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American Republic Insurance Co. Online Reviews

Company Name: American Republic Insurance Co.
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
If I could rate lower I would. Okay, here it goes. The original complaint involved an agent who blatantly lied to me about my coverage. When I called him on it, he suddenly changed his story (This had to do with prescription coverage). I filed a complaint with DORA. DORA basically required American Republic to issue me prescription coverage.As of 12/2011, as you all know, AR is dumping all major medical policies. However, they are not doing so before raising all our rates. The form letter is using the exact same claim it used one year ago - including that of Colorado HB 1008. This seems very fraudulent to me; one last milking of us all before dumping us. I filed a follow up complaint with DORA today. I highly recommend that any of you reading this do likewise.I am seeking new carrier. I have no choice now. The carrier AR is recommending has higher deductible and claims to know nothing about the additional coverage I paid for to cover my deductible! How could I possibly trust them, anyway?Hey, any chance that those of you in Colorado who got *** by American Republic could form a group and get group rates? Just a thought.
Insurance failure to pay benefits then erased history - My grandmother paid her premiums for some time and never had need for the benefits until she became ill the 2nd time and was hospitalized for 2 weeks at one hospital, then transferred to a larger hospital where she passed away 2 weeks later. I handled her affairs personally and medicare paid not one cent and Blue Cross Blue Shield paid every penny (and her death benefits through her work insurance as well) and paid for the funeral. When I contacted American Republic for benefits for her time in the hospital so my uncle who lived with her would be able to pay the bills (since he was unable to work due to an injury), they said they would send a form and would contact me further. They didn't. Shortly thereafter, she passed away and I called them again to notify them and to inquire of the status of the holdup and why. I got the same runaround again. One week later, I had her death certificate in my hand which they require along with all insurance companies and I learned they had completely deleted her from the system! When I asked for a manager, the manager was snide and rude, basically telling me I was a liar and that my grandmother was never their client and made all sorts of comments. In my grief over her loss and my anger over the rough treatment, at that time, I nearly decided to take a little trip to meet this crass individual face to face. Only my pregnancy kept me from actually clearing my bank account, signing over all my belongings and property to my husband and making a one way trip there. Messing with someone when they are grief-stricken isn't a good idea. She was my world. My uncle is now dying of cancer and penniless. Those benefits would certainly help him more now than in those years ago since her worker's death benefits paid for her funeral at that time and some of it was left over to get her bills caught up. American Republic will never make this right. I have all the proof in one box to prove my words right up to her death and after. I wouldn't speak of this in print if I didn't have the proof and her cancelled checks to prove her premiums were paid faithfully. I would never ever recommend this company to anyone except an enemy if I had one, and I don't because I am good to everyone. I also would suggest that any of the blowhards who make statements referring to the unhappy, adult clients as "the little boys and girls" that has been done earlier in this forum to stop it for it is a thoughtless and inconsiderate statement and shows your ignorance, not theirs. Belittling others is cowardly, foolhardy and a self-centered form of bullying, in my opinion. If you had a good run with this company, then good for you. But you won't know if your family will benefit from it after you are gone someday, will you? You shouldn't and can't invalidate those who have been totally screwed over and tossed on the garbage heap like my family and the other families who have. In fact, your loose words convince me that you probably work for the company. If you want to dictate your ideals, then argue with God, that is, if you believe in Him for it is written - Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.
I was involved in a work related accident in 2006, and since then through no fault of theirs or mine I am now disabled. My problem is that I now need medication for the rest of my life as well as doctor visits to monitor my status. About twice a year I have to file a lawsuit against them to pay for doctor visits and medication. At times forcing me to have to pay out of pocket. They try everything to not pay and a couple of times I have spent over $700 because they won't honor a court ordered agreement. Last month they were going to close the case because I missed a doctor appointment which I didn't. The doctor's office screwed up and they were ready to drop me. Save your employees a lot of grief and don't let them handle your workman's insurance as they don't deserve to be treated like this.
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