to run smoother or at least send an update on where the claim is within the system.
Maui is about to turn 2-years old and we really haven't had any problem with him besides the normal check-ups but recently he got sick and we had to take several trips to the emergency. The rates were high and it was putting a financial strain on us but ASPCA reimbursed us for all of our charges and Maui is back to normal. Just when you start to think that the insurance is a waste of money and then something like this happens and it's all worth it.
Just don't do it! I thought this would be the best thing to have for my beloved family members. It's nothing but a headache and they will not pay out. I wish I could put a screenshot up here of what they have actually paid out to me, but I don't see where I can. Here's a review: I claimed $240 and they paid $56. I claimed $165 and they paid $40. I claimed $139.80 and they paid $1.58 (that's right, one dollar and fifty eight cents). I claimed $65.30 and they paid $0. I could keep going. I joined this insurance in January 2008 for my two dogs. I paid $45 at the lowest and $65 at the highest per month every month for five years. Every time I got ready to cancel, I thought, "No, I may need it and maybe they will cover the next illness, etc." Believe me when I say that they will find a reason to not cover whatever you have. Their best excuse is, "A portion of this charge exceeds reasonable costs, which is the customary fee charged for a given treatment or procedure within the geographic area in which the fee is incurred."I went to one of the lowest priced vets around that will still provide quality treatment for my pets, yet it is still too high. I have called around to compare. I have asked the ASPCA Insurance for a list or a better vet to go to and they said they don't have that. Seriously, beware. You can email me at ** if you would like to see screenshots of the real claims.
After calling this ripoff company and then realizing they were a scam, I had called back and told them I was no longer interested and wanted to cancel my application. After the girl gave me a hard time trying to threaten my pet, she said she would cancel my application and I wouldn't be charged. 3 days later, I looked in my account and they charged me $70! They are a scam and are only interested in your money. Too bad I put a claim and got my money back, oh and put a stop payment on their fraudulent charges.
I have had ASPCA pet insurance for almost 12 years now and their service continues to get worse. They do not notify you if they are waiting on information for a claim, they look for anything to deny claims and have a slow processing time. I will be leaving them after 12 years and 2 different pets. Their prices are also extremely inflated with caps on everything while several other companies do not have limits on payouts.
I pay full year for a pet insurance each July since 2009 for my dog Taco Bella. I went to Wakefield Animal Hospital on two occasions for first time medical problems. On 7-25-11, a right leg problem (muscle or joint) and was given medication. On 8-25-11, for a skin problem (allergies) and was given a shampoo and medications. Both problems have been resolved. My two claims are pending for additional information. I called today and was told that they are waiting for 12 months of records from the hospital. Taco Bella has only been at the hospital for the wellness physical and vaccinations each year. The box was checked on the claim that these problems were not treated before.Unacceptable and undue hardship on the hospital and me being treated as if I am committing some kind of fraud.
We are very please with the help that we have received for Gracie's medical issues. To date everyone that I have spoken to has been wonderful and very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. I have told our friends about your pet insurance and how great it is. Thank you.
So far, I have had nothing but a positive experience with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. They are quick to review my claims and process payments for me. The best part is receiving calls from agents to check in on my dog if they notice something "major" happened to her. It feels great that they take the time to call and check in to make sure she is doing better and getting healthy. Couldn't be happier with the service!
Not quite sure what I would’ve been able to do without your help. My English Bulldog is like a child! We’ve experienced puppy mange, ringwormcalm and also leg surgery and she’s not even 2. Actually SHELBY to tomorrow. Thanks to you!!!
The returns aren't as quick as they have been. Takes almost a month. It's tough when you have to pay monthly and pay for supplies multiple times a month then have to wait a long time to get your return back :(.
Any time I have submitted a claim I have never been disappointed. It's so easy to upload and don't feel that the process takes long at all. Best of all I get most of my money back :). I love ASPCA insurance.
My big dog Bandit tore his ACL and required surgery. We took him to a canine orthopedic surgeon in Hinesburg. The cost of the operation was over $2500 and I had my ASPCA check before my credit card bill arrived. ASPCA is prompt and caring. I received a phone call from Bob at ASPCA a few weeks after I received my check inquiring about Bandit's health. They really care and are there for you when needed.
