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American Dream Vacations Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: American Dream Vacations
Overall average rating of 3.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 50 %
After arriving to pickup our RV on a Friday afternoon we were told the RV was not ready as promised. We waited for over 2 hours before the RV was ready for us. We left out from the Boerne in Friday afternoon traffic and traveled south to our home. When we finally got out of the evening rush hour traffic and got the RV up to road speed the road noice from the RV was horrible. As we continued home I found that the wall by the passenger seat and the floor began to separate and light came up from underside of the RV. As we drove down the road we were able to let a towel fall out of the RV though the separation of the wall and the floor. We called American Dream Vacations and there was no way to get ahold of anyone. Repeated calls we left unanswered. The number we were given to fall for roadside assistance also was a voice mail and it was not until after the holiday weekend that our calls were answered. We left the RV at a local dealership and changed our entire vacation pans due to the defective RV we were rented. While most of our money was returned I would never again rent an RV from American Dream Vacations.
I had a great time experience renting a Class C rv! Somethings were not working properly got it was ok overall! I would definitely comeback to America’s dream Vacations! I hear they have new inventory! I now know what to look for. America dreams vacation overall is affordable! They work Witt you on paying off the rv of your choice! I paid my in monthly stallments since I planned 7 months ahead so by the time i picked up my rv most of it was paid for. Expect for the insurance etc. see y’all soon!
Rented RV for 2016 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. RV running when we did initial walk through. Once on Fiesta grounds we quickly discovered the batteries were dead. Running generator did not charge them. ADV technician replaced batteries with 2 12 volt batteries in series creating 24 volts of power and blew out power. We also discovered they had filled the black water tank with clean water causing the toilet to overflow. After all these problems and spending a night with now power ie no lights or heat ADV refused to give us a partial refund on the rental cost.
We had originally made the reservation for the unit we wanted to rent almost 3 months before we needed it. The week before we were to pick up the coach we wanted, American Dream Vacations, called and advised us the the coach we had reserved for almost 3 months now was not available due to prior commitments for that unit. They have a comparable unit that we could use. So when I go to pick the unit up on Friday morning, so that we could load up and leave on Friday afternoon, I find out that this unit the auto levels have been acting up and may or may not work. American Dream Vacation stated it should not be a problem since most good RV parks site are level enough. I asked if they had any other units and expressed my concern for having had 1 unit reserved for 3 months and to finally get there the day we were to leave to find out the coach had some issues. Just a little late to change plans without loosing money on campground deposits and such. I went a head a used the unit. As I quickly learned, that when the auto levels are not working neither does the radio, the back up camera nor the electric mirror adjustments. Just a little nerve racking for a first time coach user. Then to top it off, on the drive to the campsite, it started to rain. At least the wipers would come on but they were so dry rotted that they did absolutely no good. So we got to pull off the road and wait for the storm to pass. Luckily we finally made it to the camp site. And as expected, the levelers did not work. The site was almost level but tilted just enough to the side that it felt like you were sleeping with your feet uphill. So in the middle of the night, we got up and made the bed up backwards, with our feet at the headboard. We sleep fine after that, just getting in and out of bed was a lot harder than it needed to be. When I returned the unit I asked about compensation for all of the issues we had in the use of the coach. They provided me with the form to feel out and send in for consideration. I filled the form out and sent it in. After about 6 weeks and several follow up calls on my part, I get a certificate for $500.00 in the mail, good for 1 year on any rental over $1000.00. American Dream Vacations stated that they could not refund money but that they were sorry for any inconvenience. Now why would I want to risk another vacation with the same company if they are not willing to stand behind their products any better than this?
It took me over 3 hours to complete my pickup. It was done with the wrong hitch. Trailer had no driving lights (which I didn't discover until after dark) It was not completely dumped prior to my pick up so we had a terrible smell for the two days. The hitch unattached while I returned. When I explained all of this to them. they gave me a "one night" stay on my next 3 day rental. No refund or partial. They acted as if I were running a scam. Or they just didn't care.
Have rented twice with excellent customer service, quality of rental unit and ease of reservation details with their on-line process.
Loved our trip in "Spirit". Derrick is great!
