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AARP/Hartford Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: The Hartford
Year Founded: 1810
Address: One Hartford Plaza
City: Hartford
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06155
Country: United States
Phone: (860) 547-5000
Overall average rating of 1.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 11 %
We have been with Hartford since 2009 through AARP. We have never had a claim or had a bad experience with them but every year our bill goes up. This year we had an increase of our homeowner's insurance by $758.00 When we started with them in 2009 our bill was for $1200 and now it is at $2,458. We can understand a little increase each year but $758 in one year with no explanation! When we questioned them they said Hartford had done an increase this year and that was it. AARP recommends this company and many seniors are struggling. Hartford gives you good prices in the beginning but then sticks it to you after a few years. Needless to say we are going with another company where we will save $600 a year. Shame on you AARP.
We have had Hartford Insurance for a couple of years. Every time we have had an issue with our home, we call for a claim. They say they can help but has never helped us. They keep the claims on file even though they do not pay them. That goes against your record when getting new insurance. They have idiots that run the claims department and adjusters too. They are rude, to you on the phone, expensive for coverage and do not insure your home for the value replacement cost. We finally broke away from them this month and glad we did, as we were under-insured and were paying high monthly charges. This company has been around for over 200 years and it is sure to go down the drain like all others. It is sad but do not use them. We went with another company that has our auto and received quick service and are saving over $200 a month. The rude customer service department and the management of this company are horrible. They make you feel like you were dog ** on the street.
We wanted to add homeowners insurance to our current auto policy and consolidate bills. Homeowners insurance is not available to new customers in Florida.
I like what they offer and how they help the customers. They help many customers with everything they need. They have many branches out so they can help so many customers.
AARP/Hartford provide comprehensive homeowners insurance and condo owners insurance at very reasonable prices. There is customer service assistance available by calling a toll-free number 24/7. If you have any questions regarding the exact policy coverages, the customer service agents are there to help.
Purchased new home in 1999. Had one claim in 2004, roof got damaged when hurricane went through, just shingle repair. They paid for new shingle repairs. Now in 2014 roof started leaking inside two different rooms. Called them, adjuster came out, anyway denied, no inside damage and no shingles missing, no trees or impact damage. They said that they couldn't cover cause it was due to neglect. We have argued with them that how can it be neglect when it has two sets of shingles and how would we know that it leaked until it leaked inside. So after them clearly not going to cover roof repairs we decided to have the work done. WOW! Did we get a surprise when they started repairs, a lot of inside damage. So we once again reached out to the insurance company to help with inside repairs. Nope not covered, not due to natural causes. To make a longer story shorter HARTFORD AARP HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE is not worth the thousands you give them every year. So you're welcome for my donation AARP...Inside damage, replace 2 walls inner and outer and carpeting three foot of flooring and framing, one entire bathroom outer wall and replace rotting floor, had to take off siding and windows to replace both walls inner and outer. And oh the ceiling repairs. So guess what all this cost us and saved AARP. Would not and making sure to let every contractor and repairman, and salesperson that I have dealt with that has said you have homeowners insurance just how good my trusty insurance that is exposed to ease my mind is.
During our recent record breaking low temperatures, we were advised of a freeze alert by the weather stations. Days later, I noticed dampness at the threshold of my front door, but only at the right side. The other side was bone dry. I wasn't sure if it had rained and the gutters were draining in that area, but it had my attention. After a few more days had passed, I knew there was a problem. I contacted the county water department who advised me to call a plumber. The plumber came out and did the inspection stating they would need to dig up the pipe to assess the extent of the problem. I called Hartford to notify them of the situation, and they would have an agent call me. In the meantime, we were bracing for another cold-wave so I had the repair done, the cost $1500. The agent was advised and faxed the invoice, promising to send out an adjuster who didn't show up for 2 weeks. (Imagine if I had waited all that time!) Still wary, it seemed to take the ground an incredible amount of time to dry, so I called the plumber out again to re-inspect. After a few fretful calls due to scheduling conflicts, they left me a bad message and stated that there was no continued leak. Assured, I waited for the agent to call back. When she did, she wanted the plumber to call her with the details. I contacted the plumber who didn't seem still angry, and he agreed to notify her of the details. Well after following up with him for 3 more days, they finally connected. She left me a message that she had all the information she needed and was ready to proceed to process my claim. Some more weeks pass and I get a call from another agent telling me she was newly assigned to my case, and that the plumber told her the cold temperatures had nothing to do with my pipe bursting, that it was due to "wear and tear" (underground?), and that my claim was denied. She assured me the decision was final, and there was no appeal process. I felt the plumber's embittered attitude towards me, sabotaged my claim and Hartford let me down in their unprofessionalism. I will be seeking other alternatives for homeowners and auto coverage immediately.
Homeowners' policy raised by $1000.00 a year: It was claimed the fire department was rated a 10--10 being the worst and 1 being the best. I had been with AARP; the Hartford for 5 years. I switched to another insurance, have had 6 different quotes, and no mention of this so-called fire department rating. My rates with the other six companies have been up to $1200.00 less than the Hartford's. AARP and the Hartford are ripping the seniors off. It's time they are investigated. Yeah, right; like it will ever happen. Seniors are an easy touch. The sad part of this ripoff is ARRP knows this, and they get paid a royalty.
Changed to Hartford insurance 2 years ago. Always paid policy in full when it was due. Call to have endorsement put on policy and sent to mortgage company. At that time there was nothing said about I would be charged. Next thing I know getting a bill for $42.00 for admin. fee. Called them, said that was a fee for filling out paperwork. One sheet of paper 42.00. Can't believe it. I wonder why insurance companies are so rich. Did not pay at that time. Next thing I know they sent email stating if not paid they were going to cancel my policy, which I had already paid in full. Call them, said it didn't matter if I had paid them in full, if the 42.00 was not paid by within 2 weeks my policy would be cancelled. Then when I told them I would pay it over the phone she told me it would be 52.00. When I ask what the extra 10.00 was for she said that they had sent me 2 paper bills. Never received paper bills. All transactions are done by email. When I told her that she said "Let me check" and came back and said "Oh that is right." So beware when you are dealing with hartford.
AARP Hartford has always been there for me, the homeowner. Their agents, in my honest opinion, have ALWAYS been professional and courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend any senior citizen to look this company up. Not only professional and courteous but understanding. I have had other homeowner's insurance that ONLY wanted their premiums. To cite an examples: Before installing a brick wall around my home, I had a wooden fence surrounding my yard. There happened to be a severe wind storm that caused it to fall down. When calling this old company, I was rudely told "You should have replaced it with something more sturdy." If one was on limited funds, replacement is not an option. Finally, they were going to not insure my home unless the paint around the bottom of the roof (facia) was repainted. Again: no MONEY, no Painting. I feel the bigger the company, the more they tend to gouge the homeowner.
