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Aflac Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Aflac
Company Type: Private
Ticker Symbol: AFL
Year Founded: 1955
Address: 1932 Wynnton Rd
City: Columbus
State/Province: GA
Postal Code: 31999
Country: United States
Phone: 800.992.3522
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
My husband purchased Aflac from a client at his shop, he soon learned he was uneducated in what he is selling. He was told many things that was untrue as far as coverage and claims. A few months after obtaining I went into hospital followed by physical therapy. He was told we would get $300.00 a day for hospital and so much more for physical therapy. Three times I was denied. Soon after that my husband had surgery as well and of course every excuse in the book once again on why they deny the coverage. I will be contacting my attorney and the BBB. They scam so many people out of hard earned money. I am now out $1,200.00 for their monthly fees after being told by their rep. that without a shadow of doubt our future planned surgeries would be covered. I am currently not working due to total hip replacement so my poor husband is working hard to pay the bills. I think Aflac has become the biggest SCAM EVER!!! So keep your money people. DON'T fall for the 1 Day claim payout!
Went to doctor and complained of pain, numbness, etc. Doctor sent me to have MRI. Referred back to Primary doctor. MRI showed herniated discs. Primary sent me to specialist and, 5, c6, c7 herniated discs - one on nerve, other touching spine. Taking cortisone injections. If they don’t work I will have to have surgery. Aflac denied my claim saying preexisting because I was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Cancer free 1 year and 2 months. Totally different diagnosis and claim.
We were assured by our agent that we were eligible for coverage. We weren’t able to submit an online claim because they had “accidentally” created two separate accounts (same name, different birthdays). So, we faxed in our initial 46 pages and snail mailed it on 11/2. Called to confirm 11/6 and they only had 21 pages. Re-faxed the 46 page document and they still can’t find it. Eventually they got the account sorted so we submitted another set of documents online. Still no word. No payment. Same story for our short term disability application. This is beyond unprofessional- it must be criminal fraud.
I will start at the beginning. When Aflac came to my place of work and informed us that we could have great, hassle free coverage in case of an emergency I signed up thinking that I would have a hassle fee experience. Unfortunately I found that the only hassle free was how easy it was for them to take my money. When I singed up I made the premium payment come directly out of my paycheck. Unfortunately I needed the coverage right after having a heart attack and needing open heart surgery and receiving 5 bypasses. This was a very hard time for my family and myself especially since I am the only one who has a paying job between my wife and myself. I assured my wife that we would have nothing to worry about because I had signed up with Aflac and knew that we would be fine. I couldn't have been more wrong, first it took them almost a month to get the paperwork to me (no online forms for my group plans) then I had to get the paperwork to my surgeon to fill out then send back to Aflac. Once received although I was told it would take no longer than 5 days it actually took 10 and I only received 25% of the lowest amount. I called told them that I was on a higher tier plan but was informed that I was not. I asked why my premiums were to high and was told that they didn't know anything about my premiums (even though it was taken out of my check they couldn't verify). I then told them I wanted to dispute this and was told that they would send me a form to fill out, after a month I still have not received it. This has been the worst part of the entire ordeal of everything, promises not kept and so many unanswered questions. I would recommend that if you need insurance I would get someone honest.
I am very disappointed with AFLAC. I have been a policyholder since 2002, just recently due to financial difficulty Aflac cancel my policy. I had explain to them previously that I was not working and disable and had a hard time keeping my payment. Even though it took a little longer to pay I always pay my premium. I spoke to a rep. today. She told me that I can reinstate the policy as a new one with no pre existing conditions. I cannot do that. I still suffer with the same problem. I cannot started all over with this policy... I am already waiting 6 month period between my 12 month of coverage because I have not return back to work. So I say this search other companies to see what they offer 'cause Aflac sucks. I am so very upset and disappoint. I need my coverage back...
I had both a stress test, which is supposed to be eligible for reimbursement under the hospital indemnity policy, and an unrelated outpatient procedure, which is also supposed to be covered. I supplied exactly what they asked for to process the claims, they denied the stress test and now they want more information (dr. notes) for the outpatient procedure. I'm seriously beginning to think this supplemental coverage is not worth the premiums or the hassle in getting your claims paid.
