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American Family Insurance - Auto Online Reviews

Company Name: American Family Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 23 %
My vehicle was stolen on 12/6/12. It was recovered on 12/12/12. At the time it was recovered, they had a suspect. The suspect was arrested on 12/13. My car was taken to an auto shop. Where the engine is blown, there is hole in my transmission pan (told to me be the adjuster). Also, the suspension is not right as my car is almost sitting on the driver side back tire, as well as the leather interior is cut up. The insurance adjuster told me in January that it was going to be total loss, that they needed a 10-day pay off. Since then, nothing has happened. It is now Feb. 19. On 2/13, I had to go and meet with an American Family Investigator. She accused me of having something to do with my car being stolen and/or damaged. This has gone on for over two months. The suspect is in jail on different charges and pending charges from my car theft. The insurance co. told my lender today that they are not going to total my car and it would be another 30 days before they come to a resolution. I have to pay for insurance every month or I would get ticketed by law enforcement. But the insurance co. does not have to pay for claims that are fair claims. They can accuse me? How long does this need to take? And they only paid for a rental car for 20 days so I have been without a vehicle since the 3rd of January. When should I expect this to be taken care of?
Had an accident 2 weeks ago and have received no estimate yet! After 10 days an independent adjuster finally shows up and he was much more helpful and concerned than any of a half dozen people I got shuffled between at AmFam... My agent was absolutely no help at all... don't know what his function is except to accept payments... After a few more days I had to call the independent adjuster to actually receive the estimate as once again there was no contact from AmFam and seemingly no sense of urgency on their part! Don't believe their spiel about fast friendly service... It ain't there!
Repeated queries to agent never responded to. Cancellation request ignored and continued billing. Website useless. Even acknowledged by agent. Overpriced for minimal coverage levels. No follow through. No customer service.
They have been having every excuse in the book not to take responsibility for their driver. It has been two months. Their diver is claiming that she did not do the damage the detective charged yet with three charges and they have plenty of physical damage with her paint on my car. My paint on her car exact side of damage. Even the height of her car matches the height of my damage. This last Friday, November 21,2014, Erica ** called and left me a message stating they were going be responsible for my damages and to call her back for my options. I reached her today November 26, 2014 and now they are saying that they need more time because more evidence had been found, seeing she could not have done it because she would have to be driving from the other direction. I do not see how you can call someone and tell them you’re going cover the damage then renege on that and I have it on my answering machine. Thank you for all the stress.
We are very happy with our rates and service; no claims so can't rate that aspect. We have a local agent who is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely responsive. He does an annual policy review with us to make sure we are getting the best coverage for our needs and makes recommendations on changes that may reduce our rates but still provide the coverage we need.
I called the agent for a claim and he took over immediately. My agent keeps me up on what is the best policy inclusions for each specific vehicle use. I like the price and personalized service.
If I could rate this place lower than a star I would! They were overcharging me $55 a month for over 2 years. When I got quoted a much lower price from another insurance company I became suspicious why mine was so much higher for so long. Turns out that they decided to put me down for full coverage and high coverage when it wasn't what I asked for. My car is crappy, trust me... nobody would think about full coverage for that thing. My parents were also with me and know I said "just liability". I also got screwed paying a year of renters insurance when I was living with my parents. They offered $300 to forgive and forget when I paid over $1300 more than I ever should have to then.My brother also was getting charged for 2 cars when he canceled one of them a year ago. He called about to and they said that he wasn't paying for it but it would show up on his billing statement. When we went in to get my stuff figured out we saw that his car was never canceled. At least they are doing right by him and reimbursing that money back, but it never would have even been caught if we didn't have to figure my situation out. They said they wanted to make it right, but when I went in there I felt like they were blaming me and the agent but not the company itself. The fact the company is blaming me for a mistake one of their agents made makes me so mad. They lost a customer.
I attempted to place a claim with them. Story in nutshell: I took a car to a friend who knows how to fix things. He then allowed a person who has full coverage with American Family Insurance to drive the car two blocks and back. In doing so, he ended up putting the car into a ditch/pole. They told my husband they are denying our claim stating that because we have our own insurance, we have to have our insurance pay for it. That us giving our friend approval to drive the car, when he allowed someone else to drive it, that was an extension of us giving permission. What? I called and asked for the law or copy of what governs this, and their claims adjuster told me that he could not provide me with anything and that's just the way it is. He then proceeded to laugh at me! I kid you not! He started laughing and even continued laughing when I expressed how upset he was making me by laughing and asked him what was so funny. He had no response. If you look on their Facebook page, not only do they treat folks like me this way, they treat their own customers like this! Horrible service. Do your research before signing on with them.
After joining American Family Insurance Company I had the misfortune to have an accident with another car. My claim was handled by American Family quickly, fairly and very professionally. I am well satisfied with the company and the way they handled my misfortune. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.
My 08 Ford Fusion should have been totaled out at 8,200 but wasn't. Instead, there has been over $11k in repairs done and it's going up on a daily basis. Not to mention, it has been in the repair shop for over a month now. KBB say it's worth between $9,000-$13,000. I only owe $11k on it. I now have a car that's not worth what I owe on it and the cash value is dwindling on a daily basis from them authorizing more work on it. Nobody will return my phone calls, and calling the headquarters does no good. This company is a joke.
Fast with settlements/always fair. When I needed them they always settle the claims in a timely manner/fast and fair. Always there when you need them. They have fast claim service. They are always fast to act on a claim. They are professional and courteous - a good insurance company/Auto home and flood insurance.
I have been with them for over 3 years but have never had a claim so not experience in their claim service but one thing I do not like is the local agent getting an email question from me and apparently can only respond by phone. I am running a business and he constantly interrupting my work because I work at night and he thinks I am available at night. The rest of the company responses are very good.
The roof on my home has gone through extensive weather damage in June 2013. I finally got a contractor and called Amfam and filed a claim. My contractor stated that room is in horrible shape and you should get a whole new roof. So the adjuster comes out and they walk around my property. The adjuster says, "I will get back with you, I will discuss things with your contractor." 2 minutes later. Both at my door again, adjusters computer broke down and he said, "I will call your contractor then go over things with with you." Next thing I know is I am supposedly getting a check for 2500 and only the front part of my roof is getting done, then went on to say that it was agreed upon with my contractor. I call my contractor who tells me that he never spoke to him about the roof. He never called him. I called the manager and asked for another adjuster to come out, not to mention they completely missed my detached garage. The manager pretty much gives me a silent treatment then goes on to say he is the second set of eyes. It was a so sad too bad, my word is it. So here I sit, with a small check to patch things up. THEY DON'T CARE! I have paid them for my home and car for over 10 years and this is the way I am treated. HORRIBLY! I don't know where to go from here....anyone have suggestions.
Any insurance company is bound to have flaws in some areas and it is not possible for an agent to keep up with everything. The consumer should communicate ANY and ALL concerns to their agent as soon as possible. There was an issue with a rate hike and the company did not follow Federal Law. I contacted the agent and he handled the claim and I have also used the 800 number by phone. They both work and it is very easy and thorough. They sent a package out to inform you of their process and findings.
It is a family friend who is our insurance agent and I get a multi-plan discount. I have life insurance, 3 vehicles insured and renter's insurance. I have it directly taken from my account monthly and that saves me also.
Your property insurance goes up 25 percent every year. Switching vehicles or cancelling gives you a remaining balance that's unjustified. I asked not to be pro-rated, only to be pro-rated. I called my agent from the Greenfield WI location only to get that there's NOTHING he can do for me regarding a remaining balance bill. I called the 1800 number to go over my records only to get straight LIED too. She hung up the phone when I caught her in a LIE. RUN NOW. CANCEL.
