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24PetWatch Pet Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: 24PetWatch Pet Insurance
Address: PO Box 2150
City: Buffalo
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 14240
Country: United States
Phone: (866) 597-2424
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 4 %
Like many others, my pet came with a complimentary 30-day coverage voucher as well as one other, when I adopted my dog, Sadie. After having Sadie for approximately 2 weeks, she began showing the symptoms of Parvovirus. After taking her to the vet, who confirmed a new diagnosis of Parvovirus, I contact this insurance company to get instructions on how to begin a claim. In the beginning, the representative was very helpful. Because my vet of choice did not make insurance claims, I had to pay out of pocket and the insurance company would reimburse me all but the $75 deductible. After getting instructions on gathering the needed information, I was informed that I would receive the reimbursement within 25-30 business days. This was at the end of January. In the middle of March, after still not receiving any money, or any word for that matter, I called again. This representative was NOTHING like the first. In fact, this one was very short and rude. I was then told that their company was still working on processing my claim and there was no way to tell how long it would take. Requesting to speak to management does no good, by the way. I called again at the beginning of April about the same reason (no money, no notifications), this time LIVID. Not only have I not heard any information about the claim, but this company has my information as well as information to access my checking account!!! After showing my butt, I was finally informed that the claim has been accepted and that I should receive my reimbursement by the beginning-middle of April. I did, in fact, receive the money April 8, 2016. So, long story short, 2 rude sales reps later, I received the reimbursement on April 8 for a claim that was submitted at the end of January. Do NOT invest in their insurance long term. It is NOT worth it. That is unless you enjoy waiting three months for reimbursements and speaking with VERY rude representatives.
I have been a member with 24PetWatch for the last 6 years, and suddenly, with no notice, they doubled my pet's premium. I have never had trouble with them before, so was shocked. When I called to inquire, I got a canned response about increasing prices. I've always considered the company to be a good value, so I would understand raising their prices, but doubling with no notice is absolutely ridiculous. Further, when I said I would have to switch policies due to not being able to afford my new one, I was told it was the middle of my policy year, so if I switched now then all previously covered illnesses would be considered pre-existing conditions and not covered. This feels truly unconscionable to me. Buyer beware before you consider purchasing from them - they may double your premiums with no notice.
I detest this company. The previous company was decent and fair. Then they sold out to this company. Insurance cost doubling is the least of my concerns. I have paid FOUR TIMES since September for my cat's insurance. Each time I receive a letter stating that her insurance has been cancelled for non-payment. I have spent, literally, hours on hold trying to resolve this issue with this disgusting company. THEY SAY THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED, THEIR MISTAKE, SORRY--AND THEN ALONG COMES ANOTHER CANCELLATION NOTICE. I came onto this site because I am hoping that someone has started a Class Action suit against this so-called "company". If no one has, I may try to figure out how to do it myself. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!
This place is a joke! If I could give negative stars I would! PLEASE TAKE ANY AND ALL ADVICE OTHERS ARE GIVING ON THIS PAGE! We adopted a 12 week old kitten, which came with a free trial of 24PetWatch insurance. My kitten had problems when we adopted him and the adoption agency said go through 24PetWatch to get him healthy again. Well, we called their representatives up and explained EVERYTHING that was going on since his adoption, he told us if we sign up and pay a monthly fee ALL of his issues would be covered under the insurance policy. Well, we sent in our claim of $323.00 and what do you know THEY DENIED IT. But first, we received a voice-mail stating they received our claim and payment would go out in 2-3 weeks. Well, after 6 weeks of waiting I called and asked what was going on with it, they tell me "oh sorry your claim has been denied because it was a PRE-EXISTING cause". This is NOT what we were told when we signed onto the insurance, I told them to go back and listen to the recording and hear what their rep was telling us and the questions we were asking. The lady on the phone said sorry there was nothing they can do for me and whoever sent that voice-mail was not suppose to. WHATEVER, I cancelled my policy, luckily they only got 2 1/2 months out of me, I feel sorry for the people who pay into this for YEARS just to be denied claims in the end, that's money wasted. So PLEASE be smart when it comes to this CRAPPY company. I don't know how they are able to stay in business with fraudulent claims!!! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH "DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR INSURANCE, YOU WILL GET BURNED!!!!"
I contacted customer service today to inquire why I only received a partial credit back to my credit card when I canceled my "Free" 30-day membership of pet insurance. I recently adopted a rescue dog and he came with a Free trial membership for 30 days. My 1st mistake was accepting this "Free" policy (which required my cc to accept the offer). The customer service rep told me that they broke their company policy when they canceled my membership and I was LUCKY that I even received a partial refund. In disbelief and pure shock I asked, "What do you mean I should be lucky?" I emailed my cancellation on the last day of the month which is when was coverage was good through.The rep, Faizan, said that I should've canceled a day before the end of the month if I expected a full refund. I tried to explain my previous conversation of when I canceled my membership but the customer service rep continued to talk over me and repeat once again that I was lucky. I asked to speak with a manager and Faizan went on to say he'd have to take my name & number for one to get back to me. The whole experience was a joke! I finally cooled down and did speak with a Supervisor when I called back later that day. Supervisor said that she was willing to refund the balance with the exception of .96 cents. Sounds pretty silly but she was serious that the system only allowed her to refund $2.50 processing fee leaving a balance of .96 cents. Unbelievable. It's safe to say, I'll never use 24 Hour Pet Watch for ANY of their per services.
Very efficient when collecting your money. Once they have it, that is where the efficiency ends! You submit your claim, medical info, invoice, etc. They tell you they have it... a few weeks go by. No word from them. You call back and then they tell you they didn't receive your info. Must resubmit. A VERY common tactic with them. They try to frustrate people into giving up on claims. Their Facebook page was essentially all comments from angry customers. When I informed them of this, the Supervisor blew it off and "just a few opinions" and wasn't the least concerned. They weren't a "few" opinions... they were nearly all the opinions. Interestingly after I pointed this out to them (they didn't even seem aware of what was being said on their own social media page) they took down the comments section. I have filed a formal complaint with my state's Insurance Commission which is now investigating this lousy company. They need to be shut down, their assets liquidated and distributed to all those whom they have ripped off. Oh yeah, if you call and for their sales department, there is no hold time whatsoever. You are immediately in touch with a real person. But if you call to check on a claim, make a complaint, etc. you are on hold for a 30, 45, even 60 minutes. They never follow up on anything they promise. They are rude, arrogant, and generally don't know what they are doing. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL BE SORRY. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, DO A QUICK SEARCH AND LOOK AT ALL THE OTHER COMPLAINTS. 100% WORTHLESS.
Beware, they hold your checks then send it to the wrong address so they can hold your money longer. Even direct deposit takes up to 20 days. I've been waiting three months to receive my insurance claim refund. I'm never late on paying them. What a rip off company.
Very disappointed in this company. Claims take months to be processed unlike my previous company. I recently discovered that none of my claims for 2016 submitted by two different doctors for two different dogs had been logged on my portal. I called to discover that they mysteriously did not arrive at the company! I then had to resend everything and start over in line for them to be processed. It's October and I'm still waiting. There was NO explanation or answer for why this happened and there was no accommodation for me, the customer who pays monthly for my two dogs. If one of my dogs didn't have a heart condition I would change to another insurance without hesitation.
I have had this insurance for almost a year and have never had to use it till now. I called in to ask a few questions about what I needed to do and what my deductible is and the person on the other end can't tell you his name because he had so much gum or food in his mouth that I couldn't understand him. He kept muting the phone and took forever to answer my questions. He acted like I was bothering him. I hung up and called back and got him again and asked to speak to a supervisor he why I told him I thought he was a horrible CSR and he put me on hold and came back and told me that no supervisor was available. I call BS to that! I worked customer service before and there are always more than 2 supervisors available. On top of that they upped my monthly premiums to over $40.00. It's an increase of almost 15.00 a month more. Horrible - I am done with them!