RV that was rented to us was not in very good condition. Windshield wipers worked only intermittently, one of the top windscreen items blew off and we had to pay for them. And, the vehicle shook at highway speeds. There was also duct tape on the back bumper, the vent on the top of the RV whistled and I had to stuff tissues into it to keep it quiet. The dashboard was missing a screw and shook while we were driving. I had to stuff a shirt in it to make it less noisy and shake less. When we got back, the mechanic who worked there said he was surprised the RV made it through our entire trip. wow. We should have demanded a refund and I'm sorry we didn't.
This transaction took forever to close out once the RV was returned. They kept making excuses and were very difficult to get on the phone. They accused us of damage that was clearly visible in the check out photos. I finally recieved 1/25th of my deposit back once it actually settled. Its not worth fighting for the rest. my time is more valuable. The RV was decent for what it was, but probably will never do business here again. In response to their response- Yes it was a fuel related charge. They overcharged. I have their own pictures to prove fuel level. Remember to fill up, it will cost you $25 fee plus $8 a gallon. In no world ever is that even close to fair for 3 minutes worth of time refueling at $2.75 a gallon. Good job on that policy, it cost you a customer. Any sane store manager would have called the customer and maybe tried to save a future sale by finding a middle ground. I called multiple times to reconcile this deal, left messages and was told to wait for a call, and wait for a refund. Terrible customer service and communication.
This place gave me a great first experience. I got the trailer and it was nice inside and out. I would definitely recommend them.
Rented a pull trailer for a week, competitive pricing, went through the whole trailer before we left, brought it back and did the walkthu in a minimal time I’ll be back
I had a great experience with American Dream Vacations. I would definitely rent from them again.
We rented a Thor Vegas to see if we might be RV people. Turns out we're not really. Both of us agreed we prefer hotels and B&Bs. Our RV rental was clean and in good shape, no negatives to say about American Dream Vacation. Good people working there. We had no issues. With the model we rented, the bedroom was too small and so was the bathroom. At 25 foot you can't have everything. We both drove on a 1,500+ mile 8 day trip. We found the driving experience a bit overwhelming compared to a mini-van or SUV. RVs are awfully wide. The length didn't bother us.
We have used this company for years and have never been disappointed. Great company to do business with.
We rented the RV for our 2 week trip. Had all the food we bought on our first night, go bad and spoil. Because the fridge wouldn't switch from propane to electric. Was told to drive with the generator running to keep fridge and house batteries charged. Returned after 2 days for them to fix some relay on generator. Got to Arizona and had to stay an extra day at the campground due to the RV not being able to plug into Land Source. They were quick to hunt down someone to come out and fix the AC problem. Ended up being the AC cord itself. The very next morning we were on our way to Las Vegas to meet up with friends celebrating their 10th anniversary. As this was planned into our timeline for the trip. Ended up breaking down In KIngman AZ at the Petro when we stopped to get gas. This threw us 3 hours behind. We ended up missing our prepaid reservation with our friends for dinner celebrations. We made the best of it, and did enjoy our trip. It was just an unnecessary amount of breakdowns that could have been avoided with a preventative maintenance program that you would think a place like this would have already in place, especially with the amount of money you are paying. I would look elsewhere to rent an RV
I rent a camper from them about once a year. Good service and reliable campers. Good to deal with
In my opinion they rented me a 28 ft piece of junk and didn't explain how to disconnect the trailer. When I tried to return it the next day they refused to return my money. Find another place to rent your RV.
We had a great experience. It was easy to get set up for the rental. They showed how to work with the camper. Price was good and affordable
We had an awesome experience....
good well maintained equipment....staff was very helpful......
Rented from them several times, made it easy and enjoyed the units.
Beware if you are considering renting from this place. Their rates and selection seemed competitive, but the problem for us came after we experienced some accidental damage during the rental. For minor damage to the skirting, American Dream Vacations sent the claim to an outside company who then sent a demand for $4,636.14 to repair the unit. After a call to Kim at American Dream Vacations to complain, the claims company cut the demand to $2,308.91. Within a few days, I received a call from the claims company saying that my insurance company denied the claim and asked for a credit card number to pay the balance. I then called my insurance company who said that they had not even been contacted by the claims company. Oddly, the estimate went back to the original $4,636 amount when my insurance company became involved. (And I wonder why insurance rates are so high..) I have relayed my concerns to American Dream Vacations, but they seem to be standing by their contracted claims company and their questionable practices. The management of American Dream Vacations was not helpful, even defending their high estimates. In my opinion, even the lower estimate is high for damage that in no way impedes the use of the trailer. It seems that they are trying to make the repair process a very lucrative venture. Thankfully, my auto insurance did cover this, but many policies do not cover damage to rented trailers at all. My advice is to check with your insurance company first, then rent from pretty much any other RV rental company under the sun.
