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Amerihealth Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Amerihealth
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I'm seeing a lot of negative comments which made me want to make an account. I LOVE AmeriHealth. I literally pays for everything! At least for me. I see a couple of specialist and they pay for them. Any medical test they have paid. The only thing that they did not pay for was botox on my bladder because they said I was too young and they wanted me to have other options to see if that would help. I recently found out that they pay for gyms. Two where I am at. Sometimes the doctors will prescribe me something that's almost $400 and they pay for it. The only thing that they stopped paying for was this medication that was almost $400 because I think it was out of their list that of treatmemt medication that they pay for but I'm working on that one. I did get the resolved and they will pay for it now. Otherwise I have NOTHING to complain about AmeriHealth. But a lot of people are different and have had problems with them I don't know why. Highly recommended it.
Applied for Health insurance family. It took 3 weeks to process the application, that too my family members were not added to the coverage. I received the member ID card after 4 weeks. I contacted customer service and requested to add family members. He told that he added them and I would receive the cards in three weeks. Finally My family members added after two months. I received billing statements for family coverage fee. Family coverage started after I requested, after two months. First two months, family was not added but charged for that.Again contacted customer service and explained the problem. He told that he could not reverse the charge. Please contact the account manager to change effective date, then the charge would be reversed. I contacted the account manager Pamela ** , Amerihealth NJ. She refused to change the effective date for family and harassed me. Behaved like animal.
Being on Disability with Medicaid I have been with AmeriHealth for only one month. After getting a prior auth that was required, the medicine that controls my learning disability was "Denied Completely" and regarded "new" and "unnecessary". I had to borrow money to buy it outright. (I have been on this same medication for over 5 years and it has helped with my mental illness considerably) When I called AmeriHealth the rep told me that I was not supposed to fill my medicine until it was resubmitted for approval; and should I run out, to go to the Emergency Room! ABSURD! The NEXT DAY an APPROVAL arrived! I called to confirm this and was told that the pharmacy would reimburse me. 3 weeks later, NOTHING. Another phone call. Another rep said I must request my reimbursement in writing to PerformRx. I went for my second refill that was due on March 9. The pharmacist told me that they won't authorize it because I was supposed to refill it exactly 30 days after receiving their "official approval". I was in danger of being without my medicine for days. Again, I paid $70 in cash. I have turned this over to the Attorney General. 2 facts cannot be disputed: 1. My refill schedule cannot be toyed with by an insurance company. THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION and are blatantly DISCREDITING MY DOCTOR. 2. By forcing me to be abruptly cut from my health-sustaining medication with NO REGARD that not taking my medication "As prescribed" is DRUG ABUSE. They have overstepped their boundaries and must be held accountable. My requests for reimbursements are still being ignored.
This company operates like a criminal enterprise. They take your premiums and pay nothing. My claims have been processing for 3 months. They are still "in process." Every rep I talk to cannot even tell me why, literally! There's no rejection code. They sit there ignored. I have several claims and recently had surgery. It takes ages to get through to a rep and even longer to speak to a customer supervisor. Or you get put on hold for half hour or more. Emails go unanswered when sent through their customer portal. I was told someone would definitely call me back in 48 hours and guess what, nothing! They are a fraudulent company. Please do not do business with them.
Amerihealth is horrible. Their customer service is unreachable. They don't answer the phone. My son is in college out of state so I have to sign up for guest advantage program, but they do not have any Doctors that take Ameri Health who are taking new patients. They don't pay bills. It is sad that this company has the name Ameri in it. I guess they're all the same, more money less coverage. All they care about is the dollar and not the people. I would leave zeros on all of these stars if it was possible but they are making me give them 1 star.
I went through the Marketplace to get a plan with Amerihealth starting in January 2014. Went with their Gold plan to fit my medical needs. All went well for 6 months. When we had "lifestyle" changes in our family, I contacted the Marketplace as required to inform them. They then contact Amerihealth to make required changes to our family plan. What a nightmare... It took months to remove my daughter from the plan as she now had her own insurance through her job, all the time being charged for her. My other daughter turned 26 but had special needs so a request was approved to keep her on the plan after much adieu! But the premium amounts were all over the place. When we renewed in 2015, they dropped my disabled daughter from our family plan and said she had to get her own plan as that family plan no longer existed. What? So now our premiums go up for my husband and myself and also have to pay for separate coverage for my daughter. The invoices come... My daughter's separate from ours, but on ours- they have her on our plan also- and charging us even more! This took 2 months to get them to understand what they did. But now we have been billed over $300.00 more a month than what the Marketplace has quoted and confirmed. After going back and forth with Amerihealth and the Marketplace for over 6 months, (even having 3 way calls) they still have not resolved the issue. They have all the correct information when I speak to them on the phone but it is never reflected in my bill. As a result, they are denying an authorization for medication till my premium is paid in full, but I was told not to pay it, wait for the correction to be made in my next invoice. Every aspect of this company is a mess! They are not the same page there at all! If you call with the same question more than once you are bound to get a different answer from customer service. It's unbelievable that this company exists! I have lots of health issues and all the stress from dealing with their incompetence for the past 6 months has definitely affected my health. I will definitely find a new carrier for 2016!!!
