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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: The Hartford
Year Founded: 1810
Address: One Hartford Plaza
City: Hartford
State/Province: CT
Postal Code: 06155
Country: United States
Phone: (860) 547-5000
Overall average rating of 1.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 9 %
I bought the AARP-endorsed auto policy from The Hartford. When I was hit in the rear by an uninsured motorist who was later found guilty in traffic court, the Hartford was not supportive and I had to hire my own lawyer. When I filed for damages for my severe injuries, The Hartford filed a request with the court to dismiss my case. At this point, I am still paying premiums to The Hartford while their lawyers are trying to keep me from collecting damages on the policy I bought from them.When I asked the AARP if they were aware of The Hartford's policy of going against their own policy holders in such cases, I got no answer. When I asked the AARP to notify AARP members about the issue, I was stonewalled. I believe that the AARP and The Hartford itself should make it clear to potential policy purchasers that uninsured motorist coverage can be a major issue if an accident occurs.
I see by reviewing the Consumer Complaints and Reviews I was not the only CUSTOMER that experienced failure to contact or notify customer of proper renewal policy. I had been with AARP/Hartford for some years and no idea this was the type of service I would receive. As the prior customer stated in their letter to AARP/Hartford Auto, I was not informed my auto insurance (for a whole year) was going to expire and received no notification to continue my policy. I notified the customer service department and received no cooperation regarding my renewal notification. The next day I called back and talked to AARP Collections with no positive results.I had the monthly payment plan and was electronically deducted. Due to no fault of my own coverage and payment was disrupted. After a couple of months I would have thought that a courteous notification would be sent to me. Never received no notices and found out by a letter from AARP/Hartford Collections of these circumstances. I would really appreciate if AARP/Hartford could explain why they wait a whole year to notify me of this - how can they demand a almost $1600 payment.
I received a quote from The Hartford. Once we settled on an amount of money per month, they said they would send me an agreement to fill out. Every day for a week I would get 3 and 4 agreements in the mail. I didn't know which one was which. I called The Hartford, spoke to my sales rep, and she said, "Oh, Don't worry about it, we have everything we need." I gave them my bank routing number, and the following Monday they called to tell me the routing number didn't work. "Can we just have a credit card." They never told me there would be a service charge for the credit card usage. My ins. began on Nov 8th. Last wk, I get a statement from them that said I had a $40 policy change, and I saw $5.00 service charge as well. I called them, and they first said, it is because you changed your plan. When I told them I never changed my plan they said, well it is because we increased your ins because you did not get the form back to us. When I ask them about the $5.00 service charge they said, "Well it is because you use a credit card and not a routing number." Does anyone there know what they are doing. If you go to them, just keep in mind you will be getting tons of mail, not only from them but AARP, I also think they sell your name to list companies, as I have never received so much mail since I joined with them. Needless to say, my search for an auto ins. company that I can trust to be honest with me, and not arbitrarily raise my rates, and pound me with mail is coming sooner than they think.
We were happy with the quote we received from Hartford last July and we changed insurance companies. As new AARP members. My husband handled the transaction. I pay the bills and we drafted the payment out of our American Express Account. The charges were set-up quarterly. Neither of us received any notice or billing other than the charge to our card. Today, after thinking there was an error in our billing, I called to speak with a representative. He said they notified us by email about the rate increase and suggested we check our spam account and that is exactly where all of our billing notices sat unopened. All of our information has stayed the same: cars, drivers, state, address, no accidents, no speeding, no claims and good driving records. Our young drivers actually graduated college and high school. Yet our annual rate increased over $5,800 a year. We went from $242 a month to $680! $483.00 a month increase! The rep could not give me any reason for the increase. I am furious. Because of a dying parent (I lost my mom in April) and flying back and forth across country, I saw the charge, but thought it was a quarterly payment. I had no idea I was being charged this monthly! I will be contacting AARP and my insurance commissioner. This seems like classic bait and switch! We are in our 50's I can only imagine them doing this to someone much older like my parents. Do not switch your policy. I would have thought the rate we received would be good for a year and only get better, if we were good drivers and had no claims. I have never felt so ripped off by a company in my life. My parents owned an insurance agency and were agents for over 40 years, I have never seen anything like this business practice. It is companies like this that give insurance companies such a bad reputation.
DON'T fall for the ads claiming lower rates because you are with AARP and over 50 yrs of age. It's **!! I purchased a new/used car Feb 2017. Since the price given for insurance at that time, I have had my insurance raised 3 times. First they claimed in Aug 2017 the review on my Honda Civic affected my insurance so they raised it by $30 a month. Then I moved May 2018 and they raised it $15 a month due to where I moved to. Then the policy renewal was Aug 2018 and I am now paying another $20.00 more!!! I am currently looking at other insurance policies because Hartford goes out of their way to find excuses to raise the price. I already replaced my renters insurance they also carried as they raised it twice in the past year. AARP doesn't ensure they give us cheaper insurance.
I filed a claim and have tried to contact them several times after they evaluated my claim. I took exception to their extremely low evaluation and made a very reasonable counter-offer. They then said that their was a clause in their policy of which I was not aware about having to utilize a professional appraiser for the value of the damaged car, and that I would also have to pay the cost of the appraiser. I have since tried to contact them several times but have received no response. It has now been three weeks, and I am driving with a busted windshield and a missing window, among other problems. I have decided to go ahead and fix it myself so that I do not get a traffic ticket and do not have inside weather damage. Cheap insurance, disgustingly low payoff. Very upsetting to this 86-year old safe driver with no accidents for 30 years. Couldn't help the hail damage, though.
A drunk driver hit my car in my driveway one night. He then slammed thru the living room of my neighbor. Police took reports... my car was rear ended. Hartford first told me that they would go after the guy. Then they switched agents and told me the only way that I could get my car fixed was to pay 500 deductible for uninsured motorist, and were not willing to pursue this guy at all. Been with the company 12 years and am currently shopping for better coverage and protection.
AARP The Hartford has been urging me to complete a written application following the issuance of the policy. I completed the form. They sent me a follow-up letter telling me to call them or go to the website and view my policy. Because it was late on Friday night, December 30, I went to the website. After a multiplicity of attempts where I was consistently informed that my assigned policy number does not exist, I gave up. I Googled complaints about AARP The Hartford and found this forum.After reading about your problems and understanding if I have a claim that I'll encounter the same problems, I intend to cancel this policy. I was with another company when I received their advertisement in the mail telling me they'd lowered their rates in Wyoming (easy to do when you don't pay claims) and that they wanted my business back (I had them several years ago). What I don't understand is why the rest of you put up with the obfuscation and mistreatment. I may end up taking these folks to court. Maybe they'll understand that their behavior is not going to be tolerated and the AARP, a co-defendant, will get some well-deserved adverse publicity. It sounds to me like The Hartford thinks we're all too old to be taken seriously. We'll see about that.
My experience with AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance left me with the impression that they give a decent rate quote, but increase that rate with renewal without reasonable explanation. I had no accidents, tickets or claims the time I was with them, yet my rate increased $400. When I inquired, I was first told "it's probably your credit". Knowing I have excellent credit, I immediately did a credit check and all was well. I called back and this time was told "Florida had a rate increase". I shopped around and was getting quote after quote in the same range as my original Hartford rate. So, I cancelled the Hartford and went with another company. Problem solved? Not quite! I was told as long as I cancelled my policy before the 20th of the month, the next payment would not be taken from my checking account. I cancelled before the 20th yet they deducted the scheduled payment from my account. When I phoned them about it I was told that payments are made for the previous month! What? So I guess that means the payment I made the day I took the policy out was for the previous month? That makes no sense obviously but when questioned, I only received the same answer over and over. I asked to speak with someone else but my request was denied. So frustrating...glad I made the switch. I can only imagine the nightmare dealing with this company if I ever had a claim!
I have had the AARP Hartford insurance for many years. Up until a couple weeks ago, I had never use the roadside assistance part. I called and was on hold several times. Then after a couple hours, they showed up and towed my car home. I thought the car was fixed and drove to the store. On the way home it quit again. I caught a ride home and start calling all the numbers and getting no place, I finally rode my motorcycle back to get the right number to call. Every time you call the Hartford, the voice thanks you for making your last payment. So by my phone number, they know who I am. I give the policy number and all that. Then the guy on the line tells me to hold. When he returned he tells me he has to verify my policy and he can't do this because it is after hours. Now this is 24-hour roadside service. We exchange words and I hang up. Then I think I will try one more time. Same thing, different person. They have my info right in front of them because they are telling the last time called, etc. They did say I could pay myself and then try to get money back. So they lost a customer as soon as it is normal business hours. Their policy sucks and I'm out of there after 6 plus years. Great price until you need to use it.
