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AKC Pet Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AKC Pet Insurance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-866-725-2747
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 74 %
Great Customer Service, Good reimbursement.
They do a wonderful job! We are so grateful to have their support to keep our pets healthy!!
One of my dogs has cost me about $40,000 now so I said no more, I'm going to get insurance for the next dog. So I did and got AKC Pet Insurance. There was a recent experience I had with AKC, when my dog ate a sock and it went into his intestines and it had to be operated on. I got reimbursed for everything but about $500. I hope he doesn't need another operation because this is his second one. As for AKC, I'd recommend it. I never had an issue with it.
I have had nothing but stellar experience from this pet insurance! My coverage is great, people are friendly. Love this pet insurance and highly recommend. I am impressed with the ease of submission and the quick turnaround for reimbursement!
It is a life saver
I've been a policy holder with AKC since 2003. It wasn't too bad. However, we're still waiting on an appeal. My dog had a serious illness last April and I should have been more timely in putting the claims through but it was just kind of crazy. Anyway, it appears that some of her initial expenses at the beginning of the year got lumped into the diagnosis of brain stem meningioma and that would include things like her wellness exam in January. Those were denied. And I'm waiting and I don't know honestly what the status is. My vet has been pretty backlogged. And for some reason, they require the entire medical record which somewhere in all those claims that we've had, the information they're looking for should be there because that's not the first time it's been requested.Even just for the year 2014 we had many, many claims in and they paid out well and what they should have pretty much except for the ones that are in question. But the ones that they did pay out on, I am certain that they had requested medical records from the beginning. And so why the information from that claim isn't available to the appeals claims, I don't understand. They tell me it's not and that's kind of crazy. Because my vet has had to do like triple work in finding this information.We have another puppy and we went with a different insurance company because AKC's rates and the way they structure things changed drastically from when we had this initial policy in 2003. The way they changed everything made a difference. I was ready to go with them again and then I got a look at everything and I found it all confusing. Before, it was straightforward. It was a pain in the ** getting the stuff from the vet or getting the signature. It was doable but now, they changed everything so I might as well try somebody else. And the one we're with now, their limits are a little more in my favor as far as the CCL reconstructions. If she blows one and next year blows the other, they'll pay for both. With the policy I had with our last dog, that would not have happened. So there's some differences. I'm not bashing AKC. I'm not complaining. I'm just letting them know and I have been really happy with what we had. It served us well and it actually was quite a godsend when she had her cruciate ligament repaired and when she got really sick last year. So without it, we would have made a decision early on that I didn't want to have to make. So it was good and I was grateful that we had it. It's just some things they might want to think of to tweak.
Great product. Claims are promptly processed. A great help in budgeting expensive vet bills.
Thank You for your fast response and the coverage you supplied when my dog was ill!!
They have paid every claim I have sent them, In the timely manner they say they will, in the amount my benefits indicate. They are better than my own health insurance!
I’ve been an AKC policyholder for two months now for my young dog. I want her protected for life. I’ve had pets before and taking them back and forth to the doctor gets expensive. So, in the long run, it will be well-worth having it. I’ve heard from friends that that’s the better one to choose. Signing up was pretty easy and everything in my experience with them has been positive. They’ve been really friendly too. I will definitely recommend them to anybody.
Had to use the insurance twice, no hassle just fill out the claim form and submit.
I paid for the whole year for pet insurance, they don't reimburse me every penny I made for my pet even took my pet to affordable clinics. This pet insurance is too pricey I dnt recommend. I paid neuter, dewormer, microchip. I get a dollar back from them. I dnt recommend this pet insurance!!!! They just want your money.
I registered my dog with AKC and chose their pet insurance because of the free trial. I put in two claims during the free trial period and haven't heard anything back from them, so as far as being updated on claims, they don't do the job. I followed up once and they said the response time is set to 60 days. I don't find that acceptable either, so I'm not renewing or I'll just let it expire after the free trial.
I have a good experience with AKC. The only thing I have issues with is I don't know exactly what to send to get a refund. I usually can't find what I'm supposed to have and then months later, I find it. Of all the money that's going out, AKC Insurance is the best thing a pet owner can have.
I have had AKC pet insurance for my Golden Retriever, Henley, since the day I brought him home from the breeder 13 years ago. They are a wonderful company. I have used them for numerous claims and they are always fair and prompt with their refunds. Not only would I highly recommend them for anyone looking for insurance for their pure breed dog, I will definitely continue to use them in the future for other dogs that I have throughout my lifetime. Thank you AKC for always being there for Henley and me when we need you.
