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American Auto Shield Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: American Auto Shield
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800.531.1925
Overall average rating of 3.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 54 %
UPDATE: 1/13/17 - Two days after my review. I was emailed by Trust Pilot that a post to my review was pending and someone would be in contact with me the same day - January 11. AAS and Trust Pilot followed through 100% as the per their emails. I was Very Impressed!!! Today, I received a call from the Claims Manager Ray Loveland at American Autoshield. We had a very good conversation and thanked me for my honest review. He had looked at my file and based on the information that was recorded on their and my end, the claim was validated and processed while we were talking. It was the right thing to do and I very much appreciated him calling me back personally and fixing the problem. My faith in the system has been restored and as promised, they get a 5 star rating. THANK YOU RAY FOR FOLLOWING THROUGH AND TAKING CARE OF THIS MATTER. I AM VERY GRATEFULL AND WILL RECOMMEND YOUR SERVICES TO ANYONE WILLING... Back in December of 2016, I've called American Auto Shied requesting and to verify if the left and right Lower control arms and ball joints of my 2009 Ford Escape would be covered. I called on December 6th and talked to a representative and discussed my situation. They reviewed my policy and told me that the service to repair those would be covered under contract. I called my repair facility on Dec 7. and talked to the service manager to make an appointment. He also directed me to call the AAS again to discuss the procedure of filing a claim which I already got approval from the representative at AAS. After I called again and talked to another rep on 12/9, he told me the procedure that the repair facility needed to follow and to call to get the repair work approved. My appointment was on Friday, 12/16/16 and I brought my truck in to the repair facility. Talked to the same service manager and dropped off the vehicle for the repair. He tried to call AAS before their closing time and there was no answer after several tries. He called me with concerns that he was not able to get in touch with anyone to file a claim. Because I was told that the repair would be covered...AND IS IN MY CONTRACT THAT THOSE PARTS ARE COVERED...I told the repair facility to move forward b/c from what I was told I would get reimbursed. - REPAIR DONE ON 12/17/16 which was a Saturday. I guess repair facilities aren't open on Saturday's so why would AAS be open to take calls??? (minus one star) According to the website, I have 24 hours to file a claim with AAs. I immediately went to the website and filed my claim and talked with a representative to make sure the received my claim on 12/19. All was fine, he told me that b/c I didn't get approval before that it would go to review even though no one answered the phone on Friday 12/16/16. Based on the information I gave him, it all looked in place and that more than likely the claim would be reviewed and approved. Why??? BECAUSE IT"S IN THE CONTRACT. So today I called to follow up and talked with a nice representative who told me the claim was denied... WHY? BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET APPROVAL BY AN AGENT PRIOR TO THE REPAIR. TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER, I WOULD HAVE HAD TO HAVE ON OF THEIR INSPECTORS LOOK AT IT FOR APPROVAL EVEN THOUGH I WAS GIVEN APPROVAL BY OTHER AGENTS WHO I CALLED PRIOR TO THE REPAIR!!! THERE WASN'T AN AGENT TO TAKE THE DAMN PHONE CALL ON A FRIDAY BEFORE THEY CLOSED TO FILE A CLAIM. I apologized to the rep because I took out my frustration on out her. She was only doing her job but made no effort to "see what she could do". (minus star #2) Why have a contract for an extended warranty that you pay for where the stuff that is covered under contract is not covered under contract. I have a 2009 Ford Escape that has almost 150K miles on it and I've taken very good care of it. I can go back to several oil changes where the repair facility has told me to get those repairs done but I've put it off until December. I change oil every 5k and it's been at least 3-4 oil changes ago where the wear was noticeable. Guess an inspector wouldn't have known that. (minus Star #3). I would really like for one of AAS shields managers call me back and discuss this because what they are doing is not acceptable. If a resolution could be met because we don't live within car breakdowns and their office hours I'd be happy to give them their stars back. If not, I'll return and remove another star.
