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Anthem Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Anthem
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I've had severe SI Joint Pain for over 6 months now. Both sides. I had physical therapy for it, which I had to do self-pay because insurance wouldn't add any more. I had Bilateral SI Joint injection, which was also diagnostic and confirmed my SI Joint pain. It helped for only 2 weeks, then the pain came back. I can't have any more injections because I'm a diabetic and the steroids really shoot my sugar up high. I've done all conservative treatments. My surgeon says I need the SI joint surgery and will do the IFUSE. BCBS is horrible since they deny the surgery. They say it's medically unnecessary. They think they know me more than I do and more than my surgeon? I'm only 42 and I can't walk, sit, stand, sleep, ride in a car or anything without severe pain, and I lean also. And they think it's not necessary to fix the problem? They want me to be in pain and suffer? And I can't afford to go on disability. I have to work, but, it's hard to work if I can't function. My only income is me working. I also just graduated from an online university and I can't go and get certified because I can't ride in a car without pain. BLBS is disrupting my whole life by not approving a needed surgery. We just paid them 3,000 too. I pay them 3,000 to make me suffer? How uncaring. My surgeon will be doing the peer to peer next week. I sure hope he can convince them. He does in fact know more what I need than they do. Then I guess after that, if they deny, then it'll be court or something like that.
Greedy scum. Despite being covered by another insurance company, Anthem blocked payment of a procedure. I had everything approved in writing in advance. I called and wrote nearly 50 times. They stuck me with a $130,000.00 hospital bill. They are total scumbags.
I am the holder on the account and me and my wife are no longer together. I tried to get her off my account starting in February of 2014. Called, they told me to send a fax which I did and when I called in to make my payments, they said I had to pay for both, as she was still on the policy, forcing me to pay for someone I did not wanted to!!! They said I will get my money back when she was off. In March was the same deal and April was the same. It's a scam. Anthem is forcing its customers to pay. CAN THEY DO THAT?? I got fed up and stop paying as I could not afford to pay for both. How long does it takes Anthem to take someone off the policy after the policy holder ask them in writing to take someone off??? When I called to get my insurance back and told them the story, the lady said, "It does not matter who was wrong, you did not pay!!!" What? So it's ok to be illegal and Force people pay for something they don't want to?? What a shame!!!!! It's fraud and millions of people are going through this crap.
Been on ABC for couple of years and never needed it. Now I need to find a primary care Dr and there are none available. Their website hasn't been updated in years. The only dr's that are accepting new patients are taking appointments 7 months in advance. They offer NOTHING to their customers, but still take the full premiums from us. Obamacare at its worst.
I had a prostatectomy seven years ago. Subsequent PSA tests showed negligible levels for several years, but a few months ago rising PSA levels were noticed. My first doctor in Golden Gate Urology ordered a prostate cell specific PET scan to localize the metastasis, Anthem denied this diagnostic method. In the absence of diagnostic evidence, the doctor at Golden Gate Urology, told that 60% of recurrence happened in prostatic bed and recommended radiotherapy (RT) of prostate bed or systemic hormone therapy. After second opinion consultation in Stanford, we found out a clinical trial for a diagnostic technology (MPSA-PET). Through this diagnostic technology, the presence of a single focal metastasis outside of prostate bed was confirmed while the prostate bed itself was negative. I was supposed to begin focal CT guided radiotherapy in Stanford. The treatment was supposed to last 5 days as opposed to 7 weeks of traditional RT; additionally, it focused to the metastasis rather than blindly applied RT to the prostate bed. 7 weeks RT (with much higher cumulative dose) directed to prostate bed will not do anything to the metastatic development, and will harm the healthy organs in the field. My condition is one of the conditions for which focal treatment can be particularly helpful. Knowing that metastasis is not in the prostate bed, I disagree with accepting RT to the prostate bed. Knowing the metastasis is focal, I also disagree with long term systemic treatment. But Anthem denied this treatment option. Appeal application is very difficult and will clearly take a long time.
I had received a call from a person who worked at Anthem, where I work. From the first word, she was verbally abusive and threatening. Our boss was out of town for 3 weeks and we could not do as she asked us to do and we explained that he was out of town. The other employees understood but not this woman. She threatened our boss with court, and us in the front office she got really verbally abusive with statement of we are not doing our ** job and we need to learn our positions, etc. Now I work in an office and if we talked to a patient that way we would be fired and escorted out promptly. Why do these idiots get to do this to us? Most of the time they say that there is a recording going on for "Quality control" but not this time, they were unrecorded. Gee, I wonder why? I would never recommend this insurance to anyone for any reason, not even an animal! Just wanted you to know and maybe they need to weed out the bad apples.
Covered by Anthem Blue Cross in 2014. Tried several times over the phone to pay my January 2015 bill, but Anthem refused the payment. Received bill dated 1/31/15 for 1/1/15 - 3/1/15. Mailed check 2/2/15, cashed by Anthem 2/10/15. Premium was refund with check dated 2/17/15 -"contract cancelled". Did a little research as I thought I had a three month grace period mandated by the ACA. Here is what I found: "This grace period applies after the individual has paid at least one month’s premium within the benefit year." My two cents - I believe Anthem refused my January payment in order to cancel my health coverage purchased on the Exchange - their lawyers found a loop hole.Of course - It gets worse. Open enrollment closed 2/15/15 - two days before the refund check was issued by Anthem. Next open enrollment is October. Not only are we required to have health insurance (I really would like too - always have had it), but come tax time, there are heavy penalties calculated on your tax return and added to your tax liability for NOT having health insurance. There are times I sure wish I had gone to law school :)
I have had group health coverage through my employer with Anthem Blue Cross since 1999. I have been told that my plan is being "forcibly" changed to "Obamacare". I will lose my doctors (as they do not accept Obamacare) and my employer is being forced to pay greater premiums. What can I do to contest and/or appeal this forced change to my insurance plan?!
Coverage is set up already and you have to accept it or not get coverage. They only sell certain plans that are overpriced. They have this super huge deductible or this other plan that you have to use some sort of bank account type of usage. Insurance prices are always going up to ridiculous amounts. The average person has hard time affording policy. Even with insurance they only cover a portion of bill which is a very small amount leaving policy holder with a huge amount still to be paid. Ripoff but forced to get. Unfair!!
I'm a senior, I've paid tens of thousands of dollars to Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the last 35 years. The last time I had coverage with them prior to 2016-1017 where I specifically CHOSE them based on past experience, they didn't seem that bad. THIS time however, wow, corporations are considered people now and this one, like most, is psychopathic. They are not in the health insurance business to help the consumer in any way, they are in it to make obscene profits off of your blood and sweat, and put tons of your money into their shareholder's and management's pockets.I'd love to give them minus 10 stars and it wouldn't be close to enough. Please read all the reviews here and choose another company, but research them first. I had to go through Covered California to get covered, that is a separate horror story, but be aware that if you get coverage through a state exchange you will be in an even more horrendous circle of hell than if you buy coverage directly. They blame all their own lack of even minimal competency on the exchange, in fact they won't even speak with you, except to tell you you need to go through the exchange.So I did, twice, in mid December 2017 to cancel my insurance. I replaced it with Kaiser which thankfully in hindsight, I bought directly from Kaiser. I got confirmations of termination of the policy both times, but was billed in January, so I called Blue Shield directly again to get another "cancellation"! Mind you my premium had gone up from $636 to $778 to $1068 in just 2 years, with very little in the way of usage, meaning they made a very large profit off of me. I continued to get bills through March 2018 for the first 4 months of the year. I really had a massive fit at the 4th bill asking for $4,271.56, threatening cancellation, when I'd already made three cancellations! At the end of January I even filed a dispute with my credit card company to block the billing, because even the credit card company could see that IT WAS COMPLETELY FRAUDULENT!!! So then BS (** you know what) started sending me paper bills again. The bills say pay or be canceled, and I of course was expecting them to follow through and cancel, but this is what I learned: I had started looking for reviews, and found that they have a pattern of continuing billing and then sending the person who had canceled them to COLLECTIONS! BS would claim the person had "been covered" all that time, even in spite of the fact they had gotten health insurance elsewhere, thus attempting to take money that wasn't theirs, and creating a horror show of bills people couldn't pay, time lost fighting a psychopathic behemoth they couldn't spare, psychological trauma and damaged credit! They are committing breach of faith, and FRAUD! There were people who had to pay thousands to this company when they were actually insured elsewhere, due to this shady abusive bullying practice!I spent another 2 hours on the phone today, talking with another BS "supervisor" who was hoping I'd just hang up, and supposedly this time I am "truly canceled" and can ignore the bill, but I'm pretty sure they will just let it double and then hit me up with a $13,000 bill and I will have to get an attorney to sue them. I can't even come up with the words to say how much I DESPISE this kind of egregiously bullying behavior, especially on such a massive scale! These people are vermin!BS has already had several class action suits against them due to their corrupt policies within the market, but they don't seem to be held accountable for the damage they do on an individual scale. Please sign my petition which will be sent to the head of the California Department of Insurance. And for the love of all that is good and kind, please do not give this company your money!
My wife had an office visit after her neck surgery from the same surgeon who performs the surgery. The office visit, Cervical X-ray and all other payments are denied by Anthem to Indian Spine Surgery. My wife has a GOLD Anthem program that cost approx. $941 per month. Unfortunately, I know the ultimate goal of these insurance companies are to deny the claims than to pay for it to increase profitability.As a group who are suffering with the atrocities of these insurance companies, we should form a collation to convince the Govt. to have a public option (similar to Medicare) that can compete with these insurance companies. Obviously our ultimate goal will be to eliminate the Health Insurance Companies and have a one National Health Plan. We should be living in a civilized country similar to other civilized countries of the world who has a National Health Plan.