Good Company, very professional and I will use their service again.
Robin and his team have delivered three summers of great fun. Easy to pick up and drop off. Only way to camp out! On the way to most State Parks. We have had the same unit last three years and just keep a standing reservation.
Please read before you decide! We had a horrible experience with American Dream Vacations! Two flats due to poor maintenance/dry rot and their was minor scratch damage as a result which our insurance was billed for. The air conditioning didn't work well enough so we spent the majority of the time sweating and the generator didn't work. There was some kind of problem with the brakes caused by the blow-out but we were informed that it wasn't an issue we needed to have fixed during our trip, they could do so once we returned... As you might imagine we did not feel very safe with our family in an apparently extremely poorly cared for RV. (And we didn't get one of the "cheap" rentals. Our cost was $4000 for 6 days and we did inform them we were going on a Family Road Trip. We were told from day two when the first tire blew and we spent half the day at a mechanic/tire shop that they'd "take care of us when we returned" they continued to tell us this everytime we had to report another problem... this was a lie. I had to write a formal complaint, they never even spoke to me in person about it, they just kept saying "all complaints have to be written and mailed in" when we returned and were in front of them again. The shop we had the first tire replaced at highly recommended to them that another tire was dry rotted and needed replacing but they refused and we had the second flat the next day in the middle of nowhere and had to wait hours for assistance. In the end they offered us a voucher we could use towards another rental, they kept our deposit and charged our insurance for something they should have taken responsibility for and they refunded us $50 for the generator not working. We did purchases a portable air conditioner so that while we were parked at the RV site we could plug it in and get some cool air in the summer heat. Also we had boards falling while we were driving due to the vibrations, from the bathroom and kitchen area so we had to tighten those down. Based on our experience with RVs this is not a normal problem but caused by neglect and poor maintenance. Note : Our experience was about 5 years ago and I filed with the Better Business Bureau and their ranking was dropped. Since then I've tried to be removed from their mailing list plenty of times yet they continue to send me coupons, holiday banners and surveys. That's how you came to see my review again today. I pray that if you do decide to vacation with American Dream Vacations that you have a far more enjoyable experience and stay safe!!!! But I highly recommend you look at other companies so you have better odds. ADDITIONAL NOTES TO ADV AFTER A SPEEDY RESPONSE : Customer Service response time has obviously improved! I do hope your company has made improvements in all areas though your message leads me to believe that is not the case. Everything I stated is true and a value on another rental I'd never step foot in is not taking care of our family, especially after your management wouldn't talk to us in person and you charged our insurance for your costs of damages as you mentioned are more expensive and time consuming than proper maintenance. The generator did not work so I'm not sure how you have it logging anything. But more than a refund we would have appreciated being treated as customers who you failed rather than a problem your company didn't want to deal with. Your company offered us an amount off of our next rental and a $50 check by mail while charging us far more than that in damages caused by poor maintenance and ensuring we would never come back. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO STOP SHARING OUR EXPERIENCE WITH ADV PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR EMAILING LIST.
Not the unit I was promised, No hot water for days, had to call serviceman, shower flooded into bedroom, Slide out leaked, Received service call reimbursement after calling, 4 months later. Part of the hitch fell off on the road......
I am so surprised to be contacted as our experience with AmericaBADdreams was less than positive. We actually loved the motorhome we rented which helped us in our purchase a few years later. However we found the walk through and on the road assistance less than satisfactory. My guess is since you rent such a variety of rv models, some privately owned, you cannot be super knowledgeable. But your staff should know the basics. We were definitely oversold on some coverage such as propane. We ended with being charged for some damage we did not do, and thanks to another renter, we fought it and won through the state attorney ‘s office.
