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Aetna Disability Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Aetna
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 5 %
I began receiving long term disability benefits in January of 2009. I have coronary artery disease which has lead to my having two (2) bypass surgeries so far. I also have an enlarged heart, bronchitis, emphysema, and hepatitis C. Each year Aetna request the same information in an attempt to justify terminating my benefits. Each year all information requested has been provided. I am a disabled veteran so my medical care is provided by the VA. This year in May, Aetna says they requested verification from the VA of my continued medical care and they were informed that I hadn't received any care from the VA. Aetna has been receiving this confirmation every year. I have the documentation to prove they are lying. I was informed at the VA hospital when I went and got copies of my records that there was no request from Aetna or their vendor for a copy. An insurance company should be aware of the VA's policy requiring medical care recipients be seen by their primary care physician at least every six (6) months.
I am not a lawyer, just another victim of Aetna for the past year. After numerous denials, delays and requests from Aetna for more medical information (first for STD and now for LTD), I asked my pain management physician to provide yet more information. He stated that the problem was not that the case needed more medical information. It is not a case of information, but a case of contract dispute. As an employee, we have contracted with our employer to provide X-salary and Y-benefits (or directly with Aetna, either way doesn't matter). Our employer contracted with Aetna to provide Y-benefits. Aetna is now not living up to their end of the contract. Stop sending fax after fax to the black hole Aetna uses as a fax machine. Stop explaining and sending more and more medical information that doesn't make any difference. It's simple, your medical providers say you are disabled. Aetna's contract obligation is to pay benefits when you are disabled. Aetna's not paying. Breach of contract. Aetna is counting on you giving up, don't! Get a lawyer, one that will take the case on contingency. Bundle your STD, LTD and SSDI claim to sweeten the pot for the lawyer. Stop playing Aetna's game. Turn everything over to a competent lawyer and focus your energies on your health.I'm done playing Aetna. I have a lawyer who is going to take the battle to Aetna and the federal government for a percentage. Right now that sounds good. I have 100% of the grieve and 0% of my benefits. Any amount he gets me is a win-win.
I wrote in a review in November stating that I worked for these CROOKS. I received a certified letter from my supervisor Malcolm ** that week that I had resigned! I do not remember doing so! See this is how they work! I was never called or emailed anything on my job status. My boss did not have the nerve to call me and tell me he was letting me know he was firing me. The letter stated that I had resigned from my position. This is a bunch of horse **. This is the way this company works. My next step is to let the Judicial System take over and charge the people involved for assault and the company for allowing this assault and abuse to go on!!
Aetna failed to pay my disability claims. I'm having all of the same issues with Aetna. No information is enough for them. They always find a reason to want more. Excuse after excuse, my MRI they have a copy of and it shows the condition of my back but these smart people continue to ask for more documents. I just think to myself, "Are you serious?" They get away with this because of the people we vote for and send to Washington to speak for us. The crooks in DC know all about this and as long as it’s not affecting their family and friends, they don't care. Aetna should be shut down for fraud because that's what they are doing. When it comes to the bonuses that the CEOs receive, they don't need all the information to get the millions in bonuses at the end of the year. I guess what region pays out the less in benefits gets the bigger bonuses. This is why they are fighting any and everything that have to do with insurance and taxes because these are the people that are lining their pockets and they won't dare go against the money because of greed in America. Companies and people like dirty politician should be tried and receive long prison time because of the scams and dirty stuff they do.
I applied for short term benefits in February of 2013 and I was approved for the six months and then denied long term disability. I appealed the denial and was denied again. From the start of short term to the end was a nightmare as Aetna kept making me fax the same information again and again. Even my Doctor said she had never seen anything as bad as Aetna. I felt bad for her having to send information week after week and was surprised she did not drop me. (Maybe what Aetna had in mind.) I have been paying on this policy for 13 years. It is impossible to fight big money insurance companies. Aetna does not make millions of dollars by approving Disability claims. I am on a mission to inform everyone I meet to never buy Aetna Disability ever!!!
Where do I start? WEBSITE DOES NOT WORK Been trying for days. Customer service did not know that their website was down, she also said that I did not report the FMLA when I did have a confirmation number. She was totally confuse what I was saying. I was speaking very clearly and in English but confuse. Then she said she was going to send me a confirmation to my e-mail to my employer which they did. I not a total mess. Still waiting with no response to an e-mail since last week for someone to contact me. Still waiting.
Broke my hand on April 1st 2018. Went on STML on April 5th 2018. Aetna allegedly cut my first check on April 20th 2018. Aetna allegedly sent out that check on April 25th 2018. It never made it. Yet, they claim it was sent. It only takes 2 days for mail to get from Kentucky to Chicago. Apparently, they're walking it to my house. It's been 8 days now. I haven't worked in 4 weeks. My bank account is overdrawn, I'm facing eviction and I haven't eaten in 2 days. But, Aetna's only solution is to just cut another check and send it. Thanks for screwing me, my company and all these other people over. God bless America?
I was diagnosed with Degenerative Absolute Spinal Stenosis and a Degenerative Right Hip in March of this year. I was approved for FMLA through my company as I was unable to stand or walk for protracted periods of time and I am or was in retail. The FMLA concluded and I was asked to resign since my doctor would not release me. I was approved by Aetna after several weeks for short term disability until 6-13-15 as shown on their website. However, since I was receiving an epidural pain block / steroid injection on the 15th with unknown results, they approved payments only until 5-17-15. I had a follow-up consultation on the 29th. The pain block was ineffective for even a week. My doctor prefers to try another injection as opposed to sending me to a neurosurgeon. I agreed since I prefer not to have surgery if conservative treatments will work. I assumed my short term disability would take back up and run its course as prescribed as nothing changed. After having no communication from Aetna, I contacted them inquiring as to the status of my re - certification and what was delaying it. The following is their response: "At this time your claim is approved through 5/17/15. We faxed out to Dr. ** for MRI and diagnostics test results on 6/8/15 and are waiting to receive a response to that fax. Currently your claim is being reviewed by a Clinical Consultant. Once a determination is made on your claim you will be contacted by your claim manager."They have the MRI imaging from February and there was no new imaging. An injection will not remove the bony growth from my spine (stenosis) nor rebuild a femoral head (hip). Hence we must conclude that the condition has remained stat or possibly deteriorated. On their own website it shows that I am approved through 6-13-15. My doctor is most conscientious in communication and Aetna even admits to having communication from him regarding my condition. I question the ethics of a company that uses these shenanigans. Were it not that I am an informed consumer and have spoken with my doctor at length with my doctor even to the degree of what time of surgery (laminectomy / possible disc fusion) I may expect as the condition worsens, I would be utterly at a loss. That is not the case.
