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Company Name: American Integrity
Overall average rating of 2.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 12 %
I have tried for 2 months to settle a roof claim, I had 2 roofing companies come out and show me all the damaged and loose shingles. The AII adjusted came out and marked 12 areas or 40% of the roof that had damaged and loose shingle and told me most i should get a new report and would send in the report. I month later after trying to contact my claims adjuster with no success I get a call from SDI Engineering wanting to look at my roof. I told them not until my claims adjuster called me, she called within the hour after not returning any of my previous calls. She stated that SDI would determine if the damage was from the hurricane last year or the wind storm on March 20. When they arrived they told me they were never told that and they were to review the roof. After the inspection they told me I had some damaged shingles but over 50% were not sealed and that it was the insurance decision to determine after he submitted the report. After a month of trying to get the claims adjuster to call me back and not responding I called my agent to get some help. The claims adjuster called back wanting to settle for replacing 8 shingles only and would not address my questions on the 50% plus loose shingles or the areas their first adjuster had marked. I hired my own Angies list approved roofing inspector who confirmed I had over 50% loose and he said loose shingles were damaged shingles. I am filing an appeal and hiring a attorney to get this resolved. They insurance company told me they were sending me $546.00 check I asked for them to send me a copy of the adjuster report so I could see exactly what they expected me to get fixed for that amount. I see they have 25 plus complaint against this year alone
Thank you for being very fair with my claim. We were out of town when water damage occurred and the claims adjuster, William Strickling, was extremely helpful and excellent with communication. He returned emails and calls on a timely basis. Thank you for all your help with our claim. I will recommend your company.
AI insurance is not out there for the best interest of their clients. Poor communication leaving the customer blind in all aspects.
If all of American Integrity's Customer Service reps were as conscientious and competent as Whitney C, I would rate the company all five stars. The three other reps my broker and I spoke to failed to correct more than a double overcharge of $2,638.70 for a $1,293 premium, even though they all reassured us the problem was resolved 3 1/2 weeks before the premium was due! They depleted my escrow by several hundred dollars after sending me 10 different bills, 7 with bogus amounts. As it stands now, I can recommend American as an insurer with a decent reputation, decent premiums, and only one of four customer reps, Whitney, who cut her lunch short to resolve the problem immediately, after already running around to both Accounting and Billing Departments while I was on the phone! I gave her a kiss on the phone, and should you have a problem, she is the best to ask for. Whatever they pay her, she is worth more.
No explanation for rate hike at time of renewal. I call this an unacceptable experience hence the 1-star rating. I called them to see if they could offer any explanation as to why the change in the rate and the only comment was "there was no change in your policy, it was due to a rate increase". Okay, I can accept that ... usually. What was the rate hike? 5%? 10%? Try 30%!!! This is my first renewal experience with this company, and it certainly wasn't a good one. If you're going to raise the rates, at least give your operators some talking points to explain a THIRTY PERCENT INCREASE! Completely unacceptable.
The contact with the representatives of the company, especially on the local area, has been great. Additional time is needed to determine if the damage to my property will be properly reimbursed based upon the knowledge of the contractor and the damage incurred.
Timely and easy claim process
I had American Integrity for so many years, never had a claim before in June of 2017 I have dishwasher and under the sink likings big time the cabinets were the dishwasher machine and the sink get damaged all wood is mushy,rotten, have mold and the insurance think with $ 3.000 everything is gonna be fix. I m handicap person , I been call the insurance and nobody call me back. This company is a joke the Insurance Commissioner need pay attention to this can of company. My name C C Wood
Do NOT insure your home with this company. They are the most unprofessional insurance company, and will gladly take your premiums, but not pay out on your claim! We had a claim from 10/3/2017 that was initially approved, and then, just as we were preparing to start the repairs, they changed their minds and denied the claim. We have hired a public adjuster and a lawyer, and, now, what they have taken to doing is scheduling depositions and cancelling them the night before they are about to happen. They have done this THREE times already, with hopes of us going away...needless to say, we ARE NOT going away, and they will have to face us at some point. Above all this, they employ the most unscrupulous contractors to process claims who misrepresented themselves to our contacts, were accusatory, and totally unprofessional. I'll forever regret purchasing this policy, as we have been a hostage to their terrible business practices for the last 17 months. Save yourself the grief and go somewhere else with your home insurance needs.
