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AARP Health Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AARP
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
My 83 year old father was recovering in a skilled nursing facility when he developed urosepsis due to improper catheter care. Secure Horizons is notorious for providing rehabilitation in rest homes. He was admitted to the hospital and HMO wanted to discharge him back to the same SNF Golden Living that had harmed him. When I appealed to QIO Livanta for him to stay in hospital because he could go to a skilled nursing facility I lost. The HMO said that my dad no longer qualified for a skilled nursing facility and I was to take him home with active MRSA. I filed a grievance with UnitedHealthcare on August 19th and the said they were "shopping" for a bed. This went on for 2 months with my dad footing the bill for the hospital.
I decided to change drug plans this year. I received a notification from AARP concerning their drug plan so I called enrollment, went through every prescription that I had including the name and dosage of each. I was told that my medications were in Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 and that I would not be paying any copay. When I went to pick up my prescriptions I ended up paying for every prescription. Initially, they told me I had a $550.00 bill, but when I produced my newly provided prescription card they were able to bring the charge down to $60.00 plus. I should have stayed with my previous carrier as I only paid a total of $40.00 for the whole year of 2015.When I talked to them again and told them what I had been told, they said I had been misinformed by the enrollment department. I am not happy to say the least and I can assure you, if I have to stay with them for 2016 (which I am afraid I will have to) I will tell everyone I know about the untrained employees that give out the wrong information and will certainly change carriers in the new year. I have twenty years of health insurance, even serving on health insurance boards and this is uncalled for.
Rod, I was with The Hartford through AARP for several years and had a minor fender bender in 2006. I had a clean driving record with no accidents and no moving violations - not even a parking ticket. When my policy came up for its annual renewal, The Hartford doubled my monthly premium! I switched to State Farm in 2007 and they're fantastic. The Hartford also asked me for the mileage on my odometer every year - apparently to penalize me if I drove over a certain number of miles. State Farm never asks for mileage. I also canceled my AARP membership and went with Association of Mature American Citizens ( They have the same benefits AARP has, the annual membership fee is the same, and they won't give you grief. Dump AARP and go with AMAC.
I sent in my money for membership and got screwed. I am disabled and in poor health. My primary care doctor became a concierge doctor and wanted $1,800.00 for the year. I only see my this doctor once a year. I just need him for misc. refills. I have tried finding another doc for this purpose, but no doctor wanted the business. I need the 14 other specialists I see. Obama Care which was pushed by AARP is the cause. I have called AARP for help but their referral was a Quack who would have killed me.WE DO NOT GET TO VOTE FOR THE HEAD OF LOCAL AARP OR THE NATIONAL AARP. THE organization is run by ** liberals who back liberal issues, take money from phony companies who prey on the elderly and donate our money to political persons that don't represent us. My out of pocket for medical has increased 15,000 with Obamacare and doctors do note want Medicare patients.Just read the con job of AARP **. The company does not have its own cell towers and rents bandwidth from AT&T. The cellular carrier with the worst infrastructure. If the elderly do not use the phone except for brief few emergencies ** is fine, except I can get a better deal from Verizon. I get unlimited talk and 30 gig for 70 per month. This would cost me 1500 from **. The insurance companies are a rip off. The dumb AARP management could not understand that Obamacare was going to hurt the elderly by less money for medicare, extremely higher secondary insurance, a shot age of doctors.
Early in November 2012, I applied for the AARP Medicare Rx Plan managed by the UnitedHealthCare (UHC), starting on 01/01/2013. Earlier, I was approved for the New York State Senior's Rx Assistance Plan, EPIC. According to EPIC, they will pay my monthly premium to the UnitedHealthCare AARP Rx Plan and pay a part of the drug costs not paid by the UHC.In my application to the AARP Rx Plan, I provided EPIC information. To ensure that EPIC and the UHC got info about each other, I called UHC and asked whether they documented my EPIC participation. The customer service representative said that they never heard of EPIC and don't work with them at all. I called EPIC, who said they have thousands of people who have UHC Rx insurance. They suggested calling UHC again. The second call was similar to the first one. They knew nothing about EPIC, but told me that that they instructed Social Security to automatically withdraw my monthly premium for the Rx Plan from my monthly check, beginning 01/01/2013. I requested to speak to the supervisor, who told me that I have to call another phone number, not the one indicated on the insurance card. I called that number and the customer representative apparently knew about EPIC. He checked my original application and promised to enter EPIC info into my file. A couple of weeks later, the EPIC info was not in the file. I called again and requested to enter my EPIC info and remove request to the Social Security for the premium withdrawal. Nothing happened again. I called several more times. They told me they can do nothing about requesting premium from EPIC. I spoke to the supervisor, who promised to look into the issue. Then I spoke again to another supervisor, who said he removed request to the Social Security for the automatic withdrawal in early February 2013, but said he can do nothing about requesting premium from EPIC. The only option is that I pay premium myself or my membership will be suspended. I asked how I can complain and he gave me the address, saying that the complaints department cannot do a thing, because they have no executive power to enact anything. Meanwhile, EPIC sent them a letter, which UHC denied receiving. Later, EPIC launched investigation with UHC and the Social Security, but no reply was received. Today, they launched a new investigation with UHC and Social Security.Meanwhile, I received a letter from UHC, which said that according to their information, I have another primary health insurance form my employer. I have not been working for about 5 years and I do not have any other insurance. I sent them a letter and filled out a form, confirming that I do not have other insurance. I also spoke to Medicare, who also launched a complaint against UHC.Yesterday, I received a letter from UHC, which said that since the Social Security is not going to withdraw my premium for Rx Plan any longer, I have to pay full premium as of 01/01/2013, which is long overdue. They know that the Social Security has already withdrawn my premium from my SS check for January and February, but still demand that I pay again for those months, while saying they won't do anything to start getting premium from EPIC.This sounds surreal. I cannot believe that employees of a private health insurance company can be so careless, negligent and lazy. EPIC employee said that if UHC dumps me out of Rx insurance and I won't be able to buy prescription drugs (which is exactly what is going to happen) and if a damage to my health occurs, I can sue them and AARP for damages. I hope for your help to request UHC to be reasonable, no more than that and to have less contempt for their members.
