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Allianz Global Assistance Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Allianz Global Assistance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-866-884-3556
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 80 %
My flight was delayed for 2nd plane in PA and airport got me another flight at another airport 50 min away, however they could not give me transportation and I had to pay over 100.00 for taxi ride to get to other airport in another city. The airline declined to reimbursement for transportation, I had forgotten I had taken out travel insurance and decided to notify them via online about my issue having to pay for transportation due to airport did not accommodate me. I upload all my receipts to Allianz and copy of the new flight change and they reimbursed me right away for travel expense for taxi ride to another airport.
They weer very fast in paying my claim and I am very happy with this company.
I followed the instructions on filing my claim and the claim was processed quickly and accurately. I would definitely buy Allianz insurance again.
Awesome company! We had to cancel travel plans due to a medical emergency. Alliance refunded the entire Alaska Airlines penalty for cancelling our flight reservations. Thank you, Alliance!
The insurance policy was quick and easy to book through the airline. When my father had a terrible work accident a week before his scheduled flight, Allianz made it easy and painless for me to get all of the required information to correctly file my claim. Within two days of submission the check was sent out. And within a week of submission my father received the check. Would highly recommend, and will gladly book again for future flights!
I have used Allianz Insurance for a bunch of times. My friends are always saying what a waste of money it is to have travel Insurance and I always say, "You never know." Well my last trip with JetBlue became a snowstorm nightmare. They cancelled my trip due to incoming heavy nor easter and I called the JetBlue and changed my flight. They charged me money for the change and I paid it knowing that the Insurance coverage will cover the cost. I filed a claim and in two weeks after the claim, I was notified it was approved. Two weeks later, I received my check. Great service and I always take it when I fly or cruise.
We were unable to take a trip by airlines because we were ill. We were grateful for the prompt courteous way that our claim was handled. Thank you. I only have the reference number of our claim. Thank you.
They were there when needed with good communication and follow through. Very professional. It makes sense to use their service and I would recommend them without hesitation.
Allianz refunded me fully and in a timely manner. The representatives were friendly and VERY helpful. Filling out the forms to file my claim was easy and straightforward, so was submitting them. I would highly recommend Allianz for travel insurance.
We purchased the Annual Basic Plan at a cost of around $250. During our recent trip to Tahiti, we were forced to use the plan due to my wife's severe sciatica which rendered her incapable of movement or self-care. On the positive side, the Plan is cheap. On the negative side, the assistance we received was consistently late, ineffective, and poorly delivered. To start, it was impossible to reach Allianz by telephone from our cruise ship... We were kept on an endless hold. Next, it took Allianz two days to get things moving, all the while my wife was in pain in a primitive clinic on a remote island. Throughout the process, it was like dealing with the worst government bureaucracy. The medical department did not talk to the customer service department which meant that the customer service department was consistently 12-24 hours behind things. In the end, I just started calling the medical department directly with the doctor in charge (but this was only workable because the doctor was willing to spend the time...most won't). I learned from the local hospital much more than I ever did from Allianz's customer service. For instance, we were kept on hold about a medical evacuation to the main island until about an hour before the evacuation, even though it was clear that the local provider was fully aware of the time.Each time I called Allianz, I had to speak to a different person and inevitably they had no idea what was actually happening. Their case notes seemed to be completely disorganized. The execution in terms of arranging transport was poor due partly I think to internal bureaucracy and partly to the fact that they just want to save money. Multiple times I had to intervene with the travel arrangements to fix errors that Allianz had made. For instance, my wife was only able to travel with a reclining seat to prevent her bone spur from impinging on her nerve. This was made clear to Allianz multiple times. Then on our flight from LAX to Houston, we were initially in non-reclining business class seats. This just shows a lack of attention and care for customers in distress.Be aware that the Basic Plan only covers the cost of evacuation by commercial aircraft in a normal business class seat. Even though Allianz and other insurers advertise coverages of $100,000 or above for this feature, it does not include any kind of air ambulance or stretcher flight. I think it's misleading to advertise such high maximums: When would you ever spend $100,000 on a purely commercial flight? Going forward, we're only going to take insurance that covers medical evacuation by whatever means are necessary. God forbid one of us had a stroke or heart attack... Allianz would have left us to rot in a clinic in Tahiti.