It's very important for me to have a pet insurance. In case anything happens to my dog, I looked into AKC Pet Insurance and I liked their price. I like them a lot and have been with them for three years. My most recent experience with them was good too. I had to switch over my credit card and it was fine. AKC Pet Insurance is great and their coverage is very good.
When I registered my dog with AKC I was given a one-month free trial on their pet insurance. This is my second pet that I’ve had insurance for. My first dog that I had it with passed away and it did come in very handy. I noticed that AKC's policy is a little different. I had a larger deductible than the other policy that I had but that’s okay. I just feel like I have a very expensive dog and I have to have very good insurance. But signing up for this was very simple and easy. The people explained the policy and were wonderful to talk to. I was very happy with their service.
I registered my Shih Tzu with AKC when I got her. I would do anything for her, so it's great having AKC because I would be taking money out of my savings or re-mortgaging my house to save my old dog. AKC is very efficient and pay a fair percentage. It's been excellent.
I put in a claim and got denied, so I'll never buy AKC Pet Insurance again.
I chose AKC Pet Insurance because they've been around for a while and seem reputable. I've been with them for about a year and recently, I had a vaccine coverage for about a week. They fixed it and it was great. Having pet insurance is good if you need it. I would recommend AKC.
Being new to pet owners world, I was skeptical at best about the pet insurance. After purchasing it and talking with customer service about how the claims worked, and then submitting my first claim for well visits and shot, I would highly recommend the AKC Pet Insurance for every pet owner. Awesome customer service.
Great experience-have used this insurance for 2 dogs very easy to work with
Been a customer of AKC Pet Insurance for several years with three dogs. They have good customer service and have always treated me and my dogs very well
Takes too long to respond. When calling, you are left on the phone if you're already a member. Clarification is not easy.
I have a puppy, and AKC insurance is part of the registration. It was a 30-day trial period certificate. So far, my animals have been healthy and I thankfully did not need to use it. It seems like a nice package, but I don’t know if I’m going to continue with it. I live in a mountain area and I had talked to some other rep because I had a question, and he said that you do all the claim filing on your own so it doesn’t matter if a vet takes that insurance or not. My brother and I were talking about pet insurance yesterday and I told him to go and check out AKC because from what I’ve seen, the premiums look reasonable compared to what he was talking about. He just had a $2,000 vet bill. Their dog got sick and the veterinarian ran every test one can imagine on the dog and it really wrecked it up for him.
My 11 month old Yellow Lab was treated for a drug toxicity and I was so afraid the extensive vet bills would certain break me! I was so pleased and relieved when I received a substantial reimbursement on the claim! It was so fast and easy! I would recommend this insurance to anyone. It has already more than paid for itself!
AKC took very good care of my dog Sofie.She passed away on September 7th 2018.They reimbursed every single claim in the timely manner.Thank you AKC.
Very easy to get information on the phone. Form easy to fill out. Great company to work with.
We have had our little one insured for about 13 years now with the AKC Insurance. Since we started early on there are no preexisting exclusions. All claims have been handled promptly and exactly as contracted. The premium goes up every year and is now quite high, but we would not be without it.
Would be great to be able to view the progress of claims on website.
First claim handled quickly and paid wthini 2 wks. A very reasonable time. Next claim seems to be being ignored! Claim sent via em ail on 11/22/18. Second request sent 1 month later. They acknowledged receipt but still no answer or reimbursement but th e monthly continue to be paid by me. Maybe it was the holidays, but STILL, its been 2 mo. don't we all work thru the holidays?
My dog's AKC certified so when she was born, she was covered through the insurance for three months. She was also a sick puppy. She had intestinal issues and if we had changed insurance providers, the policy would not have covered those issues. We've had AKC pet insurance for seven years now and it has been extremely valuable for my dog. They’ve covered everything that we’ve needed, and it has paid for itself more than once over. It’s cost-effective and user-friendly. Filing a claim is easy too. You print out a form, attach the receipt for an office visit, fill out the form with basic information and email it in. In fact, they’ve changed the claim form from needing the doctor’s signature to just needing the office visit receipt. And that has made things a lot easier. If I forget my form, I don’t have to get back down to the vet and have them take care of it. I can now take care of everything from home. Then I usually get a response and a reimbursement check in less than a week.
