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AAA Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AAA
Year Founded: 1920
Address: 1000 Aaa Dr.
City: Heathrow
State/Province: FL
Postal Code: 32746
Country: United States
Phone: (407) 444-7000
Overall average rating of 2.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 25 %
AAA Auto Insurance has cheaper rates for same coverage as previous insurance, Liberty Mutual. Have only been with AAA for about a year, but representative was very helpful in getting me what I needed. Have called CS once and they too were very responsive and easy to contact. Still feel I pay too much for an 11-year-old car and no claims.
AAA has always been there for me. The company provides me with auto insurance, discount too, roadside assistance and travel planning. I really appreciate how responsive they are. I know that if I need them, they will be there for me. I have been a customer for over 20 years. I get fair rates on auto ins, and also get discounts on amusement parks, dining, hotels, car rentals and so much more.
I've never had problems with them in the years that my family has used them and they've always been cooperative and supportive in any issues we've had. I would definitely recommend them and my family would continue to use them for a good, long while.
My wife was waiting to pick someone up at Philadelphia airport when her battery went dead. She called AAA, but after more than an hour, no one had shown up. I finally had to grab jumper cables and drive an hour to get her started. Later they attributed it to "unusually cold weather." Um, isn't that what you have in WINTER???
While parked on the street, an AAA insured wrecked my car. I filed a claim immediately as this is my only means of transportation and I only have a liability insurance. Four weeks later, it remains unresolved. Despite AAA has already appraised it and considered a total loss, claims person and team leader continue to tell me that there is nothing they can do pending receipt of the police report. They refused to contact their member and 3rd party vendor to expedite it. I have been calling every week for update because I have to take the bus to work. Dealing with AAA claims is like going to DMV where employees does not use common sense and does not think outside the box.
The agents are always responsive in a timely manner, patient with my questions and are consistent about keeping me up to date on my insurance policy changes or updates. The prices are competitive and I believe the coverage is acceptable.
I am a good driver and very observant. If I was to make a claim they seem very responsive and easy to deal with. Cheap deductible. Good coverage, not over priced, deductible fair, easy to contact agent. Even glass coverage was reasonable. Always buy glass coverage, I learned that once the hard way. Left more money in my pocket and I felt safe having this insurance. Didn't have a reason to feel like they weren't going to pay out. And if I did have a crash that was my fault, deductible was low. Agent was helpful, didn't try over selling and since it AAA already got good road hazard included in would recommend this insurance to anyone who looking for a good buy.
I filed a claim with Triple A. I dealt with Sheena **, who was insolent and extremely rude on the telephone. I asked for her supervisor, David **. I voiced my experience with Sheena to no avail. Then, I spoke to David **, who assured me my claim would be mailed to me in a timely manner and that Sheena would take care of the matter. I was promised an extension on a car rental. Upon returning it, I was charged $283.50. I made an interoffice transfer of all paper work needed and it never got to them. I overnighted the original pink slip at $14.00. I faxed 7 pages of documents, 03/08/13, and I was promised that a check would be mailed to me on 3/8/13 to no avail. This passive aggressive behavior has me to have no recourse except to contact consumer affairs. I run my own business. If I ran it like this office in Valencia, Calif. ran it, I wouldn’t have any business. Please help me to get some timely results.
I was an AAA gold plus member for about two years until they cheat me for two months of services and $6. That is a lesson I have learned and I will tell my family members my experience with this AAA company. Watch out! They will try to cheat you whenever they can. That's their business operating model.
I was paying my monthly bill like I always do for the past eight years and in February, I received a check from AAA of $363.83. I was wondering why they had send it to me, so I called them and they told me it was money I had paid them for the past two months and that they had to cancel my auto insurance. I was really angry because they had never called me or told me anything. Their answer was for the past three months, I have been driving without an insurance. I couldn't believe it. I was dissatisfied and mad. They told me that if I want to have the coverage back, send back the check and they would put me back in the insurance as if nothing happened. But before they do that, they wanted to make sure I had no accidents with my cars. Since everything was clear, they added me back to the insurance. I asked the lady what if I had an accident without me knowing I had no insurance. Until now, they haven't done anything about it.
I can contact Shelby again. It's not a big deal. I think the misunderstood here because we did not speak in person, we only talked by phone. So there may be some missing in detail.overall, I still stayed with the company.
I have had insurance with AAA for 34 years. My husband & I had our house and 2 cars insured. I now have one car and my renter's insurance with them, as well as my long-term membership in their roadside assistance. I always thought they were wonderful and recommended them to everyone. Not anymore. I am now shopping for a new company. I had an accident that was absolutely not my fault. I obeyed the letter of the law and drove carefully. The other driver violated at least 2 laws and was careless. He could clearly see my vehicle, but came swinging rapidly around a corner into the oncoming lane, so that, if there had been traffic in that lane, he would have hit an approaching vehicle. He then started moving into the lane he should have turned into originally. Since I was already in that lane, he crashed into me. It was as if he couldn't see that my car was there, although I was somewhat ahead of him and he could have seen my vehicle from at least a half block away. He claimed that he had the right of way because he had turned left on a green arrow (which I doubt because of the timing), while I had made a right turn on a red light. The point was that I had observed all of the rules for "right on red" and had completed the turn and proceeded at least 2 car lengths, probably more like 3 or 4, moving down the side street slowly because of other things happening on the street, when he suddenly swung around the corner and smashed into me. I was not MAKING a right on red, coming out in front of him. I HAD MADE my right on red and was proceeding down the side street. Even if he had had the right of way, which he didn't, the law doesn't give him the right to crash his vehicle into another vehicle when he could easily have avoided it. His insurance company immediately sent a letter to AAA telling them that I was at fault and they would not pay any damages. I was amazed that AAA made no attempt to dispute this and defend me. I tried calling and writing to them. They were very slow to respond to my attempts to communicate. I wrote long letters, describing in detail what had happened and included diagrams of the area including the intersection and the position of the 2 vehicles on impact. I requested that they inspect the area, see for themselves the excellent visibility and the timing of the lights. Nothing did any good. Because I had made a right on red, even though it was perfectly legal, they assumed I must be in the wrong. There was no budging them. I was getting no responses from the claims adjuster, and she was not sending me things I had requested, like a transcript of my original (telephone) report of the accident and a copy of the investigation they had supposedly done (and which I doubt they ever did). Later I found out that the claims adjustor handling my claim had left the company. Apparently no one took it over. By the time I found all of this out, the new claims adjustor told me (quite rudely) the matter was closed and nothing was going to be done about it. She did, at my demand, send me the supposed transcript of my original telephone report. It was much shorter than it should have been, was missing things I know I told them, and made me sound like a gibbering idiot. That is not the way I speak. In one place, something I said was supposedly inaudible. If that had been true, why wouldn't the questioner have asked me to repeat what I had said? The whole thing stinks of fraud. After 34 years of being a loyal customer and a good driver, I would have expected better of AAA. I would have expected more courtesy, better service, an honest investigation of the accident, and for my company to defend me when I was in the right.I have a good driving record, with no moving violations in the entire 34 years I was with AAA. Apparently that counted for nothing. I just got my policy renewal offer. They had increased my premium by 55%! (Ironically, they still gave me my good driver discount at the same time they increased the premium by 55%!) Why would they want to get rid of me with this exorbitant premium? Maybe because I am 72 years old? Several people have told me that some of the auto insurance companies are doing their best to get rid of older drivers. Well, they are certainly getting rid of me! I'm just hoping that AAA's declaring me at fault in an accident when I wasn't doesn't make it harder and more expensive to get insurance elsewhere.