I paid a $300 deposit on a rental. Soon after we paid the deposit the Utah location that we paid closed. When we paid the deposit they told us we could use the deposit towards any rental at any "American Dream Vacation" location. After I found out the Utah location closed I called the Flordia location in Hope's to plan a trip in Flordia. They said we could only use the $300 at the location we paid the deposit. This is extremely frustrating and unprofessional. We should have been given our $300 deposit back when the Utah location closed! DO NOT RENT FROM AMERICAN DREAM VACATION! THIS COMPANY IS DIFFICULT TO WORK WITH AND IF YOU LOOK AT THE REVIEWS ITS OBVIOUS THEY ARE NOT PROVIDING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
I have rented from the OKC location many years. The experience has been terrific!
We rented an RV for our family trip to New Mexico and it was perfect! It was our first time renting/vacationing in an RV and ADV made it an enjoyable experience. We had a tire blowout 2 hours into our trip, however ADV was prompt in getting someone out to replace the tire. The RV was clean and met all of our expectations. We will definitely be renting from ADV in the future!
Bad experience. Poorly maintained RV. No A.C. in 100 degree Texas heat. Charged me for losing a generator panel that fell off the RV. Ruined the vacation and we ended up in a RV campground for the weekend in lovely Ft. Stockton. I removed the generator cover many, many times trying to start the thing, burning my fingers in the process. The generator would only stay operational for a few miles and then die again. The cover finally just fell off between stops, but the generator didn't work before or after the cover fell off. BTW, getting a piping hot generator cover back on is no easy task and burns to the hands resulted. Yet ADV blames me for losing the cover! Ruined vacation, burnt fingers and its all my fault, they say. No, I won't be renting from this ADV dealer again.
They try very hard to make sure you're satisfied. They will tell you the best unit for your money.
I rented a motor home twice. Last one was a miserable experience because the dash ac wasnt cooling. I brought it up when I turned it in but they just insulted me by giving me a $25 dollar refund. I spent thousands of dollars there and now they lost a customer
The RV shimmied so bad when we drove over 55mph. They then tried to tell me that, "larger vehicles will shake at high speeds." To which I responded," I drove HMWVVs, 5 tons, and a duce and a half for three years in the Army." So, I dont think that is an accurate depiction as to why the RV was a piece of crap. The other issue was that the propane gauge was reflecting that it was 3/4 full when in fact it was almost empty. It was myself, our young daughter, and newborn, in the RV, in Kansas, in the dead of winter with no heat. To that, they just shrugged. Jerks. Never never again. Total waste of money.
We rented an RV in the middle of summer I had my wife two children and my elderly parents on the trip out west to visit some national parks. Within the first 8 hours of a two week trip the generator quit working I called american dream explained the problem so they could call ahead to a RV repair facility all I kept getting was the run around. On day 3 of our trip in 100 degree heat I called and told them I was stopping in Williams AZ for 2 days to give them plenty of time to get someone to the RV park and fix the generator the answer I got was they could not find anybody. At that point we decided to change our vacation plans so i called them back and told them we were going to Las Vegas and the RV would be parked at the Circus Circus RV lot because we thought for sure they could get someone in Las Vegas to at least look at the generator but after multiple phone calls daily after 3 days and a lot of excuses from American Dream we decided to cut our vacation short and head home. The temperature was over 100 degrees so I went to Bass Pro bought a rack for the back hitch of the RV then went to Home Depot and bought 3 gas cans and a generator strapped it on the back of the RV plugged the RV into it and headed home early. I have pictures I wish I could post to show what we had to go thru just to get home and after we changed our entire vacation to give American dream every opportunity in the world to help us they never did. I ended up spending around 5,000 in extra cost in buying the generator and all the parts to make it work so we could get home and the extra hotel cost and expenses. We ended up not going anywhere we had planned because of problems we had with the RV we came home 5 days early and American Dream refused to give me any refund at all (0) they said they took the RV to a repair shop and nothing was wrong with it very convenient for them if they would have got someone to look at it while I was on the road in 100 degree heat then the outcome would have been different. VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!
Rv was not services. Waste was not dumped from tanks. And roof vent was missing from rv. Ac unit was not cooling
We rented an RV over Christmas a couple of years ago. When we went to pick it up, we had to wait for them to finish their make-ready. When we returned there was a hubcap missing. We were charged $250 to replace one hubcap and felt like this was a money grab. We were sorry this worked out the way it did as we like to rent rv's for our birding trips to south Texas.
