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APRIL Travel Protection Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: APRIL Travel Protection
Year Founded: 1988
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 73 %
I liked the price and reviews of April Travel Protection Insurance. So, I purchased insurance from them online through It was with the whole Delta Travel snafu in April and I ended up filing a claim. I spoke with someone by phone twice and they were fine. They directed me to a policy then they confirmed receipt of my claim. But I never got any question or communication that it was approved. Fortunately, I was paid within a couple of weeks, so that part exceeded my expectations. I thought it’d be a long process that I would have to stay on top of, so that was good.
There's no doubt that you should get a travel insurance in case something happens. If we're traveling, we're traveling out of the country and it's always good to have. I knew of April Travel Protection through Online Vacations and they have the interest of the customer at heart and will step in and be a go-between. They have always been responsive to my needs and when I've gotten in contact with them, they've gotten in contact with me. When we had to cancel in December because I had to go to the hospital, they contacted Online Vacations because Online Vacations did not give me what I needed. April then worked out what they needed. Also, once we were supposed to take a cruise but I ended up having an issue which came from a medical trial that put me in the ICU for 11 days. I sent a claim in, they called me, and they told me that they had it and that they'd get back in touch with me.
We purchase April Travel Protection from Online Vacation Center and have used it on about four cruises. We like it better than what the cruise ship offers and we’ve researched quite a bit. When we were in Los Angeles, I had to go to the emergency room, and then I called them. The rep I got was wonderful. She called me the next morning and wanted to know what happened. I told her my concern about getting on the cruise ship if we had to cancel excursions, which we did. We canceled two, but we were able to do it with the medical facility, one of them and not lose money. And the other one, we were able to cancel three days out and not lose money. The cruise was over a month ago and we started submitting claim requirements as soon as we got home. However, the process is taking quite a while and I’ve not been able to get any kind of refund for the medical bills I’ve had to pay. The first claim agent said she filled out everything online so we didn’t have to fill out a claim form. We waited and waited till I called last week. And when I talked to Candice, from Broadspire, she said, “No. That had to be submitted.” So, we faxed the form in last week, and then I called today to see if there has been any action on it. And I’m just waiting for a call. And then we received another EOP based on the emergency room doctor in Los Angeles, so we filled out a second claim form and submitted it Saturday or Monday. So, there’ll be another one. But so far, we’ve got nothing from the medical from the hospital, and the medical from the ship, which is a lot longer than we’ve had to wait the other time that we had to use it. I keep getting bills that I’ve paid, the $600, $700, $800 and thought it would be reimbursed by now.I think we had misinformation in the beginning with the woman who said she took all the information. And we just needed to send in the paperwork, which my husband did. If that wasn’t valid, then they should’ve called and said, “No, this isn’t valid. You need to send the claims form.” But I think the claim has left April and it has gone to the insurance company handling it because April had one claim number, and Candice gave a different claim number. The customer service has been good. It’s just a matter of getting the claim wrapped up. And if there’s something else we need to do, we need to do it. But if it doesn’t get wrapped up, I need to call my representative at Online Vacation so she can speed it up.We also had to use it one time, but nothing as big as this one. And any time before, I’ve been fine. And I definitely would use it again just because of the coverage. My big fear is that if anything happens and I’m in a foreign country, I got to have good coverage. And April has got a good policy. In fact, I’ve tried to get my sister to use it instead because it’s a lot more comprehensive. It’s also a good company and I hate to switch around too much because we’ve read it carefully.
We had to cancel a trip because my wife had surgery. The cancellation process with APRIL Travel Protection went well. It was the first time I ever had to do it. I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and I got through it. The service reps were helpful. Some of the paperwork was a little tricky so I asked them and they provided me with the information I needed. It was a lot of paperwork but eventually, I muddled through it and we got our money back. I was happy with my experience but it could have been expedited a little quicker.
When I made reservations for Celebrity Cruises, they had insurance through April Travel Protection. During the cruise, I got sick and I had to go to the infirmary. I saw the doc and there was a charge on it. I sent the charge to April then they cut me a check and I cashed that. April Travel Protection is a reputable company.
My husband and I bought travel insurance mainly because of our age. We've always purchased it because we do lengthy travel and we've traveled to Europe a lot. We just knew that if there was any kind of an accident and we had to be sent home by plane it would be very costly. We have used APRIL Travel Protection twice on our last two trips and it's been terrific. Online Vacations recommended APRIL and we purchased it through them. They were great when I made the claim over the internet. I would certainly use them again.
