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21st Century Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: 21st Century Insurance group
Overall average rating of 1.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 11 %
On the 26th of September, I spoke with an agent who took all the information required to insured my auto, add another driver, and the quote was as followed: 555.47 with a down payment of 120.77 and a monthly payment of 96.60. I was to buy the policy on the 3rd of October. When I received a verification of my quote, it was much higher than what was first quoted.I spoke with your agent Micheal today with an even higher quote than the one online. He quoted 177.00 down and 142.00. What is going on? That quote is close to 300.00 higher than the one I received on the 26th. I believe it is good business to stand by the original quote. I know you won't, but I will say you have lost a customer, and I will make sure not to recommend you to any of my friends, and will send an open letter to our local paper and tell everyone how you conduct business. You're running a bait and switch operation.
We've been with them for 10 years without issue. Last year we had a car accident. The car had to be total loss and bought a new car. New ID card received with the total loss car instance of the new car. We called and sent in all paperwork for the new car to 21st Century. How can they make this type of mistake? This July received new ID card for the car insurance. We been driving from July to end of September, didn’t realize we didn’t have car insurance until receive a suspension letter from MVA. We didn’t receive any payment notice, lapse letter, email or call from 21st Century. They can’t renew our policy because after 30 days. We have to find a new policy on our own within a week or MVA will suspense our license. Why 21st Century can’t sent me a reminder note by mail, email or call if they didn’t my payment on time. What is the use for them to ask us for our phone number and email address?Now our new car insurance went up 3 times the original premium. Also, due to this lapse, our state fines us $325 per vehicle. My husband and I will be paying a $650 fine because 21st Century didn’t send us payment notice, reminder notice or try to contact us. On top of that my home insurance premium will increase due to I don’t have car insurance with 21 Century and we won’t be entitle of the discount. How much more expense for the company to send a reminder notice to their customer if they didn’t receive their payment instance of lost the business. I will never use 21st Century again due their policy.
We are from NJ and with 21st Century for more than 5 years. Our insurance premium have gone higher and higher in past few months. We noticed last month that they increased the premium by $100. We called 21st Century and the representative told us that this has happened due to increasing number of claims in NJ. We asked how is it possible as it is not fair game. He replied that he agrees that we should not be penalized for others' fault, but that is how the auto insurance policy works. He even asked, "Have you researched on it?" We could not believe this as we never heard of it before.Can someone reply if this is really possible? After reading all reviews here, it seems that we are with the wrong company. But before changing the company, can we get a refund of our increased costs because our history is clean? No accident or tickets or new drivers, plus a Toyota car. I don't even know their criteria of calculating the raise in premium.
So I check my bank statement and see that money was not taken for my car insurance. After calling to find out why, they tell me they have been sending me letters for months trying to get information and because I didn't respond they "have no interest in insuring" me. I never received any letter; the address they had was wrong, not even close to my address and I have no idea where they got it. So I have been without insurance for a month without even being knowing it. Don't waste your money, it's overpriced and not helpful.
It appears that folks here like 21st Century. 21st Century is a company that seemed nice enough until I had a claim to file. I had to do it online and got a call from a man in a "25 mile radius" named Bob. Bob was right to the point, that personal touch who gives that sort of "we're not going to pay unless you are smarter than me" kinda guff. I told him that I am not comfortable talking with him and asked him not to contact me anymore. He kept on calling and sending letters even when I contacted customer service. At this moment nothing has been done, and my policy has been cancelled. Not more to say. I wish the next guy or gal the best of luck. Get insurance unless you plan on using it.
21st Century is a auto insurance company that cares about their customer. They're always quick to getting all of your problems solve fast as your eyes can blink. They are always there when you need them the most. You can't lose with 21st Century. I was very impress with their customer service. They very helpful and knowledgeable to answer all of your questions securely and professionally.
I hit a deer which is clearly not my fault and 21st Century even told me that it was not my fault. But yet they have it listed on their records as being my fault and so nicely cancelled my ** ins! So now when I try to get ins with another co, they either will not insure me or they want 400 a month! 21st Century is a ** ins co.
This is by far the absolute worst vehicle insurance company ever. They add driver's to your policy and there is no way to get them to change their mind... even when the drivers don't ever drive your vehicles. As you take vehicles off your insured list, your premium increases. When you replace 21st coverage with something more affordable, you get no credit for the time you have already paid for and, in fact, you get a bill for additional fees. I was able to switch from this ridiculous company to another with the same limits and my bill for the entire year with the new company is less than the cost for 6 months with 21st. Happily, Safeco is my new company and so far so good.
My wife and I purchased a 2002 BMW X5 3.0 on 5/3/2015 and ever since I left the dealership we have had problems. We took the car to get inspected and it could not even pass the inspection, the steering wheel was about to fall off and could not telescope in or out nor could it move up or down. The very next day I took the car back to 21st century auto group dropped the car off to have it serviced. ** the general manager and ** the head receptionist told me that it would be ready in 2-3 days. Well it's going on the 5th week that my car has been there and all they say when we call or stop by the dealership is they not sure what to tell me. They're just delivering the message. Can someone please help us out?
I liked them but they raised their rates too much. I never had to file a claim and thought I should have been rewarded for safe driving. I needed to save as much as I could on my insurance rates so I had no choice but to find another company that was as good but at a more affordable cost.
On 4/11/2015 my roof was damaged by high winds. I called 21st Century for assistance and to file a claim. I was told that they cannot provide an emergency roofer, I was on my own and if it rained (as forecast) I would not be covered if I did not perform emergency repairs. I have a $500 deductible but was told that the latest policy has a $2,600 deductible for wind and hail damage. This was more than my claim. I dealt with them since they were AIG Homeowners Insurance and this is my first claim. The agent was very unhelpful and condescending. DO NOT GET A POLICY FROM THIS COMPANY!
I'm dumping this ** insurance company. I will not and do not recommend them to anyone. My vehicle was scratched thus is being investigated. Requesting my ssn# for any credit issues and a bunch of other crappie. 21st Century can go to hell. Will not longer be a customer after your time-consuming investigation. Have fun **. My credit is good.
21st Century is the best auto insurance I've ever had. Lowest premium and excellent customer service. My only claim was for a cracked windshield which I phoned in at 5 PM on a Friday. Had approval for replacement quickly.
In March 2012, I called up 21st Century Insurance regarding a claim for a cracked windshield. I have had my policy since October 2011 and asked that I have a comprehensive. When I checked my policy, I found that they never added comprehensive to my policy. Therefore, I added it online. When I called them, I found out that they were bought out by Farmers Insurance! The claims agent I spoke to at Farmers took my information and stated they would call me back. A few hours later, they called me to tell me that the agent stated that my "loss" was backdated to the previous day, making it impossible for them to honor my claim! To make things worse, I got married at the end of March and due to that (and even though my husband does not drive), they stated that I had to list him on my insurance policy (regardless that the car is mine and mine alone). And due to my marriage, they were raising my rates! Also, they stated that they would not renew my policy because my husband didn't drive. **? I am 40 years old with a great driving history and a federal government employee. Why would they cancel someone like me just because I married someone who does not drive? Seriously? My husband and I were even ready to sign a waiver declaration, but they refused it!After searching around, I found a major auto insurer that I am getting insurance with for $150 less per month for the same insurance! Since my policy expires on April 25, 2012, I wrote 21st Century an email, letting them know how I felt about them as a company and that I would not be purchasing any further insurance from them. Now, keep in mind that I have already paid my 6-month premium on the March 25th billing date. This was to take me to the end of my 6 months from 3/25 to 4/25/12. I received a response back from "Michael" at their WebCare team to inform me that they will cancel the policy (even though they told me they would not renew it to begin with) and that I had a remaining balance of $9.39. For what? I refuse to pay one more dime to this leech of a company!This company is horrible and the State of Florida’s department of insurance does not feel the need to "regulate" them and what they are doing! How can an insurance company get away with charging someone 70% higher for insurance than other companies? Be forewarned! With Farmer's Insurance purchasing 21st Century, their customer service has declined while their rates have risen! Buyer beware!
They asked me if anyone else would ever drive my car. I said my brother might drive it very occasionally. Then, they gave me a quote for $390 for 6 months for the state's minimum PIP liability. Three days later, I got a letter in the mail stating that I did not give them accurate information and my premium went up to over $800 for the 6 months. So I called them and told them I did not want him on the policy and that he would not drive. They said they could not take him off the policy because he does not have his own insurance. Since they wouldn't allow that, I asked to cancel the policy, and they said I was not allowed to cancel the policy in the first 60 days according to their guidelines. That's the illegal part. What guidelines? I didn't sign anything agreeing to that and I did some research on this website: **If you scroll to the bottom it says that no insurance company can deny you the right to cancel your policy. I'm very displeased and this is as shady as it gets. Can someone please look into this insurance company? Thank you so much for your time!