We were just informed by The Hartford that after many years and no claims, our premiums would be going up by 20% because we were sideswiped by another driver. The other driver's insurance company accepted 100% liability and paid our damages. While this is not remotely fair, it was actually very good news for us since it sent us running for the door and into the arms of Flo at Progressive, which saved us approximately 40% per year! We had thought we were getting a good price because of our AARP discount, but obviously we were not! Moral to the story: shop around.
I am an elderly person who belongs to AARP. They advertise the Hartford as being a low cost plan for car insurance. I have an excellent credit rating with no accidents for over 10 years, yet they were the HIGHEST cost for insurance! Disgusted with their false advertising. Will gladly cancel my account!!
I was involved in an accident that was 100% the other driver's fault. Even though the Hartford is my insurance carrier, my claims agent did almost nothing to help me out. The only real help I received was from the other driver's claims agent, who was from Progressive. I feel sorry for anyone that has had the misfortune of being involved in an accident while insured by the Hartford. Utter incompetence from every level of employee I spoke with. Just an awful overall experience. My advice is avoid the Hartford at all costs.
I had auto insurance with the Hartford for a year and a half. I had my payments coming automatically out of my citi credit card. In October the credit card's expiration date was up and I got a new expiration year. The Hartford had to resubmit their payment because the year had been updated. They did so and never complained about it. The following February I had fraud on my same credit card. Because I thought Citi bank was informing my direct pays about a new credit card (the original card was terminated because of a false charge) I didn't do anything. At the beginning of March I received a letter from the Hartford that my auto insurance on both my cars had been terminated. No warning - nothing. I called them and they said if I could get a letter from Citibank sent to them proving that I had had fraud on my credit card maybe I could get reinstated. I asked citi bank to that for me and they did it immediately. However "the underwriters" at the Hartford deemed this not enough and I will be terminated this coming March 13th.This is an outrageous way to treat a customer who has paid all they're bills on time. All the other direct pays on my card just asked me for the new credit card number and all was good. This company sucks!!! Do not go with them. They are heartless. I got new insurance easily because my credit is excellent and my driver's record is perfect. These people are idiots- go with Travelers or Liberty Mutual.. two great companies.
Being an AARP member and after seeing numerous advertised claims of significant savings by switching to Hartford Insurance, I bit and made the phone call to get a quote. After about 5 minutes of hoop jumping on the phone I was given the opportunity to leave a number stating that I would be called back. I received a call from a Hartford agent within the hour and we proceeded to iron out the details needed to give me a quote. At 61 years of age being empty nesters with no insurance claims, accidents, or driving record history, and my wife and I both with excellent credit, I was optimistic of some savings. The process on the phone including discussions took approximately 20 minutes as the agent was able to access my insurance and driving record information online to complete the quote. The agent was pleasant enough however the quote was outrageous when compared to what we presently pay for Homeowners. Our current homeowners is $1,590 per year with 1,000 deductible all losses. Hartford's quotes was just under $4,700 per year with same deductible BUT $1,500 deductible on any wind and hail claim as agent said in our area (Minnesota), the higher wind and hail deductible is the lowest option they offer. The auto portion of the quote was within $50 per year per vehicle. We have a boat also but was told would have to speak to another department about insuring that. At that point I realized we all were wasting our time due to the tune of an increase of $3,000 per year over what I presently pay for auto and homeowners. The agent said she was surprised there was such a difference and noted that usually they are more competitive. Confirmed that the quotes we talked about would be e-mailed to me which I did receive. My frustration is with the fact that they were not even close while they claim and advertise significant savings in most cases.
Don't buy Hartford Insurance offered through AARP. My wife and I were in a car accident on September 16, 2011. The other driver ran a stop sign. My wife suffered a broken sternum, and I have back and neck pain. Our car (2009 Chrysler 300) was taken to a repair shop. When the adjuster arrived at the shop, he was given an estimate of approximately $15,592.66 worth of repairs needed. I talked with the Hartford claims adjuster (handling the case), Jeff **, and asked him to total the car. He told me that my car is valued at $26,000 and doesn't quite meet the criteria to total it. When the estimate was given prior to repair, the shop told Mr. ** that they felt the car should be totaled. The adjuster said, repair the car. We picked up the car after seven weeks in the shop. The total bill (so far) was $21,036.39. After driving the car over the weekend, I returned it for further repairs. I called Mr. ** twice, and left messages, and have not had a reply from him. I feel that this car has passed the threshold for totaling. Nada value for this vehicle is about $23,000 (that is without $21,000 in repaired damage). We normally trade cars every few years. When they see a Car Fax for $21,000 repair, I doubt they will be interested. This car has virtually no trade in value, let alone selling it to an individual. Yes, Hartford has returned a nice looking car to us but a nice looking car with little value. We are definitely hesitant to take this vehicle on a planned 2500 mile (one way) trip.Mr. ** called today (after this message was sent to Hartford), and left a message on our phone. He basically told us that the car has been repaired, and they are done with it.
I had an accident one week ago, no airbags went off, no injuries. My car has been sitting at the dealership where we will have the work done. We have not seen an adjuster or even a phone call to tell us when to expect her. I've called the claims man twice and he called me back once and told me to call the adjuster and ask her when she would be there. Answering machine, no call back yet. I will change auto insurance at the end of this year. That's if I have my car done by then.
I have been with the Hartford Auto and Home insurance since 08. We received a new Auto policy and for no reason at all our premium increased over $800. Never had an accident or tickets. When we called their response was that parts have gone up in price in our area. We couldn't believe the answer, therefore the next day we called again with the same kind of ridiculous answer. We had checked other insurance companies to see if the price was actually that high. Every company we checked was at least $400 - 600 cheaper.
When the company takes good care of me I just have no problems. So other than the initial contact I have had with AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance no reason to bother them!
After my paying them $1000/year or more for 12 years (2 vehicles), my roommate had an accident in my truck (I wasn't in it). I had her covered with my insurance. Hartford took info from the other party but wouldn't take info from me. They even used the other party's photo, which could have been taken anywhere, but refused to use mine. I asked them to slow down, but they closed the claim in 2 days, including the other party filing a claim for injury. Everyone was going not more than 2 mph (it was a parking lot accident). They probably printed up some letterhead for a fake doctor and submitted that. But Hartford believes them. Hartford's attitude was "Too bad, sucker!"My roommate subsequently moved out so I'll be taking her off my insurance. However, Hartford is still going to raise my rate, unless I prove she's not living here any more (and she won't cooperate in giving me a copy of her rental agreement), and will raise my deductible back to $500 and remove the "no accident in 5 years" discount!!! Even though I had nothing to do with the accident. I hate this company. If they ever did give me a "no accident in 5 yrs discount", my wallet never felt it. The claims person I dealt with was completely unsympathetic, was anxious to close the claim, didn't give a damn about my "loyalty" (which I supposedly also get a discount for). Not to mention, they raise my rate every year even though my car & truck get older. It's not like they're going to buy me a brand new one if it's wrecked. And their towing and rental car reimbursements were set in the '70s and won't pay for what you have to put out today. Unbelievably poor service.
I was hit by a person that have the Hartford for insurance. From day one it was crazy. They didn't reserve me a rental and I had to wait for that. Then when it was time for payment, the company that was fixing my vehicle called several times to get an understanding of when they will get paid and no response. I finally got in touch with the manager to which he said payment went out and he can't do anything more for me and that I must return the rental. Well how am I suppose to get to work? And why are you sending checks in the mail, what happened to wire or auto pay to these collision companies. This experience have been a nightmare.
They refused to send me the 100.00 dollars for a tow I had because it wasn't pre-authorized. This is the worst insurance I have ever seen. There is no phone coverage for every section of the USA. So how can you call for authorization if there is no phone. STAY AWAY FROM THIS INSURANCE.
Ease of doing business, good business practices, and great customer service have made us very happy customers. The policy coverage and cost was also a better deal when compared to our previous company.
In March 2011, before my parents' policy was due to be renewed, my mother called to cancel the policy. The rates kept going up so my parents changed insurance companies. In May 2011, they received a bill for a renewal. I called them and told them to cancel the policy. They wanted proof of other insurance. I called their current insurance company and the insurance company called AARP. I thought the matter was closed. Today August 2012, my parents received a bill for auto insurance of $1,236.00, with a payment schedule for Sept 2012 through April 2013. I again called AARP and my dad also requested that they cancel the policy. They have not made a payment since February 2011. I don't understand why they are still carrying the policy. Other insurance companies cancel your policy as soon as you stop making payments. My dad is now 85 years old and I feel like AARP is trying to take advantage of him. I pay all his bills. AARP is trying to bill him for $155.76 each month. His current insurance company only charges him a little more than $50 a month for auto insurance. Please help. This policy with AARP needs to be cancelled immediately. My dad should not have to fax them proof of other insurance. This is still a free country and he still has a choice in which insurance company he wants to use. Now that I am over the age of 50, I will never join AARP. It's a ripoff out to cheat senior citizens.