We used April Protection one time and our experience has been very good. We purchased the insurance through the travel agency, Online Vacation Center when we went on a Viking cruise to Europe. But my husband had a very bad allergy when we were cruising so on Saturday night, they called a doctor for him and we have to order a receipt and came back to the US and made the claim. It was a very good service and everything went well. We even made a phone call from Europe to April Protection to make sure how we should do it. The reps from April Protection were very good. They answered our questions from Europe, and that was in the middle of the night. We still got to speak with somebody who told us what to do. I’m very impressed. A lot of times, people are talking about their purchase. They purchase and when they claim, they are having a lot of a hard time. But we just followed April Protection's instructions. We got all the original receipt and then we came back, submitted them with no questions asked. And in a very short period of time, we received our money back. It was excellent and I even told my friends about it.
I purchased the travel insurance of APRIL Travel Protection from a traveler's website because of the price. My flight was interrupted, so I had to call APRIL. My plane was delayed and couldn’t land at Texas Airport, then it landed late at night and I missed my connecting flight. I called the number of APRIL, but the person who answered the phone, an emergency medical assistant, said their regular hours are only until 6:00 or 7:00 P.M., so I had to call them the next day. My overall experience with APRIL Travel Protection was okay, but they need to improve their daytime hours because that incident happened late at night, at around 9:00 or 10:00 PM, and there was nobody at APRIL that I could speak to. But the reps were very helpful people and the service was okay. My trip was not just staying in one city. We had to go to London and the APRIL rep said that if I missed that flight, they were gonna buy me an airplane ticket to Paris, which was our next stop, so that made me comfortable.
I had an excellent experience with April USA. I decided to use them after a friend told me about it. I called their phone number and got coverage for a trip to Israel in January of 2017 in case we had any problems. However, my husband passed away before the trip. He had insurance and they settled with me. I was very pleased with their service so I would use them again and tell friends to use them too.
We're at the age when things happen to us now and I’ve used different travel insurance providers from time to time with the primary concern of medical coverage and medical evacuation when we're outside the US territories. I had two claims with APRIL Travel Protection over a couple of years and with my most recent one, I accumulated all the paperwork and I was able to settle it by scanning the materials and emailing them, rather than having to use US mail. So, it was very convenient. And once I got them, the agent that I was working with approved them but he said that because of the amount, it had to be approved by a secondary person and it might take a few days,which it did and then, they issued a check. It was handled in a very timely matter and the service reps I dealt with were satisfactory.
When you buy travel insurance like April Travel Protection, you have to buy it within the first two weeks of purchasing the vacation. That's when you get it the cheapest. If you wait longer, then some items are not available anymore, like some of the cancellation process. When you book the insurance, you need to call right away. Even if it's things like you can't book airfare because it's too far out, you could still say that you guesstimated that your airfare's gonna be about $1,500. That way, you still get all the benefits of having the travel insurance even if you can't physically do it yet.I keep purchasing protection insurance because it's only a couple of hundred dollars and just to see the ship's doctor will cost $100. When my son went into the ocean he got bumps all over him so we took him to the doctor. The bill was about $240 and the travel insurance was only $200 to $300 so that gave us a price of insurance. You'll never know what's going to happen so for a couple of hundred dollars, even for the smallest of things, you can have peace of mind and it pays for itself.
We purchased our April Travel Protection insurance plan through Online Vacation, and it was the only one that was offered. We’re not young anymore, so the insurance plan is good if there is a trip cancellation or if a medical reason comes up. Everything's been okay and I would tell my friends to check into it and go for it.
I booked my trip through Viking Travel and they use APRIL Travel Protection. I had to cancel the trip but I had a good experience with the claim and everything went smoothly. I called the travel agent I spoke to at Viking who then gave me the number for April. Then I called April and got the paperwork from them. Finally I just mailed it in. The travel insurance was a very valuable thing to have.
We've been buying travel insurance for 20 years now. We had elderly parents, and one never knows what's going to happen. We've bought eight policies from APRIL, the most recent one was for a cruise. I had some medical issues and I called APRIL the other day and explained it. They're going to be sending me a form so I can get my claim.
We used April Travel Protection insurance two years ago when Online Vacation Center placed it with them. We bought the travel insurance because of our age, in case we have medical issues and could not go. When I submitted my claim for medical, their reps reviewed it and it took them 30 days to process it. It was an excellent experience using them.