I got a pet insurance for Pluto through AKC within a month or so after I bought him and AKC ran a great service. I was always assured that Pluto will be covered if anything happened to him. I’m going to recommend AKC to Pluto's new family.
I talked to an AKC rep one day because my credit card got all screwed up with them. She seemed really forgiving and said they understood. They didn’t have an issue with it and they gave me time to get it all straightened out. Then once I got it straightened out, it was great. It was quite an experience with AKC and they just seemed professional. Having a pet insurance is like having health insurance and I would tell friends to get AKC.
Having pet insurance is extremely valuable. I registered one of my dogs with AKC and I got a free three-month trial. I used it and I kept it. I like their cost which is a little bit less than a lot of the other companies and I've been with them for two years now. I added a second dog and I find that their process could be a lot easier. Their website sucks and it would be nice if they have an app to manage stuff. It wasn’t horrible but it could be a lot easier.
I have had the insurance for 4 months and already had to use it twice - both times within 2 weeks I got a check in the mail. So happy I chose them for my puppy.
Very responsive, thorough and professional. On the few occasions when I need to call for help, the staff is awesome, a pleasure to deal with.
Great experience so far! The check was lost in the mail :( the supervisor got involved right away and immediately sent out a replacement. I am so glad I got insurance! Thank you Pet Partners!
I'm very, very satisfied with AKC. I had a claim not too long ago. I was shocked at how quick it went through. When I had my initial claim a few months back, it took a full four or five weeks and maybe it's because I wasn't in the system then, but this one I was very pleased. It was like less than two weeks.
Overall, I had an excellent experience with AKC Pet Insurance. It’s timely in responding, and every time I had to call Customer Service, they were all easy to deal with.
Our dog is registered with AKC and I wanted to see if they had insurance and they did, so I had the dog insured. I have one claim in the works right now and their representatives were pretty responsive. For the most part, they were great and everybody was very friendly and professional. I'm very satisfied so far.
AKC Pet Insurance sent me something online and they gave me a 30-day free trial. So, I was already set up with it and it was easy to step into it. I’ve only been a member for about a month and the woman that I spoke with was really knowledgeable. I had a couple of questions and she knew immediately what the answers were. Overall, my experience was limited but it was positive.
Great insurance!! Great help for our family as we care for our precious Cricket.
I've had a great experience with AKC Pet Insurance so far. I've been a policyholder ever since my dog was two months old, and she's now two and a half years. When my dog was a pup, she was registered as a pure-bred, and that's when they gave me a trial policy. The trial policy started then and it covered about two months. On the last part of the trial policy, when my dog was three or four months old, she broke her tibia. I was able to put a claim through with that trial policy. AKC covered $1,000.00, half of the expense. They said if it was a small claim, they would cover more. That's the time they handled the policy. Then, after the trial policy lapsed, I decided to carry it on and kept the insurance on my dog ever since. So she's had the policy the whole time. Although I've heard horror stories about pet insurance, just like stories about people insurance. As far as I'm concerned, having pet insurance is very valuable and I've been very happy with the pet insurance policy I have with AKC. Their customer service was always so good, anytime I called. They're very efficient and take care of stuff, so I bought the pet insurance policy from them.
My puppy had a fractured abscessed tooth that was medically required to be removed. I submitted a claim with AKC Pet Insurance but apparently, the insurance won't pay for anything but adult teeth and not puppy teeth. They denied my claim even though it's a medically necessary procedure. They didn't even call me. They just sent an email that said, “It's denied and here is why.” They made some reference and it says, "Only adult K-9 teeth will be covered." So, I'm not very happy that I just prepaid for the entire year.
Quick claim approval and return. Glad I have it!
Really a very good reimbursement for our puppy’s wellness visits for the cost of the premium.
Having a pet insurance is very valuable. It's like having an insurance for yourself. I had a seven-year old Rottweiler mix with no health insurance who died of cancer and I had to pay everything out of pocket. I then started with AKC when it was still Pet Healthcare. After several years, I've heard other people getting other types of insurance which were cheaper than mine. But I have more coverage than theirs and I was very happy with the wellness, the medication and the surgery. I have AKC for 12 years now and my dog had several surgeries, illnesses, wellness checkups and she's on thyroid medicine and incontinence. They've been very kind. However, I'm disappointed that I wasn't aware that I could have had more insurance for each special incident. And sometimes in getting the insurance coverage, one person will say one thing and one would say another. But overall, I've been very satisfied with AKC. When I call them, they've always answered my questions and they've been very good on the phone.