Help with a tangible loss is what your premium is for and the Hartford came through for us. When you needed them they produced well on their end of the policy agreement. Sometimes You get a mediocre representative but for the most part service has been professional, efficient and consumer friendly. We recommend because they honored claims with good service. It was an easy, no hassle resolution.
The first year they will discount your auto insurance--the second or third year Your premium will more than double... AARP only endorses companies that paysBig bucks. AARP the hartford is a rip-off.
My husband and I recently changed from another auto insurance company to Hartford because of Hartford's competitive price. About a month later we received a notice in the mail stating they added an individual to our policy, including a large rate hike. They added my 22-year old son to our policy! He works seasonal jobs in another state but has not changed the address on his driver's license because he relocates often. He plans to change that when his address stabilizes and so he uses ours. I am very surprised that adding another adult to a customer's policy without prior notification/consent by the policyholder is legal? It especially seems odd when that added person is an adult who already has their own insurance and vehicle? I know of many families whose adult kids are in the military or away at college who use their parents address but maintain separate insurance policies and this has not happened to them. Is this just something Hartford does? Or is it a local or state law? It seems very bizarre that Hartford, or any insurance company, would add another already insured adult to a policy without prior consent of the policyholder?
The Hartford increased my auto insurance premium more than 50% for my renewal period Dec. 2011 to Dec. 2012. I've had no accidents, no moving violations, and no points against my license during the entire time I've had coverage with The Hartford. I called The Hartford at least twice and the customer representatives acknowledged that their records indicated my driving record with the State of Florida was clean as I described above. The representative indicated that the increase was due to an increase in the miles driven and an overall liability rate increase throughout Florida. The part about the increase for all Florida drivers turned out to be a lie. A subsequent email to the company was met with a response that I should call the customer service department.As a last resort, I filed a formal complaint with the Florida Department of Insurance Regulation. Within a month, I received notice from The Hartford that my premium would be $2330 instead of $3177 which they initially charged. I wonder how many of your members, who you claim to represent, have had a similar experience with The Hartford but paid the illegitimate premium increase instead of going to the time and trouble to fight The Hartford through their respective state agencies. I would like to be advised of what sanctions you plan to impose against The Hartford on my behalf for their attempt to extort an illegal premium increase against me. Illegal is the correct term because what they did is a violation of Florida statutes.
Was involved in a car accident that I caused, (no other vehicles or people involved). Police did NOT cite me, give me a ticket, violation, etc. Unfortunately, I live in a "at fault state" so I was made responsible. From the beginning and throughout a 3 month ordeal, the Adjuster and Appraiser were INEPT! I own a Mini-Cooper and cannot be taken to a regular mechanics shop. Appraiser told owner of foreign motor shop, who I always use, that Minis are made in China and to use Chinese aftermarket parts - WHAT! Owner of shop replied, "NO, Minis are made in Germany or Britain... no aftermarket parts available!" Adjuster tried to charge mechanical shop owner body shop hourly rates - NO! Different hourly rates and only did mechanical work... the ** continued. Once at "preferred" body shop by the Hartford, Appraiser and Adjuster refused to pay for hood replacement! There was a huge dent (couldn't be pounded out) near wheel well. Though, pictures taken by Appraiser, neither Adjuster or Appraiser recognized the fact that a Mini Cooper has a uni-body hood that continues and encompasses wheel well! I HAD TO PAY for this OUT of POCKET!!! Just some of the many scenarios I had to battle with these INEPT jerks!!!
We had no accidents and no tickets. I contacted Hartford for an explanation as to where the rate increase was generated. I talked to three different agents and got three different answers. Increase was due to my age? Increase was due to general company increase and the 3rd stated that all of State Alabama had increase. No detailed explanation at all. Hartford has zero credibility with me and I even question AARP's credibility for supporting such actions. I had always believed that AARP was to provide support for the needs of seniors. Was I wrong? AARP was notified of this issue.
I am getting 2-3 letters from AARP per week to apply for car insurance from Hartford so I should be saving $400-500. Hartford car insurance not even come close, in actuality Hartford did quote me $500 more than they stated to save me. What a crap. If Hartford came close $100 plus/minus I would not spend time to complain. They will rip you off. Just FYI I have no tickets or accidents thank God.
Was with this company 18 years... never had a claim (accident etc). Owed them no money, payments taken out automatically out of my monthly SS check... Out of the blue they cancelled me and was rude about it!
I work for an Insurance agency that has had the VERY UNFORTUNATE experience of being an agent with Hartford Insurance. We are located in many states in the country, and we have discovered that Hartford Insurance is intentionally stealing money from agents and insureds according to their commercial vehicle policies. All of their companies refund vehicles with reduced coverage for example going from full coverage to just storage for the winter and most companies refund 100 percent of the premium when a change occurs and vehicles are taken from full coverage to storage only. However, that usually takes 30 to 60 days to refund the insured. With Hartford Insurance, they do not refund your money until you put the vehicles back on the policy and then they calculate the credit from the time it was taken off to the time it was placed back on the policy. The problem is if that vehicle does not go back on the policy before the next expiration date, Hartford keeps 100 percent of the premium. They have had this practice for over 10 years and have been cheating agents and insureds all across the country for many many years. They are the worst Insurance company in the world.
I was shopping for car/house insurance in November. I contacted several companies, including AARP Hartford. He gave me a quote & I said I was just shopping. I ended up with another company December 1st. Two months later I found out Hartford had insured me on December 17th and charged my credit card $1,700. I know it is my mistake for not watching my credit card statement. However, I am not senile and would not have double insured myself. This was pure trickery. They sent me emails saying to e-sign my new policy and I ignored them. They went ahead and processed it anyway. They said they will refund my credit card except for one month. I complained and am working on getting a total refund. This has just ruined a whole day!
I had AARP Auto Insurance for a little over a year. I had electronic payments set up and a payment rejected due to insufficient funds. They cancelled my policy for 1 payment that rejected and could have been resubmitted and paid. It just hit before my check auto deposited. I called 2 times to ask to get reinstate and they stated that it already had been reviewed by management and could not be reinstated. Then they tried to report that I had a time period without insurance coverage. Luckily my new insurance agent worked on this and found that was incorrect as well.
My mom got a policy with them stating $380 first payment and $120 the other 5 months. Like 3.5 weeks ago For her and my dad. I don't have a car and don't live with her. But I drove her car once like 4.5 months ago and got into a fender bender. So they send her a letter saying they wanted to talk to her about the accident of 4 months ago. She call them the following day and told her that because on the information given they need it to put me in the insurance and it will be a 100 dollars more per month. Btw (I'm 22 years old with a 3.77 GPA in engineering) so my mom told them, "Please keep my policy open for a few days and until I find a cheaper policy." We call them exactly a week After stating we wanted to cancel the policy and wanted to know how much she was going to get for her refund. They were like, "You will only getting 93 dollars and your son is in the insurance." My mom told them, "You don't have the right to put my son and charging me without knowing for a week that he's been in the policy." Well the discussion keep going and then in the middle of nowhere the customer service agent told my mom, "Your son has been in the policy since the first day of the policy." My mom got really upset saying, "You just told me you were charging me for a week not a month." So the lady on the phone say, "Sorry there is nothing I can do," and start saying that when my mom say a bunch of things a week ago that's why I was put into the policy. The lady also state that they could put anyone into the policy without my mom's permission. So my mom ask them if they recorded the phone calls because she never say a bunch of stuff and wanted to hear it. The lady keep saying, "We do record our conversations but we can't let you listen to it." She had us for an hour talking and she kept contradicting herself. My mom does not have a job for a company like this to steal her money. They should be ashamed of taking more money from people who don't have any. Please advise your friends not to get involved with Hartford auto insurance or any related. You will regret it for they just want your money and cannot even been honest. This happen to a honest 51 year old woman who contact them every time they needed information. Advise your friend for they will lie about anything that way they can get free money.P.S. My mom have proof that after two weeks they are still charging her her normal first policy she agree on. Because they send her a letter and they never mention her kid was on the policy until we call them. Sorry for my grammar, I wrote this from a cell phone and the lady we talk to was CAROLINE **. She is a liar that never let us talk to her supervisor. Because she say everyone will tell you the same thing.
