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AARP Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AARP
Overall average rating of 2.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 18 %
I cannot get in touch with them. I don't know why they quit taking the premiums out, did so for a year then I looked and last 2 were missing though I had money to cover them. Afraid it is a scam.
I originally selected this policy as a term policy and at a later time was offered the option to convert it to whole life, which I did. I have an auto pay set up, so I don't have to worry about missing or forgetting a payment. AARP offers many benefits for seniors, life insurance being only one. I have had no problems communicating concerning my policy nor have I experienced any issues at all. When I choose this insurance, AARP offered the best financial solution for this uninsured person.
WILL not pay death benefits on ex husband. I paid on this insurance for 18 years. DO NOT USE. CROOKS.
I have a policy with New York Life (AARP). I have run into money problems. They take out the money from my checking. I can't afford it. I am not working. I want it stopped and I can't find out someone to talk to. I have account numbers, but they are from the checking accounts only. I need help.
AARP Life Insurance was cheaper than most of the other insurance companies and their expensive policies. The company provides me with the best policy and I trust them with everything. But they need more policies.
It's great that AARP Life Insurance communicates with their customers quite often when providing great customer service to me and my family for our plan and they know at all times that I am there for a good reason and that I want their services. I like the system quite a lot. I also like that they care about me, try their best to help me out and make sure I'm satisfied. They usually do a great job of responding to my questions in a prompt fashion. But AARP is so far off some of the other cheap ones that I have been quoted for and have thought about using and I like them. I don't want to remove AARP but they need better pricing for me to stay for a long time.
Have no problems with AARP. I pay a low rate and it's well worth it. I would tell others to definitely get life insurance even if a small amount. I have had aarp for a yr now. Before that I had globe insurance and did not like the results of the billing twice. Globe life did not receive my payment on time and they dropped me.
Sent payment to AARP on 1/13/2014 but AARP claimed they never received it and cancelled my policy. AARP sent me a check for $42.00 but what about my monthly payments since 2011? Really?
My mom just passed away. She did not have AARP, but only had $5000 life insurance which was not quite enough to bury her. Dad is in a nursing home and has AARP, $15,000 Permanent Life, which they have been paying on for years. He has Alzheimer's now. I received a letter stating that the cash value of this policy is $2,467.24! I just paid them $455 for three months for dad's insurance and then I got that letter. This is a huge rip off. I will not pay another month of that so-called insurance. Besides having less than $15,000 in life insurance, I am getting bills for my mom that Medicaid did not cover and bills for my dad that I cannot cover. They want him to sell his home to pay for his bills. It's sad. He's a veteran and will end up broke. I don't care about getting any money when my parents are gone, but it would be nice if their insurance covered their funerals and hospital bills. Do not buy Permanent Life. Save your money. You'll have more in the end.
They delayed the request long enough to allow them to not accept application due to age. On 1/13/13, I applied for their insurance program for 6 grandkids. The oldest, 17 at the time, did have Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW) but was operated and completely cured as I noted on the application. Grandson turned 18 on 3/11/13 which would not qualify him for this program now, but at time of application, he was 17 and did qualify by age. AARP insurance denied grandson officially on 2/27/13 after our phone conversation stating: "We have considered your request for life insurance. We regret that we are unable to provide the coverage you requested. Our underwriting decision was based on a history of Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome. The source of our information was the medical information provided with your request for insurance and/or our telephone interview. We did not obtain information from any other source."The letter also stated: "We believe that the information is accurate and complete. If you ask us to correct or amend any information about you in our files, we will carefully consider your comments. If we cannot comply with your request, you have the right to give us a concise statement of what you believe is the correct information. We will put your statement in your file."We had his doctor officially reply to them on 3/26/13 stating the procedure was performed on 10/24/12, as well as follow-up evaluation performed on 12/20/12 and stated: "I am certain his heart is normal. He does not require any activity restrictions or limitations."AARP again replied again, not specifically stating they would accept the application now with the doctor's information, but they are denying now based on age. They wrote: "New York Life designed the AARP Young Start so that AARP members would have the opportunity to apply for coverage on their children or grandchildren up to 17 years of age. Unfortunately, (I omitted name) is outside of our age limitations for our AARP Young Start program and we have no other products available for his current age range."I called questioning their decision based on the application when he was 17 but they couldn't care less and used the age opportunity to deny his coverage so they did not have to deal with WPW. I am considering dropping the other 5 and searching other companies for coverage.
Today is the one year anniversary of my father's death. He died from pancreatic cancer less than 3 months after his diagnosis. My mom purchased the policy in June 2015, when no one, not even my dad, knew he had cancer. I understand there's protocol that needs to be followed when paying a claim. I myself sold life insurance for a few years, but the fact that my mom filed this claim almost a year ago and they STILL are trying to search for doctors to prove that my father knew he had cancer before my mom purchased the policy is absurd. Every few weeks they want to check in with this doctor and that doctor, they have ALL of his medical records, yet just LAST WEEK they asked my mom if there were any other doctors they could reach out to "to make sure" he wasn't already diagnosed before she purchased the policy. I am very disgusted with this company.
My father died on 9/25/11 just about 4 months from his 2 year grace period on his AARP policy. I cannot believe that AARP Life Insurance sent me a check after his 2 year anniversary date for only the premiums paid. The only contact they made with me was a letter in December stating they are still investigating. I have buried my father and have a funeral bill that needs to be paid. I do not have that type of money. They didn't even state a reason for denying the claim. I feel I am owed that much a reason. They allow you to answer 3 questions and you receive the policy and then it states the policy is effective if it meets there underwriting requirements. They take their monthly payments without any underwriting requirements. My father’s policy should have been honored. AARP Life Insurance is a fraud for seniors trying to get insurance to cover their last expense. A total rip-off! I am happy for all the people who did receive payment, but don't be knocking people who are upset for not receiving the benefit and left with a huge financial expense in the time of hardship. The policy states if underwriting requirements are met but as a policy holder, I do not know what those underwriting requirements are and AARP Life Insurance do not submit that information with the policy. I am going to contact the insurance commissioner in my state because I believe that my dad was misinformed.