2014, automatically enrolled from a discontinued plan, Aetna said they did - I never received the letter. Premium due on March 1st with 31 days grace period, but Aetna mails a termination letter after 20 days. Long dispute resulting in mid August getting reinstated under new plan/id card etc., but demand to pay retroactive premiums back to January 1st. Pay all the premiums including September premium, but protest and in October, gets terminated again, this time for non payment of September premium (they misplaced the cashed check) and received that 'retroactive' is in accordance to ACA rules. Reject then the whole plan, and gets told that is ok but they keep the premiums and I can submit any expenses I have had for review. Remember any medical expenses I could have had would have had to come out of my pocket 100pct against hospital/doctors full charge. Still fighting AETNA on this.UPDATED ON 09/28/2015: Have earlier report Aetna's 'automatic' and 'reinstatement' policy and would like to share a update. After 16 months of discussions as why automatic enrollment took place and then paying premium I last week got 2 letters from Aetna dated same day... a) Reinstated 09/01/2014 (yes last year) with premiums paid last year covering 01/01-09/01/14 and coverage 'no break in coverage' (no bills submitted, either) and b) Insurance coverage has been cancelled back to 01/01/14 due to non-payment in October 2014. I am sure Aetna is happy that ACA has promised to cover any losses they might have due to 'under-coverage' or 'expensive' administration.
I recently made a partial payment on my monthly billing and the check had not been processed yet so I called them today and they told me my check was being returned because they don't accept partial payments under COBRA/Aetna and I told them it is not stated anywhere on the billing statement payment that it must be paid in full. I never heard of such nonsense that partial payments not accepted by COBRA/Aetna. I don't just have $1200 laying around.For me paying within the grace period given to pay enough to cover by the grace period (30 Days) so was paying biweekly and that seemed reasonable. I am not working due to filing for disability and currently getting LTD payment thru Prudential. Just wanted to let you know to forward my complaint to the powers that make these decisions forcing me to pay the premium all at once. It makes no sense to me. I need the insurance now and will pay as required until someone has a conscience to revisit the payment process with COBRA/Aetna. Overall AETNA is good, it's just the COBRA billing process that isn't working too good for people like me.
I have had money deducted from my checking account for about 30 years for long-term care insurance. Aetna currently deducts it, yet they have no record of any kind on my and my wife's insurance. I have been thru the previous insurer, my human resources twice each today with no records anywhere.
Recently I had a full left knee replacement in Jan and I'm still waiting for my disability check. It's now April 25th and although their monthly payment came out of payroll every week, still nothing. I have called them many times only to be ignored by the claim handler. I have left many messages to have a return call, although none was ever received. The initial paperwork from my surgeon’s office stated that I would be out until the end of April, but Aetna closed my claim anyway. They had too many excuses, i.e. needed further updates, Doctors office faxed empty forms back, wrong dates on paperwork etc. This is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. Do not waste your money or time if you're buying a private policy. The only reason I gave it one star was because I could not go any lower.
My wife's disabilities are too extensive to list here. Suffice it to say that here Doctors - highly respected specialists, not some guys working for a legal mill, all say her condition is amongst the most severe they've ever encountered. Multi-level spinal fusion, advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis in virtually every vertebrae, ulcers caused by the anti-inflammatory meds she USED to be able to take, but can no longer tolerate because of the ulcer... As a result, she has to rely on pain killers only. Her doctors all agree that she cannot sit at a desk for any amount of time and cannot drive a car. Naturally, Aetna summarily denied her long-term disability. Only after being challenged, did they deny having received critical documents (which were among the first ones submitted.) Nevertheless, we are both now in a position of living on my meager Social Security checks and have no insurance whatsoever, while these criminal scoundrels engage in their premeditated delay tactics. Of course, such claims are too small for most attorneys to want to bother with. These people shouldn't just be sued, they should be jailed. Actually, I'm tempted to suggest some more direct remedy, but doing so would probably get me in trouble, so I'll hold my tongue for now. Are you listening, ANONYMOUS?
Aetna is the worst insurance company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I was removed from work for FMLA reasons under short term disability. The stress and hassle that this crap company has caused me has in fact worsened my condition. They send forms, they receive finished forms back. They then proceed to send out the same exact forms again, threatening to deny the claim if they don't get them back. I call to resolve the issue, nobody returns any phone calls. This company is merely a money pit with no intent on honoring the product that they sold.
I have been on a short term disability starting August 2011 thru January 2012 for a medical issue that required surgery in December 2011. This was not work related. I have never had an interruption in my disability payment due to providing all info they asked for in a timely matter. When asked for tell December 2011 they stopped paying due to not receiving my attending physician statement, but in fact it was faxed one month earlier on November 2, 2011. I have the proof it was faxed twice and received. I feel they intentionally stopped paying me as harassment two weeks before Christmas and made it so difficult and made my family suffer thru the holidays with no income for a month before it was reinstated with back pay. I was in contact with them everyday and got nothing more then the run around. Not one letter or a phone call from them to inform me that the info wasn’t received; they just stopped sending my check. I called them one hour after every fax to confirm they had received and they said yes. This resulted to loss of income for the month of December 2011. They ruined my family’s holiday season this year due to the fact we had gifts on hold at stores and we had no income to pick them up. I’m unable to pay mortgage and bills. Phone was shut off. I was post surgery 4 weeks when this all happened.
I have worked for a delivery company for 18 years. We have to lift up to 149 lbs. I have weighed between 115 to 150 through years. Needless to say this job has destroyed my back, shoulders, neck, knees, kidneys, etc. In dec 2015 I had MRI showing building disc and herniated. Being one parent supporting my household, I continued to work until 8/17/2016 when I couldn't move or get out of bed. Went to Dr office. Was given note that I was unable to work. Was given medicine. Later went spine specialist. Was given to remain off work (Cleveland clinic). Then sent to physical therapy. He sent note that unable to work. Aetna kept running me around saying Dr didn't fill out what they needed.Their computers were down. Case manager on vacation, no one else in case. Then sent to their Dr for review. Said didn't have enough evidence to prove that I was unable to do my heavyweight job. Now 3 months absolutely not a cent from them. Also I was told by someone else that Aetna was moving out of a few states including mine in WV. Wondering if there is a connection to this. Yes, I am in for a class action lawsuit. People that have worked for them say they are crooked and don't do people right. So it is a shame of a company like this to exist. My next step is going to insurance commissioner tomorrow.
I went out of work because of a herniated disc this year. I have been fighting with them every step of the way. Paperwork is always incorrect no matter how many times I have doctor's fill them out. Same paperwork for the same thing over and over and over again. I had to file a grievance with them and had to call insurance attorney and local news channel just to get my benefits. Had to threaten to Sue them to get any results. My claim manager was very rude and nasty to me. My phone calls to Atty. and BBB. And insurance commission put him in his place. Service still sucks but now I'm getting paid this month. Now I have to be recertified for the next month. Here we go again. Good luck people who are dealing with this problem. CALL and complain. Threaten to go to Atty. if you have to. That is the only way to deal with this company.