Called today (1-24-14) for assistance. I got a recorded message that due to inclement weather they could not take my call because the office was closed. I called AARP to complain and they could not get in touch with them either. So there you are expecting to receive "24 hour service" and all you get is a recorded message. What kind of insurance is this. I signed up for 24 hr. 365 days a year service. So what does a 77-year-old woman do if she is stranded on the roadside. IT IS SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS.
I was hit in the rear quarter panel while stopped in traffic by a person insured by Hartford. The police were working on an accident right beside me on the other side of the road and saw the accident happen. The insured driver told the police that he was looking at the accident and caused an accident. When we finally reached Hartford, everything was fine. They sent an adjuster out. Then we heard back from them that the insured said I made an unsafe lane change and hit him. The police report was sent to Hartford and basically, Hartford called the police department liars. I hope to never deal with Hartford again. They are a very dishonest company! Unless you are insured with them, then I guess you're assured that if you have an accident, it will always be someone's fault.
I am very happy with my Hartford/AARP auto insurance policy. I initially chose the policy because of the great discount. My son was in an accident driving my car at which he was at fault. We called in the claim at the scene of the accident and the car was quickly towed away. The claim rep immediately went into action and made arrangements. The car was totaled but the final claim adjustment was very fair. It had some custom work and we were reimbursed for that also. The claim was settled to our satisfaction and payment received within a couple of weeks. And even better they did not raise our rates.
They resolved the issue and mailed me my refund in a very professional way.
I have two reasons for writing this report. First, The Hartford entices you in with a low premium rate. Then on your next billing they will sneak in huge price increases and add in coverage that you didn't request. Concerning as mostly elderly purchase this insurance and may not be aware of the increase or changes. Secondly, I have a 1M dollar liability and UI policy. After my car was rear ended, the other insurance paid right away their max of $15K. The injuries suffered have caused a permanent mobility issue. The claim is worth $300K or more according to an attorney. The Hartford offered me $5,000. The adjusters are rude, they rarely respond, and they are indifferent. They couldn't care less for their customers.
Even though I HATED AARP's politics Big Time... they appeared to be the cheapest car insurance for us old folk. All fine & good until one renewal period when they attempted to overcharge me by a couple hundred dollars. No accidents/no tickets, but my insurance was substantially higher. Called & inquired... he just kept cutting the amount DOWN w/each of my questions. Never apologized nor admitted any wrongdoing. Thankfully State Farm (who I used to have) offered me a policy for less plus I no longer had to deal w/AARP their yearly membership fee/their awful magazine/their dreadful politics or their "criminally negligent" car insurance agents.
No assistance because I did not purchase COLLISION coverage. They refused to even discuss the damage to my car while it was parked. They should have been willing to notify the insurance company of the person who damaged my car of their obligation.
2014 they quoted me 520.00 for the year. The renewal comes in at almost 800.00. I called them and the underwriter was circling around explaining the increase for my medical went from 50.00 to 115.00 because the cost of health insurance went up. Then he told me a no fault accident in 2012, someone backed into me and neither party had damage, became another reason why my insurance went up. What the heck is the no fault good for? They base everything off statistics as the underwriter told me. Here's the best he told me since I had an accident report that the chances of me getting into another accident would be very high in the next 3 to 5 years and I would therefore have to pay for this. Because that's what the statistics say. Holy cow!!! Really??!!! Now he proceeds to tell me like everyone else on here that "my area" went up in price. The company is delusional. One big scam. They suck you in with low rates the first year and skyrocket the renewals. The underwriter advised me all insurance companies do this. He also advised me that any accident, whatever it is, my premiums will go up no matter what. I argued with him that my other two carriers in the past 30 years never and I mean never raised my rates more than 15.00 a year. One of them actually lowered my cost the longer I was with them. This company is insane and they do not care about keeping their customers satisfied.
My husband and I are senior citizens who drive old cars: mine is a 2003, my husband's car a 2012 vehicle with over 100,000 miles on it. Last year we contacted Hartford as the recommended AARP insurance for a quote on our car insurance (liability). We were quoted $2400 for both cars for two years coverage. This sounded like a good deal well within reach of elderly people on a very fixed income. Imagine our surprise when we received an invoice a year later for a renewal of our ONE policy in the amount of $2471.00! Of course I called the Hartford right away and was told that the Hartford never issues two year policies. Personally, I feel like an agent made misleading and actually false claims to make a sale. I am amazed that AARP as quasi-agent for the aged will allow their insurance of choice to do that. We certainly will not ever purchase another Hartford Insurance product.
AARP was very helpful and understanding. I felt better after talking to a representative just by letting me know not to worry. It will be taken care of. AARP in the past has made me realize I can trust my insurance for any inconvenience of an accident. They treat you as an individual not a number. I was very upset after my car was hit and the representative asking if I was physically ok? I said, "Yes I think so." She told me if I feel any discomfort go to the ER because whiplash might happen a day or so later. Sure enough, the next day when I woke I couldn't move. They were apologetic for the accident even though it was the other person that hit my car. Kudos.
I had an accident and it is not my fault. First claim I have filed with AARP for an auto accident. They have abandoned me and won't return my calls or emails! The accident was Aug. 5, 2011 and I don't have a replacement accident or repairs!It is Sept. 30, 2011. I will be switching insurance company for all my policies as soon as I get this accident settled!
I was in a MVA two weeks ago. A car ran out in front of me while I was on the highway going 55 MPH. My car was towed to the Mercedes dealer in Mobile, Alabama. All the front end of the car crumpled but the inside was OK. I walked away from this accident. As of today I still have NOT been told if my car will be repaired, replaced, or I will just get cash. The car was a 2014 MB E class full of safety features that was ordered by me from Germany to my specifications. If it is going to take another two months to get a replacement from Germany I would like to know so I can have it ordered.
I tried to log in to my online Hartford account to check on my bill only to find that I couldn't. On calling CS, I was told I had been cancelled two months ago for non-payment (I missed a payment apparently). I never received a cancellation notice via mail or email, although I receive emails from Hartford, and am appalled to discover I've been driving uninsured for 2 months. Never again will I deal with Hartford.
My elderly father had an accident which resulted in his car being totaled. He has been insured with Hartford through AARP for both home and auto for decades with no claims for at least 10 years or possibly (to my knowledge) ever since getting the insurance decades ago. Being a D-Day WW II Veteran, he has paid on time every month year-after-year religiously. Hartford couldn't ask for better customers than my father.Since my father was upset after the accident, he asked me to handle the claim process for him. I contacted Hartford to file the claim and gave them all the information they asked for. After which, I was told by the claims rep that we would have 72 hours after the adjuster has seen the car to remove any personal possessions and licence plates and that we would be getting a call from the adjuster in 48 hours.One week went by and hadn't heard anything from anyone at Hartford so I called over there. The adjuster told me that they were really backed up and it may be a few more days till the car is seen. She also said that the rental car would be extended "indefinitely."Two days later I received a call confirming the car had been totaled and to start looking for another car. The adjuster said they would be Fed-Ex'ng paperwork to sign and send back title. The next day I went to the tow/storage yard to retrieve personal belongings and the license plates where I learned that the car had been towed by Hartford (the day after the accident) to another yard to avoid the $20 a day storage fees. No one had mentioned that this had happened and now since it was a late Friday afternoon, I had to wait to call Hartford on Monday to find out where the car was taken to.The paperwork didn't show up via Fed-Ex and I later learn that they sent it to our P.O. Box "because that was the only address they had", even though Hartford insures the home too. Monday comes and I call the adjuster to find out they towed the car 58 miles away! The next day, I fit the trip into my day and go to the yard where I was refused the opportunity to remove the items myself and a bag was given to me with the car's content minus the valuable items totaling $250-$300 in value which is not covered under the car insurance. The original tow yard said that the item I was looking for was laying on the passenger floor; so it disappeared en-route or at the yard 58 miles away.Wednesday comes and I receive a call from the adjuster announcing the somewhat low settlement amount given the low mileage on the car. Knowing that it is an uphill battle to argue with adjusters and we need a replacement car ASAP, I didn't contest. The adjuster verified that the $1 dollar bank transfer worked to which I confirmed. She said the transfer would go out within a day or two and it would take 2-3 days to reach the bank. She also said the rental car was due back the following Monday.Thursday received a voice mail message stating that the transfer has gone out and confirming the transfer amount and mentioned that it will take 3-4 days to arrive at the bank. During this process I found an ideal replacement car and placed a deposit down on it knowing the sellers would be leaving town in a week or so for more than 10 days. Since everything had been proceeding in a somewhat normal process and being told that the claim settlement would be here before they left, I agreed to buy the car.After checking the bank on Friday and Saturday for the transfer, nothing was there and figured that it would arrive first part of the next week. Problem being now that the car sellers were leaving Saturday. Since having most of the money in the checking account for the new car, I cleaned that account out and borrowed the rest from a family member with the promise they would have their money back by Wednesday. Buy the car from the sellers as they are leaving the house on Saturday for their trip.Monday I returned the rental car and transferred title and registration for the new car. Called and left a message for the adjuster to check and report to me where and when the money would be here and she didn't return the call.Tuesday came and still no transfer money in the account or return call from adjuster. Called her supervisor who said the transfer had been sent last Thursday with all the same info as the original $1 test transfer and said that the money should be there by Wednesday and if not by Thursday to call back.Thursday comes and still no transfer money in the account or any other money for that matter. The account is now over-drawn with auto debits. Called the lady supervisor from Tuesday and she doesn't answer her phone so I call her supervisor ** who apparently is the top manager of the adjusters group; since he doesn't offer a supervisor's phone number on his voice mail. Leave an angry but polite message explaining the problem, what I have been told and my circumstances as a result.Later that day, my Father receives a recorded call from some lady apologizing for the "mix-up" and that the transfer would be there by Friday or no later than Saturday. You read that right - a recorded call! Well guess what? It is now after business hours on Saturday and the wire transfer is not in the bank or even in the bank's "pending" queue after being checked for by my bank.When will the transfer get here is now an unanswered question. At this point after 10 days, I must come to the conclusion they have no intent on paying the claim and that I have been lied to more than 3 times. What is the purpose in having collision insurance if it only means you have to replace the car with the money you have on hand? In hindsight, if I was expecting fraud to take place, I wouldn't return the rental car till the money was in my account; since Hartford was on the hook for the rental car. It has been a long time since I have had to make a claim on an insurance policy and nothing in distant memory reminds me of this incredibly horrible experience dealing with the Hartford. Nothing they told me would happen did happen. So buyer beware! The Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company is a company to stay far away from and AARP is losing yet another member for it's association with unscrupulous companies and public policy positions.