Been an AARP member for a long time and through their solicitation decided to switch all auto and home policies to Hartford. Two months later Hartford cancelled the home insurance as "roof on your dwelling is a flat roof and does not meet the eligibility requirements of our program. Also, due to the presence of an un-fenced swimming pool. Da - the house is in Arizona and when they covered the house they were told a SW adobe style with a flat roof and what houses in AZ are not like this? Regarding the pool - 100% incorrect - this house is relatively new and anyone who lives in AZ will attest that no final occupancy will be approved without complying with stringent AZ regs on fencing, door access points above child reach, etc. Don't be a fool and deal with this company.
I am an AARP member and went through AARP to look up home insurance, which is Hartford. I was quoted a reasonable price for my home, so I went with Hartford. I will be with them almost 3 years. I recently received a letter that they were increasing the amount of coverage on my home to $265,000 on renewal in November. My current coverage is $189,000. Their one paragraph in the letter states "Replacement Cost estimation system, based on home replacement cost details gathered from recently available public information on your property". Considering the home is in Henderson, Nevada, where all the home and property values have dramatically gone done, I’m not sure what public records they are looking at to try to justify raising my property value? I called Hartford and asked what the change of property insurance to $265,000 would be. He told me it would increase $248.00. I advised that I wanted to keep the insurance at $189,000 and not to increase. He proceeded to tell me that if I did not increase the value, Hartford will take away my "Lifetime Continuation Agreement" and the Replacement Cost Coverage endorsement. On top of that, they were still going to increase my insurance rate by $71.00. I have had no claims with Hartford and have excellent credit, so there is absolutely no reason that Harford should be playing this kind of game. Why isn't AARP getting involved with Hartford to stop screwing their members of trying to increase their premium by 50%! That is absurd. And if you don't go along with their antics, they still increase your rate 15% and subject you to scare tactics by taking away your "Lifetime Continuation Agreement" and "replacement cost coverage if your loss exceeded the stated dwelling limit on the policy". We need AARP to fight these battles - not getting money compensation from Hartford.
We thought AARP would suggest a reliable and useful insurance company to us seniors. When we got a decent quote with Hartford, we went ahead with the policy. A year later, it went up 20% and a call to why this happened since we had no claims, paid on time, etc. The answer was it went up. The next year, up 20% again and I didn't call because I know it went up. Now the rate isn't so decent and is 40% higher than the initial rate in just 2 years with no claims, paid on time, etc. It's AARP that bothers me the most. I don't think they can be trusted and I'm done with AARP. We're switching our insurance. Probably won't make any difference these days.
After 20 years of being a customer with Hartford for home and auto insurance, my mother home owners insurance was dropped. Because while undergoing cancer treatment she was a couple of days late on 1 payment. She was never late making a payment for 20 year. No notice was sent other than then the cancelation notice. They need receive and kept the payment but refused to reinstate or write a new policy. I explained the situation but they said nothing they could do. Now an 83 year old person with cancer needs to find new home owners insurance. This is an unethical despicable company.
They are a bunch of jerks. They canceled and then would not reinstate "because we have too many losses in California." I missed the billing while on vacation. They did not bill my agent who has my credit card and always pays it. Hartford underwriter refused to re-instate. I have paid for fire ins. for decades. I have NEVER had a loss. Additionally I found out that Hartford sent to the state of California lost property program a $196 refund check to the state of California! Instead of sending it to ME. I have not moved in 20 years. These people are jerks, have poor billing policies, and underwriting. In my opinion avoid, avoid, avoid.
Increase in premium: The premium on homeowners went up $354.68 because of our credit report. There were no missed payments; nothing. I have not contacted directly; I just received my renewal notice.
Our family was with The Hartford for many years. We appreciated their good service during all those years. However, on 1/1/14, things changed drastically for the worse. My 89 year old mother, one of their insured, renewed our homeowners policy on about Aug 23, 2013. A $2,079 annual premium was paid by charge card. Our property was titled in our three names (Mom, My Brother and Me) as Joint Tenants since 2008 by deed. Unbeknown to my mother, my brother passed away Nov 5, 2013. His two oldest daughters, quickly went from Virginia to Florida to personally relay this tragic news to their grandmother. Shortly thereafter, they drove their grandmother to a lawyer making sure her long term estate planning was circumvented. Their grandmother was then put in the local hospital, and then transferred to a Hospice facility for about 5 days, all the while in a coma, eventually passing away Nov. 30, 2013. On Jan 1, 2014, my niece called The Hartford explaining that the property had been transferred to In The Estate of XYZ on Nov 27, 2013, (which is oddly while mom was in a coma in Hospice, 3 days before she died Nov 30, 2013) promising to send validating documents shortly. She went on to explain that since she was the trustee, and that the property was in a revocable trust, she as trustee, was immediately cancelling the insurance policy and instructing The Hartford to issue a refund of the balance of the unused prepaid annual premium, sending it to her. The Hartford was unable to issue the $1,370.06 unused prepaid premium as a credit to the charge card, and instead sent a check payable to the trust in C/O my niece. Without telling or asking me, or even subsequently informing me, The Hartford followed phone instructions of an unrelated 3rd party, cancelling my homeowners insurance coverage, issuing a refund of prepaid insurance premium to this unrelated 3rd party, leaving me uninsured and unnecessary subject to needless liability and failing to inform me afterwards. Just to be clear: The property was never part of the estate, nor was it ever in the name of a trust. Any documents submitted to The Hartford showing otherwise are fraudulent and invalid.Hartford's phone agent told me that all of these phone conversations are recorded by The Hartford, and that they can easily be reviewed at any time, even ones from back in Jan 2014. The Hartford phone agent also said all of the related documents including ones validating the trust transfer submitted by my niece, and a copy of the refund check are all on file and readily obtainable without difficulty. I would like to see any and all related documents, correspondence and have made available, all recordings of these phone conversations cancelling my insurance as soon as possible. I am now without insurance, an intolerable situation. I suggest The Hartford replace coverage, and because the refund money is likely gone. I am willing pay the refunded balance to The Hartford right now, if The Hartford is willing to reinstate coverage until Aug 23, 2014 as was our original arrangement. This matter should have been verified with me, their insured, well before taking any such drastic action. I trust they agree. I sure hope so.
