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American General Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: American General
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
My original life insurance policy was created in 1994 with AIG Life Insurance Company. I have paid my Life Insurance since 1994, without EVER missing a payment. Apparently AIG Life Insurance Company merged with another company... when that happened is unclear. About the same time I am guessing as the merger, my electronic payments stopping going through (or so they say)... My policy was terminated in June 2018.After receiving the termination letter, I called American General Life Insurance and they say they need proof from my bank of the 3 electronic payments were processed by my bank. They also told me my last electronic payment they received was Jan 2018... (this is important info to remember). I faxed them copies of my bank statement, showing all 3 electronic payments, made to AIG and processed by my bank and paid.Today I called them because I received a letter from them stating I needed to "apply for re-instatement" of my policy... I sent them 3 payments to the same address as the January 2018 payment... but yet they say they know they received the money but can't find it. The person in the PHILIPPINES that I spoke to was very pleasant but when I asked to speak to his supervisor or manager, he said he was it, that there was no one else I could contact. I just cannot believe that they are trying to blow me off like this. I have been paying on a policy since 1994 that is now worthless. I have filed a complaint with the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance to find out if they can have my policy re-instated and the extra payments refunded to me.
My Father has a policy with AGLA that we have requested a Cash Surrender on. I have been awarded Legal Guardianship/Conservatorship as well as Durable POA for my 96 year old Father due to his dementia. On January 2, 2014, I emailed the local agent and sent the Guardianship/Conservatorship and POA documents to him so that he could legally speak with me about the policy. On January 6 he emailed me the Cash Surrender form. The same day, I completed the form using the information from all the correspondence received from AGLA regarding policy numbers and emailed it back to him for his review and signature. He indicated he would review them, sign them, and send them to the Corporate Office for processing and that "home office usually processes CSVs in two to three weeks".On January 25, I received the Cash Surrender form in the mail saying the policy number was incorrect. I contacted the local agent again on January 27th and asked him why this was not caught when he reviewed the form I sent him since he signed it. He had no answer. I emailed him the corrected Cash Surrender form AGAIN with the policy number and Company Code they gave me and asked him to fast-track this for me. He emailed me on February 3 and said "sorry for mistake".On February 14 I received mail from AGLA indicating the policy number was incorrect and to submit a new Cash Surrender form with the correct information... which I had already done. I called the agent and told him what I received and he replied that "Oh, the Corporate Office said that you don't have the legal authority to cash the policy"... I informed him that I had sent him my legal authority and that Section 13 of the POA specifically gives me authority to "surrender" insurance policies. He said he would call me back... I have sent him an email and left a message... Today is February 20th and I haven't heard anything... The next person they will speak with is my attorney.
American General hired Alliance One Supervisor Joss. Alliance One is totally incompetent unable to give most basic whole life policy information. American General Life Ins, should get rid of AllianceOne. AllianceOne are completely incompetent, and have no basic information, they keep on sending me to American General, and AM General tells me they do not have my policy to answer any questions.
I am a mother of 6 children. I called to file a claim May 17, 2016 for the father of my children. I was told that I am no longer covered with that policy. I must say I had 5 other policies other than that one. The problem was that policy they refuse to pay is $300,000.00. The other's was for $75k, 50k, 50k, 25k, They stated my policy wasn't covered since 10/14/2014. I furnished them with receipts showing proof. For the pass 2 years they was receiving my money. May 13, 2016 Jeffrey was robbed & life was taken at his place of business case unsolved. They refuse to speak with you but immediately states you no longer have coverage. Somehow they're asking me for $1,500.00 for my other policies to get back into good standards OMG!!! This is scary for a company be so confident to screw over and still be in business. This leads to many questions who is running this company and how for so long with the BALLS TO SCREW OVER SO MANY PEOPLE WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF COMPASSION??! I contact the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner. It's obvious in bed with them. The local office was located on N. Causeway Blvd. has been closed down right after being relocated & renovated. After spending thousands of dollars they suddenly was shut down. My agent who was relieve asked me to come with the company he soon to be working for. This office was unaware of this sudden release of job duties. I called my agent. He was not speaking. Then one day just told me I still had coverage information I already knew. They have this consumer division Ms. Sunny ** who never return your calls bogus just to buy time like they looking into it. Within 14 days you will receive a letter stating the same as before your policy has lapse. I'm still currently going through American General refusing to pay off my claim. This is a horrible mental beakdown for any persons after losing a love one to endure this kind of treatment. All our stories are the same, when will something be done? Why as American citizens we have to go through such matters when the Government is focus on all the wrong things. The crimes are committed right here in the United States every second someone die and these insurance companies are getting away with nonpayment of claims. Here is what the attentions is needed to be focus on resolutions to families such as the ones who crying for help from this. I'm out of words when will this stop. We need help right here.
As a Life Agent I see many clients who have these types of policies and none of them really understand what universal life is and what happens to their coverage later. Nice couple, 49/45 yrs, got "flexible premium adjustable" 5 years ago and thought it was whole life insurance. Instead, at age 77 the premiums will increase to an unknown amount and unless paid, the policy will lapse. Shame on the agents who sell this. Shame on the companies for letting them sell it without the proper details being explained to the people who will likely not be covered when they'll need it the most.
Staff is very rude, does not listen to customer before attempting to give an answer, which is incorrect most of the time. Sending forms to be filled out, and are the wrong forms. Does not understand questions being asked, this includes the supervisor too. When I'm telling them that I have accident and critical care insurance, the staff wants to debate about what type of insurance I have; each time I call, I have my policy in front of me, because I know that I'm going to have to read my policy to the staff person. They really need to be educated on how to pull up the customer information before blurting out incorrect information. And once you get it through their head, then they want to put you on hold to see what type of policy you have. Someone in upper management really needs to review the recordings to see just how incompetent the staff really is, this is why the company is getting the poor reviews. And this is how you loss customers. This review is for American General Life Insurance.
I have had the same policy for 10 years and have a auto withdrawal from my bank account. Suddenly the amount withdrawn was over 6 times higher. I called and waited over 15 minutes to talk to a rep. They said they sent me a letter telling me of the upcoming change and when they did not get a response, they went ahead with a renewal at the much higher amount. I never received a notice and they have my phone number and could have called.The person I talked to was very short and after a lengthy discussion which resulted in they would stop further payments and the policy would be closed, but as far as the amount they stole from me, I would have to write a letter and request a refund, and they would consider it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for 29 minutes and then disconnected. I called back and waited almost 20 minutes for a rep and got no further. They can call when they want to sell you more policies, but not when they change their billing amount. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO AUTO PAY.
After 20 years, I had a medical re-evaluation for the purpose of re-establishing my life insurance. I contacted my agent, K. **, as to what to expect. She was very vague. I was left in the dark as to my status with present policy. After much persistence and complaining, I am suddenly notified by my agent. My present coverage is no longer available but I could apply for another one. They apparently cancelled me because of my age and my BP on the day of re-evaluation. As I had been under a great deal of stress with my 5-year-old granddaughter in the hospital, I asked them to repeat it. They refused and said I had to reapply for a larger premium. Meantime, they had taken my premium out of my bank for the present coverage but stated by letter that no insurance was in effect (make sense?). They continued to send letters as if I had a policy, which in fact I did not. My agent never responded. There was no identification of one application versus the other and still no response after many months. After I phoned the company several times and sent various statement copies to them, my agent finally called. I received a premium due for the present policy several months after my re-evaluation and cancellation. I sent them the check as they asked but it was made with false pretenses. This check was for over $100. They finally returned the check and denied me. Several weeks later, I was offered (to appease me for the moment?) cheaper coverage. I returned the call several times to find out more information. No response. They lied all the way and none of it made much sense.