Lowest rates of all insurers investigated. I've had only one problem with 21st Century in six years when they attempted to raise my premium for no good reason. Otherwise they've been fair and easy to work with.
My mother, who has had 21st Century for as long as I've been alive, was backing out of a parking space and had to wait for a free cars before she could proceed. She was 1/3 out of the space and another lady who had already cleared her car was off to one side and saw a another car backing out. The lady then reversed so she could get the space and in doing so hit my mother's car. She told witnesses she had hit my mother's car and took complete blame for it. We then called the woman's insurance company and filed a claim with a very polite and professional rep. Unfortunately for us the woman had called my mother's insurance claiming it was my mother who hit her. The rep from 21st called my mother's house and on one occasion my wife answered and the rep was very rude for no reason other than he is a **. My mother called him back, I called him back, and all we got was his voicemail. Finally after days of trying, she talks to him and he has determined my mother was at fault. My mother has a nearly flawless driving record and yet her rep just threw her to the other insurance company and said "ok it's our driver's fault" just like that. My mother had witnesses who called on her behalf but because the 21st Century rep was too busy being a jerk and unable to do his job, she gets to take the hit on her record and money out of her pocket. The lady states that she had reversed into my mother's car, and yet my mother is to blame? If you want an insurance company that won't stand behind you but will treat you like a piece of trash, go with 21st Century. Wawanesa Insurance seems to back their drivers even when they admit fault.
Proof that forcing insurance = insurance company abuse: So I got insurance from 21st Century due to their low rates which magically got higher when I got my bill with no warning. If they decided I was a higher risk than they originally thought, shouldn't there be a rule that they have to warn me? Even credit card companies have to give you 30 days notice! Anyways, I'm an idiot and didn't cancel then and there. Nor did I cancel after all the times I couldn't get online to sign my required documents (that you can only get online). Finally, thanks to a rock on the highway, I finally had to file a claim. Ironically, the windshield replacement was going to cost less than the deductible on my claim! Fine, I picked the high deductible, I'll suffer. But then came the kicker, 21st Century tells their glass people that if I file a claim I must pay the $500 deductible, and then they will pay the repair company the $302 for the repair. Are you kidding me!? On top of it, should something else happen to my car in the next year, they tell me I still owe a $500 deductible. Unlike medical insurance, they go by the incident, not the year.This is what happens when you make people buy insurance. The insurers get all the power. Luckily, I am moving to NH where no insurance is required! Even better, 21st Century won't do business there. Bet they won't reimburse me for the 45 minutes I've been on hold and wasted from my cell phone plan too. Or the 45 minutes they spent telling me they refuse to file a claim so that I can have proper documentation as to their denial for payment. Now back on hold while they elevate my call.
I have been long time Customer with 21st Century Insurance. My renewal come for next 6 month and they raised. I don't any ticket or accidents in my record for 15 years even good Credit. I use to pay automatic every 6 month in full. I called and she told me I had two roadside assistance and someone in claim department entered as accident. She said call claim department and correct, I did called claim department they said "You only had two roadside assistance not a accident." Final they told me "we don't know why you premium is raised but someone will contact to you in 48 hours." Week later I get same Bill in the mail. Finally I went online and shop around and found good deal.
Had to file a claim just recently and my auto insurance was there for me right away being very helpful. I am so grateful to 21st Century Insurance for the help they gave to me at the time of my need. Sent me a great claim adjuster who explained all my options!
I got hit two different times from a motorcylist. I was purposely blamed and not receive payment for damages nor approved to go to a shop they used and picked excuses I'm trying to reopen them. When I mentioned their scam they withheld a small portion they offered to give me. This company sucks, only wants to take the monthly premium and not pay repairs or anything else.
21st insurance is the worst insurance experience I have ever had and I'm 43 years old and this is the first review I ever wrote... They would not let me write one on their website. They had me blocked somehow... They will sell you a policy and let you pay for 6 months up front and 4 months later say you owe them money and if you don't pay they will cancel policy and get your license suspended. And don't believe a word that anyone at this company says cause they all have a different story and none of them are true.
I am involved with my 2nd trying day attempting to GET 21st Century to reinstate my joint auto policy, which they 'cancelled' 6/24/15, & didn't reinstate, as I was informed WOULD occur while discussing the matter with an agent/rep on the phone on 6/24/15 (It just so happens that the 'installment' payment--which WOULD l have been our 'Final' installment for months to come; another reason it was disappointing to NOT have the needed funds to pay this on exactly THAT day. But for months I had been juggling bills, etc, due to loss of income with my job/employer--pretty commonplace nowadays.). I couldn't pay the full amount due on 6/24, but was told that were I to make my payment on Friday--when I got paid--that it would 'cancel out' because it would be too late in the current 'billing cycle', but subsequently reinstate FOLLOWING my payment. Our policy WAS in my girlfriend's name so she routinely received communications or e-mails about the policy--myself, never, though occasionally I'd receive a call from 21st. NOT this time, as unluck would have it, neither of us received ANY e-mails, calls, or other notification ABOUT the (anticipated) cancellation, then 'reinstatement' whatsoever. I didn't think I had any reason to expect anything unexpected with this scenario, BUT only last week, my girlfriend received a mailed notification from 21st informing her of the policy's 'cancellation'--NOT a typical or unusual. Frequently we only receive mailed information weeks AFTER any payment, action, contact via phone. She asked me ABOUT this 'cancellation' which I told her to disregard because I'd paid what was owed and taken care of it weeks earlier, on 6/26/15. LITTLE did I know that the policy had in fact been Cancelled ON 6/24 yet NOT been 'reInstated' as I was expecting, based on the information I'd gotten FROM the agent prior to making my payment. Also, it just so happened to have been 30 days AFTER the anticipated 'cancellation', which 21st Century's 3 or 4 various reps/agents REPEATEDLY told me. I am STILL trying to persuade 21st Century to reinstate our policy since I would have absolutely contacted them IMMEDIATELY upon my girlfriend's having gotten the mailed notice last week HAD I known for a fact that it wasn't just another routine, computer-generated mailing & that the policy in fact HADN'T been also 'reinstated' following the 'cancellation' as I'd been informed BY the agent. So by now it has become a nightmare, me trying to persuade 21st Century TO reinstate our policy though they continue to maintain it is PAST 30 days, & NOT subject to reinstatement, & myself telling THEM that they should reinstate our policy for a variety of reasons, including the fact that I wasn't aware of the policy having been actually cancelled & NOT subsequently reinstated per the advisement of their agent, & my having ONLY become aware of its cancellation and not reinstated as of yesterday, which as I said--coincidentally happened to be only 31 days after my payment. It seems they just want to MAKE a much greater amount of money, since they continue insisting our policy CAN'T be reinstated but MUST be instead a completely 'new' policy--of course, SEVERAL hundred $$$ more during even a 6-month period.
I have been very unhappy with 21st century for the past number or years. When they were really 21st century, and still under their original ownership with corporate offices in Woodland Hills, you could usually call someone. Now you are just a number. I rarely had needed them, but when I was in Northern California in 2005 and totaled out... they used my actions of trying to cope alone, some 400 miles away from home against me. They were upset that I did not rent a car and drive home but instead called my son at a local college campus and flew home. Did it matter how I got home? I was hurt and all alone. My son was at school in No Cal. Anyone who has been in an accident is not very alert after such an event, especially when you have been struck at 65 miles per hour standing still.They settled my car out for NOTHING! It was in really good shape and have just been detailed with new tires put on. It did not matter. I really felt they let me down in a time of need but I continued to insure with them. I have been on disability since that accident, and life has been difficult. I drive now about 2500- 5000 miles per year... About 2 years ago, I had missed a renewal payment by 3-4 weeks accidentally. They told me they could not reinstate my policy, but they could rewrite it, and so that small mistake jacked up my insurance some $250. Same exact coverage, same exact car! WHY? I had not had any tickets. The 2005 accident was a rear fender and not my fault. I did not have any new accidents. I was driving much less now and the rep could not give me an answer as to why my insurance was going up. It made it so it was hard to pay. I finally gave up driving for a few months because the payments are too high and I needed time to try to figure out what I should do next. I need a new policy, and perhaps it is that I dread returning back to 21st Century cause they really do not respect me or my business. However, I want to be able to drive. The fact that I have been with their company for over 40 years means nothing to them, and their attitude was really displayed the last time I called. I am probably now their oldest or longest customer as the company opened and my family was one of their original customers before I started to drive. I remember the big deal that was made over this company--I was under my parents policy when I was 15 1/2 which later grew into my own account and I have been with them ever since.Today, I am upset with them. I am now retired. I do some work for people, but I am not driving every day to an office because I do the work at home. The insurance company then has to put something down for driving to and from work, but I don’t drive to and from work.. I can go days without driving anywhere. I need to renew my insurance and I am thinking I should call them up, but they are not the wonderful company they used to be..The history is this: The problems began when AIG bought out 21st Century. That was unbelievable with the way AIG did things. One renewal period, I had not renewed my policy and so they reported me to a collection agency. My policy was over. I had a new company I wanted to try out and because I did not call them to tell them this, I was sent to a collection agency. I thought when your policy ended you did not have to renew your policy. I ended up going back.Within that time, 21st then sold to Farmers. This just meant that you now meant less. I don't like that their only office is in Delaware. They have no local offices, and now as I near 56... I am thinking do I stay or do I go. I have another 20 or so years to drive - maybe more and I worry about how I am going to deal with this company's increases. I cannot longer afford to pay their premiums and my friend who bought the same coverage on a brand new car was paying about 1/3 less than what I was paying.I feel I can talk about this company with some level of knowledge and I can tell you I don’t think they care if I stay or go... My loyalty to them means so very little. I am looking to shop around for the price of a new policy. I don’t think the insurance companies are as great as they once were... They used to stand by what they said. They don’t stand behind anything today. I am not real impressed with any company I see right now, and if their service is all the same, why spend more!