We have rented an RV from Amerian Dream Vacations, we have purchased an RV from American Dream Vacations and now we are selling an RV with American Dream Vacations. That would pretty much entail every aspect of Customer Service. I will say without hesitation that I have had excellent customer service everytime I have worked with ADV. The three people that we have worked with directly are Kurt, Billy and Trish. If you are looking to rent, purchase or sell and RV I highly, highly recommend American Dream Vacations!
Billy & Cathy were very pleasant to deal with. They provided us with proper instruction relative to operating the RV. We really appreciate the wonderful customer service and will recommend them to anyone we can.
Unethical, untrustworthy, just not a good company to deal with. Stuff goes wrong and they blame you.
We are regular customers of American Dream Vacations and use them whenever we rent a camper/trailer. The units are always new, in great working order, and spotless. Staff is always friendly and super helpful too. It's clear that the take pride in their work.
Trenton and company always have a pleasant environment and do all they can to provide a great vacation. Thanks!!!
Good experience and customer service. Had to wait little while for unit but was not bad. Had a mishap with the rental, little damage on rear bumper. It's been two weeks and still waiting on what the cost is/will be. Our second year to rent a unit. Will do it again
I have rented two times from American dream vacations. First time the electric awning didn't work during the demonstration of RV at checkout. They got it to work, but when i arrived at my destination it didn't work and i couldn't get it to work. Response when i got back was sorry but nothing to be done about it. Second time i rented a RV, when i took back the RV i meticulously cleaned it and still got a charge for cleaning. I have reservations about renting from them again. I will probably look elsewhere.
We had many issues with the RV and they were not very helpful in getting the issues resolved.
We've used American Dream Vacations for the past couple of years, they've been great - had a little bit of a rocky start the first year but they made it right by us and we've continued and are continuing to use them. Trenton, our sales rep there, is GREAT! The whole process is painless, electronic (which I love), and the staff is super friendly. I'd recommend them to everyone! :)
Great way to vacation in an RV loved it.
Excellent choice of RVs and staff is very friendly and helpful. Makes the vacation even more carefree and enjoyable! Rates are great too!
This was our first time doing business with ADV, and we couldn't of been more satisfied! Every year my sons and i take a weekend fishing trip, just the 3 of us... myself, my oldest boy(26) and the younge boyr (16) found the trailer more than adequate to accommodate 3 grown men. We will he back for many years to come!! OH! I almost forgot the staff at ADV.... They all went above and beyond to make sure everything was spot on! Thanks to all of you..
Each time we've rented from there, there has been something wrong wit the unit.
We enjoy renting from American Dream vacations. They make it simple and hassle free.
We reserved an RV from the American Dream Vacations website for the eclipse (August 2017), and paid the deposit. Weeks later we received a call telling us that that the RV had been double booked. When I called back, the employee was unsympathetic, rude, and unwilling to admit any fault. By this time, it was a month from the eclipse, and all hotel/motel/RVs were booked. We didn’t receive a refund of our deposit for two weeks. I will not be returning to this business.
The customer service was amazing, but the quality and condition of the rental was poor.
All was good, did not have any problem
We've only had a couple of issues and the American Dream representatives have been ve very helpful. Please advise where the 15W40 oil can be purchased. We've been told it is only for diesel engines. Thank you.
We had an excellent experience. It was our first time renting a motor home. They were very helpful every step of the way. We will definitely be using them again!
