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AIG Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AIG
Year Founded: 1919
Phone: (800) 445-7862
Overall average rating of 1.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 13 %
I have had AIG Private Client Group Auto Insurance for over a year now. I had my BMW insured with them, I have filed 2 claims in the past year and they have been more than helpful in not just the claim part but personally as well by whatever was going on around my personal life adjusted accordingly. They are the most flexible when it comes to car rental, regardless of whatever your case is whether someone else hit you and you are going to file through the other's insurance, I got a rental through them in minutes and they handled my case as professionally and the best viable way possible. Very happy customer! Felt like they just want to give money away, "here just take it we got a lot." :)
Just a few words of warning about this excuse for an insurance company. They are a money grabbing useless shower of ** who will take your money and forget you exist until its time to renew your policy. Two words: "Keep clear".
I insured my new Toyota Vios back in May 2013 for a premium of $1,491.97 which was then slightly higher than what I used to have but accepted it as this tied with the insurance rebate from Borneo Motor. This premium was after 15% OPC discount, 10% NCD and 5% promotional discount. The renewal premium notice came early May quoted by AIG as $1,573.18 after 15% OPC discount, 20% NCD and 10% BMS Renewal Discount. After I called AIG, they gave a further 5% discount (final $1,497.96) saying that is the best they can offer. I ask for the reasons for the premium hike, they can only said these are based on their internal data that cannot be reveal how they derive to such an amount and that market value of the car is only one of the factor, no general consensus of the insurance industry nor any news clippings to substantiate their increases.This year's premium $1,497.96 is still higher that my last year's by $6, but the increase is more than 20% factoring additional 10% NCD, 10% BMS Renewal Discount and the fact that my car is a year older where the insured amount stipulate clearly market value. What justification for the increase which AIG cannot substantiate or attempt to explain despite attempts through their followups and online survey verification.On 29th May 2014, Business Times published that motor insurance premiums have fallen as most insurers cut prices after a profitable year in 2013, while others compete for more business. In the article, it cited an example that AIG had reduce the premiums by 18.9% however my recent motor insurance with AIG have inflated by more than 20%. I called early July to demand a letter of explanation as to why my premiums were inflated while they publicly said that their premiums have reduced. A day latter, AIG called and said that there is a computer glitch and my premium should be reduced by $232.46 and took them 2 to 3 weeks to mail the cheque to me.To me, ($1,497.96-232.46) =$1,265.50 is still not the 20% discount entitlement least to talk about premium reduction. Yet, AIG were not apologetic as I have yet to receive any letter of explanation of the differences. Called again to find out whether they are going to sent the letter and told that with the refund, the case was considered closed. I reiterate my demand for a letter of explanation, one week past nothing coming through. I called and told that AIG management thought that it was not necessary to sent letter, but I asked had AIG informed me about their decision which they cannot answer. Then, I set another deadline for one more week for their letter. To this end, no letter nor contact made after the deadline.I only conclude that AIG simply ignore their customer and brush aside customer' rights to know, after numerous phone calls to their customer service over more than 3 months. Can you imagine, had this was a claim wonder how the claimant were treated. AIG supposed to be a international company that was bidded out recently by US taxpayer become very arrogant, opaque, dishonest, paying lips service, said what you don't do and the worst the management hiding behind the customer service hotline. Can anyone together with the relevant authorities, GIA, CASE, other insurers and Competition Council please comments on this?
I was in the middle of nowhere when my car broke down yesterday. I called AIG to ask for assistance. However, they refused to provide any assistance at all on the grounds that they could not trace my insurance policy to verify my status.
Recently this company acquired American General Insurance Co, and since that time I have had nothing but trouble... the office was closed here so you have to call NY for customer service. I have Life insurance with this company... had an issue in July 2016 with an overpayment and it took until October 2016 to resolve it, with me providing the resolution. Customer service is terrible... you wait on line anywhere from 45-1 hr on phone for service and then they refer you. Had this policy since the 1970's... too late in life to cancel. Don't do business with this group/company. In addition, the employees of this company will give lame excuses for not returning your money for an overpayment. It is like they want to wear you down so you will give up. After 4 months, they said the overpayment was placed and held in a "Hedge" fund. Recently they sent me a notice to update my insurance and the amount is about 10,000 dollars short of what it should be... now I have got to deal with them on this issue. BE WARNED... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GROUP or insurance companies under this group!!!!
A truck in front of me lost among other things a drive shaft. Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid running over it. It tore numerous things underneath my car including the oil pan. Unfortunately the trucking company had AIG insurance. My car was towed to the dealership where it sat for over a month because I had to deal with the very worst, rudest, unprofessional so-called customer service/claim adjuster woman. She couldn’t get her stories straight from paperwork to emails and telephone conversations. I had to get the trucking company involved to even get her to call me back after they contacted her supervisor. My car sat in the shop for over a month because they wouldn’t approve the repairs. She even denied a rental car, but somehow at the last minute called and got me one. Unbelievable! I can’t begin to tell how upset I was through this whole ordeal... including sleepless nights not to mention anxiety. I’m just so happy that we don’t have this insurance company and would not recommend it to anyone.
Had a non at fault claim with AIG. Insurance company refused to cover rental car. I needed an SUV since my car was an SUV and they refused to cover it.
I am an active soldier in the US Army. I had my leave canceled and although I was "smart enough" to purchase insurance, they do not cover leave cancellations. But, hey, if you get hijacked, you're good to go. By the way, here's what the "Coverages and Benefit Limits" said: 100% Trip Cost Per Insured for TRIP CANCELLATION. LOL! What a joke. I got nothing, nothing! I mean nothing! They would not honor my cancellation and did not care in the least about any details. Don't waste your money on this "nothing" insurance plan.
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