Was told renewal plan was same as other. Go to ER. Suddenly instead of $100 copay it's 1500 in network (NEVER TOLD) then I get a $600 facility charge for in network hospital. ER doctor sends bill for $602. I had no choice in who I got. I am told one thing by one person, then another by another. This began in January and I have been jerked around and keep getting conflicting answers. They now have a company called Accolade to "help". It's just more jerking around. No clear answers. They have no responsibility to me as the person who pays them, no one looks out for the insured and their incorrect information and bs has wasted hours of my life. I do not trust them anymore. They take my $$ and do nothing. It is disgusting. HATE THIS PLACE WITH A BURNING PASSION!
Thousands of pages of documentation deliver a very clear story that AmeriHealth is a company which is set up to fail at their job of reimbursing their members for health services. Just about every single healthcare transaction has had some sort of problem, from delayed payment which leads to the subscriber being taken to collections, to the seemingly random denial to pay claims which have been successfully processed in the past, to the misdirection of reimbursements time and time again to the wrong parties. All of this seems to lead to the premeditated act of paying as little as possible and taking as much time to resolve the issues as is possible. We now have a Senior Account Executive, promising to look over every single claim of ours before it is finalized to be sure there are no problems. Problems have continued, regardless. Some of the main issues we have had since we started with AmeriHealth in February 2015:Failure to reimburse out of network claims for many, many months at a time, at one point leading to over $9,000 in out of pocket costs. Sending payment to the wrong party time and time again and a vast variety of claims, thus delaying reimbursement of the proper party while everything gets resubmitted. Failure to work out a billing issue to the point that we were taken to collections for the bill, which should have been covered from the start. Failure to pay in network doctors and acupuncturist for months on end, due to a variety of issues, leading to uncomfortable discussions with providers who start to ask me to cover their costs until AmeriHealth can get their act together. Hours upon hours of lost productivity as I follow up with every single claim that has an issue.
Consumer Alert!!! Do not do business with AmeriHealth!!! I bought an off exchange policy effective for 1/1/2014. I paid FULL price for this plan. No subsidy. They never covered me. They refuse to refund my premium. I bought a plan from Horizon which began on March 1, 2014. I contacted the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance and filed a complaint.So far, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. AmeriHealth's customer service - rude with attitude! These Gorillas have no clue what day it is, they simply hang up on you (or they just keep you on hold before they disconnect you.) Now I'm out a significant amount of money. I pray that they eventually go out of business or the State of New Jersey shuts them down. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PURCHASING A HEALTH PLAN WITH AMERIHEALTH OF NJ!!!!!
It takes more than 1/2 hour to get anybody live on the phone at this company. When you write via email, they never reply. When you ask them questions, they never give you a straight answer. And all for $500 more per year. This company needs oversight. It is a horror.
Amerihealth cancelled my policy without any significant warning and continued to withdraw funds from my account. After contacting them and getting reassurance that withdrawals will stop, they continued to withdraw funds. I was unable to access my "payment method" from the website due to cancellation of policy evidently caused by Obama's Affordable Care Act. Finally had to get my bank to stop payments to this "Black Hole" and reimburse me for the loss. Their performance has been excellent while my policy was in effect but this transition to welfare-style health care has killed my commitment to this Health care provider. Through this entire ordeal, they sold me a new ACA compliant policy to replace my old one but nothing ever came from that. Trying to call them to get information or status about your "new" policy is next to useless and the quality of their associates has dropped to a zero grade. Because they tried to steal my money, provide no services and don't answer the phone anymore is the reason I recommend you AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Too funny these people...after speaking with them they confirmed that my additional (scheduled) payment that was received for December would be refunded to me due to Accolade billing nightmares/payment processing and overall deplorable customer service; today I receive an invoice of negative (1) month premium again.I certainly hope that they did not realize that they screwed up again and decided to re-instate me because I specifically told them to send my (on time) December payment back to me - I want nothing to do with Amerihealth and/or Accolade, I want my money back and if I kept a running call time (on average you are on hold for at least an hour, then another half hour to speak with someone that has half a clue to navigate their total b.s. system) I would say that I have easily 3 hrs. each month of my wasted time X 9 months = 27 hours (which is light and very generous, I am sure) at my time that I value at $250.00 per hour = $6,750.00. Waiting for my premium back and will be on the phone with them for another hour + tomorrow so add $250.00.