I had been with Hartford Insurance Company for home and auto for eight years up until 2013. When my rates went out of sight in 2013, I switched to Liberty Mutual. In December of 2014, I was contacted by Hartford to "come on back", and they gave me good rates plus discounts. They sent a chip to install in my car that would gauge my driving for three months, which would allow for more discounts at renewal. Sent the chip back in and all was well. Yesterday 2/1/16, I received my new rates from Hartford. My homeowners went from $1,541.00 per year to $2,021.00 per year with high deductibles! My only car went from $561.00 per year to $691.00 per year. I have never had an accident or a ticket. I have never filed a claim on my homeowners. My vehicle is eight years old and has 53K miles on it. I contacted customer service at Hartford and after thirty minutes of the man putting me on hold and checking this and that, he stated that the reason for the increase was because of the high cost of doing business in the state of Nebraska!!! I asked him about my vehicle and why the huge rate increase on it as I was promised a discount by using the chip. He said the chip didn't register. I started getting quotes from other agencies today and every agent was shocked about the price. I got five quotes and every one of them is under five hundred dollars cheaper for the house and two to three hundred dollars cheaper for the vehicle. I got suckered into Hartford initially because of AARP and again this last time through AARP. No more, I will be done with Hartford and will NEVER have an AARP membership again!!! Hartford can take their lovely line of ** to other states!
I'm writing this review to save perhaps hundreds or thousands of people the anguish this company will put you through once you have a claim. First off we do not have this horrible insurance company however we were unfortunate enough to be hit by an insured of The Hartford! As if things aren't bad enough being involved in a collision when on vacation! This company could care less about your situation regardless of what has happened. It is obviously standard procedure to prolong any sort of payout including that of a rental car. This company had the nerve to say they basically will get back to us in an undetermined time frame! So long story short their insured totals out our vehicle while we are on vacation 2000 miles from home and they do not care whatsoever. The claim reps are completely rude and will give you no answers. We now have an attorney and they won't even return our attorney's calls! Other driver admitted fault and received a ticket! THIS WARNING IS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS THEM AS A COMPANY OR IS CONSIDERING THE HARTFORD. DO NOT DO IT. We have never felt so violated by an insurance company in all our years of driving and having insurance. It's quite obvious they are a failing company who can't afford to pay claims. Look at all the other complaints from people who have them for their own insurance company and be prepared for more stress than you could ever imagine should a claim arise. We did not even know this type of treatment existed in the insurance world. I WOULD FEEL CONFIDENT IN STATING THE HARTFORD IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY out there should you have a claim. To date it has been nearly a month and they have not even looked at our vehicle yet which was our only vehicle! Now we see why there are hundreds of complaints about this despicable insurance company that should be shut down!
I was with THE HARTFORD for less than three years. I started the policy in October 2012 by paying $64.72. In less than three years, my premium jumped to $111.00 nearly doubling my premiums despite the fact I always paid my premiums on time (auto pay through my bank), had no at fault accidents, had no traffic violations and lastly, my 2011 Kia Forte had less than 23,000 miles on it as of the day I cancelled in June 2015. But I did turn 75 years old, could that be the reason? Can there be any wonder why I opted out of THE HARTFORD auto insurance? I went back to State Farm.
My first coverage with the Hartford for auto insurance was $513 per year. At renewal second year was $870. A shockingly huge increase considering I have never had any claims. I called and was told by one of their agents that at the end of the year the fire protection class rating defaults back to Class 10, the worst rating possible. The agent worked with me and said the rating should be a #3 which brought the policy down to $673. I thanked him and hung up and decided to get other quotes.I got some pretty good quotes from Ameriprise so I went with it about 30 days ago. I got home today to find a message from Ameriprise to call them. Come to find out they were raising my auto insurance because unknown to me The Hartford put my auto insurance with Twin City Fire Insurance Company (by the name you would think this was for the homeowner's insurance, but not), and they were not an AM best rated company. Therefore Ameriprise was increasing my policy rate.I want to know what right The Hartford has to just put my policy with another company without consulting me first and letting me know what negative effects this would have on future policies. I paid the bills to The Hartford, the policy is on their letterhead, but under insurer it list Twin City. So now I have another decision to make since Ameriprise has increased my rates. I can get more quotes and will probably be in the same boat, and I wonder how long this will follow me. This is almost like getting your credit damaged through fault of your own.AARP obviously is in on this with The Hartford since you have to buy a membership to even get a quote from the AARP Hartford program. Is AARP getting kickbacks? These insurance companies are way too powerful and will continue to suck us dry, and sadly there is nothing we can do about since it is mandatory that we must carry auto insurance. I am canceling my membership with AARP as well.
We had insurance with Hartford. I was rear-ended. The guy ran. Turns out he had no insurance. Hartford cut my medical benefits as fast as they could. Then we were late on a payment. They dropped us, did not even inform us until I went to pay the car. Was without insurance for two weeks. I called about it. The Hartford were very nasty and unprofessional. I wouldnt suggest anyone to be insured by them. Disgusting company.
My husband was comparing auto/renter's insurance quotes online this past February 2016. We discovered very low rates for both Progressive Insurance and the Hartford. (Note: We have had State Farm coverage for the last 10 years and have been very happy; however, this year, despite having no tickets, claims, or accidents, our insurance rates went up). I contacted the Hartford by phone to confirm the rates that my husband had received online. I spoke with Don, who confirmed the exact same rates for both auto and renter's insurance, with the added information that in Michigan, where we now reside, we would be required to purchase a yearly $16.00 AARP membership, to be eligible to purchase this insurance. I asked many questions and wrote down specifics that Don communicated, including monthly checking account withdrawals, monthly fees, etc.Two months passed, and I decided to contact the Hartford again, though this time I spoke with a representative named Bonnie. I asked the same questions of Bonnie that I had asked previously of Don, then tweaked (changed) both deductibles to our auto and renter's insurance. Bonnie gave me a quote for each that was a combined $24.76 cheaper than the rates that Don had quoted. Elated, I contacted Hartford again, two days later, to purchase this insurance and to give them our financial information. This time I spoke with Arlene, who listened attentively to my two previous insurance quotes from Hartford. When I asked her to confirm our most recent quotes from Bonnie, Arlene put me on 'hold' to check out this information with her supervisor. Ten minutes later, when she returned to the phone, she stated that she could not give us the rates that either Don or Bonnie had quoted me in earlier conversations.Despite no changes to our driving record(s), non-attendance to driving school, or previous claims to State Farm Insurance, she stated that we would now be paying an additional $58.03 for both of our insurance coverages. I objected and asked to speak with her supervisor. She asked if I had a written statement (through the form of e-mail) from either Don or Bonnie, confirming the quotes they had previously given. I stated that I had taken careful notes, and could recite specifically what I had discussed with each agent. Bottom line: poor transparency. We ended up staying with State Farm. I am very disappointed in the Hartford's treatment of us (I contacted them a total of three times, with my husband spending time online getting quotes from various insurance carriers). Arlene offered no apologies, and I intend to file a claim with the BBB for their inability to back the rates that are communicated over the phone.