Unfortunately, we signed up for auto pay with 21st Century. We've been with them for 7 years without issue. Recently my husband's credit card and wallet were stolen. The auto pay for the insurance renewal then didn't go through (It's not their policy to call when auto pays fail, even for new credit card #s issued). 21st Century cancelled our policy, and sent notice out via mail that the auto pay didn't go through. As soon as I received the notice, 21st Century was paid in full - this all happened with a week.However, they wouldn't eradicate the lapse, so now our flawless coverage is showing a week of lapse. Also, due to this lapse, our state fines us $200 per vehicle. My husband and I will be paying a $400 fine because his wallet was stolen and 21st Century cancelled our policy because the auto pay didn't go through even though they were paid within a week as soon as we received the letter in the mail. I tried calling several times, to no avail. They said they took into consideration that we've been with them for 7 years and always paid on time via auto pay. I will never use 21st Century again due their new policy procedures.
They have been amazing. I totaled my car and they made the process extremely easy and painless. There were four other cars involved and the insurance company took care of it all. There is very little wait time and I can speak to a representative quickly. The representatives are always so nice and sociable. Their roadside assistance is prompt and easy to use.
21st Century has a smooth professional claims process. Called the claims department, they took down the information and dealt with the other party. It was seamless.
I was making a u-turn and the car closest to me stopped to let me in. When I made the turn, I did not see the motorcycle in the far lane. I clipped the saddle bag and put a small hole, no body damage on my car or his bike, no injuries. I never was notified when the claim was finished. I received my SIX month bill from Century 21 and it doubled. I called to find out what happened. The bag cost $1800? My collision went up and they contacted the DMV and now I have a bad mark on my driving record. Don't bother getting insured by them. You'll pay in the long run.
This is the most horrible auto insurance company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They provide the worst customer service. They keep you on hold for over 30 minutes! They raised my rate, and when I asked why, they told me, "it is simply the cost of business." Then when I cancelled they had the nerve to send me a bill for $50 because they said it is a penalty for canceling, and then demanded that I pay it immediately! When I told them I had already paid what I owed them. They told me it's the law that I have to pay this fee, when I asked for proof, they then said it wasn't a law but I was still required to pay the fee. I told them, "You are charging me $50 to punish me for going with another insurance company". They said no, but when I then asked again why should I have to pay a bill just because they "feel" like charging me. They couldn't come up with any good reason. Whatever you do, don't get 21st insurance, they are horrible.
They are so rude and unprofessional. I am a few days late on my payment due to some problems I have been having and I called to let them know I would pay them half on Monday and the other half in 2 weeks . I will not be over my 30 days grace period and they harassed me on why I kept explaining myself and they were so rude and would not listen. And they threatened to foreclose on my place when I am not even 30 days late nor was I going to be. They have no respect and are the worst customer service ever including the supervisors. I am so upset. As soon as I can I am refinancing my loan with someone more professional.
Yes the process to borrow went quickly but if you have something come up that your payment won't be "on or before" the due date be prepared to be intimidated or even threatened by a supervisor. I have had to call twice and both times have me afraid to answer the phone if they call.
This is the worst insurance company in the world for customer service. I went online on 3/11/12 to get a policy. After the purchase, I immediately cancelled the policy with a representative on the phone (Joe #**). He said the money was already taken out of my checking account and that it would be credited back on Friday 3/16/12. The money was not actually taken out of my account until 3/13/12, 2 days after the policy was cancelled (this is fraud). As of Sunday 3/18/12, the money was still not back in my account. I called and spoke to a representative (Laura #**), she said that Joe should never have told me it would be back on the 16th. She said I should have put a stop payment on it to begin with. I told her that Joe told me not to do that. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She put me on with Chris **. He told me I had to send a fax with a copy of my bank statement. He was putting through an expedited request to accounting to have the money credited back immediately. I did this. As of this morning, the money is still not in my account. I just called and when I asked to speak to a supervisor was disconnected. I have called back and once again am sitting on hold. I am so glad that I did not take a policy with them. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a claim settled. I want my money back now.
This is a scam company! Will not do business with them ever again and will let all my friends and associates to do the same. They should not be in the business of providing Insurance. Do yourself a favor and go someone else. Their quote may look "pretty", but trust me you will end up paying a lot more as they hide their real fees and charge your account more without even asking your permission. Who does that??? Someone needs to pull their license so they stop ripping-off people. Scammers!!! Stay away from them!
I had a policy with 21st Century since 2010 and recently inquired if they offer additional coverage for someone who started delivering pizzas part time. I was told they do not and no matter what, if I were to get into an accident while working, my policy would not cover me whatsoever. My renewal for the new 6 months went through so I went to the website to print out the new docs and I find that my monthly payment has increased from $116 to $299 due to a new policy... I called 21st right away and they said that because I let it be known to them that I was delivering pizzas, they had to adjust my policy to a business policy. I asked: first, why it mattered if I wouldn't be covered anyway and second, how can you just increase my policy without knowledge and consent? They were in no way remorseful and offered no apologies. I have cancelled my policy with them and still no apologies or anything, just "that's the way it is". So done with 21st!
I was added to my father's existing policy. He was elderly, I had to double check rates to make sure the price was fair... FAIR?? VERY FAIR! I had one fender bender and there was accident forgiveness and one subsequent accident all without a hitch. Filing a claim was done for me by a relative and had quick, pleasant customer service.
I was dropped from my policy because they decided to take me off auto pay that I set up for a reason. Then to reinstate my policy they wanted to charge me more than double for their mistake. Progressive and State Farm would have gone out of their way to work a deal and make up for their mistake. What a shame. I am switching this week. Horrible!
I signed for auto -pay with 21st Century on 5/03/2012 that they can deduct my policy amount right from my credit card. So I checked my email on 6/03/2012 to see that my policy was canceled without me being notified. When I asked why my policy was canceled, the person on the phone told me that my credit card was declined on 5/03/2012. I said, "Why 5/03/2012? My policy does not expire until 6/02/2012." I was told, "Oh, we go into the account 30 days prior.” When I asked why, I could not get an answer.So, my policy was canceled as of 6/02/2012. I called on 6/03/2012 and saw from my email that my insurance was canceled. I said, "What do I have to pay? I was told, "Oh, you have to open a new policy." When I asked why (I'm technically a day late), I was advised that I do not qualify for a reinstatement. So I got on the phone to open a policy and gave all my information. The person on the phone told me that my rate went up from $1,600.00 to $1,700.00, which I agreed to. Then, two minutes later, he said that my policy went up to over $2,100.00 for six months. When I flipped out and asked why, he said that I have incidents under my name.I then told him that this is an outright insurance fraud. I said that the incidents he was telling me are the same incidents that I have had when I had opened the policy. If anything, it has gotten better (no incidents) and I even took a defensive driving course. So this company needs to be thoroughly investigated for scam and fraud. Then, I went online to get new insurance quotes from different companies, and guess what? 21st Century came back with a quote of $923.00 for six months. Can someone explain this to me? Wow! How can we let these insurance companies get away with this robbery?
