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AnnuityAdvantage Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: AnnuityAdvantage
Phone: (800) 239-0356
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 98 %
I found the service to be speedy, accurate and polite.
AnnuityAdvantage was recommended by a financial advisor. The company went out of its way to answer our questions and furthermore took a personal interest in us. Everything was explained completely. Today we are happy with our investment. This has been a stable trustworthy investment.
We have been researching our life insurance policies on the internet for quite awhile but was overwhelmed by spam that was constantly filling our email. We decided that we needed to talk to a live person. Our representative was knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We would certainly recommend our experience and we have.
Very nice people, and amazing service...I use the same person for all of my needs...
Very dedicated personnel. Would recommend this company to others.
They assistance that was provided in explaining and purchasing an annuity was excellent. I contacted them on the last day to purchase this annuity and received an immediate response to complete the transaction.
Ms. X has been a brick through this whole dirty business.
I really appreciate my representative taking the time to explain everything in terms that I could understand. I know that my representative has my best interest and the growth of my money at heart. I have encouraged other people that are interested in investing to reach out to her. I can not thank her enough for her patience in working with me to get my funds transferred. I have recommended her to a number of my friends that have talked about potential investments.
If you are thinking about an annuity, contact (name goes here) at Annuity Advantage. He will listen to you and find you the best deal among the many annuity options out there, that meets your personal needs. He is knowledgeable, and will put you first; not compromising your interests for the annuity provider. If this company dealt in mutual funds, I'd put some of my investment money with them.
Very helpful, no sales pressure and great follow through after purshase
I have opened 5 annuities and the representative was extreme helpful and everyone it was done smoothly and effienctly. I thank you and I will be doing more business with them
I have to say that working with AnnuityAdvantage was a very good experience. My representative was very helpful and went out of her way to guide me thru the entire process. The representative I worked with was also very helpful in answering any questions and addrsssing any concerns that I may have had. I would stongly recommend them to anyone who has any interest in buying a annuity. They are very Knowledgeable, customer friendly and really want to do what's best for you.
Very thorough explanations and recommendations. Will recommend to everybody looking for annuities.
Transaction was handled very professionally by the account representative who was very efficient, informative, and helpful.
very smooth transition notwithstanding all the paperwork
I had a great experience everything was great
Everything was explained in detail. All my questions were answered clearly. The person helping me really seemed like they were interested in my security and my future. They were great.
Great customer service, quick responses, all questions answered
[Name] did a fantastic job. She answered all my questions. Kept me informed in each steps of the processing of the annuity.
When making decisions involving, what to us is, a major amount of money a person is nervously concerned. However, working with (NAME) of Annuity Advantage, made our experience enjoyable. All of our questions and concerns were answered and (NAME) worked with us for a long time before he found a product that fit our specific needs and goals. I would confidently recommend (NAME) and Annuity Advantage to any of my family and friends.
Annuity advantage is the best annuity company there is. The very best, I recommend them to my family friends and everyone who is interested investing in annuities.
I I have been buying annuities from annuity advantage for 5 years they always very professional and always willing to help and explain everything to you. Like with any other investment you want to be aware of all of the positive and negative possibilities and you always get questions answered I am now in the process getting another annuity through annuity advantage. Frank
I selected AnnuityAdvantage because of their prompt and personal response to my initial inquiry on their website about annuities. I received a phone call the same day offering information and answers without any pressure or sales tactics. I selected one of their annuity products that met my needs, and I continued to receive quick and detailed follow-up communication throughout the application process. I would definitely use this company again in the future, and recommend them to anyone seeking an annuity.
We were looking for an investment after the stock market was down in 2008. My husband looked into annuities, and found Jackson National Life Ins. The agent that helped us was really really great and so we invested.
They were very helpful in getting me through every phase of the process.
Very happy with Advantage responses.
Made a senior citizen feel comfortable investing. No question went unanswered.
I'm pleased to share my excellent experience with AnnuityAdvantage --- thank you for requesting my opinion! With their informative and thorough support, AA staff enabled me to make a decision with confidence. I never felt pressured --- just grateful for their responsiveness in helping answer all my questions and concerns. I would use them again and I have no reservations recommending their services.