I have had this insurance for over 2 years and never had a claim. I filed a claim a month ago and am being told they are having computer problems and I will need to wait 4-8 weeks for a determination. No one will reply to emails and if you get through on the phone after holding for 45 minutes, you are told you just need to wait! Yet their computer system still works well enough to take out their monthly payments. Rip off!
I wish I would have read reviews before signing up with them. Worst experience I ever had with Insurance company. I paid higher monthly payments to have higher insurance coverage. My puppy had accident where she slipped and hit her leg, she could not walk and was crying so thought she has broken her leg. Took her to Emergency Hospital since that was late Sunday night. Had to pay $290 for visit and given medications and pain killers. Tried to submit claim on 24PetWatch Pet Insurance website and system would not work, unable to add any attachments. Emailed support, nobody responded to my first emails, had to email multiple times, finally somebody responded to me and said "please submit claim online by attaching documents"!Had to email several times again and asked them at least read the actual message. They did help and placed claim from their end. 2 weeks later received a decision, claim denied as Emergency hospital would not verify my claim!!! When I called Emergency Hospital they advised me nobody reached out to them regards my puppy's injury. Contacted 24PetWatch Insurance again, they gave me reassessment form to complete. It has been 2 weeks, had to call them again and was told it takes 22 business days for reassessment to be reviewed! I am out, cancelled insurance and going to a different company. Very disrespectful and don't care about people at all. Don't waste your time on this. I only claiming $300, what would happen if that would be several thousand $$ claim?? Absolutely shocking. Also will submit official complaint to BBB and NAIC, sounds very much like a scam to me. Denying claims based on a thin air.
I was originally with PetCare Insurance Program and had no idea they switched over to 24 Hour Pet Watch Insurance who not only raised the rates but have found EVERY reason not to pay! Changing their deductible without my knowledge, demanding blood work and medical records be sent in annually at a cost to ME, saying my husband was not on the account, which he has always been on the account. Delay in paperwork, which is not factual. This is a ripoff. Total waste of money. Instead, put $50 a month away in an account to help you pay for any medical expenses in the future. Will never deal with this company again.
Signed up for a free 30-day trial, decided not to continue, and sent that in writing several business days before the period was up. Heard nothing back and was billed for the next month. Called to set it straight, and was finally refunded most of my money. If this is how they treat potential customers, I shudder to think how they would've treated us during an actual claim.
We adopted a puppy from a shelter. They proceeded a code for a 30 day free trial of pet insurance from this company. I registered and have the receipt showing $0.00 Charged however they DID in fact charge my card the full monthly amount. The charge is still "pending" so I cannot dispute it through my bank yet. I am calling on no day to cancel the policy due to this unethical practice as well as due to these other reviews I just read. My bank offers discounted pet insurance through a more reputable and better rated company at the same cost, we will go with that. Can't wait to see how horrible the cancellation process is going to be. Don't waste your time or money on the NOT FREE free trial.
I have had a policy with 24PetWatch for about a year when I made my first claim. It took weeks (about 2 months) to actually talk with someone about filing. They (through email only) proceeded to tell me, I had to file online. Every time I tried, the site wouldn't recognize me. It told me that I didn't have a valid account number. Once it FINALLY was corrected and I filed, I was told "Your claim is past due to timeline and I didn't send enough information." I faxed the entire medical records pertaining to EVERYTHING. On top of them denying my claim they DOUBLED my monthly payment!!! THIS COMPANY HAS CHANGED NAMES A FEW TIMES. PROBABLY TO HIDE FROM THEIR INACCURACY. I have since tried to cancel my account and no one will respond to me. I will be contacting the bank to be sure they don't take any more money from me.
I, as had others, also signed up with Purina and was "sold out" to 24PetWatch. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. Claims are held up for MONTHS, with no explanation. Just received my renewal for next year. Policy is going from $300 (and something) a year to over $1,000.00 a year!!!! Which is a lot more than they had to reimburse me for my kitty's tummy problems. Now since her tummy problems are labeled as CHRONIC the odds of getting insurance anywhere else is doubtful. AND STILL waiting to hear on last claim submitted 2 months ago - just for annual shots!!! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!
I have had 24PetWatch insurance for my cat for several years. I originally had Purina insurance until the company was sold to 24PetWatch. I loved doing business with Purina. The customer service reps were the best. My cat has never been sick, but I had purchased the wellness plan along with the insurance with them. 24PetWatch paid every wellness claim in a timely manner and I was very happy. I recommended them to everyone. Now they have sold the company to North River Insurance Co. I have received a notice that my insurance is going from $309 a year to $1059 a year!!! That's over a 300% increase.Needless to say, I will not be renewing my policy with them when it expires the end of February. I am in the process of trying to find another company with reasonable rates. When I obtained a quote from 24PetWatch this week on the internet (as though I were a new customer), I was given a quote of a little over $600 a year for the same coverage that they now want to charge me $1059. When I told the customer rep this, she denied that it was the same coverage, but it was. What's up with that? Maybe a scam???
I purchased a Wellness plan for my puppy approximately one year ago. I still am not listed as a Wellness program on the electronic claim form. Many months ago, I submitted a claim for vaccinations. I received telephone help in completing the online application and faxed the vet records and cost. I received a total of only $30 reimbursement!!! Then, my puppy was neutered and I am still not listed as a wellness policy holder. I sent several emails about this surgery, that happened approximately four months ago, and have not received ONE response. I have telephoned this company several times and received no callback. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PET INSURANCE; I have paid roughly $60/month and received nothing!!! It is very clear that they simply want to support their business and not supply the reimbursement that they stated initially in description of their policies.
They use adoption agencies to get people to sign up for bogus insurance plans that cost the same as traditional plans but cover virtually nothing, create a TON of loopholes on how your claim has to be processed so that they can get out of paying it and then when you want to speak to a manager they take a message for someone to return your call within 3 business days! It takes 90 days for a claim to be processed, you have to file the claim within some ridiculously short time frame. My 80 year old father was tricked into getting this at the adoption agency and has been paying over $40 a month for over a year and they have not reimbursed one claim when he has now spent thousands of dollars on his Sammy. I have VPI pet insurance and they have been wonderful. I have waited over a year to file a claim with VPI because my dog was sick and I have had other pressing priorities and they have still paid me in less than a week. Please do NOT be tricked by this company and their employees are completely apathetic.
My experience with 24PetWatch Pet Insurance has been pretty much top notch. I have been with this company for almost 10 years. There was a period when there were delays in completing claims and payment but within the past several months I have been extremely pleased with their customer service, the timely manner that my claims were completed and payment made.This pet insurance has been a life saver for my 16 year old kitty who has many complicated medical conditions for which, with the Champion Care Policy that we have, has covered everything that we have submitted. We are very pleased with the scope of coverage that we have. We have two other young cats covered by 24PetWatch Insurance, who are very healthy, and the annual wellness exams are covered. I am very pleased with their service and have no hesitation in recommending this company.
I am very dissatisfied with 24PetWatch. I have been a member since 2009. I have two dogs insured under this company. Never had a problem getting claims paid until this year 2016. I have outstanding claims dating back to March of this year. Every time you call these people to check on the status it's always something different they need and even when you supply the information the claims have still been rejected. I have talked to three people, sent numerous backup, via email, fax, and scans and I still can't get my claims. Now it's come to the point where they ask you for your name address and phone etc. and they still can't pull off the policy number of the dogs. Then they want the fax number where claims were faxed from.I told these people “I am done. You have no problem taking my payment from my credit card each month for the last nine years now I can't get a simple claim paid for vaccinations and wellness.” I said “Cancel my pet policy on both dogs immediately.” I have had it with the lies. I also let Brandon know yesterday (June 30th 2016) that if anything was charged on my CC I would dispute the charges. Run far away from this company as possible. They are just taking your money!!! Long time very dissatisfied policy holder.