A friend told me about this policy Mutual of Omaha offers... Mutual of Omaha has a good reputation. This is a whole life insurance and not term life insurance. I like their non-changing fee for monthly payment for whole life insurance. I have mental illness and am on disability and this changed everything for my policy as the payout is only $5000 and the monthly contribution is $20 or so. But the monthly contribution doesn't increase. I was also able to borrow $500 from my policy which is pretty common. However, I don't really see why I would only have a sum of $5000 for my relatives which is not enough to bury myself and enough for cremation barely. At least the amount I contribute doesn't change but I wish the way they do this would leave more for my survivors.
My mother purchased a life insurance policy years ago. This policy was maintained and paid for by my now deceased brother for several years. Years have gone by and my mother is now in a nursing home and has been there at least four years. At least yearly Medicaid and Medicare require lots of paperwork to keep her enrolled. Part of the headache is this policy that apparently has some sort of "cash value". I can't imagine how much this value could be but it can't be more than $1,000. Nevertheless, this policy is an issue each and every time, without fail. I finally have gotten tired of playing this game with everyone and decided to TRY and do something about this policy so it won't be an issue in the future. With that said, I've now had the Power of Attorney paperwork faxed three (3) separate times to a number that has been verified several times over a period of approximately a month. Each time a call customer service I get the, "I don't see any record of it being here" story. I get the obligatory apologies, etc. as they assure me that this doesn't typically happen, so on and so on. I don't think for one minute that I'm that special, that I'm the only person whose fax is mysteriously disappearing from one floor to the next. To add insult to injury, I've gotten tired of playing the "fax game" with you guys so I thought I would have the nursing home MAIL a copy to the address that was provided for me. Do you want to guess what I was told when I inquired about whether or not you had received it??? Do ya??? "Oh, I don't see it here. Are you sure you mailed it to the right address?" Your company need to seriously look at your processes which directly link to your overall communication with different departments and to your customers because there is some SERIOUSLY DEFICIENT processes being used right now. I just cancelled all of my insurance policies with USAA which consisted of two houses, two cars, and my wife's wedding rings because of things just like this. Needless to say, I'm really tired of dealing with insurance companies that make lots of promises, love getting those monthly payments but really leave you scratching your head when it comes to getting someone to get off their butt and help with an issue or problem.Here's the bottom line. First off, I wouldn't recommend you guys to anyone I knew, even if I didn't like them and wanted to see them hurt. Second, I'm actually waiting on a return call from the manager of the department I've been dealing with and her name is Tina **. I'll just say that I'll be absolutely shocked if she actually calls me back. I provided my cell phone number and I have that phone on me 24 hours a day and I do answer it. I'll be so shocked that, when I'm finally done dealing with you guys and there does end up being some sort of "cash value" attached to this thing, I'm going to give all of the money to Tina ** to do with it as she pleases. Pay for a party for her entire department, donate it to a charity of her choice, go on a vacation, buy some clothes, I really don't care. I simply want that nightmare of a policy to disappear from the face of the earth. That's about as clear as I can make this.Tell you what. My mother has a phone. Her nursing home is right across the street from the bank I work at. Let's get her on the phone and this way we can completely eliminate the need for a POA and everyone can wash their hands off this fiasco. You contact me at my email address or call me on my cell phone. Tell me when you want to talk to mom and I'll make it happen. There, that should just about do it. No more excuses. No more BS apologies. Just get it done like your job or your family or anything else that actually mattered to you depended on it. That usually motivates people. Once it actually matters to YOU then YOU will get off your butt and make something happen instead of making lame excuse after lame excuse. OK, let's see if anyone will actually call or email me. By the way, I was forced to select one (1) star as to how I would rate your company and my experience. Unfortunately, there aren't any negative numbers to choose.
AARP is the best company to get the coverage I need and trust. They gave me the best rates and the insurance is not super expensive. I love that I get great coverage for life insurance but I wish I could get more coverage but pay less out of pocket cost for it. I also wish I could get a deal or a discount. I feel confident in this company that if anything would happen my family would be safe. My family, my mom and dad have used this company also. I would recommend AARP Life Insurance to other companies.
As a long time insurance broker I am very aware of the AARP "racket". As an insider I am familiar with AARP tactics. They are simply a social welfare/lobbying organization. They are in the business to court politicians and sell insurance. They do it under the guise of "social change". They are a tax-exempt organization that funnels money to organizations that are, for the most part, corrupt. Seniors are duped into believing they are looking out for them when in actuality the fox is in the hen house.
My aunt went to the funeral home and had pre-burial arrangement done. The funeral home called New York Life and told an agent that my aunt was signed her policy over to the funeral home. The insurance company sent a form and the assumption that it was okay. She passed away and the funeral contacted New York Life and was denied the money. The insurance company said the beneficial would have to sign the money over to the funeral home. My aunt did not fill a change of beneficial after she went to the funeral home and completed the paperwork. The person that she was worried about will not sign the money over because she said she did not sign any papers at the funeral home. MY AUNT WORKED AND PAY HER OWN PREMIUM AND HER BILL CANNOT BE PAID. THIS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO MY AUNT LIFE.
My sister died in May of 2017. She had an AARP 25,000 life insurance and had me made co-beneficiary for 10,000 to be sure her funeral expenses were covered. Same story - no check as of 8/22/17. She had the policy for less than 2 years - about 1-1/2 years. She died in her sleep of unknown causes but no medical condition she had would have caused sudden death. She died on a Tuesday and was planning a week vacation to the beach starting Saturday - she was not sick. They have requested records from everyone they can find that she ever saw. I spoke to them on the phone today. After reading these reviews, I feel sick. I am on social security myself and fear they will look for an "out." I want to trust that they are honest, but... no check, no answers and not much hope. I will be contacting the insurance commissioner.
I recently got this insurance, so I have not really had a chance to interact with the company. I am sure that this will be a great insurance company. The cost is very low and it is worth every cent that you pay.