After talking to 3 "customer service" people, going on their website numerous times, requesting that a manager call me (which they never did), I found out that AARP MedicareRX plan requires prior authorization from my doctor before I can get my shingles vaccine (My Dr. gave me a written prescription). I was then informed that my copay would be around $60.00. The medicare website says that the plan D companies are Required by law to cover the Shingles vaccines, however, apparently they can charge whatever copay they want to charge. I have the most expensive Medicare Plan D plan. You would think they would be happy that members get the vaccine so that they wouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars if a person actually gets the shingles virus! I am very disappointed with AARP MedicareRX PLan D. It is very expensive and by requiring a doctor pre-authorization and charging a very high copay they are obviously discouraging patients from getting a vaccine that can prevent a dreadful illness. Even if you get the illness after the vaccine, it will be much milder, according to my doctor.
I signed up for my plan in November, but wasn't 'acknowledged' until February. In February I received a bill for December, and January. When I explained that I hadn't been acknowledged until Feb. why should I pay for December and January? That was handled by a supervisor. For 2 1/2 years I paid $106 per month for my plan. I paid in over $3,000 during this time, not counting co-pays and deductibles. When I needed insurance supplement help this year for a surgery and follow-ups, after paying in over $3,000 mind you - I was informed that they were not paying anything because Medicare paid it all. Medicare did NOT pay it all - but AARP said they had the right to decide whether or not to pay it - and they decided NOT. When I asked on the phone what I had been paying in for - they hung up on me! It's a rip-off - it's the same as stealing in my book! Pure and simple. Stealing. Fraud. If I could find an attorney who would handle it, I'd sue them to the max.
I enrolled into AARP medicare prescription plan to begin January 1, 2017, December 7th being the deadline. I received a letter from AARP telling me I owe them $468.00 and they refuse to enroll me until I pay the amount they are demanding. Is it legal for United Health to refuse to cover if I don't pay their unsubstantiated money. Is it legal? They can't produce an itemized bill for the amount and refuse to cover my prescription unless I pay. Very conveniently the letter was sent after the enrollment period.
This has been a nightmare. I have spent 10 hrs on the phone trying to straighten out the mess the reps at AARP United Healthcare insurance has created. I choose this company because I had it while I was working. But this is a whole can of worms now with medicare. My plan just started Nov 1. I read more bout plan and thought maybe come Jan 1 to go to the Medicare Original plan, get a drug plan and a supplement instead starting Jan 1. I'm on a fixed income and was afraid if I get hospitalized, I would be hit with a big bill on the aarp uhc complete plan. So I called and set up and drug plan to start Jan 1. The rep didn't listen and put me on a drug plan starting Dec 1. I called to check on a supplement plan and the premium would be way to expensive for me till I turn 65. So I called back to cancel the drug plan and found out that come Dec 1, I wouldn't have anything but a drug plan. Trying to get these morons to fix it correctly was like pulling teeth. Was assured it had been fixed. Well not feeling very secure with the service so far, I called back and found out it still hadn't been done. I will never recommend this company for anything. The reps are either new and don't know crap or they just don't care. AARP UHC insurance has a terrible customer service. They are either being trained or they don't listen. They are also are rude and interrupt you constantly. I will be looking at other companies if this one doesn't work out any better soon.
I have AARP MedicareRX Drug Plan insured by United Health Care. It has been a nightmare!! My experience with their customer service has been a nightmare since Dec. of 2014. I changed plans, as I'm entitled to do, and I was being charge way too much! I was on an automatic draft payment plan. When I called to complain in Jan. of 2015, the rep said everything was taken care of and that I was only supposed to be paying 49.60 for my plan. The next month, the company automatically withdrew too much again. I complained again and was given the same story, "all is OK and things would be taken care of." THEN the next month I was charged over $247! I halted my automatic draft! Long story short, I spoke to three (3) supervisors who said they would find out about the problem and get back to me. No one ever contacted me. Each supervisor "promised me" that they would personally take care of this. No one took care of the problem until I reached a supervisor who got to the bottom of the problem in May. I have NEVER had such poor service from a company ever! As soon as I can, I am leaving United Health Care and going to another company. It is now Sept. and am just now back on track with my regular charges. They owed me money and now we are back on the right track. The website accounting of my billing is still not up to date. I don't trust this company. The safest thing about all this is I don't even take any drugs!!!
