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Allstate Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Allstate
Overall average rating of 2.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 14 %
A couple years ago there was a bad storm and large hail fell on our area. My truck had a lot of damage afterwards. The Insurance company approved the repairs for the hail damage and even approved additional amounts of money that the repair shop added to the amount. My truck was fixed and looked great.
My experience with Allstate has been great in my 20 something years of membership. I sometimes feel that I could find a better price elsewhere, but my agent is always available whenever I need him. He makes me feel like I am an important customer even though I am sure he has a long list of customers. I rarely file claims, so I only deal with him when renewing my policy.
As with every other review, Allstate are crooks and accident forgiveness they preach is all bs. They will find the loopholes to not pay a claim. If you have a minor in your household and you don’t add them to your policy they will not pay. Beware of the fine print... You can lend your car to a complete stranger and they will pay but if you don’t add a minor they will not even if you have paid your yearly policy on time and have been a customer for 10+ years. I hope they enjoy the money we’ve paid. Greedy company with unethical people working for them.
Instead of going green, I opted to receive a statement each month. After being with them for 6 months, they raised my rates $46/month, That's almost $300 for 6 single pieces of paper. Yes...I was advised. But had no idea my rates would increase 22% if I didn't. I mean, the last thing I expected of my insurance company is to be taken advantage of like that. I intend to do 2 things, #1 I intend to contact my utility folks and find out how much I can save by "going green" and #2 Shop for new auto insurance.
DO NOT BUSINESS WITH THIS OFFICE OR ALLSTATE IN GENERAL. Go with Geico. Allstate, David ** and his employees are nothing but crooks and thieves. They charged me for a policy that I canceled a week prior to its renewal back in October 2017. The customer service lady, Loudie is just absolutely terrible at her job. I called and told her that I wanted to cancel my policy and she did nothing. She didn't return my phone calls and she never called me as she normally would to see if I were making a payment. Allstate strategically neglected to provide me with costumer service so I would have to pay the balance on my now canceled policy. When I called corporate, I was treated with the utmost disrespect. Throughout the portion of my conversation with the representative named Linda and Beth (** = Employee ID) I asked them if they were aware that what they were doing was stealing, they said "Yes".
This insurance company is by far the worst I have had to deal with, I lost my camera equipment (back in August) which was insured under personal property policy. I never heard from my agent instead they put me through an investigation and then a deposition with a lawyer to retell my story for a third time. I still to this day have not received a straight answer to when my claim will be completed. I have to deal with the investigator that was assigned to the claim (a real treat) and all I ever get is "we are working on it". I sat with the lawyer and investigator. On October 11th they told me two weeks, now it is November 2nd and still no word, no update, or communication. I am out approximately 4k and have gotten no further than the first day I made the claim. In good hands... What a joke!
Allstate is the enemy. They are the WORST! Here’s my (son's) experience. He was driving down a major street. An Allstate driver on his right instantaneously cut across the front of his car to take a left causing my son to hit him and damage his front passenger side. Allstate sent THEIR adjuster out and said car was totaled. It was not and could be fixed. They gave him a rental for 5 days and said they usually only give 2 day rentals!! The first person from Allstate my son spoke to was so rude and awful my son reported him. The communication was terrible. No callbacks and very obvious they wanted to bury this claim fast. The car value to be replaced was average 7000+. They offered 3500 + taxes etc which came to 3800 and change PLUS THE CAR!!! We told them we wanted the car FIXED not taken. The car was fixable as my son explained he was told by auto body shop for about 3800. We told them no way were they going to take a perfectly maintained car (he just spent 3000+ on car battery as well as other work within last 6 mos). Then the agent then changed her tune and said it’s possible to keep car but now the payout would be 3500 minus 1200 + (the value of what a salvage company would pay them...)??? Taxes and more BS. So now my son would get 2300 if lucky plus she said if we went that way the title would have to be “salvage." I went ballistic and said the car WAS NOT SALVAGE!! Then she made up this coverup story that since car was paid in full it was not necessary. We said that we should be able to get a check for 3800 TO FIX THE CAR. NOT FOR THEM TO TAKE THE CAR AND SELL IT TO SALVAGE!!!If you keep your car they penalize you!!! This is how they pressure the consumers to make $$$. They give you a 2 DAY rental. Which means after having a traumatic event (in this case where they said THEIR client was 100% at fault) you have to find something FAST... Like today. And will not have time to find a good deal which would make one go to a dealer, finance a car, and have a great unexpected expense since ALLSTATE goal is pay out the lowest token of money while the client's back is against the wall. They bragged that they come out and pay right away when the true scheme is "Hurry up... Take the lousy, dishonest, deceitful deal that we, the self serving, insurance company are offering so we can continue to make billions on your misfortune." They want to take a fixable car... Offer you money that no way can replace a similar car. Not to mention the sales and excise taxes you’ll need to pay, and make the victim take out a loan (suppose they cannot??) to buy another vehicle. The aggravation and mental stress can be overwhelming since you see there is no support only a company who will totally disregard common sense and fight for their profits.
I paid my last premium to take me until Aug 26th of 2018 however I was cancelling my policy on the 13th, was assured I would be given a refund. The day after my payment was taken out of my account I received a bill saying I was not getting a refund. Also I owe money. Horrible experience and service. I called and called and they keep giving me the run around, saying, "All of our managers are in meetings and we are all in the same department. You cannot speak to anyone but me."
I've had bad experiences with Allstate in the past (70's thru the 90's). But the dealings we've had in the past 4 years have really changed my mind about them. We couldn't be happier. Prompt, courteous attention to our claims. Diligent follow-up to make sure all was satisfactory. Fair claims adjustment and rapid payment of claims.
On June 6th, 2018 my daughter and 2 year old granddaughter was hit head on by an Allstate insured. He was drunk and ran, a good Samaritan chased him and got his plate #. He was then arrested. After 3 adjusters and over a month of going back and forth Allstate finally accepted responsibility. We finally got a rental car on July 9th, 2018. They deemed my daughter's car a total loss and then offered over half under the value of the vehicle. They would not even consider deviating or negotiating a different payout. I have had nothing but a poor experience with Allstate. If I ever needed insurance I would not even consider them as my insurance company. I thought Allstate was the "in good hands" insurance company.
Allstate is a great insurance company. I had the absolute easiest experience ever signing up for them. My agent is easy to reach by phone. I called him and gave him my information. He entered all of it and my insurance was set up. I have added a significant other to my policy with just a phone call. I also was in a little fender bender and all that took was a phone call as well. They have an easy to use website where I can print out my cards, see my insurance history, etc. I get refunds for good driving. They make everything easy for me and are not outrageously expensive. I have much better coverage than I previously did and have never had any problems with Allstate in the last 10 years. However, their rates seem a bit more expensive than the Farm Bureau insurance I previously had. Also, some of their "safe" driving policies seem a bit arbitrary. "Hard braking" for instance. That seems like a silly thing to count points off on. Without hard braking, it would be a collision sometimes so it seems to be the preferential thing. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied with my insurance company.