Aflac is like the movies I have seen about insurance claims being denied and denied. I was told after 24 hours if signing the papers that my heart problem would be covered. I sent them a bill from hospital. The name of hospital at the top. Also had address and phone number. Aflac sends me letter saying I didn't give them name of hospital. I go to hospital website and take a screenshot and send it to them. Then I get a letter saying I didn't give them the phone number. It was there. Then the next week they say I never gave them an address. Hahaha. Another week goes by they say they need an itemized copy of the bill. I get that and send it to them. 10 days later they say they need medical history and physical results. I call hospital and they say Aflac doesn't get any of that information. It isn't any of their business. I call Aflac - they just keep giving me the runaround. 1 lady says, "For a preexisting problem you must wait 1 year before making a claim." I say, "No. That is not what I was told before I signed the papers and if this were true then why not say it from the start rather than asking for a million different things 1st." They had no answer. It was, "Please hold. Be right back." My work is now stepping in to handle things but I won't stop. They are stealing my money. Just call me Rambo because I am now their worst nightmare. I will be sending thousands of letter everywhere until this company gets shutdown. They are scammers.
I became a policyholder with Aflac in 2009 and was a member since 2012 with my employer. The Aflac representative name was 'Micheal'. He was great. He would come to our offices for whatever reason and he'd always drop by every department and ask if there's any questions or concerns. I had my policy for maybe about 1 year when 'Micheal' dropped by and asked me, why haven't I been utilizing my policies? I was stuck. I told him that I have been very busy and the times that I did think about filing claims, I figured it was too late to do so. He is the one who informed me that there wasn't a time limit on claims. He asked me did I have kids? I told him I had 4 and had just found out I was pregnant with my 5th child. He gave me his card and told me "to give him a call asap I can".Well about 1 week later I did call Micheal and he guided me step by step on each of my policies and what to ask for when I go to the ER, dentist, chiropractor etc. I thought it was gonna be a complicated and difficult process and to my surprise, it wasn't anything like that. Everywhere I went, the second I asked for the particular form, the staff members knew exactly what I was talking about. So here I am with forms with all kinds of medical terminology that I know nothing about for myself and all of my children. From dentist, obgyn, pediatricians, emergency rooms, chiropractors you name it. He also helped me on what Aflac booklets to read so that I'd know what information to include in the cover letter of the fax as well as the actual papers such as my policy#, name, policy info. etc. Each time I had no issues, I believe one time a claims adjuster (anytime a claim is filed its assigned to an adjuster) I remember reading someone else's review and they stated "that every time they called, they were told they had to speak to a specific person". I don't mean any harm but when it comes to me having to call a company as large as Aflac, I'm ecstatic that I have to talk to the same person when I call concerning a claim. That way you won't have to constantly keep repeating your situation over and over again only to be told different answers by each person u talk to. That would drive me insane. So every time I called, which by the way was like 3 times, every time I faxed my paperwork I'd call the cr to make sure he/she received it. Then I waited like 24 hrs, because at that time it was a 3 day wait time. Anyways, there's a number I called but I believe I had to wait at least 24 hrs after my claim was submitted, I was asked to follow the prompts, then put in some of my info like birthdate and claim #, and it would tell me right then and there if my claim was approved or denied. Mine thank god, was always approved. There was only 1 problem I had with Aflac and that was after I had my baby, she had to stay in the hospital for about 28 days and they denied my claim. When they said they covered hospital stay and intensive care. I was suppose to get like$350-$550 per day. I was so emotionally drained from constantly being with my baby, my other kids and trying to survive, I put it on the back burner and never did get around to appealing that decision. I'm gonna call them to see what their procedure is regarding things like appeal etc if there is even such a process they have, just for my information.Now I don't know all of the other people's facts about their cases and claims, but I do know that when filing the claim it's a good idea to go over your policies, to make sure that all your paperwork is in order, check it to make sure everything Aflac is asking for is included, if you still are a little lost, contact your Aflac representative (because everyone should have one in their area or within their employment) and lastly please make sure that when you send your claim and all paperwork, that it's through an email, or some kind of communication source that will be date and time stamped like fax, scan or email. That way if the day and time has any significance on how, when or how much you will receive, you will have your proof and can always pull it up for verification if you may have to go another route in retrieving your compensation. You know what I mean. Anyways good luck everyone and I wish you all health, happiness, peace and prosperity.
