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Alfa Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Alfa
Overall average rating of 1.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 8 %
We were hit by a driver with Alfa Insurance over 3 months ago. Even though they have admitted their driver was at fault they will not pay us what we are owed, they will not answer calls, and they will not return calls when we leave messages. We have not been able to reach anyone in almost a month now.
Alfa is still pretty new to me but they are fair priced. They take the money out of my debit card on the same day every month. I did research before I decided on them and they had a good rating.
Ok, I was in an accident that was no fault of my own, in the dead winter. So to make a long story short, the guy that hit me had this terrible insurance company called Alfa Insurance. So while he still has his car, I don’t. I recv stitches in my chin. My back was and still is hurting. I missed days from work not to mention have to now share a car where I have to take kids to day care and wife to work and me having to go to work. This has been going on for three months. So all in all, my atty called me to give me a settlement offer from this awful insurance company called "ALFA INSURANCE" that offered not even half to just what my medical bills are. Even my atty was upset. Now they can play me if they want but I will get what is owed to me even if I have to go to the news stations myself because I am not the one to accept nothing less. I’m posting on Facebook, Twitter, IG and news station… all I want is my just due and my car. My car was paid for in full and you mean to tell me that all you’re offering me is the amount that was offered? I feel embarrassed.
Claim on car accident. Never was able to get in contact with agent Lisa **. Also they have a p.o box. Hard to contact them, almost like they are set up to avoid the customer. When I finally got in touch no help. Bad company. Mr Daryl ** or ** was rude and not helpful. I know that I'm not the only person trying to get my claim adjuster to complete their job, but it appears that they try to find every loophole to not take off anything. I’m going to the news media to see if they can get some answers. Not mad just looking to get this behind. My thanks.
Absolute worst experience ever! They deserve a big fat zero! My story started when I decided I was going to shop around for better rates. My oldest son had 2 tickets and he also hit a pole in a parking deck so we knew we would have to pay more however I felt like I could get a better deal so I started looking. I called my local Alfa Office, gave them all of our information, including driver's license numbers and social security numbers. They quoted me a price of $384.91 which was less than the $450.00 that my current insurance company was going to charge me so I agreed. They even told me that if I moved my home owners policy to them it would drop it to $351.00 per month. I paid a 38.00 fee to join their "Farmer's Federation" and paid my $384.91. I signed all documents electronically and they sent back my insurance cards. About 3 weeks later I received a call stating that since my oldest son had 2 tickets and hit the pole in the parking deck they refused to cover him under our policy. He couldn't even drive our cars. She said that when they originally ran his driver's license that the wreck didn't come up. I found out later that they typed in his driver's license number wrong. However, I told her initially that he had 2 tickets and had hit a pole in a parking deck. They offered him a high risk policy for $157.00 a month and she told me that should make our monthly premium go down if we move him off but, she would have to find out how much and call me back. Finally after 2 days waiting to hear something I called them back. She was at lunch but, did call me back and left me a voicemail stating matter of fact like that our policy was going to be $423.00 a month and our son's would be $157.00. I called her back immediately and found out that they punish you if you have a driver that lives in your house that they consider high risk. Your whole family becomes high risk even though they won't allow the high driver to even drive any of your cars but, the one that is covered under the high risk policy that he is on. They gave us 10 days to switch my son to his own policy or find other coverage. When I got home from work the day all of this happened I had a revised policy from Alfa in my mailbox stating that my new payment was $405.00 a month for all 4 of us to be on this policy. There was no mention of my oldest son going on a separate policy or being high risk. I called the agent and she had no answers as to why I received this. She said she tried to call her boss and couldn't get him. It was about a week of back and forth, they would go days and not call or give me any update. I would call them back and they would say they were trying to figure out what went wrong. I told the agent that I had not received anything in writing stating that our oldest son would be taken off our policy and put on a high risk policy. She said most people just like to have someone call them and give them information and they don't want it in writing. I find that strange or maybe I am strange but, I like it in writing. By this time it was time for my automatic draft to come out. I asked them to take my policy off of automatic draft since I would not be renewing with them and I needed that money to secure another policy. They said they couldn't do that. They said they would have to let it draft then they would reimburse me when I cancelled. I had a fit and the agent made several calls and after a day of back and forth they agreed to take it off of auto draft. They wouldn't even refund me the 38.00 that I paid to join the Farmer's Federation. Also, I cancelled my policy on the 30th of the month, the day before the policy ended on the 31st and I have yet to receive a refund. I'm sure it would be a very small amount however, it is the principle of the matter. The best part of this ordeal is that it led us to USAA for coverage where they determined that our oldest son was not a high risk driver (the accident where he hit the pole only did damage to our car, so no penalty) and his policy (he just graduated from college so we put his car in his name) is $63.00 a month for way more coverage than Alfa offered. Additionally, the other 3 of us are on a policy that is $284.00 a month for way more coverage as well. It appears to me that Alfa is very crooked and I would never recommend them to anyone.
My car was hit by their client - They never return any of my calls! Then when I finally talk to someone she was nasty. I just felt like everything was so unprofessional. Her supervisor was the worst. What a nightmare???
Their insured policyholder failed to yield the right away on 10/5/16. It's 10/13/16 and I have yet to speak with Bethany ** the adjuster. I ended up filing the claim with my insurance company and paying my own deductible so that I could get my car fix. I have emailed and called her multiple times. She has only returned my call once and I was at work. Tried calling her right back and nothing. She only responded to one email and nothing else. This is the worst insurance possible. My insurance company will go after them to collect the monies owed. It ridiculous that I have called over 20 times and only receieved 1 callback. Hopefully no one else gets hit by anyone with this trashy insurance. You are for sure going to get the runaround.
I would definitely recommend Alfa Insurance. I got my insurance from a plus insurance and it is very good and meets all of my needs. I would for sure suggest that anyone take advantage of such a great company.
Their customer failed to yield and pulled out in front of me on hwy. This accident happened almost a month ago. I called multi times a day, customer service is very rude and then to be told you will now something by end of day. Well it's the end of day and their office is closed. My car was totaled out and I have nothing to drive. So anyone dealing with this insurance company don't plan on them to settle anytime soon.
My wife was hit by an Alfa insured driver 10 days ago and the ALFA agent is impossible to get either on email or phone. The other party was clearly charged with "failing to yield the right of way" and all they will say is "responsibility is still in question". Meanwhile we are out of a car since it is not drivable. What is it with this company. I worked for an insurance company for 32 years and I have never seen such unprofessional service. Get on the ball ALFA, and do the right thing.
Worst customer service. It has been more than a month that I've been waiting for a check. Every time I called the customer service they treat me like crap or they hang up on me. My car is not in a good condition after the accident and it's getting worse. After my problem is resolved I will change this crappy insurance.