Several months after enrolling for this year's auto insurance, I received a letter from AARP informing me that, "We inadvertently failed to include a notice about the implementation of a withdrawal fee." Then they said that, because they hadn't notified me, they would be waiving that fee, but turned around and said future withdrawals would include the fee. First, this was not part of what I agreed on, and second, what kind of company charges you for paying your bill? The fee is only $2 but here's the problem: I said I didn't like the idea of being charged a "withdrawal fee" for paying my own bill, so I'd rather just send a monthly check. But it seems that that would cost $5 a month. In other words, it would cost me $60 a year to pay my own bill. This is outrageous! After 15+ years with them (and one small claim 10 years ago), I hope to find a new insurance company that wont search for ways to nickel-and-dime their senior citizens.
Add my name to the long list of disgruntled customers who have auto insurance with the Hartford. I fell for their corporate "smoke and mirrors" style of doing business. Last year I received an offer in the mail for auto insurance from the Hartford sponsored and recommended by AARP. It advertised lower rates for those over the age of fifty. Perfect fit for me and my wife, I thought. We both had excellent driving records. We were both tired of paying higher rates due to young and reckless drivers. Now we would be in a special class of older, safer drivers paying lower rates based on better driving records and practices. We were thrilled with our initial quote from the Hartford. It was almost $400 less than what we had been paying with our former company. Shortly thereafter we dropped one vehicle and replaced it with another used vehicle. This move raised our rate by $155. We weren't thrilled with this news but continued with the insurance until it was time to renew. That's when we discovered the rate increase for the new policy was $184! That's nearly a 33% increase in one year! My wife and I are retired, in our sixties and live in a very rural small town. Neither of us have tickets or accidents for decades past. How can one justify that huge an increase? We're lucky if our retirement cost of living raise is 1.5-2%. I talked to two different customer service reps to see if they could explain to me why the $184 rate increase. About all I could get was that it might have been due to an across the board state rate hike. Another suggested I shop around to see if I could find a lower rate. What it boils down to is trust or should I say lack of trust? Can I believe a 33% increase in one year is necessary? How can I refute it? Where can I go? Who can I turn to? Do I just have to believe what I'm told? Or maybe all auto insurances are the same, they lure you in and then stick it to you at renewal. So maybe I should get used to changing companies every time a policy expires? Clearly that is not what I want to do, but am being forced to do. I would like to stay with the same company. There needs to be more transparency with auto insurance companies so we can sort out the truth from the lies. Then and only then, will we as consumers be able to make intelligent and responsible decisions.
My rate went up 40% in one year! We drive less than 8,000 miles a year. No accidents, tickets, or claims. Their explanation was that there are a lot of bad drivers in Florida and the cost of insuring them is shared by the safe drivers. Really? Here's a novel idea: deny insurance to bad drivers. Deny them licenses. Get them off the road! We'll all be a lot safer and our premiums will be affordable.
AARP/Hartford has told me they will not write a policy for me in South Carolina even though they gave me a quote (looking at my claims) 3 months ago. FORGET THEIR LIFETIME RENEWABLITY!!! They said since I moved to a new state they didn't have to continue coverage because my previous state had to continue because they allowed 3 claims there but only allowed 2 claims in South Carolina.They said they would be fined if they wrote my policy. I asked if this was a state regulation and they said it was Hartford policy so who would they pay a fine to? Themselves!!! They refused to send me any higher in AARP/Hartford's resolution area and refused to give me the corporate headquarter's address or the names of the CEO CFO or Board of Directors. By the way my 3rd claim causing them to cancel me was a $300 claim for a car backing into my car in a parking lot!! Do not believe anything their ads on TV say... or from your AARP Magazine.
We received a bill from the Hartford for an additional $20.00. I called and found out that they charge to add a mortgagee to the policy. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. I checked with our previous carrier (AAA) and they assured me they do not add cost for changes, and they hadn't heard of anyone doing this until I called them. I asked them to credit me the fee, but the person I spoke to refused and said no one else I talked to would. VERY unsatisfied... especially from a large company such as The Hartford. Since they brag about their low rates, I guess they have to nickel and dime people to death to make up the cost.
Called for auto quote since I am over 55 per AARP referral. Was provided a monthly rate of $318 due to a no fault accident. Hartford advertises "will not be dropped due to accident" and "accident forgiveness"... such advertisement conflicts with what they actually do. If you are found not at fault per their advertisements you should not have that held against you, especially when you were hit from behind while sitting in traffic! AARP should not only disassociate themselves, but the federal government should do something about this company... Borderline discriminatory!
They have been advertising on TV a no drop policy. This is false advertisement. As of 11/7/11, they dropped me, my wife and family. My youngest son had an accident, in which he totaled the car. Since then, he has his own car and insurance and is not on our policy. Hartford would not renew our policy, even though the above individual is not on it.
They have great prices and customer service. Our boat insurance with Farmers was going up to $650/year. But Hartford provided more coverage for $135/year!! Our coverage on our other vehicles went down by about half.
We have both home and auto with Hartford. The cost and the service is so much better on both of them than we have ever had with other companies. Absolutely the best experience on all counts. We have had many companies over the years and would absolutely never change unless Hartford went out of business. The only claims we have had so far are for broken glass. In each instance the glass was repaired or sometimes replaced within 24 hours. Great service.
When I received my renewal policy, which I reviewed and found a discrepancy which indicated that I was not an AARP member which is not true and when I spoke with Donna ** your customer care representative, she indicated that it was an oversight as I have been a member and the discount of $324.00 was taken off my renewal policy. I was then advised that the rate increased due to the fact that Hartford was not rating last year for the comprehensive loss that I had with my prior carrier which caused the renewal policy to go up along with all other rating factors. Apparently this oversight for the comprehensive loss was also an oversight! If I DID not check my renewal bill I would not know that I was being overcharged for being an AARP member which was told to Hartford when I took out my insurance policy! When my renewal insurance policy was received I noted that the bill was $3741.00 which included 324.00 for supposedly not having AARP and the total of the policy became $3,417.00 while last year the total bill was 2,978.00 which is a 24% increase. I have contacted two other automobile insurance carriers which were less money and they do not include losses of three years, therefore my insurance premium would be considerably less than your company charges. I do not understand a company such as Hartford having two oversights, e.G. Not having an AARP member card, which I had & also not charging last year for the comprehensive loss. I am totally appalled that a company such as Hartford would engage in what appears to be dishonest mistakes.
The price is a little high. I had two claims with AAA, neither was my fault but my rates went up. Hartford offered the lowest rate at the time, so I switched and have since also moved my renter's insurance and business liability insurance to them. I feel the service is excellent and to that extent worth a little extra from what I might pay elsewhere.
I was sideswiped by someone that was insured by them. Well, my leg is messed up now for good. My rear is probably messed up because I have pain in my leg. Most of the time, my job consist of walking standing on ladders, working on equipment. Then they're saying I had a leg surgery in 1998 or 1999. This did not happen. I do not know what to do. The state should start pulling their license.
I have been with Hartford Insurance company for 2 years. They increased my premium from $802.00 per year to $1,033.00 per year. I called and spoke with a customer service representative who informed that the rate increased because of the area which I reside. I informed the CSR that an increase of that magnitude is ridiculous!. Keep in mind I have had no claims, accidents, or tickets in 47 years. The have lost my business for life.
I insured 2 vehicles as well as my homeowner's insurance through the AARP/Hartford Insurance Co. for 5 years. But today I accidentally found out they cancelled my automobile insurance without any notification. I was driving 10 days without insurance because they did not notify me. I discovered that they cancelled the policy accidentally when I called to inquire about my home insurance and asked a question about my auto policy. I was told they cancelled my policy because I missed one payment. The Insurance Co are required to send an invoice each month for payment, which I never received. Also they are required by law to notify in advance the individual of the auto policy cancellation. None of which they did. When I complained about it, they did not want to hear it and they would not reinstate the auto policy because they claim I missed a payment. I now have to look elsewhere and will probably be fined from the New York State Motor Vehicle for driving 10 days without insurance. My wife and I went with the AARP/Hartford thinking they treat AARP members fairly. Boy was I wrong. AARP should disassociate themselves from this company.
