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Aflac Dental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Aflac Dental Insurance
Overall average rating of 3.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 55 %
The company I work for had great options on adding Aflac Dental Insurance to my medical services. I have full coverage on dental care and hasn't disappointed me yet. I love it. They have great customer service, too.
The process to start the policy was so smooth and easy and I was happy that my wife and I would finally be able to visit the dentist. Well, not everything was as perfect as I imagine it would be. I asked the representative who called me when I requested a Dental Plan through their website, that I specifically need it a Dental Insurance not a reimbursement or supplemental plan. He assure me that this was the kind of plan I needed, that everything will be fine, that I will be able to see a dentist in no time.So, days go by, I receive my id cards in the mail and off to the dentist I go. First thing the receptionist look at the ID card and look at her coworker, with that WTF face. That worried me immediately. She couldn't find a group number, so she could verify my insurance. I called Aflac, they state I don't need a group number, because of whatever reason that didn't even made sense to myself, imagine if I explain that to the receptionist at the dental office. Back to the dentist office. The receptionist ask for the card so she can try to call Aflac directly, she calls the number on the back of the card and guess what? Yup, you guessed it right. Aflac automatic system said it will take about 2 and a half hour before a representative could be in the phone to verify.As I write this review I am waiting for someone from the Customer Service Department answer me, because immediately after I say I want to cancel the representative told me I had reach the wrong department that he will transfer me. Another lady answer, after one hour waiting, she also said I reached the wrong department. How long had I be waiting you ask? 3 hours 10 minutes 11 seconds. I guess they want me to get tired of waiting and hang up, or for 5pm to come so the call drop and I be obligated to call tomorrow again and wait another 10 hours for someone to actually help me with the cancelation. If you want to try their services and see if I am lying, go head. But I will never recommend Aflac to anyone. At least not their Dental plan.
I initially applied online but then was directed to a phone operator who then lead me to my true quote, which was a much better deal than I even thought possible. It was very simple and they really surprised me by their expertise and professional service. A definite A plus from me. I like the way in which the customer service reps take you through everything step by step, and also once you are in, they make sure to take care of you every step of the way. I couldn't be more happy with how Aflac has treated me and my family. For sure a first class company. But I would change the waiting time that they put you on hold, for things that in my opinion shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. If I want to ask a question, I should be able to get through to an operator instantly without any delay.
They are quite nice and good to their people always. They are loyal, very dedicated and like family who care about well being for everyone involved and care for on a daily basis always. There is noting I dislike about any of it ever unless they are out of business or not working on that day ever to my knowledge. Otherwise, they are really good at what they do.
Online research was vital to allow for full understanding of all this company’s items when shopping for insurance. Some reps attempt to upsell products without really knowing them or the inner workings of the processes. There’s not enough available info and I have found this to be confusing and time consuming in all of the research. They had to be done on separate sites with many still not having the information. But I like the ease of access services and products and all processes are simple and easy to understand with little to no issues with small print for needing to clarify items.
While in the process of purchasing my dental insurance policy was look online on the Google search engine for good recommendations and Aflac popped up and upon reading reviews for them, I decided to go with Aflac. I like being able to cover a large amount of my dental care as well as being a great and reliable company with trust in my dental healthcare. I would really appreciate it if it were cheaper to have Aflac as my dental insurer. It's a bit pricey but at the same time it's worth it.
Hello I requested a refund from Aflac Dental because I couldn’t never use them for my dental needs. I requested a refund for 5 months of monthly drafts from my checking account. Aflac sent me a letter that said no refund do but I never used the insurance because it wouldn’t pay for deep cleaning. This is my last attempt.
They have a good way of paying off your stuff with low interests and the duck gets me to get their insurance. With its cute little feet and the voice that it uses. Just so amazing honestly. You should really try it. I did it online and it was very simple. It was just about 3 clicks and I put in my information and they sent me the insurance card in the mail. The ads are just kindly strange. None of the ads actually have real life examples like some other companies have.
Through work they offered me 3 different insurance to choose one and I chooses Aflac Dental Insurance. I completed the form at work and returned it to my supervisor. It's very affordable and we can depend on it with all the family dental problems. Also, we can find it any place we want and many doctors accept it. It's perfect. We can take care of our dentist without any hassle. However, they can improve it by increasing the yearly amount per person.
I choose my policy through the Medicaid program. They send you a list of health providers that you can apply for right away over the phone as well as online. It also has many different process that are easy and convenient as well. This is a very good health insurance that comes with some great dental plans. There is little to no out of pocket expense. I never had an insurance program that was this reasonable for a lot of the things that you can use it for.
I heard about the insurance from my sister. She had been going on and on about how I had to switch over to this insurance company as I wasn't satisfied with my last one. I've never looked back. For once, my sister was right about something!! It was all purchased online with little effort. It seemed like a breeze! The people that I talk to on the phone about my insurance seem very helpful and kind to me. The claims are easy to file. They seem to genuinely care about making me happy so that I keep being insured by them. They are a fairly good company, I wish they would expand their coverage area, but all in all I am genuinely satisfied and feel I am getting what I pay for.
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