Florida residents traveling to Ohio when the accident occurred. Type of Claim: Automobile: Collision - Rear end. I hope to never EVER have to deal with Alfa Auto again. The crash occurred 11/10/17 at 5:55 AM when we were rear-ended by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel. Fast-forward to the claims process. We ultimately ended up going through our own insurance company, USAA, who will subrogate the repair charges on our behalf. We chose to go with our insurance because we were unable to begin a claim with Alfa Auto. However, once we initiated the claim with USAA the Alfa’s estimator reached out to us. By that time, we had already taken our vehicle to a USAA-supported collision center for estimated damages and scheduled for a drop-off date to repair.Unfortunately, 11/10/17 was the begin leg of our trip. We live in Florida and were driving up to Ohio with our two kids for my father-in-law’s funeral. The crash pushed us behind schedule, so we did not seek medical care. Plus, my wife is a physician and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Looking back, we should have at least went and documented our visit. Especially knowing the hoops we've had to jump through just to get a rental car. We did not return to Florida until 11/17/17. Moreover, and we were left with no other option than to drive back in the same vehicle we were rear-ended in. Alfa Auto seemed too indifferent to our situation.Once we returned to Florida, the earliest we could schedule the vehicle to the repair shop was 12/11/17 – a whole month after-the-fact. Up until that point, Alfa refused to pay for a rental car and insisted that they would only pay for the period of days that the vehicle was in the repair shop. But this was not even the worst of it. It is now 12/18/17, and we have our rental until 12/22/17. Just received a call from the repair shop suggesting that they are not scheduled to complete the repairs until at least 12/28/17. Knowing that this was a likely outcome (especially during the holidays nearing the end of the month), I have spent the past two weeks, on and off, trying to get Alfa Auto to pay for the extended rental fees. Additionally, this has really thrown a wrench into our holiday travel plans. We had scheduled to travel back up north (Ohio and Indiana) to visit with family. I have been on the phone insisting that their ‘policy’ is unrealistic and unfair.At the end of the day, we ended up coming out of pocket to extend our rental until 1/2/18. This is because we refuse to let this incident interrupt our time with family. It is just sooo frustrating that businesses do stuff like this. Honestly, it is the only reason I am posting. I have probably made six consumer reviews over the past fifteen years (both, good and bad). To recap, 11/10/17: We were rear-ended by a vehicle going 60 mph on the highway by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel traveling well over 60 mph (considering the damages sustained). Our vehicle remained operable but the other was disabled. 12/11/17: the earliest we could get our car in the repair shop. (Alfa would not pay for rental up to this date.*** received a total of $375.00 to reimburse us for what the perceived shop time. When I asked what happens when the repairs run into the New Year, the reply was more or less an interpretation that by cashing the check they have assumed that we have accepted that as the final payment. I extended our rental until 1/2/17 so we did not have to wait day-to-day for updates on the repairs and miss spending the holiday season with family. Insurance carriers, let alone businesses, should not be able to treat people like this. I hope you read this and exclude Alfa Auto from your list of insurance carriers that you solicit quotes from in the future. P.S. More than happy to share whatever documents that I have on the accident as proof. Moreover, to share transcripts of my conversations with them.
This by far the worse insurance company to deal with. Last month our vehicle was hit and the person driving gave us the insurance information for this company. We filed a claim so we could get the repairs fixed. It was a joke try to get a hold of them. Once we contacted our insurance company and they would be able to get right through to the agent. Took almost two weeks for an insurance adjuster to come look at the damages when he did finally come it was on a Wed. and that week on a Fri. we get told our claim was denied 'cause the person driving the vehicle wasn't listed on the insurance. So now we are screwed out of getting our car fixed 'cause of someone driving the vehicle and not listed on the insurance. We shouldn't have to pay out a deductible and have our insurance rates go up for a wreck that wasn't our fault.
On October 23, 2011, my car was struck by one of their clients while my car was parked. I called them the next day, and they refused to give me a rental until the adjuster came to look at my car which was 5 days later, which until then, I was paying someone to take me back and forth to work. They said that they would not reimburse me for the money I paid. Then, when they did give me a rental, they made me return it before I received my check for the damage done to my car which was totaled. I then had to pay someone again to take me back and forth to work for another week, which again, I had to pay for. I think this is rather ** since it was their client that hit my car while it was parked and the ** was picking up his cell phone from the floor board. And since this happened in Kentucky, the man was not cited since Kentucky is a no fault state which leaves us to ask, why does Kentucky have police officers anyway?
The local office staff are always friendly and helpful. I am able to get good driving discounts. I am able to utilize Alfa for not just car insurance but other insurance needs. They are quick to respond to claims and have a good record of covering claims.
I was involved in an accident on January 14, 2015 with the at fault driver being insured by Alfa. There was a claim made almost immediately. When I asked the adjuster about getting a rental car I was told that they had to wait until they got statements from all the drivers and a copy of the police report "which usually takes about a week." They called me at work less than 24 hours later and got my statement, but had not been able to get in contact with their insured. I was then told again that it would be at least a week before I would be able to get a rental car, leaving me with no transportation to work or college. That afternoon I went to the police station and got a copy of the police report, that was already ready, and faxed it to the adjuster along with the work number of their insured.The wreck was on Wednesday afternoon, after I got all the information for them, they were able to make arrangements for me to pick up a rental car on Saturday morning. However, they were not able to send anyone to make an estimate on the repairs until the next Thursday, over a week later. Then the body shop had a hard time dealing with getting the repairs done because they had to make sure that the company was going to pay for all the extra repairs that were needed as they found them. Which took forever because you are never able to get a hold of anyone in the office and they never return messages. I never heard from them again until they canceled my rental 4 days before the repairs were done on my car 2 months later because they would not return the calls from the body shop.Finally 6 months later we reached a settlement and I believed that it was all over. Not! It was agreed that I would receive $X for pain and suffering and they would pay $X in medical bills. 6 months since the settlement I am still waiting on them to pay the bills, I received my check, but my credit is being ruined due to an unpaid ER bill.
My 16-year old daughter was rear ended on October 5, 2012 by a client of Alfa Insurance company. (We have Geico.) My daughter's vehicle was only a few months old with less than 5,000 miles on it. The estimate states that the bumper needs to be replaced because it was cracked in the accident and the insurance company has agreed to pay to replace bumper but nothing else, no rental vehicle or depreciation value. (This accident was clearly their client's fault.) I called the sales manager of the Honda dealership and was informed that due to the fact that the vehicle was in an accident, there is a diminished value of at least $1,500. This company refuses to allow for that and we were told by one of their employees named Jeff ** that he cannot give us money toward depreciation, because my daughter could total the car tomorrow or it could burn up in a fire. I thought this was very unprofessional of him. I notified his superior and he did nothing about it either. We are seeking $1,500 to cover the cost of the rental vehicle for 3 days and the diminished value on this brand new vehicle. I do not think that is asking for too much considering their client rear-ended our daughter. Thank you.
We went to Walmart and we were hit backing out and we have to deal with Alfa. They sent a guy out and he had a car with a lot people in his car. He look at our truck and he did a estimate 215 dollars when I have a bad finder, and the company wants to close my case with no money. And I paid a lot of money every month, because I have a 16 year child driver. Me and the body shop has been going around and around with Alfa and they lie. I'm so tired of Alfa. They are one sorry insurance.
This company sent me a letter saying I had "no right" to mitigate my repairs and then two days later sent me a letter telling to do just that since they had excess claims with the accident since it was multi-vehicle. The person totaled my car and they won't pay the rental. Their adjustor totaled my car but no payout? They won't return my calls. I'm just told to take care of everything myself and then at some point in the future they may have a resolution to my claim. Unbelievable.
I was hit by a driver who was insured with ALFA. It was his fault, and my vehicle was a total loss. This company has been nothing but a headache to deal with. They refused to cover every expense of mine they could, and their representatives have an attitude of almost taking pleasure in denying your requests. To top it off, they dishonestly calculated my vehicle's value. I asked how it was determined, and had to request to see the report several times before it was emailed to me. Imagine my surprise to find that they listed my vehicle's mileage as "UNKNOWN". I asked them to re-do the report, and it turns out my vehicle was worth $900 more than they first gave me. They sent another check for the difference, which I would have never received had I not been diligent. I would not insure my vehicles with them if they paid me. I only hope if I am ever hit again, it is by a driver who has Progressive or another reputable company.
I purchased the truck insurance and two days later a deer hit my car. They don't want to pay, states too early in the policy. But you didn't mind taking my money and the identification card states when you are presented with proof you are covered. You can never reach the adjuster. All you get is voice mail. I have no rental or nothing to drive but they will here from an attorney. They will be out of more money. Do not get this insurance.