April Travel Protection was very good in helping us on the cruise itself. We had to change airfare as a family member had a massive heart attack and other complications. Our emergency was in Philadelphia area so instead of flying from Rome to Miami where we were originally scheduled, we got a flight from Barcelona to Philadelphia. And that was all handled through April. They worked hand in hand with the travel agency where the flight was purchased through. We were a bit over the 90-day period for filing a claim but April was very accommodating and they gave us time to get everything we needed to do the claim. We had very good experience with their reps. It was just very time-consuming before we finalized the claim. We took some time getting all the information in. And once I submitted all the information, it took almost two months before we received payment. Still, I highly recommend April to my friends.
I went online to purchase April Travel Insurance via InsureMyTrip to insure our flights to Australia. My wife and I do it when booking in advance just to be safe. Compared with other companies, everything with April worked out okay and some of the issues I had have been resolved. Last March, we had a death in the family when we were in Australia so I had a claim to April Travel. The claim I had was resolved and in the end, everything got sorted out with their representatives. It has been a good experience.
We were taking a trip on our own and we needed trip insurance. I went online and looked for insurance companies and there was one site that listed the five best travel insurance providers. April Travel Protection's rating came up good and we gave them a whirl. Initially, when we had to cancel our trip last May, I called April and I told them what had happened and they sent me the forms. We filled them out then we had a doctor fill out his portion and sent it back to them. Before I turned around, we had our money less the amount that Tauck, which was the travel company, was holding as a deposit for a future trip, which prompted us to have to file this time because they hold the money for a year. However, their ploy is that the money that they're holding cannot be used as a deposit on the next trip but used at the back end as a final payment, so they would want another deposit. When I heard that, I asked them if they were telling me that if anything should go wrong and we have to cancel this trip again, that the first deposit will be gone and then they're gonna use the second deposit as a deposit on a trip for a year later. They said that it was right but I disagreed with them. We booked the trip with Vacations To Go through Tauck. The fellow I was working with was very good. I asked him why didn't I get my $1,200 and he said that he contacted Tauck. April Travel didn't want anybody double-dipping so he found and suggested that it would be best if I waited until that year is up and then apply for the balance that had been held which we just did. I was speaking to Joanna, but everybody at April Travel has been very cooperative, easy to work with and answered any questions. They seemed to be very reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend April to anybody. I would certainly use them again if we'd take a trip that requires insurance.
I buy travel insurance considering I'm 70 years old, and I want to be able to come back to the country if something happens to me. I always go to, have used different insurance providers and have done fine with everyone that I've gotten. For my Israel trip, I got an insurance from APRIL Travel Protection, and of the very few times that I've ever had to put in a claim, APRIL handled my claim very nicely. I just had to give them all the forms they asked for and then they processed things in about a month. They then sent me a check and paid exactly as they said they would. APRIL's reps were very helpful and they provided great service, and the insurance was at a reasonable cost.
The gal I was traveling with took APRIL Travel Protection, and since we were traveling together, I should have the same insurance in case something happened. If we were together, it would make life easier. Everybody was pleasant and the first person I talked to was very helpful. But it was tedious to get the claim filed because I had missed an excursion and I had a medical. I sent in the first form then I got a call that I had to send a different form because those were two different claims. I have one insurance policy. I had one claim, but it happened to be for two different things. And so, it was two different checks, two different claim forms, two different people to deal with, and it had to all be done online. I’m 80 years old and I’m not as efficient on the computer as some younger people. And so, it was hard for me to figure out, but I got it done. They paid and it was quick once I got the forms in. I just booked another cruise and bought APRIL Insurance again. Because I compared it to Travel Guard, who I’ve used before, and it was a little bit cheaper and it seemed to be full coverage. You’re gonna spend a lot of money on a cruise and a trip so, you better have insurance. But hopefully I won’t need it.
I had always taken whatever travel insurance the airline gave me. But we previously had missing luggage and it was a little nerve-racking. This time, we were travelling internationally and we wanted to be covered just to be safe. I did a search for travel insurance and got different quotes for different companies. There was also a comparison chart and APRIL Travel Protection's added up to what we needed. My mother got sick from staying at a hotel and ended having to go to the hospital. So we filed a claim and it was handled pretty fairly. But there's still one outstanding claim that we haven’t heard back from. Still, I’d definitely suggest APRIL Travel Protection.