A big storm came through our city and knocked down 12-16 feet of my redwood fence. I went online and filed a claim with the Hartford the next day. I got a returned phone call and then nothing. I have a 125 lb dog in my yard and a fence is mandatory. I had to shell out $1804 to repair that part of the fence, that was last week and to this day, have not received a phone call, an inspector nor a check. I am not renewing my insurance with the Hartford as they apparently do not pay claims. Buyer beware! Shame on you if you purchase insurance with them.
Due to ending up in a nursing home for now and didn't get my bill paid in time after being a long term customer, never had a claim and never was late with the payment. I have had my policy cancelled and you won’t reinstate my policy. I think this is very poor customer service and I think AARP should give you the boot. AARP being there to help elderly.
I filed a claim last month. I have spoken to four different people. All four times I've given my policy number, my claim info, the dates, etc., etc. I have started over FOUR times. No one can help me. It has been a month, and so far I have gotten the runaround. That is this company's tactic. Give you the runaround until you give up. DO NOT use the Hartford for any type of insurance. NOT EVER!!!
This is my published "AARP Auto and Home Hartford Insurance" Complaint. October 2013. I would have never purchased auto and home insurance from the Hartford had they not advertised in the AARP monthly magazine and newsletter for AARP Members. I talked with the AARP magazine marketing manager, and she told me that AARP does NOT endorse the Hartford Insurance company in any way. The AARP magazine only sells the Hartford advertising space in their monthly magazine for seniors. The Hartford Insurance company calls and advertises their insurance product the "AARP Auto and Home Insurance by the Hartford." The Hartford policy name led me to believe the Hartford product was totally endorsed by AARP for its members.May 22, 2011, a tornado hit North Minneapolis, Minnesota. My garage was wiped off of its foundation, and all contents gone. My Range Rover parked in front of my house was impaled with a six-inch log through the windshield and the dashboard to the gas pedal. My house, built in 2002, roof, walls, and windows were impaled with tree limbs, 2 x 4s, and parts of other people's houses and all kinds of debris. Rain and mud entered my house and filled the attic, and proceeded to take the path of least resistance draining to main floor where it ran inside the walls and underneath newly installed vinyl and hardwood floors and into the basement where it's settled in pools of fluid resembling swamp muck. The vinyl floors squished, and the hardwood floors swelled, resembling waves on a body of water. Everything, all of my personal property inside my house got soaking dripping wet from smelly stinking infiltrated tornado water. Cabinets, appliances, furniture, clothing, electronics were all contaminated with this muck. The north wall of my house was sucked out 2 inches. Windows unbroken steamed from broken seals Four days after the tornado with electric poles still down and temperatures in the 90s, two Hartford managers showed up and capped my total claim at $200,000. One collected pieces of vinyl siding, he said was to be used to patch my siding. My policy reads 150% coverage well over the capped amount.Two weeks passed before an adjuster came to my home to begin the claims process. He hired Servpro, a company that dries out flooded structures. They opened the walls and positioned ten high velocity fans on the walls, and my six-month-old puppy. You could see new mold growth inside the walls. Servpro said they did not protect or cover anything, because everything had to be replaced anyway from water damage. They stated upholstered furniture and mattress cannot be cleaned, and wood will warp. They said my adjuster knows this, because they work with him all of the time and this was a standard operating practice. Tectron, an environmental remediation company hired by the Hartford, instructed the remediation team, the Hartford, and me that everything that could not be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution, had to be discarded and replaced. Envirobate, another environmental remediation company hired by the Hartford instructed the Hartford that all wood, sheetrock, and biologicals inside the house would have to be replaced including the swelled and damaged subfloor.The adjuster planned to dry the walls and repaint them. There were water bubbles under the paint. My 3/4 inch red oak floors - he planned to have them shaved down to barely nothing. And he had no intention of replacing any of my personal property inside of my house. I know this because he told me that he doubted anything of my personal property inside the house was damaged, and he did not want to see them on my loss list. I told the adjuster he was forcing me to hire a public adjuster, to which he said was a waste of money, because anyone I hired had to deal with him, and he would defend his position and not change his mind. The house sat for eight months before the adjuster would come up with enough money for a contractor to start work on my house. Even then he said he knew the estimate was short, but the contractor could ask him for more money as they worked on my house. When the contractor requested more material and labor money, he refused them. He said that was on the contractor, because he accepted the job. The contractor put a new hardwood floor over badly damaged subfloor, which failed to hold down the hardwood. It is now October 2013, and I am still fighting the Hartford to cover the damage to my house and garage and replace my lost and/or damaged personal property. I had to hire a law firm to which the Hartford arrogantly refuses to stand behind their AARP Auto and Home Insurance Policy.
I switched to The Hartford under AARP for my homeowner's insurance. We had a major storm with wind and hail in the summer of 2010 and several shingles were blown off my house. I had a roofer look at it and was told the roof had wind and hail damage and needed to be replaced. I filed a claim with The Hartford. An "Outside Claim Representative" by the name of Eric ** came out and met the roofer and went on the roof. He claimed that the roof was just old and did not have any hail damage. He would simply pay to have the shingles replaced, which was less than my deductible, so he would pay nothing. The roofer insisted that the entire roof was damaged by hail and needed to be replaced. I asked Eric if there was an appeal process and he told me I could request that The Hartford send out an "independent" engineer to evaluate the roof. However, he said that it would take forever to get that done and I should simply accept what he said. He was insistent that The Hartford would take several months to get an engineer out to evaluate the roof. After he left, I called The Hartford and was told they would have an engineer out the next week. Nearly a week later, I was told that the engineer could not make it and it ended up being several weeks before they actually got the engineer out. The engineer wanted to make sure the roofer was there as he needed to use his ladder, so I arranged for the roofer to come out again to help the engineer. My roof is fairly steep and when the engineer got on the roof, he freaked out. My house has a garage roof and a main roof. He climbed to the top of the garage roof and sat on the top and would not move. The roofer asked him if he was going to inspect the roof and he was too afraid to move so the roofer took his camera and took pictures of both the garage and main roof to show the hail damage. Then both the engineer and the roofer went back down the garage roof and got down. The engineer had only crawled from the ladder, straight up one side of my garage roof to the top and then back down the same path he took to get up there. I expected him to file a report that said he could not evaluate the roof. Instead he filed a report that said he saw no hail damage and the roof should not be replaced. Now, I am a certified home inspector (which they do not know) and I can tell you that the roof had a lot of hail damage. Even the metal flashing around my vents has dents from the hailstorm. So, first Eric ** lied to me about the engineer being able to come out and then the "independent" engineer lied about his evaluation of the roof. At this point, I did not expect anything resembling an honest evaluation from The Hartford. I complained about the engineer's report being fraudulent and after several months, got The Hartford to agree to send another engineer who was not afraid to get on the roof. After another many weeks, he came out and once again my roofer had to come out to escort him onto my roof. He took pictures and went on his way. He submitted a report similar to the first one, but this time said that half the roof was damaged. Eric ** agreed to replace the rear half of my roof but not the front. I told him that I did not believe the "independent" engineers were so "independent" as they were being paid by The Hartford to help them deny claims. I asked him if I had any other appeals process. He said I could hire my own engineer and if that report said I needed to replace the roof, then The Hartford would not only replace the entire roof, but would pay for the engineer. However, he also said it would cost me a fortune to get an engineer to evaluate my roof if I was able to find one at all. He was right about finding one, but I was diligent and finally found a certified and licensed structural engineer who looked at my roof and submitted a report to me that said the entire roof needed to be replaced. I sent this to The Hartford and they still denied my claim. Interesting to note that during the year that all of this has been taking place, two of my neighbors have had their entire roofs replaced due to this storm. Also, about midway through all of this, I received a letter from the President of The Hartford asking if I was happy with the service I received from The Hartford in having my "entire roof replaced"! When I called to ask why the President of The Hartford seemed to think I should have my entire roof replaced while the adjusters did not, I was told it was only a form letter and was not worded correctly.So now I am stuck. I have plenty of evidence to present to a judge and am confident I will win. However, the dollar amount of my claim is too much to use small claims court so I would need to hire an attorney. I am certain that The Hartford has used deceptive business practices with many people, so I am looking for anyone who has a legitimate complaint with The Hartford to contact me so we can look at getting a class action against them. Please send me your complaint and contact info and I will start looking for a good law firm to handle the case.