I paid into my short-term disability, I took a leave of absence under the FMLA leave act for a addiction problem, my leave of absence was approved not only by my company and my primary care physician who wrote me a leave of absence status report so I can enroll an addiction treatment program (which I did). Aetna claim department said they wasn't getting the information from Kaiser claim department informing them why I need to be out on disability. Aetna requested x-rays and I haven't taking x-rays in over 20 years. I signed a medical release form to Aetna to receive my medical records from the medical release of information from my provider Kaiser for them to have access to my medical records yet Aetna was requesting things from me that I haven't done in over 20 years like x-rays.That was the first reason why I got denied, finally my SDI kicked in. Aetna continue to deny me, because of that the denial my company I work for drop me from medical insurance (which is against the law being on FMLA) causing me to lose my dr, my addiction treatment classes and also my SDI benefits leaving me no medication for my diabetes. I had to apply for Social Service and family got accepted for Medical. To this day I still been out on disability however never received any assistance from Aetna.
Aetnas Short Term/Long-term Disability benefits are the worst. You pay for it- oh yeah, you pay. Try an employee of over 10 yrs filing one claim and not get pd for the last 4 months. (one denial as the Dr didn't put my resting blood pressure rate down!) Don't believe what they tell you about the IHD (Integrated Health Disability Model). Its suppose to help manage your medical and any potential disability you might face. Its a lie! It doesn't work! They've been my companys medical ins provider for years and the only info they conveniently find hurts me. literally- hurts me. I've almost lost my car, my mortgage is months past dueThey play legalese word games. Can you provide me any in-site or suggested direction? Tonight I still have a roof & food.
I never seen a poor communication and extreme slow process like I saw with those people. I believe they are doing that in purpose just to make people give up and think twice before open a climate again with them in future. I have been in process now for 3 months, too many doctors report been sent to them, too many questions have been answered by me over the phone but nothing happened. I get no response from them 17 days after that I got a call from the case manager and guess what, he repeated same questions again and again. Every time I call their answer is I should wait for process with no light at the end of the tunnel.
I agree they are cheating the public and they don't pay claims like they should. I was injured severely in a car accident by a hit and run driver and I was victimized by Aetna also after several surgeries not healing and correctly they still denied my claim, they told me they don't agree even with the SSDI who give me my check with no problem.
Aetna has failed their customers and employees in regards to short term disability. I am an Aetna employee whom has handled LTD benefits for years. I have always had mixed feeling about the way they handle claims, however I needed my job. Just recently I have had my second back surgery with Fusion Hardware in October 2015. Right out of the gate I knew something wasn't right. I was under a lot of pressure from work to return and I attempted to in January 2016 part time. I lasted about 3.5 weeks. My surgeon has supported me out. I have a back brace, bone stimulator, injections, and unfortunately high doses of medications... I am still trying to figure this out.However, Aetna decided to deny my claim based on the same information they were approving it on. They actually are penalizing me for attempting to return to work. Now, I know the ins and outs and I truly am baffled that they denied me. I am a decent wage earner, so my reserve is high I am sure and this plays a part. They can ** you and say it doesn't but I've had directors go out of their way to take claims out of approval status so they can rip the claim apart to do their own investigation and wouldn't you know it, they would find a reason to deny it.I am currently in appeals status, which I am bracing myself for a litigation fight. I am also a walking wounded disabled vet, not that I am above anyone else but Aetna has balls. They make people want to think they have high ethical values and treat each claim in its own, but they don't. They will fish around until they find no support. The clinicians that review these claims are not doctors, barely any real life experiences. It's a joke. Aetna should be investigated like Unum was in 2003 for going out of their way to deny claims. Again, I am a friggin' Aetna employee and they treat us just as bad as the rest of you. I am ashamed to say I work for this company and the way they treat people. I will not be going back to this company once I'm able to work again. Ashamed is what I am. I hope you all the best in your fight for your benefits in which if medically supported, you are entitled to it.
I was on std from July 28, 2014 thru Dec 23, 2014. I had back surgery on August 28th and neck surgery on October 2nd. I kept saying I was still in tons of pain and nothing felt different. They denied my claim... One month before I was to apply for ltd saying they didn't feel I was disabled. I had a new MRI on November 21st but didn't have the money to go to the Dr. I am the sole income in my house. It's just me and my daughter. I had an appt to get the new MRI read and then on Dec 24th my mom passed away. When I found out my disability was denied I thought I had no insurance. I spoke to my Aetna rep several times in tears saying if I had insurance I could go see the new surgeon. I didn't find out until the end of January... From another Aetna rep... that I had insurance the whole time. The new ortho surgeon said my MRI looks exactly the same as the one from July.. When they approved the std.. But they will not approve the Ltd... I have been fighting this since December. We are now almost homeless. I bought a brand new car last year... That has been repoed. I am still trying to come up with half my rent before the 20th so we don't lose our apt. Their dr that called mine to discuss the disability asked him one question and hung up on him. Aetna knows exactly what they are doing!!! THEY DO NO WANT TO BACK pay ME ALL THE MONEY THEY OWE ME!! If I have to go back to work I will lose my job because I can't sit for 8 hours a day... I work at a call center and can't get up and move around.
I went out for a knee replacement. I filled out all the paperwork, talked with my HR and was told everything was fine. A week after the surgery, I was called and told that my benefits were denied because I was not at the company long enough even though I was there for over a year. Apparently, the policy had a 12-month wait and it started 3 months after I started - that would have been great to know. So they are going for a preexisting clause which puts them 6 months prior to the policy which I have no treatment, no nothing. It has been almost 8 weeks after my surgery and nothing - no phone calls, no letters, except the one that denied my first claim (we had appealed that decision). So fortunately, I was able to borrow money from my relatives. What really heats me up is that no one called me or anything prior to the surgery to say, "Hey, wait a minute. We see you had a knee surgery 7 years ago. Can you wait another three months so we won’t have any issues?" No of course, they could not call. When I asked Janice that very question, "Well, we don’t do that." When I asked her about calling in general, "We don’t do that either."AETNA, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. I will be canceling my policy and I will be telling everyone I know to cancel their policy too. Your company motto should be "Screw the insured; we already got their money." At this point, I don’t even care if I win this case or no. I will be filing a complaint to the Insurance Commission and whomever else I can come up with. Insurance companies need to be held accountable. They are worse than lawyers.
It's been a nightmare. I was in a car accident, off-work on short term. I'm still sick with multiple health problems. Sent in all my paperwork, but they kept saying the doctor did not sign some paperwork. I called and the office said they signed and sent everything in to them!! I have no money coming in now; my son's getting ready for college. My pipes in my house started leaking, and I have no money to fix them!! This is a scam. I paid into this out of my paycheck thinking I had insurance. I work at UPS for 36 years now and have never been unemployed. Now I have so much stress!!! This company is a scam. They need to be exposed, and they need to give back the money they stole from their clients!!! This company is the scum of the earth, and the people that work for them are evil and heartless!!!