Terrible customer service, Terrible claim adjusters they send out after two hurricanes (Matthew & Irma) IT Took forever to get compensation from Matthew after going through 6-7 adjusters, a wind engineer and their contractor who came to meet our contractor! Ridiculous!! STILL waiting on answers and compensation for Hurricane IRMA. Adjuster never returns phone calls, makes excuses over and over and offers a little more every few weeks. Why can't they PAY for the coverage you purchased instead of looking for loopholes to get out of paying for your damages. Our roof still leaks from hurricane but refuses to pay only around $500.00 to fix it???? We have patched, replaced shingles, etc. They said it was wind driven rain, Well DUH, that is what a hurricane IS!!!! Windows and doors have water inside but they say that's not covered? I bought the top of the line policy coverage from what I thought? I would never recommend this company to anyone!! NO ONE should have to fight and wait so long to get compensation!!
I had a water damage claim it occurred on Feb 25th late at night was reported immediately. Had 3 people come in, the plumber, the guys who dry everything up and my adjuster all said it was a shower pan failure. I just received a letter claiming that it was a grout problem by the insurance adjuster which is total BS, there were no loose tiles until after it leaked I pushed my foot against the wall to see if it was soft and I pushed a tile in, this was after it had leaked between the bathroom and living room and destroyed my 3 yr old wood floors, my walls baseboard my shower my bathroom vanity. I have 3 water bills since January the bill that covered Feb 22-March 22 increased by almost 12.00, They are claiming it is our fault some crap about maintenance, how can you maintain inside your walls behind your tiles if you have no idea there is a leak until it destroys your home. This is total BS, I am filing an appeal, switching insurance companies as this policy is supposed to renew on 5/16 and I am hiring attorney and going to court, my home is very well maintained. Unfortunately, one cannot see inside the walls and if I use their explanation why was there no water until the night it flooded everything and why did the bill increase substantially during the month that it happened. Even their engineer said to me when he was here he has no idea what they are looking at, just looking for an excuse to deny my claim. It is just under 2 months, cannot use my shower, half of my LR floor is pulled up there is a huge hole in my wall that was cut out to see what was going on. I am absolutely furious and I will tell every person I know not to use American Integrity Insurance and I will see them in Court. They treat you like you are some sort of criminal (asking me for my phone bills) which totally pisses me off, I worked in the legal field for 36 yrs I am not stupid and, I will not be railroaded. I am absolutely furious right now. We are only asking for them to do what they are supposed to do when someone always pays the premiums on time and have for the 5 yrs they were our insurers.
My experience this morning with customer service was good and my issue was addressed and should be taken care of today
I dealt with Amy for my roof being torn up by wind. She was nice and everything but that's about the only positive thing I can say about them. Other than that she usually did not answer calls. And the company went put of there way to throw hurdles in front of the process to get the roof repaired even though it was more than qualified for a repair. When payment finally was approved they attempted to say they can only help pay a few hundred towards a 7000 dollar roof. Just frustrating when you pay thousands of dollars over yrs for insurance and when you finally need them they do everything they can to find a way out of keeping up their end.
American Integrity Insurance nothing but legal Crooks! Just got my yearly renewal bill from them last year was $1,000 their new bill for 2018 coverage $1,667 that is over a 60% increase in one year. Never had a claim they left me with no choice but to shop around found Florida specialty insurance there quote was $800 and more and better coverage.
I have had American Integrity for many years, never wrote a claim. During Hurricane Irma, my home suffered many damages. Water went through my roof when some shingles were blown off and now I have water leaks in my ceiling. Also my roof is sunken, windows and fence broken. The guy that the insurance sent was so unprofessional and told me "oh that's nothing, your brother in law can fix that" obviously taking advantage of a single mom. He thought I will not do anything after the company only approved 370 dollars to fix one of my windows. American Integrity you don't build reputation by words but by actions. It is sad that customers have to hire a lawyer to make you do what you are supposed to do and that is support your loyal clients. This is the time to show your quality as a company. You will lose many clients if you do not redirect your priorities and that should be to be the best insurance company in Florida. The hurricane season is about to start again and I still have my home mess up.
If i could offer less than one star I would have done that. This company is very good at collecting premiums and VERY POOR at actually paying claims. FOUR MONTHS AFTER THE HURRICANE WE STILL HAVE NO RESOLUTION TO OUR CLAIM. First they deny that you have that type of coverage- even though the policy specifically states that IT IS COVERED , then they ignore you for a month and a half until you finally contact them, only to be told your claim is CLOSED. Then after posting my experience on social media, they PROMISE to have an SVP contact surprise - that has not happened. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE A MEMBER OF THE CLASS ACTION SUIT THAT PUTS THESE THIEVES OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!! Morgan & Morgan here I come!
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