Today (December 2, 2014), I found out that the insurance in my house had been cancelled back in February of this year. Yes, 10 months later I found out. Why?- "internal matters." After several attempts at finding out, I was told "the house looked empty." I was told that back in February I was sent a letter and also a letter sent to my mortgage company. I called my mortgage company and was told, they just found out several days ago that the policy had been cancelled - no explanation given to them either.
They are always there when I need them. They never have any unknown charges like most other places do. I am currently happy with my choice. They to me are the best at what they do and are getting better every time.
On Dec. 10, 2014 my husband called The Hartford Ins. Company to get a quote for homeowners insurance. After numerous phone calls, faxes, emails, questions, we received a quote, which we agreed to and a policy was issued on or about Dec. 15, 2014. We paid the first installment premium and subsequently transferred the autos to the Hartford. The Hartford indicated that a home inspection was necessary and that should have been our red flag but since all the reps were so very nice we didn't give it a second thought. On January 31st via regular mail, we received a notice of cancellation.. and when we called we were told: 1) we were located in a "CAT" zone (the house is on the north shore of Long Island); 2) we made 1 claim in 15 years with our previous ins. company and the Hartford has very strict guidelines and we obviously did not fit within their guidelines. I pressed the rep as to what a "CAT" zone is (as we are not in a flood zone, etc. ) and his answer was that we were in a high wind area. I asked why we weren't advised that there was a possibility that the policy, while in underwriting, could be cancelled and again no satisfactory answer. Which leads me to believe this was nothing more than a bait and switch; although they had nothing to switch us to. Their big accommodation is that they are giving us until 3/1/2015 to find other coverage. We went to The Hartford because we felt that AARP vetted them ..but apparently not. This is out-and-out fraud; We gave up our other insurance only to now have to scramble to find coverage. One can only imagine if this happened to an elderly person how confusing & scary this would be. My other thought was that they do not want to write insurance for homes on Long Island and I would ask AARP if they follow up to investigate how many LI policies they've written within the past year. With Google earth and websites in abundance The Hartford could have easily googled the address and determined very early on that we were in a "CAT" zone or not an insurable property. This is incompetency at its highest and I'm disappointed in AARP for sponsoring/lending their good name and reputation to such an inept group. Again we are not questioning The Hartford's guidelines as governed by the State of NY but omitting such pertinent information is deceitful not to mention harmful.
South New Jersey had a bad storm back in June 2015, with no electric for 2 days and severe property damage. My father had been paying this insurance company AARP for them to tell him that once they take the deductible out, he will receive a $5.00 check. Trees, roof and fence and other items that blown away from the strong winds.
Last July, my husband was laid off after 22 years with the same company. He worked for our auto & property insurance company. Because we needed to reduce expenses and we were upset about the termination of employment, we decided to go with the The Hartford-AARP plan. BIG MISTAKE. While gathering the information for our taxes, I noticed I didn't have the documents for our investment property. I called The Hartford to find out the policy had NEVER been activated because they hadn't received some additional information from me. However, I did send them the information. I was panicked. After spending 40 minutes on the phone and talking with 7 different people, none of whom could or weren't willing to help me, I decided to return to our previous insurer. During all the interactions I had with the people I spoke with, NONE of them expressed any sense of compassion or urgency to help me get the policy activated except for one person; I believe her name was Lucinda. The others were more interested in talking over me and defending their position. As I waited to speak with a manager I started thinking what kind of service would I get if I ever had to file a claim. That's when I made the decision to return to the company I had been with for years and knew I could trust. Within a half hour I had the quotes and policies activated for 2 auto, 2 homeowner and 1 umbrella coverage. For a company who is targeting the Senior population they need some help in listening, compassion, empathy and offering solutions with options rather than coping attitudes, talking over people and being down right rude. Even better when I called to cancel, they were again rude and only emailed the forms to cancel my auto policies. I have news for them, I stopped the EFT on ALL policies and expect to get refunds for all policies. If not, I will be contacting the WA State OIC and a local consumer advocate thru our local television station KING 5 in Seattle. Do Not do business with The Harford.