As is often the case when dealing with health insurance companies, I'm mad enough to eat glass right now. I was born with Microtia, aka a partially formed earor, as one person put it, "an ear that looks like chewed bubblegum". Naturally, that draws some funny looks. This isn't just a cosmetic thing, though; the malformed ear doesn't properly funnel in sound, rendering me half-deaf.About a year ago, I learned that instead of painful and expensive skin grafts that insurance companies have consistently refused to cover all my life (regardless of who's in the White House), there's the option of getting a prosthetic ear that looks and functions better, for a fraction of the cost. So I decided to try again. I sat in waiting rooms long enough to gather dust, I paid high deductibles and saw specialists, I gathered paperwork (including a Letter of Medical Necessity), and I wrote more formal emails and spent more hours on hold than I can count.The problem? I have Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, the company that was just in the news for denying coverage to a man dying of cancer. As you can imagine, providing my ear prosthesis wasn't exactly at the top of Anthem's To Do List. After weeks of double-talk and laughably frustrating interaction over the phone, they finally refused. I'm told I can appeal but the odds of getting an approval are close to zero.Anthem takes close to $3,000 a year from my paychecks but can't be bothered to answer phones, let alone do their jobs. If anyone doubts the level of incompetence over at Anthem, I respectfully suggest that you find a friend who has the misfortune of being assigned to Anthem and ask said friend to call their Member Line with a simple question or request. Listen in. If you reach an actual human being in less than twenty minutes, Ill be shocked. Personally, I think that just as frivolous lawsuits are fined overseas, frivolous denials should be fined here. Too bad, that's about as unlikely to happen as Anthem is unlikely to get good press for a job well done.
Changing my health insurance to Anthem 4 months ago was the worst choice I could have made for my health or finances. Appalling customer service! Anthem illegally cancels services that are part of basic preventative care (skin cancer screening, pap smear) but make dealing with the customer service so impossible you eventually give up on trying to resolve their denied claims. Costs me double what my former insurance did, didn't even cover basic preventative care and stopped allowing even normal pharmacy use, instead forcing me to go through their horrible mail order prescription which still hasn't worked. In the last four months I have spent more than 12 hours on the phone dealing with one major problem after another. I have never been more angry or disgusted with a company in my life. Terrible physicians in network, and even the physician they sent me to (who was awful) didn't get covered because they later said she was "out of network". Same doctor who had forced me to schedule 5 different office visits just to have a basic physical and a pap smear. Can't say enough about how I hope they go out of business.
Federal BCBS is good. But, the dental benefits are horrible. They pay very little for important dental care. I must carry a second dental insurance because I pay so much out of pocket.
Beware of Anthem's practice of issuing new policies when given updates by marketplace. Have been canceled once without notice and policy terminated and replaced with new policy because of updates. Premiums were increased because of birthday during one update. Beginning dates do not coincide with letters received from market place. The original application only gets updated, a new one does not get created, but according to Anthem every update is a new application. If 100,000 people were increased the way I was, Anthem would benefit $20,800,000 by the end of the year. All happened because of removal of husband because he started medicare. Have been left without coverage because Anthem interprets things to benefit them and told just to keep paying what Anthem says. Angry, aggravated, disgusted with this company. Going to take an act of congress to correct their ways of gouging people.
They will not pay for prescription medicine I need. They will not pay for dental treatment I need. I'm a childhood mass murder survivor, have a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, other sequela, such as PTSD. ** in large amounts, 60 - 80 mgs per day, is capable of quelling the worst of my symptoms, which are terrible, indeed. Anthem tells my neurologist's nurse that my "plan" allows for only 30 mgs per day. This astonished and bewildered my pastor, who commented, "Plan?! How can anyone 'plan' for something like that?!" Anthem makes appeals instructions as abstruse to understand as possible; you almost need a legal background to understand them. Oh yes, about my neurologist's nurse: she told me that she cannot get over her shock that Anthem turned down a request for coverage for generic **, the drug which slows Alzheimer's, for another patient. This is shocking, the inhumanity of it is shocking. I want very much to leave Anthem. My only regret will be losing my primary care physician, who is excellent.
I took the insurance in January 2015. I have used it a few times and after a month or so I get a letter saying all claims are rejected. First I received an EOB with one reason and when I started enquiring they sent me another EOB and changed the reason. I was given this plan keeping into account that my job needs me to move every 6 months to one year. So that I can get covered in any state. But I am fed up now.I filed the appeal. I did not get any response even after 2 months. I need to wait on hold for hours together during my office hours since the customer care is available only till 6pm. They never ever called me back. I have no clue. Each representative gives me a different reason. I am shocked that such a big company cannot resolve my issue even after 5 months. I am frustrated. Sometimes I feel like calling the cops and filing a case against them. I don't understand how that company is still surviving when it can't resolve a case for 5 months. My frustration is that I have no clue as to what the reason is till now and I don't know what to do but they are charging me every month around $300. I need answers.
When Medicare open enrollment began this year for Medicare coverage I decided to go with Anthem Senior Advantage. A few weeks later I changed my mind and wanted to stay with my present Part D. Four weeks later and I am still getting the runaround with trying to dis-enroll from Anthems plan. I call customer service and they tell me I need to fill out a dis-enrollment form which a month later still no form. So I go online and download the form myself and fax it to them 4 times and every time I called to check on the status I was told the form was not filled out right and they will send me another form which never comes. So be informed if you choose Anthem for your Medicare, be prepared for non-existing reliable customer service!
There are 3 people in my family. Me, my husband and my son. All of us have signed up for Anthem through the healthcare marketplace ("HCM") which is a joke. There must be a disconnect between the HCM because each of us have a different story to tell. We used an insurance broker because we dont trust HCM. I have confirmations (in writing) for each of us. All 3 of us have been totally screwed up.My husband paid for his insurance for January in December. He received a confirmation. We received a letter saying he had been canceled. After a 1 hour wait on hold we found out that the payment of AMEX was not accepted even though we received a confirmation. THERE WAS NO INDICATION THAT AMEX was not accepted. We called, we made another payment using a debit card. We had to call INDIA to get the username and password reset because their system totally sucks and does not track by name and ss #. We have paid the bill and have attempted to login since making the payment. We have now been on hold for 1 hour. Still no answer as to why it says there is no coverage for the person listed on the website login.When calling the Tech support you go to india. When you go to india, they do not understand what you are asking and the sound level and quality is awful. We have had to hang up and call multiple times for the same thing. Yesterday their website was down. They should be embarrassed by the fact my husband goes to the doctor 1 time per year and gets a really cheap RX for cholesterol and pays $700 per month. What a travesty. This is terrible.I signed up for a new plan in December. I received my bill from Anthem. I paid it in December. I also received new cards. I then receive a letter that says I did not pay my coverage. So after a .50 call with a nice American boy, I found out that anthem send me a bill for the wrong coverage and sent new cards for the wrong coverage. They sent me a refund and I am still trying to confirm my payment has been accepted because the login that I have to anthem does not match the new coverage I applied for. When I called INDIA they had no idea what was wrong and said I had to call Anthem again to sort out. My son has called to confirm his plan and his login is correct to the correct ID #. So go figure. Anthem is so screwed up. This is all caused by ACA. This must change.
Anthem BCBS is a Very TERRIBLE health insurance provider! Lousy benefits resulting in high(er) intrinsic costs and BS coverage, regardless of which state you live in. Chose ONLY because it was the Better choice amongst very Limited choices (NH is Terrible with health insurance coverage). For a nationwide health insurance provider, it provides one of the least benefits to subscribers and makes you jump through hoops to get even the most basic benefits allowed on your plan.Good example. CPAP supplies are subject to annual deductible but you "NEED" doctor's authorization. WHY?! People pay for it themselves. CPAP users already HAD medical authorization to get sleep study which resulted in purchase of CPAP. Why the heck do you need MORE authorization to buy needed supplies (sanitation health issues) if you pay for it privately? The subscriber needs to submit a Claims Report to have the amount Credited towards the annual deductible amount but BCBS REFUSES to do that UNLESS you get doctor's approval! WTHeck?!Other insurance companies actually COVER (even partially limited) CPAP supplies (i.e. buy hoses/masks every 6 months) or get amounts paid personally credited towards annual deductible since you're ALREADY approved hence reason above that you already received a medical authority to buy a Cpap machine! The BCBS workers have to put up with grievances from subscribers for the BS guideline benefits that BCBS offers or does NOT offer. BCBS has a STRICT policy of getting Doctor referrals BEFORE ANY treatment so you better get it or else you pay the referral related expenses directly!The company was bad BEFORE ObamaCare and has become WORSE AFTER ACA! Monthly premiums have gone up, annual deductibles/out of pocket costs have INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY while benefits have dropped!! Some medical expenses that WERE ONCE covered may NOT be covered anymore esp. by BCBS! AVOID at all costs if possible! Stay healthy at all costs! Had better health insurance coverage at same price in MA with another insurance provider. NH has one of the most limited and lousiest health insurance providers!
We have health insurance with Anthem for a year. I give them a D- for the year. I can honestly say I have NEVER across the board, experienced worse customer service in my entire life. Every department I dealt with over the year was a marathon to get anything done or completed. Every phone call I repeated my personal information five times. Everyone passes the buck. It is always the customer's problem/fault, never theirs.The last straw was this past December. After a billing dispute, (we were right, they were wrong) they finally corrected the information which took about three weeks or until the end of the month when our policy expired. They never apologized, they could have cared less. They are not in the health care business, they don't care about their customers. I truly believe they are told to drag things out, assume no responsibility and if possible let problems linger until the customer gives up. A horrible, horrible company with horrible customer service. Insurance reform please, they are as bad as Wall Street, crooks.
We had Anthem insurance through an employer and coverage was ok. After a job loss, we had to go on to a Medicaid program and chose Anthem as our MCO. They would no longer cover the same medications that they had formerly covered when we were with their other plan. They even attempted to deny the condition existed. Appeals were useless as they pay physicians to review and deny these appeals. Anthem's decision-makers need to be held responsible for the harm they inflict on patients who are victims of their denials and greed. This will not stop until the public demands a single payer system like Medicare for all and refuses to allow any of the present insurers to participate.
