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American Freedom Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: American Freedom Insurance
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I was in an accident on June 10th 2015. I was rear ended so not my fault. The police was called and a report was taken. Months later I get a letter from the BMV stating my license was suspended for not having insurance at time of accident in which I did. I had American Freedom Insurance. I then contacted them to have a Certificate of Compliance sent to the BMV electronically as that's the only way you can send it. I contacted them on October 6th 2015 to have this done as there was a deadline for October 24th 2015. Here is it October 23rd 2015 and still nothing has been sent to BMV. After several calls and attempts they have done nothing and they are very rude. I will be searching for a new insurance company TODAY! If you're thinking about getting American Freedom Insurance, DON'T!!!
American Freedom Insurance Claim not paid. I was rear ended by a young lady who has American Freedom Insurance. The accident occurred May 14, 2014. My Insurance company is working on litigation. I want what is due for expenses I incurred.
So on American Freedom home page, it states that "we are ready and waiting to provide the insurance protection you and your family need". This is so not the case when it comes to filing a hit and run with them. My brand new 2017 vehicle was involved in a hit & run on March 3rd, 2017. So when I reported the incident to AFI, they made sure to point out that if I could not show proof of myself & my wife being married the claim will be denied. I got them the proof, and then they came with something else saying I took too long to file the report with the police. Mind you I saw the accident @ 10:00 am I got my 3 boys ready made it to the police station & waited my turn in line & the officer put 11:30 am. So AFI says that was too long & if I could not show proof of calling the police before going to the station the claim will be denied. I got them the proof that I called 911. After several weeks AFI finally approves the claim & it's in the body shop. After a week I call the body shop for an ETA, they say it will be done in a day but AFI did not include the bumper. I then call AFI and they say they need pictures showing my vehicle before the hit and run to include the bumper in the claim. I should have reviewed this insurance company before the dealership put me on AFI policy. Needless to say, today is April 11th, 2017 & my vehicle is still not fixed. Please, guys, stay away from American Freedom Insurance. They are really no good and they don't work for the policyholders.
The worst insurance company I've ever dealt with! I've been with the company over 3 yrs never had a claim until recently when I hit a deer. I have full coverage on my truck and they charged me a ** betterment fee for parts on my truck that was because they were supposedly aftermarket parts which they weren't and I not only had to pay my deductible but another 500 for the parts on top of the 500 deductible!!! The estimate was for 1500 and I had to pay 1000 out of my own pocket! Why do I have full coverage just for them to screw me over!! Highly recommend not using this insurance company! Terrible customer service and support.
My car was vandalized on May 21 2016. I made Police report - everything I'm supposed to do I did. They picked up the car took it to some chop shop in Lockport IL where the owner of that place must be American Freedoms paid thief and his chop shop. They kept it there for 1 month and finally they Denied my claim. I a car which I tried to start it afterwards the whole dash caught on fire so Now I'm left with a Car with Payments and damaged. Where is the Law on them. If you want your Credit and life destroyed Please take American Fraud Insurance Company. They suck garbage company.
I had an accident with my 1997 Ford Explorer. I hit a tree after trying to avoid a deer. The insurance still hasn't even looked at the car that has been at the shop for almost one month. They also said they do not pay for storage. This is a bad insurance company. I would not recommend it to anyone.
On October 5,2011 at about 12:25 p.m. Daniel ***. broadsided my 1997 ford Explorer and rolled me over. He admitted he was wrong. Police came took my truck to car pound with out my say so and me to hospital. I'm charged with hospital bill and storage of my truck which is totaled. Car he was driving was his sisters and she has American Freedom insurance.
I have insurance for my car Toyota Camry. I have full coverage for my car with the American Insurance company. I had involved in car accident last year, and it is over a year now. They have not fix my car yet. I spoke to them several times, that the damage cost $2,355.95. The value of the car $4800.00 based on several good estimate companies. I spoke to them several times, "Please fix my car", but they want to take the car for total damage and just paying to me $250 dollars. They did not fix the car or make proper estimate. This is so bad company for anyone to insure with them. They have very bad customer service.
Companies like this one give the insurance business a bad name. I had full coverage when my wife was rear ended at a full stop by a driver without license or insurance. She was excluded because she wasn't driving. Later she got her license but I did not have her on the policy yet when the accident occurred. It was a hit and run. The driver of the other vehicle left the scene. I made the report to insurance. That's when all started. Got the phone call from this lousy company and I knew right away that they were not going to pay. I was been questioned as if I had committed a crime and crossed examined viciously. I try talking to a supervisor who only gave me a false hope by asking to fax my marriage certificate knowingly that the case was already close. Never heard from them again. Stay away from them. Don't throw your money away for false coverage.
