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American Access Casualty Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: American Access Casualty
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
American Access Casualty Insurance - Horrible experience to repair my car and no proper updates after raising a claim. One of their insured person came and hit my car with fault at his side. I raised a claim on 16/Apr/2018 and till today I haven't received any updates from so called "Adjuster". This company providing insurance to non-licensed drivers and creating an issue to all legal or proper person's life. They should be immediately punished and throw them out of this business.
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in October 2018, less than 3 months after purchasing my 2018 Honda HRV. The right front of my HRV was heavily damaged. I have been passed around from one adjuster to another, I was shorted on what I should have received for the rental car I had to have, and now I have been battling trying to get my diminished value claim paid. Without the help of Iris ** in your litigation department, who I was familiar with due to the law firm I worked with represented your insureds, I would not have gotten anything handled. My overall experience with American Access has been horrendous. I want the remaining monies for my rental and my diminished value claim paid up before the end of February 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS.
I was recently struck by a teen driver, driving alone on his learners permit that was insured by American Access Casualty Company. At first it did not seem bad. They sent an adjuster to my home as the vehicle was not drivable. They confirmed it was not safe to drive. After this there was not a word from them. I tried calling but with long waits on hold and no response when leaving a message with the agent. 3 weeks later I got a letter in the mail with some paperwork that needed filled out, however the paperwork was not included. Just the letter. So I call again. After an hour and a half wait I finally get a hold of the adjusted. She says she will email the paperwork. I then ask her what the update was from the adjuster. She says it looks like there is a total loss but there is a problem. I ask what the problem was and she keeps changing the subject and dancing around it until she finally says the individual driving was not insured under the coverage but it is still under investigation and can take up to 30 days. I then ask what am I going to do about a car. It has already been 3 weeks. She just keeps repeating to call my insurance and ask for advise to everything I say. I hang up and call my insurance. They then proceeded to take over paying out for my totaled vehicle and told me they will deal with the other insurance company. Doing some research American Access Casualty web page says on the front page that they will insure internationals without a drivers license. I have read a ton of other review where this company has refused to pay out for similar reasons. So this company takes $ from people who are not insurable and does not pay when they hit someone. There has to be a law against this and needs to be investigated.
It was very difficult to speak to someone. Hold time is tearful. I had to do a lot of legwork on my own to get my claim reviewed. Once I finally received help, the claims rep, who I never spoke to, and who never returned my calls, decided to take my claim check and disperse it the way she saw fit, to companies, instead of sending it to me. She saw I went around her to get help. The claims adjuster stole my settlement check. I never saw it, even though I was told it was to be sent to me. I have been so horrified at the actions of the claims adjuster, that I cry at the thought of dealing with such hate and evil on this earth.
I was struck by a car that ran a red light. The driver ripped off my front bumper, and did some other front end damages to my vehicle. Police report was made, I had 2 witnesses stating the other driver ran a red light. The other driver did not speak english/or have proof of insurance on him. It's been 16 days since the accident, still nothing has been done to fix my car. I have sent numerous claim report files to American Access claims dept., and have spoken to them about the accident. And now I get something in the mail asking me to pay for the police report and fill out ANOTHER claim report and mail back to them (unpaid self addressed envelope).Now I have to pay for a rental car out of my pocket, and hope they even pay for my car to be fixed. 16 days driving my car with my bumper tied down to the front of my vehicle, and no end in sight. Why should I have to suffer when I was a victim of this negligent driver who ran a red light. This has caused me a lot of stress, driving my car the way it is. And I keep getting the runaround from American Access Casualty Ins.
I was hit (in the rear bumper) in a Home Depot parking lot, I was not in my truck. I watched him hit me, so it was a slam dunk on who was at fault. The problem began when I tried to contact his insurance company. After a month and a half I got my insurance company involved, then they responded and sent me a check for 1/2 of what it would cost to put an oem bumper back on my truck. After several attempts to contact the adjuster I finally got her and she told me that they would pay for an aftermarket bumper only and 40.00 dollars for labor. She told me my truck was not new enough to pay for oem and their labor price is fixed. I don't care how old my truck is. There was nothing wrong with my bumper. I asked what shop she got 40.00 dollars from. I wanted the phone # so I could call them and she wanted my zip code and I told no. I want to know where she came up with that price (no answer). If there was less than 1 star I would have chosen that. If you are an individual trying to contact them it's a joke. I spent almost an hour in the parking lot with the guy that hit me with success.