After years or ridiculous increases; I called and they said that my dog had reached the age where they were not going to raise my monthly charge anymore. Then months later they did raise it by 20%!!! I called and they said it was because of a "State Approved Increase" - on an Elected coverage, that I now cannot opt out of, and have never used. Now that my dog is 13, I have dental coverage?? What about the money I already spent? I said I thought I was "grandfathered in" like I was told on the phone, but they apologized and asked if I wanted to terminate the policy. SCAMMERS! There will always be increases! They are worst than the Cable Company.
I have been faithfully trying to keep my dog alive and happy since his terminal adrenal gland cancer diagnosis last fall. The vet visits and chemo prescriptions are very expensive and the ASPCA $3,000 per incident coverage limit, while helpful, only covers a portion of the costs. We have been paying into our policy for nearly 9 years, ever since we rescued our pup. Now I have just been told that his coverage will go DOWN for his "ongoing condition" once the year re-sets on September 1. Yeah, let that sink in a second. It's not a pre-existing condition, it's an "ongoing condition" for which we are only entitled $1,000 in reimbursement going forward.What sense does this make? A dog, or a person for that matter, with a serious incurable condition, does not need LESS coverage as time goes on, they need more. When I called the company to discuss this I was told that there are newer policies available as of a year or two ago that have better coverage for so-called ongoing conditions, but I was never made aware of those policies and I'm just stuck with what I've got. It seems to me that the ASPCA in theory would share the pet owner's goal of keeping their animal healthy and happy and well-treated as long as possible. Who would create a policy that diminishes coverage for conditions over time? Only someone worried about the bottom line. Buyer beware.
I’m very happy with my overall experience with this company. They process my claims in a timely manner and with all the stress associated with pricey vet bills plus the emotional toll associated with it all, they have made this part of the experience as good as they possibly can. I really like the simplicity of the app and submitting claims!
So happy we chose to go with ASPCA pet insurance. The staff are caring and knowledgeable. The claims we submitted were due to my dogs IBD caused by food allergies. In order to find out the issue we had to run tests and Ultrasound and ASPCA supported our claims 100%. Thank you!
I found your Customer Service person who I spoke with to be very professional, well informed as a representative, explained the delay in the claim I was calling about. Confirmed I did submit the claim correctly being this was my first time. A pleasure to speak with.
Could work on processing and receiving payments faster. Sometimes takes a couple of weeks to a month to receive reimbursements. Had received an approval for a quote but submitted the final bill and a week later still waiting for payment.
Thank you for following through and providing us with peace of mind so that when our loved pups are not doing well, our sole focus can be on getting them better. Your app made submitting claims pretty simple, and that is also very appreciated. Because of our recent experience, a friend of ours has signed up for pet insurance for their dog through ASPCA Pet Insurance as well. Thank you so much!
I have these accounts for my two dogs, for about three-four months... I’m very please with their services... I’ve never had a discrepancies. I will suggest this company to some of my friends that have dogs. I hope they have the same experience as I have...
I guess disappointed is the best way to describe my experience lately with ASPCA. When you all first started out you were amazing, pretty much paid within two weeks, checked up on my pets, took care of the cremation when I lost my cat. Then I don't know if you all became overwhelmed. Claims now take over a month, I started asking my vet to email the invoices and records the day of my pets appt so maybe that would help it along but it didn't and my vet would tell me that they would ask for them again 30-40 days after they were first sent. I am not sure whats gone wrong and why you all are so slow now but the reason I got insurance was to give my pets better health care that I couldn't afford before. Now I am putting it on my credit card and getting charged interest waiting for payment.
Our sweet Indy recently required some pretty expensive services. I was super happy with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Filing a claim is so easy and processing time is short. I was pleasantly surprised to receive reimbursement so quickly. Well worth every penny.
