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AAA Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AAA
Year Founded: 1920
Address: 1000 Aaa Dr.
City: Heathrow
State/Province: FL
Postal Code: 32746
Country: United States
Phone: (407) 444-7000
Overall average rating of 2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 15 %
We've had major storm damage to our home and were treated absolutely horrible. We've been with them for over 30 years and have never had a claim. They have denied most of the storm and wind damage to our home which they have been insuring since it was brand new (over 20 years now). "You people are criminal." Shame on you AAA, you are a disgrace to the American people.
Our problems began last April when I contacted CSAA, not to file a claim, but to get information about whether or not sewer pipe replacement was covered in my policy. I had made an emergency payment to my plumber to clear my basement bathroom drain, but he told me it couldn't be completely cleared unless I replaced my entire sewer pipe. I thought maybe my homeowners insurance could help, but I was concerned about how much my annual insurance rate would increase, how much my Insurance would cover for repair and clean up costs, and I questioned whether it would even be worth it to pursue a claim. The AAA representative said they could not answer my questions without sending someone out to my house first to have a look at the damage, and I was told it could be done without opening a claim. So I agreed to a home visit. I did not agree to open a claim, and I was also working on other ways to pay for the repairs.After 2 months and a completed inspection, underwriting still claimed to be unable to answer my original questions about insurance coverage and rate increases, and apparently a claim had been opened sometime in April without my permission. So to prevent an increase in my insurance rate and the added stress of going through insurance, I notified the adjuster by phone and e-mail to close the claim on May 16, 2013. A check was sent to me for an emergency plumbing repair that I had already paid for myself, and I had not asked for a check, so I never used it.Since then, I and the plumbers were proved wrong about our concern that the basement bathroom drain could not be cleared without replacing the entire sewer pipe. The downstairs bathroom drain has been completely cleared and the backup mess has been cleaned and disinfected. The inspector noticed where my plumber had removed some drywall in a basement room during repairs on a previous plumbing leak after my house was re-piped. I have someone to replace the drywall.Six months later in November 2013, CSAA sent a letter stating intended non-renewal for our insurance policy, but it wasn't sent to my address and I didn't see it until February 12, 2014. I had not realized that we had to prove our case before policy expiration Jan 3. Based on misinformation, the underwriting department assumed we still had a clogged, broken sewer pipe, and apparently didn't see the Pipe Spy report, and assumed a lack in general maintenance with associated risks too high to continue insuring the house. Pipe Spy did not actually find any breaks in the sewer pipe.The other piece of misinformation they based our non-renewal on was missing drywall in a downstairs "living room," when it is actually a downstairs basement area. There is no living room there. And I have someone to replace the basement drywall. Basically they used all my questions against me, questions they never answered, lied to me and opened a claim without my permission, accused me of not properly maintaining my house, then declared the house too high a risk, and cut us off after taking our money every year for over 50 years!
AAA came recommended from my independent insurance agent and came with all the coverage I would need to be adequately covered. I like that it is simple and easy to sign up. AAA is reliable and I can rest comfortably that I am adequately covered for anything or any issues that may arise.
My friend is agent and out of a group of insurance AAA is the cheapest one to pick from... But they are very cold on a corporate level. Once you go past the local office you get automated voicemails, robotic responses, and automated collection. I will be looking in a few months.
We had a roof leak in October - they sent someone out measured etc ... all the measurements were short, pitch of roof is a 9. They paid at a 7. They denied water claim inside of the home which was thousands to replace stating “poor workmanship because tile that got wet came up.” We spent months arguing with them over simple math and measurements and they still can’t seem to measure gutters correctly. Three inspections later and refuse to pay any additional for mistakes they made in the first payout. They pay out for the cheapest materials possible - example we had to replace insulation in the attic. They paid for one roll unlined r30. The insulation we took out was r60 rolled lined. Talking to them is frustrating and pointless. Used to think it was an intelligence problem as we requested a new adjuster and was denied and her boss was even worse... They intentionally rip you off the whole time you file a claim.
Every year when I receive my Homeowners Renewal Offer and Declaration from AAA, I assess the cost increase. For the past few years my insurance costs have increased 4-5% annually, however, this year AAA increased my rate by 20%, from 2015 to 2016. I made no claims or improvements to my property and was told they had an increased surcharge for people with pools and spas (even though I had made no claims or improvements. Everything was exactly the same as all the previous years). When you try to contact their Customer Service line, you may be on hold for 30 minutes or even up to an hour or more. If, however, you try to contact them for a "new quote" you will be immediately connected to a live human being because of course their priority is to receive new customers, not take care of the current ones. I also went through the due diligence of adding my auto insurance to help reduce costs but AAA was STILL $600 higher than my current auto insurer. Needless to say, with their poor customer service and ridiculously high homeowners rates, I am canceling AAA today.
An AAA agent examined my house. I had misfiled my policy, so I missed payment and was canceled. The agent came to my house (I'd been reviewed as ok two years previous). He complained about the rainy weather ruining his shoes and commenced to be negative about every aspect of looking at my house. First, since we have drought in CA, my backyard has no more grass, so it was muddy. He came back in from the backyard examination and unceremoniously wiped his shoes on my dog's outdoor doggy bed. The dirt was so ground in that I had to throw it away later. He next looked at the kitchen, taking photos. The kitchen is new with granite, cabinets, paint, lighting, and floor, not to mention all new appliances. He saw that I had put in new laminate flooring elsewhere and new carpet.He next went to the bathrooms, which are under remodeling!!! Already having new cabinets and granite. The backing for tile is ready to receive the tile, which is in the garage awaiting my workman to put in along with new flooring in the garage. The agent ignored my comments and commenced to look at the next bathroom, which needs the flooring put in. No one uses that bathroom. So it was a little dusty. He took pictures of both bathrooms and pinched his nose. Well, my washing machine broke, so I put my laundry to take to the laundromat there. Throughout the whole process the AAA agent smirked, snorted, and whined about his shoes and the lack of complete bathrooms in the house. I am alone and have no one to help me, so I get help where I can to get work done.As a result of this agent and the "persons" who looked at the pictures at the main office, I got canceled. The irony is that I had a worker coming in that very week to do work when the agent came. AAA has had my business for car insurance for about five years and house insurance for about two and half. I was not allowed one peep of protest or voice in my situation. If a house is being remodeled, then obviously some things will not be done.I inherited this house from my father who let it go and I've invested about 50K in it to bring it up to standards. I'm proud of the improvements I've made and deserve not to be treated like some scum housekeeper by some finicky agent who can't stand a few drops of rain on his day and enters a house in bad mood. Instead of saying, "Well, Ms. **, we see you need to finish some of this work. Do you know we have lots of AAA-certified contractors to recommend? Please consult with one, and if in 30 days you can show advancement in the completion of the bathrooms, let's talk about continuing our insurance relationship with you since you've been a AAA member for over 40 years and your loyalty has been great."Actually, AAA correspondence is terse, blunt, curt, and dismissive. I teach business writing, and I am appalled at their writing tone and treatment of customer. AAA says: "We're always with you" for your insurance needs. NO, THEY ARE NOT. I was disrespected; my property was basically vandalized, and my house not given the chance it deserves. I work hard to make what little I do, and I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish. To have some stranger with personal standards and finicky predilections interfere with a judicious and fair review of my circumstances is beyond reproach. He wore designer clothes and shoes, fussed with his hair, smirked at this and that, refused to note anything about what I had ready to put in the bathrooms, and left with a huff. If people have to have "house beautiful" or "Sunset Magazine" quality, then AAA needs to say so up front.I should have--and everyone should--a list of items an agent is going to review, thus giving me and everyone else a fair chance to look around to get things ready for review. I worked hard to make the house ready as I am also painting, thus things were covered with drop cloths. I found a new insurance company to take both my car and house insurance, which it did with a smile from its friendly, non-designer agent. Since AAA has basic monopoly on emergency car services, I still have that. But for anything else, AAA is on my list to avoid.In the past people tried to tell me not to do business with AAA, I went ahead and did so, and I can't believe the better-than-thou treatment of the agent and the main office reviewing cases. I can't believe I have ZERO voice after years of making payments without any claims and thousands of enriching dollars they've socked away. AAA is no more on my list, and if you've taken the time to read my account, I hope you will think ten times before you put yourself in my situation of being smirked at and shuffled off like something to use and throw away.
We filed a claim on Sept. 4th for a busted water heater that damaged all but 2 rooms of our house. It is now Nov. 2nd and we are still living in our bedroom. Our floors, walls, cabinets, personal items, etc. were damaged. We still have no work done because AAA has it "in review" as they take 15-25 days to ever answer any questions, emails. We even called our adjustor's supervisor to take it to the next level and they have not responded via email or phone call. They simply do not care. They sent an "inspector" - not an adjustor - to our home 2 days after reporting the water damage. She literally was walking next to the remediation company so there is no way she saw all of the damage as the remediation company even came back 4 days after she was there to continue the tearing up of the water damaged walls and cabinets.We finally got a call of a settlement of $6,000 on Sept. 29th (25 days to get that to us!) and it was about a third of what 3 contractors told us was needed. We told her that on the phone and she said to submit the bids. We got the $6000 check on Oct. 4th. Submitted a contractor bid on Oct. 18th (it took him that long to fit us in) and now it's in "review" and they will not email or call us to let us know what is happening. It's now Nov. 2nd and we are hearing crickets. Worst customer service ever. And since they are in Oklahoma, they send out an inspector so there is no one local to even talk to when you need help. The adjustor is on a different time zone so that is also a factor in trying to call in between working hours. I cannot believe they won't return emails or phone calls. I hate to get a lawyer because of the expense but we don't have a choice, it seems. RUN, RUN as fast you can away from AAA Homeowners Insurance.
My furnace (hot water heat) boiler blew a piece of metal out of it. According to section 12 in my policy, "sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging of a heating system" is covered in the policy. I filed a claim on October 8. They called in a "forensic engineer" to determine the cause, and I think to find a way out of paying the claim. Today, on Oct. 31, 23 days later (with no furnace) they called and said it is not covered because it is too old and it was caused by wear and tear, low water level, and a mechanical failure. A "tearing apart" would always be caused by a mechanical failure. They would never had to pay. Water was all over the basement, the break was at the top of the boiler, so I don't see how the water level could be low. I'm not sure what recourse consumers have over the insurance companies. I did file a complaint with the state insurance commission.