Both of our children had accidents and we had to turn in claims. They came out right away and did the estimates and we had no problem getting them to pay the claims. We have also compared our coverage that we have with American Family to other insurance companies and their prices are the cheapest with the same value of coverage. Our agent is very good. She comes out to our house on a yearly basis and goes over the coverage we have and reviews it with us. Our son works for a car dealership and he also said that the claims put in with American Family insurance are some of the fastest claims paid. When our children got out on their own, they both kept American Family with different agents of course because they live in different parts of the country.
American Family Insurance does a GREAT JOB in making sure that I am covered in EVERYTHING that needs insuring! It's truly a comprehensive approach to making sure my well-being is protected in every possible way!!!
I haven't had any problems with my auto insurance. They offer good student discounts and also good driver discounts. I have always been able to get ahold of my agent if need be and his office isn't too far from my home. I have been with American Family for over 5 years and I haven't had any problems with them.
We get good service with our auto insurance. Sometimes I think their rates are a little high but overall we're happy with them. We have 3 vehicles and our home owners insurance all through American Family Insurance. They are down home people with family values.
American Family Insurance, this is my second time dealing with this poor quality Insurance Company. Both times they did not pay out enough to fix damage to my vehicle. First time I had go through my Insurance company (State Farm). State Farm a excellent Insurance company by far, to get my vehicle fixed because American Family would not pay full damage costs. Now this second time which going through now loss occurring 10/13/2016. American Family only wants to pay 733.39 their estimate. I had three estimates done from body shops close to me in 46406 area. Their estimates all three business estimates are all over 2,000 dollars. Their sorry excuses are existing rust prior damage etc. All lies. Sure going be rust, that is what vehicles do. But Here to this day my vehicle is parked and damage because I refuse to cash a 733.00 dollar check from them because this will not anywhere pay the damage bill. As of this writing 03/23/2017 still have this check from them for 733.39. I will not cash it. Just might mail it back, and tell them to keep it because can't repair my vehicle with it.
Me & my daughter had purchased used vehicles in July 2016, we both signed up with American Family Insurance for our autos. Everything was going OK until August 2016. For some reason my daughter's auto was added to my policy, she already had an auto policy of her own with American Family. I called my agent Mike **, and asked him why she was added to my policy. He had no answer for the mistake, he said that he would remove her from my policy. I waited a few days and received in the mail a reminder to pay my premium, on the reminder they still had my daughter's car on my policy. So again I called my agent back, he said that her car should have been removed from my policy. He said that they had a new system and that him & his secretary was not familiar with the system yet. I suggested to my agent to call the main office and maybe they could walk him through the process of removing my daughter's car from my policy.To make a long story short, my policy canceled before he could get her off my, and to make things even worse American Family never offered to reinstate my policy for free, my agent told me that I needed to pay 3- months of premiums in order to reinstate my policy. They also never gave me any time to shop for another insurance company. They notified the financial company that holds the loan to my vehicle, they knew what they cost me and they were taking advantage of the bad situation that they had left me in. I would advise anyone to stay away from this company, they are not honest and they don't take the blame for their mistakes. They don't train their agents when new systems and such are out in place. I don't feel that I trust this company to be there when I need them.
My husband was hit by a driver who was looking down and not watching the road. My husband came to a complete stop and the driver just plowed into him. My car is safe to drive now. The other driver was cited by the state police and accepted full responsibility for the accident. Unfortunately he has American Family Insurance. I got a claim number and was assigned an adjuster. I called and left a message for our adjuster. I did not hear back from him. I called the next day and left a message saying that it been two days and I had not received a call back. The adjuster finally called me back and told me that my husband needed to make a recorded statement. He also told me that if my husband called and got the adjuster's voice mail, to leave a time when my husband would be available to talk. Ok fine. My husband left a time and the adjuster never called. He called him two hours later and of course, my husband was out of cell range. I promptly called the adjuster's manager and explained the situation. The manager said that she was sorry, the entire team had gone to lunch! She assured me that someone would call to get a statement asap. Then the angry adjuster called me back and argued with me. He was SO unprofessional and argumentative--told me that if I didn't like the service that I should go through my own insurance company. I hung up on him and called his manager back. She told me that there is no way to move my claim to another adjuster, so that is wonderful. I have worked on claims with other insurance companies and have NEVER been treated with this amount of disrespect and lack of professionalism. This company is the ABSOLUTE WORST!!! Meanwhile I am paying out of my own pocket for towing and rental cars because some idiot driver hit our car.
My current auto insurance company is the only company I have found that is willing to make annual policies. This is important because annually I get a tax return and I'm able to make that payment. I cannot be sure that monthly I would have enough to make a premium. Also, I have more than mandatory coverage.
I hope and pray that we never again get hit by a insured who has American Family Insurance Coverage. The corrupt nightmare started with their insured trying to intimidate my younger daughter into not contacting his insurance. After taking a picture of his license plate before he drove off we were able to have my daughter drive 2 hours to the police district office to file an accident report. Once the Milwaukee District police took their time in hunting down the insured they provided us with a police report. Once my husband and I obtained that we contacted American Family to file a claim and inform them that we already had a reputable and trusted body shop where we dropped the car off to get repaired while we were leaving town back in July of 2018. We informed American Family and sent them the formal estimate and told American Family to pay the body shop direct. This is where the second nightmare and corruption that is rapid in the company and so ingrained in everyone you talk with...American Family sent their inexperienced, ignorant about high end car repairs to the body shop and told them to lower their hourly labor amount they pay their employees because that is not the contracted rate they have with other body shops they give all their work to. The estimator also told the body shop he had to use second hand parts and not to replace all the bumper but instead pound out part of it. This estimator was out of touch with reality. She then left a message on our voicemail that her decision was final and she was leaving town for a family issue and could not be reached. Upon getting that insane voicemail message my husband and I tried to talk with higher level management which were Mr. Tom **, Mr. Ben ** who told me that American Family’s philosophy is to quickly repair your car, (Not Properly with the best and new parts), take oversight over the job, (which actually means they call or visit the body shop and negotiate your car repairs to fit their dollar allocation).Follow industry standards (which really means get you to take your car to their contracted body shops or they do not pay the entire repair estimate amount), leverage these repairs, (which really means they try to shove down your throat that Gerber Glass Repair shop is a reputable body shop to do matching die lot paint repair on your car) and says they warranty the body shops work (which means that when your paint job and clear coat does not match the rest of your car you can keep fighting with the body shop to repaint your entire car which will never happen and the value of your car plummeted and will not even be bought by a wholesaler of used cars). None of these nightmares which is the main business model of American Family on their website too would be a problem if they let the person who was not at fault choose the body shop they know and trust to do the work. American Family even tried to get us to accept a several hundred dollar lower estimate by sending the check to me instead of the body shop. They are so corrupt and ignorant that I had to inform them that you cannot send a check for repairs to the nonregistered owner on the vehicle’s title. They then issued a new check under my husband's name but still would not pay the body shop the car was at.After more intense telephone conversations with upper management that led to not paying the estimated bill I contacted body shops across the country and asked what their rate would be if I had a bumper and trunk damage to my car that needed repair and the first question they asked me was who was the insurance company that was going to pay the repairs at which time he pulled out his contract with that insurance company and quoted their rates and repair policies for your car. Not the best practices to fix your car but the cheapest way to fix your car because that is all that American Family will pay them. THIS IS PRICE GOUGING AND MARKET MONOPOLY IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY.My husband and I tried to talk common sense to the following list of American Family Employees who in our opinions should not have their jobs anymore. Ben ** even told me to go out and get more estimates and then send them to him at ** and then he would have Michael ** and Julie ** (his claim adjusters, which they call Auto Physical Damage Team) call that shop and renegotiate my estimate. When I said that was illegal he gave me his private email listed above and said to deal with him “directly”. Jessica ** was part of this scam. Mr. Tom ** was also part of the management team who pushed us onto Ben **. You can reach these people at ** (no one gives out their direct extensions or telephone numbers because they do not want you to contact them). I only got these because I told them I was aware of the scam on how they pay out claims and force people to take their cars to their contracted body shops who they agree to feed so much business to during the contracted terms.Their Auto Physical Damage Team tried to tell us that the lower part of the bumper was “repairable” and the upper part was needing a new part which comes in unpainted and wanted my husband and I to agree to their lower estimate to have 3 different paint colors on the final repair job. Upper management even had the audacity to tell my husband and I that our Volvo was not a high end car and therefore they were not going to pay the labor rates of $80.00 per hour for an experienced body shop repair specialist who works on Lamborghini’s etc. to work on my car because the insurance industry already regulated that body shops can only pay their repair specialists at the most $50.00 an hour. Which means your car could be painted by a new guy who is just being paid way less than $50.00 an hour. He does not have the skill or been trained by the experts at “private” body shops who value their employees and the work they do. So sad that not even Shana ** at American Family’s Consumer Affairs Department cared about my husband’s vehicle, how we were being treated or followed up on the end of our experience. She can be reached at **.