Approximately 32 years ago I purchased two universal life policies. One on my husband the other on my son. I was led to believe these policies were taking the place of whole life. Also, I was led to believe they were retirement plans. I was not told the fact that even though my monthly premium billed would remain the same the real premium would increase. After discovering my husband's policy would end much sooner than told I tried paying extra each month. This extra money was so mishandled I was told my accounts were behind. I had to contact the Insurance Commissioner’s Office in the state of Alabama before they would correct the error and even then they only applied the money to premiums not to the cash value. The beginning of this year I noticed their statements indicated I was paying a month behind. I called the company and was spoken to very rudely. They would not offer any help. I finally asked for a payment history. When the payment history arrived it showed my payments up to date. I called the company again and they refused to change even looking at their own records. I had to go to my bank and get records which they still would not accept. I again contacted the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. They finally admitted my payments were up to date but during this time in looking over their paperwork I discovered when my son who was 14 when I took out the policy turned 18 they made him a smoker and charged higher rates. I questioned this and they replied that unless forms are filled out when a child turns 18 they are considered a smoker. They lied and said forms were sent. I never received any forms. My son turns 47 this year so not only have I paid higher premiums but it has cost me interest through the years. They refuse to do anything other than change the policy to non smoker now if I filled out forms. If anyone has taken out insurance on a child please check your premium because they will take advantage of you without you know. This company has caused me nothing but heartache. We discovered 13 years ago my husband has congestive heart failure, he has a mechanical valve and a CRT for his heart. Also 6 years ago he had a stroke so now after paying for over 30 years on his policy I will end up with no insurance if he dies before me. I would never tell anyone to buy insurance from this company. Please be warned! Look at your policies and know what you are paying for.
Three years ago, I lost my wife of 30 years. She had two smaller whole life policies with this firm. Either she failed to update her beneficiaries or the local office did not process the change. So the policy had her dad (since deceased) and an old boyfriend listed. When I filed a claim, I learned about this. I filed a claim when she died and was told that I was not beneficiary. Okay. So I told them her dad had died and they sent a letter acknowledging his death in 2010. I then had a quick conversation with my lawyer who suggested contacting her ex-boyfriend and asking if he would be willing to disclaim interest in the policy. I contacted him and he took the time to send a certified letter disclaiming interested in the policy (He is a good guy). I then went to the court and got assigned as executor to file a claim on behalf of the estate. I sent that paperwork in August 2013. Today, 3/27/2014, I got a reminder from the county on some overdue paperwork so I call this company to see what was going on (I received no response at all from my August 2013 submission). First "Leonard" tells me they have no data on the claim but after I outline everything that I sent to date he finally tells me he can see each piece. I then ask what the status of the claim is and he says I need to provide a death certificate for my father-in-law. I first would have expected some response to my claim if they needed additional info and second I told him that they had already acknowledged that my father-in-law had passed away (in 1996). He tells me that it company that I need to get a death certificate so I'm not even really complaining about that (but I would never do business with this company given they don't seem to be likely to ever pay this claim). It's what happened next that was as unprofessional and customer unfriendly as anything I've ever experienced. I asked to speak with a supervisor since I felt I was getting the run around. "Leonard" tells me that I need a good reason to speak with a supervisor and after debating with me for 10 minutes finally tells me he will get me a supervisor only to place me on hold forever. I'm posting this review before I contact the insurance commission to see if I can get some help. Again I can stress enough that you really don't want to do business with this firm.
My mother passed away on June 28, 2014. That was bad enough, but what is happening with her insurance is criminal. I called American General Life on June 30, 2014 to file a claim on my mother's policy. They are using every excuse not to pay out on her policy, and rudely I might add. They are saying a verbal answer to a phone question, that I don't remember making, overrides a signed document I sent to them. It's just a ploy to hold up paying on this policy for a while longer. I too would be interested in filing suit against this company because they are misrepresenting that they actually care about their policy holders, and that is a big fat lie. Kick grieving families that have huge funeral bills while they are down. Please do not use this company. You will be sorry, or those left behind to deal with them will be sorry.
No problems have arose with my insurance. It is just life insurance to a small policy. It was bought over 30 years ago. My spouse has since passed away since I purchase this policy. I have no negative comments to make about this company. Transfer of beneficiary was easy at the time.
I have been unable to contact this company for some time now. All local offices are closed down and the 800 number that is given on the website is impossible to connect to a human being. I was on hold for 6 minutes and the line goes dead? Has anyone had any luck reaching this company? Even though the company is unreachable they still continue to draft my funds monthly...
I would give them a zero too if I could. Thinking American General? RUN AWAY!!! Disgusting customer service. Waited on hold for almost an hour to find out they no longer have local agents. They're sending the payment notices by mail from the corporate offices... to a 20 year old address! Then they tell me they have to have the insured call to have the address changed (and let them wait an hour?). We have two policies one for my wife and one for our stepson. My stepson hasn't had anything to do with this policy. My wife took it out to cover him and we've been paying on it for 26+ years. Can't sign up and use the AIG Eservice because their information is outdated/doesn't match. Sends me back to the 1-800 number to go back on hold... Arrgh!No notices sent out about going online only. No verification of information before they do this. Somewhere in Nashville there's brilliant corporate executives who should lose their jobs for this poor service. Yet they're sitting happy in their offices. And it's not just me. Check out the other CA & Yelp reviews.
My husband has had American General life insurance all his life. He has three policies with them and I have one. We always had excellent service UNTlL our local agent retired and our account were sent to the closest district office near Pittsburgh..We always pay out bill with the blue payment stub that was sent to us every month. When the district office took over our policies that is when everything went down hill. We only received a bill for ONE policy. When I called she explained that the system was showing that one was paid up and the other was paid OUT. How can that happen if my husband is still living? She said she would have the manager look into it and call us back.. Also when I had to call them about not receiving a bill she said we had to call the main office because they are the ones who send out the bills now.. SO I called the main office. Nice guy. He said "no problem we will put you in the system as a monthly premium payer and send out the bills right now." As far as the paid out policy he said, "we can look into that for you but our system is telling me that it was NOT paid out and still in effect." I thought everything was fixed.. but nope. I had to call every month and still not receiving bills. UNTIL they sent me a cancellation notice. I paid that and one day after I paid it, they send me another letter telling me it was cancelled. Its funny the cancellation notice unless paid and the actual cancelled letter were sent out on the same day. Wish me luck because I am cashing in my policies. They will have 10 days to honor my request or I am going to contact out state insurance investigator. Oh on a side note.. did you know if you file a claim in your state to the state insurance investigator all collection of premiums due to the company cannot be collected by them? So in other words they are losing money until it gets straightened out..
I've been on hold for over an hour. I want to cancel my coverage with American General. How can I trust a company who doesn't have good customer service? I'm not sorry, I'm disappointed. I need to cancel and they don't pick up. Ask yourself why is that...
I could make this long and drawn out, however I will not. This company is unethical and very fraudulent, the customer service is terrible and the insurance analysis are liars with high deceitfulness. They give people hell to receive death claims and maneuver with great skill no to pay. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANIES.
I was told they had a class action law suit against them 20 years ago but for some reason I was not included. It was for policies called Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Ins. policy. I was just told it expired at the end of the years 2013, but I was never notified about it and now I am losing my insurance. Does anyone know who the lawyers were that handled the class action suit? Or maybe interested to file another one with me. Please, I am desperate for help.
I work for a funeral home in which part of my job is contacting life insurance companies to report a death to start a claim. This is done so that an assignment can be processed. I have a problem every time I try to contact American General. On 5/17/2016, I was on hold for 52 minutes and never got through. Today 5/18/2016, I have called three times and the phone drops my call after 8 minutes. It does not give me an option for the claims department. I have called 800-888-2452 & 800-521-2773 & 800-321-3655 and can't get through to any of the phone numbers listed as contacts. Was trying to find a email to send a message, but not available. Has American General gone out of business?
I'm mailing my payments every month but they saying they haven't received my payments. I don't want to lose my insurance of 7 years in Tennessee.