I had surgery 10/25/18. Submitted into Alfac all of the required paperwork. Now it starts, first they need something else from my employer, doctor and hospital. Every time I send in what they need something else needs to be sent over and over again. It’s all the same information. Now we go to they are reviewing it and it goes to the bottom of their pile every time I send them something. My rep is telling me this for NO ONE will get on the phone or it’s a 2 hour wait for customer service. I am sick to my stomach. I am broke and have to borrow money to eat because my disability that I have paid into for years won’t DO THE RIGHT THING. I am basically having a nervous breakdown over this. It’s almost a month. Do I send them my bill after my breakdown as well??? I have every email and text pertaining to this just in case this needs to further.
I filed the form my rep emailed and sent them back. Received a email 4 day wait. New email need forms (already sent) sent again, 4 day wait. Need same form they aren’t readable, sent again, again 4 day wait. I have sent the authorization for 4 times now and again I am waiting 4 more days. I haven’t worked since early Dec and I feel like I'm getting the runaround. Now the website states they have no record of my account.
I submitted a claim, only for it to be denied because it was “diagnosed within 30 days of the policy effective date”. The effective date was 09/27, I was hospitalized on 10/29. Now I have to wait for over an hour and a half because someone at Aflac can’t do basic math. Every call is an absolute nightmare as the wait time is NEVER less than an hour. How this company gets away with this and stays in business is beyond me.
When Aflac was first offered to our district, I signed up for the Short Term Disability. My husband already had Aflac and never had a problem. I had a different Private Insurance that had a 30 day waiting period. So, I figured since the rep made it sound like a great policy and very user-friendly to file a claim, I would happily get a policy. Here I am three years later after never filing a claim being denied. I was scheduled to have surgery for my carpal tunnel syndrome and get told that I can't do the surgery because I was pregnant. This is my third and an unexpected pregnancy. Due to my age and other issues, has been my most challenging pregnancy. I went to see my physician at around 35 weeks and she told me that due to my required C-Section, levels of stress, back pain, swollen feet, and pre-existing carpal tunnel, that I could no longer work. She put me out on disability. I filed the paperwork for both the other insurance company and Aflac and Aflac denied my coverage stating that my complications of pregnancy didn't actually qualify as complications of pregnancy even though my doctor informed me that they did. Three years of not using the policy once and I can't get coverage when my doctor tells me that I can't work. My job requires me to be able to do my job at 100% and I can't have partial disability. So, how can a Short term disability company deny a claim. If I would have known that it was going to be this difficult, I would have just not paid for the Aflac and maybe paid for more coverage for the other private insurance company.It is clear that Aflac is discriminatory against women by telling them that even though pregnancy is a pre-existing condition that they need to wait a certain period of time before getting pregnant, but then at the same time deny coverage, even though a doctor (who is licensed to make a medical decision regarding your ability or inability to work) tells you that you can't work due to a condition (complication) related to pregnancy.
First the ad that Aflac pays as fast as 1 business day is false. I have being Aflac’s customer since 2012, and when it comes to short term disability, Aflac does everything in its power to stall paying a claim. I submitted my claim with all 3 necessary documents on 11/14, my claim was only reviewed on 11/29, when then, they said that they wanted the Dr’s note since I became disabled. Next day, my Dr faxed all requested, they then said it would take 4 more business day. On the 5th business day, I called, and then they need to check the address and phone number of employment, which it did not change, but I provided along with my boss direct line. Well that will take another 2 business day, because it was escalated. Now it’s 12/11 and no one called my boss, and of course I haven’t being paid.Meanwhile, I originally took short term disability insurance to pay for my main bills in case I became disabled. Now because Aflac, I am going on the 2nd month late on my mortgage, late also for the 2nd month on my HOA, I literally don’t get out of the house so I don’t spend, because all I have it’s $16.00 on my account, and when I called, I hear the same answer. I understand that they have to verify things but doesn’t take any insurance company to verify a claim almost 30 days unless what they really want to do it’s not pay you.I am so desperate that I don’t know more what to do, and I really can’t wait. If I do anything crazy I will 100% leave a note blaming Aflac. The waiting time is always over 1 hr, and then you get someone on the phone that can’t answer you one simple question, it’s always on review, and sorry for your inconvenience, meantime I can’t pay my meds, my home. Anyone know how to get this company to work and pay what it’s your by right, that you paid into? I am at the end of my road, and they could not care. AFLAC PLEASE HELP!