My neighbor's property flooded my property and they had AAA. I also had AAA but cancelled it because I turned the property into a rental and they did not cover rentals at that time. The damage from my neighbor's water line was extensive and I had the HOA and the insurance adjusters out there for hours and they took pictures and admitted they had to pay. Then the adjusters wanted the CC & R's for the HOA to see if they could find an exclusion listed for liability by neighbors. Well there wasn't one. Then they tried to see if they could get me to incriminate my neighbors by verifying they rent it out periodically. I wouldn't help them. Then they wrote me a letter saying they won't pay because the neighbor didn't flood my property on purpose. Just unbelievable, So I was forced to sue the neighbor so their underlying policy would kick in but the lawyer just stole my money and lied to me saying the judge threw the case out. So I lost about $70,000 and AAA and my neighbor and the lawyer or the HOA insurer just left me hanging. AAA is awful. I had my car insured by them and someone hit me from behind in a turn lane, AAA said it was my fault so they wouldn't have to cover the deductible on repairs. They are certainly dishonest... Run away from this rotten company.
I had a vandal/theft incident. Geico already settled out their portion of the auto claim for this incident. So why is AAA homeowners so slow? Everyone blames everyone else in this company for slow service. Supervisors defend the lousy service so don't even waste your time. One particular investigator on this claim must be on vacation or too overloaded with work to handle this case (I had to replace items myself until they get their act together and settle). He told me/pushes me off, "Call me in a week," etc. Week after week, same story. The claim reps make you feel like you're last on their list and do not seem to care. I gave this company one star they didn't even deserve, but that's the lowest I could give.
Renters Insurance Claim - Terrible! I would never purchase a policy with AAA. My neighbors had it. I did not but their apartment flooded into my apartment for a few hours. When I returned home my apartment and belongings were so bad. I sent minimal requests for damage even though I lost more (for instance I had to pay to relocate with my 5 kids and I didn't even add those in my damage costs). Well my adjuster has been giving me the runaround for 5 months now and has just informed me that she has 3 years to settle my claim.Well it took me 25 hours to send her all my receipts. I’m not understanding why I should have to wait so long to be reimbursed. That’s ridiculous! And then she told me to stop contacting her supervisor only contact her because she will get to it. She’s behind, AAA needs to hire people that have the time to actually DO THEIR JOB! I don’t care what you don’t have time for. You’re still getting paid. Very poor customer service if you ask me.
I got several quotes and AAA was the best. It is easy to file a claim with through my agent and easy to receive funds for repairs when needed. Once there was a need for the adjuster to return and a new person came right away. I wish it would not increase every year. Every year it goes up about a hundred dollars. One year I got a discount for no claims and the next renewal they raised it right back up even though I had no claims. Other than that, I liked the agent the best of all I talked with. Cheapest and the agent was recommended by my aunt and uncle. Also use the agent for auto insurance.
First of all I'm giving this one star because it required me to. Otherwise, they would get none. I noticed a leak in my upstairs bathroom at the beginning of this year. I called the local insurance company that hooked me up with this insurance when I bought my house. Side note; I was told I couldn't keep my Progressive Insurance because they didn't offer homeowner's insurance here in KY. Found out later that they do indeed.The woman at the insurance company said because of the age of the chimney (my house is 80 yrs old) it wasn't covered. I had a local roofer come over and he patched the chimney. That didn't work and not too long after I noticed a leak again. I called him back and he was going to come and do something else. I waited 6 weeks and ultimately found out he was going through medical issues. It took me another two weeks to find someone who could fix the chimney. This is a small town and nobody from any of the companies I called would come out to this far. Finally, I found someone to fix it. At that point the damage inside was more than I could afford so I called the insurance company back and told the woman I wanted to file a claim now, explained the whole thing about the chimney being patched and trying to find someone to come and take care of it when that didn't work.My contractor communicated with the adjuster assigned to the claim. I also emailed him with the history of the issue, so it wasn't news to him. My contractor said it sounded like they were going to cover the whole thing. When he submitted the estimate the adjuster emailed me and said it was WAY too high and he wanted to come and look at the damage himself. I said that's fine and I'd have the contractor meet him here. After the meeting the adjuster emailed me and said it didn't look like damage that happened after one or two rains and I told him it wasn't, that he had been emailed and told the whole history of it.He then called me and said they were denying to claim because it was due to rot. I understand the house is old and there is damage in that room but if it's so rotten then why is the rest of the upstairs just fine? This is a very solid house. I tried to talk to him and tell him again how I tried to rectify the damage from the time it started. He was extremely rude and kept cutting me off and saying "Doesn't matter!" I said he made me feel like I was trying to pull something over on them and he said, "You wouldn't be able to!" He was so rude I ended up hanging up on him.I've never dealt with a homeowner's claim before but my contractor was shocked that they didn't pay anything. And I was shocked to be treated like a common thief. During all this I found out that AAA worked their way into this area by offering trips and other perks to agents to push their insurance (which explains why "Progressive doesn't do homeowners"). I have gone back to Progressive and now feel that after 3 years I'm with a reliable company who will actually insure me and not just take my money and treat me like a criminal when I need help in return.
AAA insurance raised my insurance deductible to be equal to 2% of my house value specifically for roof replacement from hail and wind. I live in Kansas City Metro and our area is known for hail and gusty winds. Upon filing a claim with AAA for hail and wind damage, they send me one of their guys who was determined to blame any damage he finds on normal wear and tear of the material of the roof. He had a plan to make the repair well below the deductible so that I get absolutely nothing from the insurance... They have preempted their customers who live in areas that are vulnerable to storms so that they would practically pay nothing for damage. They based their assumption that if anyone needs an insurance it is most likely to replace his roof... Bottom line they are one of the worst I have ever seen and I am planning to get rid of them once I replace my roof on my own dime!
I just received my new Declaration Page which shows that my $1,000 deductible is now changed to 15% of the loss! I also received several disclaimers in regards to possible damage which they do not cover. Interestingly, also included is a letter noting: "The AAA Direct Repair Network of Home Repair Contractors" - is a law changing in re-disaster coverages. There is also a reference to "Hazard Reduction Premium Discount" of 65% (doesn't say percent of what amount), and references to dwelling tied or braced to the foundation using "approved anchor bolts, installed according to approved building code standards."It also mentioned the bracing standards in approved building codes, and water heater secured to building frame. How vague is "approved building codes?" That is an escape of responsibility. AAA knows your address and these codes should be defined in accordance with or citation of a particular State, and/or any other applicable building code.AAA is scamming homeowners. This document is extremely vague. It isn't informing the insurance-holder of anything specifically, but states an undefined "requirement." This looks more like the sales staff concocted it, particularly with the ad for the AAA-recommended building companies. The language is not legal language. What can be done? Has anyone else received a removal of their $1,000 deductible and replaced with 15% of damages deductible with various surprising disclaimers?
First off when you Google AAA it says... "You are covered when you are home or away"....Not true... My parents were having many medical problems... and the ambulance had been called numerous times. We had to get them some assistance so we moved them closer to me. Not knowing what they were gonna do... didn't know if we would sell, rent or what... Did not have much warning. So we took their basic essentials and moved them to an apartment at a senior living facility. We let another family member move in to cover while we were deciding. My parents had still many items remaining in the home. The house burnt and was gutted... and now are being told.. their insurance is null and void because they left..... Now does this happen to people who may go on vacation out of the state for the winter months?? Don't think so... Do they do this to all senior citizens? Does everyone have to hire a lawyer to get paid??? Really frustrated....
I followed all instructions from my AAA Insurance Claims person, and turned in a report about my stolen/damaged property. I made every attempt to resolve this matter with AAA, and the police/sheriff's department who refused to make an arrest or investigate the incident, even though I had called in a 911 report, and met with the police, who thereafter met me for a standby, to retrieve what I could of my stolen property.AAA wrote to me to fill out an itemized list of my missing belongings and damages to my property. AAA stated they would be able to obtain the police report even months later, and failed to do so. I repeatedly called AAA to get this resolved. They changed agents, and gave me the runaround. I turned the other cheek, and I in turn, notified the court’s hall of records in Redwood City, CA. The clerk told me the Sheriff’s Dept. would issue a new report. They sent me to pick it up, and the Sheriff became uncooperative, and refused. AAA stated they cannot honor my claim, without the police report stating my property was stolen. They wanted pictures. I sent in pictures of my horse trailer, the damages, and pictures of more than 11 horses I raised, and showed on the equestrian circuit. Thus, to prove I had equipment and farm/ranch supplies/horses for the past 40 years. I also have proof of my horse registration papers, equestrian club papers, family and friends who will verify my past/ownership of my property.AAA stated they would be able to get the Police report, and thereafter failed to follow through. I went to the court filings of police reports records. They told me if they can't find the police report, they will make a new report for the insurance company and me. They sent me to the sheriff’s dept., and they refused and gave me the runaround, wasting my time. They also stated that I might be doing insurance fraud, and they are not giving me a police report. I told them to arrest me for it then, and investigate the perpetrators, and search their property for my stolen items.I went back to the court house records, and she gave me proof of incident, and AAA refused to pay my claim for loss and damages on my home/renter's owner’s insurance claim. I attempted every way possible to get the police to do their job, but they refused. Now, AAA wants to interpret the unofficial incident report I retrieved from court records the way they want, and refused payment.AAA is contradictive, and sent me on a wild goose chase to jump through their hoops, with no intentions of ever paying my claim. I have paid into my renter's insurance for approximately a half of a decade, or more. If you have attorneys that could help, I am in Palo Alto, CA. Please connect me to an attorney in my area to get this resolved with the Sheriff's Dept. and AAA insurance.
I have been with AAA Insurance for over 11yrs. My house was robbed and they gave me some dumb reason excuses why they cannot pay me. It broke my heart, all of a sudden, they don’t pay for robbery. AAA funds every reason not to pay you for your claim and the wait is ridiculous.
