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American Family Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: American Family Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1927
Address: 6000 American Parkway
City: Madison
State/Province: WI
Postal Code: 53783
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 692-6326
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
Quick and easy application process done in person at my agent's office. Representative came to my job for the physical. Premium is deducted out of my account automatically each month. I receive an annual statement in the mail.
Been calling about my claim. It's been a week now after I was told that they will email me about getting in touch with them to send some estimates. Up to now there is no callback or email. Very poor customer service... the worst. I work for customer service and we always make it right the first time... that's how you take care of customers.
They have had consistent prices, are transparent about the policy and I'm satisfied with the amount of coverage. I also was satisfied with the notarization process for my beneficiaries. My agent (who I've been with for 20 years) explained the process, as well as the policy, very thoroughly and answered all the questions to my satisfaction.
Company is very customer conscientious and willing to explain in simple terms your options and benefits as far as your choice in insurance. Always outgoing and willing to help and answer customer questions and address customer concerns. Also, provides a face to connect the customer with the company.
I had purchased long term care insurance for my sibling, I was paying the premium yearly and one day realized it had been a long time since I had received a bill. I went through my check book and immediately called to ask why I was not longer being billed for this policy. They responded non-payment of premiums. We were never contacted by phone and I have a cancer policy as well that is paid through payroll deductions. I contacted the post office and they said it was likely that the mail carrier returned it because my sibling does not have the same last name. I wrote a check for $1,000 to cover the back premiums. They have not cashed it, or returned it. We completed a form for payroll deductions, which they claim they didn't receive. I called several agents, no one returns my calls or emails. I was finally told they no longer sell long term care and they will not reinstate this policy.
Been with them over 20 years. Rate increases are reasonable and we've had the same agent. He sends Christmas and birthday cards and calls on a regular basis just to see if we need anything. The office staff is personable and always knows how to answer my questions. We've never had to make a claim, so that could alter my opinion, if that ever happens.
Been paying $50 a month for 30 years on a Universal life policy for my husband and now that he is 65, come to find out it will expire with NO coverage in 4-6 years!! Amfam blames it on the economy and says that this is what we signed up for, that this could potentially happen. REALLY?? I remember being told we had $50,000 worth of life insurance on a secure policy, NOT TERM LIFE INSURANCE, with a high payment to boot!! I don't understand how this can be legal and nobody got a heads up on this. How many unsuspecting people are going through the same thing we are and try to think of buying life insurance when you're 65!! Thanks American Family.
I carry life insurance through work and MetLife is the provider. It was reasonable for the rate however the only issue is I leave work I get nothing for what I paid into it.
Not a lot of contact with them. My premium is the same every month and is paid automatically. If I was younger I would have a policy that is worth somewhat more. Not going to make any changes at this stage of my life.
I have a good representative for my insurance. He is personable and knowledgeable. I enjoy my service. He is easy to contact and quickly gets in touch with me on issues that might affect me.
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