easy to do business with , very straight forward / excellent response time
Do not use AAS? Why you ask because when it is time to pay they will lie, cheat, and steal at the same time leaving you on hold for hours and I should mention we have been without our car going on 5 weeks now. We had to have them go thru their phone recordings to prove they lied. Cancel your warranty and get a refund as soon as you can because when you need them they will ignore you hoping you go away. Below is an update based on an email from AAS on Sep 4 to supply identification to find our file: Here is the number given to me from Carchex's CEO lead working our case ABC011500 and our Carchex customer id 2636951. Also, not today Sep 4th we were given the run around again today when we spoke with this crappy company called AAS. jason
Was a member since December , 2018. Lexus submitted a claim for 2005 Lexus RX 330 but after many days I was able to contact Auto shield for approval, which was denied. Surprisingly monthly payment made were returned to me. Contract #MFF1170712. i PERSONALLY THINK IT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED either by Autoshield/Car Shield that why the repair was denied and whether it was a sham. Once I hear from you all I may refer case to State of Florida Attorney General for investigation. It by no means a threat but I am highly disappointed at Auto Shield and their Ads on TV and Radio, Hope some one contacts me at 407-408-9129.
Need to work on getting their website to work with IOS for iPads. It only works with computers and laptops that I can see.
Dishonest. You pay more for the warranty than its worth. They dont pay for all repairs and they make sure the cheapest parts are used to save them money. Oh and customer service sucks! Dont buy this warranty!
the best thing I did was renew my warrenty with American auto shield, they were great to work with when I had a mech.problem with my Silverado ,they were fast to approve repairs and customer support to take care of claim was excellent!!! dave d.
I work at a repair facility and I have worked with AAS a couple of times. Always prompt and able to help.
Great service and an awesome customer service staff. They would rather fix a small covered problem, before it becomes a major covered problem.
Found my warranty created my claim quickly and answered any concerns I had.
Had a couple of repair claims on my wife's car. No problems experienced with havig the repair bills settled.
Very fast customer service.
Work well with me on my transfer of policy from my sister.
Auto Shield is great but avoid Car Treaty at all costs! Been fighting with them for over a year to get my refund after cancelling my contract due to the purchase of a other vehicle.
Good reprentative. Good overall experience.
This company i paid them 3650.00 never had a problem with my car.And now that i need them .All they are doing is costing me more money .You only paid 75 for the towing i paid 70.The dealer said the engine was fried it has 186 thousand miles and they will not break it down because of the miliage on it.So now you want me to have it towed again and have it brokedown and i have to pay.for all this.On a social security check of 750 a.month.That is very unfair.And I will let everyone know what is happening here.That this company does not.stand by contract . Joann Simone Contract# FlF201320
Horrible customer service, phone communication nearly useless, incredibly long hold times. They are taking money from Seniors, after marketing by mail etc... Make promises that they won't keep. Complete loss of faith in theses kind of companies
They follow thru in full support,
American Auto Shield is the best.
They wouldn’t pay for my repairs based on mechanics estimate. My mechanic is a reputable guy in town. Minimum time based on book was their guide, not reality of actual repairs. I ended up paying $420 for my repair and they paid $70. What a warranty. If this was original warranty it would have been paid at 100%. You be the judge.
Excellent experience and the CSR was very professional and courteous.
Reimbursement was not a hundred percent for my area dealerships
fast - no complaints
When the repair shop first diagnosed my car, they determined there was power to the starter but it was not working. This had to be done first before going to the next step. When the starter was replaced, the motor would crank but the vehicle would start. After further diagnosis, they determined that the engine was low on compression after a test on it which at that point they contacted the warranty company and explained this and was told they needed a cause of failure. I approved the removal of the valve cover to manually check the timing of the engine. The repair determined that the camshafts were out of timing. They also noticed that the timing chain guide was broken, resulting in the chain jumping time, which caused the engine to bend the valves. This caused the end result of low compression. Then the repair company contacted the warranty company again and they sent out a 3rd party inspector to verify the complaint. He determined that the timing chain guide was broken and out of timing and the reason the chain was tight because the tensioner had expanded out to take up the slack from sitting. After the repair facility contacted American Auto Shield several times and were told we would get a call back. After several attempts, the repair shop was able to get in touch with them after repeated attempts at ignoring calls. They were told that my claim was denied. There was no reason for this due to the inspectors final report that he concluded and was in agreement with the repair shop. This was the purpose of having a 3rd party inspector come out and verify the findings, which he did. The warranty company just satisfied the original claim for the starter repair on 2/20. This was an egregious time for payment considering the claim was submitted on 12/18 of last year. So they paid to have the starter installed and considered the case closed. This is UNACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! I have paid for a service and was not compensated for the total repairs on my vehicle due to arrogance and fraud, which I believe is happening here. Remember their 3rd party Inspector has agreed with the repair shop on these findings. As for my warranty coverage, I have had continuous coverage since March 10, 2018 to October 9, 2018 with Car Shield thorough the administrator United Car Care. My existence policy is with American Car Shield that started November 3, 2018 to present. My car has always been covered by Car Shield thorough companies provided and associated with them. I am current covered under a month to month policy thru American Auto Shield. America Auto Shield still drafts electronic payments out my account for coverage on a monthly basis. My car just sits in a shop torn apart since November 2018.