If you have cancer this is not the insurance you want! I was denied a PET scan on Friday 9 am. I tried all day to get a denial letter so I can file an appeal. Theresa ** LPN dodged me. I had to get to other people to transfer me multiple times. She NEVER returned calls. She gave me a runaround about getting me the letter. I was promised by the end of the day Friday. I never received it. I truly believe this was done to prevent me from appealing the decision. My pet scan is scheduled for 7 am Tuesday. I want the name of the person who denied the coverage. I want the copy of the denial. I want to know how to file an appeal, it is not anywhere in your website that I can find and member services would not tell me how.I want to know if the fact I have endometriosis was factored in to this decision. Was my family history taken into account? Grandfather brain and colon, mother lung, ovarian, uterine, aunt ovarian, breast, aunt throat and uterine. There's more but you get the idea. I have previously had a mass removed from my colon (benign). My DR at Northwell gyn oncology prescribed a pet scan as the best procedure for me. How does your dr if it is even a dr know what's better for me? Since my surgery is now delayed I am going for a second opinion at Sloan Kettering. I want the letter for my appointment there.
We became entangled with Anthem in June of 2012 through a Cobra plan that my disabled chronically ill husband had with Whayne Walker Machinery. Problems began literally on day one, when they failed to enroll him with the group. It took from June 2012 until September 2012 to get this matter and the issues it created straightened out. Then in November of 2012, Anthem zeroed out his $2,250 paid out of pocket and started processing claims at zero, which caused another disaster. It took 5 months of phone calls, registered letters, and going through their grievances and appeals process to get this straightened out. My husband became eligible for Medicare in June of 2013 and I thought we were done. In October of 2013, I received two notices for over $200 due to double payments Anthem made to a Medical provider. Anthem came after us because they had made the original payment to us and then I, as I was told to do, endorsed these checks and mailed them to the medical provider. I have made countless phone calls, mailed a registered letter, and told them that they needed to look beyond the fact that the checks were endorsed, and that they needed to look at who deposited these checks and into whose account these funds were deposited. Anthem has this information and I have no access to it. Despite all of my efforts, Anthem turned us over for collection. I have been promised repeatedly by Anthem that they will provide me with this requested information but none of it has been forthcoming. I am literally at the end of my rope. Please help.
Been to doctors that are on their "in-network" list. Inevitably, I get a statement from Anthem that the cost of the procedure/visit is "too high" and they will only pay for some, or none, of the visit. Even though we've met our deductible, I'm being nickel and dimed to death by this company. What's the point of having an "approved" list if they still won't pay the price that is charged? How the ** is this my problem? This is, by far, the worst health insurance company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. If you have a choice, stay FAR away from these jackals.
Anthem Blue Cross is the worst health insurance company. They have way old systems and their systems are never up to date. Been a member for more than 5 years now and I deeply regret for this now. My wife had a baby boy last year and her obstetrician was in-network during the delivery but it was showing OUT-OF-network while processing the claim. They have rejected the claim now and I got to pay huge bill due to this. This has happened only due to one reason, not keeping their systems up to date. I will never ever go with Anthem in my life time. So, Folks, if you want a fair health insurance, do not go with them. Otherwise you will end up paying huge bills like me. I wouldn't give even a single star if I can.Updated on 10/9/2017: In response to my previous dissatisfied experience on handling my claim I submitted on Consumer Affairs previously, one of the Anthem associate's gave me a call after a month and took all the details of my claim and said she would resolve. She wouldn't want me to call Anthem to follow up on it and she would contact me in a week and provide an update. She also supposed to send an email with all her details. I never received a call back or details to my email. Now, I do not have that associate's contact info to follow up. This was not resolved yet. It's been a month now. I don't understand why they always do this. Am so vexed with them and am completely dissatisfied with their service again. If I have a chance I would move from them completely. I do not want the customer service now as they would take forever to get me an associate and I have to tell my year long story. Their systems are too old and never ever get updated with statuses accurately. I would never renew with Anthem again. They do not deserve a single star.
Something is going on at Anthem Blue Cross in CA. I work for hospitals as a coder. The business office told me that BX Anthem is denying the claims for "coding issues". I called BX and spoke with Marlene. First she told me that they did not receive the claim(s). I asked her, "Then why am I looking at several denial notices?" She said, "Oh, they haven't been 'keyed in yet'". To which I asked her, "Then why is there a denial notice?" and "why can you view the claim?". Her answers, although very polite, were vague. I was constantly put on hold for answers, that I never really received. I have been a claims examiner, medical business office professional and a medical coder. Something rather fishy is going on. They (Anthem BX) is denying claims routinely without a true reason. I will not let this rest. On Monday, I will be calling or writing the Calif. Commissioners Office, until I have answers.
Failed to honor coverage and payment multiple times, for bizarre and outrageous reasons. Then, after admitting they'd allowed a massive breach of customer data, and failed to encrypt or protect our personal info, Anthem's auto payment system failed, they failed to bill us regularly, claiming our policy was going through changes, told us to wait, and then cancelled our policy and refused to reinstate. I am an Inc 500 CEO, fully willing and able to pay my bills. Their marketing department called us once a week even after we asked to be placed on the do not call list, but their billing department didn't have the brains or courtesy to simply call us and let us know payment was due. They were rude and insolent when I tried to resolve it. Anthem is Total. Complete. Failure.
In trying to get one of my patients approved for breast cancer reconstruction, I have been treated by Anthem's preauthorization department in a manner which could ultimately determine the patient's choices and outcome in a negative way. Although Federal Law under the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 guarantees reconstructive surgery after mastectomy, Anthem has made it their business to do their own determinations in covering or not covering these type of procedures. After multiple phone calls to them, and in speaking to multiple representatives about this, I was treated politely, but given inadequate answers to questions I posed to them regarding coverage. While they did indeed approve two of the codes for this particular patient, there was one code which they denied.The surgeon I work for was told to do a peer-to-peer with one of Anthem's physicians. They called him, but he was in surgery and was directed to call them later that day. I, myself, left a detailed message on their line, directing them to call us about this manner, so our doctor could do the peer-to-peer in a timely fashion as the surgery was only one day away. The next day, our doctor informed me that Anthem never called. This patient's surgery is today. This patient was so distraught that she wanted to cancel her surgery based on their non-response. Our doctor has chosen to do the surgery without the needed approval for a particular part of the surgery, and to then dictate a letter of medical necessity after the surgery to submit to Anthem.This is not good customer service to the patient by Anthem. This is the second complaint I have offered through ConsumerAffairs in trying to "wake-up" Anthem to problems from their side. I actually spoke to three of their supervisors yesterday in chain-of-command order in trying to find out why Anthem is the ONLY insurance out there that I'm aware, who tortures both their clients and the professional medical teams who are trying to help. It is frustrating to speak with multiple reps from Anthem, most who are hired out of the US and getting their sympathy and understanding about a Federal Act of which they know nothing about. Hence, I have to take it this far and offer my negative experience to you. I owe it to my patients to do this on their behalf.
The EOB was sent without an address to appeal/dispute. They require you to call. Calling and talking with a person is a waste of time because I'm still getting bills. Called 4 times today and after their ridiculous automated system that makes you answer questions, it says to call back later because they are having trouble with the system. I guess thanks to Obama. I'm paying for health insurance and now even more for the bills coming through. Anthem's EOB doesn't even explain... it says to pay the "amount allowed by the benefit". Why am I paying for insurance? What "benefit"? IT WAS A ROUTINE ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAM. I guess I won't be doing that anymore!
First off, it's every BC/BS state, plan, it's just the company itself. I am a member of their federal employee pool; the largest single employee pool in the nation for private health insurance. I've come to the realization that this company, along with just about every other company that interacts with customers simply doesn't get it and simply doesn't care to get it. Too big to fail I suppose. Ok, on to my observation. Got a notice in the mail that BCBS is sharing my info with our beloved Federal Government as required by everyone's favorite unaffordable care act. What they fail to supply the Govt is our Social Security numbers. We, the customer are required to do so. If in fact we do not do so, we are liable for a shared portion of the fine. BCBS will be charged I believe a $50 "fine". Now, it would appear, our beloved Otrauma care is extending the ability to fine/tax the citizenry to private companies who we pay in the first place to use their services... I digress. Really this isn't my main beef. My main issue/concern is twofold. 1. I am required to obtain a PIN in order to register my info with from BCBS by way of accessing my account. I cannot establish a PIN online. You have to call customer service, and no, it isn't an automated process. Hello 21st century, hello PITA BCBS. Call back during business hours; business hours not designed to support some of us working class stiffs who travel out of town to work in this awesomely roaring economy. Ok, I guess I can carve out time at work while on the clock and do so... so much for convenience on my terms. Why these people go to work before 10 am and have weekends off is beyond me. Well, maybe not. It would appear as though we the customer work for them, not them for us. I digress yet again. Issue #2 when I, one of their cherished customers attempts to provide some honest feedback/constructive criticism, no mechanism via their web page or other means exists. Essentially, don't have any issues outside of "business hours" and certainly don't try to reach out to them to voice your concerns. I'd fire these clowns but I imagine that "they" are all like this. It's a failed industry and we're all stuck holding the bag together. I want out but have no choice. Very American of us huh? And here we all are complaining about an NFL QB not standing up during the national anthem when we ought to be OUTRAGED at this ACA and the lack of accountability in this nation in ref to our government. Taxation without representation. Hate the fact they're making me vote Trump.
I scheduled my 12 year old son's physical months ago and 2 days before his appointment, his doctor's office, who has been his doctor since birth with this same insurance, called to inform me that we had to get a written authorization or Anthem would not pay for it! What? Seriously? For a physical exam and vaccinations which were covered last year? And our rates are going up 12% this month for what? Less coverage, even though we have a PPO? So, my husband is actually on the phone with Anthem and our doctor's office (2 phones at the same time - no kidding) for 2 hours now trying to get an approval from Anthem. He is still on the phone as I write this!!! This is INSANE!!! Did Obama care really improve things for the hard working people who have been paying outrageous premiums all along? And now we are denied coverage and are paying more!!!!! Arrgghhhhh! There should be a class action suit filed. I'm in.