Highly recommend. Had a small baggage claim that was settled immediately.
Because you never know what can happen, I always take Allianz insurance. It is an inexpensive way to cover those "Just in Case something happens" event. I had no intent to go hiking and trip....and break my foot! I contacted the company, filled out my form and voila I was issued the cost of my ticket.
Awoke to severe pain in my buttocks and upper thighs while on a trip to the Galapagos Islands. I was in pain whether standing, sitting or lying and had to curtail all activities for the day. Unfortunately, I was on a boat at an island with no medical facilities, and it wasn't until late in the afternoon that I was able to reach an island with medical care. I received injections for pain and inflammation and several prescriptions. When I submitted my claim, which included transportation costs from the dock to the clinic and back, it was approved and paid promptly. Claims personnel were friendly and helpful. Be sure to keep all receipts.
On September 30, I received an email from Allianz: Claim number: ** asking me to "Please allow 10 business days for us to review this documentation." Twenty days have passed and this request for review of service is the first communication I've received from Allianz. I think my request was straightforward and very reasonable. It should require minimal time to process and approve.
It took forever to get reimbursement (months) and every time I submitted a document that was requested, then another document was asked for or the document submitted wasn't adequate enough. Plus, I don't feel that I was reimbursed fairly. Very disappointed.
We had an unfortunate experience at the start of our trip. Missed connections and lost luggage. As a result we missed a paid for excursion in Amsterdam, and had no clothes when we arrived. Luggage arrived on the third day, but we had to have something to hold us over and the only shop near our hotel was the hotel’s gift shop. We purchased two tee shirts each. Our insurance covered the missed excursion as well as the cost of the shirts. That was great. But the receipts were for Euros, not US dollars. When we called, an adjustment was made almost immediately. And it was refunded electronically. Doesn’t get much nicer than that. Thanks for everything.
Great assistance-quick and easy process online. It’s worth it because it’s much cheaper than a change fee if you do it direct with airline. It takes about 10 days to get the refund check but other than that, great company!
Fast, quick response to claim filed. Easy to file claims and the people in customer service were very helpful. Emails were answered promptly. Would highly recommend this service to other travelers. The only thing I would change would be to make it very clear to those purchasing the trip insurance that 6 hr delay or more is required before reimbursement insurance is even an option.
My refund was done in a very timely manner. Getting the insurance was a great idea & protection. The agent I spoke to when I was in the process of filing was very pleasant and explained the process clearly. I was quite surprised when I received the email saying my refund would be coming within 10 days.
Pleasant, helpful, efficient and professional staff. Speedy response to our claim and kept us updated throughout on status. If any portion of our next trip may be in question, we will definitely purchase their travel insurance again.
They were very easy to contact and quick on responses! I would definitely recommend them for any travel insurance needs!
I was truly pleased with the courtesy and understanding your company showed in a critical situation. My sister-in-law invited my husband and I for a week in a beach house in Grand Cayman Island. My husband has been fighting a serious disease for a year and a half. Plans were made and paid for by January. John went for a C.T. Scan of his neck and chest. The radiologist didn't like what she saw. He had major brain surgery the week before the trip. Needless to say, I had to think of all the phone calls to make and cancel our trip. I called Allianz second. I spoke with a young man who was very patient with me. I'm at my husband's hospital bedside, writing all the codes of cancellations. The emails back and forth were easy to understand and in no time, we received our check for the exact amount we spent. We have made the same plans this year, with Allianz again. We pray our plans are not cancelled, but we can be rest assured, that I picked the best flight insurance.
My wife and I were forced to cancel vacation plans to Europe due to a serious illness with an immediate family member. Fortunately we took out Allianz insurance for our Delta flight. The claim submission process was straightforward and quick. And within 2 weeks, I received a check for the full amount. I could not be more pleased.
No one likes having to use their insurance. However, Allianz made it simple and quick.
If you provide the required documentation required for review of your request it is a no hassle process.