We have had insurance with AAA for 15 years and they came out for an 'inspection' and sent us a letter in February that our back porch roof needed to be replaced. That was fine but with the winter we had been having (subzero temps, etc) no roofing company would replace the roof at that time. We called and told them this to which we were told fine we will cancel your policy. So my husband and I fixed the roof in the freezing cold, then the underwriters said it needed to be redone but gave us until May. I do not know why they couldn't do that originally. We got the roof replaced and finally were able to be renewed to be told they still could not insure us. It even shocked the agent. I don't know why they just didn't say in the first letter they don't want to insure 100 year old homes anymore because they cost more to replace, but that is what that came down to and we are not happy about that.
They refuse to give us an reasonable estimate of damage on a wind damage claim after 8 months. They can't even get the date of the accident right and use that to claim there wasn't much wind that day.
My mom had AAA for home and auto. Her homeowner's association recommended we all make sure to get an HO6 plan that would cover special assessments from the association. So we contact the agent and he sold us a policy stating that my mom would be covered if a special assessment from the HOA happened. Well, one major hail storm later and a special assessment happened. However, AAA writes a tiny little footnote that allows them to only pay a small portion of a special assessment if any of the assessment has to go toward paying the master HOA policy deductible - which will be the case for most special assessments. They did some song and dance and said that their policy doesn't have to pay out in this instance. Basically they wrote a special exception into the plan that allows them to 'not have to pay out' for most of the HOA special assessments that would ever happen.Long story short - everyone else in the complex had insurance coverage that paid the $5,000 assessment - even though it was to go toward the deductible - except my mom. So if you are thinking of purchasing homeowners HO6 policy from them - DON'T. You'll regret it. Good business model for them since they'll never have to pay, bad for you if you use them.
I have a home I lease out in California, so I have Landlord insurance on the property...or at least I did. AAA cancelled the policy because "no pictures were available of the insured's property." This was news to me, since no one asked to take pics and my property manager lives across the street, making it easy to have pictures taken. Long story short, after being run around from person to person, not getting responses, loan on the house was called for lack of insurance. I finally got the manager of the insurance division to call the loan company and tell them it was AAA's "dropping the ball" that was the issue, but I was still insured. Meanwhile, I have no proof of insurance, they have refunded all my remaining payments and the manager will not return my phone calls or emails. In addition, when I try sending her emails...her box is always full and can't accept messages. How very convenient.
I was very impressed with the products. In addition to the promotions and the price, the recommendations of family and friends. I like the quality of services, the security and confidence that transmits in addition to the rapidity with which they respond to the moment of presenting some type of inconvenience. Although it would be very helpful we offered you new promotion. But all the features that it offers I like them and they make me happy.
Right now I have 2 claims going. The auto will be dropped in 2 days because AAA would not remove my ex husband from the car policy in February. Per judge they removed in April. Too late he already vandalized my car. They say you can't sue yourself. NOW I just had a tornado hit my house and backyard. Very large probably over 30 foot trees were brought down. Unless the trees are on a structure they don't mess with it. The disaster relief people could only go so far with tree removal. There are three large ones intertwined.City and other agencies declare area too dangerous for people to be around. They aren't doing anything about the house roof. They are going to give money for replacement of the roof on garage but not covering garage itself which is coming down. They won't cover any of that. More than 50 feet of fence needs to be replaced. They want to pay a little over 2000 dollars not to mention a 1500 dollar deductible which was incorrect. That wouldn't even come near fixing the tree problem. Specialist have to do it or it could take out the back of my property as well as the neighbors.I'm on disability and don't know how this is going to work out. They don't want to reimburse for work already done before the big storm that came in the next day. The contractor said he had been doing this for years and never saw anything like it. Storm happened April 26th and I'm still waiting. Big mess. Tornadic storms expected in area tomorrow. I have to walk my dogs - they can't go in their backyard. I talked to a friend that did my old insurance. Sure do miss them and can't wait to go back. Years with them no problem with claims, shouldn't have ever left. Talking to an attorney tomorrow. They switch adjusters all the time and payout keeps getting lower. Stay away from AAA. Please.
I have carried Triple A for 4 cars and homeowner's insurance for over 13 years. In all that time, I have never made a homeowner claim. But two weeks ago, I came home to water dripping on the ceiling of my bathroom and then a flood when the toilet above my bathroom broke and flooded a pipe burst. Opening the ceiling, the plumber who fixed the toilet found mold. Before an adjuster came out, I spoke to someone in claims who told me the mold could grow quickly from the flood or be from long-term leaking, the latter which is not covered. Of course, the adjuster determined the mold was from long-term leaking and would deny the claim despite her admitting that she could not separate which damage was caused by the covered burst pipe and which from long term leaking. She warned me before even looking that she might find that the damage is not covered if the leak undetected by me occurred before the pipe burst. It was apparent she came to my house with her mind made up to deny the claim. She spent five minutes and took four pictures by lifting her phone into a six inch by six inch square cut into the ceiling, and then said the mold was due to long term leaking.When I asked her qualifications to make such a determination about the mold after five minutes and four pictures, she said she took classes with Triple A.Now I am forced to either pay for an expert to challenge her findings, which is not something I can afford as I cannot even afford to repair the damage to the drywall and flooring and remove the mold. I believe the denial is in bad faith. Besides, maybe all insurance companies do this, but how can an insurance company write a policy that does not cover damage for undetected slow leaks that cause damage? It must be common enough that an insurance company wouldn't insure it--or else they would actually have to pay out rather than simply collect.
I'm in CA in a wildfire area. Insurance for my home is hard to get, especially since most suppliers use ISO (Insurance Services Organization) to rate the various areas. ISO gives Butte County Fire Department a 9 out of 10 because they do not have a ladder that is tall enough for the highest county building. First call at my location is the City of Paradise Fire Department even though I am in Butte County. I am 1600 feet from the City of Paradise's nearest fire hydrant. Paradise Fire Department has an ISO rating of 4. So, all insurance carriers that I contacted, except AAA (AAA does not use ISO rating) give my home site a 9 out of 10 rating. This means I can get home insurance, but it is very expensive. AAA offered me a more fair price and considered my fire potential on an individual basis. My house sits in the middle of 10 flat, cleared acres and is a good risk against wildfire harm. ISO lumps all buildings in an area according to ISO's opinion of the local fire agency.
I like that is easy to contact them and that I can bundle home and car together. They are also local so that I can go over there to discuss anything with them. They also provide you with maps and any help that you need to plan a trip to deal with. They are great just the way they are. They are very easy to deal with and are always very concerned about what you have to say. I really love them and would recommend them to anyone.
I like that AAA gives me a credit for being a AAA member. It's also more coverage than what I used to have for less money out of my pocket. I am able to have it billed through my mortgage as well. I would like to see that clients are not dinged for reporting something on their insurance if it doesn't actually get filed. I understand if it's something I did and I filed, but to just mention it to them and not act on it should not be penalized. But other than that, I have never had any issues with getting a hold of them either regardless of the time of day (as long as it's during business hours).
A very, very close friend of mine has had insurance with AAA Homeowners for a very long time. Therefore, her rates are low for her home, which is not good for an insurance company, which is by nature a scam. Anyhow, AAAHI decided that they did not like the paint on the trim of her home and gave her a few weeks to repaint the trim (fascia) along her roof and garage or cancel her policy. Fortunately, because she could not immediately come up with the hundreds of dollars to pay a painter or two to get scaffolding, etc., and paint her house, she knew me. I took it on myself to paint her home, which made me think of how arrogant an insurance company is to do such a thing to try and drive a policy holder away. They failed this time. Who knows what they will try next and to whom. That is my personal experience and only experience with these people. Ciao for now.
Kate ** is the more horrible claims adjuster there has ever been. She had our claim in limbo for months, asked for details, pictures, etc. she had been provided multiple times previously, and was very combative. She is awful and should be fired immediately.
I am writing this review because I want the consumer to do their homework, ask questions and get everything in writing before you purchase Insurance from this well-known company. I purchased renters insurance through AAA Jan 19, 2017, after a friend told me that she had it with them and it would cost less than a hundred $ for a year. I had never needed or been asked to purchase this insurance for a rental before. I called them up and was sold renters insurance over the phone by just providing the address of the complex and my personal info. A few mins later I received an email that I had to use a special code to access to sign my documents. Paid with my debit card and then received a copy of my renter's insurance Declaration.Fast forward 11 months and I go to file a claim and was told it wasn't covered. Turns out the only thing covered is Fire, theft, burglary, water damage if it's to my personal property and a few other natural disaster events, oh and someone gets hurt while they are at my house. When the salesman sold me the policy, he said that my personal belongings were covered up to $20,000 if they were damaged or stolen. He never mentioned that it was only for very specific causes of damages. How is this even legal to sell things without being upfront about what is really covered.My apartment was exterminated and the chemicals that were used were not EPA approved and so we lost almost everything we owned and Triple A said, "Sorry it's not covered by your policy." Oh and when you buy your policy, supposedly, they can't email you the contract of what is and what is not covered. It has to be mailed to you. I never received a contract in the mail so I can only go by what they are telling me over the phone. I have no proof of what I was told and can't access the email because the code is only good for a few days then expires and the codes are computer generated so no one knows them. After this event and them not paying for another claim we canceled all of our insurance with them. Something needs to be done to stop this company from taking advantage of so many people.
We called AAA for a quote on homeowners, auto and RV insurance. Our homeowners had almost doubled in 2 years due to catastrophic weather events. AAA cut our homeowners cost in half so we switched to them. Well, they sent out their inspector with his little camera, and a month later we get a cancellation notice because our sun-porch wasn't sturdy enough for them and our house had chipped/peeled paint on it!!! Since when is chipped paint on clapboard a fire hazard??? And who will paint a house at the end of November??? They told us to simply prop one corner of the porch and send pics, and that we had to paint our house by next October. No big deal. We put cement blocks and 4x4 posts under the porch (more than we needed and more stable than it was when we bought the house) and emailed the pics. I have no doubts that we could stuff 100 heavy weighted people on that porch.. and it would hold the weight, and the porch is only 17' by 7'. Well, not good enough for them, and they won't send an inspector out to check the "fixed" work. We had 2 days to find an insurance company that would insure our home. Our former agent took us back, and with great rates. It was built in 1926 and consists of better material than most new homes. It's sound and built well. Thankfully our previous insurance agent set us up with coverage for everything and without lapse of insurance on our home. They don't even do an inspection!! People, if you plan to go with AAA for especially homeowners, make sure your home is in pristine condition. Better yet, ask that they send their inspector first (before you cancel and switch everything over to them) and guarantee they won't threaten to cancel you a month later.. and give 2-3 weeks to renovate your home!! If the grass looks greener on the other side, it's because it's been fertilized with bull crap!!