I went to the FEP website to locate a doctor in Henderson NV, 200 doctors came up. I called almost 20 that seem to fit my needs, the information listed, ie: phone number, doctors name, accepting new patients etc. Was outdated, out of every office I called none were accepting new patients. I called Blue Cross directly, was placed on hold for over 15 min. then asked to call another number. I was on hold after fighting the automated system to accept my member number and info it asks repeatedly. I spoke to Katie in Reno Nevada Customer Care, she insulted me, implied that I was lying about the information on the website. She said no one else had ever complained about the Henderson NV doctor information. When I told her I did not like being called a liar, she kept repeating how she didn't say I was a liar but she just didn't believe my story.She continually spoke over me, interrupted me, implied I was interrupting her, which I did, because she would not let me speak, and was continually insulting me by implying I was wrong and she could not believe what I was saying. I asked for a supervisor after 9 minutes on hold. Katie informed me that her supervisor Melissa would not take the call, she was out of the office, she would call back in 48 business hours. I asked for another supervisor, Katie informed me that all other supervisors were at lunch and none would take my call, after she had given her interpretation of the events at hand. She refused to provide a complaint address, or any other avenue in which to reach a supervisor or manager.I called back again and got Robert. He said it was protocol that must be followed. I waited 11 minutes to get Robert, he said he would try to reach a supervisor. His supervisor Jessica ** refused the call, and another supervisor Rochelle said to email Jessica and say the customer wanted a call back by day's end, however that is not what the customer wanted. So out of these attempts, no supervisor would take the call. Blue Cross has no listing or any way to get a complaint filed on their website, nor any address to write a complaint too. This is a very bad customer service provider.
This is the worst insurance in the world. They never ever take this insurance. They find reasons not to cover. Their customer service is the worst. God save you if you go with Anthem. I was hit a bill of $9000 when the provider is in network and they kept rubbishing my appeal. Beware of this scam company. I am filing a consumer reports rt with the state to ban them in the state.
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of NY customer service is appallingly bad. It has taken over 3 hours to attempt to get my insurance ID number. I have most of the digits but can not get my hands on the initial 3 digits which I should be able to get online. That systems doesn't work any better. I have put in my username and password in multiple times. The systems says it is going to a secure site and then goes back to the main menu. I would highly advise people to stay away from this company if at all possible.
I have an individual policy for which I pay $2000.00/mo premium and a $6,000 deductible. After the deductible is met all costs are supposed to be paid by my policy and have been over the years. My policy's deductible was recently met and suddenly, today, after many years of being prescribed a particular medicine for migraines which has no generic, and for which we've paid OOP till our deductible was met, I found out that the pharmacist tried to run it through and got back a message that I needed a prior authorization. This, despite a couple of weeks ago being told that it was too soon to fill and we needed to wait a couple of days.I paid cash for that prescription. But now I'm told I need prior authorization which our doctor said can take weeks. If I end up with a bad migraine I will be forced to go to the emergency center which BC/BS will have to pay for so I can't see how this decision of theirs (which they blame on EXPRESS SCRIPTS) can possibly be a sound monetary one not to mention a breaking of our contract of care.
I had a baby in 2016 and added my son to my insurance within the 30-day period required. The hospital billed Anthem and they denied my month-old son insurance and when the hospital sent me a bill I contacted them and they said I would need to have Anthem process the claim. I called Anthem, they informed that the hospital would have to re-submit the claim. Another month later it still wasn't taken care of and so I called Anthem who proceeded to do a 3-way call with me and the hospital on the line. How it didn't get taken care of then, I have no idea. Fast forward two years later, I receive a court summons from a debt collector. I immediately call Anthem and the representative on the phone immediately saw the problem when he pulled my account before I even told him this story.He said he would get it processed right away which I was thankful for but I informed him I had been summoned to court and he said he'd send me a letter saying it was their fault. I waited almost two weeks for the letter and all it was, was the normal statement that they send out showing what they covered and what I owed. Anthem paid my hospital bill in full but I still had to go to "court" which was a card table outside the clerk's office in the hallway with the debt collectors trying to get my tax refund information and wanting to know how much money I make a year. I refused to pay the debt collector $900 they were requesting for court fees, attorney fees and interest so now I have to go to court again and defend my case. I called Anthem asking them what happens if the judge decides I have to pay and they said I would have to write a formal appeal to Anthem and Anthem would have to reimburse me whatever I owed the debt collector. People have babies every day, yet Anthem couldn't seem to figure this one out. I am extremely disappointed that I am having to go through this and this stress as a single mother, full-time worker and part-time student.
I newly moved from NY to CT and I needed a new health insurance policy. I followed the guidance and submitted my enrollment application on the first day of enrollment period, 11/1. I filled out eh auto payment forms and got confirmation mails about successfully of first payment. Everything seems in place. On 1/4, I received a mail dated 12/27 saying that they were able to deduct fund from my bank. But somehow the bank requested to get the fund back. Since I am unable to fund my premium, they wanted me to contact them immediately. Upon receiving the mail, I contacted them immediately, and realized that they cancelled my plan on 1/2 and were unable to reactivate my policy.If they send out a mail dated 12/27, during the continuous year end holidays, there is no chance I can respond to them on time. Now I need to rush through the hassle to get another health insurance, and I lose one month of insurance (hopefully I will get injured by anything), and I will get fined when I report tax. I did nothing wrong in this case and I am suffering from all the consequences. I will definitely stay away from them.
My wife and I recently had to select a new insurance company to get us through until I'm 65. At $2237 a month, I figured "how bad could it be". We have only been with Anthem for 4 days. I have tried to call customer service numerous times. First two times, waited 40 minutes and had to hang up. Jan. 2nd - finally got a hold of them to set up auto pay because their website is continually not working. Spoke to lady, she assured me she had me set up on auto-pay and would send an email confirmation. Email never came but I got an email Jan. 3rd reminding me to pay by Feb. 1st. Been on hold now for 1 hr 17 minutes.That's one issue. My doc's office also tried to get me approved for a test yesterday - they spent 5 hours with Anthem and another company Aims Services who actually approve tests. Both companies are having "computer problems" so nothing can get approved. Wonder how much money they saved with people giving up! Unbelievable first 4 days with this company!
I signed up for Anthem in Oct. 2016 for 87.26 a month (a bare minimum of coverage, but all I could afford). They billed me at that rate for the first month, then raised the premium to $250 a month with no warning, no explanation and no additional coverage offered. That was January. This is May. I can't even get them to cancel my policy without a huge hassle. Run, don't walk away from Anthem. And check out their Yelp reviews. One star. Worst possible rating for customer service.
I went for my annual mammogram which is normally 100% covered. The hospital used their new 3D mammography machine to perform my mammogram. Anthem refused to pay for the mammogram at 100% because the 3D machine is considered "experimental". How in the hell is a machine which gives a clearer picture of breast tissue "experimental"??? I also complained to the hospital, pointing out that they did not tell me that Anthem wouldn't cover the mammogram 100% but they won't waive the difference. And Anthem won't pay the difference.
A salesman rushed me into a plan that was not good for me. I was in a hurry because of the Obamacare deadline. The agent did not send me a copy of the plan until I asked and did not send me any info about the dental plan I bought along with the health plan. I was told a packet would arrive with complete details, a handbook, and an ID card but it didn't. Without the ID number, I could not go online and look at the details of my plan and any alternatives. I was not told of the 10-day look-see regulation. Because of the Obamacare deadline, the phone wait was an hour or so, so I could not discuss my situation. My sales person did not return my calls. Healthcare Gov (Obamacare) got me out of the plan and connected me with a more appropriate plan from another insurer (The effective period of the Anthem insurance had not yet begun). Now I must try to get back the $310 first premium they took from me.
I am contracted with Anthem HealthKeepers. I have not been paid for services for a serious patient with a track, and on a ventilator. I contacted the Anthem representative ** who want to settle the amount owed out of contract. I provided the nurses and the service, the family is satisfied with the services, no complaints with service since started in 2010. Now Anthem is refusing to pay since October 2014, is cancelling contract on 04/01/205 and want to settle instead of paying the amount owed.
Absolutely horrible insurance!!! We pay $1,475 per month for a family of 4 for the crappiest plan. Very high deductible so we consider it emergency coverage. Under the NOT affordable care act the middle class is forced to pay for everyone else’s insurance! I don’t mind paying a little extra if it isn’t exponential and if we had good coverage. When you call you get what sounds like someone they pulled off the street and gave headset to. These reps know NOTHING! Husband needs knee replacement, called and after about four incompetent people and several hang ups was told the clinic of our choice was in network. Great! Made non-refundable hotel rooms and scheduled the consult. Today received call from clinic that Anthem will not cover because of the county we live in. Called and spent an hour with reps who can’t answer any of the most basic questions such as “is this provider in our network?” Today I was told with our crap plan we do not have coverage past 100 miles of our home!!! How I missed this important fact I do not know. I cannot believe we are paying $1,475 for $10,000 deductible and coverage only within 100 mile radius, not to mention we live way up in a Northern California, 100 Miles is nothing. For two years we chose not to be robbed by insurance companies and paid the $3,000 penalty, we will be going back to that, at least the penalty has been done away with. This health care debacle is in need of some major help! If we all opt out there will be no funding and it will fail.