I have breast cancer stage 3. Work for University of Penn for 20 years. Paid for long term care during my breast cancer. They closed my claim 3 times. I wish someone could help me. Why would anyone do this to a cancer patient especially when I tried working during chemo. Couldn't do it. I lost everything during cancer. Now they refuse to pay me for 4 months. I need meds and bills paid. What to do????
I had a Stroke on 8/21 and went on Medical leave (FMLA) from my workplace. You would not believe, what you have to go through with this Insurance Co. to receive what you are entitled to. Many forms you have to supply then Doctors. Even though I've been written out of work until December, they have cut me off 2x and, I have to jump hoops with them to get recertified AGAIN! Very rude people indeed and the worst I have ever had to deal with in my life especially with condition I'm in and all the different tests I am still undergoing. They need to be put out of the disability from work business part of their Company! I will probably end up hiring an attorney to get through all of this with them. Ridiculous!!!
I am in my third year of chronic illness that has caused me persistent fever; constant pain; heart, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction; breathing difficulties; joint inflammation; foot, ankle and leg pain; difficulty swallowing; numbness; depression; confusion; anxiety, sleeplessness, etc. I have "objective" testing that has garnered me each of these diagnoses, simultaneously: Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Persistent Endometriosis (despite surgery), Adrenal Failure, Babesiosis, Bartonella, Lyme Disease, sinus tachycardia and arrhythmias, Morton's Neuromas, Hashimotos, Depressive Disorder and GADD.Nonetheless, Aetna, along with my employer FedEx Services, have continued to deny every claim and appeal. I even tried to return to work at one point, but FedEx turned me away due to the fact that I had a PICC line in my right arm for IV antibiotics (it was hidden beneath my clothing). How is this possible? How do these people live with themselves? I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical treatments and am now deeply in debt and facing bankruptcy and the possibility of losing my home. My family is now broke, and my brother recently took his own life, in part, due from the stress of this enormous injustice.Please, SOMEONE at Aetna must have some ounce of humanity left in their soul. Whoever you are, please speak out before thousands more like myself die as a result of this abject injustice. We are as human as you, as your mothers, as your fathers, and as your children. This cannot continue. Just because you are member of a terribly corrupt company, and not country, does not make you any less responsible than the SS officers of Nazi Germany who believed their fellow brothers and sisters to be less than animals, and thus undeserving of life. The bodies are piling up, and speaking out will not cost you your life. Yes, it may cost you your job, but you can find another job. These victims will not find another life, and many of ours are ending because we can no longer afford medical help, clothing or even food. The government is overwhelmed and Social Security has been pushed beyond its limits. All because you continue to remain silent while the atrocities pervade.Be a hero, not an accomplice. It's not too late, but before you even realize it, it will be. And by that time, you may even be among us.
I have a Hospital Plan... That is supposed to pay $1000 when you are admitted & $100 per day. I had surgery on the 19th of October & was released on the 21st. I submitted my claim & I had to have the hospital billing department send Aetna the required UB04. It took me two weeks & numerous calls to get them to acknowledge they had received the paperwork. I got a different response every single time I called.One representative told me she had received it & there was a problem with their system & they couldn't see my paperwork. She would say she would call back at a certain time & she never did. I would call & be told "we don't have your claim" by a different rep. Then today I was told my claim was denied because the billing company had billed my stay as a observation. I stayed two nights in a hospital room? I have been paying into Aetna for almost three years now. I am so frustrated & angry. HR told me I can't drop them until next October (open enrollment). It's a scam. I don't think they ever pay anyone.
I have been on an LTD claim since January 2018. Switching over to AETNA for an LTD claim from my work's STD claim was painless and easily approved. However, come Nov. 2018 I got a phone call at night telling me my claim was immediately being closed and future pay stopped due to NON COMPLIANCE. They claim they had been trying to reach my doctor's office for months and failed to do so - so instead of sending me a letter of their troubles, they closed my case. My doctor's offices claims they never tried to contact them. I appealed the decision. The appeal was won and the decision to close my case was overturned - I was in full compliance.You’d think that would reopen my case. Think again. Appeals sent it over to the medical review department who then decided I did not meet the guidelines and there was no medical reason for me to be covered under the plan. Interesting since my situation didn’t change at all. So I appealed again. This time they requested an invasive amount of paperwork from my doctor. They gave her a deadline. They denied my claim PRIOR to the deadline that my doctor was given to submit paperwork, for “failure to submit paperwork requested” on the VERY SAME DAY my doctor sent the paperwork over. So now I had to appeal again and start the process over with the Peer Report team, with the paperwork she had sent over. She has sent in and provided everything she possibly could to this company and they are still not satisfied. Every office visit note for the past 2 years, a 7 page questionnaire, form after form after form of the same forms over and over. She got a letter yesterday telling her that they have tried to reach her 3 times via telephone - her office keeps all phone records and they only called once during non operating hours - and that her medical opinion is not evident enough to support my claim and to supply them with something - anything else - that will help sway their decision in my favor. So now it’s been nearly 3 months. They ripped my benefits from me right before the holidays for some falsified reasons - sole income with children - and now they are making any excuse to keep my case closed with ever appeal I open. This company is complete garbage. The way they treat disabled people is a crime. I have already been in contact with a lawyer. This is unacceptable. BEWARE - they constantly lie about contacting your doctor. They lie about not receiving faxes from your doctor. They lie lie lie to keep what is rightfully yours, hoping you won’t fight them all the way. DONT LET THEM WIN.
My Ankylosing spondylitis flared up and caused inability to walk and severe pain for several months. Followed by several months of therapy and recovery. Aetna Short term disability was helpful and paid the full amount for short term disability. I had to wait for many weeks for this though. My doctors received multiple requests for the same information and had a lot of trouble getting the information sent via fax to Aetna because Aetna's systems wouldn't accept incoming faxes well. My doctors would sometimes not receive paperwork Aetna said they had sent them. I was on the phone often making sure people had received the necessary paperwork because it would often times not show up as expected. All the people I spoke with at Aetna were kind and able to tell me what was still needed and why. The website on the other hand, speaking as a software engineer, is poorly constructed. Information that is supposed to be available is not to be found at **. The site doesn't show what documents have been received, only that "a document" has been received on some date. Also it is not clear when Aetna is requesting information from you the claimant. After completing questionnaires online the website shows the questionnaires are still needed.My short term claim was followed by a Long term disability claim that was finally approved after the same extensive review, duplicate document requests and many phone calls to check that paperwork was received. Overall my experience was good. If I was more desperate for the payout it would have been more frustrating as the Std claim was filed mid Sept. and finally approved mid Nov. My Ltd claim was initiated directly after in Nov. and paid out mid Dec. My doctors and I were always prompt with providing all forms and documents.