I have tried for weeks to cancel my policy ago no avail - all the numbers reach a dead end and get disconnected.
I called with policy number to get some information and was told the account was closed and they could not help me. I asked to speak with someone who could and he sarcastically asked me who I would like to speak to. Frustrated and getting nowhere I said "thank you" and hung up. I still do not have the answers to my question. The English was fine but the accent made it hard to communicate. I really don't think that was the problem but maybe my questions were not worded with the correct terminology to get the answers I was trying to obtain.
I have had lots of trouble with AIG reimbursing home health expenses. I was out of pocket $5,000 and they kept asking for POA, dates of nursing home admission, etc. all of which they already had. There are too many people that don’t know what they are doing and tell you it will be resolved within a week, which never happens. I finally resorted to threatening legal action and that seemed to work as I got partial payment within a week. My advice to anyone is not to buy LTC insurance... Set up your own private savings account and let it accumulate for this purpose. I have $1 million tied up with them and I know I’ll never get it back. It is a rip off.
I had a life insurance policy with this company since 2004. I changed jobs and did not need it anymore and was told to complete a form and I would receive 2100.00 dollars as a cashout. That was 2 months ago. I have since left over 50 messages. Have spoken to multiple rude people who gave different excuses. The latest excuse "We sent it to the wrong address" but I will have to wait until they locate and cancel the check. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
I just got a letter today from AIG trying to sue me for my brothers policy that I've took owner ship of. However, they claim he was lying about being arrested on the policy, and I took owner while he is in detention center. I mean really he set up that policy and got approve. 6 months later he got arrested and he can request change of ownership through mails. My agent was helping me through out the whole process and now she is no longer with the company. I need help fighting this case, and by the way my brother is now living down the street from me and searching for job. I didn't mention that I surrender my policy from them and bought a new one from WRL. I wonder if they were upset at me for cancel the policy. I want to know why they just figure this out 1 year later.
I am extremely happy with all aspects of my policy and the company. When I need questions answered my agent usually gets back to me with an answer in 25 hours or less. When I needed to change my policy it was very simple and my agent helped me all the way thru the process. I do and will continue to tell people about my policy and recommended the company numerous times.
In mid-February 2018, I submitted an insurance claim to the AIG Processing Department. I’ve made five phone calls since, to learn when I would get the check. Today, April 6, 2018, I am very frustrated with AIG’s lack of professionalism, and poor customer, handling my claim. I continue to hear, “I’m so sorry Mr ** for this situation.” I don’t want apologies. I want professional customer service. Folks, who use AIG, be prepared for a period of frustration, until, hopefully, AIG handles your issues.
We have been trying to get a Power-of-Attorney form in place for OVER SIX (6) MONTHS! The customer service department is refusing to comply. They refuse to give us a phone number or mailing address to their legal department to submit a formal complaint to. They want us to keep submitting to the customer service department that clearly has no clue what they are doing. Each time we contact them, they want something different. Client has Alzheimer's so every time we have to go back and request something new, it causes distress and anxiety. They wanted an INTERNAL affidavit of POA to go along with his Ohio POA. So we submitted it. (He was a resident of Ohio, then moved to assisted living in Florida near his children.) Once the affidavit was submitted, they decided they wanted a NEW, POA form with Florida witnesses. So once again, we go through the stress of getting a new POA. Well guess what, now they are saying they want yet ANOTHER affidavit AND claiming the POA is still signed in Ohio when the signature page CLEARLY shows Florida notary and witnesses. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with in my 20+ years. Constantly on hold, constantly being transferred, and every single person we have talked to has told us something completely different. All of this to get an address change in place because they are mailing RMD checks to the wrong address... and wrong STATE! Talk about identity theft exposure here? Every time I have to call this company my blood pressure rises to stroke level.
They put me on hold for 45 min. on the 800-888-2452, and when they did answer could barely understand the person I was talking to. Tried contacting the offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ft. Oglethorpe, and Ringgold, Georgia. Both numbers were disconnected, and each office had the same phone number 423-499-1583. I am ready to start a civil class action law suit to expose the conduct of this company before they take advantage of anyone else. They hold on to the money they owe me and make me go through a lot of double talk so they can draw the interest on it. I want to cash in my policy and be done with that corrupt company that it has turned into since it became American General Life instead of National Life, an accident insurance com.
My parked Honda Odyssey was hit by man who has AG Auto Insurance... I was prompt to call and make a claim. It has been 4 weeks now and no progress. I am still without a car and with no response from Statewide Claims Services other than that they agree that they are financially responsible and that my car is totaled. Vanessa ** at Statewide is very rude and lacks any amount of professionalism. After seeing the complaints posted about this company, I cannot for the life of me understand how they are still in business?????
I have had a Universal-Fixed policy with American General since 1990 for Face Amount $100,000. On October 11, 2016 I received a letter indicating that my policy was now changed to a Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Policy for $50,000. I immediately went to the website to see if the Policy had changed. It had not, so I called the Customer Service Center. After a long wait I was finally able to speak with a person based in Manila. He had the same information contained in the letter. My account is up to date. However he could not explain why the policy had changed. I don't know the status of this company, but based on the other reviews they must have some financial difficulty. Please help!
I called AIG on 7/11/2018 to inquire about a payment that I had scheduled on 6/30/2018 for 7/3 for my policy, needless to say the customer service rep proceeded to tell me there was no scheduled payment. I told her a printed a receipt for it and she totally ignored the fact. She sounded tired, totally detached, uncaring, rude, aggravated, and quite unpleasant to deal with. I ended making a phone payment with this person who should not be working at this position as she did not seem someone you would even like to have a conversation with!! This is not a company I would refer ANYONE TO.
My mother was mentally ill and I purchased an insurance from American General. It was sold to her as if she was opening a life insurance policy. However, she was sold an accidental insurance. My mother was not given an explanation of what's the difference or what type of insurance she was getting. My mother let all her other insurance close because she assumed she had the proper life insurance. When I spoke with the consumer affairs department she hurried and refunded the little money my mother put in the policy to another person's account. She did this once I told her I was going to get a lawyer.
If I could give this company a negative number review I would because a 1 is too generous. The reason for this review is for others to be aware. In May 2016 I called to cancel an Accident Insurance policy with American General Life Insurance (NEVER should have been started, but that is another story). Their representative advised they could not cancel without policy number.I advised "I never received a policy, but I can give you my name, the credit card number you are charging, date of birth or my social security number." The representative advised only way to cancel was with policy number. I advised the representative that I would call and dispute with the credit card company, which I did that day. In early August the issue was resolved with credit card company and they credited May, June & July 2016 premiums. Now that is customer service!On August 22 I received a letter dated August 15th from American General Life Insurance stating this is a "Notice of Payment Due" with my policy number, which previously they could not find by my name, date of birth, social security number or credit card number. I called the phone number listed on the notice, states number has been changed, called new number, Sat on hold for 22 minutes. American General Life Insurance representative stated policy is cancelled, but system automatically sends these notices out in case you want to continue coverage.I stated "that is not what the letter says", and "I don't want to receive them." Representative stated she would send request to stop, but cannot guarantee because as she stated before they are system generated. I advised software does what people direct it to do. I advised if they don't stop I will contact Attorney General next. If anything I have learned a valuable lesson here. I will NEVER again sign up for ANYTHING over phone. The new scam is to get your credit card number first and explain the details later. PLEASE BEWARE! Thank you Consumer Affairs for being an advocate for the consumer!!
Please, if you are thinking of going with this insurance company, DO NOT do it. They want to take your money but if you are in need or emergency they will do all in their power to delay the process to not pay out!!! This is by far the worst insurance company and by far worst customer service. Nightmare!!