I work for an attorney's office which is handling a property damage/bodily injury claim for a gentleman who was not at fault for the accident. Dealing with this insurance company has been incredibly difficult. It is nearly impossible to reach someone via telephone or email for that matter. I have made numerous phone calls and left messages to both the adjuster and her manager. The courtesy of a return phone call is non-existent. For a claim that should have been resolved within a matter of two weeks at best, it remains in limbo. The vehicle was appraised on 12/19/17 and today is 1/17/18. This is truly unbelievable. I don't see how this company remains in business.
I am dealing with an accident caused by this insurance company's driver and they are FAR from helpful during the whole process. Their driver hit me and I am the one that has been majorly inconvenienced because their claims adjuster doesn't want to offer his assistance. It has been like pulling teeth trying to get them to cooperate and do the right thing because let's not forget, they are the ones who insured this person who hit me. The damage on my vehicle is so significant that I will be out of a vehicle for 5 days while it is being fixed; they only offer a rate of $20.99/day for a rental and it has to be through Hertz. I hope the auto shop you go to is within distance of a Hertz or it's going to be even more of a hassle. The claims adjuster first offered to set up my reservation for me then changed his tune by telling me I need to make the reservation, which is a prime example of how UNHELPFUL this company is and how lazy their claims adjusters are. The sad part is you have no control over the insurance company another driver goes through, I just hope if you ever are involved in car accident that you don't get stuck dealing with this insurance company. Overall, terrible experience; they should be ashamed of themselves for making it even harder on someone who was not at fault but their driver was.
In Oct 2016 I was hit by their client. She had no DO and ran a stop sign. Both of my daughters were transported to the ER by ambulance. My insurance eventually settled with AA. However, one of my girls required ongoing therapy for her injury. Over a year and 3 months later they still haven't paid our doctor. Now they say they never received the form I sent by fax and regular mail. I have to somehow get In touch with an agent who never answers his phone or responds to messages and have the claim reopened.
Echoing many other people on here, I was rear ended by a person who has a policy through American Access Casualty. I called the agency that issued the policy and was told to call the company, which I did. After being on hold for over ten minutes, and explaining what happened, I was told 'hang on a minute' and I heard the phone begin ringing again. Great, they're going to transfer me to another person that I'll have to re explain the whole situation to... nope. They transferred me to the same girl at the insurance agency that I had talked to initially, who again said it's up the company to handle the claim. I don't have time to mess with this company, I'll go to Small Claims on the driver and let her duke it out with her faux insurance company.
On Nov. 12th 2015, my husband was involved in an auto accident, luckily he wasn't hurt. The accident was completely the other guy's fault, he failed to yield to the right of way and received a ticket. My husband was going straight through the green light and the other driver made a left hand turn right in front of him, there was no way my husband could have avoided him. We had to pay our deductible to get our car fixed or let it sit for months till they finally pay. Today, our insurance company sent me an email today stating that they finally got money from American Access, we will not get our full deductible back, we have to sue the other guy in small claims court in order to get the rest of our money. .This is disgraceful and after reading the other complaints, we got off easy. I fully believe that a Class Action Lawsuit is in order, this company needs to be shut down.
My car was struck by lightning 10 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I did not have car rental ins. American Access never asked where I wanted the car to go. Never calls me with updates. The shop working on my Lacrosse has said, "it'll be done in a couple days," for the past 5 weeks. My claims rep is very short with me and has even hung up on my husband. The shop said come and get it because they don't want to work on it any more. I have asked for a manager to call, with no response.