AC was not working. Called for prior authorization. Took car in to repair shop and they only paid one of three contract covered parts. Terrible company! I have the defective parts from the repair shop.
We had our vehicle towed to a Cadillac dealer for repairs and the service from both the warranty and service could not have been better.
All of the people I talked to on the telephone were very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend you.
My only complaint is the requirement to have parts shipped to service shops. Otherwise, the cost is higher than your chosen deductible. This is the first warranty company, that I’ve had, with that stipulation. It makes choosing a shop more difficult since some don’t like working with “shipped parts”.
The customer representative answer all my questions and was very curtious, thanks
REALLY great service! Kept me informed and communication with the repair shop was GREAT!
When I got into my accident and couldn’t afford my warranty they worked with me on payments and understood without a problem
Jason Massey helped me immensely. I mistakenly pickled a policy that was worthless for my intent. Jordan took the time to review my interests and after listening to his suggestions I now have comfortable protection. Thanks, Jason.
I was very happy with my phone conversation with the rep this morning he was very helpful and helped me without hesitation I highly recommend carshield to everyone.
I'm still waiting on Jessica to send me the info on the current warranty and the gold warranty for a new warranty. I spoke wirh her on Thursday, Feb 8, 2018 at 1:57 pm.
The warranty adjusters worked with me and the repair shop to resolve many issues in a timely manner to my satisfaction. They are friendly and professionals. Communication was great. They also gave me alternate solutions to keep the shop cost low. Over all a happy customer driving the Mercedez E 350 after the repair.
Excellent help and no annoying questions for canceling the contract.
The claims and payment process were easy and handled in a timely manner.
I am happy I bought auto shield the people have been very nice in assisting me in filing a claim I also have recommended auto shield to my daughter in fact she just bought a plan for her car. Thanks
easy to deal with awesome to be able to get all information over to the company by email. customer came in on a saturday and you all were closed so it was nice to get the ball rolling for the customer
Living in the small city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Home of the Ice Cream Sundae, I am extremely pleased with American Auto Service helping me. My car needed many replacement parts. To replace the alternator took 7.8 hours. The Sauve's Service Garage in town did a super job. I had to bring a big box of cookies for them this morning. We also have the best beach along Lake Michigan. Come see us sometime.
i’m becoming very disappointed on the time frame it is taking someone like an adjuster to get back to me it’s been about approximately three weeks now since to shop has that had my vehicle and I keep getting excuses that use your overloaded with work any adjuster has not finished doing his job yet I need my vehicle I need it now and I can’t wait any longer please get back to me and let me know why it’s taken so long. Sincerely Bruce Hefferon. Please have someone contact me ASAP.
I studied many different third party warrenty extention services and the policy by American Auto Shield is the best hands down.
Thank you for being understanding and courteous. Thanks also for working with me to be able to continue in the company because the amenities are wonderful.
David Atlanta Ga...Have a warranty paid in full Exp 11-14-2019..276,875 millage..Coverage Power Train GOLD..Carried to Bellamy-Strickland GMC dealer..Found cam shaft and berrings and lifter problem.The.Inspector said due to neglect on my part...Lewis the service writer pulled up 5 pages of my maintance showing proper maintance ...Still no repairs...and I am paying for a rental since day before Thanksgiving at $35 a day...
Very professional and helpful with best offers.