Never had any major problems, always very professional and excellent service. A+ Company to deal with! N o complaints, we have been doing business with them for over 5 years, perfect record !!! Thanks !
They did a great job and got me a good interest rate on a fixed annuity.
Very pleasant experience with qualified and knowledgeable personnel.
Have always had good experiences working with Annuity Advantage for about 5 years. Feel like I can trust the agent we always deal with to do a good job for us.
When dealing with money things can be a bit intimidating. However, with Annuity Advantage we were given options with full disclosure, questions were asked to make sure we weren't choosing wrong, explanations were given before we even asked the questions and everything was in plain English. My husband and I, who handle all finances together, are sure that I now have the right investment.
By the end of this transaction I did feel as if I had found a new friend! So easy to talk to and concerned and considerate and very knowledgeable.
As an agent not willing to do my own research, I felt that I was provided with the information necessary to make a somewhat intelligent decision. This company is knowledgeable and professional.
Processes and options were clearly explained. All questions were answered promptly. Results were exactly as indicated.
I place high value on continuing service with business relationships. Annuity Advantage has provided such service. At my request each month for several years they have provided me with the current best quotes each month should I have interest in additional purchases/investments. Which I have made from time to time. Questions have always been answered in a straight forward, accurate, no nonsense manner. As a retired insurance broker I have come to trust this advice and information.
Very sincere very professional very friendly very very very nice
Multiple assistance for Incoming transfers were handled very professionally and were completed on a timely basis.
Good communication and followup throughout the process.
My annuity specialist has guided me for years. When my husband died, I called him and he walked me through the whole process, making it easy for me to make important financial decisions.
I got good and quick responses to my questions at the beginning. I then received a "heads up" regarding a deadline to obtain a rate of interest that would be going down. We were able to get the paperwork done in time to get the higher rate, including the authorizations for a rollover from an existing IRA. I received periodic updates throughout the rollover process. All in all, everything was handled professionally and patiently. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Annuity Advantage in the future.
All the expariances with my agent were utstsnding. He was knowligable and fast in all the responces. Overall a nice experiance.
This has been my fourth time to do business with Annuity Advantage and the service has been excellent as usual.
excellent service.
My experience with Annuity Advantage was exceptional. The service provided was invariably courteous, prompt, comprehensive and informative. The roll over process was surprisingly detailed and time consuming. However, the customer rep guided me, step by step, with all that was required to complete the transaction. The annuity that was recommended to me was the annuity I ended up investing in. I was quite pleased with this particular annuity because it provided an excellent and stable return. I intend to return to the same customer representative at Annuity Advantage who assisted me. Glenn Combs
I have had contact with only one person at this company, and this review must not contain his or her name. So I will just say that this company employs at least one person who is Most Service-minded, a Motherly Sort who helps me Make Sense of the annuity world.
I cannot praise Annuity Advantage highly enough. I would strongly recommend them to anyone considering purchasing an annuity online or elsewhere. Their representative treated me as if I were his only client. He was always available to talk with me for any length of time I felt necessary. He responded to my requests with exemplary speed. His research was detailed and thorough and I felt I could trust him completely to advise me about what was best for my particular situation. He was absolutely committed to ensuring that I completely understood the pluses and minuses of all my options. It's certainly possible that there are companies out there as good as Annuity Advantage but I can't imagine that anyone could be better.
The purchase of the Annuity went extremely well, and my agent did a suburb job in getting it done, and the experience was wonderful. I would definitely do business with him again.
Excellent service all around.
Prompt, respect, knowledgeable, courteous, royal.
takes the time to explaine in great detail ,assist in filling out paperwork line by line , knowledge of products give confidence that you have made the right choice.
My experience with Annuity Advantage was excellent. My representative was extremely patient, highly informed and very professional. He answered my numerous questions and was also very kind. It was a big step for me and he did everything possible to help me make the right decision.
Have always been good at helping me.