When I purchased the dogs from the breeder, she registered them with AKC and then, a recommendation coupon came with it. It was the first time I got an AKC dog and for catastrophic situations, it would be good to have. Since that was what AKC put in their materials, I decided to go with it. I’ve been a policyholder with AKC for 12 years. I started with their top tier and then as the dogs got older, I went down a couple of notches because of the cost. But both the dogs are gone now. They ended up being horribly ill for 12 years. Both of them had lots of major issues which cost $4,000 at a pop. PetPartners was fantastic. They walked me through everything and took into consideration my personal issues. They stepped up and helped me out whenever possible. In the latter years, I was so happy with them and so thankful that for the last five years I've been sending them gift baskets at Christmas. You usually don’t hear about that with insurance companies. I told my primary physician, my friends, anybody and everybody that has dogs who wants to talk about dogs and insurance that “This is the company.” AKC Pet Insurance is always great, they never failed me and made accommodations for me. I had issues of my own then I dropped the ball and they treated me like family. They didn’t treat me like a customer. They paid out like $12,000 to $20,000 over the course of 12 years and hundreds of claims. It was a plethora of issues over and over again. Same song, different verse. One dog went blind, the other dog’s hips went out, two eye injuries over the years and sepsis from the blindness. They were always fast, never gave me any hassles nor questioned anything and no issues at all. When they heard about the dogs, they expressed their condolences in a heartfelt way. No insurance company can do more than these guys did and the experience was better than anything I could have ever imagined.
AKC Pet Insurance had good prices so I got my pet's insurance from them. So far I like the great service. They always answer my questions when I call and let me know when there's something going on. My puppy had a broken leg for a minute, but she's better now. The process of filing a claim was easy. I would have paid a lot and got nothing back if I didn't have the insurance. But because I have it, I got my money back.
The workers are very friendly and helpful. The process or reimbursement is simple and fast
Good Service and Very Fair
I first learned about AKC from the lady that I bought my first male Pomeranian off of. When I registered my male, she showed the insurance, which was provided by AKC. Now, I have my male and my female both covered by them for almost two years. I had another Pomeranian before I got these other two, I had him for 17 years. He had a cancerous tumor at the age of 16 and it cost me about $10,000 on x-rays, seizure medicines and stuff like that. It was a pretty big expense within six months and emotionally, it about tore me up. That’s why I bought insurance for these two, and I have had no problems. I’m actually very pleased with them. I go into their annual visits and I just scan my receipts to AKC and usually, I have no problems with them. They are very personal and friendly, any questions I had, they explained it very well. Highly recommended.
I registered my dog with AKC. I sent them a bunch of invoices and the processing of the claim took time like any insurance would, but they came through and sent me a check. They did what they said they'd do and I've had no problems with their service.
Highly recommend! My dog was sick and with out the insurance will cost so much I am so happy I got it for two and I just got poppy and I will get for her to.
The breeder that I got the dog from told me about the AKC Pet Insurance. My dog is registered with AKC and since I like to keep everything in one place, I got the insurance and have been a policy holder for about 14 months. I called and asked about reimbursements for medication and the lady sent me a form to complete. I need to fill in the blanks and mail it back to them so I can be reimbursed some expenses I've had this past year, but I haven't gotten to that yet. Everybody there cooperates nicely. So far, so good.
The response rate is exceptional and I have to give a 100% praise for the service as this insurance has been brainstormed and is built around peoples needs, (their pets), and I highly recommend this coverage that emphasizes an intuitive approach to pet care and pet needs. My experience is such that it has been a dream that has identified how to care for people's pets and their needs. Highly recommended!
They handle our claims quickly.They have been polite and helpful on the phone.