I believe that with all this many dissatisfied customers it wouldn't take much to file a class action lawsuit against them. I worked for my employer Advance Auto for 11 years and had paid in the whole time with the assumption in the event I were to ever need this I would have it to fall back on. I spent a week in the hospital from a reaction to a blood pressure medicine I was taking. Aetna paid me on short term up until 6 days of it rolling into long term. I was referred from a local specialist here in Kingsport to the Vanderbilt University for continued treatment on march the 17 2015. On march 23 the following monday Aetna not only closed my claim they also reported to my employer I was released to return to work. I made several calls and then continued run around. I was told by the claims manager "Stacy" that I was welcome to start another short term claim.There wasn't enough documentation to continue it into a long term claim while I am under 3 doctors' care. I have had 3 surgeries and still unable to work. I am a single father with sole custody of my daughter. Since this happening have lost our only transportation and lost our home of the last 15 years. Is there not a way to punish companies that are embezzling of the working class? I attempted to use a lawyer that is out of state to combat them only to find out last week like in washington apparently Aetna has a hand in that pocket. Instead of suing them as originally I was told for negligence of benefits the law firm is trying to negotiate. I could have sent them a form letter myself and the fact that we have lost everything isnt admissible nor does it pertain to the case. All of my medical bills are now in collections and we are homeless. My advice would be to find a local lawyer. Someone you can look in the eye.
I became disabled from my job after a botched orthopedic surgery which resulted in a difficult joint reconstruction surgery and sadly to the development of permanently disabling Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I received my STD from Aetna without any delays or issues. At around 60 days in, I received a letter from Aetna confirming my transition to LTD. I have just passed the two-year mark where a determination is made whether you are able to work in any occupation rather than just your own, and I was, appropriately, determined to be permanently disabled from working in any occupation.I read many reviews and experiences from others early in my disability and saw how many problems people were having, and I realized I would need to be very proactive. I did not feel I could rely on the staff of every medical provider I was seeing to get my records to Aetna in a timely manner, if at all. Many of those medical assistants and records people are just snotty. From the very beginning, I took responsibility for collecting every single medical record related to my condition, have them scanned to PDF, and uploaded them to Aetna's online portal, which I found easy to use.The second thing I did from the beginning was to view my Claim Manager as my ally and built an appropriate relationship with him. There were times I proactively called him with an update after trying a new therapy or interventional procedure. I cooperated with all requests and circled back to make sure he had what he needed. When he prematurely arranged for a return-to-work counselor at Aetna to contact me, I treated her the same and answered every call and every question from her for a few months. I figured she had some input in the disposition of my claim from a different perspective so I was not annoyed by answering the same questions twice.I asked questions if I didn't understand something about their process. I asked my Claim Manager about his knowledge of my condition and if people he knew had better outcomes than I. When I spoke with him at times that I was in a lot of pain, I let him hear it and didn't hide my crying and frustration that I was not getting better. He was kind, supportive and professional overseeing my claim. He told me the biggest hurdles they have is getting medical records in a timely manner and having the medical condition and course of treatment properly documented.In addition, he said there are folks who do not follow their doctor's treatment plan which is an issue, and some who doctor-shop to find someone to support their desire for disability. During the first year, I did have a physician treating me who I decided to fire and find someone else because he was not knowledgeable about my condition and was trying to experiment with me. I called my Claim Manager and let him know this in case there was a gap in my treatment records. I hope this information can be helpful to someone else.
I have been extremely patient and optimistic throughout this process with AETNA and Bank of America regarding my disability, however, enough is enough. On 4/22/15, I had a 3 level (c3-4, c4-5, c5-6) cervical discectomy fusion with severe cervical spinal stenosis surgery. In May, I started receiving multiple phone calls from AETNA regarding my return to work date. I explained time and time again that my follow up appointment with my neurosurgeon was not until 6/25/15 so I was unsure what their recommendations would be. AETNA then contacted my doctor’s office and stated that they needed a date, repeatedly. My doctor’s representative stated a date, 6/10/15. However, pending appointments would determine my return to work date. Now, please keep in mind that a surgery at this extent does have a normal recovery time of 3-6 months but can be several months depending on the patient and their fusion healing AND my original return to work date was 11/13/15. I did everything that I was supposed to do and followed my neurosurgeon’s directions to a tee so that I could heal quickly and return to work. On 6/25/15, I went back to my neurosurgeon for my second follow up since my surgery. On this date, we reviewed my X-Rays, which were remarkable considering the surgery that I endured. We decided that I could go ahead and take off my neck brace after being in it 24/7 for 9 weeks straight and that I would only have to wear it in strenuous circumstances. I contacted AETNA immediately following my appointment to advise them of the great news and progress of my recovery. AETNA then wanted to know, when was I coming back to work? I advised that my doctor recommended physical therapy and for me to continue to be out of work until 8/1/15 and use my bone growth stimulator until further notice. I had no Range of Motion due to being confined to a neck brace for 9 and a half weeks straight. It was on 7/3/15 that I noticed that I did not have a direct deposit for my Short Term Disability benefits. I contacted AETNA, who then explained that my claim had been closed due to my doctor stating that I could return to work. I contacted my doctor extremely confused since the last follow up, we had decided that even though I am making progress, we do not need me to interfere with any of the progression and I needed to still be out of work. After all, I should still be in my neck brace, but since I have done EVERYTHING in my power to recover as quickly as possible and follow all directions, I am on a path to a wonderful recovery. My doctor advised that he did say that I could go back to work with no restrictions in error, however, he also put on the same documents that I needed to be out until 8/1/15 with restrictions. When I contacted my doctor again stating that AETNA has denied my claim, they were appalled at the fact that given the information and communication verbally that we have all had, that they could do this. Then, on 7/29/15, I get a notification that I have a new letter on the AETNA navigator that says they are requesting PHYSCOTHERAPY NOTES. Apparently this is supposed to be some kind of insult I would assume. I am not crazy, but like I said, AETNA and Bank of America are making me seriously re-evaluate myself now because I am starting to think that maybe I am going crazy. I spoke to my appeals case manager today, 7/30/15, and wanted information regarding my circumstances and said that we would be in touch. To top it all off, I got ANOTHER notification on the AETNA navigator and a new letter from my appeals case manager with a new due date of 10/4/15 from 9/4/15. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I am a human being, with a child. I have been with the company for years and I continuously exceed expectations and have not had to utilize benefits through AETNA previously. My car is now being repossessed, my electricity is due to be shutoff, but thank the Lord the temperatures are too high. My mother is paying my phone bill for me. I have NO cable. My mother is buying food for us because I HAVE NOTHING. What turned out to be a life-threatening surgery that I needed due to the severity of my health and wellbeing, I never in my wildest, craziest dreams ever thought that I would ever have to go through something like this in my life. This is the biggest nightmare I have endured in my lifetime. When I thought that nothing could get worse, I contacted Bank of America HR on 7/30/15 who advised me that they have now dropped my insurance due to non-payment, even though my claim is currently under appeals. How am I supposed to pay Bank of America $821 when I have no income? How can such a big corporation treat an employee like this? How much worse can it get, now? I am sure between Bank of America and AETNA it’s going to. On 7/14/15, I did return to work against my doctors recommendation because I needed some sort of income for my daughter and I. This lasted until 7/17/15 when AETNA advised me that I needed to go back on leave due to my doctor’s release being 8/1/15. I still have not been able to have this time entered by Advice and Counsel, Payroll and Timekeeping or management. I can almost guarantee Psychotherapy Notes for the both of these companies now due to the stress and mental anguish I have gone through. I am returning to work on 8/3/15, with a reduced schedule per my doctor’s notes and recommendations. I want to go back to work and complete my recovery properly. I want to go back to work and exceed expectations. I am tired of being belittled by AETNA and the lack of empathy for my situation. This is extremely serious and this has put me in a crucial hardship. I am so disappointed. Family, friends, co-workers, doctors and personnel cannot believe the carelessness and situations that Bank of America and AETNA have caused. We need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. I cannot wait until October for a response.
