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Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Allstate Motorcycle Insurance
Year Founded: 1931
Phone: (800) 255-7828
Overall average rating of 4.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 43 %
I've had to talk to them over the phone with questions and they were very responsive and helped me all of my issues. The person on the phone also kept a positive attitude throughout the conversation. It did not take long for everything to be processed and my representative was very informative of the processes. When filing my claims, I got updates on the status regularly. For the most part, their policies are very helpful. Also they included a detailed book of all of their policies which helped me when I had no time to contact them via phone or email. The coverage is exactly what I need for where I am at in life. I still live on a college campus and do not expect too many accidents to occur, however you can never be too safe.
Sometimes the customer service were a little confused with my questions and had to ask someone else for the answer but other than that it was fine. I cannot complain. Very quick and easy claims process. Great job there. Thanks. I hope it will always be this simple to do things that are simple and should be simple. Policy is top notch. The coverage pretty much covered what I needed. Nothing too out of the ordinary there so that is good, sure glad the coverage is doing its thing by covering me in case something were to happen.
The customer service for Allstate is high quality and provides you with timeful and respectful manner that I highly recommend anyone to use whenever they can. Claim processing is easy and pain-free so if you ever get into a wreck or accident you can rely on Allstate to give you your money for the accident. Policy options, well there are many to choose from and everyone has a choice to pick from so it's not that hard and yes Comedienne it right now. Coverage is reliable and high quality if you ever get into a problem it will fix it easily and reliably. So if you need help don't be afraid to contact them asap.
Customer service was good the few times that I dealt with it. They were readily available to answer any questions that I may have had. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I never actually had to deal with the claims personnel or go through the claims process seeing as I never had to file a claim, so I can't really give any opinion as to the matter. The policy options were pretty varied depending on the needs of the individual and the amount of coverage that they needed. They inform you well to select a policy best for you. The coverage, depending on which type of policy you choose, can be very good. You can drive safe knowing that if you do have the misfortune of getting into an accident, you will be covered.
I honestly feel like this is the best company. They helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I would choose them over every company in the industry. They were quick and very helpful throughout the entire process. I don't know what I would do without them. They were by my side the entire process. They honestly have the best plans for the best prices. I am so very happy with my policy and also my rate. I love them forever. The coverage is so amazing.
Allstate has exceptional customer service for motorcycle insurance. Your needs will be handled whether they be questions or claims in a fair and timely manner. Staff are friendly and there for you. Allstate handles claims in a calm and respectable manner. Your questions and concerns will be addressed with respect and in a timely manner. They work as fast as they can to get you back on the road. Allstate provides a variety of insurance plans to address the needs and budget of the cyclist. Personally I choose a mid range of protection and could not be happier with all the coverage I am receiving. Allstate has a wide range of coverage plans and options to meet the needs of customers in today's market. Basic, mid, and exceptional coverage are all offered and there is no pressure to go beyond what you are comfortable with.
They were thoughtful, helpful, and informative and I would definitely recommend to my friends. So I will definitely continue to use my current insurance company because my rates are the best and their customer service is top quality. They answer and take care of all of my questions and concerns. The customer service is very helpful and understanding with any question or concerns regarding my claim. The policy options are easy to understand and not a lot of red tape and not a lot of fine print to read through and understand. Their policy options have satisfied me as a customer for years and years. The coverage is very top notch and fits my budget as well as my needs. I always get exactly what I need in coverage, and it is always in my budget range for exactly what I need. So I will continue to stick to my same amount of coverage.
The customer service helped me file claims for my motorcycle. They were always prompt and on time. Provided me with all the needed information. The process was very smooth. It went very quickly and they guided me through every step. Also the policy option is good. There were many options for you to choose from. I was not restricted by anything at all. I am happy with the coverage. It covered everything I needed. It covered accidents, crashes, and theft of bike. I did not need to apply for any additional coverage.
The company is a great company and Id use it for most my needs not just the one. Theyre very loyal to their customers and run their business the way I like. They do their job in a timely manner and dont leave their customers waiting. I really like the way they do their job. Its a great policy. They let you pick what you need and dont try to get you to get stuff you dont. I really think they are a great company to do business with. My coverage is what I need. I like the coverage they give. Its not more than I need. Its just what I need and the options I want.