I Recognize & Recommend Annuity Advantage As A Strong Asset In My Portfolio ! Key Points Are Knowledgeable & Timing Of Execution Professionalism *****
Used for many years, done fine job fulfilled our needs, honest relayable
gave me great choices,honest,experienced,and EZ to work with.
Great service, Knowledgeable about the products
I have always been a firm believer in annuities and have invested my money accordingly. I had previously used a broker who did not satisfy my requirements. I switched to Annuity Advantage several years ago and will continue to use their services. Their employees are very helpful in researching my annuity requirements and providing me with everything that I need to make good financial decisions. I recommend this company for anyone looking to invest in annuities.
Our family has dealt with Annuity Advantage for over 10 years now, and have always been very pleased with the services and available products. Because they do not represent just one annuity provider, you have the ability to look at all that is available in the annuity world, not just a small subset limited by which companies a salesperson represents. We are provided with annual reviews of our holdings and an in-person discussion of where we stand now, and where we would like to go in the future with our investments. Annuity Advantage has been there for us when close relatives have passed away and the complexities of inheritance had to be addressed. This was always done in a very thoughtful and sensitive manner, and having Annuity Advantage there to help us navigate our options was invaluable.
Very competent and reliable and knowledgeable
my agent is very knowledgeable and attentive
I have been using AnnuityAdvantage for many many years for all my and my wife's annuity needs. There is prompt response, personal attention and great assistance in completing required forms. I have taken new annuities, done 1035 exchanges as well as direct rollovers. If I have a question, the representative either provides answers or contacts the annuity company and gets the answer back as soon as possible. The representative is straight forward and helps in making the best decision. There are no gimmicks - over the years we have developed a good trusting relationship. There is no charge or load and there are greeting cards on all major occasions. It certainly cheers us up!
I recently purchased an annuity from AA and received excellent and timely assistance from the adviser who worked with me.
I live in Florida, and have used Annuity Advantage for the past fifteen years, and for about a dozen CD type annuities. Their range of annuity products is very good, and offers high interest rates. Always prompt and courteous service. I have no hesitation in giving them five stars.
I am a long time client and have never had any mishaps on your behalf. Everybody was always nice and knowledgeably professional with my business and me personally. Nevertheless, even among all these great people, one stands alone as a beacon for all of us. She is my dearest agent and a great friend. She helped me with both, within and outside of financial situations. I am sure you have already known who I am talking about. The name of this beautiful and smart woman is [name]. Thank you [name] for being so kind and patient with me.
AnnuityAdvantage gave me a quick and seamless connection to the product I was looking for. The more-than-outstanding customer service was a surprising bonus. I received knowledgeable, professional, and attentive communication at every step in the process. I feel completely comfortable recommending this company to my family members. Outstanding job!
I had done a lot of research and knew what I wanted. The company was good in that they worked with me in understanding the forms that I was to fill out. Would recommend to anyone to work with them.
I had some specific needs in choosing a retirement tax deferred investment product. my agent at Annuity Advantage took his time to research many possible choices for me, and even confirred with others in his office to make sure all my needs were addressed in the products he suggested. The explanations were thorough on all the various options I could make and I never felt rushed or pressured. At the end of our transaction I truly felt I had gained a friend. I will highly recommend Annunity Advantage to others.
The annuity specialist that has been helping us the past few years has been invaluable to us. Helpful, informative and efficient in all our transactions through this company. I have already referred him to our daughter and her husband for annuity information. I will not hesitate to refer him and this company again if the subject comes up regarding annuities.
Annuity Advantage has earned my complete TRUST over several years and literally dozens of transactions. I would gladly without reservation Recommend them to anyone. We feel very secure with them overseeing our portfolio. Truly yours, Rue and JERRY(Gerald) Ford
I had problems with my former advisor, he didn't provide me with the policy I wanted. I'm glad I found Annuity Advantage, Marta was very helpful, very pleasant, answered all questions professionally, and knowledgeable. I needed her and Ken's help quickly because of time. I would recommend Annuity Advantage to all my friends, who are interested in their products. Thanks, John
earnest, helpful, kept me informed as to what was happening during process of applying for policy. Found me an excellent company for what I needed.
Excellent knowledge and service. Will definitely use again.