Unprofessional, incompetent people need to be held to tape account. On June 21, 2012, upon renewal of my auto insurance on the phone, I was told that the cheapest payment for the proposed full coverage rate was $144.00 for the down payment and $146.00 per month for the remaining 5 months of the 6 month policy. The down payment of $144.00 was to take place in 24 to 48 hours. I put the necessary funds into the checking account for withdrawal. Then, the amount of $185.38 was withdrawn causing a bank overdraft which cost a bank fee of $36.00 which I did not know about until six days later, which caused another $36.00 fee due to a 5 day overdraft policy.I then contacted Century 21 customer service and explained this problem. I was told that recording would be reviewed and was agreed to that the dollar amounts were confirmed and that the $41.38 would be refunded. They said the refund of this money would reflect these subsequent monthly payments (figure that one out). I was then switched to a Barbara, who apparently was having a bad day as she need the bank’s number to contact concerning this refund which could not be made until Friday, the 6th, due to the holiday of the 4th. Needless to say, the money or a check did not appear on or before the 6th. I received the policy in the mail on the 7th (without check) and the policy is increased from $868.00 as first quoted to $917.00I called customer service back on the 9th and was told that a review was performed and the amount of $185.38 was correct. I need someone of substance to help with this special form of lying created by such unprofessional incompetent behavior. Kindly contact me at your convenience at **. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
I had an accident and after being worked over for several months on the payout, I was dropped without any notice at all. I was left uninsured and I only found out because the automatic withdrawal of my payment didn't happen. I called and the reason I was given was that they reviewed my case and decided that they'd rather not insure me any longer. Their reason for not notifying me... None! This company has very poor values and customer service.
My son called and answered all the questions they asked. Got his quote, paid his premium. 47 days later his rate doubled. They said they "assumed" he had been driving 3 years. How can he be a full licensed driver for 3 years when he just turned 18. He left State Farm because he thought he was saving money. Now it's 30% more. I told them it's the old " bait and switch." Getting signed up they jack the premium up thru the roof. He is leaving them. Screw that. That's just wrong.
My stepdaughter wrecked my car and it took these jokers nearly 4 months to pay the claim. Mind you, I had to threaten them with legal action. I canceled my policy due to their poor business ethic so six months later they sent me a bill for $290.68 saying I owed them for one month's insurance. I never paid them so I would think they would have canceled, am wondering how they can get away with it. Buyer beware, stay clear from these thieves.
My daughter was in an accident that was deemed not her fault. A claim was placed the next day with 21st Century. It took 21st Century six days before they made first contact, another four before they came out to see the car and it has been twenty-one days and I am still trying to finalize their payment to me. Which won't happen for at least another five to seven days after I write this review (I'm hoping). Their auto salvage company tried to steal the car three times claiming I had made a deal and to turn over the title (said to garage personnel). NOT TRUE. 21st Century just didn't want to pay for storage. Not my fault they took so long to work through the process.21st Century felt it necessary to remind me that I needed to be reasonable and responsible with costs even though a car wasn't rented until ten days after the accident and only held onto for eleven days (due to their mistakes, delays and misadministration). They also made an offer before allowing me to submit proof of improvements completed on the car which would have affected the valuation report. And therefore overall dollar offer made to me. I've had forms to fill out that contradict each other which lead to more waiting and delays in payment. I felt ignored and then pushed (even railroaded) through the process. And it still isn't completed. This is an awful company and one, people should think about doing business with. Calls are returned 48 hours later on the average (more delays).
I have been a customer with 21st Century for over 5 yrs. On March 1st I decided to go with a different company because they could give me a better deal. At 53 yrs old I have switched insurance a number of times. To my surprise, upon canceling my policy, they were extremely snotty and told me they were keeping $50 cancellation fee (Never had that happen before. Every other company I have ever been with, automatically refunds your unused portion of your policy). Not them. They said they were only giving me back $29. Well didn't receive anything and after two weeks I called to ask why? Again I was greeted coldly and I was told they were charging me the $50, and my balance means I owe them $29. I am in shock. $50 doesn't sound like much, but I am a widow on a limited income with a special needs child. Every dollar counts. And on top of this, to be treated so rudely after all the years I was a loyal customer and gave them my money (I have a pristine driving history) what a slap in the face. They are a greedy nasty company and after reading the many much more underhanded things they have pulled on all of these people, I would warn everyone to stay far away from them. There are much better and nicer companies who actually appreciate your business, think of you as a human being and treat you that way. Don't let this company fool you. They are out for your money and don't care about trampling you when you are no longer their money tree.
I called to cancel insurance back in October (I had changed insurance companies) and insurance didn't get canceled. Was on their auto pay plan, where they pull money directly out of account. I caught on that they did not cancel about the time that they took money out of our account. I called to complain and they said they had no records of me calling. Told me it would be 2-3 business days to return money. After waiting those 3 days and not receiving refund I called to find out that because I didn't use a credit card (which I believe has extra fees) but rather ACH, that it was now going to be 10 to 14 business days. They then told me they would release the funds on Monday and the money would be in my account on Friday the latest. It is Friday and the money is still not there. I guess the supervisor had to manually release the funds. This is the most incompetent service I have ever received, ever.
I was hit by a car with this insurance. First, they do not call you, you have to follow-up with them like it is not enough hassle to have been in an accident already which wasn't your fault. Then they take a minimum of a week to do something and then you have to call again!! They also look for ways not to pay, they will inspect your car but after that you don't hear anything from them. Horrible experience. Now you don't only have to drive carefully but make sure you are always avoiding others hitting you otherwise you get in a mess with their insurances. I would never work or do any business with this company.
Back in November, my car was vandalized. Needless to say, there was minor damage to my vehicle. Electronics such as my stereo equipment and speakers were gone along with some of the interior trim. To start off, there were three write-ups done on the damage and none was right. Wrong parts had been ordered and the body shop was put in a situation that was very uncomfortable with the work not being able to be completed. Here we are at the end of February and I still don't have a stereo in my car, the interior is still incomplete and I'm pissed. No further action to remedy the situation has been done in a favorable way by 21st and all attempts to contact the supervisor in charge have come to a dead end.
I currently have 21st Century Auto Insurance and my renewal was coming up so I started to shop around for a new insurance for two reasons: 1) Every renewal my insurance would go up and they could never explain why that was happening all they could it's was the area I live in even though I haven't had any accidents or tickets in over 10 years. 2) The other reason was I need to add my son and his car that he gets in June. I figured since I have been with them for awhile that maybe I could get a good deal. Nope, big mistake. They wanted to charge me almost $600 a month just to add my 18 year old son and another vehicle. I said no I will go with someone else since my insurance ends in less than 30 days. I found a better insurance for a lower rate. I then called 21st Century to let them know I will not be renewing my policy with them. She said that fine let me cancel that and my policy will June 5. My last payment was already taken by 21st Century and she comes back to say that I will have a remaining balance of $300 and because my payment was already posted for this month that they would bill me. I asked why am I being bill an extra $300 and they said because I added a driver and I said I didn't I asked for a quote. Her response was because he lives with me and has a valid driver license that's why he was added. And they are telling there's nothing that they can do change and that I have to pay an extra $300. I think this is most ridiculous crap I have ever heard. He doesn't use my car at all and now on my last month they want to pay this all because I asked for quote. If anyone knows how I get this taken off please let me know. Do not get 21st century insurance. They will not work you at all.
I had a long (irreparable) crack in my windshield which required the windshield to be replaced. I had the work done at a local shop and a claim was filed on June 18, 2014. Windshield replacement is supposed to be covered 100%. The shop was kind enough to do the work and receive payment from 21st Century. It is now three months later and they will not pay this claim - it's only a few hundred dollars!! Every time I call I get the following responses: "I don't handle that, you have to call this number or that number and no one at those numbers handle it either; or I don't see why this has not been processed so I am processing it right now" (and no check ever materializes). Whenever the shop calls them they pretend they haven't received the paperwork and ask for it to be resubmitted over and over. This has put me and the shop in a bad position. The shop has to recover the money so if I do not pay it out of pocket, then they will take me to small claims court. There is absolutely no reason for me to be treated in this fashion by 21st Century. I have paid every month on time as it is automatically deducted. I have never had this happen with any other insurance company. CLEARLY 21st CENTURY AUTO INSURANCE IS A SCAM. They need to be investigated and shut down and I'm doing my part to bring that about. I am getting this story out on social media and my next steps are to contact the insurance commissioner and to go to the local news media that assist consumers with issues such as this. They are getting away with this and allowed to stay in business because people back down and pay it out of pocket and go quietly away to another insurance company. Well I'm going away alright but not quietly. I'm going to make that company live up to the policy they sold me and that I have faithfully paid on time every single month. Angry isn't even the word for it. They essentially have stolen from me. Oh and incidentally, I have never filed any other claim with them and thank God I haven't had to because clearly, I would not receive any of my policy benefits. Being insured by them is just a worthless piece of paper - you think you are insured but you are not.