This is really the easiest and best company to do business with. They provide any information you need and are very helpful. Claims if they arise are very easy to handle as well. The claims process is so easy and straightforward. You can start it online or by calling. Very knowledgeable customer service and an overall simple and fast process. You can pick a policy that's tailored to your needs and your budget. They have plenty of options available for you. You can select extra stuff if needed and remove things you may not need and it's all very affordable. Plenty of coverage options available to suit your needs. Doesn't matter if you need the state minimum or the higher options. They won't push you to get anything you don't need or cannot afford. Also plenty of options available for paying for it as well.
An easy and very smooth quote process. Customer Service was very helpful with providing information and did not get pushy in trying to upsell and cross sell products. I had a claim that I actually processed through Allstate's Mobile App and then followed up with a customer service agent by phone. You can file claims 24/7. The claim was settled efficiently and quickly. Lots of options available. Collision, Comprehensive, Custom coverage. A variety of Policy Coverage Features to choose from according to what you feel you need or want. There is something for everyone. Bodily Injury Liability, Guest Passenger Liability, Property Damage Liability. There are lots of Features and Options to choose from and their premiums are very good and they offer a lot of different discounts.
Since my motorcycle was finance I took the full coverage option in case I had an accident and totally wiped out my motorcycle and needed to replace it so that I would have transportation. The coverage was adequate to cover all contingencies in case of accident or problems. I paid all my premiums on time and did not experience any rate increases while I owned my motorcycle.
I have had Allstate for a very long time and had no issue with the service until they decided to add someone to my auto policy without my authentication and then refused to take them off unless I go out and find the person's insurance information and report it back to them. For one, this is not my place to do so and two, this information is personal and not for me to give to anyone. I called the North Carolina Department of Insurance and talked to them about this issue and they did state that it's a policy of Allstate that they (Department of Insurance) do not support, but there's nothing they could do about it. There's no law that controls what an insurance company can do to you on this subject and, of course, no law that states that you have to provide them any information not pertaining only to you. If someone puts your address down as theirs, then when Allstate finds out, they will add this person or personsto your account and you will be carrying someone else and their liability without your knowledge. I was never called to approve this person or the change. I think all present Allstate insurance holders should cancel and let them know why so maybe we can get this type of behavior stopped. I can put your address down and you will have to pay my premium for insurance or cancel because I will not give you my insurance information or anything else.If you think this is fair and that insurance companies should have the right to do so, then you should be very happy with Allstate, but wait until this happens to you and you can do noting about it. I talked to Allstate and they informed me that if I did not pay the increase on my policy caused by adding this person, I would have to pay late fees and penalties. Well, I canceled all my insurance for 4 cars, 4 houses and a motorcycle but I don't think they care.
Very friendly customer service, always ready to listen to your questions and try to help with the best solution possible or offer. I would recommend. Just be patient when explaining your question or situation and you will get results! I haven`t had to go through full claim processing. I only asked about the regular procedures and what I can expect in case I need to file a claim. So far, it sounded like a standard normal process. I was offered different policy options and was helped to choose the one that is tailored to my needs and wants. From my point of view, there is a wide variety of options you can choose from. I was able to choose full coverage or liability coverage only. The policy coverage is pretty much no different from offers from other companies, but it suits my needs.
Anytime I needed customer service, I was never on hold for more than 10 minutes. They were very helpful and usually fixed the issue I had within 2 days of me calling them. The claims was not the fastest but I was satisfied with the whole process. It usually took me up to 2 weeks but other than that I was fine with it. They told you the policies right away, which I think is very helpful because some of these policies are hard to understand on your own and they explained them to me very well. Also the coverage options really are designed for the customer. If you don't want to pay that much they have one for you and if you have a higher income etc.