I have an insurance plan through my work through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I had surgery on February 23rd. I had to be opened up in 4 places, 3 on my foot and 1 on my leg, but was in the hospital just 1 day. I have been on a knee scooter since the surgery and as of June 23rd has now been 5 months. My bones are not healing and I can’t move on to the next step of physical therapy till I have had bone stimulation to fuse the bones. My doctor has done blood work to see if I am low on anything or have anything that would warrant my bones not to heal on their own. Everything came back fine. So my doctor has ordered me to have bone stimulation and we have been waiting on approval from you. I am sure that my doctor supplied all the documentation that your medical director would need but now this is going on 4 weeks since they received my file.Because of the type of policy I have, I am being tagged as initially not important. I cannot control the type of insurance my employer offers. The company that is supposed to be hearing back from you on the pre-authorization has been calling every day to check on the status because he knows I am having a lot of issues not being able to walk. They are being told that because I have an Anthem policy, my issues are of no importance. The doctor will not let me put any weight on this foot till the bones are healed. I am having pain on the knee that has to be on the scooter and pain in the foot that I primarily have most of my weight on most of the time, and my hip and back, not to mention how unhealthy this is for me to not be able to exercise, which is causing weight gain. I am alone and have to do for myself.Before I could have the surgery I had to pay my deductible plus 20% of the facility fee which was $1,923. To you this might be pocket change, but to me it’s not. I also paid for the knee scooter, crutches, and the toilet handles myself because I didn’t want to have to deal with your company, and the fact that I knew the knee scooter wouldn’t be approved. Crutches alone are not safe, don’t allow you to do for yourself and I didn’t need anything else happening. It seems from what I have seen happen with other people in my office that have this insurance, that authorizations are delayed in hopes it will roll over to the next year warranting the deductible to be paid again or that they can get more money out of the policy holder. I don’t have that kind of money. This is by far the worst insurance I have ever seen. I have people ask me all the time "who are you with and why are they doing this to you?"I need to know who else I can contact, besides you. This is awful for a patient to endure when they have no choice in terms of the insurance they are covered by and should not be tagged by this. I can't help but be extremely irate. I am also going to report this to the Better Business Bureau and anyone else that has to do with health insurance and with names of the people I have contacted. If at all possible, do not get insurance through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I would not want anyone to endure what I've had to. Because of the kind of insurance my employer offers which is only this one, the help I need is of no importance to this provider.
I called to get a letter verifying coverage for my auto insurance required in Michigan. I called and then said they would email it to me which they didn't, so I had to call back the next day and then the department I needed wasn't available because they were doing training. I called back the next day to find out that department didn't handle what I wanted. I called back and talked to someone who transferred me and told me to talk to someone else which in turn attempted to have me call my employer who doesn't handle this issue. I was told by another department to ask for a supervision and the lady on the phone refused to give me one and hung up on me. I called back and talked to multiple different departments who gave me the same answer. I asked if they had someone who worked in the state of Michigan and they denied that and told me to call another number in which was of no help. I seriously called them probably 10 times, my auto insurance company 3 times to finally get someone that was willing to investigate how to get my problem solved. They seriously need some more training. It was a horrible experience.
In December 2016, I called and asked about upgrading our dental plan to include orthodontics. I was given plan information, pricing and details on doing so. I told the customer service person at Anthem that I would check with our orthodontist and call back to get the plan. When I called back in 2 weeks to get the plan I was told that I could not upgrade to the plan that had orthodontics because we had missed open enrollment. After speaking with a manager, they approved retroactively upgrading us to the Family Plan C if we paid the November and December premiums. We paid the November, December and January premiums for the Family Plan C.I gave my orthodontist the new plan information and was informed that our plan did not cover orthodontics at all. I enrolled in the Dental Family Enhanced Plan in January (which hopefully included orthodontics this time). I made appointments at the orthodontist for my children and received a letter on June 15, 2017 that even though our plan includes orthodontics, neither child will be covered for the cost of braces. I finally cancelled the plan on June 18 after spending $545 in premiums.
For two years in a row, timely responses to info requested by the audit of dependent coverage was NOT handled properly by the agency. This is a second year in a row that responded with ALL requested info and still got a notice that my dependent's claims were no longer being processed because I did not respond. I kept details on photocopies sent the first year and time/date of phone calls the second year. The only way to properly resolve the audits were to call the number on the back of the card and update dependent info that way. But that is NOT what the audit instructions say. Since the information I mailed to the designated address on the audit form last year (which I mailed TWICE) was not processed, I decided to call this year. I called the number in bold letters in the audit letter as instructed. The agent who answered the phone (Cody) seemed completely unsure about how to handle the information. There appeared to be one other person there who was on break. Cody took the information and said I would get a call back if they needed anything more. I did not get a call, but once again, I got a letter from Anthem later that my dependent claims would no longer be processed because I had not responded to the audit - which I had. This letter suggested I call the number on the back of my card. This seems to be the only number capable of handling updated dependent coverage. So why the audit letters instruct you to do otherwise is completely baffling. If I do, apparently, nothing gets done and my dependents' claims get denied. In previous years, I would get a simple form. I would note dependent coverage on and mail back and all worked well. The new audit process clearly DOES NOT WORK if you follow the instructions in audit letter to either mail (as I did in 2017 -- twice) or by phone (as I did this year). Last year was a nightmare, as it took months to get dependent medical claims reprocessed and payments issued to providers. I'm expecting similar problems this year. A total an unnecessary headache simply because the audit instructions are not accurate and do not get handled properly. Anthem needs to straighten this out!!
Sick from exposure 4 1/2 years ago and in pain everyday since and cannot even go to the er because I'm a marked target not to help me even though I pay extreme amounts for deductibles and pay cash to doctors they won't put in my network, even though they say they did. I've read all of your reviews and I've experienced all similar situations with them, fed up, I'm suing. My jury trial after waiting two years is April 17, 2017 in downtown St Louis. Let's all rally together and be heard!! All of you are invited to testify and tell your experience with this piece of ** company, or you can email me at **.I'm extremely ill and representing myself because of the ** bureaucracy and political aspects, this our chance to be heard!! I won't stop until I die or until justice is served. This is the worst health insurance, mind playing, game playing, phone playing, lying, could care less about human life company that I've ever seen, hope to hear from you all.
They have no way to contact them directly, if say you do not have a card. Their website lists ONLY technical support. No way at all to contact them directly. When you call tech, and they manage to transfer you to a human. They will not know what to do, throw you into a phone directory or a switchboard operator who will then hang up on you. Do not know what to say other than if it is not too late, find another company.
Anthem Blue Cross is raising my premium for individual policy by 19.1%. I just changed policies so that I could get some preventative care and my premium went up just $3 but my deductible went from $2500 to $3500. I currently pay $308/month and it covers basically nothing and it takes a catastrophe to meet the deductible. Now, it will be going to $367 per month! They are openly blaming Obama Care and I think that is so wrong. I can not get cheaper coverage anywhere as I have documented manic/depressive, bipolar disorder for many years and they can put you in the super high rates for that. This is so out of control and I don't think anyone in the government is doing a thing to stop it.
I tried to pay my January bill on behalf of my nine year old son. Come to find out he has been uninsured for the last five days. I was informed only when trying to make a payment that my state is no longer covered. I received no prior warning that his coverage would be ending. I tried to contact a supervisor and was just transferred from one representative to another, never being able to speak to management. I was told that a manager would be contacting me, but as of yet I have heard from no one. In my opinion this is a horrible way to treat a loyal customer. I would not recommend you enrolling with this company as clearly people don't matter to them, only the bottom line does. Sincerely, disappointed...
On hold 40 minutes, no response - As I am trying (still) to get an Anthem representative on the phone, there is still no one live to speak to except the original two people who just pass you off to the on hold forever queue. (Sorry I can't answer that for you, all I do is sales.) Funny, if all they do is sales, and put people on eternal hold, it won't take long with service like this to end up not answering any phones at all. The service at Anthem is deplorable!
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service department and agent network. I called in to make a simple upgrade to my dental plan and in the process spoke with Karen>Yolanda>Lugenia>Emanual>Devon>Edwin>Kay>Mark (manager)>Anne>Brittany>Jennifer>Jesse (count, 12 people!! ), spent an hour and a half on the phone, and STILL DID NOT GET MY PROBLEM RESOLVED. Grrrrr. Still have the same coverage, I obviously had to give up because of time constraints. What an absolute waste of time...I'm moving on to another company soon and can hardly wait.
This is a lousy health insurance coverage. First it started the first day or should I say the first month we signed up for this coverage. They did not have the correct number for verification of dental. My dental office end up charging me double because the insurance could not verify the right coverage that my son had, then later back in June 2016 they cancel my son's health insurance without notification and here we go all the way in February 2017 just found out that their system had cancelled his health insurance and we received a bill from the hospital stating that our insurance declined payment. Then Anthem Blue Shield Blue Cross state it because my son payment at the bank was inefficient one-time their system automatically cancels your insurance without notice. Now they said their system they mailed us a letter. We never received a letter. Now he have to wait all the way until the end of this year to have health insurance. That mean the IRS is going to find him for no insurance. I am highly pissed off at this company because now we're stuck with $1,000 hospital bill when my son was supposed to be covered. I'm noticing under these other reviews they've encountered a lot of people health insurance without any notice to the customer. That is not fair that we've been penalized for their systems. Be aware before you sign up with this company they don't know how to verify their benefits for providers to call if they have a hundred and one phone numbers and they do not give out the right phone numbers for verification. So now you're stuck with a bill they're making you responsible for. This is a lawsuit.
We recently switched from $600/month private insurance with Anthem Kentucky to the Medicaid provider Wellcare after I was laid off. After terminating my wife's redundant insurance coverage by phone, Anthem did not end the insurance or refund our premium. Any time of the day or day of the week we experienced extended holds over 40 minutes and spontaneous disconnects. Frequently, when we finally got a human being to answer, we were told the number we called was not the "Kentucky" Anthem and we would have to be transferred. This was despite going through the maddening automated router with all my personal data just to get to the live human option. Today, January 2, 2014, we called both Wellcare (one of the two medicaid contractors for Kentucky) and Anthem at the same time to get a problem solved with our coverage. After about twenty minutes Wellcare answered and helped us, I am still on hold waiting to speak to an Anthem rep after over ninety minutes on hold and being disconnected once and calling back. It's cheap and easy to have an automated call back feature for busy phone centers. This prevents hundreds of customers having to wait on hold with painful 10-second looped piano music to speak to the few representatives the company chooses to keep on staff.Our experience with Anthem in Kentucky has been very expensive insurance, relatively high co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance, poor automation for a service that most people don't need to be stressed out about, and most importantly, very poor policy service to deal with changes and inform the customer about what medical procedures will cost. Please do your homework and choose what seems the best deal understanding you will NOT be able to communicate with Anthem in a timely way. This is apparently relative to other insurance carriers and not just the same as every other company. This also seems to be purposeful since there are alternatives to long hold times.