I had scheduled on Monday to be picked up for Wednesday at 11:25am. However, when I was ready to be picked up at 10:25am, and after 10:40am when I did not receive a phone call I then called the hotline to find out where was my ride. I was then told that they were unable to pick me up and due to the fact that something had happened to their driver and that they were trying to locate another driver for me. My concern is why didn't they tell me earlier? This is not the first time. On another occasion I was stranded for at least an hour because of their driver who claimed that she was unable to locate my address. Their customer services sucks. The people that they have hired to respond to your calls, you can't understand a word that they are saying.
My wife resident in rehab facility whose financial department of Alaris, Cherry Hill, N.J. kept bugging me about co-pay and even had audacity to suggest to disenroll me from current Amerihealth and go with Medicare so that they could get their co-pay. Ironic thing is that they sent me bill for $500 which, would have the check in mail right now. In any event, rehab was worse ever so I went to another home and was promptly told that my wife no longer had coverage with Amerihealth! No notice was ever given. Two checks were cashed by them and the invoices indicate coverage for that pay period was from 12/01/14 to 12/31/14. I also have power of attorney over the wife. Now this seems downright criminal to me in view of the fact that she is at a critical point in her care and their response is to dump her. I should be able to do something about this! She should be re-admitted to the hospital to be re-evaluated. I need help and advice here.
I contacted AmeriHealth on February 17, 2014 requesting my benefit handbook (a hard copy). I have called almost every month since requesting the same thing. I have been given one excuse after another. I have written letters to the Philadelphia, PA office and the Cranbury, NJ office. As of today's date, July 3, 2014, I am still getting waiting. The letters I have received from them have indicated that they were overwhelmed, etc. etc. That they will check into this matter. However, they never include a telephone number to reach them. They just say to contact customer service... which gets you no satisfaction at all. I asked for a telephone number for the person who sent me the letter, but they will not give one to me and instead tell me that they will have someone call me. Their letters tell you that you should create an online account, which I have, but when you look up information, it is limited. I still want a hard copy of a booklet and it is such a simple request. Why is there such a problem? In their last letter to me the Specialist of Executive Inquiries says that they apologize for the delay in sending one out and to look online. They say that the purpose of their letter was to confirm receipt of my booklet. How can I ever confirm receipt when it never arrives? The have my address correct as I have verified it with them.
This is my second year of having Amerihealth, and it is even worse than the first year. If you EVER have to call them for anything, make sure you set aside, I am not joking about 3 hours, because you will be on hold (With blasting circus music) for at least an hour and a half, and then you will be transferred around (probably hung up on accidentally) for the other hour and a half. The first year we had them, my wife went to the doctor twice, I didn't at all, the next year they raised our premiums by $100 and it still costs me $80 to go to the doctor. I called them to see if my plan covered vision (for close to $700/month for two healthy adults it should) and they kept sending me to a different department which hung up on me twice and I gave up and paid $300 for my glasses. Can't tell you to avoid them enough.
This is the single worst company I have ever dealt with. I had health insurance for years with Anthem Blue Cross and I switched to Amerihealth because I believed their advertising about better healthcare.I joined in Dec 2013 and have had nothing but problems. They never sent me an invoice and then claimed it was overdue - but then they told me to pay on the website and for two weeks straight I tried to pay and the website error message said I wasn't authorized. Then I called customer service again (each time you call they keep you on hold for at least 30 minutes) and they said they were experiencing website issues but "try again in 24hrs". It is now Feb 11th 2014 and I am still not able to get on the website and pay my invoice.THE WORST COMPANY EVER. And by the way, this is not user error, I am very good with computers. To me this looks deliberate on Amerihealth's part- get your money to sign up and then make it impossible to pay so they can drop you and keep getting more suckers.
Just to pay your bill you have to go through an outside vendor. It's been 4 days waiting for them to process my payment. I'm not sure if I have insurance or not, but I'm not going to wait 2 hours on the phone to talk to a moron. They raise rates every year and the coverage sucks.