This co. is the worst I have dealt with in years. Highly unethical. They take submitted claims and run them around for months. They come up with any and every reason in the book as to WHY YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING YOUR RIGHTFULLY DESERVED CHECK. I have spent the last 2 months repeatedly faxing then calling the vet to re-faxing the medical records... over and over. To date, I haven't received a dime. I am up for a class action lawsuit, so if others agree, let's go. 24 Petwatch is beyond horrible to take advantage of pet owners at the vulnerable time of their pet's accident or illness. I am also going to contact an investigative reporter on my city's news channel. He LOVES going after dishonest scumbags. I suggest others do the same and shine a light on them!!!
I've had 24PetWatch for 4 years now and they take advantage of people who pay them on time each month for their exorbitant "insurance" and then they play this game of denying claims stating they didn't receive certain paperwork from the Vet, which of course I received the copy from the vet and re-sent to them and they are still denying the claim stating they didn't receive again certain paperwork. They are holding over $3,000 worth of claims. I've called numerous times to be told the same thing and they will not give me a supervisor AND they will not return my calls. There has to be something done about this company. They are stealing from us monthly and not paying us back for services they are contracted for. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Please learn from my poor decision.
This company is a joke. Their pre-existing clause is sweeping and will afford them the ability to deny basically any claim they don't want to pay. When you call customer service to discuss it, they will talk to you like you're stupid. When you request to speak to a supervisor, they will tell you all they can do is request a call back within 48 hours. Then you won't receive that call, but somehow your account will be noted that they called you back and left you a voicemail (you never received because they never actually called you back). You call back and go through the same cycle a few more times. After a MONTH, you'll finally blow your top at the newest agent who thinks you clearly haven't understood the previous four agents and they believe they can explain it in a way you will understand. Miraculously, only then does a manager calls you back -- that same day even, but only to tell you she can't do anything for you. AND now to make matters worse, she can't refund your two premiums that have posted in the process of this call back game, despite what two of the previous agents promised you and noted in your account. So you cancel finally. In other words, good enough insurance if your pet never suffered any kind of illness whatsoever in the shelter so you won't have pre-existing conditions and if you never have to call customer service and have someone talk down to you.
As everyone else states, they SUCK at paying out claims. We have three dogs and all have been covered by 24PetWatch (original policy was with GEICO, but somehow they bought that out) since the age of 8-weeks. Every time they see a vet, the medical record is sent through with the claim - I submitted a claim on Jan 31 and had not heard anything at all, so called - they said the delay was 1) because they were missing relevant medical history and 2) they are SHORT STAFFED! I pointed out that they have a more complete medical record on this dog than the vet we are currently attending since they had covered him since he was 8 weeks old! After an hour on the phone (40 mins of which was on hold while they assisted other customers with their concerns) I went around and around with the "customer service" rep - who cannot tell me when this will be resolved. He was condescending, inarticulate, and unable to provide a solid answer. I asked for the corporate telephone number so I could call and speak to the head of the company - Mr. Sean **, to voice my dissatisfaction with their claims procedure, but he could not provide that. I asked for a supervisor - nope, not until Tuesday (this is Friday) - they are in meetings! As soon as this claim is paid I will be cancelling the policy. For the money it costs in premiums I would be better to save it in a savings account and pay out of pocket.
$85.00 membership, to change address? Free registration when chip is installed. No guarantee they will report your pet lost if found without getting membership. So pay for chip at the vet $90.00, then $85.00 for verified membership. And then we will possibly let you know if your pet is lost and has been found. Hope the shareholders will rethink the operating practices of this company with the negative feedback given. I surely won't invest in their stock if they aren't on the market. I would recommend other monitoring company.
When I first got this insurance, I was transferred from Pet Care and my rates were lowered. In the last year or two the rate was increased from $57.00 to over $100.00 dollars. I did not even have a claim. A couple days ago I called them to inquire if my fee and deductible was gonna increased after my dog turns 10 and I was reassured there was not going to be any changes. Surprisingly, on February 2, 2017, I received a personalized booklet (I guess that costs money) informing me that rates were going to be $141.00, beginning in April. This is outrageous! Find your pet a different coverage, with a different carrier. Stay away from 24PetWatch.
After many years of paying premiums, my 12 year old dog had to be put to sleep. I have been trying without success to file a claim online. Each time I try to put in my pet's "condition" it removes it and tells me the information is required. Yesterday, I called twice and each time I hung up after being on hold for 40 minutes. I cannot, under any circumstances, recommend this company. They have taken my premiums each month, but will not, apparently, accept a claim.
24PetWatch has drastically declined the passing years. I will attempt to keep it short with the following reasons for support and warning for those seeking services: I have ordered a replacement tag, Nov 2016, have had to call three different times to attempt to follow up and yet to receive my pets ID replacement tag. I have paid for this tag on 2 separate occasions despite being told that there was a lifetime warranty. They lost my order in their system and I do not have the original receipt from 7 years ago. This is fraud since I paid for a service and I am not receiving services paid for. In addition, without the tag a person doesn't know who to call or if she even has a chip. So the pet finding service is also questionable. The local pet shelter that initially used this service has now switched companies as of 2017.Upon attempting to call and speak to a manager there was not a manager on duty. When call was forwarded to a voicemail there was no voice mail available to leave a message and the call was disconnected. I have no confidence in this company, who cannot simply ship a tag to me, could ever orchestrate the reuniting of a loved pet with its owner. The company has also lost it ties with pet supply company, Pet Tango, that went out of business. This was part of the services that were originally paid for and was not compensated for the loss of services and not even notified until I attempted to place an order. Very poor customer service. The turn around in customer service reps leaves those working under trained and under qualified as reflected in the customer service skills. Many questions that are asked require them to ask another person for answers.
I have never used the paid services of 24PetWatch, and do not have an active account with them. However, they routinely send me emails advising me to sign up for their services. Editing your email preferences is locked behind a pay gate, as are all other options such as deleting my (now deceased) dog from their records. This is exploitative, and because their emails are non-transactional (not deriving from a direct action I have taken on their site) it is illegal for them to deny me the ability to unsubscribe from emails via their website. Stay away from this company until they review and fix their processes.
Submitted a claim for a hematoma on the right ear of my pet. The insurance company denied the claim of $841 stating that because he had a hematoma on the left ear in 2007 which is over 5 years ago they called it a bilateral issue. I have the extra coverage Champions and thought that it would cover some of the expense. This is not what they state in their marketing that they want to take care of your pet with their coverage. I will cancel my policy once they refund me the money on the previous claims which is now taking over a month. They will gladly take your monthly premium money but when they have to pay they are not quick about taking care of their customers.
Company either want pay or makes you do days of work and get lifelong medical records even if you have been with the company for years. Purina Health Care dumped all of its customers on this good for nothing scam pet insurance.
I have been paying them for the past 5 years. They changed their name few years back to 24PetWatch. 2 months ago I made a claim, and till now they still have not processed it. I've tried live chat, calling them, they promised the claim will be processed latest by the 21st and it's now 30th. I still haven't heard anything from them. The 2 months premium I paid already equals to my claim. BEWARE, if you are with them now, STOP and go for another insurance company like PC or whomever. If you are still deciding, you can see all their 1, 2 star reviews from just googling them. STAY AWAY from them. I will advocate against this scam as long as I need to.