I've been with them for 6yrs with no claims filed then one day some guy in front of me whose tire started falling apart throwing debris all around my car then the tire detached hitting my passenger side bumper. After viewing the damage I found both the bumper and side panel was damage and a significant dent in the hood. I have a dash cam video recorder and submitted the video and the claim agent said they would only cover the bumper because the damage to the hood happened from a prior incident. Wait, What? They said they couldn't see anything hit the hood, well that's because it was below the camera's view and something kicked up from the other driver’s car and hit my front end of the hood over the hood's hump.I didn't find all this out until after I went to pick up my car so If I knew I could have not authorized the repair of the hood. This was a sneaky move to get out of paying around $700 which now they lost way more than that when I canceled both my home and auto policies. How stupid is that to risk losing much more lucrative residual premium payments? This is how they operate, corrupt as can be.
I've been using Allstate for a while now and they have never let me down. They're so great that I actually recommend them to my whole family and even friends. I feel like they have great coverage and their prices are better than its competitors. Their customer service is phenomenal. I remember having problems and giving them a call to ask them about it. Their workers are really friendly and polite. I got my answer and they even provided me with extra information that I didn't need. Overall, I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company and I will continue to use them.
This review is about Allstate in general and my local office. Allstate in general: Allstate is extremely overpriced. They lure you in at reasonable rates and then drop discounts left and right. I’m paying LESS for *a year* (auto and home) with Liberty than I was paying for 6 months at Allstate. My local office (Bruno Suttman): So this particular office is excruciating to work with. They never answer the phone (16% rate - yes I have called many times and came up with that accurate %). They are apparently unable to handle their call volume (per Donna) and are inefficient at multitasking. They are unable to send an email in a timely fashion. I was told that my issue “is not the end of the world” - that other customers are more important. This isn’t just one instance. I have been with Allstate for over four years and every time I have reached out I have had issues with their communication and ability to complete tasks in a timely fashion. This particular time, Donna actually yelled at me about how she is too busy and doesn’t have time to do her job... Just warning you that if you’re an Allstate customer it’s impossible to avoid getting transferred to your local agent which unfortunately for us is this place.
My family had been with Allstate for more than 30 years, after I actually worked for them. We had several other policies with them as well, such as homeowners, boat, and umbrella policies. Recently, my wife's car was rear-ended in an accident, and sustained moderate damage. Allstate picked a low-ball value for our car, declared it to be a total loss, and refused to pay to have it repaired or for the damage. They also advised that if we kept the car and had it repaired ourselves, they would have the title branded as a total loss vehicle, and that they would no longer insure it. Allstate used an outside valuation company for the claim, who scoured the country for "comparable vehicles," which ranged from two hundred to a thousand miles away.None were the same edition or equipment, and most had other serious differences. When we asked them to replace our car with a similar local vehicle which was for sale, they said that they don't do that. When we objected to their valuation, they couldn't have cared less. The value that they came up with was approximately half of what it would cost to replace the car. ($5,800 vs. $10,000). After more than 30 years as a customer, with few claims, their attitude was take it, or go through our appeal process, which they advised "could take months, and you could end up paying for that as well." We have had a few claims in the past, mostly not our fault, and they were always handled promptly and fairly. Ironically, we were later asked to take a survey on how our claim was handled. I let them know that we were very unhappy with the entire process, and that we felt cheated in the valuation of our vehicle. We never heard back from them. Our agent was outstanding. He was very upset at how we were treated, and tried, but he couldn't get Allstate to act responsibly on our behalf. We switched to Travelers. Same coverage, great company, and we save $600 per year. We will miss our agent, but we won't miss Allstate.
It has now been 53 days since my car was wrecked by one of your insured parties… I still do NOT have any information on how much longer before my car is repaired. I have contacted the adjusters (both) without success. I have spoken to the BMW dealer. I am 76 years old and have been dealing with insurance companies for a very long time. This is the first time I have ever had this much trouble with your company… This has got to be the worst customer service and feedback on a claim that I have ever encountered in my 60+ years of driving… You people spend so much money advertising “You are in Good Hands” and then cannot keep up with claims or answers. I am finished trying to contact you about the progress on this claim. You can write me a letter and tell me when you are finished with this project…I am finished calling, emailing or trying to communicate with you people… I am copying my attorney as well… This is unbelievable
My agent Doug ** was very helpful and I would recommend him. I got quick replies to my questions, he explained exactly what would happen next, and called me back twice with additional information that I needed.
I have tried multiple times to get help with a simple problem regarding our mileage/usage on one vehicle. I have supplied ample documentation yet have not been able to get any help from anyone at Allstate. The agent's office keeps making me jump through hoops and provide more and more documentation for a very simple problem that is clearly a mistake. The 800 numbers are only recordings and transfer me directly to the agent's office over and over. Our annual mileage is documented at an amount that is more than is even on the car to this date! This has increased our policy premium. I have no one else to call...
During my recent claim experience I found Allstate's coverage to be excellent. My damages and bodily injury were covered more than adequately. They did not challenge or question any of my expenses. They provided speedy car rental services that were aligned with a collision shop too, which was quite convenient. However, I was unhappy with the customer service I received. The central claims agents seemed uninformed about procedures when I called to open the claim. They could not answer all the questions I had, and were vague with some of their answers to my questions. I was routed to a claims examiner, and a medical claims examiner, so there were two non-connected things going on. I was also routed to a more senior claims examiner after the initial examiner contacted me and did what he was supposed to do. I ended up dealing with 5 different customer service representatives and claims agents during the course of one relatively straightforward claim. Too complex, too much runaround. Ultimately I was able to get help from my local agent, who cut through some of the red tape and helped simplify my experience. So I would not purchase through Allstate central, I would always utilize a local agent who can run interference during a claim. Overall however, I get the lowest price from Allstate, and every time I shop around I'm told I can't do better. So I am satisfied to stay with Allstate.
I purchase a service contract with the purchase of my 2014 Dodge Challenger in 2015. Seemed like a great investment. I had never used it. I recently needed front struts for my car, when I tried to use my contract, the agents I spoke with told me that it wasn’t covered because they “considered” the parts needed to be “shocks”, and that my contract didn’t cover “shocks”. When I purchased the contract I got the best one available for around $1700.00. Everyone I spoke with about my contract told me if I had purchased a lesser tier contract “shocks” would be covered. What???? This doesn’t make sense to me, nevertheless I decided to buy the parts myself, as I searched for the parts I found that everywhere I searched the parts were referred to as “struts” including the original equipment. I looked into canceling the contract and found that I would only get $700.00 taken off the loan on my Challenger. I would lose $1000.00. What???? So I ordered the “struts” to repair my car. I decided not to cancel my contract in hopes that it might cover something down the road. Hindsight I don’t think I’ll ever purchase another service contract. I feel like they make up the rules as they go.
Did not look at vehicles, determined fault, which was contrary to the police report, where their driver who was cited. Scam artists, do not want to settle claims, just drag out the process. NOT IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE. Hire an attorney, DO NOT GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT, as he twist and distort the results.