No one possibly has this much time to manage health insurance without even having an illness. I signed up for this garbage, thanks to Obamacare discontinuing my Horizon policy and have spent endless hours on the phone trying to get my payments resolved. They accepted my payments but refused to credit my account. Now their latest curve ball is they sent me a new ID card and changed my primary care physician to be 2 hours away in South Jersey. Wasn't that nice of them? And I have an appointment with mine in a few days just to get a referral to see an eye doctor. Complete waste of time and money!!!
This is new insurance for me and I have not been able to do a provider search for the past 3 weeks. I call customer service who need a ton of info prior to talking to me to be told that the website happens to be down "today" and they can't help me. They don't know why and they can't control that. I'm paying a lot monthly for what exactly??
I have attempted to contact them to make a change in the plan. When told to hold for a representative I was disconnected 5 times. Emails have been ignored. Perhaps because it is the time for open enrollment they are overwhelmed. Since I was completely unable to reach Americare NJ after repeated attempts I enrolled with AARP insurance United Healthcare and found them to be easily accessible, responsive and knowledgeable.
I tried calling Amerihealth to discuss enrolling in them via the affordable care act. I was on hold for over 30 minutes and no one answered the phone. I will switch to United Healthcare.
When dealing with the always impossible to talk with Accolade, eventually when you get through ask for the extension number of that individual so bypass the unacceptable time spent on hold. The obstacles put between you and the best treatment are solely financial and with these incredible hold times mean participants give up trying, just what they hope for. I cannot recommend a different provider but this is without doubt the worse experience I have encountered at any healthcare provider. My recent disappointment was turning up on a specialist referral, paying copay, waiting to see doctor to be told I was required to first try 3 different treatments - topical creams - and wait nearly 5 months before I could reapply for the medically proven best solution for my issue. It is not life threatening but why am I paying premiums to not get my specialists recommended course of action.
I called them up for many issues on my recently bought health plan and no representative picks up the call and I never got a chance to talk a real person. I hate this... Very intolerable!!
When Obamacare took effect, I could not keep my BC/BS policy of many years, so I signed up for AmeriHealth directly (NOT through the healthcare exchange). There were multiple enrollment glitches from day one (November 19, 2013). AmeriHealth was unable to resolve multiple errors through their customer service, which has been and remains in a state of utter failure. In exasperation, I filed a formal complaint with the NJ Division of Banking and Insurance on March 1, 2014. Over the next six months (despite countless attempted phone calls, faxes, e-mails, and letters), AmeriHealth failed to resolve the outstanding (but easily resolvable) glitches, potentially leaving me with non-ACA compliant insurance. Finally, 200 days after the filing of the complaint, they sent me a letter stating the action they would take to resolve the complaint. Sadly, though, they failed to do what their own letter said they would do. I did not think it possible, but AmeriHealth is so incompetent that they are truly WORSE THAN COMCAST. The NJDBI should shut down the AmeriHealth organization and forcibly merge it with an insurance carrier capable of providing at least a minimally competent level of service.
Overcharged on premium with threats of cancellation of coverage unless the 70 dollar overcharge was paid. I finally paid it for fear of cancellation. Months of ongoing requests for my wife's ER doctor at bay shore hospital, now a 3000 Gastro bill. Months and months of calls and rerouting of calls, no follow up, or accountability.
For two days I have been trying to speak with someone at Amerihealth regarding whether a provider is covered under my plan. The doctor is showing on their website as a provider but when I called to make an appointment, the doctor's office was not sure whether they were covered under my particular policy and told me to check with Amerihealth. Such a simple question and yet I was on hold for over 40 minutes on Friday, and have been on hold for over 30 minutes today with no response. I should note that the billing office answers the calls immediately. What is going on? I will be changing insurance companies at the next opportunity.
I've been trying to get through to this company for 2 weeks after signing up for healthcare. The website doesn't function and nobody answers the phones. However they did charge my credit card promptly. I'm supposed to have coverage but have no idea how to use it and can't find out. How does the insurance commission let them (not) function like this?
Looking through so many of the reviews on here, I see I'm not alone. I enrolled in Amerihealth in 2015 through the Medicaid extension under the ACA, in Pennsylvania. In June of 2016 I had a cyst removed from my neck. I was told by the staff at the doctor's office that my insurance company had approved the procedure. I also had a blood test and a chest X-ray. No one at the hospital ever questioned my insurance or asked for any kind of payment. Then about six months later I get a bill for $24,000, then a bunch of other bills totaling about $10,000.I called the company several times and kept getting a run-around. Then I went to the county assistance office and was assigned a caseworker who looked into it and found out that somewhere along the way, the wrong SSN had been entered. So everything was sent to Harrisburg to be resolved. After about a month the caseworker informed me that everything was straightened out. But my relief was to be short-lived. I'm still getting bills and calls from collection agencies. Calling Amerihealth is, of course, fruitless.