The automated system asks too many questions before you can talk to a real person... then once you do get someone on the phone you have to explain the situation over and over before anything is done to correct it. I usually have the most trouble with billing. Representative are not always pleasant and could be more friendly and helpful. Limited and have to have had insurance with another company for over a year to have a policy with them even if you're a first time driver or motorcycle owner. Average to the rest over price with customer service that leaves something to be desired... coverage you don't need to get that you do.
They took pictures. Put the claim through right away. Sent me a check in three working days. My rep didn't mess around. But my insurance premium went up a little bit. They were very professional. Took pictures of the crash. Reviewed it. Sent my check right away. Then I got it fixed within two weeks. They came to check out when it was repaired. Replacement if totaled. Repaired anywhere I wanted to take it to. They took care of all of the paper work. Then they did a followed it up through the full service. If I had to go through it again I would not change insurance companies. They served me right. I have full coverage on me, my bike and whoever rides with me.
Every time I called for assistance, their customer service reps were also pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. I was always satisfied with their response and their timeliness. The claims procedure was very clear. It was easy to file a claim. It was also easy to follow the progress of the claim. I was satisfied with the outcome and grateful for the speed of the settlement. My options were explained fully and completed. My agent took the time to thoroughly explain the policy and was patient and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. The policy provided the coverage I desired. It was adequate and covered me completely for accidents. I was never concerned about being under insured.
They were very nice and knowledgeable about the services I required at the time. We had great conversations while finding my info and was finished in a reasonable amount of time. Very quick, simple and easy. Was able to get it done during a lunch break. The hold time took the longest to get thru and options to go thru. They gave me a wide range to choose from and simple directions for signing up and qualifying and finally I got a great policy for a great low price.
Customer service was kind and they made sure I had enough insurance coverage to insure my motorcycle. Always friendly and they made sure I knew what I was covered for in my policy. I don't believe I ever had a claim that involved my motorcycle insurance. Insurance agent was very helpful to me and made sure I was safe. I was not really told in detail what my options were as far as my policy was concerned but they made sure I had the coverage that the law regarded. I was covered up to 100,000 as bodily injury and personal injury and if anyone else gets hurt they are covered too. I had enough coverage to cover me for what the law allowed.
They are always there when I need help the most, always kind and helpful. I've never had any problems with their customer service. Top notch. It's really all very satisfactory. It is top notch mate and I have no complaints. I would recommend it to anyone that I know. Very good. Thank you so much to them and all that they do for their customers, they are a great company with great service. Their prices for coverage are very good. They cover everything that I need and nothing that I don't. They have never tried to swindle me or give me something that I do not need.
It is a great platform for customer service and a whole great company to deal with indeed. I would recommend them to a lot of people I know and love including friends and family too. Filing a claim was an easy task to do and complete once I called in for help. Customer service was quite excellent indeed. I enjoyed in alas a great thing and convenience who is chatting with them and the fast service a. Allstate is a great company to be with from year to year and let your family know how great and reliable it is and it will prosper more in the future. The coverage is quite awesome and we could pull it off on a medium income level and will tell all friends and family about them as soon as possible.
I got into a motorcycle accident on June 7 2017. Reported the incident immediately and Allstates initial response was swift. Appraisal rep came out the next day to assess the damage on my bike. Even attempted to write me a check that very day to get things rolling. I was suspicious of this. This was not normal given my experience with insurance. I opted to wait until the bike was repaired for payment. I didn't see how writing a check now made sense since a motorcycle mechanic had yet to inspect the bike. The bike was delivered to Motorcycle Center in East Brunswick NJ within the next few days. I notified my Allstate Rep. Things seemed to be headed in the right direction.An appraisal Rep never went to the Motorcycle Center to go over the damages. One week turned into two weeks and the week of Aug 20 someone finally goes to the Motorcycle Center to get a true price of repair. The cost was teetering with being Totalled. We tried to work some numbers which involved me taking some sort of discount on the deductible plus a credit but we felt it not worth fixing since the bike had yet to be taken apart. There's bound to be more damage underneath the surface and there was no room to cover anything additional.I made the decision clear to the appraiser to total the bike. He said "ok", all I needed now was to collect receipts for aftermarket parts and have them ready by 21/22 Aug. 23 Aug rolls in and the tone of my appraiser has changed. He tells me he didn't say the bike would be totaled. The bike has been in storage since approximately June 10th at $76 per day. They're not paying that. He just got this 5 days ago. "We're gonna fix the bike." "Excuse me!" He adjusted the repair numbers below the totaled amount except it's still not enough to cover the damage. Now in getting the runaround. Claims rep, missing. Call corp, leave a message. Every website and POC takes me to my Allstate rep and back to the claims rep. This looks the rebooting of and already jacked up process.