My mother paid life insurance to this company for over 50 years. So imagine my surprise when 5 months after my mother passed, I am still waiting for payment of only $7000 in benefits. Going round and round, lost documents, claiming they need assignment forms, claiming they need something from the funeral home even though their letter clearly states: "If an assignment or response is not received in 21 days, we will consider this a release of assignment." I spent $20 to fax documents previously mailed. Customer service is overseas and some barely speak or seem to understand English. Have called them numerous times for status and always a long hold time, and a major runaround. This has been beyond frustrating after the loss of a loved one!
I have been trying to get a claim on my deceased brother paid since September 2014. The problem is that I don't think the company has trained its claims department how to think outside the box. Every reply to me has been "Let me review this claim," and it will take 10 to 14 business days to handle a simple request. My sister and me are claimants on my brother policy. I know I have made at least 25+ calls and have been told conflicting information. Finally my sister received her paid benefit on 12-5-15 and received it 4 days later. My benefit was mailed at the same time, same address and never received. I cannot begin to tell you the delays, conflicting information and unprofessional acts I have had to endure to get a stop pay and reissue. Finally a representative called me 12-23-14 and said a stop pay and reissue will be made and for me to be sure not to cash the first set of checks should I receive them. When I called back a week later to check the stop pay status I was told it had to be reviewed and will take 7 to 15 business days. What about the call I received last week telling the process was complete? When asked to speak with a supervisor after about a wait of 20 minutes I was told a management person was not available but the request would be escalated, that I was not the only person who had a claim as they were handling other customers. Well if the other customers are receiving the same kind of service then I guess they too are dealing with a company where it appears the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I have been in customer all my working years, if I or any of my employees failed to look and see what other actions can be taken and not consistently quote wait 3 days for a call back or 7 to 15 business days for a review. I will call once again to see if this has finally been resolved, if not I will share to the public at large not to engage in business with this company or expect poor service on a death claim. It's bad enough to lose a loved one but to make a claim and have to go through what I have experienced adds more grief to the claim process. All I ask is to do what makes sense in aiding the beneficiaries.
My policy is up to date with each statement they have me behind by 2mos. They even sent me checks, apparently thinking I would cash them. After waiting on the phone for quite a while talking to them to no avail, I sent them back, with my next bill. They continue to send me statements that shows me 2mos. behind. What are they up to? It seems suspicious. I have to get in touch with someone. This is totally unacceptable.
My father passed away last July. Since August my mother has been trying to simply effectuate a spousal continuation of this claim. They have lost the paperwork - including the $15 certified copies of the death certificates now 3 times. They are the most rude and inefficient group of people we have ever worked with. I work in an attorney's office and they won't release any information to him as the attorney for the estate or me as the daughter. Every time my mother calls they tell her she has to fill out the same paperwork and have blamed it on the mail each time. This time it was cert certified and they still have not processed the transfer. Do not EVER spend a cent with this company - they do not care that it's against the law for them to keep the money and not give it to the beneficiaries.
On September 6, 2013, I became aware that a new company to my knowledge, listed as American General, had withdrawn from my personal checking the amount of $30.78 listed as 'premium'. I drove to my bank and told the manager that I had recently requested health insurance info from Humana One 3 days prior. The Humana processor asked for my checking account number and told me I would undergo a physical as part of the process for underwriting. All expected information as I am a retired nurse and aware of the physicals, etc. What I was not aware of, however, was that my personal banking info would be passed on immediately to American General and that they would debit ASAP in view of my NOT possessing a bona fide policy with Humana One nor with AGL until due process of underwriting had been accomplished. It's a lot of trouble to cancel one's checking account, go through paperwork to receive a new account in order to keep a company from amoral debiting, etc. I now have 3 temporary checks to last me until my new checks can arrive via mail. I emailed both companies, stated asap I did not wish to do business with either, phoned, did the usual. Just yesterday, Sept. 13, 2013, I received a letter via US post from AGL and here is the exact verbiage: "As requested, we have discontinued the Electronic Fund Transfer method of payment on the above referenced contract." (What contract?!) "Hence, future premiums in the amount of $85.85 will be billed directly on a quarterly basis".Truthfully, I'm not that shocked anymore that big corporations conduct themselves in this abhorrent manner. I will send a certified letter to AGL for my own situation, but honestly expect them to ignore it and keep billing me. Regardless, I am out money and now have to pay for a new packet of personal checks to change my bank account. How some behavior of companies is tolerated by our current laws is beyond me. Just curious... how do they get away with this as I assumed we had protective laws? They assigned me with a contract number and I had never even gone through the underwriting process to see if I was, indeed, an insurable person to them.
She answered all my questions and helped me understand the benefits to my policy. I feel much better knowing where my money is going and how their policy is helping me. I would highly recommend this company. Rian deserves a customer assistance award for her hard work and knowledge and ability to explain the policies to her callers.
I contacted American General to get information on a policy I had taken out with a former employee. I was on hold for over 10 minutes, then had great difficulty understanding the representative. I asked her location, (where I was calling); she was located in the Philippines. She transferred me to a different rep (who was also at the Philippine office but she assured me the company was based in the United States). I was told to go online to "enroll the policy" so I could get a print out of policy information. The websites mostly promote purchase of policies - it's very difficult to find information on actual policies. I did find a spot to register so I could log in - unfortunately, it said it was for agents only. Hmm, no agent; I don't work at the place so I would have to track down a rep at the former employers. This would not need to be this difficult! If all of the websites that want to take my money can make it easy, why can't websites that may potentially have to give me some money be a little more user friendly? I suppose we all know the answer to that question. Every extra hassle saves them money to line their own pocket. I wonder when they are going to change their name to Philippine General instead of American General?
I have had a life insurance policy with American General Life Insurance Company for a long time, paying my premium yearly. This year being out of Country for 6 weeks, my premium notice came and was overlooked by my daughter paying my bills in my absence. When I returned I found the notice and paid immediately. American General sent me forms saying I was dropped due to nonpayment and to reinstate fill out forms and return. I did as asked and now have received notice of my being dropped and no longer have a policy with American General. Thanks for the good years you paid but bend over and let us treat you the way we feel toward all of you as a customers. No understanding and/or quality which I will say does not exist at American General. Mind set is one more policy we do not have to honor. Take notice American General, beside holding on the telephone for over a hour numerous times with no response, I will suggest to all I know to not do business with you, your parent company and associates until I pass with no Life Insurance Policy thanks to you.
My uncle, Walter ** had life insurance through American General Insurance Company in Tampa, FL. He died 1 month and 3 days prior to the 2 year stipulation period, which we were not aware of. During one of the most stressful and grieving time, I had the worst experience with American General. Upon his death, a funeral home was contacted to retrieve his body for services. I contacted the insurance company and thought everything was O.K. Upon the funeral home contacting American General, they found out the policy was being challenged because of the 1 month and 3 days before the 2 year mark. I was horrified. Walter was already at the funeral home and I had to come up with almost $6,000 for arrangement. American General wouldn't even give us the premiums that had already been paid which would have been almost $2,000 and that would have greatly helped.Walter ** was 64 when he took out the policy with American General so it wasn't like he was a young man. He died of a heart attack at 66. The death certificate states of natural causes. Walter died on August 10, 2015 and the policy was taken out on September 13, 2013. Again, 1 month and 3 days prior to the 2 year mark. I submitted paperwork on September 7, 2015. At this point, I have received notification that they have my claim but have not been given a time on when I will receive any money or if I will receive it. I am Janice **, the beneficiary. I am a month behind on my mortgage because the $6,000 had to come from me. I am so frustrated and confused. This has been the most horrific experience for me.American General has been nothing but a headache and are not giving me any information. I am completely feeling as though no one cares and no one is trying to help me. I normally don't write in on situations, but I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else. What we thought would be ease at a time of sorrow has only made more sorrow. American General stinks. Today is October 7, 2015 and I still have not received any compensation from American General.
I have minimal contact with my insurance provider. They send me annual statements, but I do not hear from them any other time. Right now I don't even know who my representative is. It would be nice for someone to check in every once in a while to do a review.