My name is Rocco **. I live in south Philly, and have insurance with century 21. In February of 2011 my brother in law who lived in New Jersey suddenly died, he left no life insurance, and three kids, and two were over 16 and had cars, I had to give back the cars, there was no money to pay for them. I had a old car and a new one, so my niece ask me "can I use it sometimes to go to mall," I said sure. When my wife would go see her mom and sister, who lived with my deceased brother in law and the three girls, she sometimes used the old car. One night the car broke down, and she was pulled over and hit from behind, my company had nothing to due with accident, cause the car just had coverage for if I hit another car. It was too old to have full coverage. About June of that year, my other niece asked me to use my car, another old car I bought to knock around in, she was home from college and wanted to sometimes go to mall, so I put her on my policy, even though she lived in New Jersey and I live in south Philly. Now for three months I have tried to remove her, they won't let me. I have given them all her college bills, Jersey license, Jersey address, and they say they want prove of insurance for her. She doesn't own a car and doesn't have insurance, she is at college in New Brunswick. I don't know what else to do, she doesn't use my car, she sometimes uses her sisters new car, her sister doesn't live with them, they refuse to remove her and it's costing me 1000 a year extra.Every piece of id they have asked me for I have provided, but how can I give them an insurance id when she doesn't have one. They have the worst underwriters in the world, be very careful of this company. I am going with Essurance it's my only choice. I have filed a complaint with the insurance commission, and have sent a letter to 10 on your side a local tv station. Next I will get a lawyer, I want back the money I paid for my niece while they have refuse to remove her. They didn't ask me where she lived or anything when I put her on, but to get them off they just won't do it, terrible company.
In November, I had my insured car towed and faxed in the bill to 21st Century the same day. A week later, I called to add another vehicle and remove the broken down one. The woman asked what became of the former car and I told her I had sold it. (The sale never went through.) A few days after that, I was contacted by their representative, John **, about my towing claim. He said they wouldn't pay it because I had called in on the date it was towed and removed the car from the policy. This was a bold-faced lie as why would anyone do that? It's not even common sense! He argued with me on the phone and said I don't even own the car anymore (which I do). I am driving it daily.He asked me to fax in information proving I still owned the car (which I did). I then received a letter from him saying the vehicle wasn't covered (which it was because my insurance was paid and current and it was the only vehicle on the policy at the time of the tow). John also said I do not own the vehicle because I didn't add it back on to their policy. (Why would I, when this company doesn't pay any of their claims?) I have it insured somewhere else now.My advice to you: run as far as you can away from this company. These guys are scammers and will do anything to get out of paying their claims (obviously). From what I can figure out, the woman that I had talked to on the phone backdated to the day the car was towed and said I requested the car be removed from the policy that day. That phone call was recorded and that is not what was said in the conversation. How they get by with scamming people, I don't know, but I am going to find out whom to contact next, because this is just wrong.
I signed up with basic insurance only. The payments were affordable. They sent me a payment form for auto deduct, I got a letter today saying due to the fact I added my daughter, my rates went from 77.86 to 392.39. I went with live chat and if my phone was working, I would yelled and been a very upset customer.
I had a policy with them on a Jeep wrangler that I have as a 3rd vehicle that NEVER gets driven on the road. I had insurance and plates put on after I was told I couldn't park in my driveway without it. So I have decided to sell it because I never use it and when I didn't renew my policy with them they reported me to the DMV for not having insurance and had my driver's license suspended. All because I'm not paying them $1100 a year for a car I don't drive.
My home owner's premium was increased by over $250. When I tried to drop $275 worth coverage that I really didn't need my premium only dropped $100. This was explained that when your premium goes down - your discounts go down. So it would wind up costing me the coverage and $175 to save $100. Still $125 more than last year. I'm on disability and only trying to keep my premium as close to what it was last year as I can. I have also been a customer of theirs for over 10 years. Please think twice before using 21st ins.
I have been with 21st Century for 5 years, and customer services was great, nice, going out of their way, but lately they doesn't care about the customer. All they care about how to collect money. I rent a car from Enterprise while my car at the body shop and ending I paid $567.00 from my pocket. The 21st Century paid just 7 days and I have to pay 23 days and when I asked to escalate it to the manager Eric. He was the worst customer services ever. He was keep talking to me about the agreement and ignored the mistake from his staff. For couple of hundred dollar, he didn't hesitate to please me as a customer for long time with 5 cars insured plus my family member too. Advice: when you talk to anyone of 21st Century, take names, times you talk, because that's why I have been punished (I didn't get the name of the person so I don't have any proof).
DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! This was hands down the worst insurance that I have ever held. They can add fees for the hell of it and do frequently. They can add drivers to your account and bill you for them even when you expressly tell them over and over again that they do NOT drive your car. Their customer service is really bad. They are slow to act to a claim; they don't get paperwork to you quickly. They only contact you by mail even if they have phone numbers and email addresses on file with notes attached to contact by them instead. Bottom line is they are overpriced insurance who care more about lining their pockets than they do providing good insurance for their customers.
My wife was the victim of a hit and run in the airport long term parking lot. There were no witnesses and the other party did not leave a note. There were over $1900 in damages and 21st Century refused to pay for the claim because the other driver could not be identified. Also on my other vehicle I was putting it in storage in a locked garage so I wanted to remove the liability coverage and just continue the comprehensive coverage. 21st Century refused to do this so I canceled the policy and stored the car without coverage. When I was ready to take the vehicle out of storage I attempted to re-insure the vehicle. Instead of the $297 premium for six months coverage, they now wanted $867 for the same coverage for six months.
In August of 2012, I switched from GEICO to save $400/year insuring three vehicles. At that time, I informed them that my mother, who moved out of state, was giving me her minivan to keep. The vehicle is registered in her name. It was not a problem at that time. In November, I got a notification that they are reviewing policy and requested information from my mother (driver's license and alternate insurance). I submitted these documents and confirmed in the DMV website that my license was active (given the threat that if I did not provide the information requested they would modify and/or cancel my policy). They have my phone and email information but never used it (last email from them was on 11/22/12). My policy was on auto pay from my credit card. Today, I got a notification from DMV on a driver's license pending suspension effective on 4/10/13 because of lack of insurance. WTF! I immediately call 21st, and customer service was right down insulting and condescending. They indicated that they sent notification by mail. In this communication, they were indicating that they had reached a decision not to renew my policy because I had a vehicle (my mother's) that was not registered in my name. Hello! You knew this from day 1. Why do you even have my email and phone number if you are not going to use it to not only inform me about important events, but also to preserve me as a customer? I was used to GEICO's email notifications when policy renewal was approaching. I was never contacted by customer service. All I needed to do was, perhaps, transfer a registration or simply get a separate insurance policy for the minivan. In any case, it was about preserving customer. This is apparently not a priority for 21st. You get what you pay for, indeed; cheap quotes and cheap service. Needless to say, the 30-day lapse in insurance (by 4 days!) will affect future policy pricing. And did I mention that 21st indicated that I must now find another insurance company since they will not insure my vehicles due to the lapse they allowed to occur by a total disregard of customer support and communication? I went back to GEICO and indeed, the quote was affected by the 30-day lapse, but this is a price I will pay for doing business with a lousy customer service company. My time is too precious to waste on a company that clearly has total disregard for customers. Do not be lured by the savings; they are real, but you will pay in the long run one way or another. Lesson learned. Too bad that it will be more than a year before I regain my continuous-coverage status (was at exactly 5 yrs since I moved to states in 2008) and enjoy better rates. Stay away from 21st.
I purchased the car insurance on 12/05/2012. I put my husband and myself on the policy. They asked me if anyone else in the house had a driver’s license. I told them my daughter had one but it was suspended and I didn't want her added to the policy; she wasn't added. But then on March 5, 2013, they started adding her onto my policy on their own; they didn't have her driver’s license number or anything else. I told them that she wasn't added to on my policy so I wasn't paying the increase in the payments. But they told me that I had to pay the back pay for the months of December, January, and February. I've had to pay them an extra $59.67 for three months now to keep my insurance, and I want it back or used to pay my payment. I never added my daughter to the policy, but they had me sign a driver exclusion form to take her off. But why would I have to when I never signed her name on the policy? I want my money back. I want the $179.01 back that I paid extra. Thank you.
The 21st Century **! I would not recommend a dog to get insurance from them, I never received a correspondence from them. They were so confused when I called and I had just gave them $1000 to reinstate my insurance with them and two months later they cancelled my insurance for non-payment, when I never received a statement on what I owed them.