My wife had an accident and the person that caused the accident has American Access Casualty for insurance. American Access Casualty would not pay for 2 months because "they" could not get in touch with their client to get his side of the story. He received tickets for no drivers license and failure to control speed (causing accident). I told American Access Casualty the car was paid off and had NO LIEN, however they took it upon themselves to make the check out to me and NMAC who was the former lien holder. It has been a NIGHTMARE trying to get them to understand the check should only be in my name. Also, they gave me a list of companies that would "repair" my car, but I had work done at the first one they recommended (MAACO) and their work was absolutely horrible.Two companies, Caliber Collision and LMC, where I had work done on my daughter's cars would not work on the car unless I paid for it myself because the insurance company was American Access. They told me that American Access is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to work with and that wanted no part of them anymore... Pay them myself and keep the check. I am returning the check with a copy of the car title and the release of lien letter from NMAC hoping that someone there has enough common sense to figure out there is no lien on the car and will send me a check in my name.Last, but not least, calling American Access is a real BIG PAIN IN THE ASS. All I ever got was recordings that told me it was after hours (it wasn't) or the person was away from their office, in a meeting or helping another customer. But, the "only" person I was able to connect with was in Customer Service (a term I am now using loosely) who transferred me to another person in claims, but I was disconnected in the process of being transferred. I should have known, huh.
While sitting at a red light my car was rear-ended by a driver insured by American Access Casualty Company. American Access Casualty refuses to return calls, and on the rare occasions when I actually get someone to answer their response is that they cannot move forward with the claim until they get a statement from their insured. Based on the online complaints about this firm this appears to be how they routinely deny responsibility for damages. I'll be filing a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance, BBB, and anyone else I can to that hopefully this firm can be dealt with accordingly.
Justin of Glendale, I could copy and paste your review. However, I'll just say, I swear to GOD... we were involved in the same accident, EVERYTHING and I promise EVERYTHING that was stated by Justin of GLENDALE is the exact same thing I'm dealing with. I'm so stressed right now, looking for a property/liability attorney for these people, that I can't even function at work. This is ridiculous. They want us to take our car to one of their preferred body shops, that I know for sure is not going to do anything but patch the vehicle back together. 2100.00 of damage to be done within 18 hrs. So they say it can be done, however the company I chose estimated the damages to be at about 4500.00. A bunch BS with his Mexican ** company that provide their clients with insurance without a DL. Their drunk driver rear ended us, but we are left with all the footwork to get our vehicle repaired. And then they force you to give a rating. I give it a negative to the negative... negative zero. Very heartless people. But one thing I know, KARMA is definitely real. And on top of it all... their drunk ** driver is not even cooperating with them.
Soon after writing this review I received a call from the adjuster. I was told the claim is being denied because the driver was not on the policy. Unless the driver was excluded, this should have been honored. Anyways, I'm leaving this as 1 star due to the length of time and numerous calls to receive the answer.
I was rear ended on a very busy street during rush hour. The man who ran into me told police that he did not see me stopped in traffic!!! Impossible, I was about 1 block away from light that was red. Cars on either side of me stopped also for light. Silly me thought insurance company would make good on paying my thousand dollar deductible and so far 825.00 in car rental fees. They have never returned a phone call, email or fax. 3 body shops my insurance suggested turned me down because of the past experiences they have had with American Access. Finally someone took pity on me and is fixing my car.My insurance called or emailed me 2-3 times per day the first week to find out if I was OK, answer questions etc. I work with insurance companies all day long and have never had a company with such disregard for anyone. I have now decided that I am reporting them to a local news channel that helps people recoup their money and sanity. I would love all of Chicago to see what a bunch of jerks these people are.
I put my claim in 03/17/18 & they are not handling my claim properly. My phone calls & emails go unanswered. I constantly have to call over & over to get an update. I filled out my POA form & sent back on 03/29/18 & was just advised 04/03/18 that I had to refill it out again. Documents were supposed to have been sent to my lienholder on 03/29/18 & they never received them. Just found out 04/03/18 they supposedly sent to wrong email & advised they would be sent again yesterday but my lienholder has still yet to receive them. I'm a very unhappy unsatisfied customer with how this process is being handled for my claim. This is unacceptable.
One of the worst insurance company ever. My stepdaughter got in an accident in late August of 2017 and it is now February of 2018 and they still haven't settled up. You call them and they will never answer and if they return your call they don't have information you gave them on their answering machine... They do everything they can to duck responsibility in claims. They should be reported and taken out of business. Terrible company to have to deal with.