I made the mistake of contacting this company after one of its members destroyed my car and her insurance company called me to get a statement. NEVER TALK TO ANOTHER PARTIES INSURANCE COMPANY. American family said I was partly liable for the accident even though a witness contradicted this with a written statement. American Family made an assumption based on what I said - they don't care about the truth. They are also liars and lazy - as they don't even bother to use the white pages to find an address.
An AmFam insured driver rear ended me going at a fairly high speed (he stated he was looking at another accident on the other side of the road). I was hurt badly, my driver seat broke & my car was messed up. They refused to repay me what I was forced to pay out of my pocket to get my car driveable. They cut off my rental before my car was driveable. I was left totally stranded & had to call a taxi to pick me up from returning rental! I had notarized statements & receipts for what I paid out of my pocket to get my car driveable enough to get it home from the body shop! They refused to wait for the parts (which had been ordered) to come in! AmFam wanted to total my car & give me hardly anything for it, plus not pay all of my repair out of pocket costs.Between these actual expenses, plus my large medical costs, I'm out a lot of $! After trying to deal w/ them on my own, was forced to retain an atty. More than a year has gone by & they still refuse to try to settle fairly. The insured had a fairly low policy limit & AmFam still refuses to settle fairly! Due to the adjustor always out of the office or not returning calls, I'm now facing my attorney filing a full lawsuit w/ the court. I've been forced to use a legal defense fund loan (at a very high interest rate) to try to cover some of the expenses I've had to pay on my own. I'm on disability & don't have the $ to pay on my own!YOUR DRIVER HIT ME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! AmFam is UNFAIR, UNETHICAL & UNCOMPASSIONATE! I hate seeing their ads about caring for your needs! What a joke! I want America to know that American Family Insurance is not going to settle any claim fairly or timely! You must sue & wait years for any type settlement! DON'T INSURE W/ AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE! YOU WILL BE CHEATED IF YOU FILE A CLAIM! Where is the law to protect the innocent driver from companies like this?! Help!!!
I was stopped at the light when the guy on my left was making a left hand turn onto the freeway. He crossed over the lanes and hit the driver side of my car ripping out headlights. He admitted to cop that he did this and also got a citation. The police report says it's his fault but since we both have American Family, they say they can't decide whose fault it is and we both pay our deductible minus 100 dollars. I believe my case is being handled unfairly, when first of all, I was not even driving. I was waiting for my light to change when he hit me and all the proof is on police report. Besides the pics I took, my claims adjuster was rude and didn't care.
I had been with American Family for several years. I liked my agent and the service I received. I never filed a claim. American Family "updated" their billing system and suddenly I started to receive 3 or 4 bills per month. I keep my checkbook records in Quickbooks. I never missed a payment. My Quickbooks reports show double and even one triple total monthly payment (all cashed). I took my concerns to my agent and literally spent hours there trying to figure out where my payments had been applied. Ultimately I ran out of time. The agent mailed me about 30 pages of complete crap to show their payment history. Frankly my Quickbooks program is able to run more comprehensive reports. In the end they said I owed an odd amount that I paid to keep my account out of collections. I strongly urge you to avoid American Family Insurance.
I would recommend American Family Insurance to my friends and family. They have fast, fair claims service. The company doesn't cancel a policy at the drop of a hat. Discounts are available when insuring both house and auto. Good agents.
I was rear ended in a commercial truck with a lift gate. When I was hit, I put my hand on the dash to braces myself and ripped my rotator cuff and created a canal in my muscle from the impact. I have had 12 surgeries and also 8 seizure from the trauma to my spine. It took American Family 4 years to pay for repair on truck. There's a recorded interview with Am Fam corporate and they said they would send out a adjuster, never happened.When I finally got the check, the Am Fam agent Paul ** said, you know I get docked for this. I put food on his table for 15 years plus my employee and their friends, all switched to Am Fam. 6 and a half years still no settlement. I have had to take major time off of work because of joint pain and depression. My wife walked out on me because she couldn't handle the stress my mother and father and me who are 89 and 94 now, plus My daughter have had to witness me go thru the and 8 seizures and the depression. What's real sad is Am Fam Slogan is go out there, We will protect your dreams. They destroyed my dreams and my business. Their attorney have done everything possible to drag this out.
My home In St. Charles MO was hit by the tornadoes on 5/31/2013. I have the nail heads holding shingles sheared off windows broken, doors broken, siding messed up etc. Trees sheared off. The winds were up to 150 MPH. I filed a claim with American Family Insurance and they refuse to pay for my roof replacement even though the high winds have damaged multiple locations. I purchased the matching rider several years ago that they sell but apparently there is fine print that says they don't have to pay even though the new shingles don't match up quite right. The bottom line, the estimate to repair my home and return it to the same condition as prior to the storm is $19,125.35. American Family Insurance (hiding behind the fine print) will only pay $5209.66. I have exhausted the appeal process they have which is bogus anyway. The reason I say that is because the woman let it slip (when I called because it had been weeks since I heard from them) that I was just 1 of over 600 homeowners who were unhappy with their settlements. I have had American Family Insurance for decades and had believed I had top-of-the-line coverage. Sadly they are not what they claim to be. Currently we insure 3 homes, 7 vehicles, a boat, and also have our business insurance with them. My advice is, if you are a current American Family customer, change companies. If you are looking then bypass them. In my opinion they are not a top tier company..
We have auto and home insurance through them so we receive a great discount. Also recently we had a total loss on a vehicle and our agent came right out to our home to resolve it quickly.
I have been with American Family insurance for almost 4 years. I am not a fan of their agent's customer service and I wouldn't have recommended them to anyone. I stay with them because they are the cheapest. I try my best to not have to talk to them because it's just a nightmare. Needless to say when my 2014 car received severe hail damage, I DREADED that call. But I have to say their Claims Adjuster, Gina **, has BY FAR exceeded my expectations and has restored my faith on American Family Insurance. She knew how much I loved my car. Gave me my possibilities. Let me think about it with NO pressure. When the whole claim was all said and done, I walked away feeling like I was not cheated. When you really need your insurance company to be there for you, she was. That to me is when it counts. Gina provided SPECTACULAR customer service! The agent at American Family Insurance in Greeley, off 10th street, need to take notes from her! :)
Have been a customer of AmFam for over 15 years. Recently did a policy review with the agent and was given a quote. We accepted the quote and received our bill in the mail. It was double the amount quoted. We have tried to contact the agent 3 times to ask why the bill was so much more than the quote. He refuses to respond to our inquiry. The epitome of bad customer service. There are too many other insurance companies out there to settle for this level of incompetence.