At first when I bought auto insurance with AAA I was debating whether it was the right decision. But now I know for sure that it was. They're very helpful with any problems I have. Once I was shopping and I was a victim in a hit and run. I had no idea what I would do and I thought it was helpless. But AAA was there for me and they helped me get through it. They're always there for you, always helping you. They also are very efficient and get to wherever you need them in a very short amount of time. There's no doubt in my mind that whoever else has AAA would be just as satisfied as me.
I was involved in an accident on 3/7/2017 when I was sideswiped by driver who fled the scene. The other party involved ran a red light to evade me, but fortunately I was able to get a photo of his/her license plate. I immediately reported the claim to AAA, as the damage seemed to be cosmetic only but was extensive. I received a call the next day from a AAA representative who took my statement on the accident and asked additional questions. He then stated that he would be sending me a claim acknowledgment that outlines my coverage and deductibles. He was friendly and helpful in answering what questions he could, but unfortunately, the majority of my questions were outside of his capacity and I would have to discuss with the owning adjuster. I took my car for an estimate on Friday, 3/10/2017. It took nearly a week for AAA to respond, at which point they attempted to deny a portion of the claim based solely on photos provided by the body shop. I had to call multiple times and insist quite assertively for them to send an appraiser to the body shop to assess the damage in person. After another week, they accepted the full claim and approved the estimate. Another issue I had was with the replacement of the car seats I had in the vehicle. I asked multiple times for clear instructions on how to get reimbursed for the car seat. One employee told me that I had to replace the seats with the exact make & model. My oldest is 5 and doesn't need a rear-facing convertible seat, and no one would confirm if they would reimburse me for a booster in lieu of the rear facing seat. Finally I got the "right" person by sheer luck who not only approved the reimbursement of my car seat replacement but also confirmed that my deductible was waived because I was able to provide the license plate # of the other vehicle involved.I finally received my repaired vehicle yesterday, 4/12/2017. To date, I have never once spoken to the "owning adjuster" who was assigned to my claim, despite leaving 5 voicemail messages and emailing him multiple times. Every time I called AAA to ask to speak with a claims supervisor, the person who answered the call would say over and over, "I'm happy to provide you with that information" then proceed to evade and attempt to redirect my questions. Never once was I actually given the opportunity to speak with a supervisor. I've been a AAA policy holder for nearly 20 years and this is the first claim I've filed. Needless to say, I'll be shopping my home and auto insurance come renewal.
I'm a person who's not let my insurance lapse and for over a year had my daughter on my AAA Auto policy. When she moved to California I was told she had to be on AAA in CA and the agent said he would take care of the California policy and get Texas transferred. In December AAA took some $945 out of my account and was charging me double! I was paying for her insurance in Texas AND in California. When I brought it to their attention they said there would be no refund and would apply the overpayment to my policy. My response, "In other words you just stole from me!" I have gone through at least 7 agents who've lied, not sent documentation by way of email as I requested and NOW... to add greater insult AAA California is charging me a fee to cancel because my daughter's policy is considered a new policy even though she's been with AAA for over a year. DO NOT USE AAA!
Your agent erroneously did not remove a car that was transferred onto my daughters AAA account. I called to rectify the situation. I was transferred to a manager and remained on the line an additional 15 minutes and then I was cut off. It took me 40 minutes and two phone calls to finally get to a manager. I am really upset with your companies lax in taking care of its billing and even more upset with the customer service in discussing this policy.
I can neither be happy nor can I recommend. Various coverage options are offered, where you can mix or match to get the coverage that is best for each particular situation. Basic or comprehensive options are available. The value offered is good in comparison with other insurance companies offerings. The rates are competitive and payment options as well are available.
Pretty satisfied with their service. Great employee service. Very helpful. Not that bad of prices. Covers a good amount of services. Unsure what to say really because I'm on my parent's insurance. Don't use their services that often. But when needed they are very helpful.
I have two cars and a home insured through AAA. In 2011 it cost around $600 to insure my 2001 old Ford truck which I drive less than 7000 miles a year. In 2017 it costs over $1000 for the same truck. I am almost 50 with no crashes. My other car is a 2012 Kia. It costs more to insure my two vehicles this year than the entire policy including my home in 2011. Obviously it's time to move on from these thieves.