After reading all the negative reviews of AAC online from current and years prior. I was very fearful of how this process was going to be! I was honestly dreading before even speaking with my adjuster Mark ** at AAC. At first I was extremely on edge. However, that was not the case! Mark was a pleasure to work with and never made me feel as if I was going to have any issues with my claim or even need to contact an attorney. He was great at answering his phone and making sure I knew the company policies on rental car reimbursements. He also made sure I got reimbursement for the medical cost for my daughter. He has really made me at ease after reading those reviews. He was a great pleasure to work with during this claim!! And the recommend body shop he sent me to was amazing, very nice and understanding people! They made the repair process smooth. I was very impressed by the body shop work and staff. I dropped my vehicle off on the 02/14/2017 and had it returned to me on 2/23/2017. Great service! I would recommend the body shop to others in the area! Overall I had a much better experience than I lead myself to believe I would have!
OMG... This is the insurance company from HELL!! I also filed a complaint with the TX Dept of Insurance... They did nothing... Told me I would have to take them to "small claims court" because TX Dept of Insurance does not recover any settlements owed... What?? So basically you are on your own dealing with these people... My attorney was disgusted with them as well. I was rear ended by one of aa policy holders. It's situation like this that make people go 'POSTAL'.
This company is bad for the worst I have ever had to deal with. For about three weeks they told me that my insurance claim was on hold because they could not get into contact with their insured client. They explained that they needed a statement from them. I was supposed straight it because it had been three weeks and the person who is at fault did not even call to report the accident to their own insurance company. The only way to communicate with them is via phone; and 95% of the time it can take up to two hours just to get someone on the other end. I was assigned to an adjuster for which they provided three different phone numbers for her all of which did not work. Was always busy or not valid. I asked to be set up in a rental so that my life could go on in the meantime but they say that they do not pay for rentals, that they only reimburse for them. I spent over $500 in rental fees just in the first three weeks, and when I asked about getting reimbursed for them, they told me as long as the rental was not over $21 a day. My rental avg. about 32$/day. So I had to negotiate what they would and wouldn't pay. They was suppose to send a tow truck out to pick up the car because it had been totaled. I waited two weeks before calling to see what happened to the wrecker because it had been totaled. I waited two weeks before calling to see what happened to the wrecker being sent, they didn't remember sending one out. In the meantime they kept telling me to speak with my adjuster who NEVER picks up or responds to vm. It was a nightmare. Currently I am still awaiting to hear from her and for them to send to tow truck to pick up the vehicle.
My daughter was rear-ended 2 months ago. Access was the insurance company for the guy who fell asleep and rear-ended her at a stoplight. They NEVER answer phone calls or emails. They have a high turnover rate and keep passing the claim to someone else. For 2 months they claim they can't contact the driver. They sent an appraiser out and agreed to pay $1400 as soon as we sign a waiver, but they never sent a waiver and claim no knowledge of it despite the fact I have emails from them promising to pay. This company should be shut down immediately. Their YELP reviews are 99% 1 star- HORRIBLE. Does the California Insurance Commission do their job???
For those who have had problems with American Access and disgusting and childish games. I looked up involving Fair Market Value and the settlement that one is entitled to is the value of their car before an accident. What the car was worth before the accident, what it would sell for, etc. Look up The Law office of Lyndon R. Helton that there is very little leeway from the "Blue Book Price" or Fair Market Value. My car got totaled involving someone who had their disgusting insurance. They feel they can subtract mega bucks and leave you without a vehicle when the accident was not even your fault, etc. They feel they can go from Plan A to Plan B and spin. They feel they can make false accusations and cheat people out of the money they are entitled to under the law. They feel they can refuse to reimburse people for the damages caused by drivers that have violated the rights of those individuals whom they have damaged their vehicles. The makeup illegal excuses as to not pay the Blue Book or Fair Market Value. There should be a class-action lawsuit involving their disgusting, psychological warfare, and corrupt business practices.