Over 10 years ago my agent Kathleen ** spoke with my wife and myself requiring my policy. At that time it was valued at 1/2 million dollars. She gave us options to review and she was to come back. I never heard from her again. I've called her office, I sent Fax and wrote letters to her and their company. The first letter I received from AIG stated there was no policy. After I sent the policy number I received a letter stating they are trying to resolve the problem and they would sent me a letter in 10 days. That was in October. 10 years is a long time to wait for a cash surrender. I also requested to speak with my agent and was informed that the Greensburg office was close and they has no idea where she was transferred to.
A few months ago, I received a letter in the mail addressed to my husband who passed away in December of 2011. It stated that his policy had matured and asked how he would like the money. I was surprised to see this, as I had no knowledge of this policy. I called, and they told me that there was a policy, and they issued a claim number. I filed the necessary paperwork, and in March, 2015, I received a check for $4032. I was very happy and I used the money for some much needed car repairs. Then in April, I received a letter that said that $3629 had been sent to me in error and I needed to return the money. I was very confused as that was not the amount I had been sent. I finally was able to contact Customer Service and all they could do was repeat what the letter had sent. When I finally got through to them what my concern was, the representative said he would follow up on this and get back to me. When he finally called back some days later, I was at work. My daughter gave him my cell number so he could talk to me directly. Unfortunately, he hung up before I could answer the phone. He made no attempt to call again, either at home or on my cell. I again tried to contact Customer Service and got the same response as before. I again asked someone to contact me regarding this matter. Finally 4 days later, someone called me and told me that there was an error in the system and the amount of the check should have been $403 instead of $4032. I told the person that I did not have the money any more and would have to make payments somehow. She said that she would make a note in my file. Now I have a letter stating the same thing but no mention of being able to make payments--they just want all the money back and they sent an envelope for my "convenience." This is pretty shoddy customer service. They made the mistake and now I get to pay for it.
I had this insurance which was purchased by my mother in 1990. I never had any problems until my prior agent retired. After that, everything went downhill. My new agent was racist and lazy, and it took me three months to get in touch with him after our initial meeting. After that, he came out and it was discovered he messed all of my policies up. He has my daughter listed as a smoker, when she is not, and he never gave her the swab test. So for one whole year, I have been paying for a smoker who is not a smoker. In addition, when I called the manager at the Troy office, he was the rudest person ever. He insisted I be quiet and was upset that I had called the office, agent, and customer care center multiple times. He also said he would hang up on me and would not give me his name. All I want now is my information transferred to another office because before I deal with this behavior, I will cancel the policies.
My daddy died 2 weeks ago. AGL told my mother that they had to do a manual search for his policy because it wasn't in their computer system. She had to file a formal request for them to search for it and send them copies of her bank statements showing where they were taking out the payments. She did just that, sending them 3 years worth of bank statements. Now they are telling her they can't find the policy and are refusing to pay for my daddy's cremation leaving my poor momma to pay for it on her limited income. I told her to get a lawyer and sue them. She is now trying to get her payments back so she can pay for his cremation. Do not do business with these people.
I been with American General over 20 years, payment was 38.00 then 69.90 and I got letter it will be going up to 116.45. I am 68 yr old on fix income and now they're making it that I have to choose between food, meds, roof over my head or insurance to be buried. What do seniors do? All the money that I have paid them, it just not right. I don't know what to do.
I have had insurance with this company since the 1970s. They have ALWAYS been a decent company to deal with until a few years ago. I would say even in 2000, they were still a good company, but lately, they don't give a darn about their clients.Their local office secretary never gives the messages to the representative (unless he's lying). They drag their feet with claims or changing the policies, etc. I have been waiting 14 days for a change in policy in which my agent said would take 7 to 10 days. In these 14 days, I finally get what I thought was a check... it turns out it's a letter dated JUNE 7 telling me they have received my request. I called the main office and got the runaround after they realized I wasn't calling to collect a death benefit and they tell me I have to deal with the local office. I will NEVER deal with this company again and I suggest if anyone else has policies with them that they change companies quickly. I have called the local office and am waiting for a phone call. If the secretary does NOT give him the message and/or he doesn't call me back immediately, I will call and call until I get satisfaction. I am also getting in touch with my state's insurance general guy who takes complaints.DO NOT DEAL with this company. SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE.
Today I received a payment notice from American General Ins. for a loan that I never took out. Have never had a policy with them. Ironically the document is titled Notice of Premium Due and Offer. The document also asks for a premium for life insurance I do not have. Have not called yet but after reading online information chances are no one will answer. How is this company still in business?
My husband and I have had life insurance policies with General Life Insurance from AIG for some 20 years. Occasionally, we have been late with a payment because we have both been out of town working. We ALWAYS paid the bill immediately upon our return and there were never any problems with that. The same happened in October of 2016 and, again, we paid the bill when we returned. Only this time, the payment was never booked (or something) and from that point on there has been nothing but trouble. We continued to pay the usual amount (which they were happy to take) but kept telling us the account was in arrears. Even when our bank called and confirmed to them that the payment was made, they didn't let up.After months of telephoning and talking to a different agent every time, SOMEONE finally told me that they were holding $658 that we had paid into the account (duh) and as soon as I filled out a REINSTATEMENT HEALTH REPORT (!!!) I would be reinstated. I found this very strange. They can't get their bookkeeping straight and I have to fill out a health document? But, to get this out of my hair, I filled it out. I receive a letter last week telling me that I would be reinstated once I have remitted $822.50 by May 29th. WHAT??? No explanation of how they arrived at that figure, just pay it. I wish I knew how to get through to the CEO. I'd read him the riot act! Any ideas from any of the posters here? If you are reading this and contemplating a policy with AIG, DON'T DO IT! They just want to bleed you.
In the mid year of 2015 I starting a new health insurance which the costs were being drafted from my bank account on a monthly basis. This included health, dental, and vision. After reviewing my bank statement many months after I noticed American Insurance was also drafting $97.00 out also. I initially thought it was part of the health insurance that was purchased. I had concerns so I called and checked on it through my health insurance plus American Life. I found out that I was purchasing Accident Insurance. I never received a policy for this nor did I speak to an agent concerning this policy nor sign for it. I called and spoke to an agent which I waited over an hour or more to speak to a live agent. She said she would cancel the policy.The next month again $97.00 was drafted out of my account. I called again and waited forever to speak to someone and was told before I could get a refund I would have to write a letter first. Then I wrote another letter asking for a full refund because I hadn't ever asked for this policy and knew this by speaking to the health insurance agent that I had coverage with at the time, plus speaking to American Life. I found out through questioning that an agent by the name of Daniel ** signed to have the policy generated. I have not ever spoke to this agent before in my life.Even after the policy was generated there was never a policy sent to my residence nor did I sign an agreement to this policy. I never heard from American concerning the full refund. On August 2, 2016 I spoke with several agents concerning this. The last agent was Nersee which said that the letter asking for full refund was in file but for some reason was ignored. She said that she would give this for it to be reviewed for refund plus have someone talk to Daniel ** as the reasons he took in this matter. And that I should hear something within 48 hours from them or I should call back requesting status. It appears this is fraud and a crime in my book. Taking money out of a bank account for a policy that a person didn't request. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear something from one soon concerning this matter.
Even after cancelling my policy with AIG, they collected the amount and it's been more than 4 months asking for a refund. No response! This is the only company that has no customer care email. The only way to contact them is over the phone with a long wait time at least an hour! (AIG why don't you hire people, rather than saying "We apologise the delay"!) Personally, I believe this company is cheating with their customer. As per their customer service.
I mailed the death claim for my father on 10/05/2015 and as of 11/12/2015 it is still pending... The policy is over five years old with no contestability. I also filed claims with two other companies at the same time and both companies paid the death benefit three weeks ago.