October 7th, 2015, Alfa Vision policy holder's 17 yr old driver with expired driver's permit took mother's car and proceeded to cut into oncoming traffic, crossing double yellow line and plowed into my daughter's Volkswagen Jetta totaling it as well as caused injuries to her as our girl was going to school. Police report had Alfa's driver failure to yield as well as expired permit and without accompanying driver since she was on learner's permit. Before our daughter was even out of urgent care Alfa's client tried to put a claim against our State Farm policy and blame accident on our legally licensed and insured daughter. Naturally State Farm denied them and told them it was 100% on Alfa's at fault illegal driver. So initially all we expect was to have daughter's car which Alfa's adjuster totaled out because both airbags blew and collision damages added up to over $6000 dollars at which point was more than 75% of car's value which in state of Kentucky car is declared totaled at the 75% threshold. We got claim # and after adjuster sent them his report, we sent Ms. Blanca ** police report and Alpha's driver's info and all we got was a letter a few days later from Ms. ** saying she was investigating and we were REQUIRED TO MITIGATE OUR EXPENSES IN REGARDS TO STORAGE FEES, etc. in big, bold letters. Daughter has no rental for school or work transportation. Her medical claims are under our State Farm PIP coverage with all her medical bills. After month and a half of not answering repeated messages and queries from us to Ms. **, we get message finally to call her as she had result concerning our property damages. Dozens of calls to Alfa claims and Ms. ** and all we get is automated system and can't get returned call. So on and on we go. This is the worst service we have ever encountered. Like pulling teeth! If we have no answers and satisfaction by Monday 23rd, 2015, we have no choice but let an attorney take over and file lawsuit against their driver and policy or whatever options are available as last resort. The city won't let vehicle sit in our driveway and we're not paying for storage till Alfa takes possession to junk it or auction or whatever. We fully expect to seek recovery for rental and transportation for daughter who has been harmed as well when this was what should have been simple recovery and payment for book value of our vehicle loss which is like $2800..00 but I think we're well past that point now. Thankful we have been with State Farm for all the last 20+ years. They treat you like family and yes, unlike Alfa, State Farm is there!
My car and my back was slammed into while sitting at a red light by an ALFA insurer who was playing on his cell phone. I was injured pretty bad and car was damaged severely. The adjuster would never return my calls and his supervisor was just as bad. I have been without a car or a rental for 2 weeks now. I am getting a lawyer, hopefully that helps. ALFA insurance are the worst people to deal with. Now their insured driver is stating another car hit him which caused him to slam me... SUCH A LIE... and ALFA is believing this lie. I have witness statements and all. Still nothing. I am in so much back pain and ALFA could care less.
I have been a customer with ALFA for over 17 years and picked that account up from my father who has had service with them even longer. I have the payment drafted every month so I do not have to worry about getting the bill in on time due to me traveling for work. A few months ago I noticed my monthly draft wasn't coming out and when I called them they stated I had not paid my $29/year membership fee and had discontinued my insurance! I had moved during the time and never even seen a bill come through. I then asked them about getting it reinstated and they gave me an astronomical fee so I left and went with a different carrier. I am absolutely disgusted with their customer service. They lost a lifetime customer over $29, which they could have easily drawn from my account.
This insurance company should not be in business. My car was hit by one of their clients and long story short, I ended up having to pay $350 to get my car out of the shop. They did not communicate with me on what the final estimate was nor discuss with me what they would pay for. I had to call them to set up everything from initial claim to finding a collision center. The estimator did not return my phone calls and they even admitted to me after I heard from the collision center how much I owed out of my pocket that they should have contacted me after the final estimate to make sure I was in the loop. I will never recommend this company or trust anyone associated with these clowns.
I have been with Alfa for 8 yrs and I have had road side assistance. I received a call stating, "Oh well we canceled your roadside for excessive use." I have paid and never used roadside until I moved to Atlanta, GA about 5 yrs ago. I got another car to save gas but my tires kept blowing out. Long story short that issue has been resolved, but called and asked how long before I can get roadside back and was told 3 yrs. REALLY!!! My insurance policy keeps going up for no reason, no explanation but you removed roadside. Called, asked, and was told, "Oh it's on $.40 more and it's been removed." How it went from 232.00 to 243.00??? I looking for a new insurance company. I wish I could give zero stars.
I wish that I didn't even have to give this company 1 star. I would give negative if I could... Back in April, my husband's friend had borrowed one of our cars that we weren't driving, for a couple of days while his was being worked on. He was taking his girls to school one morning and while sitting in the drop-off line, the woman in front of him, who was insured by TREXIS (previously ALFA), put the car in reverse, instead of drive, and completely ran up on the hood of our car. They filed a report with the officer on the scene and filled out all the information for the 2 drivers and the owner of the vehicles and insurance information, so TREXIS had our information as the owners of the vehicle, but didn't pay attention to it, so they started contacting my husband's friend about the claim. We thought this was normal at first because they needed his statement about what happened, but then they continued to treat him as the owner and discuss payment and repair information. He informed them that he was not the owner and they needed to contact us, but the next day they continued to contact him as if he never even addressed it. This went on for 3 months until he finally told them for the last time to stop calling him because he is not the owner and cannot make those decisions. They even sent a check for part of the damages in HIS NAME, without verifying that they were making it out to the correct person. He could have taken that money if he was a dishonest person! But this isn't even the worst part. Once they finally listened about who to contact, they start reaching out to my husband and he asks me to be the one to talk to them and work everything out. So I call the adjuster and introduce myself and ask him to update me on what all is going on since this is my first time talking to him. He immediately starts telling me that they are totaling out the car because the damage is too much and that they have sat on this for too long and need to settle ASAP. First of all, it is their fault that it was drug out for 3 months because they had been contacting the wrong person! Second of all, the only damage was a little of the front bumper and the hood, but they want to total it?! So, I ask why and was told that the value of the car is way below what it actually is. I ask for a copy of the valuation and the things they put on there to knock the price down was a flat out lie. They knocked value off for holes and tears in the interior, when there are literally not ANY. They knocked value off because the windows were not tinted and they absolutely are! I could go on and on, but anyways, I asked them to provide pictures of these things that they are claiming and instead I just get ignored or given some excuse as to why they won't. I argue with them about this and offered to submit any sort of documentation that they would like to back this up and was told that they would not accept anything from us to re-evaluate and that their value is firm and they will not budge. So, I tell them that I also am not going to budge, because I am firm on what I know the value is, as well. I should also add that actually having these conversations are like pulling teeth, because I would put in several phone calls, voicemails and emails to the adjuster, before he would ever finally call me or email me back. After literally only 2 conversations with him and trying to come to an agreement. I get an email stating that due to my unwillingness to come to a settlement agreement, after multiple attempts, that they have no choice but to close the claim! My unwillingness?! Multiple attempts?! We only talked twice and I had to chase him down for days just to have those conversations! This is a long rant, but I think everyone should beware of this company and know exactly what they are like. The whole time I have dealt with them they have been rude and unprofessional and you can tell that they have no desire to provide even decent customer service. Even when I contacted the supervisor, he was just as rude and unhelpful. They will lowball you and do anything they can to keep from paying you what you are owed. So now we are in a position where they want to total out our car, but won't give enough money to replace it and put us back in the position that we were before the accident. The accident that wasn't our fault! This is unacceptable and judging by all these other comments, this seems to be just the way they do business. Someone is going to have to step in and put a stop to this.
I called in to make a payment they overcharged my card a $100. It's been 7 days. I've called. They promise to call me back every day. No callback, no money back, no nothing. This place sucks. There's never even a manager to on-site when you call. So unprofessional. They will get not one more dollar of my money. Pretty much I just have to suck it up as they stole my money!! It has been reported to the Better Business Bureau!
I was ok with the customer service at first, downhill from there. If you wanna pay your bill in person, there is a fee for that. Also, bill has gone up so high it's more than my car payment, that's full coverage on a financed 2011 Camry. Ridiculous. I have recently gotten 3 quotes so far from other reputable companies. All of them cost less than half what I am paying now. Progressive offered the best amenities with roadside assistance and loan payoff selected and it was still way cheaper than ALFA. The increases really jumped when they announced their name change to TREXIS. Everyone I know is looking to switch from ALFA. Also if you are in an accident and the other party has ALFA, they will say neither party is at fault to go up on both parties' rates. When they tack on the dues for membership, it's basically a second car payment folks. I've been a member for almost a year and my parents, members for 8 years. Good luck out there.