I researched 3 different companies that offered Pet Insurance, I choose ASPCA strictly on reimbursement percentage and deductible. I had no other information to go on, like Customer Service, Claims Process, Repayment Times, etc., I choose for the deal and hoped for the best. I have a 1 yr old Labradoodle, call it Devine intervention or just great timing on my part and fortunately the Policy took effect immediately because 2 days after signing up was her first foxtail in the ear. A week later was her 2nd foxtail and 3 days after that a branch pierced her rear inner thigh and broke off inside, 3 Vet visits within 2 weeks of getting the Policy. Submitting a Claim couldn’t be any easier, I was more worried about getting a cancellation notice by the time I submitted my 3rd one. But everything they said they offered was true, within 2 weeks of each individual claim I submitted the 90% I was reimbursed was directly deposited into my bank account.They request 2 things at the original claim and not once was I asked for any further information, any further explanations, nothing, I wasn’t even expecting getting reimbursed as fast as I did. I had already paid for the cost of the Policy, my deductible, and was cash ahead within the first 2 weeks of getting the Insurance Policy with a call from ASCPA after my claims were processed making sure I was happy with everything and was there anything I would recommend they could improve. I will renew my Policy annually without question and tell any and all other pet owners that the Pet Insurance offered by ASPCA is bar none one of the best companies and products I’ve ever dealt with. If only my own Health Insurance could be so easy.
Just filed my first claim and very happy with my reimbursement. The app doesn't work on my iPhone 10XS Max but was able to file online and everything went smoothly and I only had to pay a small portion of my cat's tooth extraction. Very happy with how things went and have been recommending this insurance to everyone. So glad my company offers this plan.
The coverage is great and ASPCA really cares about our pets. I wish that claims could be processed a little bit quicker. I also wish we could switch our coverage options (especially if we want to upgrade) within the year of coverage itself.
We placed a claim for our dogs torn CCL and it was worked quickly and paid quickly. The interactions with the company have all been very positive! We are very happy with our decision to purchase accident insurance through ASPCA.
Overall good experience. The plan is not great about taking claims and notifying you if there is any data missing. I have found I have needed to follow up on several claims. Very nice customer support and have approved all claims to the extent of the plan.
ASPCA has been excellent handling our dog's claims. The insurance has been a blessing up to this point. I would recommend to people I talk to. The process filing claims is simple, and the website is easy to navigate. It's an easy process, and very timely on your end as well.
Maggie has had to have surgery and I couldn’t have done it without insurance. Even with her wellness costs you have been quick to pay. It is so easy to submit the claim. I just take a picture of my paid bill and send it to you from my iPad and that’s it. So easy.
My 12-year-old standard Poodle had mild limping and weakness over the past year and a half from arthritis but was able to function. However, he changed markedly and was unable to lift himself off of the floor. He was found to have a herniated disc in his neck. ASPCA Pet Insurance denied the claim stating that the weakness started in a prior policy year and that they weren't going to honor the surgery for the herniated disc which was a new problem. I would look to a reputable company for my pet insurance needs. Stay away from ASPCA Pet Insurance.
So glad I purchased my pet Insurance. My 16 month old German Shepherd had 2 injuries after I Purchased insurance. I was reimbursed 90% of the bills, no hassle at all. It was a relief to know I would get the money back through ASPCA insurance. I'm very pleased with the Company.
I am disappointed in the length of time it takes ASPCA to process a simple claim. While I understand the need to review and verify, it seems to take an extraordinary long time for each claim to be processed. Some are processed in about 4-5 weeks and others have taken two months. I understand the one which took two months required more information and/or verification from the Vet, but 4-5 weeks for the standard ones does not make sense either. My expectation when I signed up was that it would be a faster turnaround, so this was/has been a disappointment.
The worst pet health insurance! I have insurance for three years, automatically renewing, they don't pay nothing to me because the renewal took time in June and my dog was treated in September, and they said it's a 6 month period between the renewal and the "new" policy takes effect. What new policy if I pay for three years straight without doing anything (they deduct from my bank account)?
I am mostly happy with not only the fees but the claim processing etc. The only complaint that I have does it sometimes they get backlogged on processing the claims and it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get reimbursement.