In July 2011 I was in the process of purchasing a house. At the time I had an existing auto policy with AAA, so I called to get a quotation on a policy for the property as well. I was given a high price for the policy so I decided to go with a different Insurer and preceded with different policy. I closed escrow on my property on 08/31/11. Three weeks after we closed escrow we received billing from AAA and it appeared they had merged both our auto policy and house policy. We were not aware of that prior, and we did not sign any documents to establish the policy. We called and informed AAA that we selected a different insurer and cancelled the policy. A few months later we had received a collection notice, so called and informed AAA about it and they assured us that the cancellation did go through and there is no balance to worry about. We received a collection notice once more and we called and went to the office to let them know and it appeared that they cleared the issue. We later received an email from a person by the name Grace ** that she submitted proof to cancellation on 06/12/13 and back dated the cancellation of the policy. A few months later we received a refund a check for a little over $100. We noted a collection action appearing on our credit and it was showing for $100 starting January 2015, which came by surprise, since we were under the impression that we had no balance for this policy and after all the adjustments AAA issued a refund check (from charges for Auto and Home Policy combined). We made a visit to AAA office in Cerritos CA, and we spoke with Lizz ** who informed the balance stems from cancellation fee. Please be sure that we have not received a single letter from AAA informing us of a cancellation fee, which is not valid to begin with since we did not buy the policy to begin with. We are hereby filing a complaint against AAA Insurance for the following reasons: Records with AAA indicated that we had started the policy on 07/28/11, and we closed escrow on 08/31/11. We only called for a price quotation and we proceeded to call other insurers for the best price. Our Hud One can be provided to proof our close date, we did not own the property at the time AAA started the policy for us.We did not purchase the policy and we called only for a quotation and AAA staff irresponsibly and erroneously merged both home and auto policy. We did not sign any policy paper work with AAA. Our Hud One statement with our lender is showing a different insurer with Effective date of 8/31/11 with Farmers Insurance and we remain with the same insurer till today. AAA failed to inform us of the balance which should not exist to begin with, and their collection agency filed a claim on our credit which caused a lot of harm to our score, all without our knowledge. We find it irresponsible and sloppy and not acceptable.
I have had AAA coverage for over 15 years for home and auto insurance. I've had one auto claim which was paid promptly. No other problems. Last August 30 I purchased another home in a different city that I was moving to and contacted AAA for insurance on that house. They wrote a policy and sent it to me, deducting premiums from my bank account. On October 23 they sent me a letter stating, with no reason or explanation, that coverage on the newer house was being cancelled effective Nov. 24. I called the agent who had issued the policy on my newer house and got stonewalled. No reasons at all, only "I don't know." I was told they would require an on-site examination with photos to re-examine the property as "qualified." The agent set up a date for "agents" to come to my house and examine the property. I stayed home that day, but no one showed up. However, someone claiming to be with AAA arrived at my first house for "examination and photos." That house is for sale and the realtor let her in. It is now Nov. 13 and after repeated calls to numerous AAA personnel, leaving voicemails and getting no responses, I called their national "emergency" number. That agent was polite and said he would set up an examination date as soon as possible before the cancellation date, but still offered no explanation. This is the worst case of customer disrespect and abuse by a supposedly legitimate company I have ever heard of. Must be time to change, they don't seem to want my business.
I have been a AAA member for many years; I switched my car insurance to them when they began offering it and was very pleased with the smooth transition, so when homeowners insurance was also available I took that as well. I have made no claims on either policy. I was surprised by the letter I received in June that I would have to make an appointment with an inspector who would be contacting me to come and take pictures inside & outside of plumbing, electric, etc. I have made many improvements in the last few years including electrical work, new furnace, new water lines & drains & new roof.7 weeks after the inspection I received a very curt letter informing me my home "did not meet their criteria" and my policy was being cancelled! There were 4 very minor issues listing "damaged" soffits & siding and a "missing" section of gutter. I feel like they were looking for any excuse to drop me because I have an old (100+ years) house? I am using the 6 months left on my policy to shop around for new car & homeowners insurance from a company that values and respects a good customer who's never missed a payment.
I am going on 4 years of service with Triple AAA. I was very happy with their rates but this year not with their service. I always pay my insurances in full for the year but this year for some reason they only withdrew partial payment. I called and complained about the error where they proceed on deducting the remaining amount. Now I am told that the person who handled my transaction probably posted my remaining balance of 574.30 to someone else's account and I cannot receive Credit on my Home Insurance until the error is found. What a bunch of Crock! My insurance is due for cancellation May 19, 2017, at 12.01 a.m. I went 3 times to their San Antonio Office at 11075 IH-10 west at. I had Bank Statement showing the withdrawals and I was assured that my insurance would not be canceled but I did receive a different message today. It seems to me that Triple AAA is only interested in sales and definitely not service.
The agent at AAA sold me an invalid policy. Upon raising the issue and discussing with the agent's supervisor, my calls were ignored and the issue was not resolved. They simply ignored me. Now with a hurricane on its way, I am left to worry about potential damages. My wind insurance will not cover due to the invalid policy I was sold by my AAA agent. Save your money. Save your time. Do not go here ever.
AAA is better. Have it! A friend of mine have the same insurance and it work! 3 month ago he has a problem with the kitchen and part of his house get on fire and the insurance company cover all that accident. I like AAA's loyalty and responsibility. That is what I looking for! Because I don't know when I am gonna need this! It's more peaceful if you know your house is safe.
Had a violent windstorm a few years back that caused an oak tree to fall on and crush my attached garage. A day later, my AAA guy was at my home evaluating the damage and helping me find and arrange a reputable construction company to come the next day to assess the damage. They were able to begin reconstruction the NEXT day, and 3 days later had the job completed, including a new roof. 2 days later AAA followed up w/ me and made sure that I was satisfied w/ the whole chain of events, which I was. I even had a $500.00 deductible that AAA waived because I also have an automobile policy and a life insurance policy w/ AAA. They are a sterling insurance company that values me as a client.
Several years ago I had a house fire. My agent was exceptional. My home was rebuilt, During the time AAA rented an apartment for me. He worked closely with my contractor and the team worked exceptionally well together. Now I receive a lot of compliments on my home. I have been with this company for over twenty years and they insure everything I own. I would not consider anyone else and as far as I am concerned there is only AAA.
I just made a claim today, 10/18/2016. I told them that there were two holes in the roof. They asked what kind of roofing I had, explained they would have an inspector come out. The claims agent, Tosha, told me that if it was approved, they would fix the roof and IF WE WANTED, they would cover the interior damage.I come home, and my husband tells me an inspector called HIM, made an appointment, and immediately told my husband (without even LOOKING at the damage), that they would not cover the roof (exterior) damage and would only maybe fix the interior damage! WHAT??? Why the hell would the claims agent ask me what kind of roofing we had and ask if we would want INTERIOR fixed along with EXTERIOR if they DON'T cover exterior! I feel and smell a LAWSUIT! My husband is a lawyer and he is GOOD at what he does. I will NOT put up with this. I have read the many disturbing claims from homeowners who thought they could TRUST AAA and I see that there is a HUGE problem here. Hmmm, maybe a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? That would taste GOOD!
I recently damaged my tractor while using it on my property. I submitted a claim and it was denied. They told me my claim was denied because it did not meet the NAMED PERILS conditions of my coverage. There are 17 very specific conditions under which they will approve a claim and the damage to my tractor does not fall into one of them. This information was not given to me at the time of purchasing insurance and never mentioned until after they denied it. Out of curiosity I checked with another insurance company and with the exact same language in their contracts they would pay such a claim.
My company knows me as a person and my needs. The costs are very reasonable. Pictures were taken by myself to show all of my belongings needed to be covered. I have my other policies with this company. My auto policy covers both our vehicles and my husbands motorcycle is also covered by this company. I feel happy with AAA.
They are fast at filing claims. Also, I like the ease of using the websites. They have calculators to find the best rate possible and interest that is right. Improve the customer service though. It takes a long time to get through to someone on the phone and the wait times to talk to a representative. Also, add more apps for different things. But they offer the lower rates and lower deductibles. You also get rewards for having combined insurances on auto home and health. They also are leaders.
If I could put no stars, I would. AAA is only good for towing your car and maybe fixing a flat tire. But that's where the usefulness stops. I have been a customer for over 20 years and have my house and cars insured with them.A few months ago we had a lot of rain and a huge storm in LA which is unlike our normal weather. Unfortunately, my roof and windows leaked causing major damage in the house. I made a claim with AAA, hoping they would do what they're supposed to do but I was wrong. They sent an adjuster to come take a look at the roof, to see if it was going to be covered or not. I found out that the adjuster actually works for AAA, so clearly they are bias. It should be an independent contractor so that it's not always done in the insurance company's favor. After he came by the house, he said my claim according to my policy is invalid. So what is insurance for then?Anyway, he went on the roof to review the damage and BROKE SOME TILES. You read that right, AAA came to my house to deny my claim and BROKE TILES ON MY ROOF. He said we will pay for the damage he created on the roof. After MANY CALLS to AAA, I said they need to come and fix the tiles that AAA broke.To add insult to injury, they sent me a check for $53. How am I supposed to fix my roof with $53 to fix the DAMAGE THAT AAA CAUSED??? I am not a roofer and it is not my job to FIX DAMAGE THAT MY INSURANCE COMPANY CAUSED. This wasn't damage from the storm, this was EXTRA from them coming by and looking at the roof to just deny my claim. Wait, something important to know. The check was only $53 because the damage that the AAA rep caused was $553. So, they sent a check after my deductible. You read that right, THEY CHARGED MY DEDUCTIBLE FOR DAMAGE THEY CAUSED TO MY ROOF. DAMAGE THAT AAA CAUSED TO MY ROOF.And LIE after LIE with all the calls and different managers and supervisors. They said they are going to send me $500 to cover the deductible but THEY HAVE NOT. Instead what they did, after realizing how illegal it is to charge me a deductible for damage they caused, they send $500 to the roofer to fix AAA's damage. I spent thousands of dollars to fix the REST OF THE ROOF and items that should have been covered under my insurance policy.To summarize, AAA denies my claim for roof damage, claiming roof damage is not covered by my home owners policy for some unknown reason. The AAA rep goes on my roof to review the damage and BREAKS TILES HIMSELF. He claims that AAA will cover the cost. They send me a check for $53 and use my deductible $500. So AAA breaks my roof tiles and subtracts a deductible as if it's a claim. I left several messages for the manager, ** and she NEVER RETURNED MY CALLS.
HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE DROPPED - Dropped us after 17 years and only 2 claims and none for fire but now dropping due to "MAP UPDATE". Used to be good, now just greedy. Over 600 complaints with the CA State Department of Insurance in 2016 alone. Highest of the 25+ companies I researched on their insurance comparison guide.
I have been with the same company since I was 17. I choose AAA because my parents had it and I just followed with what they had. I will always use that company. I think they are all good if you pay your bills and don't act like a **. I like discounts for multiple items on one account. Home, auto. etc. I like that I can pay my bills online and I don't have to deal with paper.
Perpetual homeowners policy is the way to go. We have had this for over 20 years and it is the best decision we have made and we have save so much money that I am amazed. I like everything about my policy. The people are nice, it is easy to make changes and updates to my policy whenever I need to, no questions asked, renters added for the kids apartments, etc. Easy to work with the people, quick service. Good documentation and paperwork is not overwhelming. Had a home inspection to ensure I was paying the proper amount without overpaying or underpaying.
Perfect customer service and support in their local office. They make it very easy to do business and to continue to do business. The agents are very tolerant of multiple questions, not just the direct ones but the ramifications of those decisions and in forward-looking conditions and the results of different scenarios.
My father drove his car into his house last Saturday. He has AAA insurance on his car and home. I have been handling all of the leg work. So far, my adjuster NEVER actually answers the phone and only checks his voicemail every OTHER day! My dad did structural damage to the house so we need a structural engineer to come out. This was supposed to happen Wednesday. Today is Saturday, no structural engineer in sight. My folks are still living in a hotel due to no water service in their house and the structural damage. No other adjuster will handle my case and mine is MIA!! I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!! Stay with your Top tier insurance!! You get what you pay for!!
I am contacting you today because I am very upset with how this situation has been handled and how it has impacted my family. It has put a strain on 86 year old senior citizen's quality of life and her caretaker's life. AAA has made this situation physically, mentally, and emotionally straining. This “small leak” isolated to two rooms has become a homeowner's nightmare to manage due to AAA’s lack of ability to manage their work. As stated in the plumbers report, there is absolutely no evidence of where the leak came from, but it is being falsely stated and believed that it came from a crack that was dye tested and said not leaking. I had to take it upon myself to push to get the inspector about replacing the shower. It is a good thing that I did push because the inspector agreed it absolutely needed to be replaced.The ** Family is physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted with the strain the lack of communication that has been going on since day one has caused. We started this claim on June 18th and we are almost at the three month mark and still are not close to being done. As a client of AAA, this situation has risen out of control and I will be seeking legal representation if this matter is not solved swiftly and if we are not provided a timeline for events to finish the work that needs to be completed. I will also be demanding that all costs be absorbed by AAA for negligence and for the inconvenience of getting us back into our family home. This weekend after seeing the pain and suffering that our family has sustained after being placed out of our home for a few months has pushed me to advise AAA that enough is enough.I have even tried to speed up the process by asking BMS to not replace the carpet/flooring in hopes of getting us back into the home faster I should not have to do this. I am doing this to get my family back to a quality of life in the comfort of their own home. In the last email chain, I gave the go ahead on August 3rd, to which it was obvious that no one had a clue of what has been going on or how long we have been out of our home. The worst part, is that the contractor doesn’t even realize that there is a time frame in which the work needs to be completed. AAA should be dictating this to the companies they are working with. This was the reason I chose to use your vendor so issues would be minimized. I have forwarded Jamie ** my out of pocket I took in the beginning as requested for reimbursed.
I had auto and home insurance with AA two years. I just terminated now because they had a cheating business to customer. I reported hail damage on roof in 9/2014. The AAA claims unit sent two adjusters to my house. They picked up the damages incompletely and selectively. Want to make cost of repair just less than deductible. I complained after receiving the estimate. Then AAA sent an engineer out inspected again and found some hail damages that the adjusters did not select in. But the claim unit manager said all the damages the engineer verified are included on the estimate. How included? Some damages did not pick up when wrote the estimate. Did the estimate include found damage and un-found damage? They are cheating. I contacted with them more than 4 months. The claim unit manager won't figure out the issue. Said you are done. I had to bring my claim to AAA President in MO to fix. No credit to the team.
I like that my homeowners insurance is the same company as my auto insurance, so it makes for a discount of course. The homeowners insurance policy that I have, only involves the interior of my home, because I live in a condominium. My homeowners insurance should cover water damage done to any part of your home/condominium though. Meaning upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside of your house/home/condominium.
My husband did a lot of research and talked with lot of agents to make sure we had good coverage for a good price. Home value amount they make you get coverage for seemed a little high though. Ex: To replace our house was $300k. We can't get that if we sold it. If we lost our home they wouldn't need to replace the foundation. But this is the best coverage for the price and the agent was really nice and knowledgeable.
AAA goes up every year so much and it is ridiculous. Service is great but cost out of control. You can go to the locations which are close to home and all the people that work there are extremely helpful and friendly.
We had some SEVERE storms in our area, and called AAA when our roof began to leak, and ruin our ceiling. We called AAA and got them out as soon as possible considering we had several more storms on the way. I took off work to meet with the guy coming to inspect the roof, who said there was damage and he would be writing the report stating that the roof needed replaced due to damage, and that we would receive a letter with a check to help with the damages. A week later another adjuster called and stated that the photos that were taken were not clear and he needed to come out and look at it. Then four days later and two more rainy nights he calls to tell us that our insurance is not going to cover any of the damage, and that the issues with our roof are due to "installation".
We hired painters that came highly recommended. I considered them reputable and trust worthy after the recommendation they were given. For the first three days the same 5 painters came to paint. On the fourth day one of the original painters did not return. Two weeks following we went to pack for a vacation. My $10,000 opal, $4000 diamond necklace and one diamond earring were missing. I knew exactly the last date I had worn my Opal, as it was for a family party. I remember taking the necklace off, as I was able to undo the clasp on the first try. A very rare occasion. I called the State Police to file a report. The Trooper was very sure he knew what had happened to the jewelry. I sent an email to my AAA Agent outlining the story and gave her the report number from the State Police.I was advised by email by our AAA agent, "You have a $1000.00 deductible. You have a total of $2500.00 for theft of jewelry. What is the value of that jewelry? If it isn't too much, ( over 1000.00) I would not even file the claim, because you will automatically get a $2500.00 deductible at renewal and your insurance will increase". I had a current Appraisal on the jewelry, but that doesn't apply even for theft. If you loose your jewelry, you have nothing. When I emailed her the price of just the opal, her email reply was, "Oh my, I'm sorry". I only wish I knew everything I needed to purchase to have home owners insurance, flood riders, jewelry riders, why aren't we advised about these little extras that are needed to truly have home owners insurance? I don't know what questions to ask to make sure everything is covered under a home owners policy. Make sure you ask about everything when purchasing a home owners policy.....if you know what "everything" is.
They have always been very helpful and made sure everything was done to our satisfaction. We have nothing but good things to say about them. Their suppliers have always done a great job.
We were sent a letter saying that our PPC changed and would affect our rate, then we got our new premium and it had gone from 1650 to 3350. We were longtime customers with AAA but have now changed. Here is a copy of the final email sent to one of their supervisors that claimed to have sent me a screenshot of our ISO rating. The email had no screen shot and this is my reply:FYI, the screenshot was not in your email, and I did not see any attachment either. AAA has lost a long-time customer not only because of a beyond unreasonable rate hike, but also because we were told so many different reasons for the increase. I was told that our dwelling amount had increased because of construction material cost increase. Although when I pointed out that there had been greater increases in previous years with an actual decrease in our premium, AAA had no answer. I was told that "maybe there are fewer employees at the fire station." I was told that "we got your premium wrong for all the past years." SERIOUSLY? My husband was told by your rep Christy ** that our rate was increased because we are more than 10 miles from a fire station.When I called and told a different rep that we were 7.2 miles from the fire station, she said that our rate was increased because we were more than 5 miles from a fire station, but I could go get a letter from the fire station and submit it to AAA. (What good would this do if AAA changes their rules on mileage depending on who we talk to?) I was told that our PPC rating had changed to a 10, but AAA wouldn't have any actual documentation for that - I asked how they came about the knowledge… Word of mouth? I was told that AAA had documentation but only the underwriters had it. And lastly, I was told that your email had a screenshot of the ISO rating on our property, but it is mysteriously missing from the email. Why am I somehow not surprised? It is my understanding now, through different sources, that our property has been a 10 and did not change to a 10.If AAA has decided that rural properties that are beyond 5 miles from a fire station are too high risk they should have had the integrity to call us and say so. We may have still kept our auto through AAA. But instead, AAA just sent a letter saying our PPC has changed - which it has not. According to your own people, you made the error for THE LAST 5 YEARS. So if THAT is true, how come you sent this letter saying the PPC had changed? If the PPC changing was the truth, then how can AAA say they made an error? It can't be both now, can it? Even with a rating of 10, an increase over 100% to the new premium quoted is out of line with the rest of the market. Shame on you AAA. Another carrier has been glad to take our business with better coverage and less cost on both home and auto. You will be receiving our cancellation letter.P.S. Here's a tip for the supervisor Alice, telling a customer "thank you for your patience and understanding" when that customer is frustrated and angry, is only patronizing and disingenuous.
They have better prices and better discounts with a more complete insurance policy covering more things with fewer things being disallowed in the policy (dog breeds etc) without having an additional fee to have them. Plus, we don't have a lot of things be disallowed out of hand for strange reasons like pets, vehicles etc and their discounts are great because of the breadth of affiliations you can have (good student, military discount, where you graduated college etc). But they should have the policy be reviewable as a normal policy yearly to ensure that your ongoing needs are being met instead of just letting them roll over year by year without considering changes.