I was diagnosed with skin cancer. Been receiving my cancer benefits since 2014. Now Aflac telling me my policy don't pay for office visits and my policy only pay for cancer. I have skin cancer. Every time I call I get the runaround.
Updated on 03/05/2019: I signed up for AFLAC Disability through my employer in open enrollment 2017. So Jan 2018 I had a policy that paid out $40 a day. I wanted to increase it during open enrollment 2018 to $80 a day. Then in November, I needed to schedule surgery. I asked AFLAC 4 times that if I went out in late Dec 2018, would the days off work in 2019 pay out at the new enrollment choice. Each time I was told "YES". I asked if I waited until Jan 2019 to have my surgery, would this change anything in payout amounts. Each time I was told "NO". "That any days off work in Jan 2019 would be paid out at the 2019 rates regardless of having the surgery in Dec 2018 or Jan 2019"... Well I had my surgery in Dec 13, 2018, Yet all the days off work in 2019 were paid out at the 2018 rate. I called and said why was I told one thing and now AFLAC is saying something else. AFLAC's only response was 'sorry we gave you wrong information.’ I contested the decision and after a 6 week appeal process. I was informed "Sorry, since the date of surgery was in Dec, the payout rates are all at the 2018 rate". Then how can I be told 1 thing several times, and if all calls are recorded, can AFLAC now say that if they told me incorrect information, this does not matter.Original Review: I had AFLAC coverage in 2018. I wanted to increase my coverage amount. But I was planning to schedule surgery in late Dec 2018 or Jan 2019. I called AFLAC several times to confirm that if I go out on disability late Dec, would the days I am on disability in 2019 be paid out at the 2019 rates, and the 4 days in Dec paid at the 2018 rates. I was told YES, the 4 days in Dec will be paid at 2018 rates and says in 2019, will be paid at 2019 rates. So I scheduled my surgery for Dec 13. So with the 14 day wait, I would get 4 days in Dec pay rates and 32 days in Jan at 2019 rates. Well after my surgery and just now I am told WRONG. The entire disability period in 2019 will be paid at 2018 rates.
I have been a customer for at least 20 years. I have never filed a claim during that time. When I do they deny my claim. Takes forever to talk to a person. I really find this outrageous. Why does company not have more phone operators. Doesn't matter what time I try.
I have had Aflac accident insurance for more than 5 years and after my first claim am thoroughly disappointed in Aflac. I injured myself working in my backyard and didn't go to the doctor for the first 72 hours so my claim was denied, even though it led to me having major shoulder surgery and I have documentation proving I went to the doctor after 3 weeks. Aflac says that all this information was provided in my certificate, which I have never received. It did take me three weeks for Aflac to even receive my claim as the system they use provides no communication. I've always heard that Aflac is easy to work with and pays quickly for claims. In my experience this is total bunk. They make it extremely difficult to get any kind of information on your account of claim and do not pay for valid claims.
I had been with Aflac for over 10 years and lost my job at the end of November. They sent me my premiums at the end of January and the payment was due by February 6th. I mailed my payment in February 1st and the cashed the checked February 8th. Today (February 13th) they mailed me back my checks and cancelled my policies! I had never been late on a payment and I truly believe I wasn't late this time either! The customer service was terrible! I was on hold for over 20 minutes and she was very rude!! That's UHC for you! Would NOT recommend this shady company to anyone!!!
They are not considerate to life insurance policy holders at all! In order to make a simple payment you either have to mail in your payment or call in... in almost 2019. Why not set up an online option for customers to simply pay their bill??? Or have an option, on the automatic system, specifically for life insurance and callers will get routed to the correct department. Instead you have to wait for 30 mins to an hr for a representative, then after verifying your information, you’re told that they can’t do ANYTHING for you or your life insurance account and they’ll have to transfer to the “correct” specialist so that they can handle it. If you’re lucky and you actually get the “correct” person on the next call (or you get bounced from person to person and then eventually you find the “correct” rep) then you're told they can’t process your process themselves, that they’ll have to record it, send it to another department, and you’ll receive a letter in the mail stating if the payment had gone through or not??? Wtf? Aflac sucks, I can ONLY imagine if and when something goes wrong, what excuses that they’ll give to not help you in your time of need.