Got hit by a guy who had this insurance. Took it to the body shop they told me to. The claim rotted on the adjuster's desk about two weeks so they said they would pay all car rental charges. This was a relatively simple repair which took a month to complete. When I took car back to rental agency I got a claim ticket for reimbursement from AAC. I faxed the claim ticket to ACC 3 weeks ago. Surprise-no check yet. So now I am contacting Texas Dept. of Insurance to "put the dogs on 'em". Oh and the last time they answered their phone or called me back Jesus was in the 3rd grade!
After being rear ended while at a red light with a police officer in front of me and filed the report and the insured taking full liability, it still took well over a week and a half for the claims department to finally return my phone calls. I got the runaround about a claims adjuster notifying me with 24-48 hrs (which seems to be the norm for this disgusting company). I called once again which I lost count of and was extremely surprised to actually talk to a person. I threatened with a lawsuit and it still took an additional week for him to contact us. After 3 days I received his appraisal of the damage and it was a joke. $230 in damages! My rear bumper was barely hanging on, lights broken, dual exhaust separated from muffler (that was just the damage I could visually see and didn't include if any structural damage to the frame or under carriage) and this clown said I would be responsible for any other amount, plus was directed to take it to only their recommended repair facility. After reading the comments about this company on here, I've decided to file a claim with my insurance and let them sue this despicable excuse for an insurance company!
I am a lien holder and have a customer that was in a car accident and has American Access as their insurance company. Back on September 14th, my office received a call from an adjuster requesting our email address and physical address to send us a letter of guarantee for us to sign and therefore, send us a check to pay off our customer's. My associate gave the adjuster the information. My associate even informed the adjuster that after a certain date, the account would've incurred late charges. The adjuster went so far as to tell my associate that we will have the payoff funds before that date.Well needless to say, that IS A LIE!!! Once the date that was given came upon us, I called the adjuster and left her a voicemail message requesting a status. Well, it is now going on 8 days later and I have NOT received a callback from said adjuster. Both my associate and I have called every day, at least twice a day and no one ever answers. We leave message on top of message and still we never receive a callback. The adjuster doesn't even return the call to their policyholder.I've tried going up the ladder and to no avail. I left a message to the adjuster's supervisor and I have the same result. NO RETURN CALL!! I have never dealt with such unprofessionalism and lack professional courtesy. I guess that American Access Casualty teaches and trains that to all of their employees. I feel sorry for all of their policy holders.
I'm an OPTIMIST, so I'm throwing a curveball here. I AGREE 100% with each review. I went through EVERYTHING everyone wrote and it is true. THIS COMPANY SUCKS! I got hit in JANUARY 2016. I am just now getting my car in the shop and it's JULY!!! As much as I want to write a nasty review, I am sure you get the point from others... Which is: Pray you don't get hit by a person insured with this company and you will be given the runaround. Yes, the experience is emotionally draining and NOT FAIR.This insurance company sucks, so what is my POSITIVE view? I learned several things dealing with this company. 1. PATIENCE. My patience was tested the ENTIRE time! If I can deal with this insurance company I can deal with anything that comes my way. 2. NEVER GIVE UP. I've called, emailed, and left messages, but FINALLY got through because they saw I was not giving up without a fight. 3. BE THANKFUL. Okay, so the person hit my brand new 2016 convertible. BUT, I'm alive! I am also a LIVER CANCER patient. I hate the dent on my car, but it could be worse. I could be severely injured or dead. MORAL OF THIS STORY: Try to keep calm and NEVER GIVE UP the fight with this stupid company. Have an awesome day!
They don't even deserve one star. The WORST company to deal with. First they make you submit your damage in pictures, don't even send anyone out to look at your vehicle to create an estimate. I got rear ended by one of their insured so there is damage underneath that they do not account for. My claim adjusted never called me, I had to call him twice to even hear back from someone. They give you a 24 hour window where your adjuster should call, clearly didn't happen. This company will only pay MINIMUM on labor, so you know that you will not have your car fixed at a good facility. I have only taken my car to the dealership for any work done on it since it is still under warranty and they will only cover 1/2 of what the estimate actually is.One lady said I had to take it to one of their "preferred" dealerships, but then the next said I didn't. They also said that if I take it somewhere that charges more than what they are willing to pay I am responsible. The company should not operate as an insurance company. I hope NO ONE gets hit by one of their insured. You will not have your car fixed for a long time if you even get it fixed, or you will have to take it to some BS shop that probably won't even use real parts. I am submitting a claim with the BBB which it looks like I will not be the first or the last. Absolute joke of a company.