I just want to know why UnitedHealthcare changed to AARP UnitedHealthcare? I had no problem having UHC before as a secondary, where was my primary. Now, being a brain tumor/radiation therapy survivor, I am no longer able to maintain my doctors who know and are familiar with my case, plus not being able to use my military spousal benefits from my decease husband. I do not like going to doctors who are not familiar with my consistent health issues which keep raising since having radiation therapy and being put on regional HMO's plans where my doctors were satisfied and healthful PPOs. Note: When, erroneously changed over to this new UHC plan, I was able to keep 1 doctor whose office is only 5 minutes away from where I live but again, they erroneously listed him as a pro-med (which he knew nothing about) for a region too far to drive to. I did complain about this and did received a new card for the closest medical region to me; but his name was removed from my card, assigning a new doctor to replace him. I am still on HMO and when I've asked to be put on PPOs so that I can have my former doctors who are familiar with my condition back - I am refused and told to just wait until October to change my contract. I am now getting bills from my former doctors for work done in 2014 (before the change over), all to be paid for now, along with medical treatment for this current plan from my live on retiree social security pay. Now I feel like a person who will never ever get better and must live in pain until I can get out of AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage in October. I am so painfully dissatisfied and poorer. The "My Spending Acct" thing sticks, too!
Taking funds out of my bank account. On call there on today May 15, 3:20 I talk to this African lady who was so very rude and ignorant, I know what my bank told me and she had the nerve to tell me I'm not getting my refund back that they took for 3 months. They better check with their work from home representative and get license and bond because someone took money and I'm going to have it investigated and going to get my funds back into my account. Don't not sign up for AARP Medicare Complete United. No part of United if you don't want to get ripped off. That company needs to be shut down.
I've only recently changed my Medicare Supplemental Plan to AARP United Healthcare and only four months into this plan I am facing denial of drug coverage while my medical condition is worsening. This plan forces the customer to go through an appeal process for drugs which I have been using since before changing to this new comprehensive Plan F. My intention was to purchase a plan without having to worry about deductibles and coverage, while paying a high premium for these benefits, and now I am being put through the proverbial ringer by this company while my medical condition gets worse by the day. All attempts to get them to expedite their review process have been met with firewalls which denies me access to the department responsible for evaluating and approving my request.
I filed a complaint with AARP about the policy and practices of Delta Dental, the dental insurance program. I have not gotten any response from AARP nor from Ms. ** about my problem with Delta Dental. AARP does not advocate or stand by their endorsement of the insurance company and does not look into the complaints that their members bring to their attention. I have yet to receive a response from AARP to this date, 9/24/2012. I filed the complaint on 9/4/2012, and I thought that I should have gotten a response within 72 hours. I wonder how many other seniors have found themselves in a similar situation. AARP is for the insurance companies and not for their membership. I have documentation about my complaint, and would like someone that is not in the insurance company's hip pocket to address my complaint and issue.
We moved from CA to Hawaii in Oct. 2013. We notified AARP of our change of address via phone. We were told we had to get a new policy. Unbeknownst to us, they issued a new policy but dropped Extended Health One Exchange as our Agent Of Record. This was our Agent Of Record since 1996 as required by our former employer (Cooper Standard)... This change we were told disqualified us for the Health Reimbursement Arrangement as part of my retirement benefits. This loss amounts to $3700 per year plus last year's overpayment of $600. I have written to the Ovation Appeal and Grievance Department several times (the first letter was ignored until I sent a duplicate via registered mail) and have had numerous telephone conversation with no avail. I am considering bringing a lawsuit but I don't know where to file it, etc.
By mistake made a duplicate premium payment because it didn't post for over 2 days. After I contacted them about my mistake and 5 phone calls later, finally said they started the credit process and it would take 12 days to arrive in my account. Really! 12 days for an electronic transfer of funds? Today I called after 14 working days and no refund, the person tells me it can take up to a month. OMG! They have your money and won't let go. I've been out of work for months and need this money desperately. They don't care.
I turned 65 in June of last year and purchased a Plan D option from AARP for $15/month. At the start of this year they raised that by 76%. I did not receive a notice (although, to be fair, it might have been lost). When I called to inquire, I was told (1) that they had to do it because of changing drug costs (I take exactly one medication, a very inexpensive generic, on a regular basis); (2) that these costs are averaged over all patients (okay, I'll buy that); and (3) that there is no way I can protest this to the company. Do not, repeat do not, purchase any health plan from these people. An organization that does not even accept protests is, in my opinion, one that should be avoided at all costs.