I have been covered by Aflac for 3 years. December 2018 was my first time using my short term disability. December 13 I had my surgery and I was aware that I had to wait 14 days to receive my first check. I sign paperwork stating I will receive $1500 a month while on short term disability. I was on short term disability until February 08, 2019. I did not receive $1500 as I was expecting. In January I receive $1250 and by the time I receive it was all paid to rent due to the late fees I accrued while waiting on my benefits. I will receive nothing for February because Aflac said I will return back to work February 8th. Aflac did not care that I will have to work 2 weeks before I will receive a full check. I won’t get paid until the first of March. I do not have any money to pay anything. Aflac has set me so far behind, I am in disbelief. Plus you have to re-apply every month that you are off with the possibility of being denied.
Updated on 12/24/2018: Aflac... Responses on Facebook to my post about my claim with AFLAC being completed were very happy to say the least. I too was happy that a claim got filed and was paid. The rest of the story is that of the claims (more than one) that I filed, two of them were denied benefits because of a rule AFLAC has that says the hospital stays must be separated by 90 days. My wife was moved from one hospital to another hospital at the insistence of her healthcare provider because the hospital she was in wasn't in the "group" that the healthcare provider is associated with. It was not our decision and I was not happy about that move. That was done again when the last hospital said she needed to be moved to a long term care hospital. Again, not our choice but a choice made by her healthcare provider. My wife spent 108 days in hospitals, AFLAC paid for 14. But, AFLAC says the "90 day rule must still apply. I think that, at least in this instant, it was a way out of paying benefits. So, I'm happy that claims were settled but I'm not happy that claims were denied twice because of this rule. And that's the whole story. No, I will not be recommending AFLAC to anyone.Original Review: My wife was in and out of 3 different hospitals and one rehab facility between July 12, 2018. She ended up in a "specialty hospital" where she finally passed away on Dec 5, 2018. She died of complications from the original surgery on July 12, 2018. I provided AFLAC with 1,159 pages of medical records and I just sent more today. AFLAC paid an initial amount but denied other parts of the claim because the incidents were not separated by 90 days. My wife suffered a total of 108 days in hospitals between July 12, 2018 and December 5, 2018. Their denial of benefits because of the 90 day rule is ridiculous. By the way, I originally started this claim on September 28, 2018 and it's still not complete as far as I know. Remember that as you watch their commercials about how quickly they satisfy your claims. I've been chronicling this claim on Facebook as it's occurring.
I have made 30 plus calls to AFLAC trying to get claims paid. I have provided itemized statement, UB-04, operative reports, discharge summary, office notes. I have asked for supervisor to call at least 10 times, no calls. They keep denying claims for different reason each time. They offer false advertisement, they take your payment out of checking account without a missed beat. But when it comes to helping the customer you are out of luck. I am looking at a way to sue. You can't contact the corporate office, all numbers they give you are for claims etc. All representatives say is, "I am sorry" etc. but nothing happens.
I purchased short-term disability through my work through Aflac. I became ill. My last day worked was October 31st. My doctor sign me off of work. It is now December 3rd and I still have not received one payment. More of the story. You pay for something that they do not give. Horrible.
Had surgery on my hand beginning of September. Paid money for my disability papers to be filled out. Dr told me recovery was anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. Finally received my first disability payment October 2. Have been going back and forth with Aflac over my Hospitalization insurance for weeks now. Still no payment. They want more and more information that I end up paying for. Asked agent about my disability payment for this month while dealing with the Hospitalization policy. She told me I would have to "extend" my disability through Aflac. Received notice today from my Dr about wanting more money to fill out another disability form for Aflac. Why should I have to get another one? Aflac has all my information. When I get a release to go back, they would be notified. Don't waste your money paying Aflac anything!
We have had Aflac for years. My husband filled out a short term disability claim and they keep telling is it only takes 3 business days to review but they have has the paperwork since 1/9/19. We can never get a hold of anyone, wait times are 2 + hours... The only thing anyone will tell you is that it is “In progress” if you ask to speak with a manager they won’t let you. It really is getting hard to work with this company and very frustrating. If you are thinking of purchasing an insurance plan I would look elsewhere.