I've dealt with APRIL Travel Protection online to protect the flight cost, delays and medical. It's very valuable but hopefully I won't have to make any claims.
We’re in our 70's and we realized that a lot of things can happen so we normally buy travel insurance when we go on trips. My wife and I had APRIL Travel Protection as our insurance provider during our trip to South America. We purchased the plan from Online Vacation Center and during our trip, APRIL did us right. The trip was so long and we had the flu. My wife worked with their representatives and I didn't hear anything negative from her.
We've been traveling a lot for years and I've had so many cruises. I've used TravelPro for protection and other providers, too, but April Travel Protection is very superior compared to all providers I've used. I had two experiences with lawsuits and one was bad with another provider, but April was very good. Travelpro was quite expensive and I used them when we had a fire on our ship and we lost all of our clothing. I had a complete list of everything in my suitcase because I always take pictures and we never found everything. My sister had the same policy and she had some new items in our stateroom. They hired a company and things got sent to wrong places. All we got off was with the clothes on our back and I ended up with a man's shoe and clothes that were too big for me. They got our passport for us and we were shipped home. I had a terrible time going through to get Travelpro to reimburse me and they never fully reimbursed me for all the things that were lost. They said that I was coming home anyway, so therefore, they changed the travel arrangement. So, they would not pay anymore and I had to pay more. Everything was a mess. And then, I booked a travel on Royal Clipper to go to The Grenadines. I had an accident just before I went and in the package I purchased, I had three days before the cruise. I had a doctor check me the day I left on my cruise and he said I had a concussion. He said he'd check me on Friday and I'd leave on Saturday. If I was not okay by Saturday, I'd have to cancel. He'd release me if I went on the cruise and just rest. So, I promised him I would rest. I documented everything and my doctor signed off. I had stitches in my head, I stayed out of the sun and I stayed on the ship and relaxed. I filed my claim with APRIL and their reps handled the situation very well. When I first did it, they came back and asked for some extra documentation which I had to make sure of the dates and the doctor. They also wanted a copy of all my receipts. It did not take very long and they sent me a check. I came back home and saw my own doctors, but they paid my doctor's bill upfront and for everything that I had abroad. I didn't have to file with Medicare or with my other insurance company. I was very pleased with APRIL.
When we started using Online Vacation, we switched to APRIL since Online goes with them. Also, we weren't happy with our previous provider. So far, we've been very happy with APRIL. We had a bad medical year. We had to cancel one cruise because I broke my ankle and that was fully refunded in a very timely manner. We also had to cancel the next cruise because I had to have an emergency hysterectomy and that too was totally refunded very timely.Then, my husband developed cellulitis when we were on the cruise ship and he wound up spending every morning hooked up to an IV in the medical center, which ended up being extremely expensive. We contacted APRIL to find out what we needed to do to and they said that if we had been on land, they would’ve paid for the medical services. But because we were on the ship, they said it would have to be a reimbursement. We knew that and we were fine with that. So, they told us what needed to be done so we would be able to collect when we returned. The total cost was to the tune of $3000 and cruise lines don't deal with medical insurance so it was part of our bill when we got off the ship. Then, we just had to submit the billing information from the cruise line to APRIL and once again, they totally refunded our output.However, during our New Zealand trip, it seemed like every other day we were getting a new policy from APRIL and each policy had another number. But it didn’t seem like anything was changing so we were afraid that was making a huge computer file. Online said it was APRIL's fault but APRIL said it was Online and that never was resolved.Other than that, each time I have called APRIL with a claim, they’ve been very helpful. Mabel seems to be the point person that I’ve spoken to each time I’ve had to put a claim in and since I’ve filed three claims times two because it was for my husband and me, I spoke with her quite a bit. She was always very professional, very concise, and to the point. She gave me the information I needed without making me jump me through hoops and was able to facilitate the claims that we put in. This was our 38th cruise and I would not go anywhere without APRIL. We were at the point where we were going to ask why we were paying for an insurance we’ve never used. But we’re getting older so we will never travel without it.