I had a roof damage claim that was handled by the independent adjuster provided in a fair and reasonable manner. I hired the Contractor I wanted to use for the repairs and the Contractor was reimbursed exactly as the coverage called for. I would use AAA again next property I own.
I was in the process of purchasing my first home. Extremely excited about my investment. I contacted AAA to get a quote because my soon to be Mortgage company would need this for the financing. Got a great quote and even quoted me great car insurance. So as most of you know you have a home inspection done if you are responsible before you buy a home right??? Well I did that and the roof on the home was 5 years old. It was in very good condition. He did note that some granules were washed away on 3 shingles but other than that there was no damage to the fiberglass of the shingles.I closed on the home on April 14th 2015. On April 18th granted we had a hail storm but it was dime size and I did not see any damage, then on April 29th we had another hail storm - quarter size hail. I again checked my roof. On May 8th AAA sent out a inspector to view the roof just because they were my insurance company. Then on 6/1/15 I was informed by AAA that my Home owners policy will be canceled on 9/1/15 unless I get a new roof. I paid them for an entire year!!! I had the home inspector (from the pre-sale of the home) come back because maybe I missed something. He checked the roof again and found no damage. He advised me that the photos that AAA took were of missing granules and not of hail damage. He also went as far to say this is a manufacturer defect and normal on fiberglass shingles.So now I am angry because I have no insurance on my roof and I can't afford to put a new one on myself. So much for having insurance!!! They claim it was the underwriters that sent the roof inspector but it feels fishy since the only part of the home that he inspected was the roof!!! I have the photos he took to prove it. They do insure more than just my roof right? I think this is bait and switch. Well I'll do what I can then I will find another insurance company because this is not the way anyone does business and stays in business. AAA stick to towing.
I had auto and home insurance with AAA but I just terminated all when all was up for renewal. Premium for next term is suddenly doubled. Home insurance premium increased from $973/year to $2166/year. Auto insurance premium increased from $700/year to $1800/year. For both, not even a claim since I purchased the policy in 2009. It is absolutely absurd. Their reason to boot up premium is because my credit score. I know for sure that I am having good credit report because I just closed my mortgage loan. I think if you have not filed any claim in the last five years, then you have very high chance to file a claim in the next year or so. That is why they try to dump you first.
My agent was Chris ** in the Thornwood AAA office for decades, in the beginning he was very responsive and very accurate with all aspects of our transactions. He even responded and conducted a lot of our business via email. Things were great up until about 4 years ago for some reason. I had always recommended AAA to my friends and family until then. About 4 years ago things changed drastically not only with Chris but also with the offices and its personnel. His responses became less consistent by email up to days, then weeks then so long that I ended up having to call to reach him at all. Then even calling I was unable to reach him and left voicemails to him and his assistant. This went on for about 4 years and only got worse. The last straw was when I NEEDED to make sure my homeowners coverage was still current and was not able to reach him or anyone who would help me at ALL. I called the office that he had been in Thornwood but they said he had moved I believe to the Capital office. I complained about the lack of responsiveness to the manager at the time who was there, but she was not interesting in dealing with the issues and said that I need to talk to him directly to clear things up, not even a sorry to hear about your experience. So I called that office but he wasn't there AGAIN. I was transferred to someone who they said was his assistant (not sure if it was just for that day) a female at the time but she also was not interested at all in my obvious description of 'very poor service' and in fact responded quite shockingly "So what do you want me to do about this?". Are you kidding me? If a customer complains that they can't get anyone to return their call or get status on their policies, wouldn't you think a more professional and compassionate response would be, "I am so very sorry to heard about your troubles, let me see if we can't straighten this out for you now. Let me ask you some questions. I might not be able to straighten things out for you, but we will get the ball rolling", or something like that. I tried a few more minutes with her but I could tell she was not interested in assisting me, so I asked for the manager but got a supervisor instead. A female who after I calmly explained about my original issue with Chris and the new problems with his assistants lack of interest in providing friendly customer service I got a similar response from her initially. She was not interested in helping me with my policies and she did not acknowledge that there was a issue with the staff at all at first. She referred me to the 800 number if I needed to clear things up right away, that was it! I asked her "are you at all concerned about the customer service issues I just mentioned?". She halfheartedly acknowledged by saying "yes, and what would you like me to do?" OMG seriously, this now seemed like a systemic issue with minimal or no customer service training. I asked if I could speak to the manager, she said he would be in tomorrow BUT then she started apologizing and became more open to listening to my issues, but I was done at that point. I asked if she could have the manager of this office give me a call. She said very politely 'yes, absolutely I will let him know and have him call you as soon as he comes in'. Can you guess what happens next... Yes of course, no one called. I call the 800 number that day and cancelled all 5 of my policies that day! (2 cars, 1 rental, 1 home, 1 earthquake). I was really shocked I have been with AAA for over 30 years and they used to have the very best people and service. Not sure what has happened in that last 4 years but they ** suck now.
My family has used various AAA services for generations. They are a well-known company. I trust them to give me the best deal and come through with their service. But I wish I would receive fewer mailings from my AAA homeowners policy. I just want a quarterly (if possible) statement and I can view everything else online. Other than that, AAA is a brand I've relied on since I got my license at 16, and they have never let me down.
Three weeks ago, I filled out a form on the internet for insurance quotes on my home. I was contacted by an agent in my area for AAA and when I gave him the information on my home, he came back with a quote of $657 a year, and had the dwelling at $157,000 and personal property at $94,000. I told him that was agreeable, as the houses in my neighborhood are selling for $80,000, where they were going for $130,000 five years ago. He sent me the paperwork for that amount to sign and send back to him, which I did. AAA requires that you give them your bank account number, so they can draw the premiums directly out of your account.So on the day that my policy was supposed to start, they withdrew the agreed upon amount out of my account, for the first three months of the policy coverage. The agent told me that within 10 days, I would get all of the paperwork on my policy. Last Friday, I got those papers and was outraged when I read them. No one ever came out to look at my home. They just required that I take a picture of the front and back of my house and send it to them. Evidently, some underwriter decided that by those pictures, my house was suddenly raised to $274,000 for the dwelling and added on an additional $27,403 for other structures on my property, which do not exist, as I have no other structures on my property. So I have no clue what pictures they were looking at.They also upped the contents to $164,000. It all added up to my premium now being upped to $979 a year, with a $1,000 deductible, which is more than three times what my house is worth. I immediately called this so-called agent, and tried telling him about the bill that I just received, and how totally wrong it was. I couldn't even get a sentence out before he cut me off and told me to shut up. I was appalled to be talked to this way, when I had every right to be angry and questioning this man as to what was going on. I tried telling him that this was unacceptable, and he hung up on me. I then tried calling the company headquarters, and was told by them that I had to handle this problem through my agent, which of course I knew by then was going to be impossible, since he was such a rude and unprofessional person.I tried calling him back, and got his voicemail, so I left a message telling him that I, or anyone else in my position, had every right to be upset; and that since they had my bank account number, I was upset that they could just deduct the added amount they now said that I owed, even though the underwriter had clearly screwed up so badly; and that I was advising him that I did not give my consent for them to deduct one more dime from my account, as I would be looking for insurance elsewhere. A while later, I got a call back from this rude, boorish man stating that he refused to listen to my entire message, and that I should just call him when I had other insurance and he would cancel my account with AAA, and then he hung up on me again.I am 55 years old, and have been a homeowner for 30 years, and have never been treated so badly, or so unprofessionally with any other insurance company or its so-called agents in my life. This so-called agent, whose name is James **, and is based in Lee's Summit, Missouri, was as nice and sweet as he could be to get my business, but once he had it, and his company clearly screwed up royally on my policy, he became nothing but rude and condescending to me. He basically told me that I had no right to question what was going on. He is the epitome of the smarmy used car salesman, who sells you a lemon and knows it, and then laughs in your face when it breaks down, and tells you that he will do nothing about it.I guess I am lucky that I found out how bad this company is before I had to make a claim with them on damage to my home. But I am still angry that I wasted all this time on this horrible and unprofessional company. They should stick to being an auto club membership company, and get out of the insurance business, as they totally suck. Stay as far away from this company as you can get, and if you do get scammed by them, as I did, then check your state insurance dept. about making a complaint against them. I did here in Missouri, and was told by the woman that I talked to that there was definitely something wrong with how I was treated by this unscrupulous company.They will now have 20 days to respond to my formal complaint with the state, but I am sure that they will lie and find some way to blame me for it, even though I was the one who did everything that was requested of me, and they got my money, only to then try and get away with what I see is fraud - plain and simple.
I like having the security and peace of mind in case of an emergency. I compared AAA with other companies and they offered the best price for the same coverage. I was able to get the exact coverage that left me feeling protected and get the exact deductible that I felt comfortable to handle in the event that an emergency arises. I was also able to get the coverages that my mortgage company required to be able to secure a mortgage at a fair price. However, I wish that a company would devise a way for the deductible to disappear over time as no claims are filed until it gets to zero.
At the time I was looking for auto and home owners insurance AAA's rates were the best around. I like that I can combine multiple and different insurance policies in one place. I also liked the idea of their roadside policy and how you can handle your payments online for all policies. But now it seems like they are more expensive than others. My home owners insurance has almost doubled. Would have been nice for someone to contact me to find more ways to reduce it but I don't hear from my agent, if I still have one.
The rate I am paying AAA is reasonable for home and auto insurance. I like saving money and I like that I received a discount when bundling my auto and house insurance with this company. I was with AAA in the past but had switched many years ago. I will continue to choose this insurance company year after year if the rate continues. I love it.
Got a quote from AAA for my homeowner's insurance boxed with my car insurance. Both seemed reasonable. Ahhh... but wait... Then AAA wants to send a "photographer" to take pictures of the house to verify. OH YEAH. So I've owned homes for 17 years and not once has that ever been requested. My home was $187,000 to purchase 2 years ago and built in the 90's. New homes are for sale near mine in a nicer area 50% larger for about $250k to 260K. After this yahoo takes photos, AAA comes back and says my home is a substantial upgrade with an attached garage (which I already told them) and would be $330k to replace!!! 330,000!!! In my area, that would get you a mansion. A new mansion!! I argued with them telling them they were way WAY WAY OFF on their estimates. They played the blame game and blamed their underwriter which I know was total BS. I told them to look at new builds online and they can get an idea of what my home would cost. They refused. This was a bait and switch and they sent me an additional premium bill for about 40% more than I already paid. What a con they are running! Smart and manipulative and probably not even illegal. It worked out to even higher than I was paying before I switched. Just beware. I'm not the only one who had this problem with them. This is a standard maneuver for AAA when they bundle. Their price for a new build was $300/sq foot on a slab already in place. Ludicrous!!! RUN FROM AAA HOME INSURANCE! RUN LIKE THE WIND!!