They are very helpful. Do whatever they can to be there for you. Return your call very quickly. Get you what you need as soon as they can. I've been a customer for awhile and they're great. Great to work with. There when you need them. Very helpful and nice. Get you what you need fast and everything is right. They have great policy options. Lots to choose from. Great cost. Just to do busy with. They have really good coverage. Give you peace of mind for you and your family.
I have not had to use it yet luckily but it was easy to get. It is also not too hard for me to afford it even though I don't make much money. They have a few different policy options. They add to the cost of the policy so I only got the ones that I could afford. They have different coverage levels. The cost of the policy depends on the level you get and the options that you choose for it. Some cost more than the others.
With Allstate, you are NOT in good hands! - My fiancé had Allstate Insurance for years. He held homeowners, auto and Motorcycle insurance thru them. Never ever had a claim. His agent told him that he only needed comprehensive insurance in on his bike in the winter. He said it would cover it while in storage. My fiancé specifically asked if it would cover it if his bike fell over in the garage. The answer was "Absolutely!" After years of holding collision only during Maine's riding season and comprehensive while being stored, the inevitable happened... His bike fell over. We called our agent, made a claim, the adjuster AND his boss came to inspect. They sent my fiancé a preliminary settlement in writing. Told him he would receive payment to get the repairs started and then later they would settle fully. Well, 20 minutes later, a very rude woman from GA called and said his bike wasn't covered because he didn't have collision and because his bike 'collided' with the cement floor, they wouldn't cover it. Both the agent AND the adjuster said it was not right. But still, it didn't get covered.2 weeks later, our truck broke down... We pay monthly for roadside assistance coverage via our insurance policy... So, we called them... Sat on the side of the road for 3 hours while they gave us every excuse under the sun why the tow company wasn't there yet... Then, told us they didn't have a tower to cover the area... So we were forced to call and pay a tower ourselves, for which they refused to reimburse us for.I would NEVER recommend Allstate to anyone! They are a horrible company. They steal from their customers while they promise to provide a service for them which they don't provide. With Allstate Insurance, you're in the worst hands ever! We have since dropped them for motorcycle and auto coverage. We will also be dropping out homeowners as soon as we have a home inspection for new insurance. Good luck to all those who still have Allstate coverage. I hope you have better luck. But my guess is... You won't!
Not too good of a experience. I guess because I should have went to someone else's. But thanks for the help but I don't think I need it anymore. No they never actually care too much to listen. I call and they never answer so I plan to move on from them and get to a different company. This is a mess like seriously. No joke. I don't know about the policy really don't even care. I just want my credits.
I like what they had to offer. The people were nice and took their time to answer your questions and concerns. It did not take all day to get what I needed done so I was happy. The claims processing experience was very easy and not complicated at all. I did all my claims online by just adding to documents and then sending them by email. I like how it was so simple. The policy that they had was very easy and the experience I had was easy. It was no mess just quick one. One experience that I could get through without a problem. The coverage they offer and many different ways that you can get what you need at a low price that is affordable to you to be able to pay.
They like to put you on hold only to transfer you elsewhere for 5 times before problem solved. The hold music is nonexistent. Once this policy is done I'm shopping around. They are slow and don't believe you even with police reports and pictures to show the damages. They promise great coverage but treat clients like were a hassle. The policies promise great coverage but once you're in you are stuck with the sub par service and good luck understanding the call center reps. Low high worthless greedy biased profiling terrible results. Extremely slow claim processing. No office support. The worst insurance company ever.