Listens to needs and takes care of the details quickly and efficiently.
I first purchased an annuity in 2006 from [name]. Prior to speaking with [name] I was not familiar with annuities. [name] is very good at explaining what and how they work. I live in south Florida and [name] is in Oregon I never thought I would purchase an annuity from someone across the country and i have purchased a total of four. The way he explains things its like someone sitting at your kitchen table. DRH Florida
Great doing business with competent individuals that get just you wanted done in a very friendly and professional manner.
I was sent a well written information on annuities. With helpful phone calls and listening to what I wanted, the experience was pleasant, even though at times some of the work was time com summing, the end result was what my family and I wanted and needed.
The best business relationship is one that goes beyond the business to be one of a good friendship and trust. Thank you [name] for all that you have done. Your guidance and help has given us a secure feeling about our financial transactions. We highly recommend Annuity Advantage to anyone wishing to purchase an Annuity.
Quite by "chance" at a time of desperation at the 2008 crash we had withdrawn IRA assets that needed investing. Those old investments were headed south. We had as well some stupid annuities from another company/broker that made no sense for us. We took 75% of the lot of it and plopped into two immediate annuities with Annuity Advantage. Both insurance companies have better ratings today than most stocks/funds. We will receive asset monthly for the rest of both of our lives and it makes our lives extremely comfortable living in the Rep of Panama. We thank God for Annuity Advantage...we are blessed !!!
Overal great experience
,Helped me with my financial needs and were very Professional !
Annuity Advantage did a supurb job in assisting me to solve a financial annuity problem for me to continue to receive the cash flow I depended on for the last eight years.
I would recommend this company to everyone!
I received an email a couple of months ago telling me to call for the annual review. I called and left a message that I wanted to set a date. I never received a call back. I'm very disappointed. I have a lot going on, and I shouldn't have to pursue this.My rating reflects this event. Up to now, I would have rated 5 stars.
I would recommend Annuity Advantage as a broker for annuities. They were very informative and the recommendations for my needs were very educational. No high pressure sales tactics.
I have had nothing but very knowledgeable and useful replies from my representative, [name]. Replies to questions concering my annuity have always been prompt and thorough.
They are by far the best annuity company i have dealt with, the best service.
When you make a contact out of the cold you are naturally cautious. From the initial discussion through the total process I felt like I was the most important client the rep had. Totally professional experience. The success of every business is totally dependent on the employees. If they are all like mine Annunity Advantage has to be a hugh success.
Its really tough to get started... I mean, I KNEW that I wanted an annuity, and I was ready&willing to struggle w/ the constant monthly $$ output, but I didn't know anyone in this particular business... so I was feeling almost lost. Several tries and I came across Annuity Advantage. GLORY, light came from every direction, questions were answered, they did the work&figuring & explained everything to me at least 2 or 3 times, and then sent me hard copies to keep in my files, also. It all made sense, it all fit correctly and I was allowed ea time to hold the papers that were as definite as GOLD to me. The two men that I work w/ have always been a total&complete answer to my prayers - I am SO Happy, SO Content w/ Annuity Advantage. They work MIRACLES!!!! :) Thank You, I will remain w/ Annuity Advantage FOREVER, till my very last day!!
Representative was very knowledgeable as well as helpful in making decisions regarding annuity choice.
I have nothing but positive comments to make about AnnuityAdvantage. I am a long-time customer and all my accounts have been handled professionally and in a trustworthy manner.
Top to bottom, friendly, professional, helpful! Thank you for making everything simple and easy.
Excellent service and prompt response to questions. Dr. Roberto Santa Cruz
Informed specialist, who provided excellent service. Our concerns were addressed. Great company to do business with.
Pleasure dealing with my rrepresentative--very professional in working with me to achieve my goal!
Superb customer satisfaction: Professinal knowledge, quality and efficiency are all excellent. It has been a wonderful experience to depend on and to work with this company on our fixed annuity needs.
Efficient, responsive, and cheap. Couldn't have been easier or better. Of course I knew just what I was looking for.
Great company to work with. All transactions went well -- on time and as we discussed. Will be doing business again with them in the near future.
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