I got insurance for my fur baby and don’t regret the decision of picking ASPCA to cover his health needs. Customer service over the phone is always wonderful and helpful and the health coverage is fair. Thank you so much!
I took all 3 of my pets for their check-up. I returned home to submit all claims and wow, super easy to do online. You can follow the process after submitting and even have the money directly deposited into your account. Simple!!
My dog Dakota is 13 years old. He has been with ASPCA insurance since 2008. Dakota has developed a heart condition. After taking him to the vet to get treatment I submitted the claim to them. They refused to pay saying that he had been diagnosed with the illness prior to the current billing cycle. This is not true since Dakota has been under ASPCA pet insurance since 2008 and he was originally diagnosed 2013. ASPCA misrepresents itself. I have never had them pay for anything for the animals that have been under the policy. They are quick to take money yet they always have a new excuse not to pay. I have seen many other complaints against them. Maybe a class action suit is in order.
My husband & I adopted the most adorable St. Bernard puppy in May, 2018, he was 3 mos old when we brought him home, we named him Ziggy. Unbeknownst to us Ziggy's fun, carefree life would be quickly interrupted at the age of 5 mos. He came down with some unknown illness that first presented as lameness and quickly morphed into bacterial infection throughout his little body to the point where he was in severe distress. From mid-July to early August our days were spent taking Zigg back to emergency vet hospital (he was hospitalized 3 separate times) and each time still the Vets were not sure he would survive this ordeal. Primarily because he was a puppy and his immune system not fully developed. We had many scary sad nights, but throughout it our Vets never gave up hope they would find what was wrong with Zigg.Happily today, Zigg has been home (for more than a month) and is well on his way to recovering. His diagnosis finally came that he had the dog version of MRSA (serious bacterial infections). Through all of this, we never once lost any sleep on how we were going to pay for Zigg's care. We found out luckily, that the breeder we adopted Zigg from had never canceled his ASPCA Pet Insurance. His coverage was for accidents/injury and paying up to 90% of bills. Submitting my claims for reimbursement was one of the easiest things I have ever done (too bad human health insurance isn't this simple). Went to the website, uploaded receipts, doctor's reports. ASPCA representatives emailed me immediately stating claims were received, and kept me informed of how they were progressing. ASPCA reps contacted the Vet directly, I did not have to be an intermediary. My first set of claims were reimbursed (at 90%) within 2 weeks of submission, my 2nd set within 1 week. I cannot stress enough the fact that we were dealing with life threatening issues with our baby boy was beyond stressful. NOT having to have to worry about how we were going to pay for his care was beyond a miracle. Going thru what we have with Zigg, I realized I needed to get coverage for my 2 older dogs, Clay & Finn (Golden Retrievers - 8 & 5 years of age). Now I know I will never worry about caring for their medical needs in the future. If it ever occurs again, I know ASPCA will handle everything for us and all we have to do is focus on getting our babies well.And on a separate note, whenever I did call ASPCA with questions or concerns, their very first question upon identifying me was "How is Ziggy?". It was incredible to have such care and concern with a representative whose job (really is to sell insurance). But the folks on the phone were truly caring and were concerned and you could feel it, it was not at all insincere. And even now almost a month since my last submission they were calling to follow up and see how Ziggy was doing, it was like talking to friends. I know there are many people who do not understand the connection we have with our pets, they are our family and to many of us "our children". And like any parent we love talking about our child, the folks at ASPCA understand this and are happy to hear our stories.
I have four dogs. As in the past I have always had pet insurance to offset veterinary bills. I had ASPCA for three and a half years on all my dogs. I had two claims for teeth extractions. ASPCA denied both claims for the two dogs citing they would not accept the manner in which the vet wrote up the invoice for services. When I appealed they denied the claim citing it did not fall into the category they allowed.In 2015 I had to bring the dog to the vet to remove a cyst. The bill was paid and I submitted a claim for $570.00. Mind you I had the insurance policy in effect for into the fourth year. ASPCA denied the citing it was a pre-existing condition. I immediately canceled all policies and requested my credit card company to stop past and current payments. I just paid $1780.00 to renew the polices. ASPCA will do anything to deny claims. Read all the reviews you will see. Also read YELP reviews. For YELP type in Massollon OHIO for the location of their headquarters.