My air conditioning went out in my Honda Ridgeline. My coverage was on the parts needed except the part that is statistically most likely to fail. They first denied my claim, then I spoke to a superviser because the claim adjuster gave no information and provided the worst service I've ever had. The supervisor then had a third party come inspect my vehicle, that took 2 days. I had to wait a week and a half before I made a call, because they didnt inform me even though they had the information. They still denied my claim because they said the clutch wasnt covered and it caused the problem, thus they wouldnt cover anything. The only positive about this company is the customer service when you first call. Thats over $3000 I paid to American Auto Shield and the one problem I had they wouldnt cover. This company scams you out of your money, stay away from them.
verify professional customer service and efficient follow-up calls in getting the customer back on the road.
Very disappoint in my coverage. Different company after the program has been paid for. Customer Service and Expediency to help the policy holder lacks when vehicle is down for a second time because of inferior parts instead of OEM Parts. Vehicle in the shop for 7 days because of lackadaisical attitude. Everybody is not trying to rip you off. I paid for the premier program to have my car fixed if it broke. My out of pockets expenses cost more than what you all covered because your refusal to honor the warranty I purchased. The automobile broke and you failed to step up and cover items that are part of the program. If things are working at that moment even if the OBD II confirms it has failed more than once and resets when you restart the engine and the part is covered it should be replaced. And then to be told If the part malfunctions again no mater how inconvenient, bring back in to have it checked and we still may reject to fix it anyway. I honestly can't recommend that auto warranty to anyone.
You. You ask questions you get answers you ask for help you get. You are made to feel confident that you are being taken care of. Trust is not something you take lightly.
Evrythg was fast n very helpful, other than 45 min wait for 45 mins n taking 2 1/2 hours
(New customer new client) American Auto Shield did not help in no way at all to help me in getting my car repaired. When i need the help the most, my payments are way caught up and not behind. American Auto Shield informed me that i was 300 miles shy of meeting a 1000 mile requirement limit. Now i have to pay a whole lot of money out of pocket to get my car repaired. I just don't know how i am going to do it or where i am going get that kind of money from to get my car repaired. My payments are well caught up in advance and i have met their 30 day requirement. I have to admit i have lost some faith in American Auto Shield. I was under the impression if you met one of the requirements first it didn't matter which one, that was acceptable but i didn't know one had to meet both the 30 day waiting period and the 1000 mile limit at the same time. And i was very excited when i joined American Auto Shield after seeing their commercial on tv. But like i said i have lost some faith in American Auto Shield. But i will stay with American Auto Shield for now even though i have lost some faith in them, because in my opinion they could have offered me some kind of help. Like telling me before hand that i had not completely met one of the requirements, when i called them even before i sent my car off to a repair shop. I was told by them (American Auto Shield) to go ahead and send my car to the repair shop and have the repair shop to call them with all my information i didn't find out that i didn't meet one of American Auto Shields, requirements until after my car was already at the repair shop. Now i got to pay all that money out of pocket for the repairs that sucks. I am a new customer/ Client this is all new to me. I just feel like they should have told me or reminded me that i had not met one of the requirements as of yet. When i called them and talk to them before sending my car out for repairs. But as a new customer/ Client i had to find out the hard way that i had not met one of American Auto Shields requirements from the repair shop themselves.
While we are satisfied with the repairs that were recently approved, there were a couple of other issues that were not deemed necessary, but which are obviously going to need attention. Our dissatisfaction stems from the fact that we were sold on the premise that our policy issuer prefers to take a proactive, preventative approach to repairs and address issues that, while they may not yet be causing problems, are better to be dealt with before they turn into major problems or cause additional problems. This was our first time utilizing the policy, so we will see how things progress. We are still saving money on repairs, so from that standpoint, the policy is well worth the cost thus far.