I first bought Life Insurance in 1986 at the age of 29. In 1990's I was convinced to buy also for my children which I did. So for 30 years I have had 3 policies with American General. I learned from a friend who is a Financial Planner that my policy was not sustainable at the current premium, so we began the process of trying to determine at what premium it WOULD be sustainable and good at the time of my death. It has been 2 YEARS I have been trying to get this question answered and to no avail. Even with the help of my friend - an Insurance Broker - we can't get answers to very simple questions. On the phone (after no less than 1 hour on hold each time I call) I have talked to at least 6 different people, all in the Philippines except one who was in Houston and actually disconnected our call and never called back.I feel just sick as I read all the stories here about people trying to get claims processed, get clarity on coverage... just pathetic that they can take our money all these years and not be held accountable for the despicable way they treat their loyal customers. I'm so sorry to everyone who has endeavored to protect their families, buying insurance in good faith, only to be left emotionally depleted with no recourse - no sign of help or resolution - because of the greed of this organization. If I were an attorney I'd gather us all the broken people here and file a class action lawsuit!! Surely there are plenty grounds for retribution. Shame on you American General - for taking advantage of the aging population. For taking any opportunity to cancel policies. You got all your money upfront, and now when those who've paid their premiums for years can't even SPEAK to a representative or someone of authority to try and help sort out the issues! Despicable! Unprofessional is too nice a term for a company who treats their decades loyal customers. Shame on you! I still haven't resolved my issues. Will get back on the phone when I can manage my patience and gain some tolerance for the poor people you've hired to answer your calls as you're just cowards and won't take the calls yourself. Good luck to all those looking to resolve problems with American General. PLEASE - all this thinking of actually spending money with American General or any of their affiliate companies... DON'T DO IT! Thank you for the opportunity to be heard ConsumerAffairs.
The insurance was fine as long as you handled business as directed. As long as you did things perfect. If you made an error things did not go smoothly at all. The process was very difficult to handle. Things have to go smoothly in order for you to really like this insurance. Now there are others that have this insurance that say it is terrible because they have got into accidents and the process didn't go smoothly. They had to pay a lot of extra funds. And the insurance American General did not want to help people. They only help with small portions of recovery.
In trying to rollover an annuity, the company changed what was required three times. The receiving company had no idea what American General wanted. When asked if they would make a phone call to clarify what was needed, they refused.
I have a POA for my brother who had four policies from AGL, and started the first policy in 1951 ($250.00, I decided to cash in the policies for his burial fund in a savings account). I too mailed the forms from the website. They were wrong. I faxed the forms AMG sent, but they never received them. I mailed another set of forms. They didn't like them either. I mailed another set of forms. Well, this started on 12/28/2011. I have received three of the checks, but the harassment I have had to go through was unbelievable. The customer service in TN and Texas was nothing but rude and they could care less. I filed a complaint with TN state ins, but they would not reply to my complaint. I am smart enough to not buy insurance from fly by night companies as AMG. My brother also had insurance with Physicians Mutual. All they needed was a letter from me with all the policy numbers. They sent the checks out with no problem at all. They also were very nice, understanding, and helpful to me. American General and Bank of America must be related. They both are companies that truly love to cheat their customers. I know I had to deal with BOA since my other brother’s death in 2008. Scam artists are all they are.
I got a policy with American General Life. They gave me a price then at the day of signing and it was higher. Then they took out two payments for my husband and one for me. When I called to get the extra payment back, they refused and were mean and nasty to me on the phone. After 3 months, I just let it go. I got cancer about a year and a half later. I was told I would only lose the amount I took. Then they told me if I took $6,000 of $150,000, I would lose everything. And most of them were very nasty on the phone when I called to check on my claim. But when I filed the claim, I was lied to and told I would get at least $75,000 because I had cancer and that's the coverage I would lose. There are over 30 complaints to the BBB in the last 12 months about AGLA and there was a class action lawsuit against them in 1999. There needs to be another class action. They lie to you when you file a claim to get you to get the insurance. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance said it is nothing but legalized stealing and they have people between a rock and a hard place so that the consumer can do nothing. On the internet, it has been said that AGLA gives more to lobbyist than they give to claims. How trustworthy can they be if this is true?
Unauthorized Monthly Draft and Policy Changes. I've been paying for my dad's monthly premium for $80 and never missed any payment since it was taken out automatically from our checking account. Then this month I received an 'overdrawn account' notice from the bank. There was an almost $1500.00 drafted from the acct. and came to find out it was American Gen Life Insurance who took this money out! Now my account is in negative balance and my other bills were not paid! Tried to call the Insurance company but I was on hold for an hour but still no person to talk to. I need my money back!!!
My family member traveled to the Philippines. He stated on his Facebook page that he was hurt on the airplane. He was taken from the airport to the hospital by his friends, where he later died. Oh My... AIG said he died of "Natural Causes" and had he not die from his injuries on the airplane, they would have paid out. There are several mistakes on the death certificate, including no time of death and no doctor's address. The doctor who is also the Medical Examiner said he died of a heart attack. But he was take to doctor because he banged his knees on the airplane. I'm trying to get the autopsy report. Read the fine print. He had to die as a result of an accident. Right now we are just writing back and forth. I am dealing with a foreign country, a language barrier and an insurance company.
My mother passed recently. Her and my father had life insurance for 50 years. Their policies were bought out by AIG. Trying to contact and get these people to pay these very small insurance policies has been a nightmare!! I would not advise anyone to purchase any insurance from them!! Purchase from a local agent like State Farm etc...
I'm disputing the denial again with the help of attorney. American General Life Insurance Company denied claim because they said the policy loan exceeded the cash value. The policy loan calculations are miscalculated and it appears to be done on purpose.
My father-in-law has been deceased for 24 years. When we (my husband) received a letter from American General informing my husband about a policy on his father, we sent all the information asked for. They said that they would call and explain. That didn't happen. 24 years amounted to $35.75. They paid the premium out of the rest of the money. Why open insult our intelligence!
I’ve had a policy with AGLA for over 10 years. I found out that I’m disabled. I was advised that due to my disability, my premium should be waived, but every time I call AGLA about my waiver, I get the runaround. I’ve faxed them my papers from my doctor. I’ve sent them everything they’ve asked for, to no avail. I’m just trying to get my policy waived.
I paid my life insurance on three different accounts before the due date. Got a letter it was not paid. I call, get a very rude guy that I try to ask questions. He basically tells me to find another insurance company. No he does tell me to find another company because I asked to speak to a agent. I've had this insurance since 1998 and never had anyone to be so rude in any company. I am not happy with not being able to talk to someone when I have questions.
I am disgusted with this insurance company. We got it for my husband during a period of time when he was uninsured. They set it up to make automatic withdrawals from our bank account, and when he became insured they made it almost impossible to cancel our plan. When we called they claimed they could not confirm or deny he had coverage with them. During the time he had it he did have to go to ER and get stitches after cutting his hand. Exactly what emergency health insurance is for... they sent me this ridiculous PDF that I had to print, then bring to emergency room, and try to get the doctor that saw him to fill it out and send it to them. They make it almost impossible to actually use their coverage. Of course the doctor never filled out the form. We called the ER many times asking the status on it and eventually got a letter in the mail from a collection agency, messing up my husband’s credit.