I was recently struck by an individual who had American Freedom. During the time with the police and witnesses, the individual admitted fault which was then documented in the accident report from the police. However, because the customer of American Freedom would not return any calls, the claim was not paid. I had sent all needed documentation and called the company daily as my car was not driveable. If you have a claim with this less than quality company, file with your company and have them "go after" American Freedom. It is not worth dealing with the scripted answers and delay tactics from this company. I would give them 0 stars if it was an option.
On October 3 of this year my legally parked car was hit by a motorist insured with American Freedom Insurance. I wasn't in the car, and the motorist asked a resident from the neighborhood about the owner of the car. The resident rang my doorbell, and I went outside to check on the car. The motorist explained that he hit my car while trying to retrieve a cell phone that he dropped in his car. I called the police who issued the motorist a citation. I then called my insurance company (Allstate) who advised me that I would have to pay a deductible ($1,000) if I filed a formal complaint with Allstate. I then decided to contact American Freedom Insurance, and that's when all of my problems began.I received nothing but stalling and poor service from the claims adjuster. He didn't return my calls or my e-mails. I had to initiate the calls. Their appraiser came out to check my car for damages on 10-11. After leaving messages for the adjuster, I was finally able to reach him on 10-17, and he told me that the pictures and notes taken by the appraiser were still under review. He said the appraiser's information needed to be double checked and that he wouldn't accept the results of his own agent. However, he didn't tell me another appraiser would come out to examine my car. I told him that it was unbelievable that he would doubt the reliability of his own agent.He also said his company needed to determine liability for the accident. His client hit a car that was legally parked on the street, which is noted on the crash report. This was a one-person accident. Whose fault could it be but the motorist plus the motorist admitted that he was solely responsible. This was simply a stalling technique and an attempt to avoid paying me money for the repair or loss of my car. Finally, on 10-20 I decided to contact my own insurance company and file a formal complaint. By 11-4 their appraiser had examined my car, declared it totaled, and I received a check for the loss of the car. So in less than two weeks Allstate was able to do what American Freedom Insurance wasn't able to do in a month.American Freedom Insurance authorized my use of a rental car, and I returned it on 10-21. I then sent a letter to them asking for reimbursement of the amount I paid for the rental car by 11-11, or I would sue their client in Small Claims Court. Based on past performance from this company, I don't think I will receive any money. So, I guess I will be off to file the suit next week. American Freedom Insurance should not be allowed to have an insurance license. The company is irresponsible and incapable of dealing with people honestly. I will be contacting the BBB, the Illinois Insurance Board, and any other agency that I think will censure them and keep them from doing business again with anybody.
On June 30, 2014, I was involve in an automobile accident with an uninsured motorist. I did everything that is required of me to do under my policy. I reported the accident immediately to the police and Insurance company office. To make story short, AMERICAN FREEDOM INSURANCE to this date, my vehicle has not been repaired. I have called their office numerous time asking for a copy of the estimate and where to take my vehicle. When I call, I am given the runaround, put on long hold and at time, disconnected. THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED. Stay away. I'm in the process of hiring an attorney and I'm going to call the Better Business Bureau and the Illinois Dept. of Insurance.
I was hit by a policy holder who decided to reverse without looking first into his rear-view mirror. I faxed all paperwork including police report and statement to Freedom Insurance in order for them to find me not at fault. The police report clearly states that other driver/policy holder was at fault. But yet Freedom Insurance, after a month of waiting, still only wants to cover me 70% of the damages. I decided to use my insurance/all state and pay my $600 deductible in order to get my car fix and to get my deductible back. I feel the reason why, after a month of waiting, they wanna cover 70% liability is cause they can't contact the other driver. Shame on this insurance. Worst insurance ever.
I filed a claim for a hit and run case with American Freedom Insurance company. I had a police report and called to American Freedom insurance company to file a claim. They gave me a claim number and sent me a lot of unnecessary paperwork. I have seen that other insurance companies pay for the claims even without a police report. This is a very very very terrible insurance company. They speak nicely but difficult to get money from them. They know customers, not like too much paperwork and to provide important information such as Social Security numbers. Also, they need to sign the papers in front of a Notary Public. This is terrible because I already had a police report and if they need they can contact the police. Finally, they didn't pay money to repair the car. They didn't even call after that.
Although my situation is not as excessive as some of yours, it can be slowly getting there. I totaled my car about 5 weeks ago, still have received my settlement check. Being they're my insurance provider and I pay $100/mo, didn't expect to be stalled on like this for that long. I've called them 4 times and they never have an answer on when I can expect to receive it. One of my calls required me to go through a recorded formal interview process to get my check that I wouldn't have even known about if I didn't call in.The line of questioning was geared towards previous driving history, DUI's and speeding tickets as opposed to my settlement check being based on my car valuation at the time of my accident. They don't return voicemails. Needless to say, I'm expecting to get hosed after reading the horror stories on here plus my dealings with them, which of course I'll take up with the Illinois Dept of Revenue if driving history questions affects my check, because I don't believe that's even legal to assess the value, that's what high insurance premiums are for, to offset that risk.
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