I think Allstate has been the easiest for me to deal with over any other insurance. I am not particularly fond of my agent, but I do everything online so it's not that big of a deal for me. My agent is just a little absent-minded.
Was contacted about lowering rates. Sounded great, I provided payment... only to discover at signing time that policy was written wrong. After five days, nothing was corrected despite promises. The agent wanted me to lie to get the good rate. I wouldn't. I was told a supervisor would call me because the agent was able to get a similar rate without lying. No one called and I just did not like the shady way they do business. Essentially they try to coerce customers into stealing the identity of family. I received countless emails from Allstate representatives wanting me to forge documents. Don't pick up the phone when Allstate Calls. You are in dirty hands if you do. Will never have anything to do with anyone using Allstate. Dirty dirty dirty... Scheisters.
I have been a customer of Allstate for over ten years. They have done so much to help me during that time in terms of keeping my coverage well suited to my needs and helping me when I've had questions or needs. Having a local agent has also made a great deal of difference for me in helping with problems that I've had. We had a recent claim and the price of our policy went up. I wasn't very happy about it so I started looking to change and my agent helped fix the problem by finding a way to adjust the policy to minimize the cost of the increase.
I've had a positive experience with Allstate, particularly in terms of customer service. My agent is great when it comes to communication, and when I have any minor issues her office is always able to help. Overall, I'm satisfied with the coverage and service.
I bought a car from my brother and we weren't sure how to go about transferring the title and whatnot. Also I had to get my insurance transferred from my Nissan to the Mazda I was buying from my brother. I called Allstate and they explained to me everything I needed to do from going to the DMV with the papers (and what papers, what needed to be signed by who). They were extremely helpful. And they got the insurance transferred from one car to the other. Extremely grateful for their help.
Just wanted to put out there how rude and running around they give once a claim is file against them. Spoke to claims agent. They could not give us a rental or car repaired until the agent made a liability decision. I let them know that all they had to do was pull up the police report and it would clearly state who had liability. Their answer, "We do not go by the police report. We make our own decision."
Only homeowners was good on claim. Auto not helpful. Directed me to the insurance co. of the person who hit me. Said if they helped me I'd have to pay $500 deductible so to go to other drivers insurance. When insurance given police was wrong I had to track down correct insurance co. myself. Luckily I took many many pictures with phone to support my claim. Cops didn't establish fault so I had to myself.
25 years and a deluxe policyholder and proud Veteran here. I won't make a long story out of this but here it is plain and simply, This Allstate we joined is not and I quote (NOT) the same insurance company I thought I had! I filed a simple claim for some hail, they had a bill for the a/c unit for hail and lightning replacement, and paid for my truck as it was damaged also. They wouldn't pay for the a/c unit even though the contractor wrote on his bill that the damage was because of lightning! Another reason to (NOT) use them or leave them asap is the fact that they sent a young kid (not an Allstate adjuster) to my home as they subcontract out now to what I believe are loss prevention specialist that show up to make sure you are unhappy with their service. Talk about rude, this kid would not talk to us, he would not answer any questions and he was rude to my wife!!!TAKE THIS REVIEW SERIOUS! DON'T GET CAUGHT UP WITH THE NEW (CORPORATE) ALLSTATE! I'm done with them, were hurt by them, we were treated miserable (we literally had to do the job for them), we were loyal, and we never missed a payment, you will get an office full of smiles and love but when it comes to working with the people outside of that office put your helmet and seatbelts on! Sincerely and God bless!
I have been a customer of Allstate Insurance for over 20 years and have nothing but good things to say. They have taken very good care of my insurance needs. I like the plan, the insurance cost, and the representative who serves us. I am happy with the company.
So I was side swept by an Allstate insured person. He asked that I not call the police to file a report, but I still did. He admitted to the police that he was the one that drifted into my lane and caused the accident. When I filed the claim with Allstate, they took both our statements. When the first adjuster made his final decision he decided that I was at 20% fault for not honking... like I knew his client was going to drift into my lane. I refused to accept that because I was not at fault... and may I add, when I first spoke with the adjuster and I asked him for the process, he stated that he would have to determine fault and depending on his findings, I may be 20% at fault. How did I know he would have put 20% fault on me when he concluded his investigation??? Well, I sent him the police report, which clearly states their insured drifted into my lane, yet they could not use that as evidence that his client was at fault. So I asked to speak to a supervisor. He stated that he didn't have one. Finally, I got to speak to someone else who transferred me to his supervisor. This is where things went south. I spoke to the supervisor, whom I may add, was very rude. He said he would listen to the statements and see all evidence and determine who's at fault. Next day I get a call and he states that the claim was denied because his client never admitted to being at fault. This is all, after the first adjuster determined that their client was at 80% fault and I was at 20% fault for not honking. They have refused to pay $3400 in damages. I refuse to let this go. As of now, they have not paid anything to me. I guess I will have to take their client to small claims. After all this, I have learned that Allstate is a piece of crap insurance. They will even screw over their own clients just so that they won't have to pay what they have to. Oh and, their Quick Photo app is the worst. They said I had to upload pictures to the app. When I did, they quoted me at $600 for repairs. I demanded that they send someone to see the car. They sent someone, but they refused to work with me on a time. He said I had to leave my car somewhere where he could go see it at any time. Finally, I arranged to borrow a car so they could go see the damages. When they saw it, they quoted me at $3000, $400 less than what the body shop has quoted me. Stay away from Allstate because even if you are their client, they will screw you over.
A few years ago I had a 1995 Chevy S10 Pickup. In the last few years of its life I had a LOT of trouble with it. It was breaking down all the time. I had it serviced. I had it repaired. I did regular tune ups and oil changes, but it kept breaking down. Needless to say, I had to have the tow truck tow it to my mechanic on several occasions. I never saw this as a problem as I had FAITHFULLY PAID the $97 fee every year for Allstate Roadside Assistance. Well, after a while the Allstate phone reps started to complain to me about how much I was using the service! I explained to them that I was having a lot of car trouble, even though I was taking it to my mechanic. It came to a head when the truck wouldn't even start one day in my driveway, after I had just spent yet more money having it fixed. I wanted to have it towed to my mechanic one more time, as I had sold it to a mechanic there who wanted it for parts. I called Allstate Roadside Assistance and they REFUSED to come and tow it away! They told me I had to wait three days because my "policy would not renew until that certain date." I was furious. I had already checked my bank balance earlier that week and saw that Allstate had indeed cashed my check for $97. So even though they had my money, they would not come and tow the truck away. Both of the phone reps I spoke to were cold foreigners (and VERY difficult to understand because of their HEAVY accents), one of whom lectured me for being "unprofessional." Really? It was unprofessional to take my money and then NOT PROVIDE the service I had paid for! So my dead truck sat in the driveway for 3 more days until Allstate's arbitrary deadline was finally satisfied, and then I called them back and they towed the truck away. But I was DONE with them. I was so mad I canceled my car insurance with them as well. Don't go with Allstate, unless you want to be left abandoned by the side of the road.