I am a 52 year old female, severely disabled, rheumatoid arthritic, with several other complicating diseases. I have lost the majority of my teeth, due to the various arthritis and diseases that I have. These diseases would be rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, depression, chronic kidney disease, and severely damaged bone density, among others. In an effort to improve my bone health, I have even taken the very questionable, and now proven to be devastating to my health, bisphosphonates, such as Fosamax, and Boniva. These were made available to me through my physician's offices, by the abundant free samples at the time, and through the years. Because I could not afford the cost to purchase them at the time, and due to lack of insurance upon applying for disability, I had to count on those free samples. There were no records of actual prescriptions written, and filled to back up any future claims, because I had the free samples to use. That lack of insurance would be because of the 25 month waiting period, during which time, I still paid my monthly Medicare premiums, but without any benefit to me by way of any services, especially for prescriptions.Once that 25 month period had passed, I begged AARP Humana, my insurer at that time (May 2007), and through 2009, and now for the past two years AARP Secure Horizons through United Healthcare, to remove my remaining severely damaged teeth, which were then and are still continuing to cause so many additional problems for me due to my weakened immune system. I have begged AARP Secure Horizons to rebuild my deteriorating jawbone, again as a result of all of the above mentioned maladies. I have also begged them to replace the missing teeth, once they were finally pulled, with a denture. This is in order for me to eat the proper foods, as prescribed by my physician, and supported by medical research, in order to maintain as healthy an immune system as possible.I have been repeatedly declined, despite the systemic damages, such as through my kidney, and gastrointestinal health problems, being caused from their denial, and the medical research that proves the damage, that will be done by not having these teeth removed, and the dentures put in place. Only after appealing to my local congressman, who in turn sent a letter of investigation, did AARP Secure Horizons agree to remove the teeth, and rebuild the jawbone through a two year stint of bone grafting. You see, my jawbone is now so wasted away, because of all of this delay, and the lack of any viable healthy teeth, that my face is now losing it's natural shape.AARP Secure Horizons is even required by Medicare to cover dental implants, with the actual manual labor of preparing the jaw for the implants, after the bone grafting is complete, being the only eligible covered event. They are not, however, required to provide the implants themselves. They just make the room for them. Still, Secure Horizons refuses to provide the dentures that I will need, while all of this work is being done. These dentures must be molded in my mouth, prior to removal of the teeth, therefore the insurance company is claiming that procedure to be the primary event. Instead of the removal of the teeth being the primary, and being medically necessary at that.This is how the insurer can say that the dentures are the primary reason for the medical procedure, and are therefore not covered.The dentures have been quoted by one of their own approved providers at $2,880. This must be a customized denture, due to the ongoing bone grafting taking place over the estimated two years. All of this work, will also change the shape of my jawbone's contour, and the denture must be periodically adjusted to accommodate these changes. I can't afford any of this, and that is because I am only receiving enough income to set me, just over the poverty level. In addition, any money that I do receive, goes to all of the medications that I need each month, because I don't qualify for any of the medically needy assistance, or share of cost programs, food stamps, or any other programs, normally available to the poor. I have so many other extenuating health circumstances, that I can no longer afford the medications that I need, just to stay alive, not to mention food and clothing.I currently received a net of $1,430 per month. Many people would scoff at that, and tell me to stop whining, but when they look at what I have going out, and yet still need because of all of my medical costs, they might have a different attitude. You see, I don't qualify for food stamps, or medicaid (which by the way covers dentures and dental work). I don't get assistance with anything at all, so don't think for a second that I have it made. I am slowly dying on the vine, and that huge monster conglomerate, that I actually feed each month with my medicare premiums, is letting me do just that.My point is this, if AARP would only "do the right thing" as it were, and finish the job, that they are required to start by Medicare, by providing those dentures, then I could begin to heal in so many ways. I suffer from one infection after another due to these remaining teeth, but they are all that I have, with which to eat food, despite the risks of keeping them in my mouth. My physician has literally screamed at me, to have these teeth pulled, because in his words, all it will take is one abscess, and I'm finished. Oh, please keep in mind, that I am also a depressant, and now AARP Secure Horizons has raised the cost of my generic medicines from $6 to $45, which I can not afford, so I am also writing this through many tears of utter frustration, and disbelief that I could be treated so callously by a company that only thinks of their bottom line, and not the lives of their intrusted patients.I have appealed their decision all the way up the line, and those so called mediators or unbiased parties (hired by United Healthcare no less), have always denied me without so much as a phone call to discuss, or allowing me to provide any information to support my case, before they closed my case out for good. If there is a better alternative out there, I wish that I had known about it. As it is, I am now stuck with a worthless insurance company, a mediating experience that left no doubt, as to who's pocket they were in, continued damaged teeth, infections, and no dentures, plus no anti-depressants with which to somewhat deal with this situation. I have never felt more victimized by this, than from the day that I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.Please, if there is any information out there that may help, please, please let me know. Otherwise, please let your family, friends, and associates know that this can, and will happen to them.
No answer to phone call or no follow thru on promised returns: Last year's plan was a fair value by current standards. This year the benefits are down, the copays are up, the price is up, and the customer service has apparently been discontinued. And plan changes arrived after selection cutoff. I'll be switching next year, if AARP still offers this garbage, I'll be switching from them too.
This is the worst company to deal with if you have medicare. They now will not cover my heart doctor that I had for 10 years that they did at one time cover. They do not cover my MD doctor that I had for 20 years. They will not cover medical drugs needed. The Silverback is the worst- if you have to go into the hospital for heart surgery they need a referral that can take up to 10 days for approval. If I had waited the 10 days I would have died. I went to the ER hospital and they found me blocked in two areas of my heart. If your doctor tells you what meds to take AARP will tell me no I have to take what they want me to take (when did our government become a doctor). It's time for President Trump to get involved with our health care system (United Health Care and AARP). If this treatment is because of Obamacare then get rid of it now!