A colleague of mine told me to check out April Travel. I called one of their offices in Miami to explain my needs. We were going away for a while so we wanted to make sure we had a little extra coverage. I have an HMO plan through my work but it was going to be a little shaky on whether I’d be able to utilize that so we figured that purchasing April insurance was a simple way to give us a little extra peace of mind. With just one phone call, April Travel set me up with a coverage that worked very well for the price and I couldn’t match it anywhere else through my research. When I was away, we realized we were going to take our child to the doctor. I reached out to them via email and they were a little unresponsive mainly because of the time differences since I was in Australia. They responded within a business day, stateside, but I already sought treatment for my daughter. But they assured me that they would be able to take care of everything and that they sent me all of the forms that I needed. They also told me what documentation I needed and I was able to get that and send it along. It was a very smooth process. I had my reimbursement within a matter of weeks and I was very happy. It was the best idea for money, and it did exactly what it needed to do. It worked out great and I’ll give it nothing but a good recommendation.
A friend of mine had used APRIL for her trip prior to our trip. We went with them because of her recommendation instead of what we found online. We were flying from the south to the northeast and we knew that there was a chance that weather could be an issue. The condition was iffy when we were booking our trip and we thought we needed the insurance. I purchased APRIL from and sure enough, a nor'easter came through when we were trying to travel to Boston. Their reps were great. However, I checked the wrong thing on the box and APRIL ended up not doing for us what we needed it to do. But I'd tell friends that APRIL has been worth it for us and that if they think they need travel insurance, then APRIL would be a great company to use.
I was flying to New Zealand and it was really an expensive trip. I always get a travel insurance just in case something happens as I don’t want to lose out much money. I purchased an APRIL Travel Protection insurance online. I got stuck in Taiwan for a day and a half ‘cause of a missed connection, then they lost my luggage for about a week so I had to buy all of my stuff. I filed a claim which was really easy and ended up getting paid for all the stuff. I just had to email APRIL some receipts and that was that. It was all simple and good. Their reps were nice and helpful too.
When my wife and I went to India, we used APRIL as our travel protection insurance. Purchasing the policy was fine and we got it from SquareMouth. One time, we had a claim when we went to a bunch of places in India and then when we got off in one stop, one of our bags didn't make it. Even though our bag was found quickly, we were headed to the Himalayas and we had a train to catch. So we had to leave and the airline didn't want to send our bags to the Himalayas. Though most of India is pretty warm, the Himalayas aren't in January and so we had to buy some winter clothes for my wife as her carry-on bag only contained warm weather clothes. We put a claim for the things that we had to buy and while they covered everything they said they would cover, what bothered me was they wouldn’t cover any makeup or anything that my wife normally uses. Basically, we had to buy toiletries and cosmetics.When you buy a plan, it says luggage replacement and even though my wife was only using the make-up for three days, we couldn’t buy a three-day size of makeup. Instead, we had to go to a store and buy a full size one. So I was annoyed because I really didn’t know until I put in a claim and then all of a sudden they told me they don't cover makeup. For a woman, that’s a necessity and it was a kind of exclusion that people just don’t see when they apply to get the policy. Other than that, everything was fine. It was very easy to put a claim through. Furthermore, the people at APRIL were very nice. They called and explained everything. In closing, while the company is not perfect, they weren't hard like the other company we had the last time.
APRIL Travel Protection is a good company. I got the insurance through InsureMyTrip. We got good service and we were covered.
My experience with APRIL was great. I was directed to them through Travel Noire and the APRIL rep was very helpful and patient. She made sure I understood what I needed to do so I felt completely at ease and confident in my decision to go with them. And the instructions as well as the requirements for filing the claim were very clear. I was able to submit a claim and had it acknowledged and then I received the check within two months. It was all very quick and I never doubted what was happening at any point. I sent a follow-up email asking for confirmation and status, and they responded. There was open communication throughout the whole process. I commend their simplicity and the fact that all their information was readily available, not only through the representatives but online as well.
My boyfriend had used APRIL Travel in the past. He gave one to me. I was motivated to have travel insurance because of the international stuff. You never know what may happen and it was for a longer trip. I've had some email correspondence with a claim that I had. And it was very easy and very quick. The reps handled the claim very well. It was a very good experience overall. I'll use them again next time I go somewhere.
April Travel Protection came with the cruise package that I purchased. They offered me the option of adding insurance, which I did. It was going to be my first trip after a major medical issue. Initially, when the claim came to mind, I filed. I got the name and contact number for who I could reach at the travel company, so I filed the claim through April Travel. The person was very helpful and got me through the necessary paperwork that I needed to complete.And then there were some delays on my part. They expected the paperwork to be completed within a certain amount of time and I had surpassed that. So I reached out to them hoping that that was still going to be okay. They were very accommodating, said it's fine and I just had to submit it as soon as I could and they would process it, and that's what they did. They were competent, timely and I would recommend them.