I was a Hartford customer for over 20 years. February 2014, I dozed off at four in the morning, hit a steel retainer fence and totaled my 2008 Cadillac XTS. I had no injuries at all. Thanks to air bags. I purchased a new 2014 XTS that month. I received an email from Hartford thanking me and advising me of their first accident forgiveness. Received another email the next day raising my insurance over $1,480.00 which made my cost to renew almost $4,000.00. The Hartford didn't drop me, they forced me to drop them. I now have full coverage for less than $2,000.00 annually. Thank you Hartford. I dropped AARP also.
Having worked customer service for several years, I've always made it a point to be extremely polite and kind whenever I have to call to either have something fixed or to bring up an issue I'm having with their service. Hartford, my car insurance people, have given me the absolute WORST service imaginable. When I first signed on for a policy with them, I signed up for autodraft, which comes with a slightly higher fee for convenience. That didn't matter, I figured they'd just take it out of my account, like AUTO DRAFTING implies.I was wrong. EVERY SINGLE MONTH since the very beginning, I have received nasty letters from them saying that I neglected to pay them. Excuse me, but you have all of my information. You have all of the power to access my bank and charge my insurance fees, and what's more, that's what you're SUPPOSED TO DO, because that's the service that I SIGNED UP FOR.Every month, I've been very polite, because it could just be a system error. The third time it happened, I could feel myself getting progressively more irritable, because it should have been fixed the first time, and if not then, the second time, at the latest. Here we are at the end of the year, and they STILL don't have it together. I am so fed up with being blamed for THEIR mistakes, and I've had it up to here.DO NOT GET HARTFORD INSURANCE, IT SUCKS. On that note, my dear adult friends, if you could all recommend different auto insurance companies that don't sit around with their with their hands up their **, I would appreciate it, because after one lucky supervisor or management person gets a particularly nasty phone call from me on the 26th, I'll be closing my policy with them and will need a new one with a company that understands HOW AUTO DRAFT WORKS.
I'm lucky this was a simple claim. But the Hartford uses a 3rd party company for glass coverage, this company has the worst customer service. It's been 3 weeks since my claim and I was just approved to get 3 windchill chips to be fixed.
The home policy increased for $50.00 annually without any claims (no changes). The automobile premium rate increased when I sold the 2011 Camaro and purchased a 2006 Monte Carlo because they kept raising rates. So they increased it for $280.00 for no reason. When I called to inquire, I was told there’s rate increase for everyone. That’s a great way to treat your seniors. Please report to your state insurance commission.
A few months ago, it was time to renew my driver's license. The agent asked if I am insulin-dependent and I said yes. She put this on my driver's license and told me my rates will not go up because it states basically I am a diabetic. So when it was time to renew our auto policy, my driver's license came into question. Suddenly, it changed to Ohio and then someone corrected the mistake and it was changed to Florida. Every so often I called in and sure enough, the Dl number changed again. Finally, I was assured that it has been corrected. So, I decided to set up an auto debit account with them and everything was confirmed to be accurate. Today, I received a form that they need to set up the auto pay. I called and told them it had been set up last month and confirmed everything was in order. They found that someone had changed my checking account number so if I had not called today, the payment from the wrong account would have come back as invalid and there would be a reason to cancel me. I was guaranteed the info has been updated. In my opinion, all of these errors and changes are being made to cancel my policy because I am a diabetic. I have never had any accidents or speeding tickets and by the State of Florida, considered a safe driver. I even took the AAPR defensive driving course two times just to get the safe driver discount.
My van had a mechanical failure which caused an accident. I sold the van to a recycler to be crushed and cancelled the insurance on it. 2 1/2 months later I found another car and called the Hartford to insure it. I had been with them for 22 years without a ticket or accident. They wanted to up my insurance to 1100.00 a year when I had been paying about 350.00 prior to the accident. They said if I had kept the insurance in force on the van, the rate would not have gone up. Why would I keep paying insurance on a van that had been crushed? Also, The Hartford reported the accident to LexisNexis as being my fault, instead of mechanical failure. Progressive insurance was way less than the Hartford quote.
Called to verify coverage on my vehicles, and instead of answering my question she decided to badger me with questions about my daughter and eventually had to hang up on her. Found out the next day she changed my policy coverages without my authorization and my premium doubled! Today I canceled my policy.
After 20 years with AARP, they jacked up my rates three years in a row from $800 a year to $1,200 a year, and my homeowner insurance from $500 to $800 all in three years. I have had auto claim in the 20 years.
Not only are they completely unprofessional, and they are way more expensive, they allow (maybe even teach) their employees to lie. Stated we had 2 policies. We were unaware of having 2. They canceled one for nonpayment and NO NOTICE! We just paid them $3100.00, 6-months ago (May 2017) for annual premium, and stated we were canceled in October 2017 for nonpayment! No notice and we just find out November 30th! And no reinstatement!! WE WERE UNAWARE WE HAD NO COVERAGE FOR 60-DAYS!!! So now at 55-years old and never missing a payment we are paying triple rates because we are an insurance risk!!! Unless you like to invite problems into your life DO NOT FALL FOR THE AARP HARTFORD TRAP!
I had my insurance with a company for many years and they kept raising it for no reason so I decided to go with AARP Hartford and my premium went from $1,100 for a single older woman driver to $550 thereabouts! Then they raised it the next year to $640 and then for 2013 it is $726. This is rate protection! Now I did have a minor fender bender in the Kroger parking lot where the police were not called but they have accident forgiveness and they applied that, but did they? I don't trust these people. It seems that they just hauled me in to raise the rates.
Hartford insurance is blaming their client for not returning calls and refusing to file a accident claim. It's going on three weeks that the accident had happened and was wondering why it's taking so long. So I paid a visit to their client. So their client said that they had filed a claim the next day. Not sure why Hartford is blaming them for the delay in processing the claim.
Almost all the complaints in ConsumerAffairs about AARP/Hartford auto insurance relates to unjustified rate increases. That lousy outfit has increased my rates by 20% every year for the last 4 years. I have no tickets nor accidents for at least the last 15 years. It is obvious that AARP and Hartford introduced a plan to take advantage of senior citizens by getting them to switch and then bait them. I will complain to both AARP and the Texas Insurance Board. AARP you ought to be ashamed of yourself for promoting this greedy insurance company. I will certainly not renew my AARP membership.
First, let me say I am not insured by Hartford and never will be given their handling of a minor scratch that I am responsible for on a car insured with their company. When I scratched the wheel well of a 10-year old car that they insure, I left my contact information requesting that the owner contact me. Instead, the owner elected to have Hartford handle the accident - something within his right but ridiculous, in my opinion, for something that required no bodywork. Hartford told me that the claim would amount to $574 which I realize is not a huge amount; however, it includes removing the headlight assembly, removing the fender, specially tinting the paint to match the 10 year old color which had faded. They provided one estimate from a body shop with which they have a relationship. The damage was minor and I've been told by other shops that, based upon my photos, the damage shouldn't cost around $200 as there is no need to remove headlight, fender, etc. Hartford refuses to provide any other estimates. At this point, I will end up paying more to hire an attorney, etc, than to pay the inflated price of the repair.
I called a couple dozen insurance companies for rates and the Hartford for my truck and home insurance policies is more than $200 less than lowest price other companies quoted and I received fast service when I have called them. I've never had a claim on truck but one on my house was paid immediately. Very easy to pay on their online site.
Insurance in FL is very expensive, and I have had several different companies. AARP/Hartford has been the cheapest and best price in Florida. They do have a good reputation and being associated with AARP helps.
Wish there was a no star rating. Horrible customer service. Going on a year and a half dealing with a flood. My neighbor flooded me and the man who did the estimate used his feet to measure my place. Really? He didn't even go in all rooms that were damaged, and then completed the estimate saying just patch work was needed. When I said to him all my ceiling needs to be removed and the insulation so I don't get mold, he replied "Why would there be insulation in ceiling?" Ever hear of sound proofing? The estimate was a joke. I am now on my third employee and all are disrespectful and clueless. One girl said she received my documents. The other hasn't and now the third woman has. Clueless people. Bottom line is they don't want to pay the damage their client has caused. I have heard over ten times if I don't like the estimate to use my insurance company. I finally have had enough. After a year and a half and will be taking them to court. Never ever use this company. Horrible, horrible, horrible! I'll continue to pass how unprofessional they are to hundreds of my clients!!!!
I was trying to assist my father to find better rates for his auto insurance. AARP promotes the Hartford Auto Insurance program as a money-saving program. In June 2011, I spoke with Yvonne at Hartford to compare rates. I faxed her the coverage summary from Motorists Insurance to insure we were comparing apples-to-apples and she gave me a quote that would save about $150 a year. I decided to make the switch to Hartford Insurance. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that I had been duped. Recently, my dad was the victim in a minor hit and run accident. When we attempted to file a claim, I learned that we had no collision coverage. I checked previous policy and as expected, we did have collision coverage for this 1997 vehicle and Yvonne from the Hartford must have eliminated it, to give us a favorable quote. Not a fair business practice. I'm very disappointed. I wonder how many other seniors have been duped in the same way. I thought I could trust AARP.