My rep came in to reup for the next year. I was ready to cancel but was talked into keeping my hospital, st disability and cancer policies. I recently had neck surgery and I was literally put through HELL trying to get the $$$ that I paid to get. And I went back to work after two weeks p/t because I could not afford either monetarily or professionally to be out for the six to eight weeks. It took literally a month and a half to get the money due to me under the terms of the policy. THEN because I was hospitalized for 23 hours or more I am due $$$ on the hospital indemnity policy. I submitted the claim on-line along with the billing, a screenshot of the admittance time and discharge time, and the operative report. Then I had to submit my health and physical from the hospital after speaking with "SIR" the rep who told me that my claim would be processed that day if submitted before 3:00. Yep still waiting. Oh tried to call at 6:30 tonight and said it was a 26 to 35 minute wait. On hold for over 2 freaking hours and yep, you guessed it, closed. The website is still showing additional documents needed. I went to the hospital and got exactly what these reptilian dunderheads requested, submitted it before 3:00 yesterday and the status has not changed and I can’t get anyone on the phone. I’m canceling every damn thing I have with these **. Unscrupulous and unprofessional.
I had a colonoscopy 1/21. According to my policy, they pay $100 for this procedure. I have submitted the "required" paperwork and was denied. No explanation as to why. I am guessing something is missing on the EOB that they "require" but have no idea what. The AFLAC website is a JOKE!! It tells you NOTHING! The forms are HORRIBLE and when you fill them out (according to the link on the policy), they tell you it's the wrong form. I will recommend to my employer NOT to renew this policy. It's a scam. And "AFLAC Phyllis", just stop! No one wants to read your canned message. You are not winning with this crap! I laugh at their Zero Tolerance policy "Posting fake reviews is a violation of our terms of service." Seriously?!?! They want US to follow your terms but don't follow it themselves??? One PO'd Policyholder!
I have 5 kids and my kids are in sports and after school activities. They have been in some accidents and I have made claim with Aflac and it's been a hard time getting my claim approve and it's been going on for almost a year now.
Aflac, promised to help pay my bills for a covered accident or illness that required me to be out of work. On October 31st My wife was admitted to the hospital for surgery. She spent two days in the hospital & was out of work for the month of November. Six weeks after the surgery she received a check for $500.00 which stated final payment She kept trying to contact Aflac with no luck. Today she finally talked with someone & was told the hospital stay is not covered despite having the hospital indemnity plan and that the first 14 days out of work are exempt from payment. I don't know how the people selling these plans sleep at night knowing that they are hurting people when they are at a low point in their life.
AFLAC should have paid out for immunotherapy but instead says BCG immunotherapy under their guidelines is on their “list” (according to Rep) as chemotherapy. Of course payment is $200 less this way. American Cancer Society,, and doctors refer to BCG treatment as immunotherapy. Ripping off long standing customers when they are down! Not cool AFLAC!
I have had Aflac coverage for many years. I have always trusted Aflac, until now. I had a stroke in October 2018. Not a TIA, an Ischemic Stroke. I have been out of work since and it will take months to recover to a point I can return to my full time job, if ever. I had an MRI and a CT confirming the stroke and type. The language on the claim form clearly states: Did the patient have a stroke, meaning apoplexy, secondary to rupture or acute occlusion of a cerebral artery? YES All the hospital documentation was sent and Aflac DENIED my claim. There is small print verbiage about having permanent damage in order to qualify. Those areas of my brain are dead brain tissue (sounds permanent to me). I am struggling to regain what function I can. As of my claim, there is permanent damage from the very definition of stroke on the claim form. Will go to Insurance Commission next.
I have put in a claim from back in November. I faxed it. Email it to 3 different people. There was always something wrong with it that they could not read it. I should have received 2100 dollars and only got 20 and it took two and a half months. They are a big rip off. I have called a number of times only to be told I can only talk to one certain person. I called him a number of times with no answer and no call back. They do not stand by what they say. Do not put your money into them - it is like flushing it down the toilet.