Purchase life insurance for my husband. I beat breast cancer. I was uninsurable. One month later we find out he has cancer stage 4 unfortunately soon after he passed away. There is no documentation that he had cancer. The insurance company says that he have personal knowledge of his cancer that's why they didn't pay out. They only refunded our premiums.
I have life insurance since I got married this year and I have AARP through my employer. I have never had to do anything with them other than to pay the bill. I would like for them to offer more coverage and I would like to be able to borrow against the policy. I know people who have been able to borrow against theirs but I know this is not an option for me.
Prompt payment on claim when my spouse passed away. They were very kind and thoughtful and very sensitive to my situation. I had to wait a few weeks for doctor's records and they always kept me informed. For this I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a good life insurance company. They made me feel important to them.
They have withheld payment to the beneficiaries saying there is a dispute, even after giving documentation proving the validity of the claim. It has been over 4 months and they are now telling me 3 more weeks of investigation!
Like the coverage but every 10 years the policy premium doubles and when you reach 70 the amount of coverage you have been paying for years is cut in half.
I've read a lot of bad reviews about beneficiaries getting their payment from AARP Life Insurance. My mother passed away in October and I received my full payment due me from AARP a month later. What might have made my payment successful and quick was that my mother was healthy at the time of applying and had this policy for over 12 years which was for $10,000. She never missed a payment and total payments to AARP throughout the years was over $13,000. So AARP Life made money on this policy. Another thing to note is you got to watch out for the person that dies only had the policy under two years. Seems like that will allow the payment to be contested. My advice is be careful with companies that advertise no medical needed, just answer a few health questions. When the person dies that could allow the insurance company to delay or contest payment while they research the person’s medical records to make sure the questions were answered truthfully. That can result on the beneficiary having to supply medical records and other documents that can delay the payment or even deny payment. I hope everyone has as smooth a transaction as I did.
Mother was invited to exchange Term Policy, at conclusion of age limit restrictions (16 years of premiums paid). Was told new whole life policy would have full matured value. New policy has 0 payout in first year and indicates payouts equal about half premium payments and only fully mature until after 15 years of more premiums, when and if she is 95! TOTAL RIPOFF. Putting money in bank and collecting interest, at least will get all your investment back.
I have had very little experience with my life insurance company. But the little time that I have had they have provided me with good information that was beneficial to me. Their customer service department has been very responsive to my needs. The rate for my age was very reasonable and it was easy to sign up. I would recommend anyone to use AARP life insurance.
Rates are affordable, agent explained every detail in the policy, your present health is not a problem for them to cover you and you are guaranteed coverage. They have different terms, such as Term Insurance and whole Life Insurance. Being a member of AARP has made me eligible to have coverage and has many benefits to me. I am confident that my family will not be left with huge funeral costs and that gives me peace of mind. They keep me informed about new items and products that are available to me through their email. Can be contacted easily if I have a question or a problem.
Back in 07/04/06, I signed what I believed was a good Life Insurance Policy. Unfortunately, that turned out to be an ongoing nightmare as I write this. Currently, I'm living on an $898 monthly SS benefits... Back in 2006, all I could afford was the $30,000 Life Insurance term coverage available only to age 80. (Agreeing to sign for this was a FATAL ERROR on my part due to lack of knowledge/understanding what all of this meant in the long run.) In any event, I diligently arranged monthly automatic payments through my bank and continued to do. At the time, premium was $52.33, then raised to $74.13 and was recently informed it would cost $111.48 monthly premium for the same (small amount of $30,000) which I simply cannot afford. I'm seeking help on what my options are. Also, there is much more to my plight. Please help me. Thank you for the acknowledgement.
I am very pleased with my choice and have been very satisfied with the company. By far best customer service with agents available twenty four hours a day to answer questions. Highly respected company with great rates and many best plans to choose from. Highly recommend discount for AARP. Easy enrollment and great online presence, too.
My mother passed away within 2yr. of having AARP. They got all her medical records and everything was fine. They send us a check for the face value which was $20,000 and then stop payment on it. Can they do that?
It's really great. I enjoy a no b.s. relationship and statement from them. No hidden costs and one flat rate. It's difficult to find insurances that will just be upfront with you. I have no complaints and enjoy their services.
Affordable for people in my age range. I am 74. I have been using AARP since I was 50 and have had no problems. They are trustworthy. Love their discounts.
I submitted a request for a $50,000 life insurance policy as my previous policy was attached to my employment and terminated when I retired. I mailed the application and the first payment as requested. I received a phone call almost a month after my check was cashed, telling me it was the last day to process my request. (FIRST PHONE CALL FROM THEM.) They subsequently denied my request based on "a history of breast cancer." I DO NOT have a history of breast cancer, but was diagnosed with breast cancer 1 week prior to the phone call and 3 weeks after they cashed my check. My physician assures me I will celebrate many more Christmases. I am extremely disappointed in AARP. SHAME ON YOU.
They raised my premium last year. When I protested, they said it would be at least a year until the premium would be raised again. I called today, and they raised my premium $100 last month. I will also say it is close to impossible to get seen by a doctor under their plan.
I took out a life insurance policy for $100,000 23 months ago. I was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given 4 to 6 months to live without treatment. I had an accelerated rider on my policy that states if I have a terminal illness I'm allowed up to 50% or $50,000 of my policy. I made a claim because I desperately needed the money for treatment. New York Life accepted the claim and within 14 days I had the check for $50,000. My family and myself can't express enough. Thanks to New York life for their help at this time. This is a great company and so helpful in my time of need. Again thank you so much!!!
In almost their commercials rather on tv, radio, or whatever, AARP Life Insurance claims NO ONE will be turned down. Well my wife applied for it and WAS turned down, so much for AARP helping senior citizens.