Refused a breathalyzer and just got my license back in July. I switch to them on Feb 11th. They never filed an SR-22. On Feb 3rd, I find out I have been driving for four months on a suspended license, due to 21st century NEVER filing and SR 22. They ran my record and increased my price after reviewing my record. So, I never have a four month suspension on my permanent record. When I called to address it, they blamed me stating I didn't ask for an sr- 22, after telling me the insurance was sold to me by a sales person. Corporate office agreed to back date and SR 22 and send it to the sacramento dmv and write a letter explaining, then send it to me so I would have it on file, considering I was 30 miles away from home when I found out and in finals in school and working for a attorney. I also drive myself to cancer treatments.Well, they never sent me the letter as promised, nor did they pay my driver's license reinstatement fee, of write the letter to the dmv, they blame me and they are unsympathetic on the phone that they directly blame me. This is corporate office ** and the other women, can't think of her name right now. But I have spend over 40 hours on the phone trying to fix it. and had to take a day off of work and go to the dmv to pay the fees. The dmv felt badly and said they would remove it off my permanent record and give back my money if they wrote a simple letter just saying there was no lapse in coverage. Refused to do it, saying there was no sr 22 filed. But, yet they sent an SR 22 to the dmv backing dating it. No integrity, dishonest, does not care about the client, all about money and that's it!!! Stay away, when I think of the women name I will come back and post.I asked them a 1000 times for a letter, and they said the back dated sr 22 is sufficient, I kept saying the dmv wants the letter to take it off my permanent record, and they kept repeating to me, "Oh so they won't accept the sr 22?" Unconfident, irresponsible, does not care about the client!!! ** is so arrogant and can't stand to be wrong and the same with his processor!!! I asked them for legal and I was given legal at state farm, which did not handle 21st century. Now, my permanent record is ruined, I have to pay fees, lost 40 hours of work, and the streets of having a license suspended for four months. If I had gotten my car impounded I would have never gotten the car back. Every time I call, the women who promised the letter, is never available. Thank god it is all recorded!!! Stay away from this company, they are all rude once they realize they're wrong!!!
They are reasonable as far as premiums go but not great for service. I have never had a rep that I spoke to that left me feeling reassured. I leave feeling like I am an imposition and not llike I am important to them. I would like to have security to know I am not just another number.
I got a quote on the internet comparing various companies with the best prices. I choose them because they have the lowest premiums. At first, I was being billed monthly through the mail, however they offered a further discount if I gave them my credit card number to be on file.
About a month ago I got into a car accident and called my 21st Century Insurance immediately. They sent for a tow truck that would take (2 hours to get to me) so since I was paying out of pocket I cancelled and called a tow truck company that got to me in 45 min. The tow truck driver told me that the insurance had called a tow truck company that was 30 minutes away instead of in the city I was in! THEN, I got to the auto shop that my insurance "helped" me find and it turned out to NOT be a body shop, so I had to find a shop to take my car while the driver waited. For two weeks my appraiser was not returning my calls after the initial contact. Three weeks in I got a call by another representative that was "still investigating". I ended up finding out the name and number of the appraiser on the opposite end of my accident and gave the information to my new appraiser to move things along. Pretty much I had to do everything. 21st century has been nothing but a waste of money and time.
I have always had good experience with them and they are always willing to help and get things done fast. I have a flat tire a while back and they had someone out there to help me within a hour. I love this company and would recommend it to anyone that loves to save money and have first-class service.
I have been with 21st Century for so many years, and never late on my payments or car accidents. One of my last payments, I decided to make my payment by phone using my debit card... I just wanted to make sure my payment was on time. If I knew they would deduct the payment the next month without my authorization, I would send it late instead... By this action, it cause 3 overdraws from my bank... When I called them, the rep and supervisor was no help at all. They did not care how long I have been a customer and they didn't care losing a customer. Of course they didn't forget to say they will charge $50 cancellation fee... The worst customer service ever!
I am looking for victims of auto accidents where the at-fault party was insured by Century 21 and covered in a different state than they resided with lower minimum state requirements than the state accident occurred. I was in a head on collision on a freeway with my son on car. We had a 4x4 double cab truck that was hit so hard it was totaled. I lived in NC where accident was and other person lived and worked in NC with a registered car in New Jersey. Had I not been smart enough to question that after being told over and over by adjuster I was stuck with lower limits, I would be in an even worse financial position. I filed a claim with NC ins comm and all of a sudden century 21 increased to NC limits. They forced me to do a record red statement in order to obtain info yet never gave me any info so I had to bring my carrier in and hire a lawyer for a simple max claim due to severe injuries. They acted on BAD FAITH and I plan to sue them above min limits. I bet there are hundreds of people who got screwed because they didn't question this illegal coverage. Ins companies are to provide coverage based on where people live and car is and it's on them to question this and not just find lowest rate possible to make a sale.
On Friday, 07/13/12, my car was parked in front of my house on the street corner. Somebody hit my car and the front bumper was damaged. So, I called the 21st Century and filed the claim. They said, "Someone will contact you within 24 hours." I got a call four days later from a guy named Shawn in GA state. They said I don't have comprehensive and collision because I never got photo inspection. Great. I have three cars but they have photo inspection for the other two. I told them I took all of my car to the same place for photo inspection. 21st Century was denying I had a photo inspection. Thank God, I found my copy. I gave them the receipt number. He called the company and they had the original too, but how come it's been seven months? They should have the original copy in the same day I got the photo inspection! And they made the changes to my policy without letting me know. I'm planning on changing my insurance company and I don't recommend 21st Century. They are one of the worst.
At first, they said that they wanted a quick resolution to accident. They were slow to come evaluate the car. The accident occurred on June 20 and the car was taken to the body shop on June 23. The claims adjuster did NOT arrive until July 9. They didn't approve a rental car until that day. They said the car was a total loss and the rental was approved until they picked up our vehicle.The vehicle was picked up on July 24th. We also had to pay the insurance. It is now the 27th of July and is still unresolved. Now they have received both the signed pink slip and the vehicle and the check was sent out finally on the 25th of July after they said on 3 different occasions it was already sent and in the supervisors words will get in sometime soon.
I have no problems with this insurance company. We have been able to resolve all our claims quickly and painlessly. Our rates did not jump up significantly after my husband hit a deer. The adjuster came out quickly and the pricing they gave us for our car was fair. I wish there was a way to have our payments split up instead of billed all at once, but that is a minor issue. One time they did lose our check, but we were able to call them and we got the issue resolved. Their website is easy to use and navigate. Overall, I would recommend this insurance to others.
I got into a car accident on my way home from work due to black ice and ran over a church sign when I slid off the road. So I call after my accident to find out they conveniently canceled my policy the day before. I have no way to prove it was done after my car accident. Now my license is revoked.The church whose sign I hit wants 2500 dollars for the damage to their sign. They want 1,000 down and 300 a month until it's paid off. This is the worst possible insurance to have. If I would have went with State Farm or any other insurance company I wouldn't have to worry about this. This company is unethical and needs to be investigated.
My husband and I have been insured through 21st for 5+ years now on his father's policy. In May of 2008, we were in an accident where a 16-year-old girl ran a stop sign and smashed into our back end, sending us spinning. We made a claim and both companies confirmed that she was at fault and "grossly negligent". Her insurance (Farmers) paid my husband and I for a new car, injuries, etc. They informed us that the two insurance companies were merging at the time but that it would have no effect on our claim. They lied. We continued to get the good driver's discount for years with nothing on our record, until we moved and wanted to get our own policy. When we got to Portland, we called and informed them that we had a policy with them before but wanted to get on one of our own since we had moved to another state. They gave us a low quote, but then informed us that an accident showed up. My husband explained the incident and that she was found grossly negligent and we even have court papers proving this (because she took us to court, not wanting to lose her license). He told us that in the state of Oregon, your insurance doubles if there is an accident on record, regardless of if you are at fault or not. This did not make sense to us, but we needed insurance and were dealing with way too many other things at the time to fight it. We signed up. Our monthly payment was absolutely outrageous, especially for only having one car, living less than 2 miles from work and perfect driving records for both of us. My husband decided to get a quote from somewhere else and called Geico. He explained the situation and the representative confirmed that Oregon has no such law and 21st was screwing with us. He then informed us that the accident on our record now states that we are at fault! How can they do that?! It's been years since the incident. We have all the evidence and we have been getting the "good driver's discount" until we moved. We are livid but do not know what to do. They refuse to answer any of our questions and have been of no help. We want to cancel more than anything, but they automatically take out our payment each month and we are afraid of what kind of "cancellation fee" they are going to take out if we cancel. I will never, ever go through this corrupt company again. And now we have to go back to CA to the DMV and show them we were not at fault and try to get this accident off our record. It's not fair, and I can't see that it is legal!