!!!!! Worst vacation ever !!!!! my wife and I had planned a trip to Anaheim California to take our grandchildren to Disneyland we decided to take a RV so we can properly take care of our grandchildren i.e. bathroom cooking and a place to sleep while traveling Also had reserved an RV park down the street from Disneyland so we wouldn’t have to get a rental car it wasn’t the cheapest route to take the RV was expensive for the whole week but it was the comfort and convenience we were looking for if you read their advertisement best RV service trust and safety nicest RVs around Well let me explain what happened Day one we picked up RV as scheduled on Saturday we left to California as we were driving we were going through Kerrville Texas and all of a sudden the radio had fell out of the dash it wasn’t even bolted in at all it was just placed in to look good Day 2 early Sunday morning we were coming into Phoenix Arizona all of a sudden the ABS brake light comes on after we got through Phoenix we started to smell smoke so we pulled over at a gas station in Buckeye Arizona tried to call there one 800-number but it was after hours and we weren’t able to contact anybody it was the driver side front wheel brake pad that was smoking so I cooled it off with water It was 3 AM Sunday morning and we were feeling very uneasy in the middle of the Desert So I decided to drive cautiously on in to California was able to check in to the RV park late Sunday evening I went to set up the RV while hooking up the sewer line to dump there was a hole in the line and I had sewage dumping all over the ground I had hooked up the water line to the RV and the toilet flap was stuck and it overflowed all over the floor The next morning I contacted American dream vacation office and reported all the problems we were having they had to find a shop nearby to have it repaired and called me back to say the unit will be towed to the shop we had already had plans to be in Disneyland that day my wife did not feel comfortable to leave our valuables so I had to go with the RV while my wife and grandchildren went on to Disneyland come to find out the brakes were smoking because there was a safety cotter pin to keep the hub nut from coming loose was missing the service manager at the repair shop said it look like when someone service the unit they did not replace the safety cotter pin so It wore out the brake pad bearing and hub so they end up ordering new parts Meanwhile I had to find a hotel room in rental car so I could load all of our clothes and valuables in to the rental it was not until late were I was able to get into Disneyland the RV was towed at 10 AM Monday morning and was in the repair shop until 3 PM Wednesday afternoon well over 48 hours we were having to pay for our hotel and rental car during that time American dream vacations told me to save all receipts we did not plan to spend that extra expense we were not able to afford to go back to Disneyland a following day so we just sat on the beach I felt like a bum by the time we were able to get back into the RV we had to check out of the RV park the following morning by 11 AM so we drove home without further incident but cautiously when we return the unit to American dream vacations they were trying to be sympathetic but said it was not their fault a third-party had service the unit it was an oversight on their part There I question their advertisement saying trust and safety they couldn’t even own up and say it it was their fault completely after all it is their business They just told us they would expedite a refund to us it still took them 10 days to respond to our refund we request and all we got back was $840 for the three days we were not in the RV after spending $2400 plus $500 deposit make sure you read the contract they’re not responsible for anything other than drive train issues and only have to refund for the days you are out of the Rv they are also not responsible for bodily injuries or death as per their contract Trenton at American dream vacations emailed me and told me that the RV had been fully serviced and inspected before we had left obviously not We should have received a full refund for the inconvenience we were put through once again I question safety and trust Will never rent here again
Deposit was held too long after the RV was returned with no damage... An unreasonable policy!
Horrible service Joke!
Always have unit ready and clean.
I rented a camper trailer at the facility in Austin, TX in April 2017. When I returned the trailer one of the corner leveling jacks was noted to be loose, which was not caught by me during the initial inspection. Unfortunately this was the first time I had rented a trailer like this. I was charged part of my deposit to fix something I did not cause, despite being told it was likely preexisting. I will NEVER rent another trailer from you and would advise any prospective renters to THOROUGHLY check their unit before taking it off the lot.
They are very helpful and knowledgeable about camper rentals. We will continue to use them .
Flew to America from Germany for Races in Texas Rented 2 RV's. One leaked in the rain and could not be used much less slept in. Other was infested with bugs and also could not be used. Absolutely Ruined our stay in the USA. Offered a free renal for another time instead or either refunding for the RV's or bringing us replacements. Excuse was that they were not theirs and the client they were renting them for would not refund them.
Worst experience, trailers are not in good repair and bad service
Spoke with one of the reps and informed them I needed an RV and driver. The rep misled me in thinking they would provide one at a set price. Closer to the date of needing the RV, suddenly things change (price) and I discover that they don't actually do that and have no experience in doing so. I'm not sure where they looked for a driver or if he would be trustworthy. In the future, they should be upfront and not try to take on a task they're not equipped to handle. Now, we've lost our deposit, which is fine. Rather have lost it than do business with these guys and our whole tour ends up in disaster for some reason because they're not up front. Understand, once you pay the deposit, if you don't cancel within 60 days, they won't refund you — even if they lied just to get your money.