I received a letter from AARP/life insurance program/New York. The company trying to locate myself or Family member. I explained don't know the family. New York life send me a application to complete, I did what they requested, that is to check nature causes, sand submitted my marriage license to prove My maiden name to married name. I called to go over entire application to Make sure it was correct and Customer Service Representative agreed it was, I asked for fax 1-813-288-5200 and send in May 29, 2014 to customer service to find out what day check was mailed to my residence.The young lady explained we sent a letter out on the 23 Of May. Why? I asked the lady for what? I faxed everything they wanted me to. She explained, the analyst requesting a death certificate, I said I AM only a friend, rep said go to the funeral home or have them call us. I don't know what funeral had the deceased body, I didn't attend the funeral.
I enjoy the quality of life insurance I get from them, and it's very easy to deal with them and contact their customer support when I have any question concerning my policies or anything else I need to do.
My husband and I applied for a $7,500 life insurance policy through AARP w/ NY Life. It is a no questions asked, no physical and guaranteed acceptance policy. I am 54 years old and my husband is 62. They processed and sent me my certificate of insurance but did not process my husband's. I called to ask about this and they told me that they are going to take at least another 30-45 days to process his! I am wondering why they are doing this because I submitted one application with the both of us on it. Seems to me that we should have been processed and approved at the same time.
My husband died 01/16/15. I am still waiting for his life insurance payout. They continue to ask for more and more medical records. I send them what they request and call to see if they need anything else. They say, "no we have everything we need." Then two weeks later I get a letter in the mail saying they want more medical records. I again call and ask if there is ANYTHING else they need. They say "no" and I get another letter in the mail two weeks later! AARP should reconsider doing business with New York Life. I independently had a policy with New York Life (not through AARP) and I will be cancelling the policy because I do not want my children to go through the hell I am going through!UPDATED ON 06/01/2015: New York Life is awful. I finally contacted AARP via e-mail on May 31st (a Sunday) and told them of the problems and frustration I was having with New York Life. What a surprise when Monday morning at 10:00 am I get a call from New York Life telling me that they are mailing the insurance check tomorrow. Please everyone - contact AARP and let them know what is happening with you!!
They have a lot of valid options and I prefer all of the benefits that they give out with using the company for life insurance policy. My overall experience with the life insurance company AARP is very positive and they give me very good coverage. I would totally keep using them and recommend them to people too.
Notice a scam at all cost, even member. You all may know a scam artist; in your pants' pocket, but has no idea that it’s happen right before your very eyes; then when they can’t answer your question for non service, It’s your fault because, all the times they bug you endlessly to become a member; but show so much dishonor, after getting back such an email made me try my best to inform new members coming in as seniors, please don’t. These people don’t honor discount, don’t believe me, but believe you laying eyes from AARP?... :-{
I have a term life ins. policy with AARP. I opened it in 2010. I open another policy in 2014 and I was turned down. I called and from being honest on the app, I was turned down. I was told that I could not open a policy 'cause of one of the health questions, so they wanted to give me a policy that was less than mine with more payment that I am paying now. I was very angry 'cause I felt like they were reading a script to me instead of answering my questions. I recommend that you do not get a policy through them 'cause they want more money for something you already have and want to improve for your love ones when you pass away. It is false advertisement to people who want insurance as I found out. Thanks for reading.
I like that they are an easy company to deal with. They help you find what you need, are willing to answer any questions that you might have and they make all of their products affordable. They make the process as easy as possible. My overall experience was a great one. I was able to get exactly what I need and will definitely recommend them to anyone who asks me.
There are only a few questions asked to qualify for the AARP Life Insurance and the premiums are low. It was easy to apply online and also easy to pay premiums online each month. I do not have insurance with an employer and this was the best choice I made. I found out about this insurance once I turned 50 years old and I also pay $16.00 a year to be an AARP member which is not much for the benefits you receive. I would recommend looking into getting this life insurance because there is not health exam to qualify.
They have provided the best care for me since the beginning. I like how innovative they are and provide 24/7 customer service in case there is a question I have or an issue. I like how I can cash out on my policies as well. They are the best and I couldn’t ask for a better insurance company. They have been there for me every step of the way and I will continue to stay them till I die. And I recommend others do the same thing.
I like the price that I pay and also the peace of mind that comes along with having this policy in place. I like being about to know our kids would be taken care of in the event that something were to happen to either my husband of myself. AARP should have more features be available online. Have more how to guide and explanations of the different products offered and the different coverages offered. Since I had never looked at life insurance before it can be a little overwhelming. Overall I had a really positive experience with this company from start to finish they were there by phone in order to answers any questions I may have and helped walked me through the entire process when purchasing life insurance.
I keep getting all kinds of mail from AARP now that I'm over 50 (first they started sending it to my wife who is 16 years younger than me). I almost signed up for it until I learned about the "life insurance" they recommend. Or worse yet the "funeral expense" insurance. I'm actually an insurance agent by trade and immediately knew it was bad to put it mildly and asked for terms and conditions and without buying couldn't ever get anywhere... Not very above board in my opinion.The problem with many of these burial expense plans, instead of real final expense whole life plans from reputable agent and reputable insurance carriers is they end up putting you into a "group" plan which is ok for health insurance but terrible for life insurance. Typically after a few years they raise your rates like everyone in the group banding and many of them even decrease your death benefit or face amount at the same time. Not exactly in your best interest since funeral expenses have climbed by over 1200% increase since 1960.
It is the best in the market and provide the best customer support. They are very efficient, they always do their stuff to the perfection and they have not given us any problems. When your help is signed, they are always present. They should improve their variety of care centers to be able to communicate more easily.
I have not been an AARP member for over 5 years but I am still getting bombed with mail to buy products they sell a lot of which is insurance. I have written them several times and they promised to stop but to date have not. They have nothing to offer but sell you junk. As far as travel discounts, you can get travel discounts online without AARP. Again, the only thing they do is try, try and try to sell you everything but the moon and I think that is next. Don't waste your money. They offer all services to seniors over 50. Come on, seniors over 50?! How about seniors over 40 next? When I was 50, I sure did not consider myself a senior. Stay away from this outfit. They are the ones that gain sucking in your money. Be smarter than they are and say no.