We filed a claim with Hartford end of October or first part of November. We had a leak in the roof of our motor home which is also our full time home. We requested it to be repaired. They had Dean ** come out and look at the roof of the motor home. At this time, we told him we have an estimate from a RV repair shop hear in Yuma AZ. He said he would talk to them. We called several days later to see what the status of the claim was. Amanda ** told us that they had sent the check to the repair shop. A couple days later, we received a copy of the estimate of records with the information of whom receive the check and how much the repairs would be. On the paper work it showed that there would be no warranty on where they splice the new roof with the old roof. We called Amanda to get this cleared up. She told us that Hartford would not warranty it but the shop would. We then talk to the repair shop. He told us that he would not warranty it because he felt it would leak. Again called Amanda to see what protection we would have. She told us if we could file new claim if it leak and they may or may not repair the leak. They final came out on December the 6 and took off the old roof and told us that it would need to dry out. They would come back on Thursday, December 8. No one showed up. They did not come on Friday December 9. They came back out on Sat December 10. Put the new roof on the part of the roof they only could fix which is a 4x8 section of the roof. It then rain on Monday and we had a leak not on the part that the shop would not warranty so we call the repair shop. They came out and look at it and told us two ways to fix the roof was to either replace the whole roof or to total out the motor home. We called Amanda ** several time the next few days. Left several messages. We also called Dean ** and left message. No one called us back. We on December 15, we talk to Caroline ** who is Amanda supervisor. She told us that it was our problem. Want it fix, pay for it. That they paid for all they would pay for and all we want was a new motor home. All we want is this one fix so it does not leak. We also talk to a Brian **. Explained to him the whole story. He said he would call back. He did call us back and told us that he was told that we told them to send the check to repair shop which we did not tell them to mail it to any one. Also he said that we told them that we would cover the cost of the rest of the roof. Which is not true either. We live on a fix income and could not cover the cost which we told could be over 5,000.00. They are going to send someone from Hartford to look at roof again on Wednesday, December 21. We want to clear that we did not tell them to send the check to the repair shop. We did not sign anything with Hartford or with the shop to give them authorization to do the repairs.
We experienced a roof leak in our home due to an historic storm in Paso Robles on July 19th. This caused ceiling damage and rug damage. Have been battling with Hartford with weeks to get reimbursement for damages. First they only paid a fraction of the cost to repair the roof. They paid for 2 broken tiles to the roof when in fact the "proximate" cause of the problem was the roof underlayment became so saturated it failed and caused the leak. I had two roofers advise that was the issue not the broken tiles. Hartford wants to "clean" the carpet despite the fact I have submitted two separate recommendations that the rug be replaced because cleaning won't fix the problem. They are insisting I have to clean the carpet before they would consider replacing the carpet. Totally illogical to me to clean a carpet when two independent contractors have advised it should be replaced. They send some $$ towards the damage with no clear explanation what the $$ are for and how they calculated the amount. Wish I had known that Hartford is in the top FIVE insurance companies known to operate in BAD Faith before I purchased this policy. AARP members should be alerted to this and AARP should find a better insurance company to partner with for insurance needs of their members.
I have tried for two days to contact the Hartford Ins. Co. regarding my residence premium. First day I was able to speak to someone who told me I had the telephone number of car insurance. I told her this number is for customer service on my residence policy. She told me to hang on and she will switch to the right number. I was disconnected. So, I tried the computer. I could not even get on the first screen as my zip code would not read. I get my billings just fine with the correct address and zip code. Now I will write a letter and see what happens. Hartford raised my insurance premium $100 for this coming year. This is excessive and computes to $127.58 sq ft for building repairs for a 1497 sq ft 3br2ba house concrete foundation and stucco siding. Their dwelling coverage alone is $192,000. I have an appraisal. The whole property appraised at $200,000.
Warning AARP Hartford Homeowner policy holders... The Lancaster NY area got buried in 7 feet of snow in November 2014. The weight of this snow on the roof of my patio room caused the room to shift. The windows now do not close properly. We started a claim to have it repaired. Two inspections and two months later The Hartford says "not covered" due to problem is from "settling." Apparently your house will have to collapse before The Heartless will do anything.
HARTFORD, HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. Broken water pipe caused extensive damage to upper floor and lower floor (completely carpeted and set up with two bedrooms) on 7/7/2013. Adjuster set damage at roughly $27,142.00 to repair... Two contractors came and both bids were in the $70,000 bracket. AFTER 200+ e-mails and phone calls on 12/5/2013 Hartford revised their payment and added $20,477 for a total of $47,619. Hartford paid lost rent of $1,500 per month for Aug thru Nov as required by my policy.During early Dec. 2013 the upstairs portion of the home became livable and the tenant moved back in and paid 1/2 of rent for Dec and Jan 2014, as MT law requires. I sent a request to Hartford and requested the other 1/2 rent for Dec and Jan. They flat out refused. This is a total abuse of normal standards by an insurance company. The repair payment is at least $20,000 short of actual repair/replacement and $1,500 of unpaid rent. Thank you Delano ** (DAMAGED HOME WAS A RENTAL PROPERTY I OWN IN BILLINGS, MT).
I called The Hartford to ask about why my homeowners policy was not listed in my account, I was told it had been cancelled due to non-payment. I was NEVER sent an email about a payment due nor was I sent a statement in the mail. When I inquired about the miscommunication, I was told that they did sent six to seven emails 6 months ago to tell me that my policy was about to be cancelled. Upon checking my email, there were no such emails. They simply did not send them. Furthermore, I never received any statement in the mail. The Hartford implied that I was lying about the correspondence and refused to reinstate me, even though I have been a loyal paid-in-full customer for almost six years. No consideration. No policy. End of story. According to the online reviews, their premiums are higher than most and the service is non-existent. I am taking this as a blessing in disguise.
I made a claim on my rental home that was broken into. This is the first claim I have ever made on the rental in approximately 8 years. Hartford paid part minus the deductible from the first check to get started, and I drained my account to finish the repairs and when I went to claim the balance, nothing. Oh, now I needed the receipts I was never told to keep but did or at least I thought I had them. My husband has an ongoing problem with an aneurysm (leaking/bleeding through brain artery) and we have a paper/mail burn box. I was unable to locate the receipts envelope and asked him if he had seen them when he burned. He didn't know or remember the envelope. I have a Lowe's reward card, but wasn't told I had to go online to register it. It always scanned the items but when I tried to retrieve the purchases, nothing. When I went to Lowe's they could not get the purchase record. I also shopped Home Depot, Big Lots, Walmart and more. I paid a contractor to do some of the work as also the HVAC to certify plumbing, chimney, heater, hot water but, don't have the receipts. Upon going to the Claims Manager explaining the unusual situation, he said he would work with me, only to state again he needs receipts. I cannot produce something I do not have anymore. So, he sent an agent (Andy) from pretty far away, to take pictures of the work done to help me in trying to get reimbursed and still have not settled. Don't pictures tell 1000 words? Not in this case. The first claims rep retired and didn't not clean up his open claims and the replacement claims rep, Quintin, was trying, I guess. I have a hard time personally talking to someone for it is so upsetting to me I am in tears always on how they can take my money and did me wrong, when I honestly did replace the damage done, but have not be able to get reimbursed. I now am looking for new insurance and found several at cheaper rates thinking they are out to take advantage of the elderly instead of taking care of them. Oh, on my own homeowners, Hartford had my home as $400K to rebuild for a higher charge to me when online Zestimate would tell the company exactly how much my home would be worth.. I do not live in a home worth that and actually spoke to someone rebuilding in my area for approx $100K and most houses are not worth over $250K. That's at the high end value. I called last year to hear it is what it is and paid the year. I want everybody to check around for cheaper rates before committing to Hartford because my experience is they are not about working with their customers. Someone please help me get my balance. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General or Better Business Bureau. I don't remember now. I have proof pictures of the work done and more damage that was never reported by the first claims rep in email but need an email to send pictures to.