This warranty was totally a waste of $3500 to have an extended warranty. Please do your homework before purchasing. They are very difficult to work with plus when you feel good about it they change something within your claim. They tell you can go wherever you want as long as it is a certified mechanic...wrong. I found that even your good garages won't work with them due to the hassle they give. I paid $400 out of pocket with this warranty. First my mechanic wasn't good enough. Second, my next garage refused to work with them due to the fine print and hassle. Third, I towed my vehicle to a Nissan dealer for them to repair an alternator. Of course, the dealership charges more per hour so I have to pay the difference of that. I also have to pay the difference of the diagnostics: Nissans 50 minutes to AAS being 27 minutes. They couldn't guarantee the quality of the part they wanted to mail and have installed so I went with quality. Just be aware that you are going to get the run around every time you use this. I find this company to be a huge joke and will scam you every time. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME AND STAY AWAY FROM ANY WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!
I felt recommended repairs should be delt with so that further damage doesn't occur to the vehicle.
I purchase this warranty and was happy with the contract until I had to use it. I was very disappointed I was told I would pay out of my pocket because the the company charged to much. My contract had no writing to use certain merchanic. It stated I pay a $100.00 deductible and the warranty company will pay the rest. None of this was ever told. To me when buying this warranty. I feel this was wrong. I feel very hurt over this.
Your company did what it said it would do. Thanks
This is a very reputable company.I would recommend them to anyone.
At this point right now I'm really heated getting a lot of running around from the adjusters about my vehicle telling me I need this kind of paperwork that kind of paperwork. Didnt think you would have to go through so much hassle to get your vehicle fixed. Adjusters want dealership to break engine further down to see what's internally wrong with the engine to see what else they can find going on with it as far as service it is up to par up to my standards. Remind you I've been without a vehicle for over a whole week now maybe 2 to 3 weeks if I don't get any answers soon
I was shocked to discover that the replacement of the rear hatch motor was not covered on my Chrysler Town and Country. BEWARE--your extended warranty may be extremely limited as to what is covered--you have to be an auto mechanic to figure out what is and is not covered.
Did not tell the truth about what was covered and what was not. Even after several calls to customer service and being assured the problem was covered, when I took my vehicle in to have the issue fixed the claim was denied.
Enjoyed speaking with Mr. Ed Macfadden. I appreciate his professionalism .
I have no ideas just keep up what y'all are doing doing a wonderful job
I have had excellent support.
I felt betrayed and lied to by you sales rep and your TV commercial featuring Mike Ditka. I had repairs costing me $570.00 to $872.00 on bearings for front end which you call part of the suspension. I call it part of the drive system and so do the mechanics. I will not recommend your company.
I purchased an extended vehicle maintenance plan. It covers mechanical issues that may arise. I now have a mechanical issue with my only vehicle and American Auto Shield is not delivering on their end of the maintenance plan contract. My mechanic and myself have been trying to contact American Auto Shield for 3 business days now and have not been able to get ahold of a claims person. We call the claims phone number and the customer service number, and each time we get ahold of a representative (who apparently can't do anything but transfer you to another department), they say they have to transfer us to the correct department. Once they transfer us, we wait on hold for up to 4 hours and then the call drops. I am very dissatisfied with the fact that I am paying over $100 per month for a service that at this point is not being delivered. The maintenance representative at my local auto dealership that has been helping me said that "American Auto Shield is by far the very worst company he has ever dealt with." I would never recommend this company to anybody!!!!!!!
We are well pleased with the customer service and loyal support. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of outstanding service.
My car broke down as I was 470 miles from home. This happened on Thursday Feb. 14 .It is now Monday February 18 and an American Auto Shield service advisor has yet to respond to the inquiries of the dealership where my car is awaiting authorization for service or calls from myself. I’m told there are “telephone issues” to be resolved today. If no actions are taken today my next call will be to an attorney to discuss a breach of contract by American Auto Shield. Totally furious and still away from home. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER EXPIERENCED !!!!
This company is an absolute sham!!!!!! I am reporting to the BBB& my cousin is a lawyer and he’s helping my husband and I to start legal action. If you want a warranty you’re put thru right away. If you have a claim you’re put on hold for hours and transferred to several different customer service departments. I will do whatever I can to try to get this lying company out of business. Anyone that works for them should be ashamed as they are horrible liars!!.
So far I have no complaints about autoshield, every department's handle my claim with care and satisfaction
These guys SUCK!!! Don’t waster your money!! My transfer case died. They sent an inspector out to view my truck. My truck was laid up for 2 days......2 days that I missed work!! He agreed.....the unit was dead. That wasn’t enough! These imbeciles wanted my truck laid up again to have it taken apart to find the exact reason it failed! That should have been done on the inspector’s visit! They in turn refused to pay for the replacement!! Bunch of low lives!!! I instantly cancelled my policy!!! You should do the same!!