I purchased Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem Pathway as a private plan. I've been on this plan a month now, for the last three weeks I have been trying to see or find a doctor that's listed in their provider directory. Spent over 30 hours on the phone with Blue Cross. Very nasty, leaves me on hold for hours. All providers listed in their directory, when I try to make an appointment I ask if they take Blue Cross Pathway they all say they do but will not touch anything with Pathway on it. Some of the listed doctor's offices stated that this is a thrash plan. They write everything off and do not pay therefore we chose not to accept it. I call blue cross back for help and after many hours of no help and rudeness they give me more provider doctors on their BS list. Still same problem. After 3 weeks no one wants to touch this junk insurance plan. This is not cheap for me. I asked for the best plan and this is the crap I received. This is a total scam on the American people. What do I do?
I applied online after Gregg ** (consultant) refused to put any information I requested "in writing"- I never received any policies until the Insurance Commission sent me the copy in early April 2013 - where I wrote to BCBS certified mail to both the main office AND the address on my policy I just received in April - TO REQUEST A FULL REFUND FOR ALL MY PAYMENTS OR TO GET THEM TO PAY MY DUE BILLS - (which was RETURNED "undeliverable") - the other CERTIFIED REQUEST WAS IGNORED (by sourcehov received). I made payments, exactly what was billed for Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. 2012 and payment in full in January 2013 - then after they cashed all my checks, they BACKBILLED me a different amount (I wasn't covered for) and canceled me when I wouldn't pay in Feb. 2013. They didn't pay a dime for any of my office visits (pre-approved procedures) - I was canceled after I was found to be sick (even that they got my payments). The Insurance Commission received all the emails, correspondence to/from BCBS, received my payments to the bills sent (paid in full) , received my attempts to contact BCBS to resolve billing issues and correct billing/coverage issues. I was only sent my online application directly from BCBS in Dec. 2012 - which by the way even reflected a billing $40.00 LESS than what I was billed on my first policy - the first policy didn't cover anything and Gregg refused to explain the policies IN WRITING over the internet. They have thousands of my money - all I get is bills from the doctor they never paid - and an Insurance commission that does absolutely nothing about it and ignores me!
Horrible customer service, I spend 4 hours trying to get my policy reinstated due to them claiming my payment was not received which I had confirmation and was in contact with my bank which they never tried to take payment out. Still charged me a fee and basically stated, "If you don't pay the fee we will not reinstate your insurance." They were very difficult to work with. These people take enough of my hard earned money.
I am a nurse that has to deal with this insurance company because they are my company’s provider and they are a nightmare on a professional level and now they have become a personal nightmare also. I am in need of back surgery and after one and half years of conservative treatment they say the surgery is not medically necessary. If you have choice stay away from Anthem BCBS.
I have had Anthem Blue Cross for at least 20 years. I have an individual policy because I was self employed & now retired. We have spent 4 or 5 months of the year out of state at another vacation home we own for years. We have always been covered when going to a Dr. there. My wife & I just found out (after calling Anthem since August) that the services we have received out of state this year were denied because Anthem will only cover emergency services or urgent care services received anywhere but California. We are now stuck with large billings that we thought would be covered. We called Anthem & they kept saying that they needed to reprocess these, when all along they knew that they wouldn't be covered! Now what do we do if we get sick when we are out of state for those months. We were told that this is not Anthem's fault, but it's because of the "Affordable Care Act". This makes me so angry. What can we do. We are paying so much for the premium & so much for deductible & out of pocket, it's like we have no insurance. So much for "everyone will have insurance coverage." Yeah, if you never get sick outside of your state!
They paid to the doctor for an appt. that never occurred. I called multiple times over period of three month asking them to fix that error, that charge is still on my account. I even got bill from the doctor asking to pay him $8 for the appt. I never had. In the meantime I was working on lowering my cholesterol and paid for the test myself to see if method I was using worked. My cholesterol is within normal range now, however it took me two month of faxing and e-mailing after finally they informed me that my claim was denied.You fax them a claim. They tell you they got it, I call back month later they never seen my fax and they don't know what I am talking about. When I complained thru messaging center they responded that I am sending message from someone else's account, which clearly wasn't true. I will look into getting different insurance because I don't understand what I am paying so much money for every month. This company has no problem paying doctor for bogus appt., but to apply $29 to my deductible when I am trying to improve my health and save them money in the future is a big deal.
They are our secondary Ins. and never had a problem of not making up the difference Medicare did not pay. We have a very good rate, and a PPO. So far the Doctors on our plan have been very good.
I have tried for 3 days to get to tech support regarding Anthem's pharmacy tab and the listed medications that are 'ready to refill'. Anthem changed their website earlier in 2018 and since then I have been led to order prescriptions that say 'Ready for refill' and I don't get them and run out. I am not notified that there is a delay. THIS IS DANGEROUS. There is a HUGE disconnect between Anthem and the home delivery service which is Express Scripts. I am finding other ways to order my medications not using Anthem. Anthem's customer service is poorly spoken in English, I can't understand a word these people are saying. Taking Anthem out of the loop... they simply don't care.
I retired from Anthem and had COBRA dental coverage. I moved house and had my mail redirected. The redirection did not work well and I did not receive the next 2 monthly bills. I could not see a way of paying online. I called the Customer Service center number on the card and was told that I should mail a check along with a note of my new address. I did so, heard nothing in reply but saw that the check had been cashed. More time went by without me receiving a bill. I called again. I was told that my address had not been changed on their system and that my coverage was about to expire. I was told that the address could not be changed over the phone. I asked if there was any way it could be, because I had already sent a written change of address with no success. I was asked to hold "for a moment".It was a full 15 minutes before someone else came on the line. She told me she could change my address over the phone and would inform the billing department. Based on my previous experience, I said I doubted this would work. She said she changed the address on the system there and then, and would even email me a screenprint of the change if I wished. I asked her to do so. No email ever arrived. She also said someone would call me to assure me that the change had taken place. No such call was ever made. With the transfers between departments and the long holds, this call took well over an hour.More time elapsed and still no bill or other notification. I called again and got through to another number - the billing department - where I spoke to someone called Dorothy and was told that my coverage had been cancelled due to non-payment. I explained that I had been trying to pay but they were making it as difficult as possible. I asked what address was on the system and I was told it was my old address. I said that I had mailed them my new address and had given it over the phone a week earlier. She said there was no record of any of that. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put through to someone called Ashley. She confirmed that no address change had been made on the system and that there was no record of any previous contact by me. She added that there was no point in me mailing in another payment. I would have to submit a written request for reinstatement of coverage. I gave up at that point.I should just add that the attitude of the people I spoke with throughout this fiasco was not good. They were unhelpful, impolite, refused to accept any blame, and implied that I was lying. That did not surprise me because, having worked for them for 17 years, I knew how appalling their customer service is, and I only took the dental coverage because, being COBRA, it seemed a good deal. Instead, it turned into a nightmare. Avoid Anthem at all costs.
My son’s (21 yo) catastrophic insurance went from $218 to $350 per month with Anthem. They spend millions on CNN running ridiculous commercials while charging my son to pay for their advertising never mind his health coverage. His deductible is $7000. OMG awful.
I have had an Anthem BC Silver Plan for one month (Jan. 2016). The Premium is quite expensive and I quickly discovered that Anthem Blue Cross has by far the MOST RESTRICTIVE drug formulary that I have ever encountered. Additionally, the cost of prescription drugs with Anthem BC is very high for anything that is not a Tier 1 drug. I take the same medications in 2016 that I took in 2015. In 2015, all of my medications were included on the Formulary. In 2016 with Anthem BC (and ExpressScripts), I have discovered that 5 of my medications (3 are generics) are considered to be Non-Formulary. Furthermore, my internist went through the Prior Authorization Process for 3 of my medications and all 3 requests were denied by Anthem. Now, I have filed 3 grievances and that process takes at least 30 days. Customer Service has not proven to be helpful in any meaningful way. Some of the Customer Service Reps are in foreign country call centers; others are located in U.S. call centers. You will get transferred from person to person and you will never get a straight answer from anyone. I made a HUGE mistake selecting Anthem BC as my 2016 Health Ins. Provider. I hope this review helps others to make a better decision.
Anthem has a HRA ($650) that if you don't use all of it rolls over to the next year. For some reason Anthem will not roll over our balance ($800). Gives me all types of excuses and dates that they never follow through on. This is our money roll it over!
First of all, I am a physician. And a patient. I understand the medical business very well, after 30 years as a physician. And I can completely understand the frustration my patients have for this inept system. Anthem is the worst example I can cite for what is wrong with healthcare today. Their premiums have increased 25%, their coverage has plummeted, and their customer service is abysmal. I just spent 30 minutes online trying to get access to my account, but the website would not take my login password. So I called their customer service number, trying to speak to a human to sort out the problem. The woman at the other end barely spoke English, and had a microphone that kept cutting out of the conversation. She assured me that my password was correct. I assured her that it would not work. So she gave me a new temporary password to log on. It didn't work, either. 15 minutes later, I had a similar phone conversation with Express Scripts, the inept online pharmacy that Anthem uses - and I had similar results. Unable to logon with previous passwords, unable to refill prescriptions, and I was given erroneous information on how to fix the problem. My advice: RUN, do not walk, away from this insurer and find anyone else you can - my $1440 a month in premiums is worthless if I cannot even access the system.
Anthem is definitely more concerned with their bottom line than my health. My initial dealings were with CareMore, where they wanted to switch up some of my prescriptions. They were annoyed when I said I wanted to check with my primary care physician and never sent the promised report to my doctor. The changes they wanted to make would have been detrimental to my health. My doctor submitted twice a pre-authorization to see a specialist. It has been two months and despite many phone calls they have yet to make a decision. I have been having problems. My pulse ox levels have stayed in the 80's. I have been gasping for air. My primary care physician wanted me to immediately be placed on oxygen. After seven days, Anthem is still trying to decide on an approval. I would recommend this insurance to no one.