My fiance & I financed a newer car. We had AAA in the past & was told we could keep our rates just switch over to other vehicle. Well. That was **. $361 later, per month. Yea no. Not affordable at least for us. Dustin, the man helping us... helping. Ha! At first he said we weren't allowed to cancel, then we found out it was because he didn't finish the process & was attempting to buy himself some time. We weren't active when we called to cancel being we did this on Friday & cancelled Monday morning. Here we are almost 10 days later & Dustin says we'll be getting a refund of only 131$... Hmmm. So. For 2 days of inactive service it costs over half of our initial payment? I'm not allowing this to happen. We needed that money as does everyone who cannot afford that amount per month. I am taking to whoever will listen. It wasn't personal, we just need something that fits our budget which is what he said the day we asked if we could do our old plan on the new car. They're crooks. How can you sleep knowing you're stealing from working class families? Who do not live off public assistance and work for every dollar. I need to know what in the ** costs over half of our initial payment and why we are only getting the 131. So now we cannot even use that to turn on our insurance with Progressive! Who is much more affordable for the very same ** insurance plan! AAA: Thanks. For making life that much more harder for us. You line your pockets with the dollars of ppl who legit need it. It’s sad. I'm pissed and I am not taking this laying down. All these ppl you've screwed over and nothing has been done?!
AAA has always been a company that provides good value. I had been a member of their roadside assistance for years. I decided to try their insurance. The quality and value matched their other services.
During my first call, I was bounced from department to department until I landed with a female insurance sales rep. I went through the process of signing up, but I share a bank account with my girlfriend and I was informed I needed her approval. Fine. I called the next night, ready to jump through all of the pointless hoops. After some further sales agent hot potato I landed with a gentleman and explained the ordeal. He told me I could not use my girlfriend's card. At this point I hung up, highly dissatisfied and ready to choose an actual COMPETENT company. However, I was billed twice by the company after I was told that I could not activate the account. Now they are claiming I owe them money when the last email I received from them stated my application was pending expiration. I called a third time tonight and calmly explained the problem and the man on the line went silent for over a minute. DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE.
Having received a promotional mailer, I sent a check to AAA for the required $52.00 fee. After approx 2-weeks I had not received my membership kit and AAA customer service. I was told there was an error in the computer indicating they had the wrong address. The rep "fixed" the error and claimed he would send out another package. Approx 3-weeks went by and again no package. Again contacting Customer Service I was once again told there was an incorrect address in the computer. However, this time I confirmed it was in fact correct. The rep assured me another package would go out and she "fixed" the error. I pressed the rep and asked why they can't get the membership package out to me and she gave me several excuses; the address is "flagged" as being incorrect, "whomever I spoke with before didn't correct the problem," and finally "the post office is to blame because they sent back the two previous packages." The debate became combative and I requested her Supervisor; He refused to take the call after demanding I speak with him twice. I then requested a full refund and was told AAA will send me a "prorated check" in the amount of $44.00. I wrote to the CEO and my letter was apparently ignored because they eventually did send me a prorated check in the amount of $44.00. I never received a response from his office with either an explanation or an apology for rude customer service where a supervisor refuses a call. How can one prorate something that was never received? (In my opinion, this a business practice that defies simple logic.) I asked that very question of the rep as well as the CEO and I stand firm on this issue because it's a matter of principle. The same goes for AAA's accusation that the USPS is "to blame." This address has been here since 1972. Further, why did the $44.00 prorated refund check arrive with the very same address they had in their computer from the beginning of this disturbing situation?
My husband was in an accident with a AAA insured individual. The individual was clearly at fault as he ran a stop sign and fully admitted at the scene that he did so. My husband had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the car on the passenger side doors (good thing as the guy's 10 yo daughter was in the passenger seat) and instead hit him on the rear bumper. This accident did a good deal of damage to our car but little to the AAA insured. As MD is a no fault state, the police were unable to cite him because there was no major property damage, loss of life or DUI. We tried for days to get someone at AAA to call us about a rental car but they kept telling us they would not cover anything until determination of fault was made. After a couple of phone calls to rude and uncaring service folks at AAA, and the lack of any movement by them, we went through our insurance to cover the repairs as we needed a car to drive!Well lo and behold, come to find out, if you are more than 1% at fault in the state of MD the person who hit you doesn't have to pay! So guess what, AAA says my husband is 10% at fault for the accident even though the other guy clearly ran the stop sign and admitted it. Our insurance company says my husband is not at fault at all. So bottom line, we have to pay our deductible and our insurance company has to take them to arbitration to try to recoup the funds. So, basically, we get to pay for the other guy's bad driving habits. It will take 3-4 months to resolve and we may never see a cent of our deductible.And still, no communication with AAA. Only a letter in the mail saying we were 10% at fault. I can't think of a better way to maximize your profits than making the person who was hit pay for their own repairs and then blaming them for it! I'm sure they will negotiate a lower cost and my insurance company will end up paying a portion of the repair even though we didn't have any fault. What a racket they have going. I would NEVER recommend this insurance company and I will never use AAA for anything again if this is how they make their money. I wish you luck if you are ever hit by a driver insured by them. Quite Possibly the Worst Insurance Experience Ever!
Great insurance company. Provides great services, and are always there when you need their services. They are also very reliable and helpful. The only complaint I have is that their prices and rates could be lower.
They help you all the way to the end. If you have a question about anything they are more than happy to talk to you. They are very good company. I love them. I have full coverage with a 500 deductible but I am very satisfied with them. It is awesome. Also the towing service is exceptional. They make it so easy for you to get your car towed. They show up super fast. They will even give you a ride home. It's very nice, convenient. It is very, very cheap. You also can use your Triple A card at many, many restaurants, movies, a lot of things. I would recommend anybody who loves great insurance go ahead and get Triple A. Every time I have needed to call them they were on the phone right away, answered all of my questions. They even showed me other plans if I wanted another car or anything. They are very helpful.
I got it to where I get 3 free tows if I need them from AAA, once the limit is reached then I have to pay for the towing service. But AAA is stingy, but covers claims to the extent that the AAA member won't have to worry about getting sued. AAA has saved me numerous times when my car wouldn't start, I encountered a couple of dangerous situations with a car that wouldn't start. They always came immediately if they were around, they also always notify or call me when they send someone to pick me up. Based on my experiences AAA saved me many times and did their job well without a hassle, almost perfect. They even called me and left me a voice mail to make sure that I was safe.