I recommend ASPCA pet insurance to all of my friends who have pets. I love how you could customize the insurance. I love that they processed the claims very fast and super easy. Love the app and the direct deposit option.
My experience with the ASPCA Pet insurance has been nothing but positive. Unfortunately, my cat became diabetic and has also been diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and thus I have been submitting claims almost on a monthly basis. I have always found the insurance people courteous, sympathetic, knowledgeable and helpful. The claims themselves have been recognized and paid within a reasonable period. I have and would recommend the ASPCA insurance to anyone who has a pet.
I have the ASPCA pet health insurance on all 4 of my dogs. I have 4 French Bulldogs and believe firmly that health insurance is important and needed. I started using ASPCA Pet Health insurance after not being satisfied with a previous insurance company. The employees are always friendly and helpful as well as knowledgeable. The plans can be modified to fit your needs and your budget and they actually pay claims when they say they will. There is never a long wait and they pay out according to your plan criteria. I always recommend pet health insurance to my clients and I'm always handing out the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance brochures. I have no complaints and will continue to use them.
ASPCA pet insurance has been a joy to work with. I had the misfortune of having my dog develop hip issues within a year of starting ASPCA insurance and they have been wonderful about covering everything so far with no issues.
With ASPCA we have never had to question the bills. They are straightforward and the claims are taken care of so easily. I only wish our human insurance was so good. This is our 4th Labrador and we highly recommend pet insurance for any dog to lessen the burden of deciding on treatment.
I have been very pleased with the service we have received for our dog. I have felt the claim reviews have been timely and reimbursement is as equally timely. I have had no issues with the service and have recommended ASPCA insurance to other dog owners.
I have had this insurance for both of my dogs for about 3 years now. They always have excuses for not to pay. Recently, my biggest argument with them has been about the reasonable cost. They don’t pay the cost of what you paid. They have a database with prices, which is obviously way lower. I told them to tell me about the veterinarian that is charging those prices so I would go there. So, of course, they didn’t know because it is just a database. So after they give you their "reasonable cost" price, they only pay 80% of that. I have been lucky that my dogs get sick at the same time and then they rest for 6 months before they get bacterial infection again; otherwise, they would not pay since they would say it is a preexisting condition. Also, when I adopted one of my dogs, she was really sick and had a shelter virus. So my other dog was treated as well and ASPCA refused to pay with the excuse that it was a genetic condition from the puppy's mother and refused to pay for my other dog since they say it was a wellness treatment. I do not recommend this insurance at all. I always forget about canceling when it is up because I am paying more in premiums annually plus vet bills and I am not getting truly reimbursed 80% of the cost of what I paid. I think it would be better if I open a bank account for them and deposit what I'm paying every month.
Our puppy required surgery on her right leg and we could not have asked for a better experience with ASPCA pet insurance. All of our claims were reviewed and paid within 2 weeks. The app made submitting the claims easy and anytime I needed to speak to a representative on the phone they were knowledgeable and kind.
I have been very happy with the coverage. They have been very fair on their coverage. I had 2 other companies with another dog and it seemed like they were never covering anything. I had many puppy health issues and they helped me get through it. Now I have a healthy dog. My only complaint is the turnaround time for reimbursement is sometimes long. I will renew!
Having ASPCA insurance has been a god send. I was recommended it to me by a family member, and it truly has paid for itself. The online portal is easy to use, uploading invoices, etc. is so easy and I know when I go to the vet I'm covered by such a good plan. Really happy with this insurance.
My experience with ASPCA animal insurance has been extremely positive thus far. Upon calling and asking questions about either the plan or what it includes or excludes, in addition to questions corresponding a claim, I am always greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative. Moreover, I have always received a follow-up call from one of their team members, checking in on the health of my puppy, when she has fallen ill. Which is such a grand personal touch. It’s greatly appreciated at a pet-parent. I have recommended ASPCA pet insurance to others, and feel confident that I will continue using to myself for my dog.