My dog was brought into the vet’s office on 5-23-14 for his routine check-up. Upon looking at the blood work it appears that he was bitten by a deer tick and needed medication for 30 days. The vet faxed the forms and invoices to 24PetWatch. After 3 weeks I didn't see a check for reimbursement? So I called them to ask what was going on? They said they only received the portion of the bill for the frontline and heartguard that total was 57.00 and which is not covered because they only pay $150.00 toward wellness per year and I exceeded the limit. The 2 bills from the office visit on 5-23-14 vet totaled 380.00. So with simple math I should be getting about $318.00 from 24PetWatch. However after questioning them further about this they informed me they didn't get the fax sent by my vet? I called the vet and they said they sent it on 6-2-14 and on 6-8-14 again since they said they didn't receive it. Now it's 6-21-14 and after asking to speak to a supervisor (which they said takes 24-48 hours) I get an email from someone one stating that they didn't get an invoice from the vet. The vet then resent them all the documents again and verified that the faxes went through to 24PetWatch. So after sending a nasty response to my email from them I get another email from a different person saying they didn't receive an invoice again!!! After they eventually pay this bill I am going to drop them like a bad habit. I suggest anyone else to get different insurance. Oh and by the way they are in the US but bills get paid out of Canada for some stupid reason and it takes 3 weeks to process!! I am done with these morons!!!!!
My family and I rescued a dog from Savannah Humane Society. I sign up for the free trial services for the insurance. Upon looking at my account the next day, I notice that they put a hold on my account for more than authorized. I called and canceled the policy. The lady said I would be refunded my money. I never received the refund. The next month came around, they charged my account again making my account negative. I called and was told I would be refunded the money plus service fee and also be refunded for the other month. I was only refunded for the new charge minus the service fee. I am planning to call the rescue and advise them to use a new company for microchips.
I renewed my small dog online on a Sunday. I then tried to register my new dog who was chipped in Korea. I was told that he could not be registered... Then she said that he could be registered. I called back on Monday... which happened to be MLK holiday. The rep said that my Korean dog's chip cannot be registered and to call back on Tuesday. When I called back on Tuesday, they suggested that I get my dog rechipped which I am not comfortable with. I asked for a refund on my first dog while I figure out what to do and they said no. This is less than 48 hours over a holiday weekend. Instead of being courteous and possibly regaining my business when I figure out what to do... they have alienated a customer and I will never use this agency or recommend them. I am trying to work through my credit card company for proper credit.
Awful! These people are con artist. Im pretty sure this is not even a legit company. They take money but offer no service in return. Simple claims get denied for ** reasons that make no sense. The adjusters, that basically have a job because of us are a bunch of twats. Oh they claim they are trained vet techs. ** they dont even know how to read medical records and cant comprehend why a dog would need a certain treatment or medication. They make any excuse to not pay a claim. Most of the reasons are ridiculous, half ** excuses. They have no problem taking money out of your bank! However when and if they do accept a claim they never send the money. These people are not legit. Stay away. This is no piece of mind for your pet. They have caused me nothing but grief from the first claim I submitted. If I just put the money that I pay these cons every month aside. My vet bills would be paid. Dont fall for this **.
They hard sell you into a trial policy (high end) with no follow up. They claimed they sent a copy of policy I never received. They make the claims process almost impossible. If you call them, they will simply repeat and repeat that everything was disclosed during the call. They are right - you are wrong period. Don’t under any circumstances sign up for insurance with this company.
Only if there was a Zero Star Rating.... The company's name changed a while ago from Petcare to 24PetWatch, website became extremely hard to use. There were no information on policy coverage like it used to. I had to make a few contacts to finally get my policy package sent to me via mail (which I would prefer to just see it online/email). When I faxed in a claim a week before my policy renewal date, I followed up two weeks later, then three, then a month later and FINALLY someone replied me saying there was no claim on file. This company is ridiculous. I will be switching over to PC Insurance. They've increased their price from $38 a month for my plan to now over $46 a month in the past 4 years. Service has only gotten worse. You will DEFINITELY REGRET if you sign up with them.
In august I received a letter telling me that my credit card information needed updating. Strange, but I logged into the account and updated the credit card information. This process in itself was weird as you cannot see what credit card number was already on file. In any case I re-entered the current card number that I use with all online payment. A month later same letter telling me once again that my credit card information needed updating. This time I called them and after several attempts I finally get through. I ask the employee to verify that the correct credit card information is on file and she confirms that it is. So when I ask why they couldn't process the payment she didn't have an answer and said that it will be processed shortly and there shouldn't be any problem.At the same time she informs me that my current insurance policy for one of my dogs would soon expire and that ShelterCare insurance would give me several options to choose from. Indeed I received a list of the new insurance policy and the cheapest and most comparable to my existing insurance went from $25 to $39 a month!!! As I was pondering what to do, I receive a final letter telling me that because my credit card information has not been updated my policies were cancelled. What?!? I had 2 policies with 24PetWatch, one due to expire in Nov 2016 and the other in July 2017. Both of these policies conveniently cut short because of a supposedly incorrect credit card information?This is BS and I am wondering how many customers have experienced this. They have helped me decide on one thing. I will never purchase any insurance policies from PTZ insurance Agency or any administrators affiliated with Sheltercare. Their lack of communication, inability of answer customer's calls and dubious ways of canceling policies make them highly disreputable.
I originally was with Purina Pet Insurance which was evidently bought out by 24PetWatch. Purina was fairly good... 24 Hour is horrendous. Please... if you're thinking about pet insurance Do Not Use This Company!! Claims, when they are processed, take 60 days (I have another pet already covered with Embrace Insurance and claims are paid within 2 weeks). Trying to reach 24PetWatch by phone is ridiculous. I just tried to call them regarding an outstanding claim and after holding for 5 minutes and automated recording came on saying it would take another 30 minutes. Unbelievable. I would highly recommend Embrace. I wish I could leave less than one star.
I have had Petwatch for over 4 years. When it was Purina everything was fine but since they took over it is a joke. Trying to get reimbursements is a nightmare. My vet's office started doing the claims for me so they could fax everything to them and they became as frustrated with this company as I am. They take months to reimburse, if ever. There is always some excuse, it is either they did not receive everything in which case you don't know until the deny your claim; The claim form has changed which you discover after your claims are denied and the claims is too old (over 90 days). You cannot get any status updates just a letter to say the claim is denied and then you can try and contact them. I have been sending them the same claims and all the required information for months and months. This last batch for April has been submitted over 6 times!!! This is a joke. I am too scared to cancel the policy because I probably won't see a cent of my reimbursements.
We have had horrible experience with this company. When the very few times we needed them it took 3 months to get a claim. Called and waiting on hold for close to an hour, sometimes getting dropped and starting over... even their phones don't work. Then finally told that they have no claim in process or on file despite having the confirmation that they received it. Now they come up with an average 61% increase for our pets with just the normal policy book, but nothing specifically stating a policy increase. I have never seen a company operate like this... and the background underwriters have multiple names which makes one wonder why they need to hide under some many tents.
I have been paying into this insurance policy for my pet for over 16 years. He just passed and this insurance would not pay - according to them the disease he died from is not covered under the policy!! They wouldn't pay $399.00 for the emergency exam he had and for the blood tests to let us know what was wrong with him. This insurance company is a scam. I have paid over $6000 over the years for my pets policy and they wouldn't even pay out a single dollar for taking him into emergency. GET A BETTER PLAN THROUGH A DIFFERENT COMPANY!!! THIS COMPANY WILL FIND ANY MEANS NOT TO PAY WHAT THEY OWE TO YOU!!!