I have been with Amerihealth for more than a year. The only thing they have done right is collect my money and whenever I went to the doctors they would not pay for the visit or the bloodwork taken. They double charged me twice once in February and when I called they told me they would "look into it" and never did. When I asked for my money back they told me they couldn't give us our money back and we wouldn't be charged for March. But they did charge us again in March and they still did not give us a reason why. Then when my husband went to get the pills that he needs we were told we were not insured and he had to pay out of pocket. When he called they told him that since it was a new year we had to wait a month in order to be insured again. But again no issue taking our money even though we were not insured with them. We stopped automatic payments with them after they double charged us the first time and we asked that they send us a bill. Then today, my husband was checking our banking and we had a charge for $900.00 which is nowhere near our monthly payment. They took the money out without our permission since we got rid of Automatic payments and when we called all they could say was "we will look into it". They won't even give you an explanation why. I feel we are getting screwed over and they are getting away with taking our money and not even giving us the proper insurance coverage they claim they give their customers.
Never in my life have I had an insurance co. like this one. Only had for 6 months and if I could find another ins. co. I would. Twice now I have been pummeled with medical bills that they don't cover. Never told I was going to have to pay something and then out of the blue I get 2 big bills. I am on a fixed income and this doesn't help matters. This company doesn't even have a dental supplement. I have dental work that needs to be done and twice I got a 45 minute runaround just to find this out. All my previous insurers had dental. Customer service is a nightmare.
I received a card for my wife's Advantage Plan. Not sure why she received it since neither one of recalled applying for it, so I decided to call them. I dialed the number on the letter to an automated system that asks a lot of questions only to be asked the same questions later by their rep. It also notified me that as usual there is a large number of calls and to expect a longer than wait time to speak to an agent. So after waiting 22 minutes, I get a representative who informs me that she would have to transfer me to an area which resulted in another 20-minute wait at which time I hung up and canceled my account and called Aetna which response time was less than 5 minutes. I am not sure why companies treat it's customers like they don't care. Instead having adequate staffing it benefits them to treat their customers like second class citizens. I think if more people voice their opinions the practice would stop...
This insurance company is one of the worst. Like others have said they are cashing my checks but telling me that my daughter had no health insurance. There was apparently one missing payment that I thought my bank had sent electronically. I explained that there's was some sort of error made a double payment & was told I'd be reinstated. Well I wasn't. Called again. Was told someone would call me back. Nope. I call now mind you. They are still cashing my checks & have over $600 of my money. They now deny reinstatement with no reasoning & it's 5 days past open enrollment.
I have been calling 2-3 times per month regarding an issue with the dental portion of my health insurance and it is now almost August and I still don't have a resolution to my problem. Every time I call, I am told they will put a request in and someone will call me back, and so far I've never gotten a call back and no one will handle the issue.. So I am being overcharged every month and when I don't pay the extra amount I get letters stating that they are going to cancel my coverage, when they are the ones who gave me the new lower premium. And on top of all that, I called 7/10/15 to inform them that my children will be covered under a different insurance as on 8/1/15 and please expire their insurance as of 7/31/2015.They went ahead and cancelled the insurance as of 7/1/2015 when I had already paid for July and requested exp date of 7/31/2015!!! The phone calls are all recorded so they know it was their error and I have now wasted several hours for the past few days on the phone trying to get my children covered for the month I already paid for and yet I still have not gotten any help... No one is willing to help in any way, they always want to '' call you back'' and never do or put in a request and never call back. It's absolutely frustrating and aggravating and I have never been so unhappy with any company ever in my life!