My wife and I had booked an early August cruise to Norway out of Amsterdam including airfare with Holland American Lines in March. In late May I experienced a herniated disc. None of the traditional remedies seemed to work and I was scheduled for back surgery in early August. Our travel agent had recommended Allianz over other alternatives and we are certainly glad we listened to her. Once the surgery was scheduled, our agent canceled the cruise and requested the claim forms from Allianz. We carefully reviewed the insurance policy, filled out the easy-to-understand forms, received and provided letters from our medical providers, and provided the other documentation requested. In a few weeks – well within their stated timeline – Allianz sent a check for the full fare less the partial refund we had already received from Holland America upon cancellation. The only thing left was the fee paid for the insurance. We were very impressed and appreciated the prompt assistance at a difficult time. As a side note, Hotels.Com was most helpful in canceling non-refundable hotel reservations in Amsterdam and Chicago. Delta Airlines, also allowed us to cancel our flights to and from Chicago and returned all of our frequent flyer miles to our account. Many thanks to all.
excellent customer service, I needed to cancel my vacation at the last minute and they reimbursed my trip cost
Loved working with Allianz. My trip had some issues, but all I did was make one call to Allianz, the customer service representative was pleasant and emailed me the paperwork necessary to file claim. A few days later I got an email that they received paperwork and within a week I got a check. Easy!
Wonderful experience from start to finish! Highly recommend! Great customer service, great results! Perfect!
Surprisingly quick and easy to file my claim AND receive my settlement. I never thought I'd be compelled to positively review an insurance company, but the service was that good. Cudos!
They took of my issues quickly and got me my mine back for my trip.
I was happy with the service I received
Even though I had purchased both airline tickets with my credit card, only one was credited to my account while the amount for the other ticket was sent by check in the mail. Glad I had insurance to get the cost recovered.
Overall I was happy with the process and results. My only problem was I was not able to fill out my form online. The attempt was made but it would not let me contact online. I had to call to start the process. I would recommend Allianz.
Consistent customer service, all aspects of the process are user friendly - I have no need to look at other travel insurance companies because Allianz serves the purpose for my travel insurance needs on many levels.
Excellent service, I submitted my claim in Phoenix and they said it would take 10 days to process. I later submitted a picture and a copy of my luggage tag. Just today I received a check. Thanks so much, nice.
We were most pleased with the quick and easy reimbursement received from Allianz for medical bills incurred during our recent vacation. In particular, the fact that all bills and receipts were in Japanese! There were no questions asked and the form was easy to complete.
Simple and easy to use. I've filed 3 claims and had very little hiccups aside from the website being slow from time to time.
We were looking forward to attending a concert when an unfortunate accident happened. My partner fell, resulting in an injury to his legs and he was not able to walk. I was reimbursed the price of the tickets and was able to reschedule.
Doctors recommended that I return to the USA on an upgrade flight Due to medical reason (24 hr ft.) AccessAmerica nurses declined going against the doctors' medical advice.
Allianz Global is very easy to work with. I filed a claim for a trip that unexpectedly canceled, and they were quick to assist. I would highly recommend them!
I'll keep this simple. Due to a medical situation with my traveling partner we were unable to travel. I received a full refund within 10 days. No one can complain about that. PLEASE NOTE: Having copies and being able to SCAN and SEND DR. an ER reports electronically is key to the quick turn around. Otherwise it's up to the US postal service. Great job Allianz. Sylvia S.
Last winter we purchased an Allianz travel insurance policy for a round trip to Milan, Italy. Unfortunately while in Paris, France, my wife became very ill and we had to come back from Paris instead of Milan. We got reimbursed for the flight change charges, and also for the 20% of hospital and other medical expenses not covered by our supplementary medical insurance. Due to the nature of her illness (pulmonary embolism due to DVT), we had to buy a business class ticket for her. Alas, this claim was denied. Overall, I still think that Allianz is a very good buy, and highly recommend it.
This is my first (& hopefully last) experience having to cancel a trip due to a medical emergency. I was able to easily upload all the pertinent documents to the Allianz site. It was helpful and comforting to be able to check the progress of the claim on the website as well. Within 10 days the claim was approved and I was reimbursed for the air and hotel costs the cancellation incurred.