If I could give zero stars, I would. I just got off the phone with a "customer service" rep who kept pressuring me not to cancel my policy. He was absolutely relentless and offensive. He had me so angry I ended up cussing at him. He was that bad. Background: Like everyone else who is furious with this company, my premium just jumped over 100%, from 30.02/mo to 66.16/mo. I didn't know this until I saw the charge on my credit card. I found the renewal booklet I'd been sent a couple of months ago, and sure enough it did say there would be an increase. My bad. BUT -- when I called the company today to look into changing from the highest coverage level ($20,000 which includes wellness and dental) to a lower one, I asked if the conditions my cat is currently being treated for would still be covered. I was told that since I didn't make the change "in the renewal period", her medical conditions would now be considered pre-existing(!!!) Since it would be no different if I got a new policy elsewhere, I figured why stay with this company that was ripping me off? So I said, "I want to cancel the policy, then." Oh my Holy Mother of God, what happened next was unbelievable.He began a relentless pressure campaign to get me to change my mind, kept harping on how a teeth cleaning alone (which is covered under the policy) makes the premium worth it. I told him my priorities are her hyperthyroidism and her kidney function, which currently entails labs a few times a year, not teeth cleaning. He went on and on, saying everything EXCEPT "Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry to hear you want to cancel; I'll start that process right now for you". I kept repeating that I was not interested in his spiel, that my mind was made up. That he was not honoring that absolutely infuriated me. I ended up calling him an ** -- but trust me I was only speaking the truth. "I understand you're upset", he said. "Really?" I asked, "Why do you suppose that is?" "Because your premium went up, I understand that." "No, it's because you are not doing what I'm asking. I asked you at least 3 times to cancel the policy. It's my choice and my decision. You do not have the right to keep trying to pressure me, and it's not going to work. Cancel the policy -- now!" "But ma'am --" And on and on and on. I'm telling you, it was unbelievable. Finally he said he was "in the process" of cancelling the policy, but just had one more thing he had to tell me, one more option available to me. I told him I didn't want to hear it, and he insisted that he had to tell me, so that I could "make a decision"!!! By now I'm practically screaming at him. "I've MADE my decision!! It's your job to honor it and not try to sell me any more crap!"The kicker is when he finally said the policy was cancelled, but that he just HAD to tell me that I'm "making a very ill-informed decision" and implied that I don't know what's best for my cat. If we'd been in the same room I probably would have leapt over the desk and throttled him. At one point I reminded him that the call was being recorded "for quality assurance purposes". I said, "So this is your company's idea of quality customer service? Hounding and pressuring people? Not providing the service that they want and are asking for?"24PetWatch is a terrible company. STAY CLEAR!! PS -- regarding his telling me that I hadn't requested to change my coverage level "during the renewal period", I didn't even have the presence of mind to tell him that NOWHERE in the policy renewal booklet that they sent me did it explain the reason for the premium increase, nor, and most importantly, did it say that UNLESS YOU CHANGE COVERAGE LEVELS DURING THE RENEWAL PERIOD, any conditions that were previously covered will be considered pre-existing. And that omission can only be purposeful on their part. That's why they are a sleazy organization that cares nothing for the animals they supposedly serve.
I've been covered by 24PetWatch for 8 years, since my cat was a kitten. I had the Champion Care with wellness visits coverage. I've never had any claims other than yearly wellness visits, which were covered with my policy. Over the past 7 years, my coverage has increase a small percentage every year, on the order of 2-3%, which I considered the cost of doing business. This year, without any notification, my renewal went up 336%, from $179/year to $602/year. I called the company thinking this charge was in error, but I was told that they have a new underwriter and that all rates went up. They supposedly mailed a letter in April stating this, but I never received it. This is the fourth or fifth time the company has changed hands since I initially purchased the insurance (it was Purinacare when I bought it initially), but I've never had issues until now. This increase is outrageous, and I am completely dissatisfied with how they treat their customers. In addition to the outrageous cost increase, they also had me on hold for over 30 minutes before I could speak to a person, and it took another 20 minutes before I could convince them to cancel my coverage. I originally purchased the insurance to cover any health care issues for the cat as he aged since it was cheaper to buy it when he was under 2 years rather than wait until he got older, but at this new cost, I can just as easily put the money in a savings account and have more than enough.
Takes over 30 minutes for them to answer a call. Raises your premiums by almost double, without warning. Aren't transparent about what your premium covers. Claims take 1 month to process. Stay away from this company!!
We got our dog from the shelter and he came with the 30 day pet insurance through 24PetWatch. One night I took the dog outside and when we came back inside he started breaking out in hives so we took him to an emergency vet clinic. We are pretty sure he stepped on a fire ant hill and the vet said that it was most likely an allergic reaction to the insects. We put in our claim and they denied it saying there was no way to actually prove it was from insects. And we had to call to see the status of our claim after months of waiting for a response. This business is a scam and they find excuses to not pay out, and their customer service will send you in circles.
24PetWatch always requires me to send in my cat's complete medical history with each claim. I have no problem with this but they keep saying they never received it. My vet and I both faxed in my cat's medical record multiple times the last time I made a claim. No one at 24PetWatch could find it. I missed a monthly payment so 24PetWatch sent me a letter asking for a money order to prevent the policy from being cancelled.I sent them a money order as requested. Next thing I know, I get a letter in the mail saying my policy has been cancelled. When I called about it, they were like, "Oh yeah, we don't take money orders anymore"??? I never got my money order back either. Customer service is a joke. The reps say they will find out what is going on and call back but they never do. I would rather they just be honest and say they're not going to bother calling me back. Their website is not user friendly either. You can't find the claim form on there. I dare you to try.
I purchased Purina Insurance in 2012 for my puppy at rate of $44.90 that was supposed to stay the same. Purina sold to 24Petwatch and they instantly started raising rates. I was currently up to around $68 a month but just got my renewal in the mail and as of 6/17 they are charging my original plan of $44.90 will now be $163.18!! They are more than doubling the cost and that is 363% since I started the insurance 5 years ago. I have always been a loyal customer and now I have to cancel because the fees will be almost $2000 a year. My dog has a pre-existing condition so they know I can't go to any other company and get insured. These outlandish price increases are forcing customers with pre-existing conditions to cancel and the company is perfectly fine with that because these customers are liabilities. Just when these pets need the insurance the most as they age they are being forced out by these price hikes. People are complaining about this all over different sites... this is a HUGE issue. This company needs to be investigated for insurance fraud or a class action needs to be brought against them.
For several years, we had two pet insurance policies with this company. In late 2016, we received written notification that PTZ was switching to a new insurance underwriter and that our policy premiums would rise sharply at their renewal dates in early 2017. Indeed, one policy premium was scheduled to DOUBLE. We called, reduced our policy coverage, and received quotes for the new, cheaper policies. Because one pet's policy was many years old and had been grandfathered in from PurinaCare, this policy was given a new ID number. The second pet policy kept the same ID number. We understood that our credit card would be billed on the renewal dates in early 2017 for these new, changed policies. So we were shocked when we received a letter in early February of 2017 notifying us that this second policy had not been renewed and was canceled altogether. The reason? They never issued a new policy ID number for it.We called within days of receiving this cancellation notice. We wanted the policy reinstated because we believed there had been a miscommunication and an error on their part because our intention was to have it renewed and billed to our credit card. They would not hear our explanation and pledged only to have a "supervisor" look into the problem. They told us that someone would called within "1 to 2 business days." Well, no one called. And when we called again, the phone customer service representative said only that she could not help us and that - again - a "supervisor" would have to look into it and that they would call within "1 to 2 business days."We were loyal customer who paid our policy premiums on time for years and the pet in question didn't even receive any billable care during the lapsed period. But they would not work with us, preferring instead to shove us into a new policy with more exclusions and worse coverage. We will take our business elsewhere and strongly suggest that you do the same.