The claim turnaround time has gotten much longer than when I first became a customer. It went from weeks to longer than a month now and if I have multiple claims put in, they don’t get processed altogether. It now takes twice as long as it used to to get claims processed.
I signed my 12 year old dog up for pet insurance after realizing how expensive things can get as he gets older. He had a reoccurring spinal issue which I understood from my previous scam Trupanion that could not be covered. I talked to Jason at ASPCA in September of 2015 and he was kind and made me feel he actually cared about my pet but kept pushing for me to sign up my puppy and I said that I didn't want to pay thousands of dollars for a dog who isn't going to need insurance for a long while unless he got hit by a car which I would never let happen.I filed a claim in January 2016 regarding Buckeye my 12 year old who received tests to see if he had Cushing's Disease. It came back positive and I filed a claim that was accepted and a check sent. I was so relieved because if we were to choose to treat Cushing's it can be very expensive. I then received a phone call saying a mistake has been made and the claim is actually ineligible because he showed symptoms of Cushing's in June 2015. The check was cancelled.If anyone knows about Cushings, the symptoms he supposedly had were panting and drinking water, what dog doesn't do that??? This ASPCA are the worst people out there. They prey on people who love their pets like family and would do anything for them but they have no intention of ever paying any claim unless you have been paying for 10 years for your puppy and by then you could have paid the costs of any test, medications or surgeries 10x over. THEY WOULD RATHER YOUR PET DIE THAN PAY YOU ANYTHING!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR ANY OTHER PLEASE! Bridget ** (a very hurt and angry animal lover.)
ASPCA is a good pet insurance. My reason for a 3 star review is they took a long time to process my claims at first and used old medical records to base their decision off of which ended up being declined. When they used the new medical records it was approved and they were timely with their processing. The other reason is for a high increase on the premium each year. Out of the other pet insurances I do recommend ASPCA.
Thank you for everything! My dog tore his ACL and needed surgery. ASPCA Pet Insurance helped Axel get the surgery he needed. You can tell he is getting back to his happy old self. He is on a slow road to recovery! Thank you!
I was hesitant to get Pet Health Insurance and researched many plans before deciding on ASPCA and I have NEVER been disappointed and dealing with them or having my claims paid. They are fast, efficient and to my amazement, they deliver what they say they will. I have never written a review good or bad on anything but they are so good I just had to do it. Thank you ASPCA - you have been one of the few positive experiences I have had in dealing with any company in the past few years. You are the best!
After having ASPCA ins for only 4 months, my Golden who was my best friend, passed away suddenly after having a sudden tumor. It was extremely helpful during this difficult time to have medical procedures refunded. When I called customer service for some assistance in the paperwork they were very understanding and compassionate. Thank you for your assistance in all ways. I will always recommend you.
I took out insurance on my frenchie when I first had to file a claim I felt it way too long. Almost two weeks maybe larger the second one was two days done finished. I really appreciate the fast service. I was going to cancel because of the very slow claim and emailed them regarding that matter. So the second one was very fast, very professional and I received notice my claim was finished two days. I am going to keep the insurance. It is really good coverage.
I rescued an 8 yo Basset Hound and got ASPCA insurance as I figured health problems would arise. He wound up getting lymphoma 7 mos later. As promised, ASPCA reimbursed 90% and was a financial savior for me in caring for Sherlock in his remaining months. I plan to rescue more dogs in the future and will be sure to get ASPCA insurance again.
After submitting claims noticed the Rabies Vaccine was not reimbursed. I called and what was explained to me was it is not covered because the first Lymes vaccine was reimbursed, so either the first Lyme vaccine is covered or the rabies but not both. I think that is unfair, totally different diseases. In my opinion this is something that should be discussed and corrected.
ASPCA has been wonderful in responding to claims. We have an 11 year old cat with cancer. Treatment has been very expensive however repayment claims have been processed quickly and personnel at ASPCA have been professional and caring. I am so glad we discovered ASPCA insurance.