I lost my dad in January of 2013. My mom and him both had AARP life insurance. Of course, they had only had it for a few months when my dad got sick with lung cancer in October and passed away in January. "Because acceptance is guaranteed, death from natural causes during the first two years of coverage pays just a portion of the benefit amount. During this period, your beneficiary receives an amount equal to 125% of the premiums paid." It has been almost 7 months since my father has passed and this insurance company is a complete joke! They keep giving my mom the runaround on it. They told her a few weeks ago that they received all of my dad's medical records on July 15th. She talked to them today and another person told her that they just received my father's medical records on August 5th. Why does it take this long to decide if they are going to pay a claim or not?! Don't waste your time or money on this company! They are not a good insurance company to deal with!!!
AARP honestly seems as any other good life Insurance company. I am able to easily make changes online or the phone if I want to change or add anyone. They claim fast payout if God forbid myself or husband passes away or any of my children. I can cancel anytime I choose which will stop the low monthly payments automatically withdrawn from my account. If I do choose to cancel I lose out on the past payments and money I've put into it in the last 5 years, but I don't plan to cancel. My husband and I are young and plan to get something better. Once older we more have this In case something bad like accident happens and we will know either me or him will be financially okay along with both our kids plus costs for a funeral. I dislike the policy I got since it's not full term life insurance and myself and husband are considered too young to begin that type of policy so we can't ever borrow against it or get any money back we pay into it until we've paid for the full 20 years so if you decide you no longer want to keep paying the monthly payments before the full 20 years then AARP keeps the money they collected from you even if it was 19 years they have collected on. Nevertheless, I've had great experience. They take out the monthly payment on the same date each month and it's only $26 which will go up in 10 more years, but I'll be notified and given the choice to proceed or cancel beforehand. My agent that makes any changes is good. She alerts and contacts me if there's any changes within the company chancing there being a change to my policy. I'm also mailed a copy of my policy yearly and how much I have put into it and the amount that would be paid out if anything was to happen the upcoming new year.
My father had a life insurance plan with AARP which he was paying over $400 a month for. He had a major heart attack. My sister, brother, and I contacted AARP about the insurance. They automatically denied the claim and gave us a dishonest answer about how my dad lied on his 3 questions - when asked what they said that he was in fact on a breathing machine for his lung condition. I told them that that was not true. He never had a lung condition and has never used a breathing machine. I called his doctor and got proof that he was never treated for such. After 4 months of calling and getting hung up on and no return calls, I threatened to contact an attorney. I had the doctor call AARP to confirm they are wrong and then we finally got a check. To make matters worse, AARP sends me an acceptance letter for life insurance under my name with my dad's birthday every month! As if it doesn't hurt enough that he's not here anymore!
My mother passed away 12/19/13 and filed my claim in February 2014. It's end of July and still no answer. My mother was not a rich woman, by no means, and all she wanted was life insurance to cover her final needs, but this is a joke... I am very disappointed!!!!!!
I had a policy that I carried for years for $20,000 not knowing that after a certain age the policy expired. I had chose that amount due to my budget. When it was explained to me I wanted to convert it to a policy that would be in effect until my death. But I could not do it with AARP so I ended up having to change companies and dropping the value by $8,000 to keep it in my budget. Very very poor agent explanation.
Life insurance charge - I got insurance from AAAP about 10 years ago. About 8 months ago, I was told to charge to a $20,000 insurance, that it was a good think and that the money paid into the old, about 1/2, would be put on the new one. Well as of July 4, I am still waiting. I have called and I was told one story and another, and still no answer. Please, any attorney out there email me at ** and I do want an attorney to answer me.
I have been with AARP for 5 years. I am of sound mind and so I am on top of the ridiculous barrage of mail that I receive asking for my membership money. Today, I received yet another mail saying that I have not paid on my membership since 2011. This is ridiculous because I pay every year and I keep a record of those payments. This is a constant flow of requests for me to pay on my membership. Right now, I am due to pay my yearly fee, but these letters come ALL THE TIME.I complained to them directly more than once telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves, especially when dealing with absent minded seniors who think they have not paid their membership and go ahead and keep paying these idiots over and over again when they've already paid. It's disgraceful, unethical, and downright stealing from senior citizens. I have also asked them to quit mailing me entirely but they just keep on sending requests for membership money. Unbelievable. I tried to give them a bad review with the Better Business Bureau but they don't even take this kind of a complaint??? Horrible!
Very satisfied with AARP NYL insurance co. No medical physical was needed and it is convenient to pay online every month. Was able to search online through AARP for the best insurance policy for my family. If you need insurance of any then AARP is the place to look for affordable deals on every kind of insurance.
Elder Abuse. The life insurance policy sold to my mother amounts to a scam. Shame on AARP. People buy policies with the AARP mark thinking that they have been reviewed and approved. I am not going to be sending AARP my $12 fee last year. What are they doing with those funds?
AARP is a pretty interesting and amazing company. They are very user friendly. Overall as a company they have a lot of positive things to offer their customers and that is a pretty big thing. I enjoy that and what they do. I love all the different perks and all the different things a person could possibly use and find it beneficial for sure. It's always been a pleasant experience and I have never had any issues when it comes to them or the treatment I get. I am wanting to see what else they might be able to progress with. I like them a lot and I plan to stick with them for sure.
It is not a scam and they have different types of policies. Do I like AARP, absolutely not. Why? Well, in almost every situation that I have come across the individual who had AARP could qualify for a fully underwritten policy, which is much less expensive and allows the customer to participate in company dividends. Some AARP plans require a two-year waiting period before claims will be paid. Normally, premiums would be returned plus interest with this type of plan (usually a high risk client). They also sell term to age 80. Which increases in price every five years and ENDS at age 80. There is NO cash value in this policy and if the client lives to age 80 and 1 minute, there is no coverage. Finally, AARP sells a whole life product that issues on a table rating (making premiums much higher than a fully underwritten product). This product also does not participate in dividends so the face amount never increases nor will there ever be a great deal of cash value.People who blindly enroll in this plan are being naive. You should always speak with a credible licensed agent. We are paid and paid well to help our clients avoid situations like the ones listed here. Do I represent AARP? No. Would I ever recommend the company... Maybe once a year I have a prospect who this is the ONLY insurance they can qualify for. I explain how the AARP policies work and will stay with them while they call AARP.