Do not trust this company! I have full coverage insurance with them, and was struck by someone who was also insured by them. I was not at fault. They would not fix my vehicle on my coverage or the other person either. Stay away from them! I will be switching insurance companies!!!! I'm so upset!
Attempted to find out why monthly premium was increasing from approximately $390 to $575.87. Was initially informed by the rep who answered that was due to a discount being withdrawn for prior insurance. That needed a letter of experience. I explained that this had not been previously requested by anyone - either their agent nor the underwriter that we had spoken with during the application process. Explained that due to travel, would not be back to residence to get any such information for the next two weeks and did not believe that a less than 48-hour notice was reasonable. The rep said that she could not do anything and I asked to speak to a supervisor.Luis, a supervisor, came onto the call. He repeated the same story and I also explained that neither their agent nor their underwriter raised the need for the letter. While happy to provide it, it would be in mid-June as Mark **, the other insured, was currently traveling and I was (am) in Nicaragua until the last half of June due to a member of my family being sick. Then Luis raised the point that Mark ** did not live full-time in Houston and that the Underwriting Section (the section that he previously stated he did not manage and could not direct to take action) had yesterday (i.e. 25 May) decided to cancel the policy for this reason.I explained that Mark only drives while in Houston as it is cheaper to pay for the policy than for him to have to rent a car when in Houston. This had been explained to their underwriter in April during the insurance application and the policy had been approved. Luis committed to, as soon as he finished the call, to send an email containing a copy of the notice from "yesterday" showing this decision to cancel.After waiting approximately 30 minutes and approximately 15 minutes before the insurance office closed, I called back to state that the letter had not been received. I also asked the person who answered, Mike, if he could tell me the status of my policy. After a minute or two (maybe longer) he stated that based on the notes, that an email "had been sent by a supervisor to underwriting" to cancel the policy. I asked if the note said that underwriting had cancelled or of the supervisor (presumably Luis) had sent an email TO underwriting to cancel. Mike hung up the phone on me.Based on the statement by Mike, it appears that Luis was not honest when, in the middle of the first call, apparently learned that the policy had been cancelled. I believe that Luis was not truthful and he effort to cancel the policy is retaliatory for questioning the increase. I suspect that many other customer of American Access Casualty have had similar experiences.
I had an accident. My fault and I had nonowners ins. I was driving my mother's car with her in the car because I was taking her to a minor emergency because she wasn't feeling well enough to drive. So the insurance denied the claim because it was my mother's car. Now this is the clause for their denial of coverage "p. “Non-owned automobile” means a private passenger farm, or utility automobile not owned by, or furnished for the “regular use” of “you”, a “family member” or “resident relative”, other than a “temporary substitute automobile”, while said automobile is in “your” possession or custody.Now I contend that the sentence after "other than" should verify my claim. Temporary substitute. I was only driving her car because I couldn't drive her on my motorcycle. She is 75 yrs old. In any case they won't even consider that they might be wrong. Also they were rude and very short with me and now I have to come out of pocket for mother's car and the vehicle I hit. They are the sorriest company out there but I'M stuck till my policy runs out. Never ever go with a company until you research thoroughly. Thanks.
My daughter's car was hit by a student at her college who carries this insurance. She submitted everything that she was asked to quickly and now when we call and wait an hour to get someone but are told that the policy holder has not been able to be contacted. They told her that if he did not contact them in 60 days there would be no payment on the claim. I will wait the 60 days and if I do not get a call back I will take action with the Illinois Attorney General. I am sure I will find that there have been many complaints there as well.Part 919.80(b)(3) of the Illinois Administrative Code requires an insurer to provide a reasonable written explanation of the delay for any property damage liability claim unresolved in excess of 60 days from the date it was reported to the company. Luckily ours is just property damage around $500 and my insurance company, State Farm, can pay for uninsured or under insured damages. Hopefully the person that hit my daughter's car will just pay the repair and bypass this horrible excuse for a company altogether.