My wife is pregnant with our second child and due to complications (benign, but extremely painful tumors) is unable to work for the last six weeks of her pregnancy. We filed a claim with Aflac and they refuse to pay because, her complications which have left her totally disabled according to her Dr. are somehow NOT complications of pregnancy? Then the RUDE customer service rep [Keari?] refused to let me speak to a supervisor or an adjuster because I needed to file an appeal in writing which may take 30 days while my wife just missed her second paycheck and may have the baby any day now. Why are we paying hundreds of dollars a month for a policy that we can't use? We would have been better off putting the premiums into a shoebox under the bed! We are canceling all of our policies and I would recommend that you do the same. Better off saving you money than wasting it on this crooked duck.
Aflac just recently 45 days into the policy. I don't know how they can advertise "submit by 3 PM and your money is in your account the next day!" **. This has been a nightmare. I submit what they want then they want something different! Delay, delay, delay! Dropping this crap asap!
I had a heart attack in June 2018 and filed a claim with my representative and agent. Mind you I have been paying for Aflac for 3 years at this point and never used it. I sat across the table with the 2 of them the day after I got out of the hospital. Had both these ladies looking at my policies on their computer. They had my name. My social. My birth date. They both looked over my policies and they both looked me in the eyes and told me that I was "going to make bank" off this. When it was time to pay my claim I was denied. The reason given to me was, and no lie here, they had the wrong policy pulled up. They claim to have had my sister's information instead of mine. How does this happen? They still had my married name on my policy so the last names weren't even the same. Fast forward to September. I'm in a head on collision with my 12 yr old son. Car totaled. Out of work for 2 weeks. I get all the paperwork they ask for except a bill for our ambulance ride. Finally get this taken care of after tracking down the billing company and someone who can actually help me. I contact my representative and tell her I have the papers so let's get this done. This was on Monday December 17, 2018. I ask her what I need to do. She tells me she can pick up the papers the next day at my place of work. I agree to this. Tuesday comes with no word from her, nothing. Wednesday comes and by 3pm on Wednesday I still hadn't seen or heard from her. Now, I also called my actual agent on that Monday who tells me to give it to the other girl because she wasn't in the area. So Wednesday I call the next person in line. He tells me to fax the papers to him and he will get it handled. When I spoke to my agent on Monday I told her that I want this taken care of as fast as possible so I can try to give my kids a good Christmas. Not one of these people offered and assistance. What she did do is call me and give me attitude because her boss had to call her to get them to do their job. She also says to me "it'll be 4-7 days because I faxed it in." So I was frustrated and asked why I'm waiting even longer and she says "if you would have done a smart claim it would be but I don't have your info so I didn't do it that way." Should they not have advised me to handle it this way? Is this not their job? I'm so frustrated right now. I'm about to break, and I already have lawyers for my car accident and I'm considering seeking advise with them on this matter. I will be canceling my Aflac once all of this is cleared up.
Customer service is very unprofessional and rude. I asked to speak to someone else because the lady yelled at me because she said she couldn't hear me and instead she hung up on me. I know this review will not change anything with the way AFLAC treat their customers but I'm hoping enough people will read this review and not do any business with this company. I will be canceling my coverage ASAP!!!
They denied claim because I waited too long to go to doctor, then said it was a sickness. Unless we are bleeding or bone sticking out, no one goes to doctor right away... We hope we heal on our own. But after a week of pain, I went called to make appoint. And their "group" coverage is horrible. You email claim, it goes into black hole. No notification that it is received... They only contact you to deny the claim. They also took 2 weeks to review...after escalating it.
AFLAC was offered through my employer at the end of 2017 for the year 2018. I signed up for the critical illness benefit. I never received a policy nor was any premium for the benefit ever taken out my check. 10 1/2 months later my employer tells me I owe AFLAC for all the premiums and that they refuse to discuss it with my HR rep. HR person told me this happened with several people. What BS! Looks like their negligence and I am paying for it. AFLAC is a rip off!!
I have four policies with AFLAC and overall I have been satisfied. Usually, I don't encounter any issues with AFLAC. However, lately I have experienced problems getting my same day claims paid timely. To ensure that I am not in error, I try to send the supporting documentation that is requested when asked. Unfortunately, my latest claim is taking forever. Although I have gone to the hospital to obtain the documentation requested and submitted it. Now, AFLAC wants my medical records from the hospital to confirm the date of service. The hospital is stating that it normally takes approximately thirty days to process medical records request. So, I sent the Medical Records office telephone and fax numbers to AFLAC so they could get verification of the service date twice; but, my claim is still in pending status. It has been a vicious circle. It makes me wonder if I need to just cancel my four policies. This is ridiculous.