Did not get clear answers to my questions regarding recent reimbursement coverage
I have had dogs since I was 24 years old and I'm 67 now. I have never had pet insurance. Some of my dogs would get very sick and I still never got pet insurance because you never know what's going to hit them. I had a lot of expense when Athena, my seven year old dog, died. I got a new puppy and ended up having AKC insurance through a friend who knew about them. Getting an insurance when the pets are young is important and a good time because I looked into pet insurances a number of times but my dogs were too old. The price goes up as they get older. I talked to the person at Pet Partners and I was very favorably impressed with the comprehensive services even if they were a little expensive at that time. But it's more than what you pay for it. Then I added the additional wellness feature which is not included, or they may not have it at all, in the normal amount of one of the big insurances that I was looking at. With AKC, it was $43.95 without wellness and $59.95 with wellness. I shopped around before I made the selection and AKC has been a good choice. It has better, more comprehensive services whereas the others, if you read the fine print, they are limited on certain things.The new puppy had a lot of expenses and the insurance has really paid for a lot like labwork, microchip, neutering and wellness shots. I've been pleasantly surprised. I send in a claim and they pay it very promptly. Sometimes there's something that will be excluded, which I understand, but they have done an excellent job. They also seem to have very available hours and I could call and email them, which is something that's impressive to me.
We have had several insurance claims and they all went well, fast and complete. when we have had trouble we called and had no problems getting answers on the phone
We recently submitted a claim for an emergency visit to the vet. In less than two weeks we received a check for the expected, allowable covered expenses. We appreciate the changed form that no longer requires the vet to complete and sign. After all, we already submit the formal vet invoices. So, it was a seamless process.
It was fine. It was free for the first month or two that we had our dog, so it wasn’t something I worried about.
I like how quick the claims submitted are now resolved. This has turned around very much so in the past year or two. Thank you?
I got a free two-month subscription from AKC insurance when I registered my dog a month ago. I had to call them to get some information about some forms I needed because I had to take my dog to the emergency and they were very helpful. They sent me the forms right over and it was good, no problem at all. With the type of dog I have, I have been told that they do have some health needs and it is always better to get insurance on them. I've already actually had to use it twice and it's been helpful. I will definitely keep it once my free trial expires. Everything is fine with AKC, they're very good and I would definitely recommend it to other people.
When I registered my dog with the AKC, a 30-day certificate came with it. During that 30 days, I had to file a claim and the experience was fantastic, so I stayed with them. I wanted a policy so that if anything happens with my dog, it would help cover my expenses. Having a pet insurance is very valuable especially since my dog tends to get his nose into everything that we see outside. He has picked up a few things that he should not have picked up that I was not able to get away from him. He also had an eye infection when he rolled around in the dirt. So, the insurance has been a really big help for me.We can go to any vet that we want and not just a network of vets. I pay the cost at the time of service and then I submit the claim to the AKC Pet Insurance. They have an address on the claim form where we can mail it to. It can also be faxed or e-mailed, so it is very convenient. They will then bump the claim up against the policy and make sure what is reimbursable and what is not, and they send the check back. When I filed a claim, the reimbursement came back extremely quick within a week -- at the most, it was two weeks. The customer service was always extremely helpful, very on point and explained everything. They are very thorough and every time I would call them, they took a genuine interest in my puppy. I have recommended them to family and friends.
AKC Pet insurance provides excellent service and it is my experience that when I submit a claim there is a quick turn around time.
The cost of veterinary care is outrageous, so I looked into acquiring a pet insurance. Having a pet insurance is very valuable. I tell people all the time to get it. Whether they use it or not, it’s a great benefit because when our dog gets sick, it comes in handy. It gives peace of mind. Years ago, I’ve done a research, and AKC was really beautiful and it's the only one available. I trusted AKC so I went with their insurance on two of my Golden Retrievers at that time in the early 90’s.Right now, I’ve got only one of my Goldens on AKC Pet Insurance. I have my other on another insurance program because I wanted to see the difference. I really love AKC Pet Insurance but I have some complaints. The last few times, it took them anywhere from two to three months to pay my claims. I can’t leave the AKC Pet Insurance because my dog has conditions that won’t allow him to pick up insurance anywhere else. I love that AKC pays better, but I’m really upset with how long they’re taking to pay and I don’t understand why the vet has to sign all the claim forms if there are the receipts that go in with it. It’s the only company I know of that require that.
We have had a Shepherd many years before and never had insurance for that dog. Pets can have problems and they can be very expensive if there are serious problems so I would rather pay for pet insurance and make sure that our boys were covered and taken care of. AKC was the only one that was recommended so we went with them. Our old veterinarian was farther than the new veterinarian and there are several people on the street where I live that use the new veterinarian, so we changed. When the dogs had to be re-evaluated for the new vet, they immediately just sent off what they did to the insurance company and we were reimbursed for what was covered immediately. I’m very happy to have the insurance and we were compensated very quickly after we had a problem or went to the vet. There have been some changes in the coverage and we don’t get compensated as much as before because there is a cut-off time. But I really find that it’s very valuable to have the AKC insurance. Another thing about AKC was that our dog thoroughbred like horses and I felt that they were a very important one to support and to have them support us. Overall, it was an excellent experience.