In January 2010, my mom applied for $50,000 "guaranteed" life insurance. She received an additional "offer" for a $35,000 rider in April 2010, which she took. She was paying $156 a month due to the fact that she was a smoker who had quit but not for over a year. So she gladly paid the rates. She did this, because both her parents, 3 of her brothers, and 2 of her sons died in the previous 10 years and she didn't want her 2 surviving children to be left with any bill. She also wanted to leave small amounts for her grandchildren. My mom had no insurance from June 2008 and hadn't seen any doctor, period. She told NY Life/AARP this. She was 100% honest. Everything was fine until October 2011 when she felt ill and I took her to the doctor. They sent her to the hospital, and all in 1 day, October 9, 2011, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, emphysema, and COPD. These came about with no signs of previous illness. My family of 5 moved in to help her get better, but suddenly her 2 cats died, mom's pneumonia wouldn't go away, and our 3 children got mysterious infections. It turned out she was back in the hospital in November 2011. After tons of tests on our children and mom, it is determined that her entire home has been taken over by black mold! After her November 2011 ICU visit, my mom went 100% blind in response to the steroids they treated her with. Since nothing could be cleared up due to the rapid deterioration of her health and her blindness, momma gave up and she passed away on February 6, 2012. NY Life/AARP decided that it is impossible to die from emphysema in less than 6 months. We provided all the medical records from October 2011 to her death. But it's been almost 6 months. The house was condemned. Our children have just now completed their antibiotic treatments, and NY Life has decided that "somehow" mom knew she was sick. I loved my momma and miss her daily. And trust me, if she was sick, we would have known because my beautiful momma loved her attention(!) (in a funny way, you know) and she would have told us! Anyway, now NY Life is fighting with a 2008 doctor my mom saw (They treated her for 1 case of bronchitis and a car accident in early 2008.), and the doctor is quoting HIPPA law and refuses to release anything. So basically, we are left with tons of debt and hateful cruel responses from the insurance company. She would not have paid that $156 if she knew they would have made our lives hell. We asked 1 of the underwriters "How can you sleep at night knowing you are making people's lives hell like this?" Her response? "Knowing I am making money and will get a bonus, Ma'am." They are cold-hearted, hell-bound people.
My mother passed away on April of 2011. She had a $30,000 policy. My two sisters and I found her policy in her lock box which stated what we knew and what she told us, $30,000 policy. When it was time to pay out they only paid us $10,000. We asked why and they said she had lowered her policy to $10,000 a few months ago. No evidence of this. We have the original policy. They would not give us paperwork stating that she changed it, just their flapping gums. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I agree they are SCAMMERS!!!
I received a mail stating, "This is your last chance to pay for the AARP membership and benefits you ordered." I did not order any membership. When I called their 800 number, I was told that I was on the books because I once (almost a decade ago) was a member. I had my information removed and told the person that the practice of sending an invoice for a membership order that was not made was a fraudulent solicitation of money from people who did not order a membership. I am placing this complaint in case others experienced the same so that AARP can be kept from this practice, especially in light of class of people they supposedly serviced.
Called AARP to pay balance owed on my homeowners insurance due on 11/21 for 114.95 and a missed payment due to confusion on their part and some delay on my own. But no more than 2 weeks after they double deducted monthly payments from both of my accounts then reinstated one of the deductions leaving me to pay by mail the monthly payment of that account since they couldn't correct it on computer. When I went to the website to pay my homeowners ins they changed the ability to make a late payment about a year ago and it becomes necessary to call in directly to make the payment and have the policy reinstated. I was denied reinstatement on my homeowners insurance due to failure to pay although I was attempting to correct what had been a confusing mess up initiated on their part.
My mother passed away in March 2016. She was so proud she bought life insurance to help cover her funeral. We (her kids) had to pay for it which is fine... but they said because her policy was under 2 years old they have to investigate. Still waiting!!! Horrible... Wanting medical records for 5 years back... and now court papers requesting release of more records. She would be heartbroken... She had a fixed income and afforded this for us. Read the fine print. Ask the questions.... Help the elderly before they get scammed too!
We had purchased insurance for my dad after he became an AARP member 5+ yrs ago. Ins was purchased from New York Life, who is now giving us the runaround and AARP refuses to assist or warn their customers about this issue with New York Life. New York life is a disgrace and AARP is just as culpable. Be aware of how these two operate.... Regards....
I have had my policy now for more than 2 years and when my payments go up I get prior notice beforehand. They give me the option to upgrade it and lock in my current rate so it doesn't go up every 5 years. The notices I get are gentle reminders and they have never come off hard lined, but actually care about my business in making sure I got the coverage I need for Final Expenses for when I do kick the bucket.
After many years of paying for life insurance with another company, and finding out that my premiums were going to increase dramatically, I took what remaining cash value I had and applied to New York Life as an AARP member. I was honest and supplied my medical information with the application. I was contacted for a phone interview and was honest. Let me say that like all 72-year-old males, I had some minor health issues. I have type II diabetes which is controlled with medication, not insulin. I work out daily and blood sugar levels are normal or within the limits that my doctor suggested. I am very active and do my own yard work. AARP is deceiving the public by indicating that seniors can get affordable life insurance. I don't know of any 72-year-old males that don't have some health issues. Needless to say, I was turned down by New York Life. I am strongly considering cancelling my membership in AARP as this organization has done nothing but mislead the public. I cannot find any location on AARP's web page to lodge a complaint or I certainly would. If someone else has had this problem, I would appreciate some feedback on how they handled it.