The representative did not follow procedure when I canceled my policy. I was not billed for a whole year and then all of a sudden money is taken out of my paycheck for a policy that I CANCELLED a YEAR earlier. I contacted him and of course was given excuses... This was in September. I continued to email/call from October 2018-December 2018, and then his supervisor got involved and I did not hear from him again. He lied to me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It is now January, I have been emailing an administrator and sales coordinator since December, and I am still working to get my money back. They took it from me like nothing, but want me, and our payroll person, to jump through hoops to get it back. I sent my pay stub that shows it was taken out. Why do you need more than that? They are all either incompetent or devious or both. STAY AWAY FROM AFLAC!
I'm so very disappointed in Aflac! I was in a bad car accident 11/15. Went to ER same day, then to Orthopedic Dr. Orthopedic dr sent me to get an MRI where they found bulging disc in my neck and back. I don't know where to begin, it been such an long, unprofessional nightmare. I have group STD through my job, that I opted to get as a extra cushion for what if situations. I downloaded the app, to do my claim because the wait time calling is sooo long. Only to be told that Group Policies cannot be done online. Ok fine... I got a rep to sent me the form in the mail. I filled it out, gathered all the paperwork that was required, scanned and emailed to Aflac. I called the next day to make sure they received them because the only way I can find out anything having a group policy is I have to call. I called and was told nothing was received. I asked the rep can I email paperwork directly to her and I did. She escalated paperwork I emailed to processing department. Well a another 7-10 business days nothing. Well now I'm seeing what's happening! I called again and a rep tells me, "We have your paperwork but they came through dark on the bottom of the paperwork." So another 5-7 business days? It's 12/6! I have been taking out of work, my STD is holding up what I'm entitled to me, Aflac my extra benefit is holding things up after given the required paperwork 3 times. I still don't have a car yet, and constantly spending money for necessities and not replenishing is a very uncomfortable and frustrating situation. This not an insurance that I will participate in the future. If Aflac is a given incentive for free through work, I would opt-out. Such an unpleasant experience, so disappointing.
My husband has the accidental insurance. He fell and injured his shoulder. I know it wasn't a car accident or any vehicle type accident, however it was accidental. He ended up having surgery and after a good month was refused any type of payment. The Aflac duck says they pay if not able to work. He will be off six months and thinking we had a good insurance coverage to help with expenses, only to find out, nope. What good is this insurance? Might have to cancel.
I filed an accidental claim on 12/21/18. I got notice they needed additional paperwork. I got all paperwork needed and emailed that back in on Jan 8 and 9th. My claim is still not been processed and being told to wait 4 or 5 more days. They will not allow me to speak to a supervisor. I just want what's rightfully due to me in a timely manner. They take their money from me every month. I think it's only fair to distribute the funds in the same manner. It would be awesome if you could actually speak to someone in the claims dept. not just a cust service agent. That knows nothing about how the claims area works. I am so upset. For anybody in the future please don't hold your breath wanting on your funds. Because it will be a long while. Sincerely, Disappointed Customer.
The AFLAC policy cancellation process sucks. Fax it in, they say they did not receive it. Email it in. They say they did not receive it. Pay your bank a $27 stop payment fee and sign bank papers to stop AFLAC from taking future payments and that is the way to cancel the AFLAC policy with assurance. AFLAC is not responsive to fixing this problem. You should be able to cancel with electronic document signing and do it in minutes instead of days and MONTHS. THEFT. I feel like I am the victim of THEFT. I feel like all the payments since May of 2018 were STOLEN from my bank account. Life circumstances prevented me from following up on actions to make sure the policy and ACH THEFT stopped. My advice, besides going to another company for insurance is to NEVER ALLOW DIRECT DEBIT OF YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT. NEVER AGAIN AFLAC. NEVER AGAIN.
My wife had surgery August 27, 2018. Mailed/faxed everything Aflac required and have spoken with several customer service members. Every time they tell me to wait 3-5 businesses days! As of Nov 7th still waiting! Will not renew policy and have contacted an insurance lawyer about a class action suit after realizing that there are dozens of other people who have had similar issues with Aflac! Aflac is a waste of money.
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