I was hit on the side by an American Family driver while driving thru a green light. The claims investigator stated that they had to determine fault first so I had to get my insurance involved. Since I did not have rental coverage on my insurance I had to borrow a car and it has been 4 weeks now with no communication from AF at all. I had to call my insurance to find out that they admitted fault. I am pretty convinced that they did this so they would not have to pay for rental coverage and that this is pretty standard with them to get out of paying. I also have to pay my $500 deductible first to get my car back after 6 weeks and hopefully my insurance will be able to get my deductible back from AF. Pretty bad!
I am with State Farm for more than 13 years and was solicited by American family to bring my policies over. The first agent canceled the appointment a few minutes before (Rick **, mn). A day wasted. The second agent (Tippie **, MN) never showed up. 2nd day wasted. The 3rd agent did not have manners and brought someone else to the meeting without informing beforehand. As I told him that this was not agreed upon he yelled in front of my house that I should find another insurance. I exactly did that. 3 days wasted. I called their corporate. They don't even think it is necessary to call back. I am glad I am not insured with them. Imagine how they would treat you as a customer.
My truck was stolen from my garage in Dec 2015. The police finally got it back on Jan 17, 2016. The truck has an extra 4717.0 miles on it now. Still fighting with American family to have truck re keyed and also compensation for the miles on the truck! The value of the truck with the extra miles dropped it 1100.00. The police didn't recover the key in the bust. Now my truck security is compromised!! I have talked to my agent, and also to customer service and still no word back on it. Would not recommend American family to anyone at all!!
Our son, who is away at college, has American Family auto insurance. He just received a notice-- they are cancelling his insurance because his BROTHER, who has insurance with a different company, got a DWI. What??? We had two claims with American Family and they were both disasters so we moved to a different insurance company. However, our son decided to stay with them and now they are cancelling him because of his brother, who again, has coverage with a different company?? He received this notice 3 days before terminating his policy. One good thing will come out of this-- no one in our family will have American Family insurance any longer.
We work with an agent. That agent is available if we have a need or concern and is able to advise us if we need to make any changes in our coverage. Our homeowners insurance and umbrella policy are also with American Family which is a convenience to us.
I have had AmFam for over 10 years. Never had an issue until the past year. I had my first accident and they tried to lowball me on value of my vehicle. The claims adjuster stated various reasons that the value was lower. One was that there was oil on the engine... I had just been in a head on collision. Another reason was that the inside interior was dirty... My dog had torn a stick up inside the vehicle the previous day. Ridiculous. They then found comparable vehicles that were way underpriced because they weren't comparable. The years were older, the miles were over 100,000. I had to go back and forth with them and then speak to a supervisor or a senior analyst.Now, our rates go up sporadically because "the rates in Missouri went up". This is actually what they tell us. We get a statement for one price then we find out it is another price. What is the reason??? Our agent says one thing... The 1-800 # says another thing. I have been trying to get new insurance but now other companies don't want to cover us because we have used our Roadside Assistance. So if you use the Roadside Assistance that you pay for every month, then other companies feel like you are a risk.
They are expensive enough to believe you're getting quality insurance, but they dont care a dime about you, only interested in your dime. I had a wonderful agent but this is a terrible company. I was with them for years and leaving because it obvious they could care less if I leave or not.
My wife was in an fender bender where the car in front backed into her bumper. We called the police and filed a report just to make sure we had all the paperwork to avoid a he-said-she-said afterwards. Police report recorded the insurance details and we called American Family for next steps. After getting all the details of the incident, American Family agent called us a month later rejecting our claim. The reason he gave was, "We have not been able to contact the owner of the vehicle to confirm the details of the accident. Apparently the owner's friend was driving the truck. Without the owner's confirmation, we cannot process the claim."Given that the police officer took the insurance information and put it on the incident report, I am assuming the car is insured by American Family Auto and they are liable for this incident. Not sure what else we are supposed to do in this situation. We thought, given police involvement, we had covered all our bases, but apparently insurance companies have lots of ways to get out and not pay for the incident.
Haven't had to file any auto claims, but did purchase and sell some real estate recently. Had issues with Am Fam cancelling homeowner's policy on the wrong property and it took several calls and emails to get that fixed. Also took several calls and written requests to get them to change our mailing address for our policies.
Our agent is very thorough and takes the time to really get to know his clients. We get many discounts by having our home and auto with the same company. If I could make any suggestion it would be for lower premiums.
Consistently the least expensive policies for the coverage. I have my house and car insured together with this co. I usually check every year to compare, but no one can beat these rates. So far I have been lucky.
We were in an auto accident caused by a driver insured with American Family. They were clearly responsible, and American Family accepted responsibility officially but haven't paid anything for 6 months! Our car was totaled, I was injured and have medical bills, and they just don't pay! They keep saying they'll pay when everything is settled but keep putting it off. Fortunately for us, our insurance company (State Farm) has paid for everything and will try to collect from American Family so the bills are paid and we have replaced the car. I hate to think where we'd be if we had to count on American Family! They're deadbeats. That's why they're so cheap.
The agents I bought my policy from in my local town gave me very poor service. However, after I contacted the main office and did everything online after one call, I am satisfied completely. I have never filed a claim so I have no opinion on that area. The billing was taken care of properly and we have had no issue since that time.
When I've needed them either for a claim or even just a question they have always been there. They even provide a tow service for a minimal amount. Our personal agent is very helpful & responsive to our needs.
Horrible agent services! I went through 2 agents hoping that the 2nd would be better than the 1st, no luck. I lost a customer because of them. I called in to get proof of my insurance; the agents never call you back. The office staff can't ever find my file. I think they got my money and never actually insured me. The agents are always either on vacation or to lunch. They are never in their offices. You do not get good customer service. All they care about it getting your money, then you can't get in touch with them after that.
Agent and office support is outstanding. They assisted us in every step of a claim that did not involve AmFam (other drivers' fault) and made certain car went to an AmFam certified repair facility (assisted in the selection). Also alerted us to changes in Homeowners while assisting us on the auto claim.
Have been waiting now going on 2 and half weeks for claim check. First they said it was mailed. It wasn't. Then they told me they had to take taxes out because I chose to cash out. Then they told me the check was mailed Fri. It's now Wed. No check. No it should be here Thursday. Yea ok maybe I should do this when paying my policy. Oh and I live in the same city as American Family. What a joke of a company!!!! Never had this problem with other insurance companies.
I have had American Family insurance for both my home and auto (2 autos) for over 40 years. Great Service. Reasonable prices. Now I recently added my Travel trailer to American Family. All 3 for a fantastic price.
My brother was hit over Thanksgiving 2012 by one of your clients, completely totaled his SUV. Your client admitted at the scene he was totally at fault and additionally was cited by the Sheriff as 100% at fault. Not only did your representative call and attempt to bully my brother into admitting the accident was somehow his fault because he happens to be a young man, American Family offered significantly less (25% less) than what his vehicle was worth as settlement. When my brother refused this laughable offer, they pulled his rental car out from under him without notice in another attempt to force him into settlement. To this date, American Family has neglected to pay for my brother's vehicle or his towing bill to get the SUV home. My brother has had to pay all expenses associated with this accident out of pocket and purchase another vehicle to replace the vehicle he lost five months ago. To add insult to injury, every representative he has dealt with has treated him like some sort of criminal for expecting American Family to return him to the position he was in before the accident.