Always notified of increased costs promptly. When I filed a claim they have handled it promptly and professionally. The company updated the progress of them claim continuously. All members of the team I spoke to are courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. I will renew my policy with them. Their pricing is very reasonable.
Last year spring of 2015 I sign on with them because of the deductible being low. I had two claims within a year and paid extra for what was fix because the fixes were higher than the amount sent to men and with my $500 deductible. My cost of my insurance went up. I wanted to go with another company to lower my cost. But no one would take me because of the two claims. This year I had to do another claim which I paid more out of pocket than my $500 deductible. A month later I had another roof leak from the same spot that was fixed last year. They would not do anything until I found the invoice. They said will send me $200 to fix it which took three months to get claim. The wall got worse. This got me very upset and that I would have to pay the $500 deductible. They are a ripped off company. I hate them. I wouldn't go with them. Being with AARP has screw me in other things. I am very stressed out. I now have to see a psychiatrist because of the stress.
7-9-2014. Hartford is mean people. Someone robbed my garage when I wasn't around. I did what I thought was to be a simple claim. Months later still hassles! Some insurance guy from Hartford Insurance Company keeps harassing me and wanted me to sign all of my privacy including medical to him or else! He said it's what they do before they will finish a claim. He came into my business without my permission. It said closed. He came in 10 minutes early while I was privately loading my insulin pump. I asked him if he would like water or gourmet candy. Then he rushed me finishing my insulin pump and watched me plug it into my belly under my skirt. Embarrassing! I told him I have a hearing loss. He asked me why didn't I get hearing aids then! He made fun of me having hearing loss and not having hearing aids, called my daughter a young man. Embarrassed her! He told me what he wanted me to do with my child. She was busy, quietly listening to the radio in the back of my office. Told me she could not listen to the radio. Blocked my wheelchair, then my passage to turn it down. Claimed this was all because I didn't have good enough handwriting on a form, that he had to record me in person. I have Parkinson like tremors in my hands and arthritis. I wanted limits on the form he insisted I sign. That said, he could access any and all documents on me including medical, financial, private mail, everything without limits. And he yelled at me. He told me that I couldn't have any choice about it and if I refused access to any private information, they would cancel my claim. And he told me I had to release medical information. I said it wasn't fair, that I could show him my medicine, that my medical was private. I tried to give him the medicine and he said he was done! He left threatening me.
I bought a homeowner's policy through AAA last July. When I received my statement this month, the rate had been increased by 60%!!!!! No explanation or warning. What is going on? Other companies all seem to have rates comparable to the one I paid last July.
Main water line broke outside of the basement window and caused flood damage inside the basement. The insurance representative David ** with the Hartford Insurance was a very irresponsible representative. It was very hard to communicate. He was not hearing what I was saying and was trying to put the words into my mouth. At the end of three weeks of struggle, after speaking with his supervisor, he concluded that we were not able to get insurance coverage because the main water line broke at 18" away from the exterior wall. I would not recommend this homeowner insurance and their representative to anyone.
Lowest price with same coverage as from others by $100's. I've had one claim and they approved and paid it within 5 business days. Customer Service from The Hartford is excellent. They take the time to fully explain your policy and coverage when you have any questions.
My wife and I have been with AARP The Hartford for our home and auto insurance for many years. Their rates, up until now, have been very competitive and their phone customer service in servicing our policy has been excellent. However we recently had three claims with them. Two were on my car. One was an accident which required me to supply them the same information four different times. They kept having computer errors requiring me to resubmit a lengthy set of answers. They paid the claim correctly. The second car claim was hail damage which they handled well. The third claim was on our house for the same hail storm that damaged our car. We had multiple contractors verify hail damage.Several of our neighbors had new roofs put on due to this storm. I could visually see divots in the shingles. Hartford said there was hail damage to some flashing and gutters (and obviously to my car which was in the driveway) but miraculously my roof was spared damage. We contested. Their only accepted process was for them to hire a forensic engineer who inspected the roof and, surprise, agreed with the company that was paying their bill. We asked for an independent inspector and they refused. Low cost insurance is not all that good if you can't get them to honor their agreed to coverage.