Very difficult to get through to. You will wait 20 min's at the very least. I've used the call back system instead of waiting and no one got back to me, twice. All of my faxed claims have been lost, never received, they make you send them again and again. Their processing time is always over 20 days from when they finally acknowledge your claim. Then, once they say you are going to receive a check, it never comes. You need to call them back and they say they will reissue the check. This has happened twice so far, all in the exact same way. It's almost like this is just how they do business to avoid having their checks cashed. Such a disgrace.
Bought a one-year policy on their website in Jan 2015. In Feb 2017, they unauthorizedly charged $180 for some new policy I don't need. No notice. No follow-up from their customer service. Any potential customer should be aware of it.
My husband and I signed our dogs up for this insurance back in June 2015. Shortly after our new puppy started limping and we were worried she may have hurt her hind leg. We took her in for an x-ray at the vet. The vet confirmed nothing was fractured or broken and that she may have sprained it but ultimately would be ok. Our claim was denied by 24 Hour Pet Watch because she DIDN'T break her leg. They informed us they would have only covered it if there was damage to her leg - but how do you know there is damage without an X-ray?Later in the month our dog Nibbler cut his paw in our backyard (we moved into a new house and there were metal law dividers in part of the landscaping we hadn't realized were there). He ended up needing 8 stitches and 3 follow up visits with the bill totaling over $500. We submitted this claim immediately from the vet to 24 hour pet watch. It is now December 2015 and we have still not received an update on this claim after multiple follow-ups. We have emailed, waited on hold, submitted a request for instant chat - to no avail.Additionally, a few days ago we received a notice in the mail saying we needed to update our credit card information. I logged on this morning to update the information and received an error message that our policies have been cancelled. We received no notice of this cancellation (phone call, text, email, USPS mail) even though they have all of our contact information. I've been on hold now for over an hour and still no one has answered my call. I'm very disappointed and frustrated with the service from this company. As someone who is passionate about their pets' well being and treats them as part of the family I am saddened at the lack of support we have received for their healthcare. Every claim submitted has been something unforeseen and an accident which is what we strongly believed this company stood for. Now having realized they cancelled our policy without notifying us, we will be looking for services elsewhere. I truly hope other people have a better experience with this company and it breaks my heart that we and our pets have been tossed aside.
A small dog followed me home. I called this company's number which was a tag on her collar and after being put on hold for 10 minutes, spoke to a representative of this company. They assured me they would contact the owner. After an hour I called our local police dept who initiated a pick up by the owner within minutes. The pet owner said he had never received a called from this company. I told him they were useless and thank goodness he called the police dept instead of relying on this stupid PetWatch company. In my opinion, this company is nothing more than a scam to obtain information from people, for some, obvious monetary gain.
My first time ever writing a review about the services of a company. I am doing it as responsibility to save others from this pit trap. I have seen coners and scammers but something on a huge level like this is astonishing. Bought a policy for my dog 3 years ago. In one year the premium rate jumped from $25 to $44.88 without any notification without our consent. When I called to ask they said they mailed the renewal package to us. I tracked the date and details of general post with Canada Post and found out that no post was delivered to us on that day. This company is feeding on your ignorance and hectic life where you have little time to see what your insurance co. is doing with your bank auto deduct account that you provided them with. I asked to speak to a manager and they made me wait 20 mins on phone and the person who attended failed to explain why my dog's premium increased to double the figure in an year without our knowledge. Save your hard earned money and put it where they will treat you honestly. There are many other reviews with same story as mine and this made me withdraw my policy. I lost all the money in the premiums I paid but I am with a better provider now.
24Petwatch is a poorly run company. We have had our pet for 13 years and have had him insured with this company. Our primary complaint is the amount of time it takes to settle a claim. They are ridiculous. I have heard the same line from them for the past 12 years, that they are updating their system and that things will improve. I get promises all the time about this. I have never waited less than 20 minutes on hold with the "customer care" line. I haven't gone to another company simply because in the beginning, I had some faith in them. Now the pet is old and it would be difficult to insure him. As I tell all my friends, find another company. There are many more.
I actually quite like them. When I first started with them, they would send back the claim money before my credit card bill came in. Now it takes much longer. They were quite good to me back when I had a dog with CHF. He maxed out the Cardiovascular coverage and when another procedure had to be done in his abdomen, caused by the CHF, they switched it over to the GI coverage for me. I really appreciated that. The only thing I’m not too happy with is the monthly payment goes up every year or so, even though I have had very few claims as my dog is healthy.
I've been with 24Pet insurance for my dog for 9 years. That ended today July 2017. The insurance company prior to this new PTZ-taking over was amazing. Now, since the new PTZ took over their customer service has decreased and to a surprise I didn't receive any policy renewal notice but did receive my credit card statement and just like the other person on here they doubled my premium. Without notifying me of any changes in premium AND double charging me without any notice. I called to verify all of this. They tried to tell me it's a new underwriting price change. I told them my new pet insurance buying for a new policy has begun and they can cancel retroactive to this billing. They wouldn't. I told the rep they should be ashamed of themselves doing this to loyal clients and hung up. My credit card company has taken their charge off my bill and my dog has another insurance for the same amount I was paying before.
Submitted a claim on May 19 2016. I have called every month, there is no option on the phone to talk to customer service. After 30 minute and several targeted phone routing or waste of my time someone tells me that they are updating the website. The claims are slow. I cannot, under any circumstances, recommend this company. They have taken my premiums each month, but will not, apparently, accept a claim.
When I adopted my 2 cats in 2015, the humane society that I bought them from used 24PetWatch microchips. Fast forward to 2018 when I have moved and am trying to update my contact information in case they, god forbid, get lost and I am informed that I cannot change my contact information unless I pay $44 a year to get memberships for both of them so they will unlock my account and allow me to go in and change my own address information. I have a HomeAgain Chip in my dog and that company is WONDERFUL. They also have a membership with a fee but they do not require you to pay it in order to update the information that may result in your pet getting returned to you safe and sound. Instead their membership fee simply allows you to use actual benefits should you chose to want them like email blasts to people in your area if your pet is lost. I will never again allow my pets to be microchip with a 24PetWatch chip and I strongly encourage you to seek out other options like HomeAgain if you want to have your pets truly protected.
This Company should not be allowed to do business in the United States. Customer service is awful. They will not pay out. I've been fighting 8 months. My 8yr old German Shepherd has cancer. It's not fair. They are uncaring IDIOTS!!!
This is my second year dealing with 24PetWatch insurance. Last year they kept delaying and delaying my reimbursement. Phone hold times were half hour 45 minutes. Excuses were that they were behind short-staffed and apparently in Canada. They finally paid a claim that they said they were paying me even though they weren't supposed to but they were not going to take it back not sure where that all came from but that was disturbing. Now from their visits August 2016 and a couple visits there after in August I'm still waiting for reimbursement on about seven claims. I have yet to receive any money back. They are pathetic unorganized crooked company that holds claims with more excuses on how many channels it has to go through. Disgusted and not sure what I can do HELP!
24PetWatch - 7-22-17 at 9:23 a.m. - I paid for their renewal before realizing I already had lifetime service set up for my service dog, Morris, with AKC Reunite. I selected the lifetime plan because I didn't want to pay $22.00 a year. I'm now out of $84.95. This money can be much better spent on dog food! Exactly 20 minutes after paying them by credit card I called them via deaf relay & asked to have it removed. The customer service rep was adamant that it cannot be removed (because it says no refunds), so I waited a while and then called again and got the same response, except after 38 minutes on the call, this rep said she would forward this issue to her manager, who is off on weekends and is the only one authorized to remove the pending charge, since during the same relay call with the same CA (Sprint relay operator) - when I first contacted Visa CC, they said the charge was pending and only the merchant can remove it.In the meantime, Visa said that they added a dispute note to my account but that it can't be disputed until the payment is posted. Now I'm waiting for "the manager" to contact me via email and I pray I get that money back. Wish me luck, please! Note: Google result for 24PetWatch says Microchip Registration is free. IT IS NOT FREE!!!