I took out a med. insurance policy through Covered California, and was very happy to have the benefits I was receiving for the cost I was paying for it. I tried to enroll in an auto pay, so that my premium would come out of my bank account every month and I wouldn't have to worry about making my payment on time... because truthfully I'm terrible at that. Since I've had medical coverage with Anthem, I still do not have an auto pay account set up, even though I have 4-5 confirmation letters, and voice mails assuring me that I do. And let me just say, 4-5 times is being generous!! It's actually probably closer to 6-8 times that I've tried to set up an auto pay account!! Due to this my policy has almost been cancelled several times. I've had to physically send auto pay paperwork in 4 different times now, and I've literally spent hours on the phone with billing/payments customer service. Not to mention the last time I talked with customer service I was told it was my fault they haven't been able to set it up due to incorrect info on the paperwork I sent in. I sent the paperwork in four different times, and have been assured 6-8 times that my auto pay account has been set up!! Only reason I haven't left Anthem is because I don't want to go through the headache of changing insurance companies. Although I am getting close due to the headache I've had to deal with their customer service!
My Hepatitis C doctor has filed for me to get pre-authorized approval to be treated... because I am in stage 4 liver disease. Anthem has not approved me for treatment with these 2 new drugs... which has been proven to be 96% to 100% effective in destroying the HCV virus and achieving SVR in 12 weeks. I am one step away from contacting my state representative's and the Kentucky State's Attorney General's Office. I pay my premiums and I expect the best treatment available.
I had a Rx for ** under UHC, Anthem BCBS just told me they will never, ever cover it nor any equivalent. I'm going back. Oh, and BTW -- their "dental insurance" only cover $24 for a routine cleaning. $24? Yeah, good luck with that. This insurance is bull crap!
My Anthem plan requires me to use in-network providers to get the best rates. The only in-network ambulance service listed on Anthem's website for Gary, Indiana is in Hammond, 13 miles away. However, the dispatcher for that ambulance service (the Hammond Fire Department) says it does not serve Gary! I'm eagerly awaiting Anthem's explanation for how I can use an in-network provider that doesn't cover my community, and the state consumer affairs division opinion on whether it's legal for Anthem to charge out-of-network rates if it doesn't offer an in-network provider.
It is quite understandable that due to the new healthcare laws coupled with the breach in their member accounts privacy - Anthem is having an extremely HARD time keeping up. However, I have called Anthem every month since February at least two times a week, having been put on hold with no interruption or courtesy check for 45 minutes and my issue(s) have still been left unresolved. All I am trying to do is pay my bill. I keep receiving bills from the state as well as Anthem for the last 2 months and yet Anthem has not updated their systems. The state says pay, Anthem says I cannot pay yet. Two different reps told me they see me in their system and they are "updating my billing information" and sending the request to the billing department, yet when I call to pay the following week - there is NO record of this nor has anything been updated or request sent (to billing). How they can function as a respected insurance company - with such inadequate service and incompetent representatives I do not know. What is gonna end up happening is - I am going to end up losing my insurance due to inability to pay -on their end- and I will be the one that has to go through all the motions -AGAIN- with regard to reinstatement. I'm tired of being told the issue is being handled and the issue remains unresolved..
Anthem Blue Cross went up from $224.00 to $276.00 last year on my secondary insurance 20% to Medicare. I have been getting the run around and this is a huge jump in a year. They went up again this year. They said it's because I am 62, on permanent disability and people used it too much. No other plans went up but this one with Anthem Blue Cross. This is ridiculous. This company is getting way out of hand and paying for less and less. No one will help me with phone calls I have made, with letters I have sent. No response what so ever! They refuse to give me an answer. The insurance commissioner needs to jump in and see what they are doing to customers and perhaps get media involved and open another insurance company who will not cheat customers. That’s a $50.00 increase. My husband pays $224.00 for the past 1 year he has been a customer and has gone on Medicare.Someone has to do something with Anthem Blue Cross and see insurance companies. We are overpaying for insurance in CT. That is why people are leaving this state when they become seniors. I can't afford it and God forbid, you live until 90’s, most monies will be gone to taxes, insurances, and more taxes. I want to be contacted any time. Thank you very much.
I sent Anthem a complaint letter asking them to explain the reasons for increasing my premium 23%. And, I can't reach them by phone. Also, Anthem Blue Cross states that the reasons for rate changing are as follows: 1. Increased consumer demand for services.
2. Rising medical and prescription drug costs.
3. Advances in medical technology.4. Changes in benefits and/or taxes required by state and federal law.They provided me with a blank letter as a response to the following questions: 1. Increased consumer demand for services. Where is the data showing yearly increases?
2. Rising medical and prescription drug costs. Please provide annual data.
3. Advances in medical technology. Advances in medical technology should LOWER costs. Please provide evidence.4. Changes in benefits and/or taxes required by state and federal law. Please provide evidence of changes and/or increased taxes.Can't reach them by phone and their written response contained NO information.
My policy costs $56 per month/$1300 deductible. Had I continued with old policy it would cost $562/$300 deductible. Since I don't use Drs that often, lower cost won out.
My doctor prescribed three different medicines, nasal spray, decongestant, and sleep aid, none were covered. Name brand or generic, they would not cover any. When does the insurance company get to decide what medicine I take? Apparently, there is a list of approved medicines, and none were on it.
In January 2015 I purchased a BCBS supplement for my 94-year old mother, along with their BCBS Medicare Rx plan. (FYI - My mother lives in assisted living in the dementia unit). Her supplement payments are automatically withdrawn from her checking account, but BCBS said the Rx plan could not be automatically withdrawn, (Why?... I don't know) therefore, they would send me a monthly bill and I would have to personally pay monthly.Everything went fine until October/November of 2015. I always paid ahead of time, but around December 2015 I received a threatening letter that my mother's policy would be cancelled due to lack of payment stating that they had not received the October payment for the month of November. I called them and informed them that my October and November payments had already cleared my bank before the due date of the premium. Now this has continued with every single payment. They clear the bank and yet I am informed that they have not received these payments.As I write this complaint, it is now February 29, 2016, and over the past months I have spent countless hours/days making phone calls, writing letters, faxing bank records and talking to numerous reps at BCBS attempting to get this resolved. Of course, everyone was polite, etc., and I was told each time they would put an "urgent" message on my account to address this issue. I continue to receive threatening letters each month, and the balance due keeps increasing, due to their crappy posting of payments, or whatever they are doing with my mother's money.They asked for me to send copies of the front and back of the checks I sent. I explained numerous times that these were electronic checks sent through my bank and I do not have a "physical" check. So then I called my bank and they were able to email me copies of all of these transactions that had cleared the bank that BCBS could not account for. I then called BCBS to get an email address to forward these copies, and I was told that they do not have an email address and that I would have to mail them to a San Antonio, Texas address, even though my payments go to Carol Stream, IL, or I could FAX the copies to them. I did both earlier in February, along with another letter explaining the entire issue once again, and have not heard one word from them.No one at BCBS has been held accountable for anything. It is entirely up to me to prove over and over that I paid. Obviously something changed in their company in the October/November 2015 time frame. I am so frustrated and tired of having to waste my time when I have proven to them that the mistake is on their end.
I had this insurance for 2016. When I tried to make my first payment for 2017, they told me that I wasn't in their computer system. They refused to do anything about this. I was on the phone for seven hours one day and several hours the next. I would be put on hold for over two hours, only for the phone to be answered by an idiot who would just say, "I don't know what to do. Talk to this other person I am transferring you to!" A "specialist" was supposed to call me today but never did. The enrollment period ended without me getting anyone on the phone who knew what to do. So much for having insurance this year. Unfortunately, they are the only company on the Texas health insurance marketplace, so I can't use anyone else.
They keep denying claims for services that are In Network, in my local area and listed as covered providers. When I contact them via their message service to review the claims, they say out of area (it's 10 miles from my home, and in the same state and a listed covered provider). These are simple blood tests for annual physical. Unfortunately the provider has "Massachusetts" in their name, guessing this is the issue. So many other issues that I have to repeatedly follow-up on with them. Most get resolved eventually, but just so frustrated. Today I went to reorder my 1 and only medication, and the new cost is $154 for a 90 day supply, was $30 a month ago...on and on it goes. Crappy health insurance, crappy government oversight.
We are a small business who was on the Anthem Small Group Healthkeepers Bronze plan, which had a $6,550 deductible. The deductible had to be met by the employee before any coverages for office visits, prescription drugs, hospitalization or treatments were paid. In March, 2018, due to reduction in workforce and employee turnover, only 2 employees were enrolled in the plan. We decided in our fiscal year budget that due to economic reasons that we would stop offering health insurance. We issued a letter to each employee, along with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield stating that effective April 1, 2018, coverage on the group plan would be terminated.We received a letter from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield stating that claims were paid throughout the month of April, 2018, therefore, we owed them $784 for coverage for that month. Employees and Anthem were notified in writing that their coverage would be terminated as of April 1, 2018. The two employees covered have said that they did not use their coverage in the month of April, 2018. Both employees stated that they did not even come close to meeting their high deductibles of $6,550. Since the deductibles applied to all coverage, it would have been impossible for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to have paid any claims.Today, I was notified that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has handed the account off to a collection agency. The $784 that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is requesting from us is for services not rendered. We requested a termination of the policy. We did not pay the policy premium. We notified 2 employees of termination of the policy. The employees did not use the coverage. The request for $784 from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is not justified. I have mailed Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield a written request to submit a report or some type of proof that claims were paid for the month. We requested a termination of the policy, so there should have been no claims, no bills, no amount owed, no services and no collection agency.
I had Anthem Lumenos HSA for years. Anthem discontinued the plan and auto switched me to Healthkeepers. Cost 300% increase, Deductible 225% increase, Coverage much less and NONE of my doctors that I have had for 20+ years will take this insurance. Anthem Customers service told me to file a complaint and that is all they could do. I should find other insurance. 100% worthless company with 100% worthless customer service. This company cares more about buying out other companies than taking care of their PAYING Customers. SCREW YOU ANTHEM and Blue Cross. Less than Zero Rating.
I am a Type 1 diabetic that has been using Omnipod pumps for well over a year. Omnipod sent my pump request for approval well over 2 weeks ago and Anthem keeps telling me they can take up to 15 days to review and approve. Tell me what's to review if I've been using it for a length of time. Omnipod has been great. If I had a choice I would not be using Anthem. I will be sending the insurance commissioner a certified letter about this.