To be fair... I have had a previous policy (home & auto) with AARP/Hartford before, about five to six years ago. Upon the renewal of the policy the first time, there came the increase in the premium. The reason... nothing specific based on the conversation I had with the representative. I did not renew the policy then and life went on. Fast forward to present day. I decided to try AARP/Hartford once again after wading through other companies with either very bad customer service or rates, or both. I know... say it ain't so, you might say! Based on their statements, it appeared that they may have cleaned up their act, but since I am submitting this review, obviously that did not happen. My bad!To be honest, we have an insurance claim that was called in about four years ago for damage caused by a water heater, which based on the reaction of the insurance industry, I must have planned and executed. Since then, it has been my destiny to be punished with higher home insurance rates for five years until I learn my lesson (obviously, to never file a claim). It is worth mentioning that I no longer own the home that the damage occurred in (no matter, the person is being held accountable, not the house). Also, one of us in the household has a moving violation, also four years old. That too, is an excuse for higher insurance rates for five years. The game being played here, is "risk". No, not the board game... rather the means to an end for higher rates and profit for the insurance industry. Again, to be fair, AARP/Hartford did not invent the higher rate category due to claims and tickets... all companies do this.Back to present day. I saw the bus coming (based on a previous history with this company), but got run over nonetheless. Our home insurance premium rose twenty percent (in our case ~$400.00). Our auto insurance premium rose a modest one percent. All of this after applying all the "discounts" that they offer, to include the plug-in gadget that gathered driving profiles in our cars for six months, excellent credit ratings for both of us, etc. So, I called the company to ask why the rates, regardless of all the discounts, increased. The answers... get ready because some of this not new information for some of you... we live in the mid-west, with lots of storms, so home insurance rates will increase due to bad weather, plus the representative let slip the word "lawsuits", but quickly recovered and never mentioned that word again. There was no clear answer for the slight increase of the auto insurance.Being curious and playing along with the "mid-west" theory, I asked what the average increase of home insurance was for the past couple of years in our area. The answer was "fifteen percent". If true, then I have a fair idea of what will happen to our home insurance rates for the forthcoming years should we stay with this company. Where do we go from here one might ask? We decided to suffer with this insurance company for at least one more year. Why? We want to rid ourselves of the insurance claim and ticket burdens before we switch to another company. Those two issues need to go away before we start this process all over again. Meanwhile, we will shop for another company that MIGHT... actually offer a good rate for home and auto, then stick with their offer of reasonable rates in the years thereafter. I understand increases in price due to replacement costs, etc, but not in the $400 range. We'll see what comes up and hopefully I have not just described the quest for the holy grail of the insurance world! My recommendation for this particular company? Look elsewhere or try them for a year with the idea of shopping for another company before renewal. Who knows, they may get the hint and actually follow through with rates that make sense for more than one year. Good luck!UPDATED ON 06/14/2016: This is an update to a review I posted last year 2015 regarding premium increases of our homeowners and auto insurance policies from 2014 to 2015. As expected, there was an increase of the homeowners premium of 25% for 2016. This "bill" was sent to us after the policy had been cancelled and replaced by another policy/company. It seems once you become a customer of Hartford, it is hard to rid yourself of them and their emails. I have already contacted Hartford to confirm our cancellations of the policies (home and auto), however, the policy bill notices continue to arrive. Fortunately, we have not suffered any loss of escrow funds through our mortgage company (they acknowledged the change of insurance provider), plus we did not have any automatic payments set up for auto premiums. A brief history of premium increases from 2014 to this year include an increase of 20% in year 2015, and the latest, 25% for this year (had we continued with Hartford). Overall, from the beginning, year 2014, to this year, there was an increase of 32%. This, with no claims, late payments, or anything else that would have prompted an increase of this magnitude.We have since clarified through our new/current insurance provider, what a reasonable increase of premium can be (specifically the homeowners policy) and the answer is... ~5%. This due to replacement cost increases (materials, labor, home valuation, etc). Our current insurance provider has a local office and agent, that has made the communication between ourselves and them, much easier and less stressful. We cannot emphasis more, how this type of business relationship/communication has helped us, to understand our insurance needs, clarify our expectations and establish long term goals. Again, good luck!!
We arrived home that evening to discover damage to our home while we were away. Our yard was covered in a great amount of debris... leaves, small limbs, visible cracks and holes to our siding, our large flag pole snapped off and laying in our yard. I immediately called The Hartford to file a claim and to schedule an adjuster to come out to assess the damage. The following week the Hartford adjuster showed up (with his shirt on inside out by the way) to appraise the situation. He had already made sure our contractor knew who was boss by letting him know that he did NOT have to inform our contractor when he was coming, but that he was doing it as a courtesy call. After his initial evaluation he determined that he needed to get an engineer here to assess the roof as he wasn't quite sure (even though he told me he had been doing this for 15 years.) An independent engineering firm was hired by the Hartford adjuster (and paid for by The Hartford) to come out and assess my roof. Both our contractor and one of his assistants felt certain that we have hail damage and were totally baffled as to how the Hartford Adjuster and Donan Engineering have come to the conclusion that we have no damage to the roof.I might add that EVERY home surrounding us has or will be receiving new roofs. This includes both homes to our immediate right and left, behind us and directly across the street. Several others in our neighborhood and the neighborhoods immediately behind and next to us are getting roof replacements as well. In all practicality, how is it possible that JUST our house while also sustaining siding damage was able to avoid damage to the roof?? Do we have a special dome???As a side note, we were apologized to several times in the manner of how our claim has been handled. Our claim initially was sent to the wrong department, then I was given an incorrect phone number that I had to follow up on, the curtness of the Hartford adjuster and his unprofessional appearance. Obviously there is an issue with our adjuster. Our Hartford claim representative, stated that we would have our reports promptly. It took four weeks to receive the written assessment for our claim and the engineering report from Donan engineering regarding our roof. I was under the impression that the AARP Homeowners Insurance Program stands behind it promise to go the extra mile and exceed my claim service expectations. It is sad to see that these expectations has not been met.To assess the validity of the Donan Engineering report on my roof, I paid $500.00 to have had another inspection of my roof by a HIAAG Certified Roof Inspector from the Claims Assistance Team. The detailed report provided by the Claims Assistance Team on my home identified that not only does my roof have hail damage, but the assessment of overall damage costs provided by The Hartford Insurance Company were substantially lower than the damages identified by the adjuster and certified HIAAG roof inspector from the Claims Assistance Team. There were many items either missed or left off the by the Hartford adjuster and Donan Engineering.I contacted my states department of insurance and filled out a complaint form. I contacted the regional director at the Hartford and provided my complaint Form, Claims Assistance Team's detailed report of damages and estimate cost. I requested fair and equitable compensation for damages sustained to my dwelling, structures, and contents based on the damage assessment and associated cost provided by the Claims Assistance Team. Given the overwhelming evidence and the threat of taking this issue to the states department of insurance, the Hartford had no choice but to award me me the full amount of my request. By being persistent on my request, obtaining a second opinion, and not taking the first offer, I was able to increase my recovery from $7600.00 to $27,500.00.
I was in Bolivia from 1/31/12 to 3/8/12. I can prove it because I have copies of my airline tickets. Because of this absence, I missed one payment. I called AARP on 3/13/12, talked to Hawanya and explained my situation. She told me my insurance will be reinstated and she was going to send a mail within seven days. To date, I have not heard from her. Please, I would like to know what is going on ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
They are very quick to answer all your question, very easy to talk to and they work hard to fit your budget. They do not push to add more policy that you don't want or need.
I'm an older person. I had the claims adjuster come out, surveyed my roof damage and he said it needed to be replaced. He said we have a roofing company that does all Hartford's business, Gardner Roofing. I recommend you go with them. My mistake. I had no problems with my gutters before they touched them.Now when heavy rains come, the water goes into the gutters and under the singles into the soffits and out the vents of the soffits. It has been almost two years and still trying to get the soffits replaced (water damage) and gutters taken off. Always get 3 estimates and do not believe Hartford, get it in writing or record the conversations.
Astonished to call five times for information related to confirming details of a quote for Homeowners. No one knows yet what or why under "Optional Coverages and Special Discounts" - known as Unit Own Bldg Spec Gov at $41. I asked and have yet to get one broker who knows what this is. The last one insisted something was wrong with me for asking, that it was "just" something connected to the Dwelling coverage. On hold five minutes - she came back with "I'll try to explain this to you to make it easier for you" - wow. All I wanted to know: what is the additional $41 for? Then, to sweeten the deal, she hung up. Not at all impressed by the call center staff - I can't quite comprehend how a company could dismiss questions about what they put in writing? Be careful to ask questions!