First, I've client of the AAA Auto insurance for about 10 years, and I always being please with the quality of services from this company. However, since the Supervisor **, in 1700 Auto Center Drive, Antioch, Ca. 94509, things started changing. Like for couple of times didn't take the insurance payment from direct payment so me and my friend were driving without insurance covering. Also, they wrote the wrong name in my car insurance policy as **, instead of **, as it is in my driving license. Actually, they're sending my mail to the wrong address, which is **, instead of sending my mail to my current address, which is **. I already spoke with the supervisor **, and they still sending my mail to the wrong address I mentioned above.
AAA Auto club does not supervise or properly train wrecker subcontractors. They do not require insurance to pay for your car damage when they wreck your car. Or your car falls off their wrecker, too bad. Simple care custody control coverage is all that is needed. Suggest you buy a plan with your Auto Carrier.
Normal - haven't had any problems. Same as any other auto insurance. Some good discounts and easy to find a location near me. Would recommend for anyone and it's easy to use and no additional add ons. It's a good company that is there for anyone and it's a well known company with easy ways to save money on car insurance so it's good and not too expensive. Have known about them for many years and still continue to use them to my advantage and safety.
I haven't had a claim in 10 years. When I did, it was OK. It was processed in good time and to my satisfaction it also has good roadside service. It covers everything I need and at the right price. The office is close by and easy to get to and get a hold of someone, their response was in good time. Gives me enough satisfaction to know that if I get in an accident I will be covered and will have a good response. Customer service is OK, I have not had to use it in a long time but when I did customer service was just fine and help me with what I needed.
Everything about AAA insurance was good and I really liked it because it is a great insurance company, and more people should use it because they have great benefits for everyone. Roadside assistance was the best thing provided by AAA insurance and I really liked it.
The process is quick and easy. Make the claim, fill out the paperwork, turn it in and get your money. Simple and easy. Claims people are super friendly. I had one of the lowest coverages, yet it was adequate. It depends on which policy you choose. Of course, the more coverage the more the cost. The value, of course, is in how much you get back from an accident. However, the peace of mind is an added value that is priceless. With AAA you get both. Although I had the lowest coverage, the service was splendid. I did take one add on that I recommend--the roadside service. It is low cost and easy. I had to use it several times and was so thankful for it.
I recently changed to AAA. The customer service was friendly, helpful and attentive. Everything was simple to change. When I needed to make changes they helped me to save money with their own suggestions.
I always held AAA to higher standard, and that was my first mistake. I bought used high-end car, first time. I have always bought new cars. So of course I looked into Full coverage. And I was told, "We don't sell full coverage on older cars." I should have done my homework, I did not. I found out that you can have Full coverage after my accident. But do I really need to do the job that these so-called professionals should be doing? I was never offered any kind of options.
My experience with AAA has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. After an auto accident the company was not very thorough or quick to respond to the issue. However, AAA is a reputable company that I trust over some other insurance providers.
A friend's home's sanitary drain tile collapsed in their basement. She was very upset, and I informed her that this is a covered loss. AAA will pay for opening up the basement floor and closing the basement floor. But not the repair. Auto Owner's policy covered this for a rental property I had 8 years ago. However, I just learned (AAA informed me) that 2 years ago they dropped this from coverage their policies. Not even my AAA Preferred Policy (a policy I kept after purchasing my 1st home in 1989) covers that. It is now an add on to my policy. Looks like I am going to shop for new insurance to replace the $6,000+ I pay annually now. After being a policy holder since 1985... it is time to move on. Thanks AAA for your new deceptive policies. My eyes are wide open.
Although I have not had occasion to utilize the claims department, I have faith in AAA. Whenever I have called with any questions I have been treated like a valued customer and the advice has always been right on and very helpful. I have always been happy with their service and the perks of being a AAA member which is why I have been one for close to 40 years. I think my insurance is a good price but feel they are all too expensive. The pay scale and bonuses are quite high, some of that excess could be funneled back to the customer.
When I came to them 2 years ago, I had very little and wanted to pay the lowest monthly rate possible. I took a $2000 deductible to get the rate. I don't know a lot about auto ins. but I remember asking if I could change the deductible when my situation improved and was assured I could. When I called my agent last year and said I was ready to lower the deductible, I was informed that unless I had repaired the problem under the car, I could not lower the deductible. It would have made a difference if someone had told me that at the time of purchase. I live on social security and my savings went into renovating my daughter's basement into a home for me. I am 75 and no longer work. I feel trapped by the insurance company as there is no way I can come up with the deductible and my car was hit twice while I was not in it and even though I can make a claim, due to the high deductible, I am still responsible. So basically, I am paying for auto insurance I cannot utilize.
I was proceed this insurance through my full time job and I was instrumental and helping to pick AAA as our primary insurance coverage and I believe it has been the right choice this far. When I got into an accident they were there to assist me in very quick time. Also their car safety checks are what their best properties when it comes to me and the safety of me and my passengers. But I would prefer it if their prices where a bit cheaper and then there was a steady rate. Also I wish that they had accident forgiveness like Allstate.
Accident was not our fault. AAA (our insurance for over 20 yrs) wants cheap labor to restore our car to its original condition. They save only $700 by doing so. If we want the regular labor, they want us to pay the $700. We are not even hiring an attorney, and they won't give us a break. The accident has caused us so much inconvenience and this insurance company doesn't seem to help, even after all those years of no claims. We are thinking of switching insurance now.
Their rates are great and their roadside service is topnotch. Always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They answered and paid the claim in a timely fashion but I feel that it's unfair of them to raise rates for incidents that are fairly minor. The rate increase is over a year long and not due to an actual moving violation involving a citation. If that were the case I would feel it was more fair to me, the consumer. When you pay for years without incident, then they raise your rates when you finally make a claim.
They are always very helpful and there when you need them. They always have someone ready to answer the phones who knows what they are doing. And they call the tow truck right away if your car breaks down with no hassle. They are very sympathetic and understanding and they also have all kinds of discounts you can use at various different stores that people shop at so that is a great perk they have. I can't speak highly enough of them and think they are the best out there.
I purchased my AAA auto insurance on the internet and then I followed up on the mobile phone during a call with a helpful and informed company customer service representative. It was very Easy to sign up and is always extremely easy to pay the monthly bill at the insurance company's website and to set up an automated billing service so I can feel like it is being taken care of automatically and not have to worry about it at all which is the way I prefer to pay my insurance bills in general. The only thing is this company had Terrible customer service through an abusive and incompetent representative who was rude and uncaring and did not supply me with the relevant information that I needed to have access to after a recent minor car accident in which I was not at fault and managed to avoid paying me anything.