Okay so my husband needed insurance. We had an old vehicle so we went with the cheapest we could find. Alfa.. well we ended up buying a newer vehicle and obviously had to have full coverage but Alfa refused to add me or give us a quote on what it would be so we decided to get a difference insurance. This was on February 14, 2014, since then we have tried 4 times to cancel his policy and sent them all the papers they requested but we still are being told they don't have everything. We set up direct withdrawal because it was cheaper... That was the worst thing I have ever done because now unless I jump through hoops and fill out who knows what else in paperwork (so far I have done everything they asked and still been told not enough) they are going to keep taking money. We have never had a claim or anything and I am sure if the money wasn't their to take they would cancel the insurance without contacting me. Any other company I can call give an account number, birth date, ssn and take care of everything by phone but this company uses we need proof, yet you don't let me mail you anything because you don't tell me an address to send the paper work to. It all has to be faxed. I requested scan and email since I don't have a landline but they still say they don't have everything but won't say what else they need.
Last year in July I sold a truck I had and removed it from my insurance. (So I thought.) I have direct paperless billing so this year when my renewal came in I noticed they have been billing me for this truck that I haven't owned in a year. So I told them and they wanted proof I sold it. Went to the buyer and got proof of the time truck was sold. Now they still haven't refunded the money that they took without permission and so I don't pay my bill a couple days ago because of this and they cancelled my insurance. To me I feel like they stole money out of my account without permission and for no reason and I really don't think anyone should have to worry about that. Today they still have it under review and it's been almost two months now.
The local service is awesome. Alfa is the very best insurance we have ever had. We would recommend this insurance to anyone. Other insurance cannot compare to Alfa.
Alfa insurance is a complete waste of money! I spend at least $1,000 to get it! And I would make my monthly payments on time. But I got into an accident and they told me it had been cancelled so I have to pay $10,000 out of pocket to fix other cars. This insurance is the worst! I wouldn't be surprised if it goes out of business!
An Alfa insurance holder backed into my parked car. It took me 25+ calls and emails to get them to respond to my claim... and over 2 months to finally get it fixed. I did everything I could to work with them... but they were generally unresponsive, slow and in the end stuck me with $50 on the rental car I needed for 5 days while my car was being fixed. I tried to get this rental car thing paid by Alfa... but they would not respond after repeated messages, emails, etc. Eventually Enterprise Car Rental company dropped the $50 charge even though it wasn't their fault.
I was rear-ended while sitting in traffic at a red light on 8-15-2012. The girl who hit me was texting (looking down in her lap and only looked up right before hitting me, slamming on her brakes and leaving skid marks), lied to my adjuster and said she was bending over to pick up a lit cigarette, but told the police she was sitting still and her foot slipped off the brake. My Insurance appraised damage to my car at over $600.00 and the collision center appraised it at a little over $800.00. The driver at fault insurance adjuster offered me $171.00. When I refused the offer, he then tried to say "I am beginning to think the wreck didn't even happen." When that didn't work, he then tried to scare me into thinking worker's comp was investigating me. I was the one who gave worker's comp his name and number so they could go after him to reclaim money they have to spend. The twerp went ahead and sent the $171.00 check, which is getting sent back and am now hiring an attorney. When we conducted the interrogatories and requests for production of documents, I also want to subpoena the phone records and then it is going to get really expensive for them. Anyone up for a class action lawsuit?
I have been an insured driver for over 43 years. I had a single moving violation back in 1979. I have never filed a claim. Every premium has been paid on time. Thousands and thousands of dollars. More than enough money to buy a new car several times over. Premiums get raised due to no fault of mine. Natural disasters, other irresponsible drivers, actuary tables, demographic adjustments. Insurance company executives, board members, shareholders, all make money from me. No insurance company has ever done anything for me except take my money.
When we relocated to Alabama we had to switch insurance companies for our automobiles. We contacted multiple places looking for the best coverage at an affordable rate. Most of them were pretty competitive with each other. ALFA Insurance was at the bottom of our list of companies to call, because we had never heard of them before finding their website online. The lady we spoke to seemed very knowledgeable and she said she would beat any other rate we had received. She not only beat the rate, but gave us more coverage than we even inquired about. We have only had to file one small claim, but the process was very simple. Our rates did not go up after the claim. I highly recommend ALFA Insurance.
Filing a claim took a long time, and then after that, (no fault no ticket) insurance payment doubled. From day one Alfa Auto Insurance made a major mistake on my bank deduction and when I found it, this was difficult to clear up.
My neighbor hit my car while he was parking. He has filed a claim for the same. I was waited for quite long to get a call from the Alfa, then I started calling them. I was calling them more than 10 times per day and recorded my concerns. No action on my request, no callback or nothing as of now.
I got full coverage insurance on my car and recently, while I was at Walmart late one night, someone had damaged my car in several places and cracked my windshield. The next day, I called my insurance company and they said they would take care of it since it was covered because I had full coverage. I was like, "Great! When can I get my car fixed?" They sent an adjuster out and he took all these pics and blah, blah, blah. This has been a little over 5 weeks ago. I never heard anything. I have called, according to my cell phone log, 84 times not counting the times I used my home phone. I never could get to talk to anyone. Finally, someone called me back stating the crack in the windshield was a stress crack so they would not pay for it. Then he told me the light that was busted wasn't covered either nor was my fender. I was like, "Okay, what is covered on full coverage?" He said, "Well, everything." I said, "Why is my car not being fixed then?" He said, "Oh, we just have to get a revised estimate." The crack plainly shows a point of impact on it and I researched stress cracks and it says that it's just a crack. Well, on my windshield you can see where it was hit and I called and left them a message stating that. But of course, I didn't get to speak to anyone. I had to leave message.Lo and behold, I got a call today saying they were going to cut me a check for $108.02. Seriously, what kind of repair is that going to cover? Please do not use this company. They are rip-offs and rude as heck. I wish I had never used them. They are worthless. You will be better off having no insurance than using Alfa.
My son had an accident in my car. He and a passenger were approaching a green light and about to go through, when a lady ran the light on the other side. He could not stop in time and he hit her. Her side had two lanes of traffic already stopped and she came around like she was going to turn right on red, but came straight through the light instead. I work close by and was there within minutes. My son asked her if she was okay. She said yes and told him that she was sorry. After I checked on my son, I went around and asked her if she was okay. She said yes and apologized to me as well. The police report clearly says that it was her fault and lists that she failed the traffic light. It also states that this was no fault of my son. But because she told her insurance company that she had a yellow light, Alfa Vision is refusing to pay for the repairs and never gave us a rental. The representative was the worst, smart mouth punk that I and my son have ever dealt with. They do not have a good reputation and the body shop didn't want to take my car unless I filed it with my insurance company because he refuses to deal with them. Multiple people who have insurance with them can't get them to fix their cars. If you are the victim like us, your car is never getting fixed. We are currently in a lawsuit.
On June 5, 2014 one of Alfa's insurees hit our car. After 5 days of finally responding to our phone calls they came back with a ridiculous amount of money for our car, deducting 1/2 the value for "prior" damage. We argued with them and even sent our own shots of the car which really was just some chipped paint. They would not budge on their value, so we went ahead and let our insurance, State Farm, handle the claim. They offered us double what Alfa said the car was valued at and no prior damage was deducted. After 7 days battling with Alfa, my insurance with one phone call took care of the whole thing. For now on, any time I am hit from another party, I will have my insurance State Farm handle the claim. They will get my small deductible back and they got me $3600 for my car, instead of $1700!