I've dealt with this company since the 1980s. At first, things were fine. Then it started going downhill. My first husband passed away in 1995. As is the custom, I handed the policy to the funeral director, and he filed for the insurance; his fee was to be paid, and he in turn would write me a check for the remainder. Approximately six weeks after the funeral, he called and asked if I'd heard anything from American General, that he still didn't have anything from them. I called and was directed to a man who told me he was the one handling the claim. I asked where we were in the process, and he said, "I'm not authorized to okay anything over $75,000." Okay, so where is the claim at this moment? "I have it on my desk". So my question was, "Could you pick it up and take it to whoever DOES have the authority?" His response was, "I guess I could".In approximately 2000, I had ended up with a new agent in the Macon, GA office. His accent was so heavy it was difficult to understand him on the phone. One day, he called and said the premium had to be paid that very day or the policies would be cancelled (this was his favorite threat, even when the premiums were not overdue). I told him that I'd just had surgery the day before and could not drive, so he asked if he could come to the house and get the check; I told him yes. A couple of hours later, I heard a car horn and looked out to see two men I did not know sitting in a car blowing the horn. They had driven up my driveway and across half of my front yard when there was a huge paved turnaround area. I refused to go to the door because I had no idea who these people were. He finally got out of his car and came to the door.A few years later, I moved to NC and discovered there was not an agency within more than 100 miles of my home. I kept dealing with the Macon, GA office. This is another example of how things got worse. There was no way to pay policies online; they couldn't take a debit or credit card over the phone. The only way to pay a premium was to write a check or take cash to the office. It's 2013, people! Join this century!The last straw with the agent was when he called my house at 10 p.m. wanting to tell me yet again that the policy would be terminated if I did not get the money in the office the very next morning. I live more than four hours from that office! The next morning, I called the office and spoke to one of the clerks who looked up the policies and told me my three policies were NOT in danger of lapsing!I'd had enough. I cashed in the policies. Ah, but here I got another surprise! They had charged me as being a smoker for all those years, and I was not a smoker! "No way to refund that, Ma'am." Also, I know for a fact that I'd requested the disability portion because my first husband had a terminal illness, and after six months of being disabled, the policy was considered paid in full. Now, here I am years later, on disability, and no, there was no disability clause in my policy. There is no way to get it on there now either.I thought I was finished with these clowns, but then my mother handed me a policy they'd taken out on me when I was born in the 1950s. That company was now under American General. I called and requested to cash in the policy, as it really wasn't a huge one to begin with. They sent me forms to fill out. I filled them out and sent them back. I got another form back saying the names didn't match up. I filled that form out and even handwrote there maiden name, first married name, second and current married name. One would think if the Social Security number, address, phone number, etc. all matched up, they could figure it out, but apparently not. Three weeks later, I had heard nothing and called them. "We have not received any correspondence from you", they said. WTH???? So I printed off the form AGAIN, and faxed it this time. I'm convinced they are just holding on to that money as long as they can to continue to earn interest on it.Thank goodness once I get this policy cashed out (if I ever do!), I will be finished with these clowns. I would NOT recommend them to anyone.
I've been paying life insurance premiums to AIG for 35+ years. When the agent sold me the policy we were told it was a $50,000.00 Whole life policy with a fixed rate of $48.50 per month. We received a letter mailed on April 20, 2017 telling us that our policy coverage would be terminated within the next twelve months if we didn't increase our premiums.I called AIG this morning and was told our policy was a "Universal Life " not Whole life and that our premium rate was flexible not fixed. The lady that was helping couldn't tell me what the new premiums would be so she forwarded my issue to the accounting office for a new quote. I'm supposed to be contacted by accounting within 40 to 72 hrs. No offense to the lady helping me, she did her best, but I don't consider 40 to 72 hrs timely response from Accounting. I just made my 71st birthday so I can only imagine what the quote will be. I've already paid in around $20,000 in premiums. Has anyone had or is having similar issues???
My 102 year old father has an annuity with American General. We attempted to change the address of the bank that the annual check was forwarded to. Customer service had absolutely no idea of what to do and shuffled me through multiple people with 30 minutes on hold. Finally talked to a supervisor who requested several types of documentation. We provided all the documentation promptly. We placed a follow up call 10 days after American General received the documentation to make sure the change of address had been processed. Again, extended hold times until we spoke to another supervisor who stated that the documentation had not been process but would be within 24 hours. We called back 4 days later, spoke with another supervisor and was told that both prior supervisors were wrong and that another type of documentation must be provided. We provided this documentation within 8 hours and had to wait another 8 work days to get the change of address process - after being guaranteed that the change of address would be processed within 72 hours of receiving the second package of documentation. This people have absolutely no idea what they're doing. Nor do they care. I strongly recommend that you take your insurance needs elsewhere.
Have gotten a total runaround and moved from one person to another and then placed on holds for 5-10 minutes before finally getting to another person who says they have to transfer me again. Finally get to a person who says that they see the return premium request has been submitted and sent for that the request is pending. Can't get anyone to give a straight answer as to why and when this @ 233.47 overpay will be returned. I can't imagine what it would be like for someone who had to have their money back quickly for needed expense. Please be advised that treatment of small investors and policy holder in this way is utterly mindblowing. I for one would not allow them to insure anything of mine in the future and everyone should be told likewise to do the same
This company has fair rates and they will take the time to try and answer any questions that you have. I have had a policy with them for many years and they have never gone up on my rates. The policy also builds cash value. If the need should ever happen and you cannot pay your premium they will use the cash value in the policy to pay the premiums for you so that you do not lose your coverage. They let you chose how you want to pay and then send you a notice when the premium is due. I would tell anyone to check into this company if they were looking to get life insurance.
I have repeatedly called American General for the last 2 months on behalf of a client of mine. We are requesting a simple illustration per the terms of the policy contract and American General refuses to provide the illustration as requested. After speaking with supervisors and employees in the illustrations department, I was told that the only way to get the illustration I was requesting was to file a formal complaint.I filed the formal complaint and included all of the information about the issue, including a copy of the page of the policy that explicitly states American General will provide the illustration I am requesting. I was able to verify receipt of the complaint the next day and was told it would take 10-15 business days to respond to the complaint. I explained that that was unacceptable given that I've been talking to their employees for 2 months in order to get a simple illustration. I was told by the representative that they would put a rush on the complaint and that I would have a response within 24-72 hours. 48 hours later, I called back and was told that someone in Consumer Affairs and Compliance was working on it and the time frame of 24-72 hours was repeated.I called again today and was told by Consumer Affairs and Compliance that the complaint had not been assigned to them until this afternoon and that it would take 10 business days to respond. I explained the situation again and the representative I was speaking to was unconcerned with the issue and stated that it was 10 business days to respond and that they would not expedite the response. I again expressed that this was ultimately a simple request as I wanted a standard illustration to maturity, one that was guaranteed by the terms of the policy. I expressed that my client was by this point furious and contemplating legal action and filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner of their state. The representative did not care.
Very easy to work with and had the product knowledge I was looking for. We met a local coffee house to talk about all of our options. I don't like to have people into my house so the fact that he was willing to meet me someplace different made me feel more comfortable. He was able answer all my question.
I have had my policy for 9+ years. Premiums are electronically paid on a monthly basis, so my payments have NEVER been late or missed. Because there has been an addition to our family I must make some changes to my beneficiaries, an address and telephone changed for my records. I had seen several American General Offices in town, but for some unknown reason, they have disappeared and trying to find a valid telephone number to contact the company has been horrible. If I cannot contact someone today, I will file an official complaint with the New Mexico Attorney General. When loyal customers cannot contact your company, scamming customers is the first thought that comes to mind. FIX your problem. An order number?? Where on earth can I find it? It should automatically print out on the section.
I have been trying to complete the paperwork for 3 weeks to cash in a life insurance policy. It took two weeks for the paperwork to arrive from TN to FL. In the meantime, I printed forms from the Company website, which are not the correct forms. No one notified me. I called Customer Service on 8/8/2011 and was told that the forms received were incorrect. I then faxed copies, but the fax number that I was given was incorrect. Another call to Customer Service produced a supervisor who gave me the correct fax number. He recommended that I also mail copies of the paperwork to Customer Service. The address he gave me was different form the self-addressed envelope that was provided.