Sammy Oduniyi is the worst insurance agent ever. He lies to get what he wants. He uses his personal relationships with clients for his own professional gain. He told me if I didn't take the vehicle where he said to get repaired then fix it myself. He told the body shop owner where I took the vehicle to be fixed, "if you work on this truck you not getting paid." He went to the body and lied and said he was an adjuster coming to look at the truck and he is just an agent. He involved my 96 year old grandmother and my 77 year old father.It was a simple ordeal. A deer hit me. No other people or cars involved. He wants me to take my vehicle where he wants it go because I'm sure he gets a cut for every vehicle he sends there. I thought you could have your vehicle repaired anywhere you wanted to. He is very untrustworthy and only out for his own personal gain. Please people don't let the nice American Family commercials fool. Think long and hard before choosing AM Fam. They have a lot of people working for them with no morals or ethics. This particular agent Sammy Oduniyi is one the worst ever insurance agents I have ever seen or heard of. Thanks American Family for nothing. I will be paying the $6,900 repair myself.
I have never had any problems with my insurance company. They have always been very helpful and they don't raise the rates without letting me know. I have been with them for a very long time and I think they have only raised the rates a couple of times.
Your company is a joke and the CEOs and other top officers should be ashamed, quit blaming people that use their insurance as blame to costly premiums. Just like any other insurance this should be outlawed, nobody should be allowed to profit THIS MUCH off insurance. People pay to be protected from accidents, and get punished when they use their insurance. They like to blame the people that use their insurance that they pay into every month when costs go up but don't be fooled. It's the top 10 people and their 6,000,000 bonuses and probably more. DO NOT GO THROUGH AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE!
I filed an auto claim with American Family Insurance. The accident occurred on November 26, 2015. American Family did not send an adjuster to estimate my claim, everything that had to be done in filing the claim was up to me. The accident was the insured parties fault and although the other party received the citation, American Family only covered my claim at 90%. Why should l have to pay out of pocket when it wasn't my fault? I had the worst experience with AmFam. Not once did they call to inquire about my injuries and they treated me as if the accident was my fault. This is by far the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with! I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase this insurance or to avoid filing a claim with this company, they are terrible!
I inherited Jeffery Mayhew American Family Insurance while branching off on my own path from my family. The customer service was polite, humorous, and generally a pleasure to deal with. I had them when I moved out on my own, got my own car, bought my own home and generally became a young adult. Through poor life choices and hard times, I have to admit that I got a speeding ticket or two, and my insurance fell to the wayside when it came down to a roof over my head or food on my table once or twice over 6-7 years. Yes, I've been irresponsible consumer while growing up on occasion.And one day - I go to pay my bill, and two weeks later, my check comes right back on home. Why? Because they canceled my coverage, and never bothered to notify me. If I had gotten a heads up I would have made it an immediate priority. Oh well, ultimately this is my bad, I wasn't following my bills close enough. So I call in. Sure, they can get me signed up again, but my $145 car insurance would go up to $260 a month for six months. Damn, that blows, oh well, lesson learned right? Won't make that mistake again. Okay, sign me up, the next six months are going to blow chunks, but you reap what you sow.Month two rolls around, I get T-boned. Man, glad I have insurance. Takes a while with some bumps in the road, but they're still pretty pleasant to deal with and it gets taken care of without too much screaming and crying. I call in to pay my bill each month, always early now, see? Lesson learned. And each time, the rep confirms, only 5 more months, 4 more months, 3 more months - so on - until the monthly goes back to my sweet $145. Even assuring me that the accident wouldn't impact my monthly bill. Finally, a cute little bell chimes on my phone to remind me, as they asked, to call in to get my insurance reduced.BIG OL' FAT NOPE. Oh? What are you talking about? No, you're locked in at the $260.00 rate for the next three years. Oh you were consistently told otherwise? I'm SO sorry to hear that! Can you get a refund on the bill you just paid yesterday? Oh, wow, Sorry about this, but we just CAN'T swing that. You're dissatisfied? No, we don't have a complaint or dispute process, SORRY!I am a 23-year-old female, I have been living on my own since 16, I'm a freaking adult, but this ** is still hard on my salary. I'm so hurt and feel utterly betrayed that they would so blatantly do the bait and switch after I loyally decided to stay with the company for a ridiculous amount of money for half a freaking year. And there's nothing I can do about it but write this silly review and move on. In summary: Yeah, I'm ticked and more cynical for my experience. But they do have some polite reps, even if they're not being honest. It's just utterly disappointing that they refused to work with me despite my loyalty. Goodbye Amfam, you lost a lifer.
Car got clipped out in front of the apartment. I got the insurance info which was American Family, and called their agent to set up a time to get it fixed. The CSR told me that if the car needed immediate repairs that it would come out of my insurance. Why?! Your insurer hit my car, this is your problem! Then I took the car to the body shop, just to get a call back from an adjuster stating that they are going to pay for the whole bumper and taillight because there was damage to it prior to the accident. So in other words, they lost a potential customer over $150 which is now coming out of my pocket because of their insurer's negligence. I hope Geico and Progressive put you guys out of business. American Family only looks at the bottom line and ways to cut their losses.
My recent experience with AmFam has been terrible. First off I called them to reissue a policy for a different vehicle (big mistake). I had cancelled a policy on a different vehicle a month before. The agent I was assigned was "out of the country" so I was rerouted to a different agency to reinstate the policy. This was on Sept 17. So I go to register the vehicle and the tag office tells me they don't have proof of insurance. Called the agency and they were unable to electronically send proof of insurance so I paid for 14 days for a car I couldn't even register or drive until the agent decided to come back to the US... Now they're telling me my payment for this month was due 13 days early because my due date was set for the 4th of every month and reinstated my policy on a 17th. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!They also tried to tell me they refunded me my payment to reinstate my policy I made on the 17th of Sept which was why bill was like the way it was which was a bold face lie. Also turned out they never cancelled my car insurance policy for the month of August up to Sept 17th so they were charging me money for a car that I told them to cancel the policy on I wasn't driving and that I didn't even own anymore. Then tried to tell me I owed for that month when I had already cancelled and paid the balance off. Also let them to talk me into renters insurance which they claim covers anything in the home from damage. Yeah right. I'll be cancelling that policy soon. Bill ** expect another call from me! Also told an agent to hold on for me (he was waiting maybe 15 seconds I kid you not). I get back on the phone and the guy puts me on hold! Long story short they have proved to be unreliable, dishonest, and untrustworthy. This is me giving my HONEST opinion.
I've been insured by American Family for over 24 years, they always take care of claims quickly, and fairly. When we had a hailstorm years ago they set up a place so you could come out at your convenience to have your car looked at, and inspected, and they paid you right there. You didn't have to wait for a check in the mail, which I liked.
I had my first accident in over a decade, and I contacted my insurance agent to advise of the accident and was told that since I didnt have the money for deductible I could put the claim at a later time when I had the money. 3 months later after a bad customer service I canceled my policy. 2 months later when I tried to submit my claim, and after 6 years of business with American Family, the insurance adjuster told me I was committing insurance fraud and told me to stop lying about the accident. That it didnt happen that way and that I was a liar. Never in my life have I been treated so horrible. 6 years claim free... When I finally filed a claim I am told I am a fraud??? All this to avoid replacing a bumper???
My name is Anganic **, and I just so happen to have American Family Insurance. My car was vandalized outside of my home. Someone busted both my front and rear windshield, passenger window, and stole my muffler. I have full coverage insurance, so I called and filed a claim on November, 29th, 2016. My claim handler, Marisa ** out of Wisconsin said she would call me back once she verified my coverages with my agent. Of course, she never called back so I reached out. She tells me that she's still waiting to hear back.Now at this point, I'm told that I need to speak to Linda ** in the Special Investigation Unit, so I called her. I didn't get an answer the first three times, I left a voicemail, still nothing. I email her about the claim and she responds and say, "Is Tomorrow a good time to talk at 10 am?" I call her the next day and still no response. December 29th, 2016 will make a month since I filed this claim and I still haven't heard anything from them. I had to pay for repairs out of my own pocket and at this point I need reimbursement.