Many phone calls with differing answers to our questions depending on who picked up the phone. It has been almost three months since my mother died and we received the benefit check today. All said and done, AARP/ New York Life lacks any communication pertaining to a claim. I was actually astonished to receive the death benefit today because the phone calls made to them, and correspondence from them made us out to be suspects. I had to use our state's insurance commissioner's office to get any information pertaining to the claim and I firmly believe that contact with the commission brought about a more expeditious resolve. The time of great family loss is no time for those left behind to play games, stress and jump through hoops.
AARP is not who you think they are. They give you a policy then tell you every 5 years the rate will increase. I got the policy when I was 59 and as soon as I turned 60 they sent me a letter for a rate increase. Then they asked me if I want to change to a whole life policy for less coverage and more money. I wanted to cancel until they informed me that I cannot get my money back. I got this policy to protect me when I retire so that if anything happens to me my mortgage will be paid. Now I am reconsidering them. I need to cancel this policy. Don't use them. Try to get someone else. They are not honest.
I just don't understand these complaints. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see a common denominator as to why some of you people have had problems. Most of your loved ones were under the 2 year point of contestability when they passed. The company must be careful fraud was not an issue when your loved ones filled out the forms. That is very legitimate depending on how your loved one passed considering they claimed good or decent health when they filled out the forms. I promise you that even though it takes longer to check things out, if everything is found to be on the up and up, you will not only get the check, you will get an additional amount for the delay in processing the check from the date of death. If this wasn't you salivating to get a big check in the mail quickly and take a sigh of relief, you got a freebie you'd have to admit what a good company they are that even honors a policy where the amount is at least and more likely 10 times the amount a newer policy holder has actually invested in it and although they claimed decent health, suddenly they die in less than one to two years of complications that may have disqualified them. The complaints come off very childish demanding a quick check on a policy that is still considered new. Either that or a person just can't read properly when it comes to the policy and what process will happen to someone who is under the two year mark with the policy. If it seems to be taking a long time to get medical records to an underwriter, get up and go to your loved ones' doctor and get the records yourself and send them priority mail certified. Someone from AARP doesn't have to tell you to do this. That should be a given if you are in charge of the deceased persons estate or personal matters. In fact, after reading the policy handbook, before you even asked for a claim form from AARP, you should have seen you would be required to provide that type of information so being thorough in advance might have helped. You'd be surprised how slow some doctor's offices are in getting that information sent out if you simply request them to do the ground work. When my father passed, his doctor took forever to send in the cause of death to complete his death certificate. We were surprised because of course, it was our father but in reality doctors are busy and these types of requests may sit around the office considered non priority compared to daily on hands care. I also have to be honest about a beneficiary on a policy like this who wonders if they will be getting anything because of the nature and timing of the death. You'd have to be honest, more than likely you've been crossing your fingers that if you can just bypass being too thorough with the medical issues, AARP will overlook certain things and you will get the check quickly. The game is that suddenly the beneficiary who capitalizes on a new policy plays the victim but way down deep inside, they know if it doesn't work in their favor, they shouldn't have put much hope in that new policy for honest reasons. After sending the information to AARP (Certified), call back and check after 7-10 days of receipt and ask what they have determined. By the way, I hate to say this but even though a person didn't know they had cancer the same year they got their policy, there might be an issue about not contacting the underwriter after diagnosis and before death. If I were an underwriter for a policy like this, I'd have to take into account time of policy opening to time of diagnosis and death and I may accept the policy but cover only so much. My thinking would be whoever was helping to pay the bills monthly on behalf of the policy holder as they declined in health were obviously fully aware of the policy when making sure the payments were made and they never got hold of us to let us know. We may have been more inclined to fulfill the entire amount or quickly advise that the policy is void and there is no more payments required but with no knowledge all along and demanding money quickly, it seems very questionable. Someone was taking a chance. I would question it which then leads me to question the original forms and just how truthful the policy holder was. To someone desperate for free money that sounds annoying, but sit on the other end of the situation. Someone is about to lose some money on a policy where very little was invested on the policy holders part. If you even get half of it, I'd say this was a very good company. It's not AARP's fault. I will offer you this much info of myself. Having dealt with AARP and two deceased relatives, one was under the two year contestability requirement. They also were diagnosed with cancer after only 8 months of purchasing a policy. However, I contacted AARP quickly. They were shocked I'd contacted them. In 7 days, I had a letter from an underwriter stating the policy would remain as is. I was very prepared to accept a choice to discontinue the policy and therefore end any further payments. I simply would not have told my father. Of course, I never played the victim nor did I sit around seeing dollar signs when it came to an insurance policy.
For people my age (50) and over, it was very simple to join. Affordable rates, easy pay options made it very simple. I would truly recommend A.A.R.P. They took the worry out of getting life insurance. There was no forms to fill out, no long health questions that you didn't have answers to. Help is always available.
As a senior we look out for services that are specific to our age group and AARP has accommodated this desire. They cater to people like me rather than try to be inclusive of every age group. But there could possibly be room for improvement in their online services. It is only sensible to become more in tune with doing things online instead of having to wait on live people at the other end of a phone line. Nevertheless, AARP has been very rewarding, there is a lot of compensation for being a member. They come up with a variety of benefits that enhance your life, not just as a future recipient of death benefits, but for while you are living.
AARP Life Insurance did not medically underwrite... coverage was guaranteed with no medical questions. Due to pre-existing conditions I would have never been approved if medically underwritten. Coverage was limited for the first few years but I'm very happy with them. I've only had to call them once with a question and they gave me a quick correct answer. You can't do any better than that.
I am now a nonsmoker and my rates are reduced slightly. When I reached age 60 my premium also doubled and it goes up every 5 years but considering what other companies offer this was the best option for me.