The Hartford Insurance AARP plans can easily rip you off if you do not check your renewal statements closely. My wife and I just received our homeowners renewal statement and we were shocked to see that our policy premium increased a whopping 70% with absolutely no change in our home or surroundings, no claims, no nothing. I called Hartford and all they could tell me is that they changed the way they are rating homeowner policies. I asked for them to send me something in writing to explain the change but they declined, stating that they had nothing available to send me. I am changing my homeowners and auto insurance tomorrow afternoon and I have notified my mortgage lender not to forward any insurance escrow payment to the Hartford in the future.You should check your bill carefully and then find a new insurance provider, preferably one that will treat you like a valued customer. All Hartford AARP wants to do is rip you off and hope you don't notice. Go with a local company agent.
I called last year to request a Quote for homeowner's insurance. I said I had Dogs and they are mixed and I said one looks like a Pitbull - Which is not the Breed of Dog. IT IS A AMERICAN STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER. Unfortunately I didn't have the money at the time so I didn't go through with the claim. I called 2 weeks ago and the Rep. that I had stated that I had a Pitbull, I said No "I don't at the Location I am requesting Homeowner's insurance for" and she she argued with me what type of Dog I have and I kept telling the lady "No Dogs at that house I was referring to." So Thanks to your Great CRS. You lost a customer and I will never call to try and get Insurance from your company ever. Nor will I refer your company to anyone. No CRS is going to argue with me and tell me what I have or don't have.
I live in Yucaipa California and never had one claim until my water heater blew two weeks ago and flooded our spare bedroom. Hartford AARP denied the claim saying it was a leak over time and it was not covered. I have been investigating and it seems they decline almost all claims. I would strongly suggest finding another insurance company. They only take the money, (THEY NEVER GIVE ANY BACK), and it's sad because I am a 100% disabled Vet and I live on a fixed income.
I give Hartford insurance a no-star rating. In June of 2010, our neighborhood had a yard sale. An elderly lady walking down our sidewalk tripped on our pavement. The area was at the property line of our next door neighbor. We administered first aid and asked to call an ambulance, the woman denied assistance. We called Hartford and reported the fall. A few weeks later, the lady showed up at our door requesting some assistance with her therapy bills. A claims adjuster came to the house to view our sidewalk. The neighbor's sidewalk had sunk approximately 3/4 of an inch which is where the lady tripped and fell onto our property. The claims adjuster stated that this did not warrant fixing since the area was not significant. July 29, 2011, we received a letter informing us that our insurance is being discontinued as of August 30, 2011. Hartford claimed a letter was sent out that we did not respond to; We never received the letter. We asked for a 30 to 90-day extension which we were denied. The individual we spoke to was rude and stated that she was 100% sure the letter was sent and we received it even though it was not sent registered or certified and she had no receipt. The claim was for $7,000. We were told that we were high-risk client and that Hartford was not willing to renew our policy. Even if we made the repairs to the sidewalk, which is not on our property, they could not guarantee us that the underwriters would approve the repairs and keep us as clients. When I called another company to seek other insurance, they were amazed at the information we were given. Hartford was inflexible and there was no customer service of any kind from them. We chose Hartford because of their affiliation with AARP. Little did we know that their poor response to a claim was going to result in this problem. I will never recommend Hartford to anyone.
Every year we have had an increase and this year finally did it for me. Never had a claim in 25 years with Hartford and this year it went up 28%. This is crazy, if we had several or any claims it would be different but still a big raise with NO claims??? And when I called I got the same programmed people telling me that I did not understand and yet I know how it works about helping to pay for others who have claims... WOW, of course we understand how it works so DO NOT talk down to me. We do not need you to tell us how to vote or get into social issues... I have contacted another major insurance co. and saved $200 with better coverage. AARP was very good. I am sorry you are over the top now.
My house in NY got damaged in Sandy. We had to leave the house, no hotel for 15 days, put up with friends then got a rental. Now 2 months later, we have $20,000 for bldg repairs when the contractor’s estimate was $450,000. Total fraud. We are going to court. The adjustor teams up and votes for a particular contractor. We wonder why?
I am terribly dissatisfied with AARP. I am now looking for an insurance company that is more interested in the customer than the money. I have been insured with AARP for about 20 years because I was told that they were reasonably priced for senior people. That is the biggest lie I have ever been told. We have had our current home for 11 years now. Our insurance premium has tripled since we bought our home bank in 2007. AARP says it is because of the rising costs of rebuilding. That is a load of crap. Our insurance went up by over $900 in one year. We can no longer to afford to live in our home because of these thieves. We are shopping for insurance that is reasonably priced, and we have found at least three that are recommended. Moral learned is don't use AARP.
Signed with Hartford Auto/Home via my AARP membership. Although I was set up for auto-pay for both accounts (Auto/Home), I paid my account a day early to avoid overdrawing on my accounts. I was assured by the site that $0.00 would be taken out of my account the next day for the auto-pays. Received email confirmation of both payments and the site posted both payments. The next morning, much to my surprise and disappointment the Hartford had doubled dipped and gone ahead run the auto pay and caused my account to go over. Hartford Customer Service was totally useless and stuck on the usual mumbo jumbo corporate baloney feed to the masses about how it was not their fault. Bottom line Insurance companies, Hartford in this case, both nickle and dime us and feed us corporate mumbo jumbo just to feed their greed. They do not have our interests at heart. Words to follow... Buyer Beware.
Since having my home placed in my trust The Hartford is charging $32.00 a year - for doing nothing. I checked with other insurance carriers and one in particularly said they should be giving a credit for my being good with my money (property) and knows of no other insurance carrier who charges a customer because of their home being in a trust.
I have been with AARP/Hartford for over 10 years without a single claim. I have a place in the city which I am remodeling in order to rent. I have moved to my new home and I called Hartford to give them my change of address. Well, the "customer service" person (Emily) started railing about how they wouldn't cover me for vandalism and that they would cancel my insurance in 30 days. What? I am a smart woman but I didn't realize that my insurance needs were changing, but this woman did absolutely nothing to help but rather was rude and fear mongering. I immediately went to AAA where I got a great policy, earthquake, and the flexibility to change to a landlord policy once I started renting. Plus, it was $450 cheaper than this shyster company. This company should not work with seniors and AARP should be ashamed for the affiliation. It is not cheaper and they are simply not helpful or considerate of their customer.
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