I was not switched over to LDT from SDT in a timely matter; then my LDT rep was as rude as possible. It took 4 months, 3 surgeries, and I’m still not approved when they had no problems taking the money out of my check on a bi-weekly basis. They are not Aflac for sure.
I had to have a CAT scan without contrast at a local hospital. The test was around $1850. I found out that if I used my insurance Aetna that I would have to pay $956. If I was self-pay and did not use insurance it was $445. I thought the purpose of insurance was to save you money. My premiums are almost 900 a month and a $5,000 deductible and it's cheaper not to use it. Why is insurance so messed up?
I didn't realize there were so many other people that got screwed by this company. Aetna is a trashy, worthless company selling worthless disability insurance. As so many others have said, they deny almost all claims and appeals with them are worthless because they are reviewed in house by Aetna's so-called experts. Something needs to be done. They are collecting premiums and lying. I have another insurance company that pays a disability claim for my furniture and although they are a pain to deal with, they do pay the claim although it is 2 - 3 months late.When I sent this other companies disability claim to Aetna, they wrote me and told me that "Just because one insurance company paid a disability claim does not mean it meets our criteria for payment." What a POS this company is. I am having back surgery on August 27, 2010 and although I will file a new claim for short term benefits, I'm sure they will deny it also. Trashy company. Do not believe anything they say. "DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THESE COMPANIES ARE REGULATED AND IF SO, WHO OVERSEES THEM? WHO DO YOU FILE A COMPLAINT WITH?"
1st let me say I was in the hospital for 5 days. Uploaded all records and faxed information to Aetna and then they claimed they contacted the hospital's medical records and they lied and did not because I called the hospital medical records dept and they had no record of being contacted. After the hospital went to my primary care doctor - he is still indicating I need to be off and went to a ent specialist who is also documenting my condition and is saying I need to be out and had surgery. But yet Aetna still claims that my condition does not need to be paid.And if you are a truck driver and if the doctor and a specialist clearly do not want you to drive why would Aetna see something else and deny benefits when they claim they do not have enough data? Lies they tell - now they claim they are sending records to an outside doctor to review and it will take another 8 days. I have been off work for 3 weeks, going to doctors and specialist all indicating in documentation of my condition and Aetna does not call you back. Only looks at the documentation when you are on the phone with them and I believe they get a bonus for the amount of claims they deny and do not want to pay short term benefits.
I am having the worst time with Aetna short term disability. I have filed and have given all of the numerous amounts of paperwork that they have required. I was injured at work and the company United Parcel Service has altered the paperwork for the accident to reflect a disability claim and not a workers' compensation claim. I have filed several complaints with the proper authorities over this issue. My employer has instructed me to file for disability and not workers' compensation. I filed but Aetna disability has approved the claim but will not send any checks until I get them a letter from Liberty Mutual United Parcel Services workers' comp carrier. I have requested this letter from my employer and they have continued to refuse to supply the letter of denial. Aetna has informed me that it is the law for my employer to give me the letter and United Parcel continues to not give a damn about the law. I don't know where to go from here. Can anyone help?
It paid the bills when I became disabled after losing both of my legs in a car accident. Aetna covered all of the therapy, most of the costs of the prosthetics, and called me to find out how I was doing in an awesome total body rehabilitation clinic that they recommended which really helped me out in becoming a productive member of society. I was really happy that they helped me back on my... feet. Get it? Well, I can laugh at myself, and that's one of the things that I learned in therapy to heal. Unlike Miss "Chronic Lyme"/"Fibromyalgia" and probably Lupus, I wanted to get better, and I didn't let the fact that I was once bit by a tick too when I was a kid... and was treated with antibiotics and can run marathons without legs stop me!
I worked for the Home Depot for over 20 years, went out on short-term disability. They rejected my claim for months, had to return to work still in pain. To make a long story short I spoke to my District HR. She told me she would call over to her counterpart at Aetna and get me paid even though they are not allowed to talk to each other. I got a check right away. This makes me sick, why does Aetna have the right to destroy people's lives, the law needs to change to protect employees that are paying for this insurance while Home Depot and Aetna get away with fraud.
April 2012, I injured my lower back at work at United Airlines. I have been out of work since April. I stopped getting paid by workman's comp, because I reached my 108 weeks of benefit. I filed for long-term disability with Aetna. They requested a physician report, which I had my doctor file to them. Aetna has done nothing but give me a runaround. Then they called me and told me I have been denied. I was very upset. I paid for that insurance in case I got injured at work. AETNA is nothing but a ripoff.
Aetna is "One big joke." Aetna wanted all from A -Z, I had all the documents and forms from Jan 5, 2015 to July 16, 2015. NO Pay?? Denial of a appeal no money but I was paying for injection, therapy etc, and I was still having a lot back and hip pain was still there with the problem. I go sign up the same day again with Aetna, guess what they approve my claim with same doctor I start with. So I was approved for the same issue that I had from Jan - July 16, 2015 and still haven't back paid me a dime. They are just program to same the same story, I pray GOD SHUT AETNA DOWN. Treating people worst than a dog and lie, lie. This company is of the Devil. Just find Tracy a manager and A with Jason.
Enrolled during open enrollment. Repeatedly told that as long as I was healthy, eligibility would begin Jan 1. I have No DIAGNOSIS, NO MEDICATIONS. Denied INSURABILITY because I am planning on Bunionectomy. There was NO disclaimer, no "look back period" disclosed, when I attempted to be proactive and gather information.
There's hundreds or perhaps thousands of us - paid for disability ins. through our employers and when it unfortunately came time to get help and exercise our benefit for all those years we paid policy monies every month - NOTHING! CEO IS bringing in about 22-44 million - consumers and even the companies that code Aetna in good meaning are Out! They aren't paying thousands of LEGIT complaints. Please help us.