I have never filed an auto accident claim with this company but have had comprehensive claims such as for a cracked windshield and for auto towing when my car would not start and American Family paid my claim fast with no problems. I receive discounts for not having accidents as well as other discounts for my age, driving record, etc. They let me pay monthly even though they prefer to be paid annually or semi-annually. Also my deductible is no longer available, but they "grandfathered" me in so I would not have to go to a higher deductible.
I was really scared after reading all the negative reviews on how many others homeowners claims were handled. Fortunately for me, the process was smooth and efficient! My claims adjuster followed up with me throughout the whole claims process and from start to finish the whole process from the time I opened my claim to the time I received my check was 3 1/2 weeks. I have been a customer with American Family since 2001 and had my 1st claim this year. It was a water leak. I received my insurance renewal for this upcoming year 2018-2019 and my insurance only increased by $71.00 and I can probably get it lowered by making some minor adjustment on coverages. So for me, American Family Insurance has proven to be a reliable and reputable company.
A young man blew through a Stop sign and I T-boned him. His car was pushed into an oncoming car, injuring a third party. AmFam has been terrible to deal with from day one. They were in denial that it was the other driver's fault. The claims adjuster was unresponsive. It has been 3 years and 4 months, and I have had thousands of dollars of dental bills in the past and tens of thousands of dollars in the future pending. I've had to put off everything because I'm unwilling to pay any more out of my pocket. I've been patiently waiting for a settlement offer, but they are just dragging their feet. I'm just about all out of patience.
I work at an auto body and collision center in Washington State. A customer of ours was in an accident, and while we repaired his car, he rented a car from us. American Family Insurance agreed to pay us 40 dollars a day for the car. He had the car for 29 days and his total came to over $1200 after tax. The rep from AFI refuses to pay the amount agreed on, insinuating I am a liar and accusing us of trying to cut corners to make her look like the bad guy. This is terrible and unprofessional behavior.Trying to resolve the situation, I reduced the rate of the rental car to 32 dollars a day (the lowest my boss would allow), saving the insurance company well over 200 dollars. They still argued with us. She then CALLED THE CUSTOMER, saying that we are overcharging and screwing the customer over and that he will have to pay out of pocket, which is completely ludicrous given that they had agreed to this price prior. Now we are dealing with both a confused and angry customer, and an unprofessional insurance rep.I have tried reaching out to her supervisor, however he doesn't seem interested in returning my calls. Now their customer is going to have to pay out of pocket, they are not doing their job. From all employees here at an auto body, repair, rental, and towing center we STRONGLY advise you against insuring with American Family. It is a nightmare for both customer and auto center. We will no longer be working with them directly.
I was rear-ended on 11/04/05 and went to court almost two years later. I had a bad lawyer and lost my case. I have full coverage and American family did not make good on nothing but to fix the rear end of my car which there was more damage than what was fixed. It was not looked at well enough. I lost my home, my job and I have mental and physical damages. I filed report with Board of Attorneys and there was a good cause for appeal. The lawyer did not follow through. So since I filed a complaint, no lawyer will talk or handle this. I am 54 and I have raised four children on my own. I have worked my whole life but I had lost everything that evening. I want to know why no one up in insurance company ever followed up to see the outcome and help me. I need closure. Someone please write or call me because someone needs to explain why no one ever got in touch to see how I was and how I am. I feel like no one cared except for Linda at the office I bought the car insurance from. Our next min was not guaranteed to us and I do not know what else to do. All I can think of is someone need to explain in person why I was just ignored. I have been homeless just about 3 years after this accident. Why pay for insurance when you are not compensated in timely matter? I had not been in an accident with other vehicle that I ever. Someone please, do not ignore this. I wrote a letter a few years ago. I never heard from anyone. Arbitration is 100% in my favor. I was completely stopped on hey and was hit 3 times from rear.
I do not have American Family insurance, but was hit in a 4 car pile-up by a car who had American Family. The accident was over 16 months ago, and to this day, I still have no settlement. I have never dealt with such rudeness in my life. Each person I spoke with has some sort of "Chip on their shoulder", and acts like I am taking time out of their "Precious" day. Who does this? Who treats the accident victim so bad? My car was almost totaled, and they treat me bad. I am on the edge of getting an attorney at this point. I just wanted all of this settled. AFI should really exam their customer service, and have a serious "coming to Jesus" meeting with every one of their personnel.
Rates were low and stayed low and I have no complaints. The signup process was simple. The agent (Bill **) was attentive and courteous. I highly recommend this company for your auto insurance needs. They didn't make any mistakes or try to upsell. Their office was clean and efficiently run. Every aspect of the operation was professional.
I don't like their customer service skills. First of all I've been with American Family for almost three four years and I have full coverage insurance. I had collision. I take a trip to Chicago and I hit a pothole. So that tells me that my car is not covered so there's nothing they're going to do for me. So basically they're telling me to kiss they **.
American Family Insurance is the worst insurance carrier that I have ever done business with. As a new customer, I was not satisfied with the continued billing issues. This company charged my account multiple times for the same policy all in one month. I called and tried to get the issue resolved and did not get anywhere. After being placed on hold for 20 minutes, I was then randomly transferred to someone's voicemail; not sure if it was a supervisor or not. This insurance is being cancelled effective immediately. Disappointed Customer.
In June 2010, my vehicle was involved in an accident which resulted in AmFam totaling the vehicle. I thought all was good as I've carried GAP coverage from day one on the loan to ensure that in such event, the loan would be covered. When I was first contacted by the appraiser/claim representative, he told me that they would leave an unpaid balance of almost $5,000.00! I mentioned to him that I have GAP and that should cover that balance, asking for confirmation. His reply was that GAP was "really only for leased vehicles, not for owned vehicles." Knowing this to be false, I didn't argue with him, thinking 'surely, they'll take care of this.' Much to my surprise, they denied the GAP payment ultimately saying that there was unrelated prior damage that diminished the value of the vehicle. While I concur with this, my issue with AmFam is that they were aware of this but they continued to collect the GAP portion of my premium. Therefore, I believed I had GAP.
American Family insurance is a lousy company with lack of social responsibility and terrible communication skills. A customer of theirs slid across the freeway due to high speed driving in bad weather and ended up facing my wife in her lane. My car has now sat in the shop for nearly a month. (The estimate is only $1,800.00). They claim that until they get a statement from their customer within 30 days, they will do nothing despite the fact that the police report clearly indicates fault. I am out a car (no rental). The adjuster does not return any calls. At one point, my insurance company called and they told my insurance they had accepted liability. Upon follow-up, they said they had not. I don't want money; I don't want anything. I just want my car fixed and a rental while it is broken. More than anything, I want an insurance company to take responsibility for their client and do the right thing.
AmFam has low prices & helpful, responsive customer service. My representative works with me to get the best affordable insurance for me. I'd recommend to anyone looking for auto insurance.
Have a wonderful agent at American Family that takes care of me. She checks for prices and discounts every year and calls with any changes. When I have questions she always gets back to me in a timely manner and works with me.
American Family has been very slow in completing my claim and on several attempts by me to talk to someone only to get the runaround. No return calls on a timely matter. I am now being sued for the medical bills occurred due to this accident. An accident caused by your client on the 11th of February. There was no question as to whose fault it was and I do not understand the delay. I received a check for sums due on the 14th of April only to see that it was made out to three persons: one medicare, me and my wife with a lien placed on the check until medicare received their money. I went through Southwest Medical and do not understand where medicare came in. I have Senior Dimensions and go to Southwest for care. Medicare has never billed me and I never deal with them direct. If I let Medicare have the money then Southwest will ask me for the money. I would like the money we settled on for bodily injury liability and American Family pay Southwest or Medicare.