So rather than writing out my story, I'll pot the letter I sent to them and you'll get the idea.I would just like to express how highly dissatisfied I am with your company. My grandfather, Mr. Marion **, had a policy with your company. On Aug. 16, 2012, I was driving his car when a young girl ran a stop sign, causing me to run into her. I was not at fault and the girl takes full responsibility. Unfortunately, they were uninsured. My grandfather had been a loyal customer with you guys so he figured it would be no big deal to get taken care of. Let me tell you, these last few weeks have been a total nightmare. We've been working with a horrible, rude, arrogant representative of yours named Nathan **. He needs to change his voicemail. "If I do not call back in 24 hours, please hit 0 to go to my supervisor." Not once were we called back within 24 or even 48 hours. It took at the very least three days. Is this how you want your company to be represented? On the phone he was completely inconsiderate and rude. Everyone I talked to told me that all I have to do is report the accident to you guys and you guys are supposed to do the rest. Nathan ** couldn't be bothered to do so. He told me to call the insurance the other people had listed. I spent hours on the phone only to find out they weren't covered. When I call a company I'm paying good money to, I expect to be treated with respect. My second time speaking with this Nathan ** he said, "And uhh, how can I help you?" in the rudest tone. It was completely inconsiderate. A few days later your company sent us a later to a Mrs. Marion **. Again, are your records so bad you do not have my grandfather down as a man? My grandfather and myself also spelled my name out to your representative more than once. Instead of the correct Cheyenne **, I'm referred to as something along the lines of Shyan **. Am I yet making a point of the horrible treatment we've received? So after not doing anything for the last several weeks, your company finally sent an appraiser to look at the car. We thought that we were finally getting somewhere. We were so wrong. Your Nathan ** called my grandfather today to tell him that not only are you not going to do anything, you are dropping our policy. Had your company, especially this Nathan **, treated us with a little respect, it would have never led up to this email. We would have been more understanding. I hardly ever use his car, so naturally I wasn't listed as a driver. I do not have insurance because of the infrequency that I drive. I'm stunned that you are not doing anything. I'm so sorry my grandfather choose this sad excuse for a company. He left a wonderful company, Geico, to go to your company. They are a company you should look up to. When something happened, they get it done no matter what. So through all of this, telling us to figure it out, providing the poorest customer service I'd ever received and wasting our time, what exactly was my grandfather paying your company for then? Trust me, I will be telling everyone how horrible your service is. I have several friends with your company that know this ordeal we've gone through and that are currently looking for new providers. I do not expect a reply because apparently, that is your company motto. I halfway don't even expect anyone to read this. In a perfect world, I would get a reply with a wonderful apology and this Nathan ** to be reprimanded, if not fired as he deserves, but unfortunately, your company doesn't live up to that.
A young man with a suspended license crossed over three lanes on the interstate and hit my husband, who was driving our new car. Ran him off the interstate at 70mph. This young man's insurance carrier is Alfa. Police report was filed, indicating fault of the young man. I called my agent at Allstate, she said to contact the Alfa agent and I did. They sent me to their claims adjuster, Craig **. This guy is a hateful, unprofessional individual. When I explained that we needed to proceed and what happened he said, "Well, that's your story". I said, "No, that's what your customer admitted to and what the police report reflects". He said he would have to speak to his client. Well, it has been two weeks and Alfa has done nothing. I had to file with Allstate to get into a rental vehicle. And when my car is fixed, I do not have the $500 deductible. The Allstate claims adjuster says that the kid who hit my husband won't return his calls to take a statement. Craig ** will not attempt to speak to his customer either. We will be getting a lawyer.
Alfa has, by far, the best prices in my area. To be a consumer of Alfa, you have to become a member of the Alabama Farmer's Association which costs a fee of $30 per year. They have responded efficiently and compassionately each time I have ever needed to file a claim. When I have accidentally neglected my payment, Alfa has given a 30 day grace period and sent reminders so that I can quickly get the issue handled. There are many locations where I may drop off a payments if mailing is not an option. Every person I've ever dealt with at this company has treated me as an individual and with respect. They know who I am when I walk through the doors. This makes me really feel like a member rather than a customer.
I was in an accident with a person who has Alfa Insurance. I wasn't even in the car and she backed into me causing damage to my fender and my rim. Every time I try to call the claims adjuster all I get is voicemail. And they didn't send enough money for my car to be repaired properly. This is the suckiest insurance company I have ever had to deal with.
The Alfa-insured was behind me at a red light in the middle forward travel lane. We were both at a complete stop. The Alfa-insured was maybe a car length behind me talking (yelling) to a man in a parking lot selling puppies out of the back of his SUV. The left turn light engaged green and he gunned it into the rear of my vehicle. My car is a small Honda Accord. Alfa-insured's vehicle is a very large older model Chevy Tahoe. I was able to move my car to a bank parking lot. The insured followed me and gave me a card with a bunch of false information such as name, policy number and phone number. The only correct information he gave was his insurance company. He then fled the scene. Fortunately, I wrote his tag number down. I called the FHP to make an accident report. He wrote down an estimate of $100 worth of damage. I called his insurance company and got his correct information. They told me to get an estimate, which I did. The estimate was over $6,000. My frame is bent, bumper fell off, and the side of my car buckled in. My car is totaled. They recently offered me $250. I'm not sure what I should do here. I called the Florida and Alabama Insurance Commissioners and filed a claim. I refuse to accept $250 for my car. It's ruined. Does anyone have any advice?
I was hit by someone insured with Alfa Vision insurance, and which push me hit someone in front of me. Later, they denied, they said I hit someone in front of me, and they hit my car. So they agree to pay half of my medical bills and car repair. But they never pay me a penny for my medical bills, and I did call them couple hundred times already. It is really difficult to contact with some representative from that company. The accident was Dec 22, 2015, and it has been more than half years, and my bill has been collection company for couple months too. I do not know what I should do. Anyone has a idea?
I purchased their insurance in Jan. of 2016. I got into an accident on March 10th of 2016 which it was my fault.. and I told them that I started a new job to make sure I can page my truck payment which was delivered pizzas. Well I got a call from my girlfriend the trainee went on the car so I clocked out to go get her. Well I turn on the wrong road which was a 1 way and tried to correct myself but it was too late. So but the girl that hit me didn't have insurance so the next morning I spent all day trying to talk to the give them my statement and so did the girl that hit me.. Well they asked me proof of clock out which I sent them. Now they're saying they are sending my clamp to investigate because I don't have a ID. Number on my clock out..So I got a letter in the mail today March 21, 2016 saying I'm being canceled for delivering pizzas which I asked before I started the job if I'm going to be covered and they told me yes. So I have a feeling I'm going to be fighting this company for a while which I'm going to get a lawyer involved. I suggest to anyone not to go through this company at all. I think it's a big scam and don't want to pay out so don't get them.
My agent helps us with any insurance questions and is always available to take our calls. If we get a new car, truck or van all we need to do is give him a call and we are good to go. This also applies to any other "toy" we get.
Called in regards of getting a quote and adding a driver and was never given a quote due to stating I want to add an additional driver. Very rude. When policy is over plan to terminate due to how I was spoken to by worker Shandy and manager Gaye **. Very bad representatives.
I must start by saying this insurance company is a scam. It should also be banded from another person receiving this insurance. Well I got hail damage to my vehicle two weeks ago and filed a claim. The company put Jason ** as my agent in the claims department. I first received a check very fast for 214.00 and they took 500.00 for deductibles. Then I took my car to a place near my home. The body shop had an estimate for 1900.00. Alfa contacted the body shop. It was a fact that the body shop did not do paint less dent repair. So Jason tells me to take my car elsewhere or pay the difference out of my own pocket. So I contacted a paint less dent repair shop and estimates were nearly a match to the other body shops estimate. They sent their appraiser back out to the new body shops place and the shop owner asked him how he came up the estimate. He never said a word. Not even to me or my husband just being rude. So after I called today they tell the supplement was approved. I go and talk to the body shop and the man tells me he rather do no business with that company because it's just too much mess. I found out the money their sending is just for the body it won't repair all of my truck.. They're saying that they're being there for the customer, but they're not. The appraiser threw my estimate in the trash!!!!!!!! Did not turn it in to the company so the shop that is to fix my car had to put estimate down without relooking at my car....Omg... Beware of Alfa. It is a scam. Jason ** is not helpful.