I worked with the same company for over 15 years. I was on my feet 99% of the time. I started having severe pain in both feet. Dr diagnosed me with Morton's Neuroma which required surgery. He only did one foot where the pain was worse and put me on STD for 3 months, in which Aetna paid for my disability leave. About a year later, I had to have the other foot done, same thing, 3 months of STD paid via Aetna. After another year and a half, the neuromas came back bilaterally. So he did both feet, out again for 3 months, and paid via Aetna. Again… the neuromas came back, this time he sent me to another podiatrist. This dr. went thru the bottom of one foot to see how I would do, it didn't work. I still have 4 enormous neuromas in both feet that are very painful but nothing else can be done. I also suffer from cervical spinal stenosis with myelopathy, Fibro, arthritis, and scoliosis. Needless to say I'm on a high dose of pain medications. I have been on long term disability since November of 2003. In ’06, they dropped me and I appealed and won. In 2012, they assigned me with a new case manager. This person treated me like a piece of trash, called me a liar and continually harassed me for months. In May of 2013, she called to tell me that they (their drs.) no longer found me disabled under their terms. I lost my appeal as of February of 2014. The reason she called me a liar is in between the time I went on ltd. Our 19 year old son died in a drowning accident in ’04 (mind you, I was already on ltd when this happened). She called me a liar when I told her I was not a manic depressive person, as she stated they only cover mental health for 2 years and she was basing my sole disability on this. Yes, I was in a very depressive state after he died… and I still have bouts of depression but who wouldn't. They have caused me and my family undue stress, and hardship. We had to take out my spouse’s retirement funds. This is not going to last long and I have no idea what's going to happen. I have applied for ssd but I understand that's going to take forever. I didn't apply before because in reality why should I have too when I had a policy through my employer to cover this. Now I know why I should have filed long ago. I've seen all the people they have cancelled in 2012. They definitely cleaned house and have ruined so many lives. I tried vocational rehabilitation in ‘09. I really tried, I want my life back, but I couldn't handle the pain and had to stop. Why doesn't the government hold them accountable, they control everything else. All I know is that I'm tired. I now have severe abdominal pain and know something is seriously wrong. I can't afford this. My spouse was hit by a semi that rendered him disabled in ‘97… he's on ssd.Aetna is so cold hearted. I don't know how they can sleep at night. I know I've been honest in my dealings with them... if nothing is done here, well they'll get judgement put on them from our maker for their greed. Their CEO, Mark Bertolini, makes 22 million in salary alone, and with perks, close to 40 million a year - all because he takes away from the people. His son does not go out w/out his medical help, nor does he (Mark Bertolini) for his pain issues. I'd like them to try and walk in my shoes. They couldn't, and neither can I a majority of the time. Aetna, ruining lives - one or several at a time. Lawyers need to do a class action. I have a lawyer friend who is reviewing everything right now. If all goes as planned, I'll see if he will take on some of the cases here. Godspeed to everyone who has fallen into the evil hands of this company.
I would write my story but they are all here - just read and for god sake and yourself never give these crooks a dime of your money. How they can do business is beyond anything I have ever witnessed and I have owed 5 companies. Shameful that they are in business - crooks - crooks. Would rather give my money to Bonnie & Clyde!!!!!!!!
I have been on short term disability for 5 mos. Aetna has paid regular weekly payments until recently. There has been two times I didn't receive payment for over two wks. Now I'm going into the fourth WK with no check. I am the only person in my house, I'm the only one making a living. I haven't been able to pay any bills in four wks. This is unacceptable in all levels. There is no reason to take this long for a company to do their job. I have heard Aetna has a terrible reputation for timely payments. I now see this is true. I am reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.
I'm not only a consumer but an employee. I'm overall at the end of my rope. I have worked for the company for over 15 years in customer service. In the last few months I have been having medical issues and needed to take time off due to physician orders. I was in the ER and hospitalized twice and trying to deal with the Short Term Disability department has been a complete nightmare. A large portion of my STD claim has been denied and is under appeal. Every time I called to speak with someone at Aetna Disability I was given a different answer. Here are just a few things I was told: "your Doctor has never sent any information", "your information has been received and sent for review", "your case has never been started", "your claim is in pending", "your case has fully been approved", "your case has been fully denied". This was all told to me in a 24 hour period. I finally got extremely upset and asked to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor was rude and short with me telling me that everything was denied and the only option I had was to appeal. I'm now at a crossroads. I don't feel like I have been treated fairly. I have been given the run around and I'm overall frustrated and not knowing what to do.
Aetna has been asking for my doctor’s reports. My PCP sent in his records. My PCP told me I needed to see a Therapist for severe Depression and Severe Anxiety/Stress. I started seeing a Therapist on February 9, 2019 and she indicated she needed to see me a few sessions before giving Aetna a diagnosis. I filed my claim on January 28, 2019. I started receiving paperwork and request for doctors medical reports on January 31, 2019. Aetna called every day asking for the same paperwork not giving the doctor nor the Therapist time to get the information/paperwork in. On February 18, 2019 Aetna stated on the portal my claim was CLOSED. Not sure if that’s a Denial. They stated the reason for Closing the Claim on February 20, 2019 as “Disability Not Supported.” I don’t know what any of this means. I know my PCP and Therapist have not sent in their final medical records. Not sure what to do nor do I know what is going on. This situation with Aetna has increased my level of stress and depression. I’m a senior citizen and I’m unsure of what to do. My job approved me for FMLA based on my PCP’s medical reports. I don’t understand.
I am out of work for major depression and anxiety caused by years of abuse and recent tragedies, which Aetna is only making worse instead of being supportive. Obviously, Aetna does not want me returning to work anytime soon otherwise they would be more supportive. Paperwork is either never received or not correctly filled out. Making my claim either denied or payments tremendously late causing insignificant stress. My first 4 weeks with my therapist have been dealing with Aetna instead of working on therapy. I started getting better once we were able to work on therapy, but then it just started all over again when my claim needed to be recertified. I have reps from Aetna leaving messages but when I return calls, they do not return my call. Their online portal sucks. You do not know if you are coming or going when trying to work with Aetna.My therapists has says he has never experienced such a mess of paperwork and lack of communication physically with any other company other than Aetna. You have an alert online where you can submit paperwork directly to your doctor but nowhere to check off what form to send, so then you assume the email was sent with the required form as it gives you an option to send to doctor, then there is another tab under letters that have forms, this comes up where you can forward the form to your doctor but this comes up where it is being sent out of your own mailbox. So now I am not sure if this form is for me to fill out or the same thing that may have been already sent.To top it off, once you get out of the portal and go back in, the alerts reappear so then you think maybe it was not sent correctly but once you click on the link, it says that a request has been already sent. I would like to know who is going to cover all my bank surcharges and remove any negative impacts on my credit due to receiving payments very late. I normally get paid every two weeks, but right now they are over a month late. Let me try explaining that to my bank and mortgage company, and see how well that goes over.