I am part of the Amerihealth NJ Regional Preferred Network. I pay upwards of $2,200.00 per month for out-of-network services. On top of my premiums, I have paid my providers $20,000 out of pocket. After my deductible is met, I should receive approximately $12,000 back from Amerihealth. To date, they have only reimbursed me $4,000. My son has autistic spectrum disorder and he see therapists three times per week. I have claims for my son's services dating back to July that have not been reimbursed yet. On one claim alone I have called 4 times still with no resolution. Randomly dates-of-services (DOS) are left off claims. Some are paid and then some are noted as being applied to my deductible even though the deductible is met. I have been given the excuse that I am seeing an out-of-state provider when the provider was and still is in NJ. I've been told my claim was marked as seeing an international provider. I haven't traveled outside the country in years. I was also told I wasn't supplying the PROVIDER ID CODE. What's that? After further questioning of the customer service rep I found out that is an internal code to Amerihealth. How would I even have the number, but in an effort to get my claims processed I got all the PROVIDER ID CODE numbers for family's providers and mark each and every invoice with that number. That hasn't worked either. I am at a loss of what to do. I call the reps, they can't answer my questions, they send my claim back for review (that takes 30 to 60 days to process) and then I get an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) with the same response (denied). I just called for the third time today regarding my own doctor bills that keep getting denied with the Remark Codes on my EOB indicating I don't have out-of-network benefits and I haven't met my deductible. Both statements are untrue. I got a less than helpful customer service rep who had an attitude and told me all she can do is submit it again. I asked her how is this going to be different than the last three times I submitted these bills and she couldn't answer me. So, I suspect in 30-60 days I will be calling them again. These are just a few examples of the issues I am having. I feel like I am trapped in a black hole with no end in sight. How am I suppose to get my reimbursement when all I get is excuse after excuse. Amerihealth is by far the WORST health insurance I have ever had.
This is a scam to get your money and provide minimum services. The system is setup for extended wait times on the phone (minimum 30 minutes). No easy way to pay your premiums (only through bank account, no credit cards accepted, except ironically first premium). Web site is very poorly designed. No flexibility in cancellation - only on the phone and only in the beginning of each month. Emails with cancellations never confirmed or responded to. Very unhelpful and technically inept support.
This company needs to be investigated for fraud against the consumer. We have had a similar situation to one of the reviews listed. Amerihealth deducted 6000 from our account over the months and has not covered one medical expense. You cannot get one competent person on the phone to help you. I have four children. I had a child this past year, and all expenses were paid out of pocket because they kept promising to fix the situation and never did.We went back and forth with the marketplace and our child under the assumption that since they were withdrawing money that our medical expenses were being covered. Not one pediatric bill was ever covered with this insurance. After fighting with inept people, after taking our money, they said we were dropped. No notice, nothing. They claimed that we were delinquent in one payment, that was never the case because we have the bank statements to prove that they withdrew our money. They are criminals! Now we are waiting for a new insurance company while my family has no coverage at the present moment. The rest will be handled by our lawyer.
Although the insurance coverage provided may fit your needs, just hope and pray you never need assistance from Customer Service or Billing. I have spent hours on hold and speaking with representatives regarding my now former account. Rarely was an issue addressed in one phone call even though each rep promises to do their job and resolve the issue. Thankfully I moved out of NJ and can no longer avail myself of coverage from AmeriHealth.I have made THREE telephone requests since December asking for a letter documenting my premiums paid in 2014. My CPA requires this information for tax preparation. I was told each of the three times there would be no problem and yet I still do not have the information I need. I am mailing a letter to the Supervisor of Customer Service today, hoping written correspondence is treated with more respect than a telephone request.If you are wondering why I don't have copies of the invoices for 2014 it is because the invoices I received were utter nonsense. They show past due amounts even though the account was NEVER in arrears. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to review the invoices and actually determine what was paid. In fact one payment was made via credit card. I was told I would have to show proof of the credit card payment for that payment to be acknowledged. This was ultimately resolved but it took MONTHS to straighten out their oversight.
I had a grand mal seizure on April 11, 2014. Doctor increased medication from 250 mg to 500 mg on April 14. That medication needed approval from AMERIHEALTH. Medication approved on April 29, 2014 (2 wks later). Doctor requested an EEG, GLUCOSE, & MRI on April 14. All were approved and done w/ exception of MRI. Went for MRI on April 30. Was not approved. Got home & called AMERIHEALTH. Was told MRI go through a 3rd party & the doctor sent it to the wrong department. I asked to speak to a Manager after being on hold for 46 minutes, spoke w/ manager & voiced my concerns. Upon hanging up I heard Manager laughing w/ someone else. AMERIHEALTH IS A JOKE. They think it’s a joke when you complain about the confusion. Your health, medication, requested tests & concerns should be the focus, not explaining to a customer how wrong the doctor was or third party associates. Never experienced this type of behavior & problems with Charter Health!!!!
What an awful experience! They lied to me that my provider is on a tier 1 network and the copay will be $15. Now they claim they never told me that and that my provider is really tier 2 with a $50 copay. I've called them numerous times and they either hang up on me, or never return my call. What an awful company with the most awful customer service. Please save yourself the headache and do not use them!