My car was hit by their insured. I reported the claim the next day. An adjuster showed up 4 days later, told me that my hood, quarter panel and light assembly needed to be replaced and that there was possible damage to the radiator beneath the hood. He took a few pictures and then left without explaining any of the claims process. The next time I received a phone call, it was 5 days later. Of course, I had left numerous voicemails and emails. It took 9 days after the accident to get a rental car. The poor guy at the rental agency spent an hour on the phone trying to contact someone. When he did reach someone, he provided a claim number and the name of their insured which they denied even having knowledge of. In the end, Alfa tried to pay me $2,500 for my car and wanted the car as a total loss. I told them what I thought of them and their service and immediately contacted a lawyer who was more than happy to represent me. Do not get involved with this bootleg insurance plague!
I have been with Alfa for many years. I also paid every payment on time but when I was involved in an accident they provided the worse customer service ever. The adjuster came out and to look at our car and really didn't consider all of damage just the minimal amount of $1500. Luckily the lady that hit our car had State Farm ins. who gave us an estimate of $2990 which would cover all our damages. Needless to say I cancelled my coverage with Alfa. Their insurance may be cheap and as they say you get what you pay for. Their customer service is cheap too. I'd rather pay more for peace of mind that when I need my insurance company they will be there for me.
I was run over by a guy with Alfa Insurance (liability only). I had Alfa full coverage. Not only did they use MY insurance to pay this guy's truck damages (despite the fact the accident was clearly his fault and written up to that effect by the police department), but I had to PAY MY OWN DEDUCTIBLE. No help, no respect, no explanation from ALFA. Oh yeah, their reasoning was I was not "observant enough". Really? I observed this guy come from the left lane and turn in front of me in the right. Couldn't have avoided it. Don't use Alfa. It is money wasted.
High rates for low coverage - We have been insured by Alfa for over 20 years now with no claims on 3 vehicles or homeowners. I recently checked with a few other companies to start comparing rates. I was utterly shocked to find out that we were paying about 2 times the amount of our quotes from other companies. I went line by line and checked to verify amounts of coverage and deductibles on all policies. We were able to get much better coverage with another insurer and saved a total of $1,300/year on all policies. Shame on you Alfa! We have also paid membership fees for 20 years as well. I do not recommend this company. Shop around!
My friend, my son and I were in an auto accident in February 2014. The other driver was at fault and was cited. All three of us were injured. After numerous extremely low-ball offers and more than two years later, we were forced to settle for an amount that barely covered costs and attorney's fees. A court date would have left us with less. And this is after they postponed mediation nine times. In my opinion, an insurance company like this should not be allowed to practice and should be investigated. What a lack of integrity and ethics. During depositions, the other driver didn't even show up. If you're unfortunate enough to be the victim of one of their clients, immediately get an attorney and one who's an absolute bulldog. And good luck.
My bill was due on July 4th. I called their automated line to make a payment on the 4th and their automated system said payment unaccepted. I called today and informed the rep. She then 3 way called the automated system to confirm that it wouldn't accept and it didn't. She was able to put the payment through just FINE on her end. I then asked her if she could waive the 10 dollar late fee since their automated system would not accept my card. She said she didn't see why it would be a problem and placed me on hold to ask her supervisor. She got back on the line and said she would not be able to waive it. I was confused as it was not MY FAULT as to why the automated system wouldn't accept it. She said I had other options of paying. I tried to pay it online and it wouldn't take it online either. She apologized and said there was nothing she could do. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said I could have gone to my agent to pay or mailed something in. At this point I was at a loss for words as they basically want me to bend over backwards because of THEIR faulty system. So I asked to speak to HER superior and I calmly but frustratedly explained the situation and said I had been on the phone for a half hour and was shocked at the service I had been receiving and she LAUGHED at me. This woman LAUGHED at me and proceeded to say the "unfortunately blah blah". I have been in customer service for 10 years and I have worked and supervised call centers. Had myself or any of my employees treated their customers the way I was treated, they would have been terminated. This company IS NOT about customer service and apparently not about the money either! You just lost a customer. Not for not waiving a 10 dollar late fee which wouldn't have occurred had YOUR end been clear, but for the way I was treated. And judging by other reviews I would hate to have to file a claim with you!
Full coverage insurance on 2002 well maintained SUV with recent inspection. On my way to babysit grandchild family of deers was at the turning point and dodging caused the bottom to hit the pavement that caused the differential to break. Had car towed by A1 and all personal belongings were missing and empty glove compartment with important papers missing including registration card. They first denied moving anything, second it is in a box, third Alfa refused to deal with their towing company after admitting the Envoy was totaled.Week later received call "mechanical failure from an oil leak", not true just inspected week or so. Returned vehicle, never compensated. A Rep affiliated with them told me "number 1 excuse they're going to tell you is mechanical failure to avoid the payoff". This company is not ethical and should stop saying based on religion. DO NOT USE THIS CON ARTIST TACTIC. Go to a honest and legit company. Don't recommend family or friends for the pricing.
With two passengers in the van with me, we had totally pulled out onto a small country road. Approaching car was in our lane and apparently not budging. I tried to judge which if I could avoid this collision but there was nowhere to go. She hit us head-on and we spinned around in circles. As we did my knee hit the dash and my foot was on the accelerator. We ended up down the road in the opposite direction. My male passenger was seriously injured and was flown to trauma hospital and my young grandson and I were transported to a nearby hospital. My grandson wasn't injured except a scratch at edge of his eye, but my male passenger received broken ribs and punctured lung. I received a severely crushed right knee. Alfa stated that I pulled out in front of other driver. That was not true - my passenger was my conscious witness and he stated that we were on a straight way and was hit head-on. All the damage to our van was in the front where the radiator was. The other driver had no insurance and was ticketed for this and for failing to have correct address on license. I did not receive a ticket. Alfa gained Donald **’s signed release. He received a 25,000 check from them. I was never approached for the same and was told that I was at fault and would not be eligible for a settlement. The other driver was compensated and her vehicle was repaired. I had to have total knee replacement but Alfa did not offer to pay one red cent towards medical expenses. I have gotten the runaround for nearly 7 years regarding this wreck!!!!! Crooks and creeps.
On March 6th at approx. 1730 I was involved in a car crash with my 2011 Subaru Legacy. I was rear ended by a vehicle that was insured by ALFA... ALFA didn't contact me until 3 weeks AFTER the crash. I spoke with a guy named Emillio & he said that someone would be over to inspect my vehicle for damages & give me an estimate. I don't remember what the adjuster's name was, but she was not pleasant. She was rude & short the entire time. I thought maybe she was having a bad day & chalked it up to stresses of the job. Later would I find out that all of ALFA's employees would demonstrate the same attitude. Emillio called me the next day to tell me that the adjuster had made an estimate of $346.00. I expressed my disbelief in this estimate as I had previously had my car estimated by a Subaru Collision Center & their estimate was $550.00. I told Emillio that the estimate was not accurate & that I would like this estimate to be reconsidered by a different employee. Emillio then had the audacity to claim that I was in a previous accident prior & that the damages were not consistent. I then urged Emillio to look up my vehicle on any car crash site/police report whatever it was to prove that I in fact was NEVER in a previous accident. He then said, "Well, how do you explain the damages? Were you even in a car accident?" I quickly stopped the conversation at that point & demanded to speak to a "manager". I was transferred to a voice mail of "Tim **". I left a message stating my claim & asked him to call me back. He called me back about an hour later & would NOT let me get a word in edgewise! I explained (well, TRIED to) my situation & was immediately met with an "I'm not sending nor am I paying for another adjuster to come out there & look at your car again. Either you take the money or you get nothing. This is what was given as an estimate and that's it." The last thing I said to him was that I would be taking him to court.This company tried to insinuate that I was lying about the damages. They low-balled the estimate & told me that I would have to make up for the difference should I decided to get the repairs done at Subaru. I suggested sending them the pictures that I have from the accident PROVING that the damages were made at the time of the accident & requested an e-mail address to send them to. This request was denied by Emillio. This company is a fraud & they get their jollies from scamming other victims (and from I've been reading online of their reviews, they also screw their clients as well). The employees that work for this company are rude, unprofessional & nasty. Their customer service is atrocious along with their "management."