I enrolled in the free trial plus an additional wellness plan coverage for my newly rescued dog. 24PetWatch is refusing to reimburse me for my dog's wellness exam items, Lyme vaccine and her skin condition treatments. Apparently while trying to enroll me, representative explained skin conditions were one of 12 immediately covered conditions while today rep told me it's not dermatitis so it falls into an item that needs a longer waiting period for eligibility. In short, it's not worth your time or money to debate 24PetWatch's deceptive consumer practices and don't count on any assurances given upon making enrollment decisions. I'm lucky I only lost $12.50 as I've cancelled and cut my losses. But everyone please be aware as this company seems to prey upon families who have adopted rescue animals.
Where to start? Lousy customer service, shady adjusters who deny claims that should be paid, unconscionable rate hikes for loyal customers who have gone years and never filed a claim. These are all common themes. This company seriously needs a good independent audit to find out what's going on. There is something VERY wrong here. Animal shelters: Please stop offering these complimentary policies to your adopters. YOU ARE SETTING YOUR CLIENTS UP FOR DISASTER WITH THESE PEOPLE. Also, for any who are frustrated by this company, there is now a Facebook group. Please see "24 Petwatch Dissatisfied Customers".
They said they never got my bills. When my Debit card they were sure to call me weekly to try and get my premium. I had 4 claims over a 2 and a half year period that was never paid. I didn't even know that they switched to 24PetWatch until they kept calling over and over. I was denied for Timely Filing. I paid them over $1,800 and they couldn't pay me the $700 they owed me. Awful, I got a new insurance and they had a check in my hand within 30 days. 24 Watch says they have 30-45 days and then another 10-14 days to mail. BECAUSE THEY ARE MAILING FROM CANADA.
When I first got the policies for my 2 dogs they were okay but then things changed in June 2016. I was notified that my monthly rate of $121 was going to be raised to $250 because supposedly they weren't profitable. HUH? I voiced my opinion on that one. I told them no way and canceled both policies. But I had submitted a $135 claim to them in May 2016. OMG as of today it has not been paid. I have spoken to 5 different customer agents and each time I was told they were missing this or that form. Fine each time I complied with their request and was assured the claim would go through.Today I still have not receive my $104 net payment so I called again. Now they're saying that the Vet didn't indicate a zero balance on my invoice even though it clearly states I paid on my Visa. I am so frustrated you have no idea. I told the supervisor to have the claims people there to call the vet. I owe them nothing. Anyway at this point I am done. Guess I lose the money but my blood pressure can't take any more of this. I will contact whoever I can as far as an insurance board, BBB or anyone else I can file a complaint to. So I highly recommend you seek insurance elsewhere because you will never see your claims paid.
RE-REGISTER YOUR PETS WITH ** (or both). You can enter your animal's chip information and freely update the information (such as new address) without paying for it. Those two services are what microchipping is all about - making sure pets make it back home if they are lost. DO NOT USE 24PETWATCH. I have 3 dogs - 2 microchipped with 24PetWatch. I live in a rental house and have moved a few times since adopting my dogs. I was quite angry to discover that the only way I can change/update the address on my dogs' chips is to pay their absurd fee for a lifetime membership. I understand completely that companies need to make money, but that is what their insurance side is for, not their basic pet microchipping. The real kicker here is that I was considering getting pet insurance for all 3 of my dogs through them, but have changed my mind now that I know that I cannot even updated my address without giving them a huge chunk of money. SHAME ON YOU, 24PetWatch. You are not protecting and saving animals, you are taking advantage of pet owners. I am sincerely disappointed, and frankly disgusted.
24PetWatch is a scam. I've been with them for over 12 years and have not asked them for 1 dime and they never ever answer the phone unless you want insurance and then they find out it's something else they put you on hold and never come back. Send me a letter stating that my insurance was coming to an end after the end date and been calling them no answer. When I did get an answer they tell me my new insurance is going from 12.95 to 36.00 a month. My dog is now 11 years old. Who's going to insure my pet and she only had accident only. Something should be done. I love my pet as she was my child. How can we do something about this? It's wrong. I'm in tears. She's always been a healthy dog. Now she's older I might really need the insurance now but I'm not getting it from them. No stars for me.
Claim submitted 10/8/14, have called and only today after speaking to another rep, was told I do not have all the information on my claim for process - I am missing SOAP notes. The area on the claim has Veterinarian Notes, - which is not consider to be what they are asking for now - the turn over is now 6 weeks for payment. I have had insurance on my dog for almost 8 years, and now the new 24petwatch insurance is so bad. I have been told 1 reason after another why the process takes so long. I will not renew with them. The staff is just so bad when it comes to questions, I wonder if I will ever see my claim process - my submitted claim is under 1000 - but if I did not pay the monthly fee, I bet I would receive a call pretty fast. This company has gone downhill, to the point they are not worth it.
Like many others, I too extended a complimentary policy I received when I adopted a pet. I purchased a premium plan, and included all three of my pets. I am disgusted after reading these reviews, as I too have had the same experiences - hold time in excess of 30 minutes, being told they are hiring more people, being told that a Supervisor is unavailable. To that consumer who commented about knowing our policy and what it covers - I have read my policy from cover to cover, and I know what I purchased. On a previous call, I was told that I could send in records/receipts/etc., from multiple vet visits versus one at a time, as long as they were submitted within the claims time frame window. It was, and I did. After 8 phone calls to check the status of my claims over a 45 day period, I was told that the bulk of my "claim" was denied due to "teeth" which aren't covered in my policy, which I knew - but the rep told me to include anyway for my pet's records. I sent in 5 claims total, only 1 of which was in reference to teeth, the others illnesses. I couldn't understand their mistake of thinking all the documentation was teeth, as I made excellent records for them to follow. I've called back 3 times, explained it 3 times, with each rep admittedly seeing the mistake that was made by the vet techs in Claims. Each time I was told a Supervisor would phone in 24-48 hours and still nothing. I paid annually and I'm sure will get nothing back if I cancel. This place is a fraud; how can they be allowed to do business??? I want my money back!
DO NOT USE THEM!!! They keep hiding behind rules and policies that they make up after the fact. They are way far behind in the ease of posting claims to their websites unlike other insurance companies. Also the microchip that’s in your dog or cat from them is crap. They want you to have insurance from them to change the info. It sounds like a bait and switch to me. NONE of my animals other than my other dog that has this microchip has a cost to change info. Like other people said use a different site to add them to your profile. Also when they talk on the phone its sounds like a scam. Also they aren't BBB accredited!
Worst experience imaginable. From beginning to end - 5 July, called to file a claim about my dog who had to go to the vet as of 18 July, no response. On 7 July, attempted to file a claim online, website does not function and does not allow you to fill in all of the necessary information, making it impossible to file a claim. Again, I called to seek assistance. Not only was I told they did not know what the issue was, they redirected me to a different pet insurance company whom they claimed managed the website with a promise that they would also email me a copy of the claim form I could fill out and send in via email. The other group was, unsurprisingly, confused and told me they had no ability to alter 24 Hour Pet Watch's website and offered to redirect me. At this point I had been on the phone for over an hour and was becoming irrational so I politely declined. Once again, I called on 18 July (today), first call - 28 minutes before the call was ended on their end without being received. Second call - nearly an hour, ended without being received. Third call - 28 minutes, they answered, redirected me because apparently the person who answered couldn't handle my account, waited 30 more minutes, call was dropped without being received. Fourth call - 28 minutes, ended without being received. Fifth call - I discontinued after 15 minutes. Sixth call - I went to sales to see how fast they would answer it took them 30 seconds. 30 ** seconds for them to answer when I called the sales line. If you want to have a company consistently push you to spend more, and never provide an ounce of customer service this is the company to go with. If you want to have your animals taken care of, go anywhere else.