I was hospitalized with a fractured vertebrae on Memorial Day weekend. The Orthopedic Group that saw me in the hospital doesn't take my insurance local value network. I went home in a back brace and thank god my daughter was here to help me find another orthopedic. She was on the phone with the 3rd party provider accolade for over an hour and on a another line calling the doctors they were saying accepted this plan. Most of them did not. Since then I have been referred by my Primary Care Physician to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor who take some AmeriHealth plans but not mine. Today I attempted to get on their website and it wouldn't load. I am waiting on line for a callback. This plan doesn't accept any out of network doctor unless it's the emergency room. I pay 655.00 a month for a plan almost no one in my area accepts. So here I sit in a back brace waiting for accolade to call me back and give me more names of doctors that aren't in the network. I live in Monmouth County NJ and I am sure they will try and send me out of state in a back brace.
This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. They changed my policy at the end of the year without my consent. Billed me a higher amount than they had quoted and then were unable to change the policy to that which I requested. I called every month since January to be left on hold for long periods of time without anyone seemingly interested in helping. The only thing they have been able to do consistently is bill me and threaten to cancel my policy if I didn't pay (even if they have billed me incorrectly for most of the year). I had asked to add an additional dental plan in January (and was paying for it) but for 6 months they have been unable to confirm what the plan was. Many of my claims have been unpaid and each department sends me to another (sales, customer service, billing, Dental provider...). I finally managed to speak to a supervisor who sounded more helpful, explained that somehow they had registered me on 3 different accounts and promised to solve my issues... but subsequently never responded. I have sent her 3 emails since without reply. I have continued to pay extremely high monthly premiums for little to no benefit. They should not be able to treat customers in such a way without some sort of recourse for their actions. I would recommend using any other service provider.
I became ill on 1/24 and was placed on Disability by my Physician on 1/27/14. My employer had "outsourced" their disability Insurance to AmeriHealth recently in 2013 which most of the employee force had refused to agree to this changes when we were notified, even though we were told it was for the best, NOT. I have exhausted calls and even written to their CEO Judith L. Roman to no avail. Their MO is to tell you in a very curt tone that: "they have NOT received your Physician's paperwork" via fax which is the norm for doctors to fax to insurances and as such they can't make a decision! Hence no check. I took it upon myself to investigate this issue and the Doctor indeed had proof of it being sent through their fax confirmation logs. I proceeded to re-fax to them and finally they could not deny it any longer since I had my own fax log that it had gone through. However, I was then told that I would have to wait even though they had received the paperwork despite of their denials back in early February! Strangely enough I have found through coworkers that (4) four other employees were told repeatedly as well the same as me that they had not received their doctors faxes (how is this possible in this day and age?) and how does this company gets away with treating those enrolled in their plans so poorly with such heartless scams and why do they prey on the sick and those in need?
Amerihealth is flat out horrible! I am constantly fighting to get the medication I need to be semi normal, but cannot ever seem to get it! I have been trying to get MRIs to figure out my horrible 5x a week migraines, but they won't approve my MRIs! After trial and error on some 15 different medications for my anxiety, my doctor finally nailed it. Can I get it??? No! Unreal! I will be researching how to take this further. Because of amerihealth's constant denials, I am not able to maintain basic day to day life without difficulty, or prove my health issues in order to get relief! And the real crap of the story is I see people every day getting the prescriptions they don't need so they can sell them for street drugs! The real people in need suffer!
It took one and a half hours just to find out if my eye care physician was covered under my insurance. Not only did I have to speak with several people before I got the info I was hung up on once and no one tried to call me back. It was one of the most frustrating calls I have had to deal with. AND it wasn't even routed through another country. These were Americans!
Please be advised: I was made to lay out payment for my wife's heart medication ($375.00) and was told I would be promptly reimbursed. That was on Nov. 11th, 2014... a full sixteen months later I have yet to be paid. Although I sent them proof several times I was, once again, told they did not receive the proof. This is just plain wrong.