I have Prescription coverage that has three stages initial coverage then coverage gap and the catastrophic coverage. They use a unrealistic and arbitrary formula to determine the cost when in between the initial coverage and the coverage gap that's called a cross over coverage formula. They use Fuzzy logic to charge you a co-pay larger than either stage would allow.It doesn't make any sense to try and describe it but I ended up paying more than the high part of my coverage gap copay and they ended up combining the two charges to charge me about 50$ too much. I tried to talk to a manager, but I end up getting disconnected every time. The worst company defending dumb policies by hanging up!! I am a polite person, but this tries my patience..
Over 10 years ago my father unexpectedly became disabled & was forced into early retirement. Due to high Medicare premiums, we purchased a Secure Horizons/United Healthcare supplemental plan. First problem: they mistakenly added dental coverage for an additional $20/month, despite us telling them we didn't need dental since my dad has full dentures. A couple years our premium decreased & we found out it was due to removal of the dental coverage that we were unaware of. They would not reimburse any of the money. His co-pays for hospitals stays (even with admission) have recently gone up again, his covered/not covered prescriptions are constantly changing, they take an excessive amount of time to authorize any appts to see his specialists to treat his recurring cancer, & denied a biopsy, delaying his tumor diagnosis by 2 months.Just like another user commented, the company will not cover his blood thinner for a recently formed DVT blood clot that developed while waiting for his approval to be treated. Since they won't cover, we had to pay out of pocket & use a coupon. He needs this medicine for at least 3 months to prevent P.E. & possibly death. We currently could only afford a 7-day supply at $180 with a coupon, which was better than the almost $600 it would have cost with insurance. After over 10 years of paying premiums on time, the company doesn't have a problem telling us that this is just the way it is.
I enrolled in their best plan "F" even though it's breaking my bank and premiums will get higher each year. I chose Plan F because it covers everything - so someone in the doctor's office coded my blood work wrong which Medicare ended up denying. I went thru appeals, discussed with Medicare the doctor's office made a mistake so I have to pay for this? I was hoping AARP would have backed me up - they did not and won't. They are unprofessional and don't care. I suggest not to go with a supplement that is so costly and they are not supportive and premiums are over $200.00 per month.
This is the first year for having this insurance. I care for my elderly aunt and switched her to this insurance because of the rates. While the rates are reasonable god forbid if you have to contact customer service. WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I would give it 0 stars if I could. After being on hold for a combined 2 hours and on the phone a total of 3 hours I am no further at getting my question answered. After talking to a supervisor I was told that they didn't know and couldn't help me. Trust me... it's worth paying a little extra for more competent customer service representatives!
The worst customer service we have ever experienced from an insurance company. Most all the customer service personnel you call on the number on the back of your card are poorly trained, uninformed about their own plan and in general should find a different field of work. UHC is supposed to cover everything that original Medicare covers with the exception of Hospice. Asked for a determination of coverage for a Cologuard test and it took six months and dozens of phone calls and still got no approval. Complained to Medicare and got a call within a half hour from a grievance representative. She check and sent me a letter it was 100% covered (as it is with original Medicare) and required no authorization.Had the test done and they only covered 60%. Having to appeal right now. Never speak to the same person twice, calls go unanswered (I'm away from my desk or on another line is their favorite recording, leave your name and number and will call you back promptly) never to be heard from again. Left my name and number to one lady for 30 straight days with no return call. Wrote their Hot Springs, AR office for a written approval and got no response, even though their booklet and Medicare rules require a determination and response within 14 days. It's a shame that the largest Insurance company in the USA operates this way. Shame on them. Changing to Humana for 2016, they can't be any worse for sure.
My mother had enrolled in the dental program. Prior to enrolling, we spoke with United Healthcare reps. We were told, "You pay as you go. Once you stop paying, the services would stop." My mother enrolled in the dental program on a trial basis. She paid 11/12 and 12/12, but decided she no longer wanted the coverage. We called prior to Christmas and requested termination of services. My mother has received a bill for 01/13 and 02/13. I called to inquire why she received a bill for the dental insurance. I was told they had no record of my call requesting termination of services. However, they do have a record of me calling 01/13 confirming her insurance was terminated. I know we are all human and capable of making mistakes. The call was made requesting termination of dental insurance. I think the rep just forgot to update their notes regarding termination request. Can someone please contact me regarding this issue? Thanks.
I am in charge of my mother's care. For the most part my mom's health has been fairly well to be in her 80s. I changed her coverage to AARP due to their great service in general. Not knowing that this has been horribly disappointing. They give the worst coverage and provide the worst facilities for medical health recovery.