I have never been so agitated and let down by an insurance company. One of their policyholders hit my car on veteran's day Nov. 2016, and tried to take off! She tried to hit and run my car! So thankfully there was a witness who saw her and had her stop and took her information for me. At first they seemed very nice and helpful, my claim agent Tigra ** spoke to me once on the phone, and then one email after having me choose a repair company. That was the last time I heard from her, ever since then I have been given the runaround and had to have other agents help me.Finally around Christmas I called and told them I was done dealing with them and would rather them cash me out the estimation of damage. A helpful man helped me start that process, told me to call back and check in about a week. A week later I called and they said "okay we will mail your check out, give it TWO business days." Today January 17th it has now been SEVEN business days and no check. I have been dealing with these people for 2 months now. I'm sick and tired of getting excuses and the runaround, there should be no reason it takes a company 3 weeks to send a damn check. How incompetent are these people in this company that they cannot do the one thing they're supposed. I would NEVER get any insurance with American Family.
After having my FINANCED vehicle for about 1.5 years (to which I was under the impression I had full coverage on, because that's what my agent sent the dealership prior to me driving off the lot, because, you know, that's the LAW), I got a crack in my windshield so I called to find out what my comp deductible was. Once the agent pulled my account info, she informed me that I only had liability. UMMM what? I informed her my car was financed and asked her how they would've let me drive off the car lot with just liability. That is when she informed me that the agent who put together my policy was fired for doing this to other people. She would send a full coverage binder to the dealership, but then reduce coverage without the client's knowledge. So, AmFam was aware she was doing this, fired her, and DIDN'T CONTACT HER OTHER CLIENTS TO INFORM THEM THAT THIS MAY HAVE HAPPENED TO THEM. So, I told her I need full coverage ASAP.Fast forward a couple months: I'm in a collision. It's ruled my fault (even though the adjuster never took pictures or asked for traffic cam footage). I still only have liability even though at this point, the agency KNEW I had requested a full coverage policy due to their negligence. My car isn't covered and I'm screwed. I filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner and AmFam basically responded with "Sorry, can't help" and the Commissioner basically said they can't, either. This is how you conduct business? I'm only in this situation because my policy was changed WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE, and they have taken zero accountability.
I canceled my Homeowners with American Family after my roof was the only roof around my home that wasn't totaled in a hail storm. Fast forward 4 year. I was driving straight and the light turned yellow as I got to the intersection The American Family customer that turned left on the yellow in front of me is only 90% at fault for making the illegal move. She was ticketed. I was going straight, didn't run the light or break the law, as a matter of fact, I was within the law as I cleared the intersection. Their customer turned left in front of me. I had no ability to avoid the accident but I did my best not to allow it to be a T-bone collision and minimized the damage. The man who called to take my recorded statement and is the adjust has been incredibly rude on every call. He has reminded me three times now that just because the other party got the ticket and broke the law and caused the accident, that doesn't mean they are liable for all the damages. They have suggested I pay 10% or engage my insurance to pay the balance. That is not acceptable. I'm seeking an attorney.
Sub-Agent for American Family Insurance in Marietta, Georgia under Bobby ** whose name was Indiana ** led me to believe that I would save $800 in changing my auto, homeowners and umbrella liability to American Family. The sub-agent couldn't wait to charge my credit card for several thousand dollars. As time went on, the savings shrunk from $800 to $51. I told them to cancel my insurance on the effective date and return my money. American Family and my agent are saying the "check is in the mail". It's amazing how quick they can charge your account but how long it takes to send a check. If it was mailed, it went by Australia and New Zealand. If you are getting a quote from these people, be very, very careful. Don't allow them to charge your account until the savings are absolutely confirmed. I will be filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia tomorrow.
This is a corrupt family, they do not treat and value customers AT ALL. They give you the runaround. My case was very simple and I had tried to deal with them. Signed up for car insurance, I got lured in with those low introductory rate they have by one of their agent called Bradley (also just like the fortune 500 company, I think they train them not to retain customers and cheat people's money). When I cancelled my policy due to them increasing my monthly premiums every month, they went ahead and gave me a refund next to nothing and when I tried to get as simple as an explanation for the refund I kept on being bounced back from department to department. PLEASE REALLY CONSIDER ANOTHER INSURANCE COMPANY!!!
My husband and I were rear-ended and not able to work for months. My husband had a broken back, and for the first time in his life, he was injured. American Family waited four months before they sent us a check for my husband’s lost wages. We suffered through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. We had PIP insurance along with our auto insurance. We had been with them for years, so I filed a complaint with our state insurance dept. That was when they sent us the check and I believe that was the only reason they did. A month later, they are demanding we do an independent medical examination. I have no problem with this, but our attorney tells us that the medical provider will probably side with the insurance company. My husband is injured, has broken bones and they don't want to pay his medical bills? What will happen if they no longer want to pay them? Will the provider for our family be injured forever because his own insurance refuses to pay his medical bills? Anyone wanting to get auto insurance with them should do so with extreme caution and should first read our experience with them. They are not the company you want if you are in an accident. We are suffering because they don't care about our well being, and this is our own insurance company.
One of their clients ran into my car with out looking, she got the ticket, and called her Insurance company right way. This was almost 2 weeks ago. No one had called me yet, well some one tried to get a hold of me but I was out of cell service and did not leave a message. I can not believe that you are still in business, it is pretty sad how you run a Business. At least some one should of called me on the first day of the Accident to let me know that he or she were working on my claim, but nothing happened. I had to call Wednesday a week later to find out some one name Amber was suppose to be assigned to me but never called me. I have left a message on her phone. The Answering machine said "I will call back today." What a joke, called again Friday before Christmas just to find out she is out of the office till Tuesday. Still no call back.Today I was pissed off, wanted to talk to some one in charge. Instead of talking me I left a message and again no return phone call. At least nothing was on the phone. Just one call but no message. How can you stay in Business when you don't give a ** about any one. I was hit by your client and all I got so far was the run around. Never would I recommend you to anyone. Consumer be aware. This is not a company I would want to do Business with. They don't care about customer Service at all.
I have been an American Family Insurance customer since 2001 and Unfortunately, I had 2 claims recently 4/2018 and 1/2019. Both were water damage claims. The adjuster Deandre was very prompt and professional. Both of my claims were handled quickly and smoothly. I was very pleased also with the professionalism of the claims department 800 customer service. American Family paid both of my claims without any issues. The first one was on the smaller side this last claim was close to $3000.00. I have not received my homeowner's insurance renewal yet and hope I can remain a customer of theirs. Unfortunately, there are things beyond the homeowner's control especially when they happen unexpectedly. Luckily I was home when both incidents occurred and that helped to mitigate damage to our home.
Another desperate insurance company that has to send advertisements to get biz just like Progressive, Geico and All State. Would never do business w/this company or any other insurance company that sends unsolicited mail. Seeing that there overall satisfaction rating is 2 out of 5 stars. No wonder they have to harass people w/their unsolicited mailings. Funny, I never get unsolicited ad mailers from Farmers, State Farm, Liberty Mutual Nationwide or USAA, probably because they don't suck like American Family Insurance.
american family insurance is by far the worst insurance company i have delt with. month ago i had been rear ended on a highway in rush hour traffic by a guy who is insured through american family he claims i had backed into his vechicle which is total bs because there was nowhere for me to go. american family ins did not sent anybody out to inspect the damages and they stood by what their insured was claiming my opinion you asses the damages before anything else. this is still an ongoing battle i refuse to pay out of my own pocket for something i did not do.