We are completely satisfied with AAA. We have our home and vehicles insured with them. After a forest fire, they sent e-mails to their customers offering assistance for filing claims if needed. Fortunately, we did not need to. The fire did not reach our neighborhood. Our claim (3 times) were for windshields and all claims were handled quickly and professionally.
I was referred to by a family member who had AAA Auto Insurance. I called and got through to an agent who helped me set up a policy for multiple drivers on the same car and used website to help set it up. So far, so good. I like the roadside assistance, deductible, quick service, and OnStar can be connected. There's emergency options, multiple driver policies, and bad weather help. While it was a great, more coverage options would be fine, like for small glass repair. Better advertising would be good too. But service is overall quality and what you would expect from AAA.
Never filed an accident claim, but my general day-to-day experience with Triple A is "Excellent". Their roadside service deserves its legendary reputation. Triple A is Top-Notch.
I like that I can use an app to file a claim, and that I have the ease of not needing a disposable camera that just creates more headaches than ease during an accident. The coverage options cover what I want and need just in case I happen to have an accident, and it will help me if I may need it and my vehicle gets damaged in an accident.The value that was added to my life was the ease of not needing to worry about insurance prices and coverage if I happen to have a life event that would alter my insurance price and coverage at any other insurance company compared to my current insurance company. I like that I can use their customer service at any time of the day or night that I may need it, because accidents don't have a time clock for when they will occur.
THIS PLACE BLOWS. I went into AAA to get insurance information. I Sat down with a guy and he explained to me the insurance options. He asked to me fill out some information so he can "build a profile in case I decided to get insurance". I wanted to explore more options as far as insurance before committing to AAA. It was my mistake of allowing him to get it set up in case I decided to go with AAA. Piece of **! My parents had them as their carrier and told me these people are ok. So I trusted my parents. I told the guy to hold off on the insurance. He told me he wouldn't process it but to at least call him to let him know. I did, I called and told him that I was going to go with another carrier. He was upset but he said "good luck" at the end of our conversation. I figured it was cancelled, no harm no foul.A month later I got a letter in the mail saying I owed AAA money. I called their collections department and they refused to cancel the amount due. I checked my credit report and they had sent it to a collection agency. So I GUESS AAA SETS UP POLICIES WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THEIR CUSTOMERS. HMMM GREAT BUSINESS PRACTICES **!!! Their commission is more important than doing what's right for the customer. People check your policies guaranteed you're getting ** with no Vaseline. I am with GEICO and I will tell you what their customer service is superb and when I did get into an accident they were on it. I was able to do claim on my phone, phone call within seconds to check on me see if I needed an ambulance, tow truck there in 15 mins, I can go on and on.I tried calling later down the road to see if they would budge. Again the collections lady hung up on me the minute I began to plead my case. ** YOU VERY MUCH SOMETHING THAT RHYMES WITH STITCH!!! So because of all this I went ahead and filed with the BBB. If they don't fix this problem I will forever talk ** about your company and will continue to write horrible reviews on every site I can to ensure your numbers drop. I had my agent call my parents to show them how much money they can save and they saw how they treated me after my accident. Small victory already!!!
I have been a member of AAA Northern California for 40 years. I moved to Central California and tried to keep my auto policy here. I was able to keep my AAA road card which states 40 Year member. But for auto and home I was told I had to start over again and get the one year level rates which are much higher because it's considered a new policy since my area is covered by Southern California. I'm 1/2 way between San Francisco and LA. My rates were higher and I had to change auto and home policies. I keep the roadside assistance but no longer do business with a company that wouldn't accept 40 years of loyalty. BAD BUSINESS! Bad for the consumer. I'm upset with them. I never did business with any other insurance for my cars and home. I will never do business again.
I heard AAA Auto Insurance was a decent company. However, my experience with them so far has been the WORST. I've recently gotten into a car accident where it was not my fault. I depended on these people to help me handle this situation (contacting the other side) which should have been an easy task. However, they have the rudest, and laziest adjusters working for them. My adjuster sounds fairly young and just downright clueless. I gave them the contact information that the person at fault gave me. They failed to realize that the corporate office goes by EST with office hours 8 am - 4 pm. Although it was clearly stated in their automatic message system, the girl kept calling at 3-4pm PST. Talk about lack of attention to detail, which is a very important factor in handling someones insurance claims. She kept claiming that she's "been calling with no success". It literally took me one call to do her job. I ended up reaching the other side myself, doing THEIR job. And when I went back to AAA giving them the information I retrieved from the other side, she claimed she already had the correct info. It was completely different from mines. She kept asking if I called them myself, when AAA is suppose to handle these things for me. What am I paying you for? Another instance with the same car incident, I spoke with another woman regarding my frustrations on how they have not tried to get my situation settled. All she could do was tell me they have their hands tied because they already submitted the claim. If that is AAA's ONLY is responsibility then I will gladly take my business elsewhere. It is your job to constantly contact the other side. Not "submit a claim" and that is the end of the story. What a terrible slow insurance company. They did not care that I required a rental car. Even if I had the basic coverage, they did not have any remorse, no recommendations, nothing. All she did was laugh in my face and say "what are you talking about" every time I expressed concern. She claimed that they were only there to help me, well now, THERE'S something to laugh at. FYI it's been weeks since the incident and nothing has been done. Just me correcting their work, and the only progress that has been made was on my end.
My experience is somewhat good and bad. I believe I pay too much for the coverage I receive. I am not really satisfied with the company itself, because if you get into an accident that isn't even your fault your insurance goes up and that is exactly what happened to me.
This insurance company is a reliable insurance option. Installing your coverage was easy and if needed coverage after an accident was handled thoroughly. The billing part of the insurance is easy to understand plus being able to pay online is a great option. They have local office so if needed you could go directly to their office instead of handling over the phone.
Their customer service is very good. They are there to help you. They do their best to help you with your claims in a timely manner. They are very polite, help you in filling out your claim. That is why they are #1 year after year.