I have never in 17 yrs made a STD claim. This year was my first. I was scheduled for surgery when my pre-op had issues that I had to address with my primary. She recommended taking the week before my surgery off to get my issues under control. I called Aetna to file my claim. The dates of Nov. 18 -21 would be for my immediate health need and if cleared, surgery would be on the 22nd. Then I would return 6 weeks later on 1/6 to work. Surgery was cleared and I went home to recover. Three days later, Aetna called to say the claim was approved. HOWEVER I would have to return one week and one day sooner than the 1/6 date. I explained my physician had written me out for 6 weeks. She said I had been out since the 18th (I funded the 1st 5 days with my sick time). Apparently since my post op is scheduled for the 19th, they will not approve the additional week because I could be working. They need the clinical notes to support the extra or what they consider extra week off. Mind you, it cannot say to heal but MUST have medical substance such as incision pain or infection. This is too much, who are they to determine how long I need to heal when my doctor has filled out the correct forms??? This, with the surgery, is very STRESSFUL.I wrote the CEO of my company and got a response that they are investigating and will let me know. I told my doctor and she said they do it ALL the time and she can give them their notes. The point is that they are not doctors and should honor the request.
This is more the principle of the matter. To start off with I am offered STD from work... ok. So, 16 days later I get a check not base on what my normal paycheck would be because, my back went out. So, I was going to chiropractor 3 times a week, ice 10 mins every hour. So, I was getting better but, there was no way I could stand for 8 hrs on cement floor let alone walk. Aetna calls me up today and says they would only pay me til 8/24 that quote "They didn't see any abnormalities to keep me from working???" How about pain!!! Unbelievable... I live alone and had to go out for cat food and milk etc. When I told that to one of the clerks at Publix that said "That's **... you could" quote "barely get around!!" That's no way to treat a person that works hard and puts money into short term disability for such a time as you need it!!
Unfair practice. I was denied after an appeal. My specialist have stated I am not ready to go back to work for a very long time. Then today I was sent a letter of a final denial as is no exceptions. I then got a email tonight at 8:42 that my claim has been set up. What does that mean? Confused. Aetna is the worst company.
I had my primary caregiver and my neurologist. They had to submit almost 10 pages of paperwork every 2 to 3 months. Aetna required I apply for SSA, then they all sent me to over 15 doctors, which I was denied SSA by 1 of the 15. Then Aetna dropped me after one doctor didn't turn in the papers within their time period.
Aetna denied my hep c treatment, which I very desperately need at this point, because my liver does not quite have enough scarring on it and hasn't hit cirrhosis yet. My symptoms are to the point I can barely get out of bed let alone work and I'm denied treatment because I have to be a little closer to death. Apparently if I'm still alive I can reapply in six months to a year. Awesome.
I agree with everyone regarding Aetna Disability claims process. They find every way possible to deny, deny, deny. How can you expect me to live? Scheduled for total hip replacement next month and worried about being evicted at same time. I've been out of work since Nov 4 2015 and have yet to be paid a dime. 1st denial no side effects of meds listed after my doc never got a medical form to fill out and was sent a psych form when psych was sent nothing. My savings are depleted and I have to wait another 45 days for what!!!??? I really want to file class action against them as they don't care. I type this with tears flowing as I just don't know what to do anymore. We need to fight back.
They approved my leave at first then two weeks later took it back because I complained about lady in the way she handled my claim. They always say they never received my faxes, never can get in touch with my doctors office. Because they took back their approval now my job is billing for like 4 months of insurance all at once which I will not be able to have my surgeries I need and my company that I worked 13 almost 14 years is okay with a company like Aetna that approved the claim then took it back. I need my surgeries. Now I have no insurance. I screwed by Aetna and by the company I work for. I have the approved letters and my bill from work.
I went out of work for a disability backed by doctors. After much paper work and worrying, I was approved for std. Then they ceased payments and std after doctors original diagnosis changed. After a month and miles of paper work and trouble, I got last weeks of payment and std extended. Now it's expired and they of course turned down std benefits and I have doctors backing 100 percent. They really don't give a valid reason and bs you and your doctors hoping you will give up. I appealed and now they are in no rush to do anything. I haven't received money in a month! I guess a lawyer is next step. I am disabled and doctor supported and meet all requirements. These are corrupt people and look any way possible viable or not to screw people! What do I do? In NC here.
This is THE WORST disability company I have ever dealt with! I’ve have child birthing experiences less painful than this! I went to my HR department after dealing severe depression and anxiety for almost a year. What we were doing wasn’t getting any better, so HR said take FMLA/STD and get better. It was easier for them if I took a few weeks and got better, than to have to have to restaff. I applied for leave 3 weeks in advance. Started leave on December 17, 2018 only to be contacted by Aetna on December 19, 2018 to be told I needed doctor's paperwork. I was sent paperwork on December 22. The following few days, I had both doctors fill out the requested paperwork. Aetna lost the PCPs twice, then said he never sent it in. (Even though there are faxed records AND I submitted through their portal.)Second doctor sends in paperwork, Aetna says they need more information to answer their questions. He provides a clearly written paragraph answering their questions. Aetna comes back and says this still doesn’t answer the questions. I called them and asked what the questions were. They were three very basic questions that I got the answers to and submitted through the portal. This took me from December 22, 2018 to January 3, 2019 (which I thought was a very reasonable time considering the doctors were closed a few days for holidays). Each time I sent paperwork, Aetna calls me with more questions. On January 4, the call again and ask the same questions again. They get the same answers again. January 9, they call and tell me they are making a determination. January 10, 2019 - they deny STD/FMLA due to “insufficient information and lack of response.” Stated I did not qualify for being “total disabled” which I never said I was anyway. Then AFTER STD is denied, they tell me that I’m not eligible for FMLA due to this lack of information - at which time I’ve already been off 4 weeks... So technically I could be terminated due to excessive absences. (I took the lesser of two evils and resigned on my own, that way I left of my own accord and not terminated.)I applied for these leaves because my HR department told me to do so, and Aetna said there was no reason for me to have these. Just because two doctors certified it apparently isn’t reason enough. Let alone the fact that our HR department AGREED WITH THE MEDICAL PROVIDERS. I will NEVER EVER apply for ANY insurance with Aetna on my own, nor will I EVER use ANY leaves if Aetna is the provider. If you are considering paying for Aetna, think twice as they aren’t worth it at all. I deal professionally with rules/regs/risks all day every day, and I still have yet to understand how Aetna operates - they are the biggest risk out there... STAY FAR, FAR AWAY.
I have had Aetna STtD and LTD and they've been very helpful and cooperative and have paid me on time and when the State of California stopped paying me, they picked up the slack and paid me immediately. It may because my congestive heart failure is difficult to contest, but whatever the reason, they've been excellent.
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