I have American Family Insurance for my auto insurance. My overall experience with the process of getting my auto insurance with them was great! I live in a very small town in the middle of the desert so we don't have to wait in lines or anything anywhere. I never spend more than 10 minutes in the DMV. I absolutely love that! I didn't have to wait in any line to set up my auto insurance when I first signed up. The max I spent in the office was 30 minutes. It was easy to sign up and was able to pay without any hassle. It was great. I like all the features they have. The one I like most is the glass replacement. Living in the middle of the desert we have rocks all over. In the yard instead of grass and most of the roads are loose gravel. They get kicked up into windshields all the time. Nothing like driving down the street and some car peels out and kicks rocks and nicks your windshield. They will replace it that same day and no waiting. I always recommend them to anyone because they do treat you right.My parents also have the same company for their auto insurance and sometimes they ask me to get life insurance through them every couple of months. No matter how many times I tell them I can't afford it they still ask me over and over. There can be some very pushy salesman out there. They won't give up until they get the sale and it is the only thing I don't like about them. Sometimes I feel like they are doing that to me with the life insurance. I'm a single mom to 3 boys and my youngest is autistic.
I file a claim with American Family Insurance company in April 2015, this company will not return calls or try to settle claim. This company just want to collect your money, for me I been with them for over 10 years and this is my first claim, and they act as if their job is to only collect your money. Storm damage destroyed my business, all my customer furniture, as well as my personal property. This company acts like I didn't have no insurance and still today no response.
My husband and I were married three months ago. He has a home that is insured with American family and I have mine insured with State Farm. Three weeks ago his house and garage was broke into (we are in the process of remodeling). Needless to say the vast majority of my tools were stolen as well as a riding mower. American Family is stating that since they were my tools that State Farm should cover the loss instead of American Family. Then they said each company should share in the loss. That means my premiums will go up and we will be paying $3000 in deductibles. American Family's adjustor is a complete ass and is rude. Basically laughed in my face when I tried to explain why I didn't feel my homeowners has anything to do with it and should be held responsible. All that and they continue to talk and talk over me when arguing with them. I'm sick of them and would file suit if I knew I could. They suck!!!! Stay away from American Family!!!
I called over a few weeks prior to change my automatic deduction date which was only a few days later. I was told it wouldn't be a problem. So next month came along and money was automatically taken out of my account on the regular date, not on the date that was supposed to be changed! I called the agency, they apologized, but I ended up having to borrow money since my account was now negative! So now the next month comes around and my bill is higher because now they changed the date to where I previously wanted it, but they are charging me as if I cancelled, very disappointed!! They should have told me it would be a charge, don't you think??
My complaint is with the American Family Insurance company, not the agent who sold me the policy. In April 2008, my car was struck by another car. The entire accident was recorded on a video camera mounted on the truck ahead of me. I sustained a cracked sternum, a sprained left hand, a battered left knee and a pinched nerve in my left hip. The other driver was cited and his insurance company paid me the full amount of his coverage: $25,000. My policy with the American Family Insurance company has $250,000. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage, I applied to it for $60,000 to cover my medical expenses. American Family Insurance company denied my claim on the grounds that I had received money from the other driver's company. Finally, after two years, the American Family Insurance company offered me $5,000. Early next month, my lawyer and I got to mediation. If that fails, we will go to court. Somewhere in those two sessions, I expect a gag order to be put on all information pertaining to this case. So I am writing this now. Regardless of the outcome, I want prospective customers to know American Family Insurance company does not stand behind its product. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have contracted to have them be my insurer. Buyer beware.
American Family Insurance insured person ran into my house with their vehicle. They were not a guest, they were not invited, and had no reason to be on my property. American Family is dragging their feet in paying me for the extensive repairs needed on my home. This should be pretty simple matter - your insured ran into my house - pay up and close claim! Why must consumers have to sue, file complaints, and etc. to get results. That is the reason lawyers and government agencies are needed to protect consumers.I will not get a penalty against my policy for the mistake of someone else. By the way, their insured owns the home next door to me so why they did not use their own driveway to teach their significant other to drive is beyond my comprehension. Still ongoing next steps are filing complaints and lawsuits.
I got into an auto accident 11/28/2013. Filed a claim and didn't from them in days. When the accident happened, a drunk driver hit me from behind and made me hit a lady from the rear on the opposite side of the street. Got cited by TPD and I showed proof of insurance. They looked me up in their system and I was told I had insurance. I know the law, if I didn't. I also had damage to my car as well. Am Fam said I had no insured, proof is in the pudding, my ticket, police system, insurance card, they denied me the whole. Due to the accident, I lost my baby and license because of them.
I've held a policy with American Family for over 10 years. Home, autos, boat and ATV. Several times I contacted my agent about how much I was paying over $350/mo! I was told that it was the best rate. I shopped and found better coverage for $100/month less. I canceled my Am Fam policy and a week later received from my agent a post card that asked me to come back they could get me a better rate. Why not just provide me the best option to begin with. I will not be back.Then a month later I received a bill for $96. They claim that my ATV is a 9 month policy that is paid over 12 months and provides 12 months of coverage. I asked if I paid the rest of the policy through Feb would I be covered through Feb. I was told no. That I needed to pay but would not be provided insurance for the time I paid for. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! The problem is the letters are threatening referral to a collection agency and I don't want my credit ruined over $100. So watch out for extortion! Also we had a leak and water damage they would not cover. We were told if we had found it sooner (it was a pipe behind our dishwasher) it would have been covered. If we found it sooner we could have fixed it and wiped it up with a paper towel.
We had been with Amfam for 20+ years and have paid all our premiums and actually lasted longer than our Agents. We had a tornado come through one day in summer and our vehicle was damaged. So lo and behold, I call to make a claim and they tell me our insurance had been cancelled. Our so called Agent never, ever called us to tell us but claims there was a computer generated letter to explain it. Well we have always paid online and never noticed that the insurance was just removed from one of our vehicles because our policy always just said vehicles and home. We also unexpectedly paid our homeowners insurance twice in error and that did not matter to them. They have no care in the world for their loyal customers literally and just care about the money they are making. Within weeks of this happening they sent us a new policy and it went from $800 to $1800 annually. Seriously, and sadly we have changed insurance and now pay a premium of $1795 for all vehicles and home! Clearly Amfam was inflating their prices and never showed us any care and our Agent did not do his job! They are just paper pushers and they are the epitome of large business with no care in the world about the customer just a money making machine. No loyalty or obligation whatsoever. The customer service we experienced was less than par and you could tell from the get go. They were not going to work with us on this. They just don't care. They just want your money, you are not even a human or family or loyal customer to them.
Total lack of interest in taking responsibility of claim - My daughter was hit by a woman running a red light. My daughter saw the woman coming and realized she was not going to stop. She swerved to try to avoid an accident, but her car was totaled. The lady also hit my neighbor who was stopped at the red light. There were 2 witnesses to the accident. They both gave an eye witness account to what happened. The woman was coming 30-35 miles an hour, never putting on the brakes. American Family, in 2 weeks, never contacted the witnesses. They didn't offer a loaner car and said my daughter was 10% to blame. They also told my neighbor, whose car was hit, that they would have to find out who was liable. American Family Insurance is the company that the lady who caused the accident. Dealing with them has been a nightmare. The agent didn't even contact the witnesses. His only verbiage is 90/10. So Progressive gets the $500 deductible, American Family will only pay 90%. Win-win for both companies. Why would they even want to investigate and try to do the right thing? And we don't need regulations in this country? Why have full coverage, a good driving record, never be late with an insurance payment when this is what you're dealing with?
Great prices -- the best I have ever had. They are half the price of any other insurance company I have ever used. I have had them over a year now and I have full coverage for 1500 A year.
It took them over 2 weeks to accept liability when their driver hit me from behind. Now they are giving me the run around telling me that different people are handling different parts of my claim. One person is handling the car damage, another paying me for being off work, back pain, etc. Of course that person has never once returned a phone call. I think their strategy is stalling until you sue their customer. So anyone thinking of getting this insurance thinking they will have your back, don't!
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