I am sick, knowing I have paid ALFA lots of money over the years to cover my auto's. I assumed ALFA had someone working a phone line 24/7 they do for just claims. I need someone-anyone from the company just to verify I had current insurance. "Tommy" was working the claims hotline and he would or could not verify my insurance. I could not access the app on my smartphone I was having issues with that. I contacted I assume at the main office and asked about 24-hour service. She promptly told me about ID cards mailed out, print off the website, etc. and also access ALFA2GO. I understand all of this and told her in the beginning. If you are shopping for ALFA keep in mind you better have all your business and any other problems done before 5 pm, because no one is there to help you after hours. Their website is mediocre at best and needs much improvement. ALFA needs to divert funding to their IT department.
I will start by saying at the time of my incident.... I had full coverage Comp and collision with towing and rental coverage with ALFA. I was involved in a no fault incident on 12/22/2014 approx 0615 am avoid hitting a deer at 50 mph I swerved my vehicle to the right, hitting a curb and later discovering it caused approx $1600 damage to my right front tire area. At the time of the incident I thought I only had a blow out, no body damage noted to my car, so I called a friend (who's a certified mechanic with UPS) to come out and changed the tire and drove my vehicle home. I had no idea the amount of damage that was done to my vehicle, had no idea I would have to file a insurance claim until after my friend noticed smoke coming from the right front tire area. So he removed the tire and was trying to see if there was something on fire, this is when he realized the impact caused damage to my lower control arm and ball joint was bent and damaged, causing the inner part of my tire to rub while driving and the friction was causing the smoke. He then told me I needed to file a claim with my insurance company because the damage was probably extensive, and this is where my nightmare begin!!!! I waited until 0800 CST to call so I could file a claim, I filed a claim and was told an adjuster would be out to get a estimate of my vehicle. Several hours later I received a call from a 3rd party company saying that they would have someone out on 12/24/14. I pretty much begged for them to come out earlier because my car was not drive able and I had no other means of transportation. They agreed to have someone come out on the 12/23/14, in which a non professional looking young lady came out in her personal vehicle with another young lady in her car and 2 children in the back seat and proceeded to take pics with her personal cell phone. She informed me that she was not an adjuster she only worked for this 3rd party company that only took pics and forward them to Alfa's adjuster. Well that's exactly what happened....a couple hours later I received an estimate for $530 for front end balance, alignment, and 2 rims for my vehicle. I immediately called my claims adjuster N. ** that told me according to C. ** estimate the only reason my car was not drive able was because the parts were removed. They originally denied a rental car until I had to get out of character in order for them to do so. It was a act of Congress doing that because it was close to Christmas and there was very little staff on duty. I was then informed to get a supplemental estimate in which I had my car towed to a auto body repair shop because Alfa did not offer a recommended shop, and the estimate @ approx $1150 confirmed what my friend had told me. They later denied the claim stating the BENT lower control arm and ball joints were damaged from wear and tear and not impact. I was told I could get another supplemental this time in early 1/2015 I was starting to feel like I was getting the run around and I filed a complaint with Georgia Insurance commissioner's office and continued to beg and plead to have my car repaired!!! I spoke with N. ** on 1/9/2015 and she told me I needed to have the 2nd supplemental estimate done and before they could authorize anything else on this claim I informed her I didn't have the funds to pay out of pocket to have my car towed. I had lost days at work being a home health nurse and having no transportation!! I was told nothing could be done until I had that estimate done. I had a mobile auto repair come out to give me a estimate on repairs and based on the damages he would decide if he would tow my car and the day of this estimate 1/12/15 N. ** called me and then informed me that they would send out an adjuster to do a estimate. In the end I have 3 different estimates from independent auto repair shops stating damage to my lower control arm and ball joint, tire damage, and 2 estimates from alfa insurance stating otherwise. Alfa insurance is a RIP OFF, I think their tactic is to get you frustrated so you will give up!! They do not value or respect their customer at all. I wouldn't recommend their insurance and would advise anyone to avoid them like a plague. I will pursue this in the courts!!
I am currently insured by Alfa Insurance company. I would first like to say even though I have had the cheapest rate with this company, I have also had the worst experience with this company. I got into my accident around August 17, 2012. It took a claims adjuster until August 31 to come and adjust the damage caused to my vehicle. During this time, I was put into a rental after sending pictures of my car's damage. After the first week and no one came back, I called the company to see why no one had showed up. They were not aware and then the claims personnel handling my claim was upset and became rude when I tried to reach them numerous times within that day to see what was going on and to make sure my rental was covered.It then took another week for someone to adjust the damage to my vehicle which brings us to August 31, 2012. I went through some trouble in regard to finding a proper body shop. The estimate I received was $1500 below the actual price when I did find a reputable body shop. Today is September 12, 2012 and they are currently suspending my rental because the max is $600 which was really spent on the two weeks I waited for an adjuster to come view my car. I was told that the max would run up on September 14, 2012, so in reality they are shorting me two days even after them prolonging for two weeks. This company is horrible and I will be canceling my policy ASAP.
Very affordable with low down payments. When you call the customer service reps always seem happy to answer your calls and help with any questions. If you forget to send in payment they email and call to remind you of payment.
I am totally dissatisfied with the level of service from the claim adjuster with Alfa Insurance. My car was damaged and I call the claim adjuster to speak with him and he sent his appraiser out to look at my car and in turn offer me a settlement of $500.00 and the damaged is $1300.00. I sent him the estimates of the body shop that I wanted to handle the work and he gave me an hour to make a decision or he will close my claim. I am a consumer and you have no right to put a timeline on my decisions. It is unprofessional and distasteful to treat people that way. I am looking for a new carrier.
I was rear-ended by a customer of Alfa on 2/1/15. The driver was not licensed (was informed the guy was revoked), the road conditions very slippery due to ice. The driver was traveling too fast for conditions to top it off. I was at a stop light waiting to turn. The guy plowed into my car's rear bumper. Because I was told the guy didn't have insurance, so I brought my car to my insurance company's preferred vendor. They did a report. I later got a call from my insurance company (USAA) stating they found coverage on the car. Still don't know if it was someone else's and the guy was just using the car. Either way, my company paid "ALL" my medical bills, but Alfa was to cover my car. I called them and was told by ** that she would send their estimator. He finally showed up and told me Alfa would send me the repair cost estimate. When I called them, ** told me she would send me a check so I could get my car fixed. I brought my car to Ford as they offered lifetime repair. My car sat on their lot for 4 or 5 days waiting for Alfa to send the check! ** called the car rental company which in turn called me. ALFA authorized $15 a day for the rental which only got me a subcompact! I am 6'6", there was no way I could fit into the rental. So I had to drive around my beat-up pickup truck which is used to bring garbage to the dump. It cost me a fortune in diesel. Then ** offer me around $625 inconvenience fee. I was brought to the hospital because I have a spinal stimulator implanted in my spine. When Alfa found out I had degenerative arthritis, I heard her elation in her voice! I could almost hear her thoughts of 'goody I don't have to pay this guy anything'. To top it off, my 2014 Escape is now listed on Carfax as being rear-ended. The value dropped immediately by $2000 according to several car lots I went to. Since the last time I spoke with ALFA, I have sent numerous emails, called and left messages and have yet to be called. When I finally called their main number, they said my record states that they tried calling me at my number once and was disconnected! What a bunch of crude! My wife, kids and friends call me every day with no problems.Yesterday, I finally got an email from ** stating that my case was reassigned. She gave me the number of the lady and the number was for a different company! Avoid this company! Don't deal with them, call an attorney before dealing with them. They do their best to make you give up so they don't have to pay you.