AKC Pet Insurance has been a life savor. Overall, their policies are pretty clear and you have a lot of flexibility in the plans. The only reason I do not give it 5/5 stars is because they have, a few times, changed their plans and policies without a heads up. This year they changed the plans again, and did not tell us about 1 week after our renewal date. Whereas this isn't a huge deal if you don't need to change your plan, but if you did, this would effect you. They should reach out well before your renewal date about any changes. But overall that's the only problem I've encountered. Reimbursements usually arrive in about two weeks with a clear explanation of what was covered. I would recommend AKC and would use it again in the future.
My pets are registered in the AKC. I wanted them covered by insurance because bills can be very high and they qualify since they're full blooded. It's very clear in the contract we signed what they cover and what they don't. I submit the claim and either they pay it or don't pay it. In the last six months, AKC Pet Insurance has become extremely prompt in answering a claim submission which is a huge turnaround and a plus for them. They used to take forever.
The breeder of my dog signed up for the AKC Certification and also for the insurance for the first year. I kept it going. I submitted a claim a few weeks ago for the dog's follow-up shots. They emailed me back and let me know that it withdrew my deductible. I really like having the insurance.
Rates have been increased and procedures are not covered, difficult to understand what is covered and what isn't
I am glad to have pet insurance with u all. When I have questions u all answer them quickly and the associates r very nice and easy to deal with. I thank u.
I have a German shepherd and they are known to have physical issues from time to time so I figured it was best to be covered. I've had AKC insurance for three years. I sent a claim recently but I haven't heard anything back yet. But they did promptly reply that they were working on it. A little over a year ago, I submitted a claim which ended up where I wasn't covered for the incident. It's a little disappointing, but it is what it is. But in general, having a pet insurance is valuable.
Fast payments. Helped us out a lot during difficult times
We’ve been a policyholder of AKC Pet Insurance for 14 years. This is the insurance we have for our dog so we just kept it rolling forward. Prior to that dog, we had another one that was ill and we ran into huge medical bills over the cost of his life. AKC's deductible is reasonable and I’m happy with it.
I have received my insurance reimbursements in a timely manner. The ease of submitting the form and bill from the vet enhance the utilization of this process.
very expensive and not very inclusive or responsive. the older your dog gets, the worse it becomes and there is no way out because other insurers won't touch them when they age. the worst choice I made.
Excellent, prompt turnaround of check to cover cost of veterinary service.
I have had great service from this insurance plan. I love that the forms can be sent via e-mail and payments are processed within a few weeks.
I would recommend this company for your pet insurance. Very professional, reimbursement process very easy.
luckily I bought pet insurance thru AKC when I did! Five days after I bought it my pup got seriously injured and it has really helped with the payments! the coinsurance sucks since I already met my deductible with the injury policy. I also purchased the wellness policy and I wish it covered more than 50 dollars for flea and tick treatments but for the first year it will be good to cover the vaccinations. so for those two reasons I gave it a 4 star instead of a five star
Our friend who has AKC recommended it to us. I've been a policyholder since August and I must say they were very generous in paying for a surgery the dog had to have, even though it took them quite a while.
They made payment for out dogs injuries very quickly. This was a vast improvement from a few years ago.
I am a policyholder of AKC Pet Insurance for about eight months and I find the insurance very valuable for my pets. When my dog ate something, I had to take him to the emergency vet and they kept her overnight. Then, I sent AKC the bill and all the paperwork and I got reimbursed. So far, I have had a good experience any time I've dealt with them.
The day I signed up for the insurance, I purchased it. I did not need a trial period to tell me whether or not I would keep it, I already knew that. It was my belief then, that the full insurance would be in effect from the day I paid for it. I was shocked - and frankly rather disappointed - to learn that regardless of when payment is made, the trial period is forced on you. In spite of having paid the full premium, there were certain services that were not covered because the policy was still "in trial period." I just thought and still feel that is wrong. Having said that, the coverage since then has been very good. I was very concerned as to how this most recent claim was going to be handled. Long story short, while away from home, my 11 month old female Berner developed pyometra. The resolution for pyometra is spaying. The entire bill was pretty high, due to the nature of it being an emergency and there is a fixed benefit for spaying. I was worried that the insurance would only reimburse for that fixed amount and not recognize that this wasn't a routine procedure. I was very relieved when I received the check that it was handled appropriately. The only other thing I would add is that the world is electronic these days, and funds should be able to be ach deposited and not require a hard check be written and mailed.