My husband and I have been with AARP and healthcare since 2004. This week my husband's ** increased from $45mo to $120. There is no substitute. Our income is at poverty level and our mortgage underwater and we simply do not have the money. Not that we can't afford it. We do not have it. But we cannot participate in nor receive assistance from any plan because the government does not allow such payments. The generics, even neurologists admit, do not work. However a newer generic **, is blocked and has to be pre-approval and justified because AARP says it is a "life style" choice medication. Since when is a man's ability to pee properly and with control a life style choice. Since when is a drug that enables him to not pee every 35 minutes a life style choice. ** is considered necessary and the ability to pee properly is not? I waited so long on our land line phone (40 minutes) that the batteries on two extensions died on several different days and I cannot get through to AARP. And when the batteries re-charge I'll have to hope I can get through before the batteries go dead again. I am so stressed and distressed I'll probably just keel over with a stroke. It seems we've simply gotten too old for them to care about anymore.
My mother has this plan and every time I call it is over an hour or I have to hang up. Once I get someone they can't verify whether a doctor or drug is approved or not and I end up having to call again and again and NEVER get an answer. In the mean time, my mom has possible cancer and they don't answer the phone. Terrible service! Unorganized administration. Their doctors are never updated on the website and don't even bother with asking for printed book of providers. It's all outdated and no one knows who is approved. They often advise you to call the doctor directly to find out if they are on their own plan! My mom is deaf so this really difficult for her. They should be shut down.
United collected 3 months of AARP health insurance premiums after my mother Clara ** died on 12/31/2010. United sent a refund check in June 2011 made out to the Estate of Clara **. There was no estate. Bank refused to deposit the check in the account that the money had been taken from as the account was a joint checking account and not an estate account. Bank teller commented this happens frequently.I asked United to electronically replace the funds into my mother’s or my joint account. They refused. I requested a replacement check. United requested copies of mother's will, etc., naming me as Executor and I submitted these summer of 2011. Last written communication from United regarding claim ** was a 9/29/2010 EOB stating, "We received the correspondence you sent. Because you did not send a claim, no benefits are payable. This applies to the last debts statement. We sent the note attached to our correspondence area. You will hear from them shortly."United has sent no other communication. I called them on 12/31/2011. The customer service rep asked if I received the check sent in October. I repeated that this 9/29/2011 communication was the last I had received. The CSR (Linda) checked the records and saw no check had been cashed. She said she was sending out a new check, and we should receive it within 7 to 10 business days. No check has arrived. Not only have 10 business days passed, it is now more than one year since my mother's death and 9 to 12 months that UnitedHealth has wrongly withheld these funds.
I turned 65 on September 10. I have had lots of stents and a quadruple bypass. The end of July I was having heart problems and made an appt at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn. I called AARP United Healthcare and they said, "You can't change plans until Jan 1st of every year." So I canceled my appt at the Mayo Clinic. Had a procedure done by doctors in Des Moines Ia that were not capable of this type of procedure. The results were terrible. I finally out of desperation called Medicare to be shocked to find out that AARP Medicare Complete had totally lied to me. When you turn age 65 you have a several month open enrollment period where you can change anytime you want. I changed to regular Medicare with a plan G supplement effective Dec 1st. Unfortunately I don't believe I will survive until then. Please warn people about these companies and their deceptive practices. I may have lost my life over this but hopefully you can save someone else's.
My mother died March 20, 2016. I immediately notified Social Security. When United Health billed my mother's trust account for the April premium, I sent them a copy of her death certificate and instructed them to refund the erroneously billed premium. I received no response! They billed two additional premiums and I sent them two more letters (they signed the return receipt) to no effect. They billed the account again before I had the bank block payment to these thieves!! They owe the trust account a bit over $900.
I am a retired physician who practiced nephrology and endocrinology for the past 32 years. I retired a few years ago. I have been on hormone replace therapy (HRT) for at least 15 years before retirement. It was used as an adjunct to treat osteoporosis. I have been on AARP united insurance plan since I reached medicare retirement age. As a physician it was easy to work with the AARP plan and I would even suggest to patients that this might be a plan that they might want to use. But in the past 2 years I have been having increased difficulty with the pharmacy benefit plan OptumRx getting RX filled in a timely manner. Recently I and my physician have had a difficulty getting HRT refilled. It is interesting approach that OptumRx uses. All prescription for Hormone replacement therapy are automatically refused. The company admitted that and all required pre-approval.Its issue is that when you call usually after 45 minutes you are told to try XYZ drug which if promptly refused so you wind up going through a list of different drugs. You are never given to anyone who has any authority and told to use a different form which is not available. So it is a technique that has been used by as number of sleazy insurance companies in the past to make it so difficult that you give up trying. The issue I have is that a company like AARP which is known support active retirement. I would think that AAPR would encourage the use of HRT in the men and women who otherwise have no contraindications. My physician who works at Mayo clinic tells me that they have not had one prescription for Hormone replacement therapy or ED drugs approved by OptumRx this year.I recently attended a Post Graduate Review course on Endocrinology at Harvard University and we review the indication and contraindication for HRT for individuals over 65. There are no contraindications just because you are 65. I guess I am disappointed a company such as AARP who engage a PBP who had this attitude about HRT in the over 65 age group.
