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Aflac Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Aflac Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1955
Address: 1932 Wynnton Road
City: Columbus
State/Province: GA
Postal Code: 31999
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 992-3522
Overall average rating of 2.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 25 %
November 2018, my husband passed away from a sudden heart attack. I submitted the Critical Illness claim to which the paperwork clearly states to submit a death certificate. I submitted all paperwork forms asked for on December 11, 2018, via email. Now have been told by 4 different representatives that I have to submit a Medical Examiner's report, discharge papers from the hospital, and the cardiologist report.My husband died of a sudden heart attack at the hospital, he was not discharged, he did not see a cardiologist because he did not know he had a heart issue. He was not taken to the medical examiner's office because he was an organ donor and the doctor at the hospital was able to determine that he had a heart attack. It is clearly documented on the death certificate.I've had this policy for 4 years and have several other policies with Aflac for at least 18 years. I have never been given the runaround or had to go through so much red tape in the past. I feel all these hoops I am jumping through is to prolong and not pay for my claim. Best believe, I will be canceling all policies with Aflac. Aflac will deduct their premium each month but do not want to pay when a claim is filed. I am disappointed and disgusted with this company. I had to give this rating a 1 star. Wanted to rate 0 stars.
DON'T GET ACCIDENT INSURANCE WITH AFLAC. IT IS TERRIBLE. One example - they pay out for lacerations by the inch but doctors use centimeters. Plus doctors don't measure with a tape measure. They estimate. I had a 2.25 inches laceration. Doc estimated 5 cm which is 1.91 inches. Laceration less than 2 inches 50 dollar pay out over 2 inches 250 dollar payout. You can't go back to E-room doc to have him measure the cut better because many ER's use traveling doctors and getting a hold of the guy will be next to impossible... bet you didn't know any of this before you went E-room but bet Aflac does.
Worked for the company and know all the ins and outs of the company. No longer work there but would still buy their products. The agents are knowledgeable and they are easy to get in contact with. On other products we have they pay claims fast.
Set rate forever. I've only had this insurance for a month so I haven't had much time for recommending. Low rates that never change as long as you keep the policy open.
We have policy for Specified Health Event. My husband passed away this Thanksgiving and we were able to file claim under this policy. Nowhere did it say you needed a will or an estate to collect. My husband nor myself have any of these due to him passing so sudden. Aflac stated to write a letter to collect no more than what their Affidavit states which that too also has loopholes. I wrote letter forfeiting some of the amount, signed their affidavit, just for them to write back and say, "Sorry. We cannot reissue check in your name. You need to go to probate court and get an estate granted to you." WTH??? We pay all this money every month and Aflac won't do a damn thing to help you one damn bit. Don't buy their life insurance policy because they will fight you and find any excuse not to pay out on that policy as well. I know I'm dealing with that part also.
My husband was injured at work and we thought... we had the Aflac disability insurance for out of work and work accidents, but as it turns out after 3 months of doing the paperwork dance we do not have the work injury insurance. We have had Aflac for years because my husband's job can be physically demanding and we are so disappointed with the company trying to get out of helping us through this injury. The Aflac representative told my husband today "I don't know what you want me to do about it." Thanks from a hardworking family. Not a fan.
I've had my life insurance policy for about 5 years through Aflac. Luckily I've not had to use it! The representatives that I've dealt with in setting up my policy were very knowledgeable and were able to help pick the best policy for my needs. I like the idea that I can borrow money from my policy if needed and if I am diagnosed with a terminal illness I can pull from my policy without penalty. When submitting paperwork, they were very prompt in return communication.
Beware of Aflac! When Aflac puts you on hold for over an hour so that you can contact a customer service representative, it is unethical to see how they handle issues. When you are sick and trying to get some help when you have paid and paid, they have the nerve to put you on hold continuously for up to over a whole hour and get nowhere. But, if you call to open up a new policy, they will answer within twenty seconds of your call! This should tell you something about this company. There are other companies that will do better. Aflac doesn’t even serve you or help in any way at all, they just want your money and that is all. I am sure that the CEO’s are getting the big money, and that money comes from what we pay them every single week. They always have an excuse with the claims, like they didn’t receive the paperwork, or it wasn’t dated. There is a huge lack of continuity in service.
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