AARP which boast itself as the largest company for seniors offering the best in service and discounts is the biggest liars more so than the US GOVT when it comes to assisting seniors. Their customer service, people working for them or who represent them are the biggest liars and thieves around as they make promises and deliver nothing. Don't waste your time or money on these people and company as you will only be disappointed and will be out good earned money. AARP is the biggest rip off company in America, and would never recommend this company to anyone.
Accidents happen. A grandmother, driving her grandchildren around town (insured by Hartford via AARP), hit me and knocked me into a telephone pole. Totaled cars, bulging discs, split face, stitches, therapy, and 18 months later, comes a settlement offer. First for $2,000 then "generously" raised to $5,000. "Not enough documentation to conclusively prove further damages or raise that number any higher" has become their mantra.
Had accident 10/20/2018. Calls not returned, updates on claim status not given. Has been two (2) weeks since I received any correspondence from this company and over a month since my claim was submitted, yet no one has given me an update.
I had Hartford Auto and Homeowner ins for many years. Suddenly my rates were raised considerably with no explanation. I had had no accidents or claims. My car was still the same -- only 1 year older of course. When I called to ask why, I was informed it was because I was now over 70. This from a company that advertises it is for those over 50. And that they will never cancel you. No, they don't cancel they just price themselves above a reasonable amount. So, as long as you are between the ages of 50 and 70 it may be a choice for you. But beware!! And shame on Matt McCoy for advertising for them. He's only 58 so I guess the money not a concern for him.
Our 2005 GMC Envoy experienced a unexpected mechanical surge while parking in our garage resulting in damage to vehicle and garage. Total vehicle damage was $3400 of which Hartford paid $2900. A "surcharge" of $1,056 was added to my auto policy and "will apply for 60 months or five years". At this rate I will repay Hartford and additional $5,280 for the $2900 that they paid for my claim. No tickets or previous accidents. I could have saved $2380 on my auto policy if I had not filed a claim. Customer service advised that I can expect a "surcharge" on my house insurance too. They would not advise the amount. "It will be on your billing when the policy is due". Customer service has been very good, however as retired seniors I cannot afford to do business with AARP sponsored Hartford Insurance.
I have been with Hartford for 3 years and I just received a renewal where my rates were increased ($106.00 which equals to 13.8% increase). When I called for an explanation, I was on the telephone for over 30 minutes mainly navigating through their computer answering machine maze and being on hold. When I finally got a human being on the phone, I explained the reason for my call. I was immediately put on hold again for about five minutes and when she came back on the line, she told me that they had just recently increased their rates for the entire state of Florida. Without any prompting from me, she advised me that I would need to contact them to cancel when I get another insurance company. My response to her was that she would find out when I didn't make any payments. They were barely competitive before the rate increased and the only reason I went with them is that they were recommended by AARP. I think AARP should take a serious look so their members can get fair treatment. By the way, I had no claims submitted!
My husband was driving and he hit a deer and I was a passenger of our 2001 Jimmy. I called the claim department and they assigned Jaclyn to the claim and they are giving us a run around. This happened on 10-20-2011 and the deer went under the Jimmy. I had people come out and give estimates and they all tell me that my frame is bent and even if they tried to unbend, it it is still going to be warped. They sent out an adjuster to take pictures; he was rude to me on the phone and here at my house and he didn't do his job right. I unlocked my door on the Jimmy; he pulled so many times on my hood to pop it, he broke it. I told him the hood would not come up and then he broke my console in the middle of the Jimmy. I had 10.00 in change and I went out there to get it when he left and it was gone. I had a witness over here and the guy was on video camera to all that. I even went as far as writing a letter to the adjuster and telling her that and she keeps telling me to take it to auto repair shop and get it fixed. I said hello, lady they all tell me it will cost more then the blue book of the Jimmy and they want money up front and they can't even fix it. My husband is 60 and has never had a wreck and they are treating us like we are liars or something. Due to the accident, it hurt my husband's neck. They are talking about surgery on it and it has hurt my neck and my back and my throat is swollen. Now I would not recommend anyone to this company at all! They have got us so upset. When they settle on the medical and our Jimmy we are switching insurance companies and if I have to, I will get an attorney on this matter. Please to all the seniors, do not use AARP/Hartford. They will take advantage of you. Believe me. We've been there and we are done with Hartford after this.
I took my vehicle into their appraiser and he estimated $2000 in damage. I then took my auto into my own collision repair. I have 1000 deductible. I received a check at my home for $645. Upon inquiry they said they have someone else who could replace windshield for 200 cheaper. Then I received a call from body shop and he told me Hartford would only pay for aftermarket headlight lens. My car is 3 mos. old 4,000 mi and they want to put Chinese made lens on a $46,000 vehicle. Mind you I have been with them for approximately 6 years both home and auto. It would have been a difference of $365 more and they absolutely will not bend because to quote "Your car is not new. Had it been new we would have put OEM parts on." My car is 2015 purchased 3 mos. ago! Stay clear of this company. I am an AARP member. Correction I was an AARP Hartford customer.
We had been with AARP/Hartford Auto/Home insurance for 10+ years. Our auto insurance continued to increase, therefore I started looking to make a change. (We were lucky & found a company that was 1/3 the cost of Hartford's.) I started looking for a company that we could be under an "umbrella type" of policy for both auto/home. One insurance company told us that Hartford's records reflected that we had 8 comprehensive & 2 accidents claims. We contacted Hartford & found that there were 4 duplicates for comprehensive claims plus 2 accidents (1 in 2006 & 1 in 2009 - both close) all settled & closed. We were told that the duplicates were for internal purposes only, however that was not what the "other" insurance company saw in the public files. Therefore from 2006 through 2016 anytime an insurance company would check, Hartford's system reflected the original claims plus the duplicated. Of course no insurance company could offer decent rates. Since I am a 72 year old male/retired I decided to change auto insurance companies. When I did that my homeowners insurance with Hartford increased by 55%. At this point I have no faith in any insurance company.
I have cancelled AARP/Hartford as many of my friends have done, they raise rates every year for no reason. Found Geico to be a better company and cheaper, also any minor citation may increase rates for 3 years at about $350 more a year.
I responded to an advertisement for AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford. It was priced in the ad at $763.00 for 12 months. After speaking with a sales representative from Hartford, giving him all of my information and them checking my driving and accident record, I was told everything was fine. I had the policy 4 days when I received a call from a Hartford agent informing me they had increased my rate to almost double. Their reasoning: NY State is a no fault state and I was a party to a hit-and-run. My car was parked at the time it was hit. I had a witness to the accident and recovered all of the money for my insurance company. My insurance company paid nothing. For the 4 days I had my insurance with Hartford they are trying to bill me $19.00 - the higher rate. I sent them a check for $2.09 per day based upon their ad. I have referred the case to NY State Department of Financial Services. Hartford just sent me a Past Due Notice for $10.64 and they state, "Your payment must be received by 2/3/14 or the balance will be referred to our Collection department." I placed my insurance with Liberty Mutual for less than Hartford's advertised price. I will be cancelling my AARP membership. .
Truck was stolen at Lowe's parking lot in Mexico. Filed a claim with the Hartford because I paid for Mexican coverage. Was told my claim was denied. Found out according to their Mexican coverage policy. You can only be 25 miles from the border, can only be in Mexico for 10 days, and must carry liability insurance through a Mexican insurance company.
We have been AARP members for many many years and upon their recommendations, insured our vehicles with The Hartford. We have never had an accident, no tickets, no arrests and our credit score is very good. We just received Hartford's new insurance update and it went up 71%, confirmed by their online people. At first they claimed that Oregon has been downgraded due to accidents, drug & alcohol usage and arrests and it was kind of a blanket increase across the board. I have talked to several people at The Hartford, polite but unable to help. I just received a letter from them, in which it now states that they increased the rate of 71% due to the fact that we sold our 2nd car and because of our AGE. As a Police Officer of some 18 years, I have had several Defensive and Aggressive driving classes and passed everyone of them and have never had an accident that was attributed to me, nor has my wife had any accidents nor citations, I should know, as we are working on our 40th year of marriage. This last insulting letter, dated June 22, 2015 was the straw that broke the camel's back. We are now actively look to find a new auto insurance company that is fair & honest.. Anyone knowing of such a company, let me know. Instead of ostracizing us, we should be the "Poster Child" for good & safe drivers.
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