I just switched to AAA a few months ago for both auto and home. I have had to jump through hoops for the homeowners. I was sent a list of things that needed to be done to my home - trampoline removed (understood), soot around pipe from pellet stove removed (fire hazard?), and my house painted (exposed?). They also wanted to know if my pellet stove was "home made". I didn't know there was such a thing. Anyway, I told them I would address the things over the summer and never received any additional correspondence so I assumed that time frame was satisfactory.This morning I opened my mail to find a "refund check" for cancellation of policy and no further information. I had no idea what is what or which policy (home, auto, or both). After I called the number, and also received a return email from my contact, I discover it was canceled due to the trampoline and soot. I never received any notice - even though I was told a letter from the underwriter was sent in May. I have had no insurance since July 2. I am livid. All the items had been taken care of, I just didn't think to send pictures since I really didn't think it was a rush since they didn't reply to my email saying it would all be done over the summer. I have been waiting for 6 hours for a return call from a manager. I have no choice at this point but to re-instate through them (effective tomorrow) but I plan to find another company.After reading these reviews, and what I have just experienced I can only imagine the kind of coverage they provide, and it is not a company I want to deal with. They were roughly $300 a year cheaper than the company I had for the last 13 years, but you know the saying "you get what you pay for". I would not recommend this company to anyone. And my contact, who was initially very helpful and polite before I switched over, suddenly had an attitude with me anytime I had questions. Live and learn.
I went with AAA Homeowners Insurance since I've had good luck with automobile and road side assistance. After one year, the renewal fee doubled. The explanation was that I lived more than 5 miles from the fire station and was given the highest class possible. Going around with the agent, I was told it was classified wrong by the underwriter. 6 months later and numerous phone calls, nothing has been changed or corrected. No reimbursement as I would be told would happen.After contacting the fire station myself, I'm still classified as the sp 10 by AAA, instead of the 8 as told by the fire station. I'm dropping them needless to say. Don't waste your time with these people.
In early August, I had a severe overnight slab leak in my home. By the next morning, my plumber and a leak detection service had repaired the damage and rerouted the faulty pipe. 2-3 weeks later, the tiles on my lanai began lifting up from below. The lead had been in my living room, twelve feet from the lanai where the tiles were lifting. I called AAA to report the slab leak and the related damage. They sent someone to assess the situation. The lanai tiles were laid six years ago and we have never had a problem. It seemed obvious that the slab leak had precipitated the lifting of the tiles. Now an assessor visit, several phone calls to our original AAA representative, the claim representative, a division supervisor and visits from now two engineering firms, we still do not have a deliberation. The tiles on our lanai are dangerous, bulging and cracking when walked upon. This is 3 months later.AAA is telling us that the damage is due to the mortar used to install the tile flooring becoming de-bonded from the concrete slab and that the tile was installed adjacent to the hard stops (i.e. walls). No final deliberation has been made, but they have weaseled out of paying for anything thus far. Obviously, tiles lifting up following a bad slab leak are related to the leak. We signed on with AAA because of their excellent record with car service. Unfortunately, their insurance business is sorely lacking in integrity and honesty. If they will not come to bat for us in such an obvious and minor instance of damage, heaven help us if a hurricane hits! No one has given us an ounce of support or real listening. I discourage anyone from signing on with this inferior and despicable company.
We have had a few claims and the claim department handled them in a timely manner. Our agent gets back to us either the same day or within twenty four hours.
On March 23, 2011, we had a tornado rip through Westmoreland Co, Pa. The town I live in had severe wind and hail damage. My house, porch, and garage roof were all damaged, as were all the other homes in my neighborhood. Well, apparently, I am the only one with AAA home owner insurance. Everyone on the 6 streets in my small town had their roofs replaced by their insurance companies. Well, not mine. I have been treated terrible, like a thief, like I wanted some thing I was not entitled to. It was just awful. They sent an inspector who they pay off to state. There was very little damage and that's it. Once they send him out, you have no recourse to get another estimate. His word is the only word they go by. Do not purchase their insurance--it's like having nothing!
Had a huge rainstorm, with hail, lots of damage. Our AAA homeowners adjuster came out to view our damage and claimed the only thing damage was our fence, the hail missed our roof. Cough cough, imagine that.
Had a house fire on July 18th due to spontaneous combustion of linseed oiled rags. Total loss - everything gone. None of us were at the time. AAA adjuster started off pretty cool, until their independent adjuster deemed everything a total loss in excess of $150000. Right away we became the enemy. They immediately put it under investigation and won't let us near the house. Our adjuster threatened to cancel my ALE if I proceeded with estimates and proof of loss. They have instructed our local agent not to speak to us. They also sent an email stating that they won't authorize us to do proof of loss until their investigation is completed. What part of no one was home do they not understand? We provided recorded statements and authorized releases for our records. I have also caught our desk adjuster in several lies. At this point, it's time for a lawyer and a call to the department of insurance!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM AAA!!!!!
My premium went from $1920.00 up to $3179.00. No changes, no claims in over 15 years. How can they justify this increase? Illinois South Suburbs - I qualified for a Home Affordable Mortgage 3 years ago. Now all that savings is going to the insurance premium.
On 4/12/14 our area was hit by a severe hailstorm. Golf ball sized chunks dented siding, trees, damaged cars, etc. My nightmarish odyssey with AAA started when I called them about a week after. Their adjuster came out, inspected for hours, and recommended full replacement. AAA didn't like that opinion, so hired an engineering firm. Big surprise when the engineering firm rendered the opinion that AAA paid for--partial repair. The estimate from AAA was pathetic. Not even according to standard roofing guidelines. If you're going to repair my roof, that's fine, but pay to have it done right. Did I mention that at least TWENTY of my neighbors have new roofs? And that this nightmare has been made worse by a lot of non-returning of phone calls, foot dragging, etc. A week ago I was told another adjuster would call me in a couple of days to schedule an appointment to come out and look at my roof. Guess what? Never called. Never returned my roofer's call. Now I'm told, "Oh no, he's not coming out. Just looking over reports." Their opinion is that my cedar shake roof is 18 years old and that the age of the roof exacerbated the storm damage. Problem is that I've been paying full premiums on this 18 year old roof. I'm sure premiums that were based on its age. Now they're using that against me. And NOW they have a new program that if you have an older roof and want to save money you can insure for its depreciated value. Problem is I was paying the full load. They want it both ways. Almost five months later and I am NOWHERE with these people.
I had a house fire on September 18th. My adjuster left major things off my scope. I have broken windows from the fire department that are to be "cleaned" not replaced, sheet rock cracked and falling that he wants cleaned and painted, I could go on and on with problems with our scope. It was almost 2 weeks before we got an adjuster to our house and now they won't return my phone calls after messages left. We still are without clothes due to them having to be sent back to be cleaned 3 times and continue to smell like smoke but AAA refuses to give us the go ahead to replace. Meanwhile I have 3 children at home. They have been an absolute nightmare to deal with. We have never had a homeowner's claim until now and today receive notice they are raising our insurance $1300. I would not recommend AAA to anyone.
I put out requests to 3 other insurance companies this year to get competitive quotes and everyone was more expensive but one that was marginally less so I am staying with AAA Homeowners Insurance for at least another year.
I have had AAA auto and home insurance for 10 years. I had filed a small claim back in 2008 for my basement and basically received around 1,500 payout. There was wind damage back in November 2015 where my roof tiles were flying off along with many of my neighbors roof tiles. I saw that there were adjusters in the area so I decided to file a claim with them. It took the insurance company about 3 months to send someone to my house because they kept saying the weather did not allow them due to snow/ice. Meanwhile birds decided to make a home between my gutters/fascia. When they finally came out the adjuster noted all of the damage and told me this would definitely be covered. Also shingles came off of my garage, gutters were loose, and blew a section of my fence down.After a month or so of chasing AAA they send a forensic engineer to study my roof and take thousands of pictures. Well this didn't seem right to me from the start and I asked him why was he there if the adjuster already went, he just said this was their process. I knew in the back of my mind that from him coming out to my property that AAA would rather pay an engineering company thousands of dollars to avoid paying for my damage to my roof, garage, gutters, and fence. Because that's exactly what they did. They told my public adjuster that the engineering report said the material and installation was faulty and they would not cover me. Imagine that after they gave my adjuster the runaround saying why was I using an adjuster when I could have filed my own claim it seemed they did not even want to work with him from the start.This is the worst insurance company ever and I filed a claim with the Illinois department of insurance and I am waiting for an outcome. Isn't there a law that says they cannot tell me it's covered and then take that back later. This seems very unfair and unjust and I am definitely switching to Allstate or State Farm. These seem to be the better companies.
The price is right, coverage is good, and the customer service is great. I never have any problems when I call with a question. I was able to bundle my auto and house for much less than other insurance companies, plus it's even less due to extra vehicles that we own.
On April 21, 2016, I experienced a water leak that caused damage to my bottom cabinets and floor. The process started pretty good. The adjuster came out assessed the damage. The lady who was working on my claim seem to be pleasant and professional. I was going to use their recommended contractors until everything started going a mess. First they bring me cabinets that doesn't match and then they tell me it wasn't enough to replace my granite floors, that I can only get floors that cost $5.00 square footage. Once I seen how they were trying to go about it I didn't want to use them. I informed my claims adjuster of the situation and she informed me that she can send me the check to rebuild but it's only for the amount that was estimated and it would be 7-14 to receive the check and it did take that long. As of today I am still without use of a kitchen. I had to buy food for us to eat everyday because we can't cook. I'm told that they can only give me 23.47 after I have spent over 600.00 in food and I paid my neighbor to use her kitchen a few times because my family and I do not have one.