I simply requested that a driver be removed from my policy, which I "thought" would be no problem (The driver moved out of my residence to another county; simple enough, but not for 21st Century). This insurance company refused to remove the driver after my verbal request. They asked me to write a letter (written request) which I signed. I faxed the letter, but after about ten days, I heard nothing, so I called. I spoke to a representative, and after the representative spoke with their "underwriters," he refused again to remove the driver, and wanted more "proof." I gave them proof, it's my word, and I "fired" them. Within a couple of hours, I went back to my previous company (Allstate), which I should have never left. I really enjoyed (took extreme pleasure) calling 21st Century Insurance, and removing (canceling) the "driver" and policy forever (I did not need their approval for that)! They're a terrible company that treats their customers like they own them!
21st Century Insurance is a company I'd recommend. Their prices are very reasonable. My last 3 cars have been insured with 21st and I plan on going nowhere else. The customer service is second to none. If I feel I have an issue with them, there is a slow wait time on their toll free number. The question is always answered satisfactorily. I've noticed since I've gotten older, the prices have gone down and that's a blessing for me as a senior. So they do look out for those who keep them in business. People and cars are their greatest assets and if they want to keep our business, they have to stay on top of the game. 21st Century Insurance does that quite well. We plan on getting another vehicle in early 2017 and guess what? 21st Century Insurance all the way.
21st Century Insurance sells its "Roadside Assistance" as a benefit like AAA, however whenever you use it they treat it as an insurance claim! During the past 5 years I used this service for a battery jump 3 times, and they reported it as a towing claim against me, therefore raising my rates. Do not use 21st Century and if you do, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE, GET AAA INSTEAD!
21st was acquired by Farmers' Insurance in April 2009 likely for the customer base and attractive balance sheet, the latter due to their totally parsimonious approach to paying for claims. We were in a not-at-fault rear-end collision with a 21st century insured driver. Because the driver was carrying California minimum limits on property damage, 21st demonstrated more interest in protecting their bottom line than accommodating - in any way - our need and desire to repair our vehicle. The adjuster went as far as to say they may not even provide a rental vehicle if the damages exceeded their insured customer's property damage limits. I elected to seek a subrogation claim through our own insurer, rather than continue to deal with their very 'small-minded' approach to claimants. They are obviously trained to take this bottom-line approach. There will never be goodwill recommendations for this company.
I was treated to the most unprofessional bombast by a 21st Century claims representative. Basically this fraudulent company tries to settle claims by bullying, intimidation and withholding of information. Their insured bullied my daughter and refused to provide his insurance information. My insurance - Costco Ameriprise always excellent - had to chase him for over a month. He did not report to the DMV, did not attempt to contact his insurance or return our insurance agents call or contact us so.Yet, Jason ** the Farmers Claims representative blames my daughter. Will not address his insured individual's lack of responsibility and lawfulness. ** also refused to address the legal requirement to file an accident report. Simply repeating and repeating he had two years. But the two years to file a claim has no relationship to the duty to report the accident. So this is a material obfuscation of facts.If you have this insurance, switch as soon as you can. The lowest possible rating is earned by all posters. As I have the time, I will followed this all the way to court. Somehow I do not believe a judge or arbitrator will find the intentional bombastic obfuscation by agent or the insured, trustworthy. Not one little bit. Res ipsa loquitur by the actions of the insured and 21st Century/Farmers insurance company.
When I was in an auto accident a few years ago they were very helpful. They reimbursed me for the rental almost immediately and the car was fixed promptly. Also, when they did the investigation and found out I wasn't at fault, my deductible payment was returned to me promptly upon completion of their investigation.
On December 28, 2011, I obtained quotes for my auto insurance and found 21st Century Insurance to be more affordable than my current policy with GEICO. I switched to 21st Century and authorized automatic withdrawal from my checking account. When the documents arrived the coverage was not what I was told in the quote. When I called to inquire I was told that in order to add the other coverage my rate would go up. By the time they finished with the entire mess my auto insurance rate was the same as it was with GEICO. I felt deceived and I couldn’t trust a company that would pull this.On January 7, 2012 I canceled the policy and switched back to GEICO because I would never do business with a company that has such unfair business practices. I was told at that time that the refund would take 5 to 10 business days to show up on my account. I was also told that they would not refund the entire amount because they charge to write policies.I have repeatedly called to inquire of the refund and just get the brush off. Today, January 30, 2012, I spoke with Joshua of 21st Century. He apologized over and over again and told me that he couldn’t understand why the funds were not released; it usually only takes 5 days. He was going to try to release the funds manually. I should see it within 2 or 3 days. I am so exasperated by the entire fiasco. They should not be allowed to pull this on people.
I was way charged for my Insurance. The customer service was awful, not helpful at all. My last experiences with 21st was more like they where trying to strong arm me with threats of penalties, increase of premium, and even cancelation of my policy. I have had no laps in my coverage. I've been with them for 5 years. Wish I would have looked for a new carrier years ago. I would have saved my self 100 bucks a month for the same policy. I would never recommend this company to anyone!
My car was totaled from a lightning strike in Tampa Bay. We are "snowbirds" and it was a towed vehicle. It requires a mounting bracket attached to the frame, which you attach a tow bar. It also requires brake and taillight wiring. I also had a battery charging system installed to eliminate dead battery upon arrival. Total value about $1300. I have been paying an additional premium on my policy for "accessory equipment". Now that the car is a total loss claim, 21st Century is allowing me $66.00 for what they claim it would add to the vehicles' value on a car lot. The policy states my coverage for such cannot exceed $1585. The adjuster seems to be too busy to return my calls lately. They are allowing me 7 days car rental. That is plenty of time to shop for, negotiate, purchase, and have those accessories purchased and installed. Guess if they don't drop me, I will drop them soon after the settlement. Be aware.
I really like 21st century auto insurance. Their website was easy to use, very user friendly, and I was able to chat online with a customer service representative when I had a quick question. After signing up online I was able to print my insurance cards and my policy took effect that same night. Overall I've been very satisfied with their reasonable rates and great customer service.
Please do not use Century 21 Insurance. It is their policy to ADD a minor onto his grandparent's insurance WITHOUT permission. He was only calling for a quote. Talked to a very nasty person and asked to speak to a supervisor about this. He put me on hold for twenty minutes, then hung up the phone. I called back and spoke to another person and he said it was written in the notes that I gave him permission to add my grandson to my policy. After several attempt to make this right, they just said if I didn't like to cancel our policy. I have used this company for several year with my payments being automatically deducted. Never late. Century 21 said that it was their policy. Please do not call this company for a quote.
I hope people go to complaint reviews before buying insurance. 21st Century will find a way to cancel you so they can get higher rates. I know, they did it to me. They requested my registration which I faxed with confirmation. It went through. No communication was ever heard from them for two months. I went to pay my premium and found I had no insurance. They said they didn't receive my registration. Any good insurance company would deal with their customers and ask, "Did you send it," not wait two months then cancel you. I have a new rate from them for insurance. Isn't that strange they would let me have insurance again? It went from $130 a month to $207.28. There were no tickets, accidents, nothing. Be sure to check out companies before doing business. I learned the hard way.
I've had 21st Century for 13 years. They have always being great in responding to claims, towing, customer service, billing, payments, etc. My husband got his DL suspended a few times due to Child Support not receiving his payment exactly on the day due. So his rate is extremely high although it wasn't a violation. This is the only down fall. I read other vehicle insurance reviews and became afraid of what I read, so although I would save about $550 per year, I would rather stay with them since they have always been excellent with me regardless.
I was not in the country for 2 1/2 months. On the very day (6/11/2012) that I left the country, I spoke to a 21st Century rep regarding my policy. I told the rep to take my account off automatic payments, being that my insurance is due on the 14th of every month and I wasn't sure if I would have made that date. I was even trying to get a different due date, in which this rep told me it was not possible. The rep went ahead and took the account off automatic payments, "Not a problem." The rep also said that I would need to call back on that date that I would be making the payment on. Also at this time, I would be able to add back the automatic payment. The rep also overheard the announcements in the background. She then asked if was going on a trip. I said, yes. On, 6/16/2012, my boyfriend called them back. He spoke to Stephanie, he made the payment for that month and told her to also put the account back on automatic payment. Now I just came back from my trip. I don't know what it was, but I just had to call 21st Century insurance on 6/13/2012. The rep whom I spoke with, the name is Micheal, told me that my account has been canceled. When I asked why, he said because they did not receive July's payment. I said to him that July's payment is sitting in my account waiting for you guys to automatically withdraw it! This rep went on in saying my account was not on automatic payments.After all this, Micheal said they would need to run an investigation on the conversation that took place between my boyfriend and the rep (Stephanie) on 6/16/2012. Micheal also said if their investigation proves that he never told the rep to add it back on the account, then the cancellation would stand still. I said okay, not a problem. Micheal went into saying that the rep is not allowed to set up the account back on automatic payment, without my approval. The rep (Stephanie) never told my boyfriend that. If she did, then I would've called them myself to do so. Michael called back in a couple of hours. He said they spoke to the rep and when their rep asked my boyfriend if he wanted automatic payment to be added, he declined it! At this time, I had Michael on speaker phone so that my boyfriend can hear the conversation. I even asked Michael to repeat himself, in which he did. I even let my boyfriend speak to Michael. Michael was not trying to hear anything that we had to say. The supervisor decided to call us back, he backed up Michael and Stephanie's story, still refusing to lift the cancellation. Now I am stuck without insurance, still looking.