They refuse to reimburse a claim form that was apparently filled out incorrectly, thanks in part to none other than their own customer service instructions. All necessary information, charges, diagnosis, and receipts were submitted with said claim form; however, I can't get reimbursed unless I go through the whole process again. Give me a break. I've paid them $300 + a month on time for over a year and barely go to the doctors. It's kind of petty that they refuse a claim for $190 because I was given the wrong instructions. Having worked in various sales / customer service positions over the last 10+ years, I'm quite confident that someone can make sense of all of this in the back office and reimburse me without forcing me through a lengthy process (3 weeks). I find out later that a partial reimbursement was issued to the provider even though I clearly submitted copies of receipts paid. There was zero balance with the provider.Policy cancellation "processing" takes 10 to 14 business days and even something as simple as canceling auto-draft takes 7 to 10 business days. Who has processing times of this long anymore? Never again with Amerihealth.
My wife has been taking a specific medication for nearly 10 years. Amerihealth declined to pay for it. The doctor sent in a prior authorization form and Amerihealth denied it again. The doctor knows my wife's situation and prescribed this medication knowing it would help her. Now, she has to live in fear that her chronic pain, heretofore managed, will come back.If you are considering this company as a provider you are doing a disservice to your company and your personnel. They and you will be very unhappy and frustrated. It's not uncommon to be placed on hold for an hour when you call. Questions are rarely answered, they have to call you back. They never call you back. Their people do not understand the differences between family and individual deductibles. In fact, they know almost nothing about the plans and what they provide. It took two months to straighten out enrollments for our employees with FutureScripts and they have taken months to send out insurance cards for dependents. This is the most poorly operated insurance carrier we have had over my 40-year career. Worse yet, they have no interest in improving customer service or educating their personnel.
Customer service is not knowledgeable about any information regarding plans, status of plans, status of enrollment, etc. I purchased my policy through and they have no status that the plan is in effect and as a result I cannot pay for the insurance. The wait time on Amerihealth is always upwards of 30 minutes and then there are no answers because they have no evidence that I have a plan in effect. This is 4 business days after signing up on and has a definitive status the plan is in effect. If can't pay for the plan by the start date I can get dropped. Since when do you have to jump through hoops to give a company your money?! We need more options for insurance carriers in New Jersey. This company cannot effectively manage the demand.
Just recently, got my Amerihealth insurance card 2 days ago. I tried making a appointment with a Dr and was told to call my insurance to make sure they took the insurance. I was on hold for 5:30:16 sec. amazing... frustrated... wanted to scream. As I was on hold, little messages came on. One was to get their app on your phone. I did... I found more information on that phone app than I did on the website. Check it out. Oh, by the way, no one answered and I finally hung up because the 2 portable phones died and I just couldn't take it anymore. I figured since March 30 was the last day to get the insurance, everyone waited for the last minute like me. So the lines were ringing off the hook. I would say in a few weeks it will calm down. Whew... and stay in good health till then. Have a nice day. BTW, when you are able to get customer service, they are very nice and helpful.
Someone below said they are worse than Comcast, and though that is hard to do, it is so true. I could not log onto their website to review my benefits - of course, I never received a booklet -- because every time I entered my User Name (as verified by email from them) it defaulted to another name. No matter what I did, I could not log on. Sooooo I call them and the woman, to her credit, tried many times to log on herself, to no avail. After more than an hour of nonsense, changing my password from my end and then hers, she could not correct the problem. Though I repeated over and over again that the problem was with my user name, she seemed to ignore what I was saying and stayed fixated on repeatedly changing my password. I simply wanted to know my benefits, and she could not even access that for me. Finally, I said "how about this -- back me out of the system entirely, then I will re-register." She could not do that. She could not do anything, actually, whatsoever to give me an answer or help in any way, except to tell me that she will send a request in to have my online information looked at and I will get a response in about 30 DAYS. "You mean to tell me that a medical insurance company does not have an in-house tech department??? And how did this glitch end up in my online registration in the first place?" Of course the call ended with her asking me, "Was your problem solved to your satisfaction?" Um, NO! How could she have even considered following her script after all I went through for naught. I was seeing stars. Well, back to the Health Care Exchanges I go. I wish I had read this website before signing up. My fault for that.
I'm a member since 09/2013. In March of 2014 I decided to upgrade my plan and add my kids. I did that on 22 of February. Got previous plan cancellation confirmation via email. But guess what... On March 3rd I'm charged for the canceled plan, and for the new one. And I still have no information about my new plan enrollment. So I called them today, waited 30 min. on hold just to find out they can only take callback info, without answering any of my questions. I have little hope to to get that callback and get the answers of this situation. I have no coverage, but paid for 2 plans at this moment. Phone number they have on the member card 888-968-7241 is useless, you get busy signal after answering all the questions to the automated system. If you want at least hear a live person's voice in minimum of 30 minutes wait time, call this number 877-456-8548, but don't expect to talk to the person who can help you.
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