More than a year ago, after being without insurance for a year, I applied for the AARP - Aetna PPO policy after receiving a solicitation from AARP. I completed their online application which took literally hours. After quite a long wait, I was finally contacted by an AETNA rep to go over the policy options. I should add that I have worked in the health care business for years and am very familiar with how insurances work. I chose a high deductible plan to keep my premiums relatively affordable. I was then 58 years old and had some pre-existing conditions and expected there would be a one-year exclusion for those conditions. After 6 months, there was a 10% rate increase. I had not yet used my health insurance for anything. Over the next 8 months, I paid for all medical care and pharmacy for those pre-exisiting problems out of pocket. The bill was hefty - almost $4k. During this time, I developed worsening problems with my feet and consulted a foot doctor who advised surgery on both feet. I had to wait until the pre-existing period expired before I could schedule surgery. At the one-year renewal period, another 10% rate increase. At that point, I was ready to deal with the foot surgery and hoped to schedule procedures on each foot, 8 weeks apart so as to get them over with in 2012 without having two deductibles to deal with. Saves a lot of money that way when you have a $3K annual and $5K coinsurance, right? To try to minimize the out of pocket cost, I shopped around for surgical centers with better rates. Then, I submitted all of the doctor bills that I had paid to Aetna for processing and application to my deductible. Aetna stalled on every claim by first denying them as "not a covered member". Then, they resubmit and delayed by "under review" then nothing. Fast forward to October 2012. First surgery scheduled. Aetna precertified the procedure. Get pre-operative physical, lab work, EKG as ordered. Have pre-op consult with surgeon, xrays, and MRI as ordered. Have pre-op consult with anesthesiologist, as ordered. Have surgery in outpatient surgery center. Get supplies for after care, medications. Have post op visit, another xray. Have another follow up visit with primary doctor for review of lab results from the pre-op physical. Then the bills start to come in by the bushel. Of the approximately $27K total for the surgery, Aetna paid nothing. Only $2400 applied to deductible. Most claims denied. Now comes the clincher. I spent 2 hours on the phone with the claims manager who advised me that my policy does not cover services rendered in a doctor's office! The face page of my policy says "Aetna PREMIER health Plan." What the hell? I am now being dunned by the primary care doctor who did the required physical, the lab that did the pre-op lab work (which was ordered by the primary doctor), the surgeon who has not been paid for the pre-op consults, xrays, or post-op visit, the medical supply company for the special boot, the anesthesiologist for the pre-op consult, and the radiology center for the MRI. None of these are paid because Aetna believes that anything billed as a result of an in-office visit with a physician (even if pre or post-op) is not covered under this policy. Again, what the hell?I am astounded. The claims department says that the policy is only for "catastrophic" and "preventive" services and doesn't cover routine medical care. It does cover the surgery itself and the doctors and anesthesia for the surgery, but that is all. This is not the policy I discussed with the sales person and not what I thought I was getting. I am disgusted and feeling like I have been raped by Aetna. Never do business with this company. Ripoff.
AARP UHC prescription drug plan don't cover much. Almost nothing. I am asking myself why I am still paying my monthly fee. They even try to collect double fee. from me! Disgusting!!! I really think they should change the management of this company. The workers don't seem they know what are they doing!!! Example: my doctor ordered a cream called: **. Drug store charged me $35.77 total cost $ 43.00. Amazon sells for $ 14.22 (highway robbery). One more thing they cashed my July check July 10th yesterday 7/17/17. I received a bill for July and August $161.00. AARP DO YOU KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Beside taking my money? What kind of business are you running?
I had myself added to my wife's existing account effective January 1, 2015. The rate was supposed to increase from $56.64 monthly to 111.85. On January 28, 2015 a draft in the amount of $263.67 was taken from my checking account without prior authorization. I discovered this on February 2, 2015 and called customer service who agreed this was an error and sent the notation to accounting for correction. At this point I stopped draft payments. I called cs again on 2/9/15 still no explanation or correction. On 2/23/15 I called cs again, when I still did not get an explanation I asked to escalate to management. ** with the mgmt team agreed there was an error and sent back to accounting for correction.On 3/16/15 I still have not heard anything and received a bill for $238.94 with no correction. I called 1-877-968-9675 and had to leave a msg. No return call so I called again on 3/18/15 and left another message so I called cs explained the problem to the 6th person who transferred me to ** on the mgmt team who also agreed there was an error and sent it to accounting for correction. On 4/7/15 I still did not get a response so I called and left a message on the mgmt vm again and called cs. ** took time to recalculate and she and her supervisor agreed at that point that a payment of $70.45 for April would bring me current. ** from the mgmt team I explained the problem and that I had worked it out with **. ** gave me her extension ** if I had any further problem. I have received a bill for $238.94 due for May 2015 coverage. I called ** and left a vm on 4/22/15 no call back by 4/25/15. Next step complaint to AARP and the California Insurance Commission.
Everything that I have required to have some quality of life they do not cover.