My previous insurer raised the premium to unjustifiable (on my opinion) level. So I started looking for better options keeping in mind the same limits as in my old insurance policy, and found that AllState's offer was the lowest one. But what struck me the most was the personal approach - the agent contacted me and continued working with me via emails and phone calls, until all formalities have been completed. When I called back, waiting time was minimal, and when necessary - they returned call after I left a message. This is just awesome!
If I could give it a negative number I would. Worst experience I have ever had. I sure hope they take care of their paying customers better than they do taking care of the people their customers crash into on the roads. Based on this experience I would never consider using Allstate for anything and I will shout it from the rooftop. Big Insurance company that does not give a crap about the average person. They are good at collecting premiums but very rude and apathetic about paying out claims and making people whole again. Terrible rental car program - just terrible service as a whole. Buyer Beware.
I got hit by a guy while driving Uber, so had to claim Allstate, which is the company that Uber pays for insurance to. I have a witness, I have obvious damages on the left front side, I am Unit 2 in the police report, but they still made me to pay deductible $1000 to repair my car, because the other guy told them it is my fault. Nobody even did any investigation. My case manager ignored so many emails, adjuster NEVER returned my calls, and after some manager called me to say they will take care of everything and I never heard from him again. Just terrible attitude.
Claim department Vietnamese Mr. ** and Mr. Allan ** are rude and racist! If you are not a native speaker, they make fun of you and talking ** to you! If you complain them to claim department manager, they never even answer your phone! When you buy insurance from them, they are so nice to you. Once you are in a accident, they ignore you and use all the racist people to piss you off. Very bad service.
We have been pleased with our provider & our agent. The local Allstate personnel are very helpful and give us suggestions to help save us money. We have a monitor that tracks our driving for safe driving discount. Also like their accident forgiveness. We don't have major accidents, just mirror breakage or windshield cracks. They help to set up repair without me having to do it. Comforting overall and you pay for quality. ut should offer less premium for new teen driver, or reduced each year. Offers drivers ed classes to reduce cost and offer a discount for excellent grades.
I've been an Allstate Home and Auto Insurance customer for 18 years. No moving violations (seatbelt ticket 10 yrs ago) or any claims home or auto. My auto premium has steadily been going up every policy period $50+ for liability only on 3 order cars. When I called my agent about the never ending increases I was told "economy is good. Everyone is driving and texting and filing claims." I got Costco now and pay $300 a year less for FULL coverage on 2 of my 3 cars and same amount of liability coverage. Now when I see an Allstate commercial on tv (2-3 an hour sometimes) I laugh not cringe.
I'm with Allstate over 30 years and never had an issue with claims or being dropped. My son was in an accident that was his fault and they paid over $5,000 to repair car immediately. The only drawback was an increase in premium when renewed which all companies will do. Eventually they reduced the premium each renewal and we are back to normal. I have compared with other major companies and they cannot compete with the rates I am getting for full coverage.
Allstate sucks. Period. I have an open claim with them now. Their insurer was find to be at fault yet they are treating me as the criminal. It took several days to get a rental just for them to boot me out of it after 2 days. Elizabeth ** actually laughed into the phone when I explained I had no money to purchase a rental on my own and she's still employed there. Yet she thinks it's funny a person almost lose their life due to their stupid nondriving insurer!
My car destroyed by their policyholder who was ticketed. We have called them several times to get a "Leave message". No return call from an adjuster. The car needs towed out of the shopping center parking lot or the city is going to tow it at 300.00... I have no way to get to work. I've already missed 2 days and can be fired for no show! We are calling a lawyer. My car is wrecked all the way around, not drivable, I'm 100% sure it's totaled. I do not understand why they will not answer their phone. I am a victim!! My car destroyed! And I may very well lose my job! If I lose my job. I'll lose my home>>everything!!!
One of Allstate's clients drove recklessly and hit my vehicle head on. My child and I were injured and my car was in need of repair. Additionally part of my family has previously dealt with fatal head on accidents and this has thrown us for a loop. The claims agent and her supervisor provided minimal assistance and nearly encouraged me to use my own insurance to cover their client's wrongdoing so they would not have to cover the claim. When I expressed my dismay with their assistance they said they would meet the minimum legal obligation and that car accidents are merely unfortunate inconveniences people must sometimes deal with.
Bait and switch, gave me low quotes, then when I am ready to move forward it went from $138 to $419 because the first two quotes were not accurate. Had to get requoted 2x until they decided it was $419. The first quote was 138, (without VIN). The second quote was 138, with a comparable VIN (same model from another dealership - don't have the new car yet). The third quote when I tried to sign up it suddenly changed to $419 because the first two people working on the quote were not trained properly and did not lookup all required information. Go with a different auto insurance agency, these guys are shady and will leave out information in order to get you to go with them instead of others.
I was with Allstate over 6 years both auto and home, all no tickets, no accident, all the sudden when Nevada changed the auto rate, they took advantage of me, with 4 vehicles I was paying under 4k a year, now all of a sudden they want charge me 7200 per year. Now if you're minority or somehow your name sounds foreign, watch out they'll definitely take advantage of you, by the way I have excellent credit and live upscale neighborhood.
I purchased auto and life insurance six months ago. The premium quoted and the premiums charged were different every month. They kept switching my coverage without my authorization. I had to call every month because my premium would increase for no reason, which was usually due to the unauthorized coverage changes. They wrote an life insurance policy on my 21 year old daughter to save money on her auto policy...I still have yet to see that policy, but I'm paying for it. They said they would send me documents to sign, never got them. I received my renewal and my premiums have more than tripled! I started reviewing the automatic withdrawals from my checking account and realized they were taking a second payment of $16 out of my account two weeks after my initial payment which I did not authorize (this is illegal). When I spoke to agent the final time to cancel all of my policies, he had the audacity to blame EVERYTHING that had happened on the parent company. They lied and double-talked from the beginning to the end. I would NEVER recommend anyone insure with this company.
I was in car accident since February. The car hit me in the back, went to the hospital by ambulance, and went back to the hospital 'cause I was in pain. They did all type of X-ray. The hospital sent me bills for the ambulance, I sent it to my claim adjuster Tara **, now the hospital is sending me to collections. Tara don’t pick up calls or returning emails, now my credit is on the line. I’m in that point now to get a lawyer. Allstate don’t give crap about people. Bad customer service.