It a great feeling that Allianz has your back when on vacation. When we had to cancel due to illness Allianz was there to help out and fast payment.
First time taking a guided tour out of country and bought trip insurance through Allianz Global. My traveling companion became ill before we left for trip extension and we both were unable to do final leg of trip. My claim was handled promptly and professionally and I was reimbursed for expenses I incurred. Would recommend Allianz Global and will definitely use them for future travels.
We have made several cruises on Carnival, MSC and Celebrity, it is a standing order with our Cruise agent that she order travel insurance with the package. We do not accept any other company except Allianz, we have had 2 incidents and the response from Allianz was exceptional, claims are paid promptly. Please, one note, make sure you submit as much medical or incident documentation as possible, your claim will be much smoother.
The process for submitting a claim was easy and very simple. The check for the trip cancellation due to illness was received in the mail within 7-10 business days of reviewing the claim. Would not hesitate using Allianz Global Assistance for further travel insurance.
Unexpected medical condition discovered two months prior to flight. Filed claim for airline fares for self and spouse; included documentation from MD. Claim processed with reimbursement full airline fares for self & spouse in less than 10 days. Peace of Mind during Chemotherapy!!!!!*****
Chances are, you might get stuck in Aspen if you fly in and out of the airport. I highly recommend travel insurance to cover your taxis to and from the airport as well as other incidentals while you are waiting to get out. Allianz handled my claim quickly without any hassles.
I filed a medical claim for a medical emergency in Slovenia. I filed all the documents and received a check within two weeks. I am so impressed with their service. In addition I was able to accomplish all of this online without ever speaking to any customer service agent. It was a short and brainless procedure. I would recommend this policy to anyone.
I got my refund but the process was not thorough and communication was poor. I had to call Allianz three times to find out the paperwork needed because their emails were very vague. The staff seemed untrained as well because they didn't know the required paperwork in order for me to get my refund. Good news was I did eventually get my refund after multiple phone calls.
Allianz Global handled my claim very quickly and the process for filing the claim was pretty simple. I purchased tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Augusta Civic Center, in Augusta, Maine, for the night of March 30th. I purchased the insurance with the idea that there might be a severe snowstorm here in Maine, that night.Unfortunately, on March 13th, I ended up with a broken femur and was rushed to the hospital where I had surgery. I was in the hospital and at Rehab until April 11th and therefore never got to take my son to the Globetrotters. So it turned out okay since I had the insurance - even though we never got to see the Globetrotters. Hopefully they will return to Augusta another year and I might be healed up by then. I want to thank Allianz Global for the way they efficiently handled the claim and recovered my money for me.
Customer Service was very professional and responded in a short time. Within a week after sending in the documents they requested our refund checks were received in full. I will always recommend that travelers buy the insurance. This is the second time in years of traveling that I have had to file a claim because of illness. Although you need to pay all your expenses upfront I had no trouble getting reimbursed.
prompt and excellent service!
The customer service representative I spoke to when I had as few questions about my policy was not the most pleasant person to speak with, but the overall experience was really easy. The website to submit claims was extremely user friendly and simple to complete. Thank you allianz!
Thank you for the refund of our air fare, I do think that the Six page questionar was a bit excessive! I don’t think anyone cancels a trip without due cause! Most people would not have been able or have the time or resources to provide the things you required to submit!
Fantastic customer service!
In August three members of my family were to come to Greensboro N.C. to celebrate my grandson's Bar Mitzvah. My son and my significant other were both hospitalized and could not attend. I notified Allianz and they were helpful detailing everything I had to do to received refunds for the cost of their flights. Unfortunately in October my significant other was hospitalized for a totally different problem. Therefore, we could not attend his granddaughter's wedding. Again Allianz was helpful in response to my claim and quickly mailed out the check. I have told others who I know to use this company for insurance purposes whenever they travel. After ten years of using them this is the first and second time I have needed their services. So happy they are sensitive to my needs and gave me quick service.