Summary of incident and consequences: What Happen: 12/15/2014 - I received a bill dated 12/6/2014, with an increase in premium the post mark is 12/15/2014. I did not receive any information/notification from AARP United Health Care of an increase in 2014 as I did in 2013 of an increase. Consequence: As a result of no notification by AARP United Heath Care in 2014 in the allotted government time frame I'm “robbed” off my right to cancel the policy without a penalty and forced to pay the higher premium. This can't be legal. The premiums have increase 21% from October 2013 to 2015.Summary of Events: 12/15/2014 - I called AARP United Health Care RX at 1:50 PM MST- on hold 30 minutes, spoke with Keilon. I explained United has caused a problem by not notifying me in the government allotted time frame so I could compare and evaluate cost and premiums. The time has elapsed to cancel this policy without a penalty. He could not give me any information as to any notification only that everyone got an increase. I asked for the premium to be same as last year. He said no, I asked to speak to his supervisor. 1:55PM spoke with Brittany, Supervisor, same conversation, she could not do anything nor give me any information about any notification, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said I could apply for (if I qualified as low income) for aid to help pay for my prescriptions. I said this was a problem caused by United and I needed someone to fix it. This was not a problem caused by me.2:10 PM (Approximately), Another Supervisor, Patricia, same conversation, said AARP United Heath Care RX sent booklet and packet with increase and explanation in September 2014. I did not received anything. I asked to speak to her supervisor/manager, she said no. I would have cancelled and joined another plan at this increase from October 2013 there has been a 21% increase in premium. After some insistence on my part she said she would send the packet with a letter stating the date it was sent with the information. I asked her if she was a direct employee, i.e. worked directly for United Health Care RX or if she was employed by another company contracted with United Health Care RX; she said she is an employee for United Health Care Rx, located in Harlingen, TX 78550.
I became an AARP member earlier this year. I applied for the offered Eyemed vision insurance and am charged 15.99 monthly. I misplaced the information on the vision insurance that had been mailed to me. I emailed a request for the information a good 2 months ago. No response. I tried calling Eyemed 3 times. Twice I was to receive the information. Again no information. The 3rd time the rep said he was unable to find me in the system. He did give me another phone number to try. I did try it only to have a recording inform me of technical difficulties. This is totally unacceptable. I need to make an eye appt as lately I have been having trouble with my eyes and there seems to be no one who can help me. I am appalled at this type of service. I thought such a large entity such as AARP as well as any insurance plans associated with them would be much more competent and professional.
I've had this Medicare Part D Preferred prescription plan for 8 or 9 years. My biggest issue with them has always been customer service. It has, however, become worse as time goes by. When you call them for assistance with some procedure, such as filing a request for a tier exception or asking them to help you with the mail order company, you cannot reach anyone who really speaks good English, who does not have a bad phone connection, or who even knows enough to help at all. They sound like very young people in a call center with lots of background noise, voices, shouting. There is really no point in discussing anything with them. And there appear to be no mature American professional people to discuss anything with. If you choose this plan, be prepared, you are on your own. If you have a problem, good luck. Just be sure not to sign up with them again. I see no other recourse.
I signed up prior to the start of this year, changing providers and plans. The registration process was followed to the instructions on the website. Tried to sign in and received a response that the Member ID does not exist. Customer Service was an absolute frustration on the phone. Had to pay my premium as a on-time payment online.Fresh start again this month... Failure. Member ID does not exist. Customer Service says, "Try Registering." So I try again, same thing. Got sent instead of Web Services to another Customer Service rep that contradicted the first one. Finally got a Web person and got nowhere except to tell me the site was down!! REALLY? If the site is down how does it have the ability to respond as it did a month ago. I still do not have access to my records and account. Somehow or another I feel as if that service is part of what I pay for. Not getting my money's worth at all.
My husband has had his supplemental insurance the AARP UHC since 2005. When Medicare made the Prescription Part D mandatory, we also signed up for that, the AARP UHC. Never had any problems! In either 2007 or 2008 we decided to change his prescription plan to a deductible plan and all the changes were made over the phone. It was a truly seamless transition and the reps were knowledgeable and helpful. Let me also state that we have been set up with auto withdrawal since 2005 and when we changed his prescription plan in '07 or '08 and then changed back the following year, again it was seamless and everything done over the phone. Fast forward to 2015 open enrollment period. We again deemed the deductible plan might be more appropriate so contacted customer service to switch the plan starting 1/1/2016. Rep gave up cost of $36.70/month with a $360 deductible AND informed us his premiums would go towards the deductible, which I was delighted to hear. He also said since we had previously been on EFT for our payments, that would continue with the new plan. In Dec. 2015, we received a letter stating we needed to send a check along with the EFT authorization form by 1/1/16 for our payments to be automatically withdrawn. When I called 12/12/15, I was told we were already set up and to ignore the letter that it was standard protocol to be sent out. Checked my bank account yesterday and saw only our supplemental insurance was withdrawn on 1/5/16, not the prescription plan payment so called again. This time rep told me 9 out of 10 times it works but in my case it didn't. I was advised to go online and set it up. Attempted to do that but there is no option to set up EFT payments online so called AGAIN. This rep apologized for all the other lies I was told and confusion but said she could take a one-time payment from me over the phone but neither she nor their website had any way of setting up the automatic EFT withdrawals and the only way it could be done was by physically mailing a check with the EFT Authorization Form. Seems to me this company has an antiquated system and is definitely not user-friendly. They seem to have gone backwards as their system worked better 8 years ago. Also, their reps have no idea what they are doing. Seems like they just pulled some high school dropouts in off the street and put them on the phones. Now I have to mail a check hoping it doesn't get lost in the mail or worse, stolen! Informed them I will be changing to a more progressive company next enrollment period. AARP should not be endorsing this company!!!
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