Allstate is quite nice and eager to sign you up for their Milewise program. It is a good idea but the equipment, transponder in your car and their systems receiving the signals have some serious technical issues. I have been using it since Jan. 2019 on my 4 cars. Clearly some of them stay inside the nice warm garage this time of year. 3 weeks after installing the transponders and driving each car to initialize the transponder, I started getting emails from Allstate saying they haven't seen any activity on my transponders for 3 weeks and I may have a problem. I got these every day from that point forward. I didn't think much about it since I knew my cars were tucked away in the garage for winter. Then I got an email saying they were sending me new transponders because they were broken. So I installed the new ones and sent the old ones back in the envelope provided. Then 1 week later, I get an email and a phone call from Allstate saying that I need to install my new transponders by the next day or I will be charged 40 miles per day and to call them back if I had any questions. So I called them back and told them I installed the new transponders and mailed the old ones back a week ago. I told them the whole reason I switched to Milewise is because I don't drive my cars that much so with 20 inches of snow in the ground, I am not going to have my Mustang out of the garage, so there wouldn't be any activity on it. They said they need to have the transponder pinged every day or they charge 40 miles for the day. I told them it is in a metal insulated home garage so their system probably can't see it. They said that they will charge me 40 miles a day until it can. The whole point was to not pay for something I wasn't using and now they want to charge me for something I'm not using. They then said that since the transponders aren't working for me, that I needed to change to Milewise unlimited but that charges 250 miles a day but you don't use a transponder. I don't even drive 250 miles in 1 week! The people from Allstate Milewise program were very rude, unhelpful, and are definitely trying to jack up your rates after selling you a pay by mile program. I would not recommend this product and maybe even this company due to their poor customer service.
My husband’s car broke down on the side of the highway and he waited 4.5 HOURS before Allstate actually got there. When he first called they forgot to process the order for the truck to go out. Had the wrong phone number on file so they were unable to reach him. He called back and thought he had everything straightened out with them. They told him they would send someone out right away, but more time passes and NOTHING. He calls back and finds out they never changed the number on file and claimed since he didn’t pick up the call they canceled the trip!!! UNACCEPTABLE ALLSTATE!!! They told him there’s nothing they can do to help. This is the second time he called roadside for help and the second time they took longer than 3 hours to arrive. He’s paid for this service for 4 years, but yet there’s nothing they can do to make this right??? Allstate better reach out to make this right. Not good customer service and with Allstate you’re not in good hands.
I have always had such a great experience with Allstate. Every representative I've ever spoken to has been helpful, friendly, and kind. I have never had an issue with coverage and even had a few things covered that I didn't expect to.
The Allstate policies seem comprehensive, although priced slightly above others. Creating a claim can be troublesome, as getting back to the same person seems to be difficult at times. Reps are not always prompt in getting back to you. Overall though, it's a reputable company and does business well.
They sent us those road assistance cards for supposedly get free service if needed. I got a flat tire and I called them to have someone to put some air on it so I drove it to the dealership. The representatives refused to help me because I didn’t have a car accident. They told me that I needed to find assistance on my own. I am on my payments and been their customer for 15 years, both car and home insurance. I feel dissatisfied with the new agent and central customer service. I will just wait until I have to renew insurance so I can change to another company. I called Toyota road assistance and they were very nice and supportive. I felt in much better hands with Toyota customer service.
On Dec 21st, 2018, an Allstate driver ran a red light and smashed into our vehicle at speed, totaling it and leaving us without a car, and my wife battered and in pain for weeks. After taking several weeks to contact their client, Allstate assumed zero liability for the accident, citing their driver's statement as their sole evidence. The police report said the other driver ran the red light. A witness in the report corroborated this. She signed a citation for running the light on the scene. Our own statements reflected this reality as well. However, a driver who entered the intersection, running a red light at a high rate of speed, giving a contradictory story was all it took to decline any liability and leave us high and dry.I am left forced to file a small claims suit for the damages to our vehicle, and possibly left without recourse for the weeks of pain and suffering my wife endured following the accident. Her injuries were likely not severe enough to justify retaining a lawyer. Allstate is an awful company and you should avoid dealing them at all costs - God help you if you are hit by one of their drivers.
Awful customer service. They DOUBLED my rates without telling me after ONE accident 6 months ago. Who thinks 776.00 a month is a reasonable price to pay for 2 car insurance policies? They avoided my phone calls, I had to block my phone number in order for them to answer me. Never a follow up call or apology, I was without funds for OVER 6 days waiting for a credit from my termination of this policy as they didn't even offer to redo my policy and lower the rate. And I have been a customer for 5 years. Clearly this agent does not value client loyalty and couldn't care less that my kids and I were without money for almost a week! STAY AWAY! Go with Geico... They saved me over 450 dollars a month on my new policy. Allstate should be ashamed of the way this agent treated me and my family after all the business I gave them.
I tried to pay the Vehicle Registration Fee to the DMV on-line. This was impossible since Allstate reported that I have not paid my Premium at a time when my Premium was not even due back in March of 2018. The Premium was due on May 18th. I spoke with the Allstate Insurance Office in San Francisco on May 16th (Ms. Lourdes) and she stated that she will speak with the DMV on my behalf and that it should wait 24-48 hrs for them to re-set their system to capture that the Premium was fully paid. That was on May 16th. Since nothing happened I reached out and spoke with Kyle at the Allstate HQ on May 18th. He also wanted to address this issue with the DMV electronically since I was unable to speak with the DMV myself as calls are put on hold for more than 6 hrs and then disconnected.Today on May 21 I called the Allstate Insurance Group again via their on-line telephone system. That dilapidated system recognized my Caller ID and advised that I should pay my Premium before anyone would talk to me and transferred my call back to the Agency in SF, where I learned that the woman I spoke with on May 16th (Lourdes) does not even work there. I was told to send a check - along with some evidence of Insurance Premium payment - and then wait and see. I can not recommend Allstate for that this type of "unprofessional service" was not an isolated incidence.
On 12/27/2018 I was sideswiped by an Allstate customer that fully admitted fault. I’m still trying to get my vehicle in for repairs. Since my back and neck are out I’ve gone for medical help and hired a lawyer. Would never have done that if I was treated right but oh well. Olivia ** should be ashamed!
I was in an auto accident with no injuries. My car was damaged and was towed to an Allstate approved, Great Neck Collision at 1 Elm Street in Great Neck, NY. My car sat there for 4 weeks and when completed, I picked it up. The car was not test driving by them. I brought it to Honda dealer and was given a report of leaking boots by the front axle where work was suppose to be done. The front rim was bent and needed to be replaced and wasn't. It was hammered back in to place and bent. My car handles bad and is very dangerous to drive. Allstate has done nothing up till now and has the nerve to give me runaround. They fail to protect their customers. They make difficult situations into horrific situations with a lot of stress. This is going on since June and I can't believe they can get away with it. Worst service. No respect. No help. Wasted money. I can't retrieve my 1000.00 deductible back and they still endorse the bad service body shop who threatens their patrons. Allstate insurance and Great Neck Collision should be ashamed of themselves and should stop ripping people off and stop all business activity. I have proof for all I said and can't wait to prove it in court.
I had been an Allstate customer for close to 10 years. About 3 years ago my Agent Dennis ** retired and customer service has never been the same; my premiums kept going up every 6 months even though I had never had a claim. I kept meaning to get new insurance but could never find the time to research for new quotes. I eventually did in September 2018 and lo and behold I secured premiums that were 66% cheaper than I was paying with AllState. I emailed my then Agent Melody ** and followed up with a phone call that I would be cancelling my insurance effective midnight September 21, 2018. Yep, you guessed it, the cancellation didn’t happen and to top it all they went ahead and deducted October’s premium from my checking account causing an overdraft situation.After numerous emails and phone calls I was able to get them to refund the erroneous October deduction and they were “nice enough” to refund the $30 OD fee assessed by my bank or so I thought. In trying to get them to refund my prorated amount for September a CS rep told me the extra $30 on the October refund was the prorated September amount. I doubt that 'cause I was paying $200/month for auto and 9 days does not equate to $30 not to mention there was nothing refunded on my condo policy. Long story short...stay away from Melody **'s agency. Their service sucks, they don’t return phone calls and emails fall into a black hole never to be seen by anyone and if you cancel prior to the end of your term don’t expect a refund!!!