ASPCA Pet Insurance has helped me throughout my pet's life. The online claim center was easy and it only took a few weeks for the claim to be processed. They notify you all throughout the process. When I needed to call for information, the team was helpful and very kind knowing you're dealing with a health problem with your pet. Finally, at the end of my dog's life, I put in my last difficult claim for her euthanasia. My claim was processed within a week and I even received a condolence call from them. I will certainly use ASPCA Pet Insurance again when I'm ready for my next pet.
Nothing but great experience. I have 3 dogs insured. Discount is good, but bigger discount would be better! Only added coverage convenience would be direct pay for care, rather than waiting for reimbursement. I have already referred several family and friends.
We used the insurance a number of times throughout the year. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not but it’s less than a human. You were great. You were specific and made understand of the process easy. Thank you.
Our refund was very late, so I called the customer service. She (sorry, I forgot her name) was really good. I am very impressed. We still haven't got the refund but I am satisfied and patiently waiting it. Thank you very much.
They really care about your pet. Their App makes it very simple to not only submit a claim but check on the claim. It's all so very easy. It seems a bit pricey at first but if you do the research you will see that they offer more. You get what you pay for and the price for me is worth my fur-babies health.
My Molly had to get a $4000 surgery and y’all really helped and showed urgency. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! Shout out to QUINN!!! She was very helpful and got everything taken care of for me! I recommend you guys to everyone!
So glad we have ASPCA. It eases our mind our babies are taken care of. They have paid our claims in a quick manner. There has only been 1 issue with claims but it was quickly taken care of when the Representative said the issue was the vet wasn’t clear on the paperwork sent. Every time I call people are very nice. Only other irritating thing is when it's time to renew ASPCA will send the information about the renewal. But there is no page on what the increased rate will be compared to the current bill. Wish that was included.
I really am not sure what to put down except that in all my years (I am 70) I have never worked with or experienced such amazing and professional, yet compassionate and human behavior from an insurance company! Every one of the folks that are involved with your company should be given a raise and praised!!! We had a beautiful little fur baby named Romeo who was 12 years old when he was diagnosed with diabetes. He incurred several life threatening illnesses and by the grace of God and our wonderful veterinarian we were able to keep him with us for an additional year. Finally, the disease took over and he crossed the rainbow bridge on September 13, 2018.Through that year our expenses grew exponentially and because of the wonderful insurance your company provided we were able to remain stable. We are retired and it is very hard to incur expenses that are not budgeted. We have nothing but thanks and praise for your organization and if and when we ever decide to become human parents for another beautiful fur baby, you will once again have us as loyal customers. I encourage anyone who would like more information on your program to contact me if they want. With all our love and thanks for loving our Romeo as much as we did, and still do, thank you and Merry Christmas to your entire staff!
I am more than pleased with my coverage package for my dog. Recently, my dog was diagnosed with epilepsy. From the very first call I made to the first invoice I sent, the customer service was excellent. I received my reimbursement just as stated, in a prompt manner. I just recommended this plan to friend this past weekend.
I’ve had accident/illness and wellness coverage for about 2 years. In the last year, my 10 year old labradoodle has had a series of issues - liver and kidney disease, pancreatitis and recently diagnosed a Cushing's disease. Accident/illness coverage has allowed me to ensure that she has the best veterinary care including various lab tests, ultrasound, biopsy, and hospitalization. Her illness are being managed well with meds that are about $300 per month. The 90% reimbursement after meeting our deductible is a lifesaver. The wellness coverage is fine but the accident/illness is excellent. I’ve been reimbursed pretty quickly and after submitting all pertinent info, reimbursement was only delayed once when they needed to contact my veterinarian for additional info. I’m very happy with my coverage and the customer service.
Best decision ever to get insurance for our pup! Wonderful service, fast and easy filing of paperwork. Turnaround time on all transactions is the Best! Would definitely reccomend insurance for pets. Worth every penny! Thank you for the great customer service and insurance. Gives us great comfort having insurance.
Great coverage have had no issues with the insurance. Fair payments for claims. I would recommend to other pet owners and have. Will continue with this coverage with future pets. I had to use this unexpectedly for my German sharp and have had no issues to date with claims.
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