AAA Homeowners Insurance was included as part of my mortgage plan through a third party lender. The company itself is okay and they are fairly easy to get in contact with and act swiftly should there be an issue with the home. The last time I filed a claim, an adjuster was out quickly and on my schedule. I've had a good experience. But the policy appears to be a bit dynamic in the fact that the rules of it tend to change and there is no grandfathering. I filed a claim a few years back in regards to something that was covered previously only to find out that it was no longer covered.
A few years ago we got a mailer that sounded interesting. It was a promotional flyer to get a gift card from Target. AAA Homeowners also advertised on TV and I liked the commercials. AAA has a lot to offer. We had heard good things about them. It also insures our cars so it's easy to deal with them for all those various things. I can make payments to only one company. I am happy with their service although I've never made a claim.
I have been using AAA for almost 15 years and has no problems with its services because I had not made any claim. However, when a big oak tree fell destroyed my deck, I realize it is extremely to deal with their adjuster. First, they don't want to accept any proof from me such as policy report, then they question me whether the foundation damage was from the tree fall. Second, they did very lousy estimates while avoid asking me anything was missing, leaving two big items over $2k off (my fountain and patio furniture). Worse of all, the foundation of the deck is broken as the deck is shaking. They didn't want to pay anything. Then, they asked me to show the proof so my contractor took a pic. It took them 2 months to come back to revisit the foundation damage. The contractor gave an estimate which was about average among several I compared. AAA didn't want to honor his price quota. They twisted numbers by paying a little more on deck but less no tree removal. The ridiculous thing is they agreed on the amount I had already paid out on tree removal. After all these happen, they put little fine small font to exclude/include things in order not to pay the amount my contractor asked for. Very inconsistent, try to force me into an agreement which I can't accept.
Had a partial loss fire on February 8, 2016, and at first the AAA adjuster appeared to be very competent and willing to get us back on our feet. I realize now that they were leading us down the path to slaughter. Their repair estimate includes a sponge wipe and repainting of most of the walls, then ozone treated. For some unknown reason, AAA considers this a thorough job. I had to hire my own experts who are all saying that the house needs to be gutted and rebuilt. Also, after requiring us to try to clean our personal property, it's coming back looking like hell. Now, AAA is refusing to pay us to replace it. Everything still smells like smoke and our adjuster simply pushes the issue off on the contractors (they're crooks too). Their actions are putting the health of my family at risk. Horrible company and horrible experience. As soon as the lawyers are done, my business is going elsewhere. NEVER USE AAA!!!
In August I had a leak in my ceiling. I had concerns it might be a roof leak because of a recent rain. I called AAA to inquire about the need for a claim. I spoke to an adjuster named Lucas **, who gave me a restoration # and told me to call. It was never my understanding that it was my financial responsibility. I had Farmers Insurance previously (who I will gladly go back to) and reported a similar problem (both AC issues). Farmers deployed an adjuster who gave me the option to pursue action. AAA is a call center and lets you deal it! I received a $317 bill from the water restoration co. for doing nothing but locating the leak. Even they said that they've never had an insurance company put the bill on the client. I paid an AC company to repair the leak and no serious damage was done ($150). Lucas was condescending, loud and direct on the phone, defensive and quite unprofessional. I was not angry when I called but furious when I hung up. Absolute disappointment and will not refer anyone to this company. They should stick to roadside assistance. Farmers will appreciate my business again.
After stumbling upon this site and seeing the reviews regarding AAA Homeowners I felt compelled to share our story. We have been AAA customers for over 30 years. We suffered a storm in our area a couple of years ago where we have a second home. This storm caused numerous trees (well over 50 mature oak trees) to come down on the property but resulting in no damage to the structure or any vehicles. We had no access to or from the property and requested help from AAA. They sent out an adjuster who felt that there was 10K in damages and sent up a local tree company to assist with tree removal.Four months later we receive our new premium which was increased over 60%!! When inquiring about this AAA stated that an increase WAS justified because a claim had been filed!! WTF!! They also went on to state that we were now on "probation" for three years and any future claims may result in the policy being cancelled! Needless to say we "cancelled" them and found a reputable insurance company to insure the property that was the same amount to what we were paying before the increase. Lesson learned - DON'T file a claim unless it is catastrophic AND shop around. I think when I pay off my house I will not carry insurance and take the risk!!
5 months since our kitchen flooded. Mismanaged by the company AAA sent out. Their company said kitchen dry but expensive wood floors in dining room and living room needed replacing. They only dried garage. They came out again 3+ weeks later as black mold was present on cabinets. People in house became ill due to mold. 2 months after flood kitchen still had standing water under floors and cabinets. Going on 5 months, still waiting for settlement. The only time they call is if you call corporate office. They make adjuster call back and then they want more paperwork or information.
I've been a customer of AAA for over a decade. I have always been happy with their service until now. During the recent California storm, a giant tree fell on our house, fences down, water damage in house, etc. etc. Three weeks later and there is still a giant tree on my house. Even after a second adjuster came out and provided AAA with an estimate to remove the tree - even after we garnered several estimates to have the tree removed by professionals, the best I get is a very rude woman in Oklahoma named Courtney ** that says the estimates seem high to her. (They are her own adjuster's estimates.)I cannot get a call back from my actual adjuster. I'm just getting the runaround from people in the Catastrophe department who are trying to nickel and dime us. They are extremely rude, unintelligent, and de-humanizing. I've got a hole in my house and water damage right under the hole. They insist that this water damage is caused by "seeping" in the foundation - even though they are looking at pictures of a hole right above the water damage. The best I get in response from Mr. Ty ** is "we're going to have to agree to disagree."This is an absolute nightmare. I have no idea what happened to the AAA that used to be. We pay for homeowners insurance for a reason, and have been willing to pay AAA a little more than other companies because of the great customer service they have always provided. But that customer service is no more. We are absolutely going to be going with another company as soon as this is wrapped up.
All AAA WAS INTERESTED IN WAS CLOSING MY CLAIM. No structural inspection, no electrical inspections & no household damage evaluation was performed. No assistant for evaluating damage occurred on items in the fire areas as well as those surrounding. When asked about furniture (possible carcinogens) in the area that include a sleeper sofa was told likely it was cleaned.
Do not use AAA for homeowner's insurance! I had a massive leak under my kitchen sink that caused a lot of damage. The adjuster from AAA said that it was my responsibility. After 17 years without a claim they deny me when I needed them the most. Useless company that tries to get out of paying any claims. Look up all the complaints made to ConsumerAffairs. They also raised my rates right after the claim was made even though there was no coverage. AAA reputation has seriously suffered for good reason.
I bought a house back in October. It was my first home and shopped around for homeowner’s insurance. A lot of people recommended AAA to me. They swore up and down by them. I was originally going to go with State Farm who does my car insurance, but I went with AAA. Big mistake. In November they took pictures of my house and I was given my policy. Towards the end of November I received an email from my AAA agent stating that underwriting required my roof to be inspected and fix or my insurance would be terminated. I was told that my roof looked in rough shape in the pictures and they were scared because of a storm Buffalo had just gotten. I live in PA closer to NJ. I got my appointment with a reputable roofing company in our area. The roof inspector came and didn't understand why he was there. It was explained to me that the roof look great for its age and required no repairs. I received a certified letter from the roofing company and emailed it to my AAA agent. A day later she comes back with new terms from the underwriter. According to the underwriters, it is still believed that my roof needs repairs. They gave me two options, either I raise my premium to $2500 or I have my roof inspected by an inspector they "KNOW and trust." Needless to say I am shopping for new insurance at the moment. I can't believe they have the right to change my policy like me on that after already giving me coverage. And not to mention that they are questioning the professionalism of a company who certified my roof.
About 3 weeks ago, we had a bad hailstorm in my area, damaged our home. According to the roofing contractor was about $12,000 which included some broken windows. However that claim was decline because is less than my deductible which about $2,000. Following up with claims service representative, she said they declined because there was a claim about 3 years ago due to storm damaged. Again claim was about $12000 but was paid only $5000 to fix the entire roof. There no roofing company that will fix the entire house, not even including my deductible of $2000 totaling $7000. The $5000 check they sent is not even enough for the half of the roof, so I used it to fix only 2 sides of backyard fence which fell down, just for 2 sides.
Here is a 100% accurate account of what is going on with my property claim; they drag their feet, then want to set up an "examination under oath" appointment after 2 months because they suspect fraud. My suggestion to all who are considering renters or homeowner's insurance through triple a. Save yourselves the agony, go with a reputable, tried, and true insurance agency!
After a tornado we were told NOT to repair ANYTHING until they told us. We would have been without any power and a HOLE in our roof since MID May --- check for their "settlement came" MID June a fraction of real costs of repairs (pennies on the dollars). Months later if we had not repaired it would not be done... horrid arrogant customer service. One adjuster refused to show ID or take roof shingle for report --- RUN from this company.
This company will not refused to mitigate wind-blown water damage into my home. They ordered my contractors not to mitigate massive water until the City condemned the home for toxic mold. Then, they would only allow repair after six weeks later. They expected 8 inches of water to evaporate. The water caused extensive toxic mold and I got mycotoxin poisoning. Water went under foundation, making foundation collapse. They ordered my contractor not to mitigate the foundation damage causing the foundation to collapse on the 11th week of after the named peril loss. The City condemned the house for foundation damage.AAA sent adjuster supervisor who tried to start a fistfight with the contractor. In addition, the supervisor claims there was never any water in the house in the first place, and continues to resist paying any claims, even though their first adjuster said the house was flooded, and I do not have flood insurance. His incompetence was that the flood water was from wind blown rain of which was cause by the wind blowing the flashing from around the chimney.AAA refuses to pay all of the claims for water damage, and drags their feet on payment and allowing my contractor to finish the water damage. I am going on almost four months with the house being unlivable. AAA will not address any of the issues, and is shorting the value of repair. For example, the custom paneling in my family room was destroyed by the water and subsequent extensive mold. The cost to repair is $18,000, but they insist on only reimbursing $1,000.They cheat and keep cost of repair to an absolute minimum of what the actual cost of repair, and will only allow the cheapest material being used, even though policy calls for "like and similar quality replacement." They are the most horrible people to deal, and they totally ignore all calls, communications, email. They just do not want to pay any legitimate claims or the consequential damages of their forced delays.
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