From the very first time I called them, they were very professional, and very friendly and helpful. My only gripe with Allstate is they continually run that commercial for a Reward Plan and that plan is not available in California.
I was hit from behind in a car accident and had bad lower back pain. Allstate (where you're always in good hands) told me that would cover up to $1,000 in medical treatment for a year. I went to the chiropractor four times for treatment and each time I was harassed about being reimbursed. I was never able to get a hold of the agent “helping me.” Always had to leave voice mails and wait for her to get back to me. Worst service ever and now I have a messed up back and don’t want to continue treatment because they never pay... isn’t that what insurance is supposed to do? I have now canceled my insurance with them, my husband's insurance, my mom's insurance and working to get my in laws, sister and brother to cancel. If you want good service call Geico.
Allstate has been good to me for the most part. But it's hard to tell how good an insurance company is until you run into disaster - and I have been lucky enough to avoid any serious incidents. There have been a few cases where I have made a claim and although they came through in the end, the process was not exactly smooth and painless.
Switched over to Allstate a couple years ago. All seemed initially good, however, the premium seemed to constantly rise and with the last notice of an almost three hundred dollar increase on our renewal we decided to not renew and cancel following the last payment to Allstate and switch back to Geico. Now regarding payment, we had automatic bill pay with Allstate, never an issue except for when we decided to not renew our policy. Once we notified Allstate of the non renewal I went to the website to close out automatic bill pay etc. following our last payment. Turns out it shows I have a 275 balance. When I called Allstate to find out what the charge was they said there was a policy change prior to the last billing. I indicated we never authorized a policy change and were never notified of a policy change or premium increase. The only letter we received was for the renewal which showed a premium increase and the reason why we decided to leave Allstate. So how can Allstate change your policy with a premium increase and never notify you, however, expect you to pay? These companies complain of fraud, this has fraud written all over it! Now I have an excellent payment history and credit, however, Allstate sent this outstanding balance to a collection agency so I sent my complaint over to the BBB. These companies need to be held responsible for these poor practices.
I had a conversation today with Allstate NC regarding an accident from 2016. I was rear ended while stopped at a light in Asheville. They were going 35 mph with no skid marks so I was hit at full force. I have been in treatment since. Allstate has given me a few minor offers which would only cover my out of pocket and Medicare and secondary insurance. To make a long story short, Allstate closed my case without paying a dime saying I didn't accept their offer. I WOULD NEVER EVER BUY ALLSTATE INSURANCE AND RECOMMEND THAT YOU NEVER GET PUT IN THAT POSITION. I am awaiting a supervisor to call me. If I don't hear tomorrow, I will start calling lawyers in NC. I have heard that Allstate is the worst. Now I know they are.
They are CROOKS! ALLSTATE is FRAUD!!! They have taken thousands and thousands of dollars from me for 12 years and they find loopholes that take you and I by surprise not to pay a collision claim! You're in CROOKED HANDS with AllState. That should be their slogan. Garbage company!!! And rude people! Keep my money. I hope you all choke on it!
I purchased Allstate Auto Insurance last week on March 2, 2019 for my son when I bought him a Honda Accord. The salesperson at the dealership called so that we could get insurance before we left the lot. Since then it has been a horrific experience with countless emails for programs I did not sign up for, discount offers to the point of harassment. I paid in full for his policy but I keep getting emails my Auto Pay has been cancelled and unless I pay the policy premium he will be cancelled.I already paid the premium in full for the next 6 months and they keep sending emails trying to get another payment. This is nothing but FRAUD. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. Allstate is totally dishonest. Everyday for the last 9 days I have gotten 3 emails per day totaling 27 emails since I bought this car. I have called the local agent that sold us the policy and even though he admits the policy was paid in full he keeps sending emails trying to get more money for a policy paid in full.
Worst company ever. Refused my claim because they couldn't find paperwork from 9 years ago. I am not responsible for what a company did not send. 20+ years a good customer and at least $200,000 later. They even denied my auto claim. I pray you will be investigated a prosecuted.
I have been hit by one of Allstate driver, somebody calls me for the Allstate’s agency telling to take a photo on that quick photo app. I did what it had to be done and sent the photos the next 2 days, Allstate send me a letter that had only 149.99 to fix the damages if I wanted to do it my self. They were dents in my car and the outside mirror was completely broken, so what 149.99 dollars going to fix??? One of the adjusters or estimators calls me and she offers to pick my car from my house and fix it and SHE RECOMMENDED ME WITH A SHOP. I said ok you can take but I needed a car to move for personal reasons, so the lady offered to give me a rental the next day.I call the insurance to check on the status of the rental they said they couldn’t get for two days. So I call back in 2 days to check again and the lady says I’m sorry we don’t have one yet so I had to a whole week just to get the rental car. Guess how long did it take fix my car? A WHOLE MONTH. When I received a call saying that my car was ready to pick up, I went to go pick it up but it still had the dents on front passenger door, I spoke to the shop about it they say they’re going to send a supplement. They fixed the car in 2 days I believe and they didn’t even call they waited a whole week to call me, and what’s funny is that they didn’t even call me. Guess who called me the rental company called saying that my car was ready, I said ok no problem I’ll go pick it up today. I go to get my car and my car wouldn’t even start. When the shop picked up my car the first time it was perfectly working. When I tell them to fix it they say it’s not our problem and we’ll send a supplement for that thing. I waited a day but I was told that they could throw my car in the street or god knows what they going to do to my car. So I call the insurance, they say that we don’t have a contract with this shop. “So how are you going to offer me to take my car to fix it at this shop and not having a contract with them” she said I chose the shop. No problem. I needed my car so I had a tow truck that I payed to take it to my mechanic to fix it and it cost me 300$, that’s not all when I got the call for the same time to pick my car it didn’t have the radio, so my radio was stolen. I am very nice person I don’t like to be treated like **. The next day the rental company tries to charge 250$ for the rental car. I called them and asked what going on they told that the insurance covered only from this date to that date and my car wasn’t even ready to pick up so I call back the insurance and they tell that you car was ready this date so we couldn’t cover your rental, and I understand that but my car wasn’t even ready and you telling me that we can’t cover the rental and that’s something wrong. I tried to get hold of a manager, she never there I call 4 times and I left a voicemail. So I don’t have a clue of what I’m going to do next. Today the rental call me and says that I owe them 300 something dollars. And I almost forgot when I got my car towed and I got this invoice stating that the total for the damages was 1.3k $. The insurance offered me 149.99$. Lol.