If this is any help to anyone reading these observations, AAA insurance is pretty sad. Never had any claims, started on a good note, but as time goes on customer support and cooperation are nil. The agent is nowhere to be found after signing the contract. Never returns calls, voicemails, emails, etc. unless you are thinking of referring some business then you might hear from him. Call center is just as bad... high volume and can't take calls. Emails, forget it! They responded at first, now they say they are not allowed to reply to emails. Not even set up to register your account online to view payments, etc., etc. ** at the call center takes the the cake. Sounds like a broken record why they can't do this, that, or the other. Someone said they are only good for road service. I think they may be right.Two years with them, time to start shopping again for better service. New customers, PAY ATTENTION TO CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS! Someone should be monitoring the performance of these insurance companies!
I signed up with AAA and was asked by the agent to sign up for auto-pay, so he could get a 100 bonus for that. I received all my paperwork . A few weeks later, I received a letter saying that my policy was cancelled. I called the agent that signed me up and he said that my paperwork was lost. I had to resign them. They went in my account according to a rep. days before the due date. They lost the paperwork but not the payment form. I also was told that I would receive notice before the due date and did not. Now I have to pay a 29 overdraft to my bank a return fee and a late fee because of their mistakes. I can't reach corporate complaint department and they will not give me a number.
Well I call them one time coz my car did wants to start. They got there in about one hour, they got it going. I love my Insurance, that's all I can say. I get a discount for have three vehicle I been with them going four year.
I had a flat tire, and I request the service at 7.28 pm. It was 9.25 and nobody show up. I called again and they said that they were coming in less than 30 minutes, they show up around 9.50. I had to wait 2 and half hours to have my tire change.
Hope I Don't Have a Claim... Have been using that little plug in thing. I have standard coverage... But do Not understand my Coverage. I keep getting the runaround and when I walk away not Understanding what my policy covers. Much too expensive. Supposedly I get a savings because of that Little plug in thing But I am not even sure it is working. Hard to get a handle on things. Customer Savings is alright. Not necessarily impressive by any means. But everyone is nice and at least acts like they care.
I have been with AAA for over 40 years and like the ease of renewal. Additionally, I like that they recently opened branch locations that are closer to where I live. I like the easy resolution with an accident, prompt handling of any problems, being able to walk in and discuss my policy, and the ability to take care of simple DMV issues. But I don't like not being informed of savings I am entitled to. It would be nice to pay a lower premium, too.
The process was easy through a local agent. Customer service is available to report incidents 24 hours by phone. I like the monthly rates and customer service, and the office location is convenient & it is easy to contact representatives if needed. They are always willing to help and answer questions. However the rates change without a warning, and they state that it was an increase throughout the state. They should explain why and when the rates may increase to customers.
An agent at the Allen Park, Michigan office, Marie, returned my inquiry call on January 30th approximately 3:15pm. She sounded very annoyed with me after telling her I have 21 adults and 21 children in my travel plans to Disney and we would like to stay at 4 pool villa homes. She replied she'd never heard of this and asked if I was a member. I'm not but of the 21 adults I'm sure (1) of us was a member. She then directed me to call the call center and speak to someone else. I'm not sure about letting this office handle our trip now.
I'm an 80+ Senior and was traveling to see family. When I found myself stuck on the side of Highway 44 due to mechanical brake down. I called AAA Roadside that I have with my auto insurance. I was worried as it was 7 pm on a Friday night. But the young woman I spoke with (I believe her name was **) said she would get someone to my location and said she would stay on the phone with me till someone arrived. I know they don't normally do that but it sure was nice. She also called my daughter for me to let her know what was going on, I can't say enough about the quality of service I received. Thank you AAA. Nice to know I got more than I pay for.
The process of purchasing car insurance through AAA Auto Insurance was easy and straightforward and initiated quickly. My coverage was in place in a short time period. I like the ability to pay my premium on a chosen date of the month versus the assigned date the company provides. Also, the coverage they provide is adequate for my needs. However, I dislike the high premium cost and how rarely I use it. I feel there should be incremental discounts if you use the service infrequently.
We just switched in Aug so I can't say too much. We had Nationwide previously and we were happy but the price got too high. Hopefully, we will be as happy with AAA as we were with Nationwide.
I would recommend AAA insurance to anyone in my area. I have been with them several years and have found that they handle my claims quickly and keep you updated on progress and follow up after the work is completed to make sure that I am satisfied. The claim was done professionally by the rep. I think the policy is a little pricey, but I don't mind if the customer service is good.
I am extremely dissatisfied with AAA. Only after using their services 3 times in a year they cancel my membership because they felt that the 3 times was too much so they sent me a notification to say they were not going to renew my membership. I have been a member over 15 years and that is the respect that I get from them? They are a total rip off! Would not suggest anyone I know to ever use them.
I asked this company to go jump start my car. I was in Florida and my wife needed it. They said they can't because I was not with the car. This was never the case before. I called to cancel and the lady was extremely rude. I wanted to cancel my policy and they want to charge me 10 dollars to do that as well. What a scam.
I had a great experience with AAA until their policy kept rising in price and price. When I canceled they continue to keep charging me even though I was insured with Geico and after I provided them with proper documentation they continue to charge me again.
I've never actually filed a claim, but from what I already know about AAA, I would trust their process to be efficient, easy, reliable, and painless. AAA's coverage is solid. You can customize it to meet your needs and budget. It's reliable, and they explain it well. They always keep you aware of changes to any policy and are very clear about updates. AAA offers a great value. The price is fair for what they offer, and they always explain any changes in detail. They work to keep the cost down however they can. AAA's customer service is top-notch. They respond quickly and are always polite. They know what they're talking about and are eager to help.
I have had a great experience with AAA. The rates are very good and the customer service is exceptional. My agent is always prompt with any responses to inquiries and seems very honest and reliable.
Our agent is easily accessible. Our roadside assistance is great. The biggest complaint is that when I call, it takes typically 10 or more minutes to locate my account. This has been going on for years and has been "fixed" a number of times.