Usually, i purchase travel insurance incase of emergencies. In all the years that i have purchased it i have never had to use until a recent trip my daughter and i were supposed to go. My elderly mother became very ill. we had to cancel the flight 3hrs before our scheduled departure because we had to take her to the hospital. I called Allianz and all their representatives were very helpful and knowledgeable in getting the claim started and instructing me on how to get the paperwork required together and submitted. Allianze approved my claim and i was reimbursed my the full cost of my flights very quickly. I was very happy i purchased travel insurance and will continue to do so. It was great working with Allianz.
We had to make a claim and they paid with the proper documents with no problems in a timely manner.
I was pleased with how quickly Allianz responded to my request for a refund due to a trip interruption caused by my partner's sudden health issue. I will continue to insure my flight planes on Alaska airlines with Allianz. Thank you!
Due to an illness of a non traveling family member we were unable to begin our trip as expected. One call to Allianz got the claim process started. Once the forms were completed I used the email option to file. The refund came in a couple of days directly to my bank account. Staff I spoke to were very accommodating. I am quite pleased.
We had a medical emergency and had to cancel our whole trip to Paris. The staff answered all of my questions and I filled out the paperwork and attached all documents and uploaded to site. The end result was total resolution. We were very happy with the result.
Allianz was very quick and professional with handling my claim. I appreciated their professionalism when interacting with me and I will continue to do business with them in the future. Thank you.
I purchased the Classic Trip Plan for a recent cruise. On the ship, my nephew had an allergic reaction and needed to see the ship doctor. When I got home, I submitted the bill through the app and within 10 days I had received my reimbursement. The process was simple and quick. I would definitely purchase a policy for my next trip!
I made a claim and didn't hear back. I checked in a few weeks later with an email asking what the status was and didn't hear back. Only when I checked the status did it say the claim was paid. Apparently a check was sent. Why couldn't someone write an email to state this? Or at least respond to my previous inquiry? I was left in the dark. Also. Filing the claim was difficult. Things I tried to upload didn't upload right according to someone over the phone. So I uploaded again and ended up having double the attachments that was needed. I felt unsure that things were being done correctly via your system.
I highly recommend Allianz. I was hospitalized three weeks prior to my trip. As a result I could not travel. Filing a claim was easy and straightforward. I was refunded the full amount of my trip. The customer service was professional and knowledgeable.
I had a wonderful experience with Allianz. From the very beginning of when I had to cancel my flight. I was nervous that I would not be able to get a refund, but due to a family problem I was unable to go on my trip. Everyone I talked with was very understanding and wanted to help me in any way they could. I will absolutely use Allianz for all future flight insurance!
Thank you for covering my canceled flight after a health issue in the family forced me to cancel my flights.
Your agent was informative. The website is easy to navigate and I received my insurance refund much faster than expected.
Great insurance and cover claims promptly
My claim was processed faster than I ever expected. Everything was perfect and the payment came within a week of filing the papers. The process was very easy. I only have good things to say about this insurance. I will definitely take this trip cancellation insurance again.
They took care of things quickly.
Fast refund!
Very easy, company responsive (except during the hurricane onslaught, which is understandable).
I booked a trip to Washington, DC for my Mom's 80th birthday this year & then I was injured playing adult soccer on March 2 which required surgery - a new ACL and 6 months of physical therapy before going on a trip like this. I submitted my claim & physician's statement and was refunding my airline ticket costs. Thank you!
They were quick and easy and I got my money returned in 2 days.
So glad I purchased insurance for my flights. A family member had an unexpected illness and was put on comfort measures only. Online process was smooth and customer service was helpful with questions. Refund check came as expected. Having the insurance gave me peace of mind during a very difficult time.
Allianz was great. I submitted my claim after a small accident in a rental car and the full reimbursement was put into my bank account within a couple of weeks. I will always use Allianz for my rental car insurance! :)
I received the run several times from this company. The sad thing is you have to stay diligent and contact them constantly to get your money. I had to cancel my friend and his run due to an illness. I purchased both tickets. After about 10 emails checking my claim, they sent my friend's check but not mine. When I asked them about this, they stated they forgot and sent me mine. Since I purchased both tickets, I thought I would get the refund for both tickets but they wrote the check out to my "friend" who cashed the check. Please read the fine print, and stay on top of them if you want your money. They have poor communication and awful customer service skills.
The company settled my delayed baggage claim efficiently and promptly after they received the requested paperwork.
Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated!!!
They were prompt and courteous when handling my travel claim.
I submitted a claim in June and I have only had 3 responses between then and October despite making several calls and sending several emails. The best you will get from them is the automated e-mail that states that they will respond within 5-7 working days, THEY WON'T. The customer service team on the phone line seem clueless and they will ask irrelevant questions to wriggle out of a claim. Worst company I have EVER dealt with, never again.
My experience with the Company is nothing but excellent. They do what they say they will do.
For medical reasons, we had to cancel our trip in August, 2017. It was handled professionally and promptly, and we were reimbursed for fees incurred by United Airlines for this cancellation. We were very pleased with how easily this was handled and how quickly it was resolved.
We had never purchased travel insurance but with our son's busy work schedule we wanted to be protected. Sure enough, his trip needed to be changed! It was super easy to file a claim. We had our travel refund in our bank account in less than 48 hours. So happy we decided to get travel insurance!
Had to cancel airfare due to illness in travel companion. Refund was prompt and efficient.
Absolutely nightmare experience with this travel insurance company. Had to cancel trip due to mother in law cancer turned for worse after purchasing trip and insurance... Claim for trip cancellation reimbursement was denied due to "mother in law cancer was diagnosed prior to purchasing insurance"... Yeah like 4 years before. The idea is: If you are considering buying travel insurance, make sure that your relatives were never sick before!!! Company refused to refund even policy premium even that "travel" in "travel policy" never took place! Avoid dealing with those jerks at ALL COST!!!
No issues encountered. We were very satisfied with the professionalism and courtesy shown by the phone contacts. I would recommend Allianz to my friends and work associates as well. Everything happened just like they said. Great results! Thank you very much!
I had to file claim for trip cancellation due to illness. Claim was processed timely and professionally. I would recommend Allianz to anyone.
I am so impressed with the coverage and the ease of filing a claim. I submitted my claim in the morning and the refund was processed the same day. Thank you
We are so glad we took the insurance policy, especially due to the medical emergency that arose. My husband was admitted to the hospital on the night before we were scheduled to depart. The hospital staff would not allow him to fly.
The service was very accurate and quick. We needed to file a claim and the forms were easy and quick to file. We would recommend this service to our friends and family. Thank you very much for making our trip more enjoyable.
Customer service was fine. Not blaming them. They were just as irritated as I was at times. HOWEVER, CLAIMS DEPARTMENT IS TRASH. I had to call day after day to get my claim reviewed after waiting a week or more past the 10 day mark! The reviewer would say they'd do it that day, then never hear from them. Customer service would alert another reviewer, and it was the same go around 3 or 4 times before someone finally reviewed my case. Unless the claims dept gets a major overhaul, I would recommend people run the opposite way from this company.
We wish to commend Allianz Global Assistance for the professional and efficient manner with which our claim was processed and satisfied. My wife and I were returning home when we were impacted by an airline travel delay that caused us to incur the expense of an overnight lodging. We could not have been more pleased with the customer service we received from Allianz!
Very fast response time.
I used Allianz Global for ticket insurance on a show I was going to see with my significant other in the United States. My visa however Wasn't ready in time, though it was supposed to be when i originally purchased the ticket. Now trying to cancel as we will both be in the U.K. to spend time together instead however the fact I am actually unable to travel and be let in to the US is seen as not enough of a reason to get a refund. Instead you have to jump through their very specific hoops with no real explanation of that when you take out the policy. They also sent that confirmation email to an incorrect address so i didn't have access to the documents in the first place. So i guess the administration didn't actually pay attention to the information i sent them to begin with. My advice is don't bother. Unless you want a mountain of paperwork to go through, and if you did have a family member die or something catastrophic like that happen, (their acceptable reasons for a refund) the last thing you want is an insurance company probing you for proof during such a difficult time, Who aren't actually listening to a word you are saying. Immensely displeased.
Cancelled flight after Hurricane Irma - It took nearly a month to get my money back, but I received all my money back. I wish the money would have been credited to my card and not my sent back to me through mail. A little more reliability. Everyone was easy to work with. I had no issues getting a hold of the workers.
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