I like that I have a personal agent assigned to me that I can email personally when I need help, although he's not always available or quick to respond. The rates are far cheaper than competitors though, so coupled with the assigned agent, it's a no-brainer.
I have never had an issue with my local representative which is why I have kept them, but the claim I had to conduct 3 years ago has left a sour taste in my mouth on their overall service. Poor service for claims when you have been a loyal client for nearly 20 years. Local office representatives are good but when the need arises for what you pay for beware.
I've been an Allstate customer ever since I started driving, and it's an absolute JOKE. My car was hit in a roundabout a few weeks ago by a man who was in the incorrect lane and trying to exit without paying attention. He admitted to both of those facts. He also happened to be another Allstate customer. My adjuster, Faith, assured me multiple times that the other driver was clearly at fault, and we shouldn't have any issues. I was skeptical, and being in customer service I knew she shouldn't be making those kinds of statements, but I had hope that Allstate would do the right thing. They didn't.My adjuster and his (Jennifer, who did nothing but accuse me of being in the wrong lane, which I proved wrong with a simple Google search, and argue rather than listen to what happened) "couldn't come to an agreement," and passed the case onto their manager, Brian. I then received a call stating that my case was a "he-said-she-said" situation, and that the damage to my car would not be taken care of. When I contacted the manager, it was clear that he couldn't care less about the situation and waved me off when I told him I will be looking into a different insurance company. I'm not even upset that Allstate's decision didn't go my way. I'm upset because they don't care about their customers. My car was rammed in the side by a driver who wasn't paying attention, and Allstate just doesn't care. I truly believe that if the other driver had a different insurance company, Allstate would've fought for their and my money. I'm lucky that I wasn't injured, because I'm sure they wouldn't have taken care of any hospital bills, either. I will be switching insurance companies and filing a complaint with Virginia's Bureau of Insurance.
I've been a loyal customer for 12 years, having home and auto with them. During my recent move I had my purse stolen and changed addresses. Changed credit cards but NO one contacted me that my payments weren't being processed!! I assumed the automatic withdrawals were attached to my bank account. But it's been so many years I hadn't thought about it. So after my move I realize I haven't gotten my cards from them. Call and my "agent" tells me I have no plan. I was dumped 2 months prior. I sent a check to try to make it up and he says that won't do it, that he needs more cash and my rate doubled. I said to void my check... he cashed it and stopped answering my calls. So now I have no clue where my money is, I have no insurance and no one will give me decent rates because I'm uninsured due to "failure to make payments". AFTER 12 YEARS OF NEVER MISSING A PAYMENT OR MAKING A CLAIM!!! I've NEVER HAD AN ACCIDENT!! I haven't had a speeding ticket in 6 years!!! I will NEVER use this company again!! And I will go out of my way to tell everyone I know to never use this company.
I contacted the Allstate Indemnity Company's executive offices complaining of a payout on a fraud claim filed against my policy. Next, after speaking with their representative, I had to file formal complaints with the state insurance commissioner and, the FTC. I have been a customer of Allstate for many, many years. No accidents, no tickets, no losses. WORST customer service, lacking in providing help and assistance every step of the way. 'In Good Hands,' I don't think so. Allstate will not allow a customer to speak with upper management, officers of the company. Their protocol is to silence the individual or, cause additional monetary expense for having to retain an attorney. This is how the company treats, I should say, mistreats their customers. It's unacceptable.
I have had Allstate as my auto insurance provider for almost ten years. Overall, the company has been great to me. The policy isn’t expensive and the price has actually gone down over the last few years. The customer service is wonderful and I can get help easily by calling or going online. I had a claim a year or two ago and it was an easy process. I had a check not long after the claim was verified and processed. I recommend Allstate to anyone looking to buy auto insurance or switch providers.
They did not cover the cost of my totaled car. I had to claim through my insurance. They offered only a third of all amount. Unethical business. I would had agreed with half an amount to save my time and theirs, since I am a small business owner and know how time is valuable. That's why us, consumers, have to pay extra to cover their billing tactics. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM to give the fair companies to grow.
Had a small accident with their insured 26 days ago. This is minor repair, no injury, their driver admitted fault. Still waiting to be made an offer. Have been told they accept my claim but no rental car additions such as the fee I paid to CHP for a report, my time or mileage driving to get repair estimates, bring them reports, etc... How long could this take? And really for my time... I will just take their insured to court.
I filed a claim for an RV, the RV is totaled due to water damage. They declined the claim stating they don’t cover freezing/broken lines. I filed another claim for water damage, since it happened a couple times. They declined that one stating they don’t cover mechanical issues. Make sure to read the fine print, they have a way of wording everything to cover them which leaves the customer in a bad way. Needless to say we have a 4 year old camper that is totaled and we have to pay on it for the next 8 years. Worse Insurance company EVER. I would NEVER recommend them to my worst enemy.
They outsource the customer service to India. I just wanted to get insurance cards and the people insisted that I get them via fax even though I did not have one. They suggested I use my neighbor's fax machine. I had to explain I knew nobody that had one. They said they would send the cards out and they never did. I was very upset with my experience. I canceled after a few months with no insurance cards after multiple attempts over the phone.
I have had nothing but positive experiences with my insurance company and my insurance agent. Whenever I need anything the company is quick to react and to fax over whatever it is that I am looking for. I, thankfully, haven't had a claim yet. But, I am confident it would go smoothly.
Allstate quick photo claim is BS. Their claim came out to 1/4 of the repair costs of one of the local repair estimates and less than 1/3 of the other quoted repair costs. We submitted the smaller cost but to Allstate but they refused the estimate. Their customer service is terrible as well. Their client re-ended my son and their initial response was an attempt to decline responsibility for the accident. I'm not generally the type to openly complain about a company to other people but they can count on me being extremely vocal about this. I think they should be compensating us for the extra runaround on this as well.
Only giving one star because I have. They don’t deserve any stars! I have read some of the reviews and I’m sad to see that I am not the only person that has been treated horribly by the Allstate claims department. No one ever contacted me and they tried to make it my daughter’s fault that one of their customers hit her and was in the wrong. I have called again and again. The person handling my claim was on vacation for 10 days and no one else seemed to be able to help me. I finally got them to let me talk to the supervisor who did try and help me and over six weeks later I’m still waiting for something to be done about my claim. The adjuster was the only person who was somewhat helpful to me in this whole process. I never received a rental. They told me I should go through my own insurance which is absolutely ridiculous when the accident was clearly their customer's fault. I call on a daily basis to speak to the person handling my claim and they never answer the phone or return my call. The one time I did get to speak with her she told me her supervisor was on vacation but that she would get back to me no later than the end of the next business day. Shockingly that never happened. I called at least three times the day after that with no response whatsoever. I would never use Allstate insurance. If their rates are cheaper it’s probably because you get no service whatsoever. They pay people to sit around and put everything off on to someone else.
Allstate is a nice company and they are a bigger one but they act like smaller one that just cares about the people who they are working with. I have never had a problem with them and they work fast and do a great job no matter what.