I had reserved a travel trailer over a month prior to a trip we were going to take to Colorado, however, within two days of the reservation, I had to cancel. I was advised that the deposit I had made was non-refundable, even though their Terms and Conditions on their website made no mention of this. I was sent via email, their "contract" of my deposit that did state that the deposit was non-refundable, however, this was never mentioned prior to my putting the deposit down. After I advised that their "contract" was not signed by me, it was therefore not a "contract" I had agreed to, they became totally rude and advised me they were not going to refund my deposit. One of their ridiculous claims was that my reservation had prevented them from renting that RV even though I canceled two days after reserving it and our trip was still a month away. I protested the charge with my credit card company and after reviewing my case, my credit card company agreed with me and reversed the charge. I don't know if they've revised their online Terms and Conditions to stipulate that the deposit is non-refundable, but they should. I'll never do business with them again.
Great equipment and service.
Set us up for a unsafe trip. Paid for load leveling hitch and they did not want to give it to me. Tried to tell me my truck was big enough even though trailer weighed more than truck. They knew I would be traveling from TX to Grand Canyon. The saddles they attached to the trailer failed the first day of travel. The propane tanks and wiring are located so you cannot mount saddles in correct location. Stopped at a travel trailer retailer in NM and they helped us out. They gave me two short 2x4 pieces to block the wheels. They did not offer any real chalks or leveling pads. Told me I would not need them as most spots are paved. No they are not! It has been about 20 years since I trailer camped but before then my family did 2 weeks of cross country travel every summer. We never stayed in a paved spot. We spent a couple nights learning to the side and fridge not working correctly and had to throw out food. There was a electrical problem with the trailer as we could not use the power jack or slide unless we were tied to shore power or connected to truck. Kitchen table was not connected correctly and would always be twisted when we would stop. Did not tell us about galley tank waste tank. So drove up over the mountains of NM and eastern AZ pulling a few hundred pounds extra.
Great people to work with. We enjoyed every moment of our rental!! We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them. Wonderful experience!! Fun times!!
Not all units cleaned and presentable when looking for rental unit.
This was our second time renting from Mr. Billy and Mrs. Cathy. They have always been very helpful and accommodating, and the campers have been nice and clean. Thank you!
The staff,units and price are all great! However the difference between the check out time and the check in time kind of robs you of a day rental. My wife and I enjoyed the times we have rented from American dream vacation. I also would like to see a rewards program for returning customers. All in all I would recommend to a friend!
American Dream Vacations-Albuquerque Over the past 8 years we have rented from American Dream Vacations-ABQ for our family reunion. We have had nothing but positive experiences. They have a great staff and go above and beyond for their customers.
Poorly maintained vehicles. Very one sided customer service with the businesses interests put before customers needs.
The reservation process is OK. The pickup with the video is time consuming. The products vary in quality. Sometimes I get good, sometimes I get bad (flood damaged). As a long time customer, I appreciate the service provided as I don’t want to own. For the price I pay, I do expect a good product.
We had a great vacation with the rental. Excellent service!
Everything was as advertised. It was our first experience of pulling a travel trailer and using one for our housing on a two week vacation to SW America. Everything about the experience lived up to our expectations. We will definitely use American Dream Vacations again!
Mattress was thin old, wire coming through. Ruined the whole experience. F-
I have been using American Dream Vacations for about 20 years. Staff is courtesy and helpful. They make sure you have the right trailer for the vehicle you plan to tow with. Safety is their number one concern. Their service team is there where ever you go , if you have problems with the unit. I have recommended American Dream to all my friends that want to take a trip with family or friend's. My children are all grown now and have great memories of all our camping trips.
All I can say is that it’s the only place I’ll ever choose to share our special moments with. Awesome !!!
The motorhome had numerous mechanical issues. Management spent most if their energy defending the problems instead of reaching out to make it right. Was considering buying an RV to lease out in their program, but it did not appear that the u its were well cared for. Disappointed in overall experience.
I am still waiting for a response from your management regarding my refund request. We rented an RV and had a tire blown out. The towing company has pointed out that the tires were not in good condition for driving.
They were wonderful!!! And our camper was great. We were all very comfortable, which makes your trip great!!!
very poor service customer service. RV i rented was supposed to be top of the line and it was completely opposite from waiting for RV to be maintenanced for 2 hours, unusable canopy ...and table., loose cupboards and drawers where my food kept flying out while driving. I immediately emailed and called several times and spoke to Management/Owner and was treated as though it was no big deal and in the end promised discount but then falsely claimed to my bank that i did not submit report to them which i will follow up on. I have been to ill to appeal or follow up BUT i will finish what i couldn't then. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY . NOW THAT I AM BEST IN HEALTH I WILL PROVIDE MY CONSUMER EXPERIENCE ON ANY AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA I CAN.