I had a travel insurance plan with April Travel Protection three years ago, which I had to cancel. But the people that I spoke with were very helpful. I'd recommend April Travel Protection.
I’ve used April Travel Protection before, and when I needed them again, I went back online and filled in all the information. Then they gave me a quote and I just threw in my credit card information. And then they emailed the policy. My recent trip had to be cancelled very last minute as my father-in-law passed away on the day that we were supposed to travel overseas. I contacted April Travel once we were back from the funeral, and the gentleman was very helpful. He told me what I need to do and sent me an email with appropriate links with instructions. The email was self-explanatory and I sent in the documents that they requested. And then I had to contact them because I got reimbursed by one of the vendors that I dealt with for my trip. I didn't put it on the original form so I made April Travel aware of it. They made a note of it and said that it would be a four to six weeks process, which was indicated on their documents. And it's only been three weeks since I've sent in my claim. But overall, their pricing is very competitive and they offer good packages. I would recommend them.
APRIL Travel Protection has a broader coverage than what we have. We have had a couple of experiences where we've had to cancel the cruise and they’ve been very good about refunding our money. We've also spoken with their people and they did fine with us. They gave us advice on how to deal with the airlines when the airline was separate from the cruise.
APRIL Travel Protection was really good. We had to abort our trip because of health reasons, and we were very satisfied with the results. We went through the process and got the documentation certifying that we had a legitimate claim, and it was paid. It seemed relatively easy jumping through the hoops and getting everything squared away. If we take another lengthy excursion, we’ll buy APRIL again because we were satisfied. However, I don’t like that I have to pay extra because of my advanced age but I understand why that occurs. With the reasons there are for that, I’m more of a risk.
APRIL Travel Protection had the best coverage for the best price. I had to do a claim and it went smoothly. I sent in what they asked for and then I got a check not too long after. The insurance plan serves its purpose, and I would tell my friends to definitely go that route.
My wife and I travel a lot. When we made a reservation for the cruise last year with Online Vacations, they asked us about travel insurance, and they told us about the benefits of getting it for a cruise. They recommended and also set up April insurance for us, and my wife and I bought travel protection for my daughter, Julianne, as we did for both of us. The insurance made sense to me, and we paid $150 or $160 each for me and my wife, and then we bought less for Julianne. We bought the kind where it didn’t matter what happened, and if we didn’t make the cruise, then we get our money back. My wife broke her arm a week before the cruise so we missed it. We submitted the forms to April Travel Protection, but we didn’t hear anything from them for a good while, but it was my understanding that we were going to be reimbursed in 30 days. I was trying to call and talk to somebody from there, and that was difficult. But when I finally reached this woman, she took care of it and gave us all the money that we had coming to us. If we hadn't had that travel insurance from April Travel Protection, we would have lost all the money. It was the first time we have ever purchased travel insurance, and it paid off.
I purchased my April Travel Protection from TravelInsurance for a cruise in case I got sick. The reps did a great job and everything came through fine. We also had April Travel last year and they seemed to be reasonable. They had the right plan for our needs and I like the coverage I had. It was a very good experience and I was very satisfied with April Travel Protection.
We usually book our trips far out in advance, our children are in their child-bearing years, and our parents are already elderly so we buy travel insurance. We purchased April through And we already have some of our own other insurance but with April, I was able to choose to cover what I wanted to cover which brought the cost down. So far, we had to file claims with April twice. We had to cancel the same trip twice in a row and both times, I had to call to get things moving. While everything went smoothly the first time, the second time took forever and then it ended up in some kind of a third party and when that happened, it got solved right away. While everything worked out okay in the end, it was not as seamless as one would have thought. Both times, there were deaths in the family and we had all the documentation get to them as quickly as we could but I find it frustrating that whoever handled stuff down in Florida didn't email back any kind of confirmation unless we called back again. All in all, we've only made three claims with travel insurance companies and April was the only one I had to really sit on. I like people to let me know when something is received since you're saying a lot of very personal private information when you fill out the forms, especially in this last one that we had to do. That was particularly difficult because it was my daughter-in-law's information and I was very uncomfortable sending her medical stuff because it's not mine to share. So I needed confirmation.