I have been with the company since about 1969 (48 years). I started with a family plan and then changed to a plan of my own. They referred a universal plan which I got and they told me the premiums would never change. My $100,000 policy was $50/month. I have paid that all these years and now I receive a letter that states my cash value is not sufficient to meet the current monthly deductions and coverage will terminate 06-11-17. I called and was told that my premiums are now $173.48/month and along with my direct payment of $50 from my bank account they have been taking the remainder from my cash value. This is the first I have heard about this! There was no communication found in their system stating they had contacted me and they don't show ever having sent statements. So what now? I am at retirement age and can't afford such a high premium. I thought all this time that when my kids needed it the money would be there. How can a so called reputable company like this one get away with these things??
I was a long time customer of American General Life Insurance. The company left our small community. I had trouble getting any service. You had to call New York to get any help. I needed financial help from the company. I was told that I had to 100 years old before I could receive any benefits from my policy. I got limited amount from policies which I had been paying on for a long period of time. I am waiting to get some money back from the one policy. I am extremely unhappy at this moment in time.
I am getting in touch with you all because I have been with American General since 1999 but lately since they closed the local branches in my area, they seem to be misplacing all my payments on this account. I have other life insurances with them, so they closed my policy. I have sent copies of my payments. I feel that I am being treated unfairly, because I have been with this company too long and paid too much money to let my policy be closed. It seems as if they can not explain where my money has been going.When I had a agent he would send me a card of how much I was to pay but since they let the agents go everything is being misplaced. Please will you all look into my situation and get this resolved. They also stated that I didn't open all my policy up at the same time that is also false. All my policies was purchased at the same time in 1999, but now they are saying it was gotten in 2008. That is not true. One of the agents told me to get in touch with Consumer Affairs to get this resolved before I speak to my attorney.
My mother purchased whole life policies for herself and my dad in 1985, in which they have paid the same premium for all those years. In 2009, I was contacted by letter from AG Life & Accident. It stated that my father's premium was being raised from $91 a month to $2161.09 for 16 months, and then to a reduced maximum guideline premium. This is in order to guarantee the death benefit of my father's policy or the policy would lapse. I was also given other options, which were absolutely ridiculous. I don't understand how this could have happened with a fixed premium. All I know is that we got screwed.
I am gonna make a long story short. My dad has had a policy on me 24 yrs and he passed away and I have been trying to have the policy changed in my name for a year. I have the same complaints as everybody else on this page. Supposedly lost paperwork. Threats that's policy is about cancel, etc. etc. After 1 hour waiting on a consumer affairs rep she advised me there was gonna be 25$ charge for MY policy certificate and was RUDE! If all these neg complaints should raise a RED FLAG to you before you purchase from this company.
I received a letter from AIG 11/2016 stating that my son policy was canceled and I could pay $300.00 dollars to reinstate. I called the 800 number and was told to send in proof of payment. I mailed in copies of my bank statement for the last six months which shows AIG received payment. Today I received another statement saying the same thing! I would like AIG to give me an explanation about the payments they have been given and what happened. Why am I having a hard time trying to get answers from this company. What can I do? I have been with this company since 2005. Please help! I call this AIG at least every two weeks and AIG tells me that they are looking into the situation.
I have been trying to collect on a claim (a very small claim less than 700.00) and every time I call the Life Claims phone number, I get a representative that gives me different information every time. The first time saying I need to submit more info. I was told they received on September 17th. Then to wait two weeks to check. Called again and was told I did not have Page 3 of 6 of the policy filled out and to fax it back. They received it on October 22nd. Called November 5th to ask the status. I was told that the policy is not for me and for my deceased father. So, from September 17th when they received the documents until today November 5th, it took that long for them to say it is not my policy (which it is to say the least). I will not purchase a policy from this company especially knowing now how much trouble my kids will have to go through to collect monies that is rightfully theirs. They can keep the money for all I care, all $687.00 of it!
My experience was the same as everyone else's here: HORRIBLE. I called my Financial Advisor who said the company is in good shape and not to cancel the policy, as he felt certain it would be paid when the time came. He called the following phone number and stayed with me on the line: 800-247-8837 which is not intended for policyholders, however they transferred us and got the problem taken care of. The other phone number which they claim is for policyholders is 800-888-2452. It's still in the Philippines, but give it a try. Hope this helps!
I have had a policy with this company since 1999. Since its closing of local agencies, I have had nothing but problems. I have never missed a payment. Well, upon its closing customers was given the option of sending payment in my check once they send you a coupon for payment or have it electronically withdrawn from your bank. Glad I didn't do that!!! When they fail to send the coupon, I had to call the 800 number three days in a row, because no one would answer the phone. When I finally reached someone, I was informed one of my policies was past due. I was furious and told whoever the person was, they had the wrong person because payment had been sent in. Well, I went ahead and sent in the months of April and May as the ones supposedly overdue. I turned around and sent payment for June. Now I am being told June payment have not been received but, the check has been cashed. I have contacted the Alabama Insurance commissioner but it seems as though he is leaving it up to me even though evidence was presented. I am frustrated and tired. What can I do before I take legal actions?
Updated on 12/06/2018: I purchased a Fixed Universal Life Policy over 20 years ago. I have been paying quarterly premiums since that time. I have an online account with the company, which, even though I use Automatic payments, I check regularly. I have kept my address, email, and banking information up to date. A few months ago, I noticed my quarterly premium was not deducted from my bank account. This is when the trouble began. I was advised that the company used all my cash reserve to keep premiums paid when they raised my premium with no notice to me. I began writing and calling, and no one could tell me how much my premium had increased. Just that it stated in my original policy (Over 20 year ago) that this could happen. Although, the original insurance agent that sold me the policy told me my premiums remain the same throughout the life of my policy which is why I chose the company in the first place. However, he is long gone and numerous calls to my new agent have gone unanswered. After numerous calls, complaints, I am finally told that my premium has more than doubled, I am behind a sum of money, and if I wish to continue I need to raise my premium and pay the money. I asked why I was never notified, I received no response. I asked why the website was not updated to reflect this change, I was told they have no idea, and to this date, it has not been updated. Fast forward to today, four months later, after I paid them all the money they asked for, paid the increased premium last quarter, etc. Once again, the recent quarterly premium was not deducted once again, they want more money... once again, no notice, and YES, once again, no one can tell me how much more they want. The website still shows that my quarterly premium is what it was over 20 years ago. I am now to the point where I have been waiting over three days for an answer. I am fairly certain that this company is doing something that cannot be considered legal, and am fairly certain that there must be a number of people being scammed. I am a second away from walking away, canceling the policy and losing all the money I have put in over these 20+ years. Mainly because I am POSITIVE that my beneficiaries will never see a penny of this when the time comes because this company is definitely NOT ABOVE BOARD! My recommendation is to STAY AWAY!Original Review: Had an issue with my policy premiums. Totally on them, as they never notified me that my premiums had increased and that they were taking all the money out of my cash value. Then they put a message in the document section of their website, instead of the message center and never notified me that the message was put there. If not for me going onto the website to update banking information. I would never have known that they were planning on terminating my policy. Started contacting customer service, first by phone. The agent was arrogant and rude and did nothing to solve my issue. Then start using the message system on the website. Still no answers or assistance. At this very minute, after numerous phone calls and emails, my account still shows my old premium amount, I have not received an answer as to why they took my cash value without notifying me, and still have no answer as to why and when my premium essentially doubled. I will tell everyone: FIND A BETTER COMPANY!
I'm trying to find out the amount of life insurance coverage my cousin has. I am his conservator due to his mental/physical handicaps. Even providing them with the court order issuing me guardianship of him, they refuse to provide me with the requested information. I'm not a lawyer (thank God), but it appears by denying me the information on my cousin, they are violating a court order signed by the Honorable **, Chancery Court judge for Hamilton County, Tennessee, which I believe could be contempt. I'm still fighting American General Life, but don't expect a satisfactory outcome based on my experience with them so far and the other comments I've read at Consumer Affairs.
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