When getting a quote on auto insurance the agent wanted to include home. He was told that when it came due to renew if he was reasonable we could. He quoted car and I made down payment. Issues began 3 weeks later when he wants a inspector to look at home. No time was agreeable. The agent said that car insurance was going up. My mortgage company sent me a letter saying that they paid AAA for home insurance and now I have two policies and my escrow was going to be bad. I called to talk to AAA and was told that if I refuse to have home inspection the policy would cancel. I received refund. Called about car insurance and was told it was going up seven hundred. I cancelled. Now comes kicker. Month later I get bill for 150. I called and was told they didn't care. Pay or they will file report with credit bureau. Beware. Very dishonest employees and very rude and uncaring.
An AAA auto policy does not cover towing or emergency road service. Towing and emergency road service is part of the AAA membership that can cost between $56 and $119 depending upon what membership benefits you want. This amount needs to be added to the AAA insurance quote to get an apples to apples comparison with other insurance company quotes.
We have been using AAA for more than 15, we never have a problem with them. We have Car, Home and life insurance with them as well as roadside assistance so we are able to bundle our policies a one place making thing much easier than jumping around to 4 different places.
The staff at AAA is very friendly and they offer something that car owners have a hard time finding -- peace of mind knowing that AAA will be there when you need them. AAA's rate are very competitive with discounts for more than one car along with home and rental. They also offer discounts for theme parks, restaurants, movie theaters and much more.
I have dealt with AAA on two separate occasions and the people have been wonderful, very helpful, very informative and the rates have brought me back. Customer service is outstanding and very professional. I will not go anywhere else for auto insurance. I also like that I can count on getting a callback if I leave a message.
I switched to AAA from State Farm at the suggestions of my friends after hearing how satisfied they were with their insurance. After being a customer for years and paying high premium insurance rates for both my BMWs, I had driven my friend's car, which I didn't know was not registered or insured. When someone had backed up into me at a red light and I injured my neck and back I saw a chiropractor for a few weeks because of the strain it caused. AAA refused to help me back me up in the incident (even though it wasn't my fault) and even though I own 2 cars under my name with AAA insurance. So obviously my friend's vehicle wasn't mine, and I never drove it. When I had State Farm insurance it didn't matter if I was/wasn't driving, was/wasn't in my own car, they covered me and had my back for any kind of event or incident whether I was a driver, passenger, walking by and someone hit me. I have since changed insurance companies, (it's cheaper and better) but still unhappy with how unhelpful AAA was after being a loyal customer for many years, and now I am stuck with a 1,000$ medical bill. Just beware.
We got the insurance at the car dealership over the phone. It was very fast and easy and provided the best coverage and perks for the price. We have been very happy with them. They have always been very good and reliable. I like the towing, the discounts at various retailers as well as help in planning trips. You can also get maps and information on anywhere you want to go or move to. I would recommend AAA to all my family and friends and anyone else who needs great reliable insurance coverage. The perks alone are worth it. But I just wish insurance was cheaper. They are just so darn expensive.
I was driving along, minding my own business when I was broadsided by a car coming out of a parking lot. I filed the claim with AAA Insurance a couple of hours later. The problem is their process... I get a call from a person I could barely understand asking a bunch of questions. She took the accident report and the car was towed. I didn't live where the accident occurred, and was some 300 miles away when she called and said I had to go release the car from the impound lot... 3 days go by. I get it done... after driving 600 miles. The car gets released and the Body shop give me an estimate of 11K. The AAA guy runs over and says they have to use used parts... it goes down to 8.8K... not enough to total the vehicle. I said, "Have you looked at it, I think there is a bunch more mechanical damage." He said, "Don't worry about it, it still won't be a total." I get a call today, some 20 days later saying that there is now 17,000.00 worth of damage, but they will not total it.This is the worst service I have ever received. Impersonal, distant, assumptive, not helpful and downright thoughtless. I cannot tell you which insurance to buy, but when you are in an accident that is not your fault, it is impossible for me to believe that there is any valid reason that you should be treated like dirt. I don't know where to go, but AAA insurance is not the place to go.
AAA Auto has excellent customer service and fast response (settled claim). It's a great company with many benefits though they could reward their repeat customers better and the policy could be better discounted.
I usually never write bad reviews but AAA division here in IL has shown me the worst customer management process and I now I truly understand why we rely on first hand reviews and not blindly follow a big name company. Stay away from this company, I remained patient for more than 6 months and escalated my case up to the manager, some things are embedded in the company culture itself and can never be changed.
I've been a member 30 years. Used Med Pay twice before. This time the "medical claims adjuster" has treated me as though I am a scammer trying to dupe her about my injury despite documentation and medical charge codes and canceled checks to my practitioner as proof. She is argumentative and confrontational when speaking to me... rather than treating me like a customer... rather than work out a solution, or explain CSAA's process, she accuses me of refusing to cooperate, and proceeds to lecture me. Really weird and unprofessional. I also agree with the complaints about CSAA's road service. It took them 2 hours, 15 minutes at 10:00 am on a Saturday to come and change a tire. Unreal.
At 6:30pm on 1-27-3015 my car overheated. I immediately called triple AAA. It was just getting dark. I was alone in my car for an hour and a half waiting. I'm a woman, a 56 year old woman, and I think that was not right to let me sitting stranded on the side of the road for an hour and a half.
I have AAA through Southern California. I was traveling from Cali to Oregon. My membership had expired and as my car was stuck in the snow and couldn't move it, I called roadside assistance and told the lady that I will pay for the renewal so that I can get helped. She denied me and declined to assist me in any way. I was experiencing financial hardship and considered paying my renewal fee through my credit card. She told me that their policy changed and she couldn't help me at all. She said that I had to call the tow truck guy and pay out of pocket myself.I hate AAA from Southern Cali. The reps are so rude, have attitude and don't care at all for their customers. I am transferring my membership to Oregon. Going to give it one last try. If I keep getting treated this way? I will take my business and membership elsewhere. AAA used to be really good with everything. I've noticed a huge decline with not only customer service but the demeanor and the total package. I have GEICO for renters insurance. I pay $80 annually for my membership through AAA and $116. Just wow!
My mother was blind and in a nursing home. She stopped driving her car about May or April of 2012. She did not renew her AAA coverage in June because she no longer needed it. Like any insurance coverage, if you stop paying, you no longer have coverage. She continues to get billed. I, her power of attorney, am not allowed to talk to them unless I take the trouble to send them copies of the POA. They don't even want to talk about her case number unless it's with her. She's not competent to defend herself verbally. Yes, I'm angry and will cancel my coverage and pass it on to all who will listen.