On 8/29/11, I asked for and received a written quote for full coverage auto insurance, so I called to purchase full coverage auto insurance; however, I asked the agent to reduce the limits of liability and deductible in order to lower the monthly premium. He was extremely nice and we spoke for 45 minutes to an hour. I explained that I was a widow and needed to get the cost down as much as possible. He knew that I called for full coverage insurance. I explained it was the anniversary of my husband's car being crushed by a 48,000-pound steel truck and my son had been involved in a car accident the week before (neither were their fault). He worked with the numbers on his end, got the premium down and told me I could keep the $500 deductible and I could even have gas brought to me if I were to run out of gas. He gave me all kinds of discounts for safe driving, my daughter's good grades, drivers training, air bags, seat belts, etc. (all things that have to do with driving and accidents). After reducing the liability limits and adding all the discounts, it took off about $45 a month, making it workable for me. So I bought the policy. What I did not know was that he apparently took off coverage for accidents (the whole point in me calling for coverage), which I did not find out until 2/8/12 when my daughter, going 20 mph, hit a patch of ice and ended up in the ditch and overturned her car 1/2 of a mile from our home. The one paper I had received from them showed comprehensive coverage and the limits of liability per accident as well as per person/per accident. I was led to believe and believed that I had full coverage. However, now they are saying I am only covered for theft and weather damage. They have investigated twice. The first time they agreed with me that it was my intent to have full coverage and that I would have to pay the $45 difference back to 8/29/11. However, when they sent it to the underwriters, they reversed their decision. After a second investigation, they are simply saying they are denying the claim because they can find no evidence that they did anything wrong. Well, I did nothing wrong and I have numerous pieces of evidence—the original quote, the saved voice mail of them admitting my intent, proof of my prior insurance through another company that I have always had full coverage, my whole life. In addition, the policeman who was called to the scene and the tow driver agreed that it showed I have coverage. Also, why would I have the car towed 20 miles if I knew I didn't have insurance? I would have had it taken to my home 1/2 mile away. They now "conveniently" do not have the recording of the original conversation. In addition, the original quote that was supposed to be accessible online for 6 months was suddenly removed prior to the 6 months. They flat out are taking advantage of a widow who, admittedly, is not an insurance agent and knows their terms; however, I requested over the internet and called for full coverage insurance. Who would call asking for full coverage after having her husband crushed by a semi and whose son had been in an accident 1 week before and want or even care about theft or weather damage? I still cannot get an answer as to what the driver and car discounts have to do with theft or weather or why my policy shows comprehensive insurance with accident limits if I don't have insurance for accidents. I have reached my limit with them. My car is still at the tow lot and I guess my next step is to hire an attorney and go to all the news organizations. I do not have the money to fight them, but I will not give up because I know what I requested and believed I was paying for all this time. Just because they are a big company does not mean they can take advantage of individuals, especially a widow. It used to be, back in my day, that companies were built on honesty and integrity. It saddens me that society and big companies only care about money and getting bigger by taking advantage of people. I don't know if the CEO of 21st Century/Farmers Insurance knows what the company is up to, but I will not let this drop. If anyone knows how to get ahold of the CEO, I would greatly appreciate it. They are quick to take your money, but they come up with excuses to not pay claims. It is about time that people begin to stand up for the truth and what is right.
Someone bump into me in the parking lot. Even tho we have a police report, 21st Century said they will pay for the girl's claims. They would not fight that, just to go to court. I ask my insurance for please before make a decision talk to the police and they told me no. Their decision would be based on the interview with each person and not with the police report or the police officer. So my claim will go up... GEICO was the other insurance and I heard they are pretty strong. So guess which insurance I am changing to? The insurance is supposed to fight for you and not just accept a claim..
I have had this insurance co. (21st Century ), for almost 5 years. The whole time I've had a car loan, and have the required full coverage. I have NEVER asked for help in any way from my auto insurance Co. Today I called their 800 number for roadside assistance, because my car would not start. I am a single mother of a special needs child, and my vehicle is extremely important to my daughter's safety and livelihood. I called at 9:00 A.M. and was told the agent would call me back with the tow information. 45 minutes later I did not hear from her and so I called her back and was told I would have to WAIT an ADDITIONAL HOUR for service, AND it would COST ME MONEY! After an hour and a half, with no tow truck in sight, I again called back. The man I spoke to was very nice, he told me that my request had never been put through!!! He apologized profusely, but informed me that I would have to wait an additional hour!! I stated my dissatisfaction, and that I felt that I should NOT have to pay any money, considering the extremely POOR customer service I had received. He insisted that I would have to pay. Therefore, I cancelled my request for service. I have NEVER requested service before, I have NEVER been treated so badly, and I will NEVER ask for help from 21st Century again! I called Triple A and received IMMEDIATE service. The POOR customer service is disgusting! AND I am considering switching insurance companies because of this!
On 1/30/15 I received a letter that due to non payment my auto insurance stopped 1/13/15. I had driven well over 1000 miles in that time due to having Cancer and going to specialists. WITH NO COVERAGE. No phone call! I then realized that I had received a call earlier that month from Chase Fraud about someone trying to use my card. They sent a new card, but auto pay was effected. I had to pay $150 to reinstate, $20 for refused payment! I should have given them my route and account # when signing up. But they asked for the card number. Yes, they are cheaper. NOT WORTH IT, or the extra $170 they just got out of me. Wish I had read reviews before I reinstated.
I have been a customer since 2016. They gradually increased the premium and I ended up paying 147% more in 2018 compare to 2016. Their excuse about business expenses. Just got a quote from a major insurance company and their quote was half of what I am paying 21st and even the liability coverage is higher. No words...
Company refused to provide uninsured motorist coverage after I'd been in an accident caused by a person with no license and no insurance. They said that I had UM Property Damage coverage but not UM Bodily Injury coverage, unbeknownst to me. Closed my claim and said 'so sorry we can't help you'. I am hurt and angry!!
I had an incident with a pedestrian who claimed he was injured although I think he is lying. He claimed to my insurance adjuster that I hit him in the leg. But on the accident site he claimed that it was his daughter that he had to take to the doctor to see if she was injured. He never complained about himself and in fact was calmly sipping a shake when I talked to him at the accident site. I apologized to him because I did make a mistake of starting my car although I am almost sure that I did not hit anyone. The daughter was the only one I saw on the ground and when I asked her if she was ok, she said she was. She wasn't even crying. I reported the incident to 21st century claims dept and she quickly resolved the matter (less than a week). I guess she took the pedestrian's word against mine although if I was lying, I wouldn't have told her that I made a mistake. The pedestrian claimed he went to the doctor and wasn't able to work for 3 days. But there were inconsistencies in his statement. He claimed he was hit but he didn't say that to me at the accident site. He said it was his daughter that needed to be checked by the doctor. Instead he was the one who went to the doctor. Then he claimed he was hit in the leg or hip and that he didn't go to work for 3 days. For him not to be able to work for 3 days, it must have been at least a moderate injury. If that was the case, he should have been limping at the accident site but he wasn't. He was very calm and seemed to know what he was doing. In fact, he threatened to contact an attorney. He offered to settle with me for $300. So he just wanted to make some money from the incident. But I didn't want to encourage such behavior so I refused. I was unhappy with the adjuster because she didn't seem to care about the inconsistencies and believed the pedestrian instead of me. And she resolved it quickly, I think less than a week. I don't even know if she did some investigation or looked at the doctor's report. She told me that the pedestrian was threatening to go to court. I bet she didn't want 21st century to pay for the expense. And then the company jacked up my insurance premium by $50+ when adjuster told me that they only paid less than $1000 for the claim.
My car got rear ended and automatically had multiple problems, including oil leak, electronic, transmission, tires. 21st Century paid for the damage to the bumper and said other damage didn't come from accident. Who is protecting the consumer in this case. There are numerous complaints about 21st Century. They recently stopped offering their auto insurance in my state and transferred the policies to another Farmers company called Bristol West Insurance... a 1.5 star rated insurance company. I wouldn't use either of these companies and have totally lost respect for Farmers and 21st Century.
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