Our experience was rough. We had never rented an RV before and the next time we do, it will be through a different company. We were pretty surprised when we saw the unit we were being given as it appeared the pictures we saw were from when the unit was very new. This felt dishonest to us right off the bat. We rented out of Oklahoma and drove to Florida and back - a 12 day trip. Our generator only worked on the first day... in June. So when we blew a total of four tires in Florida... meaning we were on the side of the road in June for 4+ hours with three kids ... we had no air conditioning unless we wanted to run the RV and use our gas that way. The only way we had decent A/C was when we were hooked up at the RV parks, so driving was hot unless seated in the front seat. Our battery died near the end of the trip and we couldn't get a hold of Randy. Finally we had someone come out and get it fixed, but we couldn't even sleep in the RV that night. Not to mention that we had just bought $200 worth of groceries that wouldn't survive overnight in the RV. Thankfully we were at Disney - whose customer service is unmatched - and they put us up for free. Otherwise ADV would have gotten the invoice for our hotel stay. There were lots of little frustrations too, like the broken microwave that rattled ALL 40+ driving hours. When we returned our unit, Randy made an effort to apologize and that is the only reason they are receiving two stars today instead of one. Since we returned the RV three days early, we needed reimbursed for the unlimited generator usage we paid for, the three days we had paid for already, etc., we were waiting for payment. We waited nearly two weeks after the return and this was after we made numerous email attempts to get this sorted out. My husband had to be uncharacteristically firm to get back the $1,300+ we were owed. We were told of a funeral plan that was holding up the process, and when we finally were reimbursed, we were $140 short. At that point, the hassle was not even worth fighting for.
Thanks for making our first r.v.rental a 5 star experince.
The girls are always so nice & willing to help in any way. My wife changes her mind every 5 minutes so they are always more than willing to accommodate her requests!
Excellent willingness of people to meet customer expectations.
Went in, talked with the staff, selected an RV, and put money down. When I got home I found out I had to cancel the trip, so I never rented from them. The cancellation process was smooth. I plan to rent from them in the future.
We had a great time one of our best family vacations. The company did a great job of preparing us for our adventure. We would definitely use them again.
We had a good experience with the staff at American Dream Vacations and would recommend them.
Worst damned company EVER!!!! Never recommended or EVER use them again. Worst case of bed bugs we've seen! Their trailer we rented had issues the 3 months we rented it after our home burned. The refrigerator leaked water ruined our food. The fireplace never worked, the blinds were al broken. We could of had it for 9 months but couldn't wait to return it because of all the problems with the rude lady answering phones and broken promises of fixing things! They got stuck in our pasture tore it up with ruts! Terrible people
Equipment needs to be worked on and reimburse customers adequately when they spend as much time working on or having equipment worked on. I definitely will never use them again. Was not worth money spent. If they would have reimbursed me adequately it probably wouldn’t set so bad. Very disappointed.
Took my deposit and cancelled in enough time due to a death in family... still will not return the funds. They just took my family money and we will now never use them! Hope u feel good that you took aldvantagalof people
It was a great experience. My family can't wait to do another trip. ADV was very professional and helpful. Great staff.
It was back in 2012 but the rental was exactly as expected.
Camper had a few minor issues.
There were a few problems at pick-up and return. For example, the Class C unit we rented did not have a sewer discharge hose or adapter on board (a failure of the crew at turnaround from the last rental). We purchased one while on the road, and were not given credit until six months or so later, and after repeated inquiries. The unit was in pretty good shape, though we did some on-road repairs (including to a slide-out switch that threatened to strand us many miles from assistance). The whole experience seemed rather lacking on the customer service side of things.
Great experience. Trailer was in good condition and staff was very helpful and attentive.
Notified them of a chip in the windshield. They provided no further follow up of action by me. After a month returning the vehicle they send me a bill for the damaged windshield and the insurance that I purchase on the rental would not cover because I did not notify them and I did not get a police report. Lesson learned. Do not rent an RV from these people.
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