We rarely use travel protection, but we're getting older now. So, we thought, "Well, we should." The people who placed the vacation suggested APRIL. When we purchased our April insurance plan, we did everything over the phone with our agent. And APRIL was absolutely awful. My husband got cancer and we had to cancel it. They put us through the wringer and didn't believe anything we told them. We had to provide all kinds of paperwork, which were impossible to get. When we finally got it settled months later, they took off a big percentage for whatever they did. They took off handling fees and other kinds of things. So, with whatever we paid, it came in at 60% that we got back. It was ridiculous. It didn't help that the discussion between APRIL and the person who placed it was difficult as well and we had to go back and forth between the two entities. I will never use them again.
I will never have April Travel Protection's insurance again. The airlines lost our luggage and we missed all of our flights. Consequently, we missed the first day of the whole cruise. Eventually, my travel partner, the other teacher that I travel with, got her reimbursement check for $250. I had the filed the claim back on January 8th and I dealt with Alexandria, April's rep. I sent copies of every single paper that I had to the regular place and her department. She claimed that she didn’t get all the stuff and that I was unwilling to send further documentation. For some reason, the paperwork went to a different department. I told her to tell me what she needed and I had sent everything. Even my travel agent Edwina had to deal with her and she gave her a hard time. Also, my emails would show that it would usually take a week to hear back from her.Alexandria also claimed that they never sent a check to my friend and we have a copy of the check and it took until April to get my money back because I had to go through customer relations with Viking Cruise to get them involved. Even more, we got somebody named Nick from Viking Cruises to deal with it and all of a sudden about three weeks later, I had my check. With the very last cruise I took, we filed a claim and I didn’t have any need to file anything, it was automatic and we had no problems getting it. I will never deal with April again and I will tell everybody that I know that travels what I went through with them. I'm going on another cruise in November and I'm getting Allianz through myself.
I do a lot of traveling and I’ve used a lot of different travel insurance providers. I don’t know why or how companies determine the rates that’s why if I can get the coverage I want, then I look for the lowest prices. I always follow that rule and that’s how I chose APRIL. I had a claim with APRIL and my interactions with their service reps were fine. I called a number and I had to go to a website, download some forms and have a doctor sign them. The reps were reasonably prompt. I’d use them again. I know that when I travel, I can contact them. My experience with them was a good one. I’d recommend them and I’d tell others that APRIL is a reliable company and that the coverage and the price were good that’s why I purchased it.
We travel a lot and we purchase travel insurance in case of emergency. If you're out of the country and you need care, Medicare doesn't work and I've used April Travel Protection twice. It's not cheap but it's not over expensive either. The first time I used it was when I was on board a ship. I bumped into something with my arm and I went to some medics. I turned in the claim and it was paid. The second time was when I was in Cabo and I fell down the stairs. I had more trouble with the doctors there getting the information to get reimbursed, then getting reimbursed.My partner had April Protection before I did so he knew what he was doing when he talked with them. The only thing confusing to us was when we went to renew this last time. It was different because before, we were able to have it on our phone. But this time, probably because of how we ordered it, we couldn't get the app to work on the phone. It should be easier no matter how we renew it. But still, I have recommended them.
We wanted some protection overseas in case we got hurt and purchased an April Travel Protection plan online.
We had APRIL Travel Protection about a year ago. I used, looked at my criteria, put in the cost and then bought my insurance. It seemed easy. My friend and I travel together. I turned them on to the website. He wound up buying insurance and recently filed a claim last year. We were about a month and a half prior to the trip and then he had some horrible side effects after some minor shoulder surgery and needed to cancel.I was stuck in Fiji waiting for my ship for four days and I saw a website for customer service. I had Wi-Fi and I thought to contact APRIL to let them know what happened rather than waiting until I got home which I’m glad I did. They told me not to worry. I gave them the date that I was gonna be home which was like a month later. I let them know about what happened, my situation and that I needed to file a claim. They emailed me, made notes and sent me the forms. I felt very comfortable that they were aware and that it was okay to wait. Everything went like clockwork. It went well other than I got stuck. When they sent the email, I told them that I was not even sure if this is the right place to notify anybody and it got routed to a supervisor. They responded to me and they took care of it. Everything was smooth, the right people got it and I got the right response. I had an excellent experience with APRIL and I will highly recommend them.