We adopted two kittens and received a 30 day free trial for both kittens. When I called to set the insurance up, they said they wouldn't charge my card until the 30 day free trial was up. I confirmed with the lady twice that she wouldn't charge my card until November 19, 2018. Then, a few days later I notice that around $280 was charged on my credit card. I called 24PetWatch and the person I spoke advised that this was a human error and that he would call me back in 3-5 days to ensure I received a refund. I never received a response so I emailed them to cancel. The email said I would receive a response within 48 hours. Again, no response. So I called last Friday and the person I spoke to said that the payment was not an error, that's how annual pay works. Then she asked if I wanted to go on monthly pay. I told her just to cancel both policies. She confirmed that the cancellations were processed and I would receive a refund within 7 days. It has been 7 days and nothing. If you adopt a pet and they offer you a free trial through 24PetWatch, don't bother! I am in insurance and this is not how customer service works. When someone says a refund should be sent to you within a certain amount of time or they will contact you within a certain number of days, they should.
They have terrible customer service and appear to be a scam. For the last three months, they have the same phone recording about changing their call center and that they are updating, but haven't and remain with very long wait times. Their employees were unable to help in any way. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I notified my veterinarian about this company, and they do not recommend it. Said they will be sure to warn all their customers against this company and removed this company's brochures in their waiting area. I am also in process of notifying the California Attorney General's office as this appears to be an insurance scam.
WATCH OUT!! I repeat WATCH out when you sign up for this complete BS. I don't think you should sign up in the first place but this is my experience. I got my puppy and the next 2 days I signed up with 24 hour pet watch for this 30 day trial BS. First of all the customer service rep that set up my account straight up said " go to the vet and submit a claim that you'll get reimbursed. All what was discussed is the set up (name address ETC, said we had 30 days. I do as I was told and submit the claim. 2 Weeks after I call to get an update and the gentleman explains the time it takes for review. I ask what this trial covers exactly because the vet recommended some expensive Shampoo and Conditioner (50 Bucks Each!!) and some vitamins. Well the gentleman explained what it covers and by what he said basically my claim will not be reimbursed.I asked to speak to a supervisor to review this because this was not what I was told when I signed up. He put in a request and said 2-3 days I'll get a call... I didn't. I waited another full week and called back. Same thing, I explained what was going on and the woman this time said she's going to pull my claim ahead to be reviewed by a supervisor and I'll get a call back in 2-3 days... AGAIN no callback and waited another week and a half. On 2/1/2017 I call again to get some answers and the rep tells me the supervisor reviewed my claim and put notes that they "heard" the call recording and said they went over everything with me and I was misunderstood... Keep in mind this trail covers only 10 things. They basically insult me by indirectly saying I'm stupid there's only 10 things the trial covers.I ask to hear MY OWN phone call with them and they said they think they will not let me hear it... Come on if I knew what my puppy needed wasn't covered don't you think I'll ask the vet for a shampoo and conditioner that I can find at a pet store first??? But no they make it sound like you're in good hands and to just submit the claim that you'll get your money back. LIES! So now we are weeks down the road and all I have now is waiting another 2-3 days for a supervisor to call. I wouldn't recommend ANYONE to sign up with this scam insurance. Such Poor Customer service. DO NOT DO NOT believe anything they say and if you do decide to sign up MAKE SURE that you ask what EXACTLY this "trial" covers AND GET IT IN AN EMAIL because to me it doesn't cover anything your pet would need in the first 30 days of your new pet.
I was on hold for 1Hr and 42 minutes!!! Claims are taking up to 3 months to get approved!!! When I do get someone on the phone she stated that she could not help me because of the state I was in!!! My aunt called the state attorney general's office!! Please beware of this company!!!
Not only do they pay in a timely fashion, the Vet faxes the forms in for me and occasionally has to refax them which is not a big deal. When 1 pup's tail need to be amputated, I got almost all the money back, which was over $1,000. There are different plans which have different levels of coverage so that may explain some of the problems people are having. You get what you pay for and it is important to understand your policy and how it changes over time. As a pet ages things change as well... Just as they do for humans. I also pay annually so there is no wait time when I need immediate service! :)
Granted I had problems with 24PetWatch Insurance because of preexisting conditions and my misunderstanding of that clause. Once I worked thru the problem I had no problems in ten years. Not only did I get checks promptly but they were very clear and sympathetic to my situation. First my dog had his spleen removed due to an accident - they paid all the cost. Then my dog battled cancer which they paid all the cost. Then when western medicine stopped working for the cancer they covered all the holistic cost no questions asked. That is all the meds I bought over the internet and holistic doctor of my choice. I have three dogs cover with them now and I know I am in excellent hands. With any insurance company you are going to run into some kind of problems but if you are patient you can work through them. I say 24PetWatch is good, reliable and sensible. Plus they have been in business for a long time. I should know - I have used them for 15 years! Aloha.
My pet's microchip was registered with 24PetWatch when I adopted him from a local cat shelter; the shelter confirmed that his microchip would be updated with my information. Two years later I decided to update his information online only to find out that his information, age, breed, etc, is all wrong. When attempting to update his info I was blocked from the account and prompted to purchase a Lifetime Protection Plan for $84.95, for which I paid. I have, for a week now, been unable to update his information as the website continues to block me from my account stating I must purchase a Lifetime Membership Plan. I phoned the company and they confirmed my payment and stated it could take 24 hours for my plan to register online and to "log in tomorrow". I've attempted login every day for the last week to find myself still unable to update my pet's information. I called the company again, no answer. I emailed the company, no answer. I asked for a cancellation/refund, no answer. I filed a PayPal dispute. I'll be having my pet microchipped with a different company.
I made the huge mistake of continuing coverage with this insurance company after I adopted a rescue dog. It was by far the worst insurance service I have ever encountered. Every single time I called their customer service line, I was on hold for at least 30 minutes, sometimes over an hour. But the worst part was trying to get them to pay for a valid claim. Having been a Vet Tech for years, I know this was a valid claim and they denied it based on a previous different illness. Their dispute process is also a joke. I was never allowed to talk to anyone that could make a decision, and this claim was continually denied even though my regular veterinarian and a specialist completed the necessary paperwork to explain their denial was based on wrong information. I repeatedly received the same canned letter over and over again. It is though no one ever took the time to review the paperwork they themselves required. Or perhaps they don't know what they are doing, or never plan to pay out anything. In any case, they lost my business. I have cancelled my policy with them and have enrolled her in another reputable pet insurance company for which I have over a decade of good experience with. I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone.
I like many received had issues with the card they had on file and not posting correctly to my bank which has never been an issue until now. I provided an updated expiration date a month and half ago and my policy was cancelled this week. I have a pending claim that I am waiting to be paid. I got some letter in the mail that was a strange combination of two different letters in one. It started out by stating my policy had been cancelled due to lack of payment of premiums, then went on to state that having pet insurance is the best thing I could do for my pet. I called the customer service number. The rep told me that the company tried on two separate occasions to try and run my number, but it was returned. I had never heard of such a thing, there was enough money to cover the charge. I called my financial institution, the only thing they could find was a request to authorize the monthly payment amount back in October. They could not find record of the other two instances the representative mentioned over the phone. My policy is currently frozen, the customer service representative can't do anything and only a manager can reinstate my account. Oh I have to wait three to five business days to even talk to a manager!!! This is a SHAM! I will be contacting my local Humane Society and vet's office and tell them not to recommend this company to anybody.
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