This company uses deceptive advertising practices and once you purchase the contract, they do everything in their power to keep from fulfilling their commitment. They take your money and give little in return. If there was a rating below 1, I would use that. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
good experience no hassel
This is a awesome company and you will be glad you invested in them
They gave me great service and was very quick to solve my problem.
Were very helpful and had policy out in record time. Willing to work with you on financial end.
Excellant Customer Support
the person that help me she was very helpful and friendly we talk like we have know each other for years. we talk for about 10 to 15 mins. Tara, she help me with my payment arrangement.and I was able to share with her about saving her pocket changes by putting it in a jar and let it build up for a year then cash it in be surprise how much you have build up for the whole year.
What I like best about this company is that they pay their claims! I have had many, many repairs on my Ford Expedition (we call it the "Warranty Crusher" ) and American Auto Shield has been very good taking care of their agreement. I have spoken with a supervisor, Mr. Ray Loveland, on many occasions, and he has been extremely helpful in navigating me through this process. The only negative I would say is that it takes a fairly long time when your car has to be inspected by one of their adjusters, so do not be in a rush to get your vehicle back.
Great people !
Very helpful and professional I would recommend this company to anyone.
I'm not sure if i have the right name, but i think it was Corey. He went over and above to help me to get the service that i needed. As of right now I'm extremely pleased. Thank you.
Quick response to service questions. No hassle. Professional attention.
Very helpful in letting me know what services are covered.
I had a couple of issues that were covered under the extended warranty I had taken out with American Auto Shield. When the dealer diagnosed the problem and called it in the parts and labor were covered less my deducible. When I called American Auto Shield to check on the payment that had been made, all of my questions were answered and a thorough explanation give.
I never really got to use my warranty because I decided to trade in my suv for a new one, but when I called them and cancelled my money was refunded in 2 days.
American Auto Shield gave me accurate information about getting my vehicle repaired
If you are looking for major component coverage once your factory warranty runs out this is the place!
very well trained employee/representative; recommendable!
I have a very good opinion that this is a awesome company
Excellent experience with this company
be aware of this company they will deny your claim they are not what they said believe me Im going threw it with them now all they do is deny claims My truck is in the shop waiting on them and there adjusters for 5 weeks and now i have to get attorney all i can said is there a bull crap company they lie just to get your business please read there book as they had many attorneys write the book to protect if i can sway people away from them and there lies then i suffer the bill but will help many others to be aware dont sign with them yiu will regret it john frat
I was refer by them by car shield, I must say the worst customer service ever, not to count the wait time of being on hold for hours at a time. Calling everyday mind you I'm at work dealing with all this. I had this contract for a little over a month, I was driving my vehicle a 99 Honda when all of a sudden it stops moving, the car was still on I was able to make it home as I was close by. I called roadside assistance which towed my vehicle without incident. Now calling claims was a nightmare, I had to do all the work as the vehicle repair shop didn't have time to be on hold for hours, which is understandable as there a place of business. Anyhow they determined I needed a transmission rebuilt, American auto denied my claim and stated" it looks like pre-existence" How could they say that when the workers at the shop said that could happen within days or even weeks, when I asked auto shield they didn't have an answer, but just the same response 'it looks!!' A waste of money and time, I do not recommend!! Mind you my vehicle was at the shop for over a week, and now I have to pay 500 dollars for the breakdown of the transmission which they required before they approved anything... Lastly my vehicle was running fine before this I told the rep when I got this contract that I had a lot of miles, she assure me everything would be covered. I have never been lied to by an organization before , as I hold integrity to my highest standards..- Frankie Claim #880340
When I had to have the seat belt on the back seat of my Nissan repaired, I was surprise to find out that American Auto Shield covered the total cost. When I took my car into Nissan, the serviceman told me that American Shield covered having a brand new back seat put in. I was also surprised knowing that whenever my Nissan needs work done on it, American Shield pays for the diagnostic test.
Easy communications n details how to submit claim. Ty
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