Every time we go anywhere, we buy travel insurance just in case we have to cancel or we get sick. We always purchase April Travel Protection from the travel agent and we also had it on our recent trip to London. We haven’t used them but we haven’t had any problems. We’d recommend them.
We’ve traveled a lot and have visited 95 countries. We usually get insurance when we travel. It makes sense especially that we’re in our 70s now and for medical reasons. We purchased APRIL Travel Protection through the travel agent we used, which was Online Vacations. When we filed a claim for the cancellation of the trip for both me and my wife for medical reasons, we had some concern with the length of time it took them to process the claim. They said they needed nine weeks to process it, which seemed like an awfully long time. And they used a third party, which is unusual. Most insurance companies did their own. I was in the hospital at the time and my son-in-law was helping to process the claims.
We were going to Australia and we wanted to make sure we were fully covered, so we purchased April Travel through Online Vacation Center. We called them and asked what's covered and we sent them a bill showing all the various items that we had and they took care of the whole thing, which we were very pleased with. Overall, the service they have provided was excellent.
We had an extensive trip and we wanted to make sure we had coverage in case something had to be canceled. We wanted some kind of back up into it. We got April Travel Protection and we had to contact them while we were travelling. We had a little medical issue and they said they would deal with it when we got back to the States. And it worked out very well. We more than broke even because of our medical expenses, so buying the insurance was worthwhile. April Travel Protection provided what we needed in an easy way to deal with.
April Travel Protection was good. They had the best rate and I bought the travel insurance for medical reason. Their reps were good and answered any questions that I had. They taught me how to go by the steps to get things done. I filed a claim for my London trip and everything came out successfully.
My wife and I travel a lot. Having a travel insurance at my age is smart since the world is not particularly safe. On one trip, my wife broke her ankle and so there was a fair amount of expenses on that. Also one time, I almost caught pneumonia when about half the people on a ship had something. I got it and for 20 days, I was not feeling very good. There were medical expenses and APRIL Travel Protection paid them right away. I'm satisfied with APRIL Travel Protection. They're cheaper than others and what I had to pay was reasonable. I also got all the information that I needed which was easy to read and I didn't feel ignored. Having them paid off and I almost broke in even. I also have the stress less service, which I didn't use, but I was glad to have.
I bought travel insurance from APRIL Travel Protection through Vacations to Go. I've had different types of claims and it’s been less of a problem for me to get reimbursed with April than with my previous insurance provider. I have some health issues and I didn’t know if I’d be able to go. It was out of Australia and with flights like that, I want to be covered for things outside of my control. Like in this case, I made it to the airplane but the door was closed and they wouldn’t open it again. I had missed the flight but it wasn’t my fault. I was on a cruise and I was going in a day early and I missed that day early. So, I had a claim and I didn’t have any problems with any claim I made. I just called them up and they said, “Fill the forms out online and send them in to this location,” and it was done. So, I’m very happy with them.
We are human beings and we don’t know what’s gonna happen with us even after two to three hours of our lives. We also understand we may get sick. So, we always need to protect ourselves and one way is getting travel insurance. We’re planning to travel in September or October and our travel agent recommended a new travel insurance, however, we’re gonna buy from April Travel Protection. But it does not come up on the travel website I usually get it from and I also called the company but they don't have it anymore. Still, the service reps at April were very good and they helped me. Buy travel insurance from April Travel Protection.
When I make my reservations, I always get the hurricane insurance and I’m glad I did because we were supposed to go September 15th and I broke my ankle on July 19th. I did not walk on it until September 27th. But we’re going again this September and hopefully, I don’t break anything else. We’re going to try for the same week. I purchased the April Travel Protection plan through Outer Beach Realty. This is the first time I paid attention on how to go to the insurance website and this is the only time we ever had to use April Travel Protection. April’s reps were good. I had a couple of questions and I was able to get them answered on the phone. Our conversations went smoothly. I just filled out the information that they needed and I got it right away.I had to provide them with the cancellation letter, but I didn’t have any of that, so I had to call the realty company. They told me to fill out what I can and then April would contact them directly and they would give them the information. I had a snag because I filled out what I could then I got something back that was incomplete. When I talked to the realty company, they told me what they do. Then I talked to April’s representative and said that they’ll get the info from the realty company, which they did. Once we got the ball rolling in data, it was very fast. I would tell my friend to use April Travel Protection. It worked out well and I got the money from our deposit that we had put on, except for the $200 cancellation fee and the $130 or $133 fee for the insurance that I paid.
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