At the end of my policy period I went with another insurance company. Now Allstate agent Denise Buckley's office in West Palm Beach is telling me that if I don't show proof that I have insurance with someone else that I will be charged a $93.27 premium because I'm still "active" with them. I'm told that there is a grace period of 2 months with Allstate. I have never heard of this before. Now other insurance company has such a policy. I emailed and called to tell them I have an active insurance policy with someone else and that I have never had to show proof to any other insurance company before. When I spoke to them on the phone they said that if my policy is still active after a 30 day period that I need to show proof to terminate the policy. I also called customer service who confirmed that my policy was canceled but her office is saying that a canceled policy and terminating a policy are two different things. WHAT??? I was also told that if I don't pay the 93.27 that it will be sent to a collection agency! This is downright bullying and harassment. Talk about a racket.I am a 60 y.o. woman on a fixed income and this is how I'm being treated. I have NEVER been treated like this before. I WILL NEVER USE ALLSTATE AGAIN!!!
Do not purchase auto insurance with them!!! I purchased my car from a dealership that had one of their agents in house, I had insurance with another carrier but Allstate claimed it could save me money - they got me a "cheaper" policy to get me to leave and now the switch came. They changed my payment date without my knowledge, they changed my payment amount without my knowledge, canceled my policy without my knowledge and claimed I was a month behind. I literally have only been with them 2 months and I'm looking for another carrier! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE, RIP OFFS, WASTE OF TIME AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MONEY!!!
Allstate offers awesome discounts on auto insurance if you have a smart phone, computer, and internet access. Customers who can’t afford such niceties are discriminated against. There is a 3% discount and cash back reward to download their app and let them track your every move with Drivewise, however if you can not afford a smart phone or are unwilling to allow them to access your every move you will be financially punished. Another discount only received by those with computer and internet access is called e-smart, all of your policy info and bills are accessed online, requiring money to save money. If you wish to get a paper bill you will be charged $4 per bill!!! If you give them access to your checking account they charge you $1.50 pee bill!! You get charged to pay your bill!?!? But, again if you have money and pay in full you do not get charged the billing fees and again get another discount for the wealthy only. This company punishes and discriminates anyone without money!!!
We have had Allstate for home and vehicle for four years. I have never had an accident, and premiums skyrocketed every renewal. This past December, I bumped another vehicle from behind. I took numerous pictures, called the police, and tried to do the right thing by filing a claim. I advised neither I nor the other vehicle had damage. They advised me to send my pictures to a claims email address, which I did. Several times. I got continuous text messages pestering me for pictures. Finally I called them and they told me I had to submit via app in lieu of email. The only problem is the pictures have to be actually taken through the app... you can't upload them. And the issue with that is from the beginning, in the app you have to have a claim number. Anyway, I called again, explained the situation, they told me they only accept pictures through the app. I continued to get phone calls and text messages wanting pictures. I continued to tell them everything I've just said. Just when I thought it was over, I got a text message for an appointment they sent me for auto body repair. Then the auto body place called to verify the appointment. I was livid and called my agent and they were quite rude and told me they'd call me back. The next day they called and basically told us they didn't know why the appointment was made. Two months later, at renewal, my premiums went up 70 a month. I expected an increase, but not that much seeing as there was no damage to either vehicle. They told me they settled a claim for 1700 because they didn't want to litigate. I said litigate what- there was no damage to either vehicle. Furthermore, I submitted pictures multiple times and they apparently weren't even reviewed. I warned I was searching for new auto insurance and the only thing they had to say for themselves regarding their horrible customer service was to let them know what they could do to ease my transition. I will NEVER recommend Allstate to anyone.
Due to my former Allstate agent’s error, I overpaid almost $3,000 over 4 years. I had suspected something was wrong several years ago and asked the insurance commission for Kansas to step in and help. We switched agencies and my new agent didn’t catch the mistake. Allstate refunded almost $700 worth (one years overpayment), but now they are refusing to refund the rest as it isn’t their policy to refund more than 1 year’s mistake. I was even told that “as a woman”, I need to better inform myself of how to take care of my household and that I should have known my policy was wrong. They told me I should have checked all my tax records and appraisals against my policy myself and should have never relied on their agents to do so. I’m not an insurance expert, they are...They promote their “excellent customer service” and then are turning around and telling me it is because I am a woman that I don’t know these things. I had 2 agents look at this, 2 experts because as a VP at a large company, trying to start a business, with a chronic illness, and running a house, I don’t have time to become an insurance expert. I rely on agents just like millions of other Americans.On top of this discovering they are essentially stealing millions of dollars this way from people who are relying on their “expert agents” that the company doesn’t “back” for more than a year makes me sick. The fact that it was emphasized to me by customer service over and over that as a woman, I should do better is further infuriating! I intend to fight this and hopefully others will do the same! Please share this so others can know what Allstate is doing! I’d highly recommend getting a quote from at least 2 other companies, and asking them not to only use your current policy, but to check original records. It just might truly save you thousands! Allstate is stealing money from consumers!!! #Allstategiveusourmoneyback
I noticed the annual mileage driven figure had been changed to a higher bracket without my knowledge. And that no mileage data was recorded at all for my 3 vehicles. As I checked previous policies the same thing had been occurring. Even though I had sent in mileage sheets. When I asked the agent about he said it did not matter and that even if car was driven less miles the rate would be the same. Yet it clearly states that mileage driven can affect policy premiums. I asked my agent again to correct the problem and asked if I might have been paying a bit more than necessary and would he please explain to me the wording under important notes that stated "your mileage has been adjusted because the information you sent in was either illegible, could not be obtained or the odometer reading we received was less than the previous reading". I got no explanation. He sent me a mileage sheet to fill out and return. If all of Allstate's agents do this type of business the result is a countless number of policyholders overpaying for car insurance totaling in the millions. I am going to call Allstate Corporate and see how they feel about my agent.
My family has used AllState since before I could even drive and none of them had a problem with it. Likewise I have used it and the price has been fair, support has been fantastic when it comes to any billing issues. My mother had a couple claims in the past year and each time they resolved it with the utmost ease to her and that alone gives me confidence.
I like our insurance company. They are friendly and always helpful. But if I could change one thing though it would be for them to answer their phones instead of the automated answering service. I like to talk to a live person and don't want to keep pressing numbers to get to someone.
I was in a car accident on November 15. I was told by the Allstate adjuster that the vehicle was a total loss. It's now December 19 and no progress has been made on my claim. My local office does not handle claims; I must call a toll free number and wait on the phone for over 20 minutes to speak to someone who has no answers. I've tried chatting and sending messages and still get nowhere. I'm not multiple months into this like other people, but I see where this is going. My local Allstate agency should be able to work with me to get this completed and processed. I shouldn't have to deal with outside companies and no answers. I was previously with State Farm and they were great to work with. I may switch back, if and when this claim is completed.
I like Allstate. Whenever I've had a question or just needed some clarification they either answered right away or got back to me in a timely manner. I've never had any bad issues with them. My agent is great and he keeps me in the loop but after a while all insurance companies raise the price so you have to play the same game they do and shop for first time deals. They are very upfront but I'm probably going to be shopping around because of price.
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