My father died several years ago and had an AARP Life Insurance policy for many years prior to his death. In the last year of his life, he was diagnosed with cancer and quickly declined in health. My mother was no longer able to take care of him at home, so as a last resort, he went to stay in a retirement home with round-the-clock nursing staff to care for him. When he died and my mother contacted AARP regarding the insurance policy, they would not pay. The reason they stated was that a physician had to be on-site at the facility he was residing 24 hours a day. How many retirement or nursing homes have an on-site physician 24 hours a day? What if someone is at home and expires and there is no physician living with them, so would payment of the insurance policy be refused based on that?! Ridiculous bs- unfortunately my mother was very naive and didn't challenge it. Even more unfortunate, she failed to even mention it to me until years later.This has got to be one of the biggest crocks of ** I have ever heard and AARP just ripped off my parents and took all the years they paid the premiums to them and pocketed it. I am going to talk to a lawyer to see if there is any way I can take this on despite the fact it was quite awhile ago. At the very least, I can add our experience to this website to let others be wary of the unscrupulous, near criminal business practices of this company. Preying on one of the most defenseless segments of the public such as the elderly is unforgivable. My father was a WWII veteran and finished his military career having been awarded the Silver Star. He then gave another 30 years’ service to this country as Civil Service on a military base. I sincerely hope the people that are responsible for screwing individuals such as my parents rot in hell.
My mother took out AARP Life Insurance, she answered all questions truthfully. She passed away 22 months after having the policy. They went back 5 years in her medical records and denied the $10,000 life insurance. They stated had they known of something in her medical records they never would have allowed her the policy. It’s beyond upsetting that my mother thought she was providing life insurance to her child. AARP tells the elderly they are approved with no medical exam and won’t be denied... Little do our loved ones know they paid premiums for the insurance to only be taken for a ride. Shame on these people and their misrepresentation to customers, then they go back to the date they offer the policyholder to increase their benefit which causes AARP to state the policy is in the contested stage. Why offer this to these policyholders and then screw them over in the end!!! NEVER would I suggest this to any of your loved ones. If they want a life insurance help to make sure their premiums are not all in vain.
My mother died January 31, 2018. It took me over a week digging through papers to find the policy. After reading many reviews, I didn't think I'd be getting anything, but I was wrong. The check came within a few days, and a payment that was made after she had passed was included as a refund. I rate this experience as 5 stars unequivocally. If you keep up your payments and understand your policy, you should be fine.
I have had life insurance with AARP now for four years, I bought a 30,000 dollar policy for 55.00 dollars a month term insurance. I received a notice just recently that they are raising my rates to 75.00 dollars a month, after they told me my rates would never change. Plus I have to pay 16.00 dollars a year membership fee a year. I feel I have been deceived by AARP. I feel they take advantage of Seniors and go back on their word. I am cancelling my insurance and not buying another membership to AARP. I advise Seniors to do the same.
We have had a life insurance policy on my husband for $8,000. The monthly amount was $84. Since 2008, I paid it monthly. Then without notification, they increased the insurance premium due to his age of 75 to $63.87 more a month. That is not only stealing, by taking monies not asked for but increasing premium at such a high amount when we have been religiously paying monthly premiums to this company of $84.00, so they have received over $4,046.40 and now want to increase the premium at such a large increase.
They are a company that caters to over 50 people so they know how long we need insurance for. They are tailored to my age group and to my needs and are in my budget range. They also took into consideration my health issues and how long I might need insurance for and how much I would need. It is also easy to navigate website. But I would like the insurance to be bundled with other policies that we already have and include health insurance and auto and home and more companies to pick from.
My mother was fanatical about paying her insurance payments. She had a policy with AARP New York Life for years without missing a payment. Then she missed two payments when her health declined rapidly. She passed away in August 2013 and we are STILL having problems with them. We have sent paperwork from the hospital and her doctors but it still isn't enough. Right now it's like beating our heads against a brick wall with no end in sight. It bothers me that she was so diligent in paying her premiums when it is so blatantly obvious that to them, she was only important when she was able to make her payments.
Call up to check on my parents' policy. On my surprise was told that my dad policy was close as of Oct 14. This happen 2 days ago. We are in June 2015. When I ask why they said because in Oct 14 they tried to take out $148.00 (which come out automatically from his pay) and it was insufficient fund so they close the policy (for one insufficient fund). No phone calls. My parents are retired. They home everyday. They say they send letters. We did not received any letters. My parents has being with AARP from 1995 and they just close my dad policy because of 1 insufficient fund.My mom payments comes out monthly out of my dad bank. Also how come they keep withdrawing for my mom policy every month and not my dad. I don't understand. I think ConsumerAffairs needs to look into AARP. The things that they are doing to our senior citizens is unheard of. I call to speak to someone. They said they going to call back. Still has not heard from no one. I feel it's because my dad is turning 80 soon. I need some answer. I am very upset. God forbid what if my dad would have die us thinking he has that money to buried him and then tell us the policy is close. I am so disturb. AARP life insurance is a big rip off. Senior citizen be aware.
My sister passed away April 2014. As of today September 23, 2014 I have yet to receive her benefits. All I receive is letters stating they are looking for medical records. My sister took this policy out in Oct 2012 so in the event of her death I could handle all her personal affairs and help her children. It’s a shame the way they are more than happy to accept your payments but when the unexpected happens they leave you hanging for months!!!
Contacted customer service several times for a very simple request, each time they got it wrong. Caused me a lot of trouble! When I mentioned cancelling my policy, the rep laughed, mocking me! Needless to say, I've moved on!
My wife and I both have now retired from local government and wanted cheaper insurance. We joined AARP and New York Life Insurance, and after two months I received a letter that I was turned down because of diabetic history. My wife has a two year waiting period. Now we can not go back to our old insurance. Thanks, ALOT AARP.
I have had a policy for years. Lately when trying to pay online the sign on site has been an issue. And they have no email you can contact. Either in writing or phone and then when you call that is process. This is 2018 and most companies have an email you can contact and most companies are green with the bill sent in an e-mail. For customers who want that it should not be an issue. I was trying to pay my premium online and again it is not working. If I have to call in and get ask a thousand questions I am going to go off on something. This is 2018. Get with the program. Have an email for your customers to contact and go green. I really wonder what kind of company this really is.
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