If we could give neg stars, I would. This review is based on an accident that occurred on a Friday morning around 6:45 AM, streets were wet with rain just ending. My car was stopped at a red light when a driver with Alfa Vision Insurance ran into the rear of our vehicle. The collision caused both of his (the Alfa Insured) front airbags to deploy & the Alfa Insured was cited.The rear bumper and drivers side rear wheel well is pushed into tire resulting in the car not being drivable. The claim advocate/owner does not answer her phone or return phone calls. After researching for a phone number (877-384-7466) and with a claim number in hand, I finally reached a live person but, not the claim advocate/owner and we were authorized a rental car; some three days after the accident. However, there was no information provided as to when an appraiser will look at the car.Wanting to get the car repaired, we tried to find out when an appraiser will come and appraise the damage so the vehicle could be towed to the body shop. Today, one week later, I did get to talk to Supervisor who was of little help. However, I did get 2 phone number (one of them being disconnected with the other going to voicemail) of an Independent Appraiser. I called to Supervisor a 2nd time and she did comment that if I wanted to, I could go through my insurance. She stated if we wish to have Alfa Vision to work the claim; we would have to wait for their independent adjuster. To wrap this up: the accident occurred over 7 days ago, our car not drivable, it is sitting in the garage waiting for who knows how long before an adjuster does the appraisal. Once this claim is settled, a complaint to the state will follow.
In October 2012 I had full coverage insurance on my car. I gave my daughter permission to use it. Needless to say, she got involved in an accident on back road with a truck that had a float and bobcat on it, and was stopped over in the wrong lane. It had no working signals or lights. After waiting and waiting for the vehicle to move, my daughter went around the vehicle and they decided they would move also. My car got slammed in driver's door, mirror ripped off, damages over $2,000. The truck is less than $500. The driver of the truck got 2 tickets. My daughter got a citation to change her license address. I called Alfa the next day and filed a claim. I had a smart mouthed representative who acted so unprofessional, very rude. He took statements from me and my daughter about the accident and her living situation, whether she lived at home, which I thought was none of his concern.Two weeks later, someone came and took pics of damage. I waited 4 weeks and still no answer. I called the representative countless times and left messages. He didn't return the calls. Finally I had enough. I sent him an email and let him know it had been 6 weeks with no answer. The representative did call and informed me that my vehicle wasn't covered because my daughter lived at home and she had to be listed on my policy to be covered. What a ripoff company. After paying them for years, that is their excuse to deny the claim. I highly do not recommend them. If you have them, look elsewhere.
I went to paid my bill, I was a month behind. I paid for two month plus the late fee. James ** said that we was paid up until the first of Feb. Two week later I get a letter from Alfa saying that we owe $13.00 late fee. They are nickel and diming me to death. I would very much like to speak to the main owner.
I have had insurance with Alfa Auto Insurance for over 20 years. I have never filed a claim against my insurance in those 20+ years. I have a clean driving record with no speeding tickets. I just turned 56 years old (I thought your rates lowered as you got older) I got my bill last month and my insurance rate has increased from $130.00 per month to $170.00 per month. I do not understand why my rate was increased $40 per month. I think this is ridiculous. Looking for another insurance carrier this week.
A client of Alfa rear-ended our 2014 Escape three weeks ago. Their client was speeding, on her cell phone and said, in exact words "my brakes are going out and I've been having trouble stopping". She then went on to say that she was on her way home from dropping her boyfriend off at the bar! It's not as if she's a single mom who has to get to work, she also stated she doesn't work, go figure. We've called Alfa everyday and STILL haven't heard from them. They called us one time and after we said "hello" FIVE times they hung up. We could hear background noise and the click. They were hoping for our voicemail apparently. Now, we are having our insurance handle them and are looking into reporting the company and seek legal counsel. No one was hurt, thankfully.We are not seeking pain and suffering, medical bills or missed work. WE WANT OUR CAR FIXED!!! We saved for a year to get it, we work full time jobs to make the payments and we take very good care of our cars. It's less than a year old and now will have a report on the car fax which will lower its value when we eventually sell or trade it in. At ages 44 and 48 we have never caused an accident and have only been hit once. That person also had a cheap rate company and they took care of the damage caused by their client within a week. ALFA IS A CRAPPY SCAM COMPANY!!! Pray you never have to deal with them. Alfa, if you're reading this, then understand that our Ford dealer will fix the Escape, and a rental will be the equivalent of an Escape! If you don't like that then you can go after YOUR client.
Alfa, not what they claim - I had to comment after seeing the ridiculous ads after the AL tornado disasters, "Crawling from debris and finding my Alfa agent coming up the front walk. My Alfa agent being my best friend." I had been an Alfa customer for years with no prior claims at all. Then, on an October Saturday morning, I was awakened by a strong smell of smoke. My house was on fire due to an electrical short. Ultimately, the fire did $280,000 worth of total damage. I took all of Alfa agent's recommendations and all repairs were done by said recommended contractors. It took two days before I could even get in contact with my agent. I was told he was on a hunting trip in TN and there was no one else that was in the office to help me. It was the weekend when the remains of Hurricane Irene were making its way through and I had half my roof completely burned through in three rooms (ceilings, too) and a large hole where the fireman had entered the attic to get to the fire that way. Needless to say, much, much more damage was done and water was actually running down the chandeliers onto the furniture below. This is absolutely the worst business agreement I have ever entered into. They made a nightmare situation exponentially worse and then cancelled my insurance. Angry, as in the star rating above, doesn't begin to describe my bad feelings toward this company.
So this weekend I was hit by a woman insured with Alfa. I immediately called the police. When they arrived I told the officer my side of the story. The woman didn’t speak English well but was able to say she was sorry and that she didn’t see. She told the officer that she didn’t see me and said the word accident. The officer told me that she admitted to being at fault and to submit a claim. I called her insurance about an hour after the accident. The lady gives me the name of my adjuster and the reference/claim number. The accident happened on Saturday 11/24/18. On Monday morning 11/26/18 I called my adjuster. She answered on the first ring. I told her my situation and asked her if they would provide a rental. She said yes but she needed to speak to the insured to find out her side. I told the adjuster that the woman did admit fault to the police officer. She said that she still would have to speak with her and that she would call me back. Within that time I started reading these reviews and I hope it doesn’t happen to me. I got an estimate and the damage is about $3500. I decided to find the lady on Facebook and used Google Translate to communicate. I asked her if she could call the adjuster back. The Spanish lady said she just got off work and would call. I called the adjuster back and she said she contacted the lady and she has until 11/28/18 to follow up. We shall see.
The customer service reps and managers are rude, interrupt you when you are trying to explain the issue at hand. The managers do not know for certain the company policies. I was inconvenience after two years of being a policyholder and was finally told the type of policy I have is not valid. Please be caution when thinking about switching to this company.
Alfa is the worst insurance company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Anytime I call, I'm on hold forever. The last time, it was over 20 minutes. This time (right now) is 38 minutes and counting. Their insured hit me. They sent me a check for half of what it will cost to fix my van. I told the adjuster to fix the problem or I would contact a lawyer, so now the adjuster is refusing to reply to my emails or voicemails. He is very unprofessional as is the entire company. All I want is my vehicle fixed, my medical bills paid and a rental car now! I will hit on April 30th; it's a few days shy of being a month. Really? I never wait like this for my insurance company. I may have to get a lawyer!
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