Previous service with being happy & enjoying benefits, the customer-service representatives were very knowledgeable & willing to help me with my concerns &/or questions. Much more enjoyable than others, however, they got the claims processed in a definite amount of time instead of an indefinite amount of time. My policy is much better than other insurers, due to the fact of my prior experience with the company that I'm currently insured with, most people just go to any kind of insurance company either for the low price or 'cause of the locality. I go through a certain insurance based on the benefit. I'm fully insured & I'm happy with my insurance, 'cause if it hadn't been for the insurance company that I'm with, I don't know what I'd do.
They were always friendly and helped me with any issues I had. I had the best agent helping me. She was always helping me get a better quote on the insurance I had. I never had to put in a claim. I was always careful not to get into an accident so that I would have to put in a claim at all. I would recommend them. They have different kind of policies - the one I had fit my budget and covered me well. I even had several discounts. Best coverage I had for my motorcycle with different options. I never had any complaints or issues with them at all. Would totally recommend them.
After shopping for insurance for what seemed like forever, I finally went with Allstate. Other companies wanted to charge me way too much, upwards of $200 monthly, when you reasonably ride about 4 months out of the year, Allstate was much better, even giving me rebates for driving a certain mileage. The biggest discount was, of course, not having any accidents, they even told me to get a louder exhaust because the main reason for accidents is that people in cars can neither see nor hear a motorcycle.
My experience with this is fantastic. I didn't have a single problem through the whole process and the company was very helpful with filling details for any questions I had.
Customer service, I got in a wreck in 2014 and they talked me through it all. Helped me in many ways. The Allstate insurance association saved my life. No real problems and it was handle to the benefits of both wrecker and the wrecked. I was happy with the policy options. I mean, think about it's ALLSTATE. How bad can it be? A lot of citizens of the USA are former applicants of Allstate. I'm satisfied with the coverage cause it was basic. The same coverage you'd get from modest insurance companies except I'm with Allstate.
Easy to use. Someone always available when needed and always help me out with anything I need. Good insurance company with helpful, knowledgeable employees. Submitting a claim is easy to accomplish with their services, they walked me through everything and were very helpful. Better experience than if had with other companies. This company has a large amount of options. They have many ways to save on your monthly payment and also have many ways for you to select when setting up a plan. The coverage is very good. Everything necessary was covered under my plan and the deductibles are worth it. All coverage options available.
It is a great company to do business with. They really care for their customers. I would recommend them to any one looking for a new company they haven't tried. I got good service from them. They were very supportive. They help me with everything I needed help with. They were very helpful through the whole process. I would recommend them to any one that needed help. They have very good options and let you choose what you think you need most. I got just the right coverage. Not too much or too little. Just what I needed. They have very good coverage.
The company has always been reliable. Every time I call them they are quick to answer. They are also always helpful, and willing to work with me when a situation arises. I have only had to file one claim. When this happened, they got all the details situated and my car was repaired within several weeks at no cost to me. They also from care of the claim against the person who hit my car. My options are always presented to me. An agent is always to talk me through the options that are best for me and my family. I have never doubted their suggestions. The coverage is always comprehensive and takes care of all of my needs. I have never thought that I needed any more than I currently have.
Allstate Motorcycle Insurance has all options for all vehicles. All policies available and options ready for you. All coverage options that work for every customer. Coverage for all vehicles cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, jet skis. Coverage that number one. All claim processed no problem ever. Claims service that works. A claim department you can trust and use. Great service representatives that answer your questions. Customer service that you can count on. Service that actually works. I would recommend to all customers.
It was very fast and professional and friendly. And got the answers I was asking them and gave me feedback to help me out and gave me tips to save money on insurance. Their claims processing was fast and easy and they repaired my bike professionally. And fast and nice and inexpensive on the claim made and did not break the bank. Their policy options was very good and money saving and different options for different people and reasons. And found one that I love and is way cheaper than Geico I had previously. Glad I went to Allstate. The coverage is extremely great and inexpensive and affordable and covered everything and fixes the ride quickly and professionally and reliable.
They are very good at insurance and I never had any problems. It is very easy to use. They have lots of good policy's options to choose from. They have very good coverage.
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