Insurance Dental Coverage - I just received a notification that Anthem Blue Cross Blue cancelled my coverage. The cancellation took effect on April 1, 2018 and the notice was not sent until April 9,2018 not even allowing me a change to correct the issue. They did not receive my payment due to the fact that I did not receive an invoice, I did not receive any warning notices, just a cancellation notice 9 days AFTER the fact. I am unable to enroll until the next enrollment period. This is unacceptable that I will have to wait that long and Anthem made absolutely no attempt to contact me until it was too late. This is unacceptable when there is such a consequence that they made no effort to notify my of the error. So now I will not have any insurance until Jan. 1, 2019.
Health insurance rises from $70/month to $1800/month. My 23-year-old daughter left her job to go back to school. When I tried to add her to my policy, we both had Anthem, her monthly premium jumped to $1800 per month because she has psoriasis and had a wrist injury. Of course neither of us could afford that so she is now uninsured. It is so utterly ridiculous I still can't believe it. I only paid $130.00 for her before on my policy and she only paid $70 through work. It's highway robbery!
I take the same drugs each month and every month it is a different amount cost wise for the same amount same pills. Drugstore says "that's your copay this time." Varies from $67-$76. The drug store says it's the same price. It is the prescription plan with different prices.
I have fruitlessly been trying to get 2 months premium from anthem for 2 months that I had dual coverage through kaiser for, and am still on thank god. Since I originally made the grave mistake of going through covered california even though I was not able to receive any discount - I have to deal with this monstrosity in order to have anthem give me back my premiums. I had no knowledge of being dually covered due to my place of employment closure - until late, then I called cov calif. And they are refusing to give me back my premiums. They claim that I have to file an appeal, unbelievable! This is a vicious cycle which is ridiculous and time consuming and I would think be $ foolish also.I thought that covered california was supposed to have been created to make the healthcare processes easier but it seems it has created the opposite effect - chaos and confusion and miscommunication. I'M really not sure if it is Anthem blue cross or covered california who is at fault and cannot get on it to fix problems such as this with an easy fix and not create such confusion and conflict. Help!
This is the third or fourth time Anthem has refused to cover labs for medical items, including biopsies and treatments. Anthem suggested that I could avoid denied coverage if I went to one of their specific labs: What good is Anthem if they cannot cover the services provided by an IN-NETWORK doctor, and what good is a doctor being in-network if their labs are out of network? I'm frankly fed up with their refusal to cover me when my company is deducting immense amounts from my paycheck to cover them.
I moved from a HMO plan to a PPO plan this year so I could see a spinal surgeon that I had researched and been referred to and have more choices. I did my research and made sure he was in network not even thinking that the hospital he is affiliated with would be an issue, I proceed to see him and made plans to have the spinal procedure he had recommended only to discover that my policy has something called Blue Distinct+ facilities for spine surgery and even though he was in network, the only hospital he is affiliated with is not. The list I was given as to the hospitals I could have the surgery at was very limited with only 22 facilities in the entire state of California and not a single one in San Diego county. I have proceeded to file a appeal/grievance which has been a joke and pushed aside and even deleted without giving me a response, forcing me to create another one and wait even longer.Every time I have called I have to explain the situation to yet another person and am told everything from "I can't transfer you to the appeal's department" to "I handle all the departments and will email the person above me for you." This whole process and issues I have had has been a total nightmare and have caused me possible permanent damage and pain I am having a hard time controlling and they still won't expedite my appeal because it is not a life threatening issue. So now they expect me to start all over again with limited choices of doctors and facilities that meet the two criteria of in-network and affiliated with a Blue Distinct+ hospital and when I have already establish a relationship and researched a doctor I am comfortable with.My doctor has also gone the extra mile for me and file a appeal on my behalf and even contacted the hospital CEO to see if they could work with Anthem get the surgery done. It is ridiculous that Anthem has this policy to hide behind and deny people a surgery that they desperately need all over money and which hospital they can pay the least to.
I am a domestic violence victim and I’m trying to get documents from them of my doctor and hospital visits (explanation of benefits) for my court case. They raised their voice at me multiple times, told me they couldn’t help me, and said “it’s not their problem.”
Recently need to talk with a subrogation specialist. There are virtually no telephone numbers online that send you anywhere but sales. The law provides that when there is a subrogation element to claims, subrogation must be notified. This should be easy. It is impossible. Here is one number to the subrogation department where you can leave a message. We continue to await a call back.
First, this company denied an out-of-network procedure that I need to have done for a serious illness I have. I have out-of-network benefits too, but the surgery was denied. I appealed the decision and it was denied again because they feel the surgery isn't "medically necessary." What insurance company has the right to tell someone their health isn't "medically necessary?!"Now, I am out on a leave of absence because of this illness because it is spreading and I can't have surgery because my insurance company that I pay for every week won't pay for it. I have also been dealing with Anthem Life for 2 months now, trying to get my leave of absence approved so I can get paid, and they have done nothing but drag their feet and give me the runaround every time I call them. They have lost my doctor's documents numerous times, and now I am facing termination because these people don't know how to do their jobs. If you have the option to choose a different insurance company, do it.
Ok over almost 30 years I've had Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Well I started a new job 12/4/2017 and said yes. They have Blue Cross so it shouldn't be that difficult. I even signed up for the exact same coverage from previous job that had Blue Cross Blue Shield. Ok I had to verify my marriage and my dependents which I thought was normal cause I've done it before. Well they didn't like my marriage certificate so we had to send end our 1040 tax information and guess what? There was a problem with that too. So while we were going back and forth trying to verify my wife (who also works at same place) and middle daughter were dropped from insurance. So we finally talked to my HR rep and they said send them info, they could fix our problem and they did help. We got a confirmation that they were verified and back on my insurance. Well today after fighting with this for nearly five months my daughter who was dropped and now added back went to the Dr and they said she was not insured. I have to pay $1035.26 a month for this insurance and I have never ever had this much trouble getting coverage. It's going on FIVE months now and still no coverage for my wife and daughter. With my wife working at the same exact place you'd think the marriage could be easily verified and that all my kids have always been on my insurance which has always been Blue Cross Blue Shield could have easily been verified too. With all this trouble it's not worth keeping Blue Cross Blue Shield and I've always had them as my insurance provider. I hope they do a better job verifying others and not put them in the same situations at us.
I have been on this marketplace policy since Feb 1, 2015. I had to change my medical insurance because the private policy I had with Anthem went up $70 a month and they took away all prescription coverage. In the last year I've been diagnosed with several serious illnesses. Until then I was very healthy. Now I have found out that none of my specialty doctors accept this insurance, only my general practitioner. I can hardly find a doctor for all the services I need. The main problem is the prescriptions. If you run out early, you cannot get your medication. I am currently very ill with possibly my ulcer returning or my gallbladder. I needed my nausea medication, especially since this is a 3 day weekend coming up. I almost went to the ER yesterday. I was in so much pain. I told my doctor to change it to 30 pills instead of 20 for 30 days since I actually need it at least once a day, if not more because I knew they would refuse the 20 pill prescription for being too soon. Now they say they cannot fill the new prescription because the amount of pills is changed and it has been sent to the pre-authorization department. And of course, today they cannot possibly get it accomplished, so it will be possibly next week before they get to it. I'm now on hold with a 3rd person and have been told I have to call the first person back and then they hung up. Now I have to call a 4th person and see if they can expedite the approval, which at 3:51 on a Friday. I'm sure there's no way it will be expedited. I hate this company and will definitely be changing when the open enrollment period comes up next year in 2016
They paid for everything with no problems once the procedure and meds were approved, that took a little time, but overall Anthem was great. Never could have done it without them.
Went to my Dr. on 7-28-15 for check-up. Was ask by Dr if I wanted to get shingles vaccine. Was told to make sure that my insurance would pay for vaccine before I got it. Went home and called Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and was told that since I was over 60 yrs old they would pay for it one time. I also asked if I could get vaccine at Dr's office and it would still be paid and they said it would. Went to Dr 7-30-15 and got vaccine thinking it would be paid for. When Dr bill came, Shingles vaccine was not paid by insurance company. They said vaccine wasn't covered because it was not turned in as preventive or routine. Called and had charge resubmitted as prevented or routine. Bill came the other day and shingles vaccine still not paid.Called Blue Cross Blue Shield back and said another bill hadn't been submitted. Called billing for Dr's office and ask them to resubmit bill. Billing called me back and said that vaccine wouldn't be paid after contacting Blue Cross Blue Shield because deductible hadn't been met. Was told when originally called, vaccine would be covered. Seems like every time you call them, they come up with another way of not paying for a claim. So I'm stuck with a bill that insurance company said they would pay after doing everything I was supposed to do so this wouldn't happen. I will be going on Medicare next as is my husband. Guess who won't be getting any of our business?
Every time I submit a claim at the message center, it logs me out continuously. When I mail it in, the claim goes into the black hole, you can't even call them up to reference the claim you submitted and ultimately and no one can help. There is no one to email regarding technical support. Call them is virtually impossible with hours and hours of waiting.I have re-submitted numerous claims over and over again by mail, to the point where I have completely run out time to submit my claims, and ultimately end up paying out of pocket, On top of that, nothing goes towards my deductible. The system, on so many levels is inept and some sort of scam. Everything goes into the circular bin it seems. Online system must be set up to log members out deliberately so that claims CANNOT be submitted and paid. Ultimately, the member runs out of time.
Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) dropped all federal employees and retirees in a letter dated 9/20/11 without warning. I am a federal retiree. I changed to a health insurance covered by the Office of Personnel Management's approved list. Anthem terminated its coverage as of 12/31/11. My new insurance started 1/1/12. I have been getting letters from Anthem (the last one dated 4/25/12) stating that the premium for my policy is due 5/1/12, and that I have 30 days to pay it or Anthem will cancel my policy. This is the third letter I have received. I do not owe Anthem for any premiums. My health insurance premiums are taken out of my federal annuity automatically. I want Anthem to stop asking for money, clear my account and apologize for its mistake.
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