My adjuster was fired and my claim was left basically floating around. I personally contacted their insurer and he said he never was contacted either. Needless to say, we both called them and the claim was resolved.
One of their insured drivers crashed into me on Labor Day in September '17. It is now about to be 2018 and all they want to cover is my bumper but want to use cheap non-original parts and don't want to cover my medical expenses. They claim it has been too long apart, after they have been giving me a runaround for 3 months not trying to take any responsibility. DO YOUR BEST TO AVOID EVER DEALING WITH THEM, IF YOU DO HAVE TO THEN GET A LAWYER. I can't stress it enough. They don't like to answer the phones and take weeks to return calls. They also don't take any notes of conversations so record your calls with them. They are professional crooks. I hope you learn from my mistakes.
I was in a horrible accident with a driver who had Access American insurance. The driver T-boned me in the right rear passenger side of my daughter's SUV in 2014, Saturday before Thanksgiving. I was flipped and ended up under the vehicle rescued and hospitalized the other driver passed away at the scene. I had to get a lawyer because I didn't hear from GEICO or the driver's insurance, Access American. When the lawyer heard from the insurance company they stated he wasn't covered and I ended up having to get paid by my daughter's insurance and my insurance State Farm. It was only $30,000, I have a $207000 hospital bill. When I try to get a better rate for my insurance all the other insurance companies know about the payoff from State Farm. I have never had an at fault accident or a ticket for anything since living here in Texas 9 years at that time. I don't believe that driver was not covered but the insurance company sent a letter stating he wasn't covered. Why was he driving with that insurance card and they didn't say the insurance was no good? I know I was cheated and no one can help me get what I should have received for my injuries. I was 65 years old at the time and have been suffering ever since the accident. I thank God I am alive and able to walk (hip replacement), fractured skull, 7 broken ribs and a broken neck. What can I do to make sure the driver wasn't covered?
I was hit by one of their insure April 7th and still have not got a hold of the adjuster for this damn company. Now I am having to put everything from my insurance and pay out of my pocket when it not even my fault. Piece of crap company. I don't understand how they are "in business".
It is a shame that this company will insure just about anybody with or without a valid driver's license, but when there is a claim filed the company disappears just like their clients. The few and far between interactions with agents after hours of hold were a waste of time, even though we did our part providing all required documents. We are penalized because they can't reach their client. Don't expect any callbacks from the company ever.
This company has been the worst insurance to deal with!! After being hit by one of their insurers at my apartment complex, I was forced to have to deal with them. They have been extremely unprofessional and nonetheless could care less about resolving my issue. It took almost a whole month for the company to even get a statement from the driver that hit me. And to make matters worse the driver lied to their company and stated I hit him. It was clear that was not the case as I had pictures and all the information to back my story. They still didn't care! The lady whom stated my claim was denied (Maria) has been the worst and her supervisor, Randy as well. They both have not returned any of my calls and just send me straight to voicemail!As I was speaking with one of the representatives she stated she was emailing Maria and she was at her desk and would transfer me, but not surprisingly as soon as I was transferred I was sent to her voicemail! Ridiculous! It’s clear. She isn't doing her job! It’s been weeks and still no call back from them. No one will speak to me in that company and I know it’s because they know I am right! Their insurer is a terrible driver and still they want to cover him up. Seems they never want to pay for their insurer’s screw ups. This company is extremely unfair.
This company never answered the phone. Was on hold over 45 minutes. No answer. They always say their insurer are not cooperating with the investigation. They always deny claims. They never pay. They never act in good faith. Worst insurance company ever. How do they stay in operation. They need a class action suit filed against them for bad faith in handling claims. Please look online for class action against AAC. Worst horrible insurance in the world!!!
I was rear-ended by someone insured by American Access and suffered some bumper damage that required a rear bumper replacement. It took several weeks and phone calls to get an estimate when an estimate was promised originally in a 24 hour timeframe. I was only reimbursed 1/2 the cost of the replacement and eventually gave up pursuing this issue as it was a drain on my time and energy. Avoid any interactions with this company if at all possible. Unfortunately, this option wasn't available to me.