NOTHING useful is covered. All claims are rejected! Waste of $$
I was just about to sign up for pet insurance with this company as my certificate from the shelter was expiring. As a matter of fact, I was going to call them this afternoon after work and set it up. Yet, I log into my email to find that they are not reimbursing anything out of a 327.00 bill. My kitten was showing signs of a UTI. This would qualify as an illness. She ended up having a specific type of worm that is not heartworm, roundworm, etc, but Capillaria. Capillaria affect the bladder and cause urination problems. The only treatment for Capillaria is NOT a regular wellness regimen like Revolution or Advantage or a basic dewormer. Let me tell you how rare Capillaria is...when the results came back, my vet had to actually find out what it was and had not had an animal test positive for it in over 14 years. It requires a prescription only medication that was prescribed after my vet spoke to an internal specialist. I had to pay for two fecal kits for testing.My policy clearly says it covers lab tests which this is x 2. She was given three prescription meds in addition to Revolution (which is a prescription in itself.) Out of 327.00, they applied only 57 to the deductible and are claiming the rest was denied because it was wellness for the regular kind of worms you see that Revolution would aid with. Revolution does NOT, I repeat NOT work for Capillaria. I don't know if the free certificate is that you sign up, you feel safe, you then sign up and pay for policies before you have to submit a claim, so you don't know you won't be covered. But they lost a customer today and I will be expressing this to the tons of people I know who have pets and were interested in getting pet insurance after I told them I was seeing how it went.
I am pleased with AKC Pet insurance. They are very polite and are able to answer any questions I may have.
Quick, fair, easy to submit.
AKC is excellent. Their insurance for my dogs seemed to cover more items for the price. I've had some of the expensive things and they covered the majority of it. Even with the debts, the claim forms, and everything, they’re still very quick getting the reimburse claim process. I would highly recommend everyone to have insurance with AKC.
I had a good experience with AKC Pet Insurance. We had a puppy before and she got really sick so we decided to play it safe with our new one. My breeder where I got my dog from was registered AKC. I’m responsible for the cost and then I’m reimbursed. However, dealing with claims was a little difficult. Some sections of the forms are confusing. My vet tried to figure it out for me, but it ended up just being a big mess and I ended up having to do it all anyway.
My dog is 13+ and we have had this insurance his whole life. While I am glad we have had it, there is one major problem which is that they cap the limits on paying for a condition over the life of your pet. Most other insurance plans do not do this. If I were to pick a new plan I would not pick this plan due to that problem.
They were always promptly available on the phone, caring, and pleasant to talk to. If there was an issue with a claim they re-reviewed it and corrected any issues where needed. Johanna & Don
Customer service is great, they helped me understand the process and it’s easy to submit a claim. Very beneficial pet insurance, coverage is great!
It is very valuable to have pet insurance. But due to a bad experience with VIP with another dog back in the 80’s and since our pet was an AKC dog, we decided to go with AKC Pet Insurance. We’ve had it since our pet was 6 months old. Submitting a claim with them was a fine process. I had to fill out the form and submit the bills. Everybody who answers the phone is a very caring and competent person. They are a very nice and understanding company.
It's been 9 years since we've been an AKC policyholder, and we are using it for the same reason that people need health insurance: because it can get very expensive if you don't have insurance to help you. The insurance doesn't cover as much as we would like it to, but it covers something and I think it was the best we could get. It covered what we were prepared to pay.
Having pet insurance is important to me because until my French Bulldog's about two years old, I won’t know if she needs to have any of the very expensive surgeries due to her nose, palate, etc. I chose AKC Pet Insurance for their price. I've been a policyholder for five months now, and the only problem I’ve had was that since they upgraded their computer system, I kept getting the same email saying that my policy was about to expire if I didn't sign up. But I kept getting the same customer service rep and they took care of me each time. He recognized my voice by the end of the fourth time I called. He said it was a third party provider, so I easily believe that and I haven't had to use the insurance.
i send in a claim and usually have a check in 2 weeks. my own insurance isn't that efficent
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