I have been in transportation sales for more than 40 years travelling more than a million miles and to date have had only one minor accident which I thought was settled very favourably.
AAA has amazing roadside assistance and a helpful membership plan for those who don't have insurance. Towing and tire changing services are available in the membership. AAA has very fair and low price plans for auto insurance making them the top ten choices work wide for people to choose from.
A vehicle hit the front of my truck at less than 10 MPH and I was stationary in a parking lot. AAA of Southern CA said I was at fault and paid her $200.00 in a personal injury claim that THEY admitted was fraud. Then they took it upon themselves to put this on my driving record. Now my insurance has gone up more than $900.00 per year because they railroaded me. I can't get any other insurance company to cover me because I have a personal injury on my record. No one at AAA insurance says they can help and I have to talk to someone else - well who in the hell can help then? So done with them and THEY are the reason rates are so high. When they pay out to scammers this is the result.
Myself Deep me & my husband had filed a claim with AAA Insurance more than 2 months before when our car was hit by someone. We have a really bad experience with them because they cut off my rental car service without informing us. When I called them what was the reason they are not able to give us a valid reason and blaming on repair body shop which we selected for our car repair. They just pulled their hands from our case and again blames us. They also didn't pay for remaining rental charges. I called them again and again but it is such a ** to have a talk with it. Their agent Cafey she is such a bad lady told us that she already explained everything to my husband behind reason not paying for a rental even she didn't made a call to my husband from last one month. She ripped off our money for $142 which was not paid by them even they have responsibility to pay for rental until we get our car back from body shop. For me it was such a horrible experience with this company.
I say that it was a good experience because AAA is high quality insurance company. That has the power to release any type corporate holds on my accounts. They provide the best policy! It's better to be work with them than not to!
After reporting a claim and giving a statement as to why another driver hit my car. A driver with a 1996 Honda that was bashed up and claimed that the damages were oh so much, AAA took that driver's side. End result is that they will pay 100% for his damages even perhaps damages that were there prior to the crash. Worst thing is AAA will increase my premium amount because surely the other driver's claim will be over $1,000.00 which is their threshold. It is a ridiculously low threshold considering that this has been the only fender bender I've had in the 30 years plus I've been with AAA. And I pay $1,300+ annually for this "privilege". So I see really no point in having AAA as an auto insurance carrier, will definitely look for a different carrier. AAA homeowners insurance is another ripoff. One pays a lot too, and when one claims it is always never covered.
Been with AAA Auto Insurance for over 10 years. I like the on side road service for flats, to running out of gas and more... 24 hours 7 days a week service. Helpful customer service agents at every turn. Easy and comfortable to work with and understand service and products. No hidden fees and ready to use. However, I wish coverage was a little bit cheaper and wait time wasn't always 20 mins or longer to fix a flat tire. But overall very happy with company and service.
I'd been a member for over a decade with AAA and finally AAA Auto Insurance had the lowest price among the companies I shopped for. I signed up and decided to pay quarterly since is the same price as semi-annual. I couldn't afford to pay the whole year since it's way cheaper. NOTHING noted online or agent informing me that there's going to be an installment fee added. I make the decision on choosing a company based entirely on grand total premium. If I knew about the installment fee, I would have included that on the price quoted. It would have made the difference in my decision.I called to verify my new findings and was told it's an old policy and made an excuse that other company does it too. WRONG! I'd been to half a dozen company and I was neither informed or never paid installment fee for choosing a lower premium rate. I then told this knucklehead I will not be renewing my auto insurance policy with them and she seem she doesn't care about customer retention. AAA do not empower their employees to retain their customers. As I write this review, I thought to myself that I do not have to put up with this crooked company for the remaining of our policy and start shopping around again.
We have had AAA in the past and the security of having roadside assistance was always comforting. I also like the dependability and the travel discounts! It became too expensive for us to use but we have considered reinstating our plan. We only had to use it one time in about 5 years but I always felt a little safer knowing we had the plan. Our experience with AAA while we had it was great.
It's been pleasant. I haven't had any problems. If I have any questions, they are able to help me. I haven't had much car trouble, so I haven't used them too much, but the amount I have has been helpful.
AAA Insurance is easy and low in price. I have never had a claim with AAA but I have used the auto service for flat tire, dead battery and locked keys in the car.
Requiring me to be there at the vehicle when I am unable to be during a reasonable time of day because I work and traffic is terrible until late at night. Also if their damn mechanics had done the correct fix I would not be in this situation in the first place... I don't even cuss but AAA has really put me off.
Called in at 11:30, was told 90 minutes, the first two companies AAA tried to pawn the tow off on, said they couldn't do it, so I sat there on the side of the road, with no bathroom, and a fading cell phone battery. After 4 hours, I gave up and called a real professional tow company. Funny thing is I just had upgraded to premiere level member. Been a member since 2013... I will be cancelling and soon. After telling my car club my experience, it raised a few eyebrows, as most of us have kids and loved ones we purchase AAA for. Well I'm done wasting my monies on a company who doesn't fulfill their salesperson's promises and guarantees. Triple AAA gave me a secure feeling, not anymore.
I had recently applied for auto insurance from AAA thinking that I would be saving money on insurance. They quoted me for one year Insurance Premium and divided it into 9 months. They said that I didn't have to pay for the last three months. It was still okay with me if the monthly is higher since I would have 3 months not paying at the end of the yearly policy. I paid for the first month as was quoted. No problem so far.On the second billing, I noticed that I was being charged $22.06 finance charge that was not disclosed to me at the time I got the policy. When I called, they just told me that that was the company policy since they are a non-profit organization. I was so mad about this since auto insurance was supposed to be a monthly premium and not a loan from them that they have to charge me finance charges.So I said that I will just have to cancel my insurance with them. Again, I was told over the phone that I have to pay a cancellation fee of 11% for the first year I cancelled. None of these charges were disclosed when I got the insurance from them. I am sure this is another fine print you could hardly see when you sign a contract. I think this is a big scam.
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