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Amica Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Amica Life Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 22 %
Very friendly and knowledgeable about the kinds of insurance. Haven't had insurance long enough to give much of a rating but so far am satisfied with company.
BUYER BEWARE!!! Have you noticed that Amica has taken the review section off this page? Wonder why? There would be hundreds of complaints and true life stories such as mine. We had a windstorm that blew off shingles... the leak started a week later when the rain did. We had a roofer replace the shingles, and yet there was a leak. We had several estimates by roofers who spent over 30 minutes on our roof. When we called to make a claim they send a kid right out of college to do the assessment. Only took photos of the roof... stood on a ladder and never got on the roof. We had our dining room ceiling spotted, damaged and still wet. There is rain that comes down a waterfall over the sliding glass doors and onto the floor. He decides to go in the attic to look under the roof. I told him and then showed him there was a plank going directly to where the leak was. He decides to go around the plank and FALLS THROUGH OUR CEILING!..Calls me back and says he has done the estimate and sent it to the TOP. Says there is no visible issue with the roof... Let's not mention.. IT LEAKS! Regrets to tell me that we are just under our deductible which is $2,440... Our deductible is $ 2,500. Anyone surprised? Never mentions the fall. When I bring that up... he says they have already sent a check with the estimate.... THEY determined what it would cost. Now... I have a medicine sized hole in my ceiling...with insulation falling through. I now have no choice... because if I fix the hole which I must do... it has to match the rest of the ceiling...which I don't have the money for. Let's just not talk about... I can't fix the ceiling until I replace the $11,500 roof...which has no visual damage. So instead of dealing with the stained ceiling and figuring out how to find around $14,500 to fix my largest investment. Response to all of this... "Well that's the way it is... Nothing I can do." Wonder if they stopped getting the check what would happen? Nothing!!! They will always have plenty of customers... right? Shall I begin to name the giants that have fallen with this attitude? DO NOT BE FOOLED by the excellent customer service training their call center has. They are the best... but the proof of an insurance company is how they solve problems and actually treat their customers when it is time to perform. Beware! I am going to be very curious to see if this post continues to stay alive.... I plan to copy and paste this over and over and use it on different accounts to make sure all is known.
Love this company. Very customer service focused. I have never had any issues with them and they go over and above what is required of them. I have been with them for over 15 years and I have my auto insurance and homeowners insurance with them as well. On the rare occasions that I have to file a claim, I found the process to be easy and the claim was handled expeditiously.
Very satisfied. Would definitely recommend to family, friends and coworkers. I have actually referred several of my relatives and their friends to this life insurance company. They have reasonable rates & great customer service skills. Every time I have an issue, question or concern whoever I talk to not deal with is always pleasant, knowledgeable and very helpful so that whatever I am contacting them in regards to gets solved.
It's good and high efficiency. Wonderful benefits with minimum time. I strongly recommend this to all. The life insurance available is lesser premium compared to others.
Life insurance is something everyone should have. My insurance is enough but not too much. It costs a lot for a pretty small of money no matter what company you choose. But it does help to shop around. I have had the same company for many years.
I've never had a rate increase and the paperwork is easy to follow for a layperson. The price is reasonable and there are no surprises. I would recommend this coverage to anyone looking for quality life insurance.
A lady knocked on my door one day and asked me if I had life insurance. She seemed pretty nice so we talked about what insurance she was selling. She told me that the most I could receive was 2000 dollars and that only my mother could be the beneficiary which was ok for me. And that's how I became insured.
I have had life insurance with Amica for a long time and had great success with it. I would for sure recommend it to other people. I have had this policy for about 6 years and would recommend it to friends and colleagues.
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