On October 9, 2018 an insured of American Access Insurance Co. sideswiped my car in a shopping center parking lot. The driver was a 16 yr. old girl driving with a permit. Her mother, who doesn't speak English, was in the passenger seat. I took down all information and took a picture of her permit and her insurance paper. They didn't have an insurance card. Both parents and both of their cars were listed on the paper. It is my understanding that those driving with a permit do not need to be listed on the policy. The driver apologized. I IMMEDIATELY called American Access and gave a recorded incident report. I was told that I would hear from an adjuster within 24/48 hrs. I heard nothing.I called daily and, a week later, received a form to complete. I was informed it was still under investigation since the driver wasn't on the policy and they were unable to reach the insured. I was told to get a damage estimate at a body shop of their choice. I did that immediately. The collision company informed me that Access Casualty doesn't have good reviews. I'm beginning to see why. I continued to call the adjuster to no avail. Fortunately, I am able to drive my car, but it is still damaged. If I wasn't able to drive it, I'm assuming I'd also be paying for a rental car this entire month! On October 24, I received another letter, still no callbacks, telling me that the incident is still under investigation since they still can't reach their insured.I find this difficult to believe, that after a month, they still can't find the insured. I was also told that if they can't contact them that they will cancel their policy and I will literally be stuck! I took a picture of their insurance paper and it states the policy is in effect until 3/8/19. It lists their address, vehicle Id, and license plate number. I do not understand why they are unable to contact them. I've read other reviews and see that there have been similar problems with being told that their insured can't be reached.I reported the accident within the hour. I received one estimate within a week. I have continually called the company with no calls returned. I feel a month is a reasonable amount of time to investigate the accident and provide me with payment to have my 1 year old car repaired. I also think it reasonable to keep me updated on progress or lack of. I also feel that since the policy is in effect until March, 2019 the people were insured at the time of the accident. I have a picture of the driver's permit, the policy, and damages to my car.If you are interested in seeing any of those, I can readily provide them. The adjuster's name is Tirza **. This is very upsetting to me since I have done everything I'm suppose to do including trying to maintain communication with the company and my only responses have been an occasional form letter. Please let me know if you require any further information. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
My vehicle was PARKED at work and the client of AMERICAN ACCESS CASUALTY COMPANY backed into it and damaged my 2016 Corvette Stingray on JANUARY 11, 2018! The unit was dropped off to be repaired on JANUARY 13, 2018, they did provide a rental car, the communication with the adjuster has been like trying to find OSAMA BIN LADEN awful, customer service and I should have known this when the client of the insurance company explained my insurance is LOW BUDGET, your better use of a words. The vehicle has now been repaired and sitting at the Chevrolet dealership and they will not release because they received one check but not the payment in full. WOW! I have called every day and suggest they trace the check to see where it is and still to no avail from the adjuster to ensure that I secure my collateral, this company is AWFUL and should be closed!
I can't believe I didn't check their reviews before!!! Would of made it much easier for me instead of dealing with their ignorance! I had spoke to one of their agents a week ago and long story short he told me I had until today to renew my policy. I call in today to make my payment and young lady tells me I'm cancelled. I cant renew! That I have to open up a new policy... All they want is your $. I'm guessing they didn't want to give my 2014 RATE... Thank God I never had any type of accident. I could just imagine the headache I would have gone through with their bad BAD service! And if I could I wouldn't even give them 1 star... but I have to pick one. Smh.
My husband was hit by a insurer of AACC over TWO years ago. My husband was badly hurt, the guy was convicted and sent to jail, and they STILL won't return ONE phone call. Our claims representative, either is NEVER at her office or she just doesn't answer or return phone calls. TWO years this is going on, I am not quitting and I continue to call every day. Last week I finally was able to get a hold of her manager (I was on the phone for almost 3 hours just to get to that point). He told me he would read over the file, and call me back. I said, "Do you promise to call me back" he said "YES". Of course we haven't heard back from him. I don't want to get an attorney because I don't want to share 33% but this is ridiculous!!! I filed with our attorney general, I filed with the department of insurance, and now I'm ready to take legal action and take this company down.
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